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This small private family cemetery is located on Rte. 739, on the right side of the road, about 2 miles south of Rte. 6, in the Town of Blooming Grove, Lords Valley, Pike Co., Pennsylvania. The wooden sign at the entrance, changes with the seasons. Below is a view of the Easter gate. I photographed all of the gravesites, except one small marker, as noted below.

Large view of front (same as picture above.)

FOX Annie Fox, Mother of Mrs. Geo. Rockelein, Born Sept. 19, 1827. Died Dec. 13, 1982. "Gone but not forgotten". Stone rear right, SLIFKO.

MAYDOSZ Ruth, 1925 - ___; William, 1924 - 1989. Stones behind this one are John and Barbara Slifko. Military marker for William Maydosz, S1, U.S. Navy, World War II.

PERRY Mary R. Perry, 1875 - 1957.

ROCKLINE-SCHMALZLE Agnes Rockline Schmalzle, 1888 - 1971.

ROCKELEIN Annie Rockelein, Born Mar. 6,1890, Died Feb. 9 [?] 1908. Marker, left rear, Walter Schmalzle. Fallen funeral marker, no longer legible because of moisture. Next to a military staff.

ROCKELEIN "IHS", Barbara Rockelein, 1852 1931. "Requiescant In Pace" [Rest in Peace].

BLANCK Alice, July 2, 1915, Mar. 7, 1991. Herman, Dec. 24, 1909, Aug. 16, 1987.

CAWLEY-PERRY PERRY, George E., Husband, 1903 - 1980; Elizabeth V. Cawley, 1903 - 1990.

ROCKELEIN "IHS", George Rockelein, Jr., 1879 - 1913. Requiescant In Pace' [Rest in Peace].

BABY SCHMALZLE May 4,1920, Age 4 Hours.

SCHMALZLE Walter Schmalzle, Pvt. U.S. Army, World War I, Aug. 30, 1894 - Feb. 1, 1990

SLIFKO "Mom", Bargara T., Nov. 3, 1920; "POP", John M., June 7, 1914 - May 3, 1997.

Easter gate

Note: There was one small white marker, 6"x10" perhaps, not photographed. Said only "A.E.". I saw no other evidence of other graves.

Thanks to Rootsweb for providing this free space. JF

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