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Machackemech Burying Ground, Cemetery, Port Jervis, Orange Co., NY


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Historic Magagkamack Church Yard, ca 1737

Located on East Main Street, in Port Jervis, Orange Co., NY, about a mile west of the Rte. 84 Port Jervis Exit 1, on the right. It is just after the Barrier Chemical Co. (now bulldozed), and just before, and right next to, St. Mary's cemetery. It is about 2 blocks east of Bon Secour Hospital. There is no entrance for vehicles. You must walk in.

Pictures are full screen, in deference to family and/or genealogy students.

Sign: "Indian Raid, Maghaghkamik Church, Built 1743 on this site, was burned in raid by Joseph Brant's Mohawks and Tories July 20, 1779. NY State Education Dept."

"Machackemech Burying Ground Monument Headstone of Abraham Corwin, left, behind this stone.

BULEY Calvin C., son of Isaac and Catherine M. Buley, died March 20, 1843, Aged 3 years, 1 mo. 1 day.

CARPENTER In memory of William son of John [DAR transcript. " William, son of John D. & Catherine Carpenter, who d. Oct. 2, 1839, ae. 5 m., 22 d."]

CASKEY 1762, Sarah Caskey Departed this life July the 27, 1796

CHATTLE In Memory of Robart P. Chattle, died Oct. 19th 1821, Aged 8 years. Attempt at Inscription: I in the burying place may see grav as there shorter than I from deaths ar lest no age is free young children too may die. [?]

COL Wilhilmus Col ?

COL [DAR transcript. "Wilhelmus Col* Born in de yer 1741, Mey *8, depert of tis* * im de yer 18. (Date never completed. *Indicates part of stone broken off. Footstone to 250.)"][ibid: Wilhelmus Col, bornt in de yer 1741, Mey 28. Dedepert dis lyfe in de yer 1829, Mey 4.]

COLE In Memory of Josias Cole who died March 22, 1842, AE 77 yrs 4 mos. & 7 da.

CORWIN ABRAHAM CORWIN died Oct. 1st, 1827, AE 30 years & 2 mos.

[CORWIN] In memory of Julia Corwin, wife of John Corwin who departed this life September 10th 1823, Aged 53 years 1 month and 19 days.


GILL Left: Patrick Gill, died; Right: oley [DAR transcript. "Patrick Gillooley, died Sept. 22, 1851, ae. 21 y., 25 d. Native of the County of Roscommon, Ireland."]

List of Interments, Minisink Valley Historical Society

JOHNSON An infant son of Josiah and Eliza Johnson, d. Dec. 10, 1852.

JOHNSON Willis, son of Josiah W. & Eliza Johnson, d. April 29, 1852, ae. 8 m., 18d.

MADDEN In Memory of John Madden, a native of Cork, Ireand who died January 1, 1848, Aged 54 years.


MAPES Died Dec. 7, 1849, FRANCIS MAPES, AE 31 yrs. & 8 mos.

MIDDAUGH - THOMAS Lydia Middaugh wife of Aaron Thomas died April 27, 1848, Aged 76 yrs 3 mo & 12 d.

MILLS H.D.M., Henry D., Son of Uri & Mabel Mills. Gravestone behind this on says Wm. K. Stone


Henry D. Mills, Francis Mapes, Wm. K. Stone

NEARPASS FAMILY Left to right: William Nearpass,, d. Dec. 9, 1804, ae. 47 y.; John Nearpass, Jun. 18, 1834, Aged 78 yrs 9 mos.; Catharine Nearpass, wife of HENRY CASE who died March 29, 1842 aged 56 y 6 m 9 d. Background: MARTINUS DECKER, 1776, A Soldier of the Revolution. St. Mary's Cemetery in background.

[NEARPASS] Francena wife of Jacob Nearpass born Sept. 1, 1811, Died Jan. 12,1863, Aged 52 yrs 4 mo 12 d's.

NEARPASS JACOB NEARPASS died May 28, 1842, aged 40 yrs 19 d's. & Catharine Nearpass

NEARPASS John Nearpass died June 18, 1834, Aged 78 y 9 mo. Flags behind this stone are on the stone of Martinus Decker.

SQUIRL August 4 AD 1805, Jacob Squirl departed this life Aged 81 years.

SQUIRREL Jacob Squirrel, 1776, A Soldier of The Revolution

STORTZNER John G. Stortzner, d. Dec.13, 1851, [ae. 26 y., 6 m., Mary, his daughter, d. Sept. 3, 1851, ae. 19 d. DAR transcript.]

[TERWILLEGAR] [In] Remembrance of Catharine wife of James I. Terwilleger who died May 10, 1832, AE 18y 14 d. [Note: Their daughter, stone not shown, Catherine M., dau. of James I. and Catherine Terwillegar, d. May is, 1832, ae. 27 d.]

UNKNOWN D______ This Life Dec. 2, 1794

VAN AKEN FAMILY In memoriam, The Marinus Van Aken Family, ca 1873, Minisink, Dedicated July, 1998.

[VAN AKEN] Here lies inter'd, Sarah, wife of Cornelis Van Aken who dyd Dec. 20, 1766

Headstones, Near Van Aken plot

VAN ETTEN [DAR transcription] "March 12, 1817(?), Hannah Vanetten died Eage 88 years old. (A fieldstone)."

VANETTEN April 25, 1796, JANE VANETTEN departed her life, born 7 July 1785

VAN FLEET LYDIA VAN FLEET Died Oct. 23, 1835, AE 59 y., 9 m., 10 d

[VAN FLEET] Margaret wife of James Van Fleet died Mar. 27, 1841, aged 91 years 4 mo. 26 d's.

[VANGORDEN] In memory of AMY wife of LEVI VANGORDEN who died July 8, 1835, ae 50 yrs, 4 mos, 22 d's.


VAN NOY In memory of Benjamin Van Noy who died Nov. 23, 1848, AE 63 yrs, 10 mos. & 24 d's.

[VAN NOY] Hannah, wife of Benjamin Van Noy, who d. March 19, 1847, ae. 67 y 2 m., 19 d.

VAN NOY Joseph Van Noy died May 10, 1833, AE 76 y. 3 mo. & 11 d's.

[WARNER] Delia wife of Daniel Warner died February 26, 1837, AE 69 yrs.

[WESTFALL] Senia wife of Simon Westfall died Aug. 20, 1837, AE 68 y's 11 mo. & 10 d's

WESTFALL Wm. ? Senia wife of Simon Westfall

WESTFALL April 21, AD 1805, Simon Westfall, Departed this Life Ages 87 years.

WHITLOCK Nathan Whitlock died Sept. 15, 1802, AE 52 y's. (Flagged stone behind is Jacob Squirrel.


General shot of cemetery. Left of the tree is the D.R. marker for Abraham Winfield (1776, A Soldier of The Revolution). Barrier Chemical's former site is in rear right; St. Mary's Cemetery is in the left background.

WINDFIELD 1809, Margaret Windfield departed this life September the 4th. Aged 25 years.

Broken Stone Line one: "ink"; Line 2: "ed Octb"; Line 3: "AD 1803" [Jane Brink, d. Oct. 1, A.D. 1808]

[WOODWARD] In memory of Hannah wife of HEZEKIAH WOODWARD who died May 7, 1845 in the 78th yr of her age.

WOODWARD AND OTHERS Large stone is Hannah wife of Hezekiah Woodward. Small marker in front of picture "J.R."; left of Hannah is "J.K."

[WOODWARD] In memory of Hannah, wife of Hezekiah Woodward who died May 7, 1845 In the 78th year of her age.

Tree trunk Very large base of tree, perhaps 6' across (not diameter).

Wooden fence The fence, planted with roses, all along, on East Main Street.

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