Strohm (previously named Woodland Farms) Cemetery_June, 2000

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Strohm Cemetery
Woodland Farms Road
Fox Chapel, PA 15238
(Allegheny County)

Recorded and Copyrighted May 31, 2000 by Norman J. Meinert
   Surrounded by its hewn rail fence and heavily-wooded Fox Chapel terrain, sits Strohm Cemetery.  Small, forgotten, 
and mysteriously hidden from modern society. Remnants of engraved headstones have weathered so badly that few
identifiable ones remain. Minor cases of disrespectful vandalism, along with time and nature, have taken their toll
upon this hallowed ground.

This final resting place for at least one Civil War soldier, *William Jessep of Co. B. 68th PA Cavalry, and other
pioneering families in Fox Chapel history, is slowly disappearing through overgrowth and neglect. Yet despite this
downfall, it presents itself as a very peaceful and natural setting. Visitations appear to be nil. Most likely
remaining family members have either died off or moved away and the interred remains have been forgotten
completely. (*appears to be William).

This property was gifted to the Fox Chapel Land Conservation Trust many years ago for the purpose of keeping it
undeveloped. According to the past-president of the Trust, Mr. Jerry Cecil of Fox Chapel, once a year the Trust trys
to find volunteers to clean up debris and repair any damaged/fallen stones. The Trust has no source of funding and
therefore it cannot employe any maintenance staff. Unfortunately there were no records conveyed at the time of "gifting"
so the majority of those interred will remain anonymous forever.

Access can only be gained from the dead-end cul-de-sac off Woodland Farms Road. Visitors must climb up through a
wooded and barely-visible trail for a few moments before catching a glimpse of the rail fencing defining the perimeter
of the grounds.

There are at least 60 weathered and unidentifiable headstones. Remnants of another 60 were partially readable,
although some only carried initials. Traditionally "footstones" carried only the initials of the deceased which would
indicate a "headstone" had been present at one time. The earliest burial, based on these records is 1824, and the last
burial took place in 1923.

The hardships involved in transporting the deceased to their final resting places would appear to have been extremely
difficult due to the terrain. Most likely the journey required horses and wagons capable of climbing the steep ascent
over a muddied trail.

The following information was submitted by:
Dori Denniston Duperault, Henry Strohm descendant,
This is the "original" STROHM CEMETERY. It is listed on a map of 1876 as "graveyard" and on a 1928 map as "Strohm Heirs".
This burial ground is situated in Lot 66 of the Depreciation Lands. It was patented August 1786 to Simon FISHBAUGH and
in August, 1805 the northern half was sold to Jacob HODIL and the southern save site of cemetery to Henry STROHM.
On 10 Nov 1783 Jacob HODIL and Henry STROHM came to the US and purchased tract 66.

Some of the other family names that were buried there are HART, SPEER and POWERS for which they named Powers Run Road.

Peter WEBER whose descendants inter-married with both the HODILs and STROHMs purchased land nearby.

Andrew GRUBBS, four of whose children married four of the HODILs children purchased half of tract 78.

Several of the Jacob HODIL, Sr. family are buried in the Pine Creek Graveyard.

My mother has three siblings buried in the STROHM Cemetery. Their names are:
John Henry JOHNSON 1910-1913
Mildred Edith JOHNSON 1915-1923
Elmer Charles JOHNSON 1917-1923
Their stones were flat and in one corner when our family visited in the mid 60's. Then in 1992 when we visited it
was surrounded by homes and the fence---we could not find the stones.

Some other names that I have are:
Esley POWER 1798-1882 father of Thomas
Jane Power 1794-1889 mother of Thomas
Jane McCleland Hart married William Hart
James McClure 1854-1857 son of Jay and Jane McClure
Barbara Wise died 1871 at 30 yrs.? wife of Christian
Melinda Kelly died 1917 at 21 days dau of W and S Kelly

Other names that have been moved to Greenwood Cemetery are Jonathan K.
CLAWES, David BOYD and Margaret Jane BOYD (1892).

Dori Denniston Duperault, Henry Strohm descendant

Posted: May 31, 2000 Last Update: April 14, 2014
Surname, First Name, Birth, Death, Other
BELL, Elizabeth M., 1814 / March 14, 1887, Mother, (row 3-4), (BCHS)
BOYLE, Johanna (worn) (rubbing could disclose more info)
BOYLE, John, d: Aug. 1866, 64 yrs.
BOYLE, Margaret, d: 18??(worn), 84 yrs.
BROWN, Elizabeth A., 1832-1898, Mother
BROWN, Wiliam, 1827-1900, Father
C. W.
COMBS, Elizabeth, d: 1887
COMBS, Emily, 1844-1925, Mother
COMBS, Emma BELL, d: Juy 19, 1902, 28 yrs 5 mos.
COMBS, James, 1842-1928, Father, (GAR)
DICE, Anna C., 1832-1893, Mother
DICE, John, 1822-1896, Father
E. W.
GRUBBS, Mary Jane, d: Mar. 1, 1815, 2 yr of age, d/o James & Susan, (BCHS)
HART, Elizabeth
McCLELLAND, Oct. 22, 1806-Dec. 19, 1884
HART, Jane
McCLELAND, no dates, wife of William, unmarked, (DDD)
HART, William, Sep. 22, 1838-May 14, 1903, Husband
HUTCHISON, James, ???? (worn) Native of ????ingshire, Scotland
HUTCHISON, Mary Jane, ???? (worn)
J. N.
J. S.
JESSEP, W. Company B 63rd PA Infantry (tablet 34), (BCHS)
JESSEP, William, Co. B. 63th PA Cav.
JOHNSON, Elmer Charles, 1917-1923, unmarked, (DDD)
JOHNSON, John Henry, 1910-1913, unmarked, (DDD)
JOHNSON, Mildred Edith, 1915-1923, unmarked, (DDD)
KELLY, Melinda, d: Nov. 23, 1917 at 21 days, dau of W and S Kelly, unmarked, (DDD)
KLINEFELTER, Jesse, (1875)
M. A.
M. N.
McCLELLAND, Alexander, Oct. 17, 1819-Aug. 6, 1860
McCLELLAND, B????, ?????, (broken/worn)
McCLELLAND, Barbara, Aug. 29, 1817-Jan. 21, 1883, wife of Alexander
McCLELLAND, Margaret, d: Oct. 19, 1892, 72 yrs, 3 mos
McCLELLAND, Mary, d: Oct. 24, 1865, wife of Samuel
McCLELLAND, William, d: Sep. 29, 1854, 19 yrs, 7 mos 19 day
McCLELLAND, ?????, ?????, (broken/worn)
McCLELLAND, ?????, Apr. 28, 1847-Mar. 14, 1850
McCLURE, James, July 31, 1854-Jan. 31, 1857, son of Jay & Jane
McCORKLE, Barbara, d: Jan. 11, 1849, age 38 yrs, 10 mos. (row 8), (BCHS)
McCORKLE, Edward, d; Jan. 22, 18??
McKEE, Charlotte
McPHILLIAMY, Barbara, 2 yrs.
McPHILLIAMY, Elizabeth, 4 days
McPHILLIAMY, Mary, 76 yrs.
McPHILLIAMY, Mary, 4 days, d/o ______, d: Aug, 9, 1801, (BCHS)
McPHILLIAMY, William, 81 yrs.
NEFF, M????, 1752-1825
NEFF, Rev. Jacob, 1752-1824
MURPHY, Samuel H., son of _________, 1838?, (BCHS)
P. W. (stone worn)
POWER, Elles D., July 30, 1816 / April ____, son of E. & J. Power, (BCHS)
POWER, Esley, Nov. 6, 1798-May 26, 1882, father of Thomas, (DDD)
POWER, Jane, Sept. 7, 1794-Mar. 21, 1889, mother of Thomas, (DDD)
POWERS, Andrew M., July 7, 1865-Apr. 26, 1877, son of T.N. & M.S.
POWERS, Mary S., 1829-1911, Mother
POWERS, Sarah E., 1869-1897, She Sleeps in Jesus
POWERS, Thomas N., 1821-1911, Father
POWERS, ?????, (unreadable), (BHS)
SA??UEC, W., (worn)
SPEER, Alexander, d: May 31, 1855, 67 yrs.
SPEER, Mary, consort of Alexander Speer departed this life June 9, 1813 in the 16th year of her age. (BCHS)
SPEER, Mary, d: June 9, 1844?, 46yo, wife of Alexander
SPEER, Sarah Ann, d: May 30, 1838?, 9 mos., dau of Alex & Mary
SPEER, _______, age 12 hours, July 2, 1880, (BCHS)
STROHM, Ann, d: Dec. 17, 1867, 17 yrs 8mo 8 days, dau of David & M.
STROHM, David, d: 1867, unmarked, father of Ann, (SS)
STROHM, Maria, d: May 20, ____, wife of David, aged 39 yr 4mo 19day ((L, row 13), (BCHS)
TRUESDALE, George W. Mc. C.
WEBER, Abigail, d: 18??
WEBER, Peter, d: ???? 29, 1871
WISE, Barbara, d: Feb. 5, 1871 at 80 yrs. of her age, wife of Christian, unmarked, (DDD), (BCHS)
WISE, Christian, Oct. 2, 1795-Aug. 17, 1875
Wm. A. C. ________, (worn)
?????, ?????, wife of W. ______ Ireland, (row 1),(BCHS)
?????, ?????, 10 yrs (worn)
?????, Martha, (need rubbing)
??????, (no name), 56 yrs
??????, David (need rubbing)
??????, Infant stone, Darling Girl
??????, Jacob, 1808-1894 (beside BROWN marker)
??????, Susan, 1813-1907, his wife (beside BROWN marker)
Other names that have been moved to Greenwood Cemetery are Johnathan
CLAWES, Charlotte McKEE, George TRUESDALE, Jesse KLINEFELTER (1875),
David BOYD and Margaret Jane BOYD (1892).
(Source: David & Dori Duperault,

Removals from Strohm’s Cemetery To Greenwood Cemetery
(submitted by Diane Nichols, Greenwood Cemetery Historian,, Nov. 28, 2010)

Int. #824 – David BOYD, int Nov 3, 1892, b. Ireland, D. Indiana Twp, age 68 to Section 2,
Range 12, Lot 1, lot of Jane Boyd (stone – 1804 – 1872)

Int. #825 – Margaret Jane BOYD, int. Nov 3, 1892, born and died Indiana Twp, age 31 to
Section 2, Range 12, Lot 1, lot of Jane Boyd (stone – 1854 – 1885)

Int .#2 – Jonathan K. CLOWES, Int. Dec 9, 1874, d. Sharpsburg Dec 9, 1872 to Section 2,
Range 13, Lot 4 . Lot of Mrs. J K Clowes (stone – d. Dec 9, 1872, age 39)

Int. #1906 – unknown, int. Nov 7, 1904 to Section 4, Range 10, Lot 12, lot of Mrs. John
Byerley, (stone – Anna M. Rickenbach, b. Dec 28, 1816, d. Mar 11, 1884)

Int. 1907 – unknown, int. Nov 7, 1904 to Section 4, Range 10, Lot 12, lot of Mrs. John
Byerly (stone – John J. Rickenbach, b. Sept 28, 1820, D. Mar 23, 1877)

Int. 3454 – John H. Wenzel, int. May 8, 1923 (stone – monument with no names or dates)

Additional Contributors:
(BCHS) = part of the Beulah Frey Collection via the Butler County Historical Society (BCHS), in April, 2014.
(DDD) =  David & Dori Duperault,
(DN) = Diane Nichols, Greenwood Cemetery Historian,
(SS) = Steven Strohm,

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