Descendants of Thomas Nock, 1617 - 1666

Descendants of Thomas Nock , 1617 - 1666: Nock, Nocks, and Knox Families

I hope this will help other Nock, Nocks and Knox family members who hope to be able to trace their past and find relatives. This is a work in progress and will be updated periodically. Family trees would not exist without the collection and sharing of information by other family members. Growing up, I knew the names of my father's parents and his living siblings - but that was all I knew. First, I need to thank Uncle Elmer's wife, Theoda Smith Nocks, for giving me copies of the newspaper clippings that helped me embark on this project; then I have to thank Aunt Theoda's son, Glenn Nocks, along with his daughter Sarah, for sending me copies of family letters and old photographs - including snapshots of my parents on their honeymoon - that I had never seen. My next help came from a fourth cousin, Clayton "Pete" Nocks, who confirmed that my second-great-grandfather, Benjamin, was, indeed, the son of Eben Knox/Nocks and Lucy Hall, and was the brother of William Nocks - my hat is off to you, Pete, for assisting me when I was stuck! Then I ended up in contact with another fourth cousin, Michael Barnes, who provided me with more family information (and a copy of a superb journal written in 1857 by the first husband of a Nocks relative); Mike also put me in touch with his cousin, Don Smith. Don has been a tremendous help - offering copies of manuscripts and giving copies of treasured family photos. The majority of the photos that will appear in this work are from Don Smith's collection. -- Thank you, one and all, and anyone I forgot to mention! YOU have made this sharing of information possible!

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