Starr Cemetery, Clarion Co., PA

Tombstone Inscriptions
Starr Cemetery
Kossuth, (Clarion County), Pennsylvania

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This a beautiful, small country cemetery that sits on top of a hill and has a gorgeous view of this Clarion County countryside.

Collected, recorded and contributed by Marilyn Mimm, June, 1999


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Ahrens, Cristy A. 1898-1968
Ahrens, Elva 1899-1950
Alden, George R. 1890-1971
Bell, Betty June (no dates)
Bell, Carrie 1887-1978
Bell, Clifford L. 1890-1926
Bell, Dorothy M. (no dates)
Bell, Frank B. 1885-1959
Bell, Franklin Deane 12/2/16--7/12/98
Bell, Gerald S. 1921-1944
Bell, John W. 1875-1964
Bell, Lavonne J. 1924-1926
Bell, Mary 1912-
Bell, Mary E. 1884-1976
Bell, Mont 1912-1978
Bell, Robert E. 1934-1998
Bell, William 7/7/21 12/1/94
Bell, Winnie B. (Alden) 1891-1978
Bender, Alvert C. 1878-1929
Bender, Helen G. 1920-1999 Married 7/3/37
Bender, Leo F. 1903-1968
Bender, Mary E. 1878-1947
Bender, Mary M. 1904-1987
Bender, Zola I. 195 -1990
Burris, George W. 1892-1985
Burris, Laura L. 1898-1977
Clifford, Curtis H. 1923-1986
Clifford, Maxine (no dates)
Fassler, Harold 1923-1979
Fassler, Isabel 3/24/11-6/1/71
Fassler, Veronika A. (no dates)
Goughler, Betty J. (Reedy) 1944
Goughler, George 1904-
Goughler, Lydia E. 1904-
Hale, Clemons R. 1906-1984
Hale, Perma V. 1911-1979
Hess, Lawrence 1912-1971
Jones, Beverly B. 10/22/39--8/18/91
Jones, Paul L. (no dates)
Karl, John E., husband of Wilda (no dates), (Source: "Roy Karl" [email protected])
Karl, Wilda, wife of John E. (no dates), (Source: "Roy Karl" [email protected])
Lechner, Bessie (no dates), (Source: "Roy Karl" [email protected])
Lechner, Harold (no dates), (Source: "Roy Karl" [email protected])
Lechner, William (no dates), (Source: "Roy Karl" [email protected])
McKenzie, June W. 1927-1973
Mimm, Anna E. (Gardner) 1857-1930
Mimm, John J. 1852-1926
Mimm, William L. 1887-1961
Monrean, Florence 1876-1965
Monrean, John 1861-1938
Monrean, Nellie 1905-1990
Moore, Laura J 1895-
Moore, Matthias 1838-1919 A SOUTHERN SOLDIER
Moore, Richard H. 1883-1960
Nunemaker, Adeline 1844-1926
Nunemaker, George A. Corp. Co. A 11th Reg. Pa. Cav. 1844-1925
O'Neil, A. Frank 1899-1965
O'Neil, Clyde E. (no dates)
O'Neil, Evelyn M. (no dates) Married 4/8/50
O'Neil, John LeRoy 1894-1985
O'Neil, Laura 1901-1991
O'Neil, Leah K. 1904-1947
O'Neil, Merl Lee 8/20/40--7/29/95
Reedy, Charley 1875-1950
Reedy, Clayton A. "Pappy" 1943-1984
Reedy, Ellen 1870-1937
Reedy, Lester 1899-1962
Reedy, Merl D. 1901-1986
Reedy, Rebecca 1949-1994
Reedy, Ruth S. 1902-1979
Shaner, Carle E. 1910-1981
Shaner, Dorothy Jean Died 1934 age 6 weeks
Shaner, Lois M. 1915-
Simpson, Ernest 1885-1948
Simpson, Maxine (Dittmar) (no dates) Married 11/17/49
Simpson, Merle (no dates)
Simpson, Minty A. 1896-1972
Simpson, Ronald L. 1944-1968
Voit, Ella E. 1905-1999
Voit, Hanna J. 1879-1960
Voit, Howard H. 1910-1973
Voit, Max M. 1877-1944
Wakefield, Baby Cassandra Lynn 1982-1984
Wakefield, Jeeane E. (no dates)
Wakefield, Linda J. 1948-1973
Wakefield, Thomas A. 1918-1976
Weaver, J.O. Babies
Weisenflun, Priscilla Weaver Hess 1916-1984
Welcher, Ida E. 1874-1939
Whitmer, ????? (no dates), (Source: "Roy Karl" [email protected])


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