History of Neupanat and Neupanat Emigrants to Buenos Aires, Argentina
The History of Neupanat and its Emigrants to Argentina

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Welcome! This web site was developed in response to a request by descendants of Araders in the United States at the 2005 Donauschwaben Heritage Celebration to have more English language sources for heritage information. This site currently contains information translated from German about Neupanat and Neupanat emigrants to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It also contains links to related information. As additional information becomes available, this web site will expand to include history and stories from Arad county, Vilagos county, and the surrounding area. If you have information that you would like to include on this web site, please contact the Webmaster.

English Translations

Commemorative Pages to mark the 150 Year Jubilee of the Parish Panatulnou (Neupanat) 1787 – 1937
The great German colonization begun by the Empress-Queen Maria Theresa in the Banat was continued with great circumspection by her son, Emperor Josef II, following his assumption of power in the year 1780. On orders of Emperor Josef II, 150 new dwelling houses were built by the high exchequer for agricultural colonists here in Neupanat in the year 1786-87 and handed over to the arriving immigrants from Austria, Germany and parts of Lorraine still in the same year. The community received the name Pusta Panath. Read more >

Eva Mittermueller Sellner's Account: Emigration to Argentina in 1929 and Return to Neupanat in 1934
In 1927, there was a large sleet (hail) storm. The corn was destroyed. The hail soon destroyed everything on the ground, so that there wasn’t any corn left. Farther away, where it wasn’t so bad, we still had some crops (grain), because the crops were still standing. Then, we threshed and, to have bread, we had to cultivate 50 meters [50.7 yards] of crops and grains. However, in one part of the field everything was destroyed. There was nothing left at all. We did not have corn, and all the cattle, pigs, horses, and poultry depend on the corn. Everything depends on the corn. My father had to take his money to buy corn. Therefore, we went to America. In January 1928, 39 people emigrated from Neupanat at the same time. Read more >

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