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The Manning Cemetery,
839-841 Greenville Turnpike/Mountain Road,
Town of Greenville, Orange Co., New York

Please note, I found this cemetery by chance and was not prepared for the size of it nor the number of old graves. I will return and photo many more. The cemetery is not visible from the road. It is 4 tenths of a mile north/east from Exit 2, off Rte. 84, on Mountain Rd. (also called "The Greenville Turnpike"), Greenville. Photographed November 28, 2001. Dates on stones were transcribed to the best of my eyesight. Please use your own records and judgement.

Larger view of Sign and Road The road shown is Mountain Road. If you went left from the sign/driveway, you would be heading toward Otisville and Middletown. If you went right, you would be heading to Rte. 84 (Exit 2 Junction), and Port Jervis. Port Jervis is at Exit 1 off Rte. 84.

"Entrance" I took this as I entered the cemetery from the current entrance. As you can see, it looks like the original entrance was from another direction.

DOTY; COLEMAN - BRINK The grave in the rear is "In Memory of Davis Doty who died July 13, 1840, aged 39? Ys 10 m. & 3 d's. Foreground: "Sacred to the memory of Sally Caroline, Wife of Zephaniah Brink, & daughter of Joshua Coleman, who died July 26, 1810, aged 20 yrs. & 3 d's. The driveway behind and to the right is where I entered the cemetery.

FERGERSON Sarah M. Fergeson, b. Aug. 7, 1836, Died Oct. 28, 1882.

FERGERSON Wm. H. Fergerson, Born Sept. 12, 1858, Died Nov. 1, 1882. [Next to Sarah M.]

Several Graves: Baird, Wickham, Jemima and Caleb Clark, Sarah Ann, Wife of Isaac Howell, Lewis N. Howell, Died Apr. 14, 1882, Aged 41 Y'rs. & 6 Mo's.; "We Miss Him".

Back of Cemetery Camera pointing northeast.

CLARK Jemima, Wife of Caleb Clark, Died Decr. 9, 1841; aged 79 years 9 mon's. & 12 days. To Jemima's right, Caleb Clark, died April 30, 18?0, ages 79 (?) years, 6 mon's. & 20 days. The SHONTS monument in rear center, see below.

[GREEN] Fanney, Wife of Joseph Green, Died Aug. 9, 1866, AE 79 Y'rs., 4 Mos.

[GREEN] Died, April 20, 1816 (?46), Hannah, wife of David Green, AE 33 yrs & 8 d's. [Per relative, David Green had 4 wives; he is buried in Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., PA.]

[HOWELL] Sacred to the Memory of Sarah Ann, Wife of Isaac Howell, who died June 18, 1870.

MANNING John Manning, Died Mch. 12, 1882, AE 78? Y'rs. 1 Mo. & 7 Dys.

OWEN-MOORE In memory of Elenor, wife of Stephen Moore, who died Sept. 27, 1847, AE 57 yrs. 4 mo. and 24 dys. DAR emblem says: Elenor Owen Moore, Daughter of David Owen, A Revolutinary Soldier, Erected by ?ibus Unit Chapter, D.A.R., D.G. This grave to the right of Stephen Moore.

OWEN Gideon J. Owen, Died Dec. 11, 1862, Aged 62 Y'rs. 9 M's. 13 D.

OWEN In Memory of Jonathan Owen, who died Dec. (or Feb) 26, 1827.

MOORE Stephen Moore, Died Aug. 10, 1861, AE 71 Yrs. 11 Mos. 3 Days.

SHONTS David Shonts Died July 11, 1862, Aged 86 Years 9 Months & 7 Days. Halsey Wickah family monument to rear left. Top of monument says Harvey Shonts, died April 12, 1861?

STODDARD Left to right: In memory of L.B. Stoddard, who died June 15, 1849, Aged 81 yrs. 7 mos. & 24 D's. In Memory of Prudence, wife of L.B. Stoddard, who died March 7, 18??, aged 19 y'rs. 4 m. & 10 d's. In Memory of ?, who died Oct. 27, 18??, Aged 11 Yr's. 10 mos. & 6 days. In Memory of Ann, wife of Simeon M. Stoddard, who died Sept. ?0, 1811, Aged 45 yrs. 8 mos and ? days. On the far right you see the back of Lewis Howell's gunmetal marker.

WICKHAM-YOUNG Halsey Wickham, Nov. 29, 1809, Dec. 27, 1845. Rebecca Young, His Wife, Sept. 24, 1811, Apr. 1, 1899.

WICKHAM Noyrs Wickham, died April 21st 1857, ages 80 years, ? months, 27 days.

Thanks to Rootsweb for this free space. JF

ŠJoan Sholl Francis, 2005. Email: [email protected]