Questions and Comments

Questions and Comments
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First I must give thanks to all of you who have sent information since the original website was publish in November of 2000.  I have been amazed at the information that has been given to update or correct what was already there.  I will try to continue to keep the site update on a timely basis.

Following are some of the questions that I have on the Kephart/Gebhart line.  I posted some of these on rootsweb mail list and would suggest to other to subscribe to the Kephart rootsweb mail list as it is a wonderful way for many researchers to ask each other questions and help each other find answers.

1. I show the following Gebharts in Philadelphia area.
 1738 Gebhart Philip Philadelphia PA
 1741 Gebhart Peter Philadelphia PA
 1747 Gebhart Nicklas Philadelphia PA
 1749 Gebhart Conrad Philadelphia PA
 1749 Gebhart Hans GeorgePhiladelphia PA
 1749 Gebhart Joseph Philadelphia PA
 1749 Gebhart Milchior Philadelphia PA
 1752 Gebhart George Michael Philadelphia PA
 1752 Gebhart Heinrich Philadelphia PA
 1754 Gebhart Andreas Philadelphia PA
 1754 Gebhart Henrich Philadelphia PA
 1754 Gebhart Johan Adam Philadelphia PA
 1754 Gebhart Johannes Philadelphia PA
I also received the following message.
I have in my family records that my branch of Kephart came to Philadelphia on the Neptune on Monday September 30, 1754. Gottfriedt Gebhard arrived with his wife Margaret and his six children - Peter, Margaret,Flora, Godfrey, John and George.

I think it is supposed that 1747 Nicklas is Nicholas Kephart in Clearfield Co, PA, but I think this is incorrect. He is claimed by another line of Gebharts also and I think their records are more correct in showing that this is their Nicklas.
I think 1752 Heinrich is son of Heinrich and Maria Catharina Andreas. 

I think 1754 Andreas is son of David Andreas son of Heinrich and Maria Catharina Andreas.
I think 1754 Johan Adam is the son of Heinrich and Maria Catharina. 

Does anyone have any records to prove any of this? Does anyone have information about any of these other Gebharts?

2. I show the following Gebharts in Maryland in 1790. I have assumed that David is the son of Heinrich and Maria Catherina Andreas, but I don't know that for sure?
 1790 60 Frederick MD Kephart David
 1790 60 Frederick MD Kephart Jacob 1 1 4
 1790 60 Frederick MD Kephart John 1 1 7
 1790 60 Frederick MD Kephart Peter 3 2 3
 1790 256 Frederick MD Kephart Simeon 2 3 2
 Is Jacob the Hans Jacob, son of Heinrich and Maria Catherina Andreas?
In looking through this census, I found many names common to the Clearfield and Centre, PA areas, like Kline, Nearhoof, Flegle, Crane, Hoffman, Moore and Smith.
 Can anyone identify these Kepharts?

3. I found a record that shows a Johan Kephart born 1737 son of Heinrich and Maria Catharina Andreas. I can not find any other information on this person. Does anyone know anything about him?

4.  I have a Johan Adam born abt 1724 as son of Heinrich and Maria Catharina Andreas Kephart. My records show that he died in 1813 in Horsham twp, Montgomery, PA and was married to Anna Eva Illerin 7 Feb 1757.
Does anyone have any more information on this person or proof that he is really son of Heinrich and Maria?

5.  Does anyone have information or documentation on the following children of Nicholas and Mary Frey Kephart, Daniel b. 26 Jul 1768, Christina b. 1769, Abraham b. 1773, Mary b. 1785 md to John Thomas or Elizabeth b. 1789?



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