St. Mary's of the Assumption church and cemetery, route 590, lackawaxen, pike county, Pennsylvania

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St. Mary's of the Assumption
Established in 1863
Rte. 590
Lackawaxen, Pike Co., Pennsylvania

Church (large view of cover). Photographed from Rte. 590 in Lackawaxen. The old cemetery climbs the hill behind this church. Behind me (east) and over the hill is the Lackawaxen House and Lackawaxen Post Office. Beyond them is the Delaware River. Just north of this spot is the Roebling Bridge/Aquaduct, and the Zane Gray Museum.

Road-side sign, facing east on Rte. 590 in Lackawaxen.

Approaching cemetery from right side of church in parking lot. This cemetery is on a very steep hill, and is much larger than it looks from this shot. On the left the graves continue down a steep slope; in the rear right and left, the graves continue into the woods. It seems to be quite undisturbed.

CONNELLY Thomas Connelly, native of the Co. Rocommon, Ireland, Born 1827, Mt. Tolbirt. Bridget Connelly, from the Co. Roscomon, Ireland Parish, Treenemarlow, Age 71 Y'rs. Inscription through the center of the top cross: IHS. Christian cross inscribed above Thomas's name, and on the base of the stone. This stone is located near the start of the cemetery, on the right hand edge. [I noticed many natives of Roscommon buried in the Queen of Peace Catholic cemetery in Hawley, Wayne Co., PA, a short ride west of here. See my index on left of this page, "cemeteries". JSF]

Facing back of church, about 1/4 up the hill. Just right of the front of the church, down the hill and through the trees, I can see the Lackawaxen House and Post Office. The CONNELLY stone (not visible) is on my left.

MATH? Fallen stone with Christian cross encircled on the top; beneath that: MATH _____. March 16, 186_, aged 68 years, ?8 months, and his wife Mary, _____ Dec. 27, 1874? Located in center of lower third of cemetery.

Facing up hill, left. In right front of photo, small stone, native of Switzerland. In the left corner, you can see the gravestones within the woods.

Photographed July 16, 2002.

Thanks to Rootsweb for this free space. JSF

ŠJoan Sholl Francis, 1999 - 2002. Email: [email protected]