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Wallkill Cemetery Taken from the eastern corner. Cemetery Road on the right. Nov. 4, 2001, early afternoon.

Directions: From Rte. 17E in Middletown, Orange Co., NY, take Exit 122. Turn right onto Co. Rte. 67 (East Main Street). You are now in the area which used to be called "Phillipsburgh" (not the same as Phillipsburgh in Westchester Co.). There is a historical marker on your left at foot of hill. Go around the curve and take your first left turn on to Midway Rd. This crosses over the Wallkill River; bear left. You will see a farmhouse on your right. The driveway to enter the cemetery is here. HOWEVER, you can continue on Midway Road to the corner where it becomes CEMETERY Rd. and bear right. This takes you to the old front entrance to the cemetery. This entrance is gated. You cannot enter here unless you climb the low stone wall.


Photographs and transcriptions were done on October 22nd, and November 4th, 2001. There are two other transcriptions for this cemetery on, one is called "Cemetery Hill Road Cemetery (Orange Co., NY), and the other is called "Wallkill Cemetery".

General view of cemetery, from the southeast.

Front Original Front Entrance, on Cemetery Road, showing central drive.

ALLEN, Kath. - See LUDLUM, below.

BRADNER Colvill Bradner. Broken/repaired stone. Died Aged 48 y's, 4 m's. and 9 d's. Stone next to Sarah DENTON {photo below}. ["Colville Bradner - b. Dec 23, 1791; d. Apr 3, 1840. On Dec 22, 1818 married Sarah Denton (b. July 9, 1794; d. Mar 26, 1862). He was the son of Benjamin Bradner & Mary Wickham of Goshen; grandson of Colville Bradner Sr. & Margaret Moore of Goshen, and Gr-Grandson of Rev John Bradner, the first minister of the First Presb. Church of Goshen and his wife Christian Colville. The Bradners (Rev John and Christian) are of IRISH descent (NOT Scottish as has been thought and reported on)." Frank Bradner, Email, Feb. 25, 2002]

BRUNDAGE Ane Eliza, wife of William Brundage, Died Sept. 27, 1861, Aged 17 years. This stone to the right of Margaret Jane Brundage.

Jennie E. [Brundage] Jennie E., Wife of N.G. Brundage, Died Sept. 21, 1871, Aged 31 y's. 1 mo's. & 4 d's. Cemetery Rd. in background.

Margaret Jane Brundage Margaret Jane, daughter of William and AneEliza Brundage, Died November 9, 1863, Aged 24 years.

Washington Irving Brundage Washington Irving, Son of Reuben and Elizabeth Brundage, Died Oct. 22, 1864. This stone with two others under the large hemlock tree, right side of cem. (from front). Stones face uphill, rather than to the road.

Elizabeth [Brundage] Elizabeth [?], Wife of Reuben Brundage, Died Oct. 8, 1869, Aged 72 Y'rs. 10 M's. 18 D's. If you know her surname (see blowup), please email me. This grave next to Washington Irving Brundage.

Elizabeth [CARPENTER, prob.] In Memory of Elizabeth Hulse, wife of Samuel Hulse, who departed this life August 4th 1814, aged 47 years and 7 months. Grave of William and Eunice Mapes is shown behind Elizabeth; also shown, Cemetery Rd., and Rte. 17 ("The Quickway").

CARPENTER In Memory of Nehemiah Carpenter, who departed this Life the 9th of July 1790, in the fortieth year of his age. [Born Jamaica Queens Co, LI, Son of Solomon C. & Eleanor Dunning of Goshen.] Front gate of cemetery in right rear.

Solomon Carpenter In memory of Solomon Carpenter, who departed this life June 24, 1794, In the 82nd Year of his age.

CASE David Case, Son of David & Eunice Case, Born Aug. 28, 1830, Died Jan. 2, 1889. "Loved One, Rest in Peace." Front gate, on Cemetery Rd., on right.

John R. Case Son of David & Mary ROMAINE Case (see below), Born June 24,1852, Died March 6, 1904. Stones rear and top right, TUTHILL (see below). There is also a STAGE monument to the rear left of this stone (white monument with two small markers in front of it).

CLARK Jane E., Wife of Doct. James A.YOUNG, and daughter of Stephen C. & Priscilla Clark. Died May 9, 1847, Aged 24 y's. 6 M's. & 11 d's. Just to the top left of this stone you can see the front center gate on Cemetery Rd. [See stone for James A. Young, M.D., below, which is just to the right of Jane E. Clark]

Stephen C. Clark Died Aug. 4, 1869, Aged 73 y'rs. 10 mo & 17 d's. This stone is to the right of James A. Young, M.D., Stephen's son in law. Cemetery Rd. in background.

Priscilla [Clark] Priscilla, Relict of Stephen C. Clark, died Feb. 18, 18?? [after Aug. 4, 1869, because the word "relic/relict" was used as "survivor"]. This stone to the right of Stephen C. Clark.

Olivia CORWIN In Memory of Olivia Corwin who died September 15, 1818, Aged 22 years 1 month and 29 days. Cemetery Rd., in background.

Deborah [Corwin] Memory of Deborah W., wife of David Corwin, Died November 24, 1798, Aged 87 years. This stone to the right of Olivia Corwin.

Edward DE CESARE, 1878 - 1936. Small stone with HAUSER stones in front left of cemetery. Near stone wall. [There was another female M. DeCesare stone here which I did not photo, same size/style.]

DENTON Sarah Denton, Wife of Colvill Bradner {see photo and data, above}, Died March 26, 1862, Aged 67 y'rs. 8 m's., 17 d's. The double stone to right rear, RANDOLPH.

DOREMUS Could not read the inscriptions.

DUNNING Monument Alexander Dunning, Born May 8, 1876, Died July 1, 1940. Center drive in background. See Closeup.

Alexander Dunning Another Alexander Dunning, Born 1828, Died Feb. 6, 1870; Also his Daughter, Harriet I. Dunning, Aged 10 years. North side of monument.

Braddock R. Dunning Braddock R. Dunning, Born December 5, 1803, Died March 17, 1881. Harriet L., His Wife, Born April 7, 1809, Died August 14,1884. West side of monument, facing driveway. STINARD [George & Florence?] grave behind, left.

Charles T. Dunning Charles T. Dunning Born November 2, 1843, Died May 14,1916. Long, low stone, top right, LEE.

FRAME John Frame 1832 - 1907; His Wife, Marget A. LEEMON, 1835 - 1873; George H. Frame, 1860 - 1939; Janie A. Frame, 1862 - 1936; Hattie Frame 1870 - 1896. This grave is located on left side of center drive. The red building you see in the background is the first right, deadend turn from Cemetery Rd.

GALE In Memory of Daniel Gale who departed this life March 7th 1810, Aged 36 years 5 months and 13 days.

GARDNER, Julia A. - See Poppino Monument, below.

GURNEE - See: Mary Eugenia LUDLUM, below.

HAUSER Monument Johnie, born Oct. 1, 1894, Died July 5, 1896; Anna born June 6,1898, Died Aug. 22, 1898. Rear right: David E. SMILEY, World War, Comp. 9? D.R. U.S.A. Date on bottom, 1892 - ? Left rear, Molly & Sam, still waiting for me. Some of the last photos taken on Nov. 4, 2001.

Hauser Monument 2, Same monument Justina, born June ?, 1899, Died Sept. 2?, 1901; Katherine, 1898 - 1920.

Hauser Monument 3, Same monument Joseph, Sr., 1863 - 1945; His wife, Justina B. 1866 - 1928. All on same monument by front center gate.

Hauser Monument Base

Harry V. Hauser, Feb. 15, 1904 - Jan 12, 1955. (Near old Hauser Monument at front of cemetery, left side, with 2 small De Cesare markers.

Edna M. Hauser, Sept. 29, 1908 - Feb. 23, 1977.

Justina B Hauser 1866 - 1928.

H.E. HULSE Large Monument in front of smaller Hulse stones. Visable from Cemetery Rd., to the right of the front gate. To the far right, up the hill, is the grave of William and Eunice Mapes, my 6th gr-grandparents, and on the ridge of the hill lies Henry Wisner, Esq., and his family. COLEMAN monument to the rear and just left of this stone. NEWKIRK monument to the far right.

Anna T. Hulse May 18, 1841 - Jan. 4, 1936.

Edith M. Hulse Mar. 18 1872 - Jan. 29, 1911.

Effa Hulse Died. Aug. 30th., 1861, Aged ? [ could be 104 years, or 67 years], 7 mos. and 15 days. Stone located near large hemlock [see general view of William Mapes III, photo'd. from mid-center of cem. for picture of the hemlock.] See blowup of age at death for this stone. This stone is to the left of Hephzibah Hulse, w/o Jonas Hulse.

Hudson E. Hulse Nov. 14, 1834 - Apr. 23, 1917.

HULSE, JONAS - See Hephzibah Reeves, below. And also stone of Hephzibah M. Murray, his granddaughter.

Samuel Hulse In Memory of Samuel Hulse, who died Feb. 13, 1819. Grave to right of Elizabeth Hulse, top of west hill from front of cemetery. [LDS has his birth at 1757, L.I., Suffolk Co., NY, d. 1819, Orange Co. NY. Father Joshua Hulse, Mother Sarah White.]

Theodore T. Hulse Oct. 3, 1864 - Dec. 3, 1914

JONES - See Mary Eugenia [LUDLUM], below.

KROM Annie Krom, Wife of George W. TUTTLE, Died Oct. 22. 1900, Aged 35 y'rs. Front gate of cemetery, rear left. See closeup of inscription.

Louise Krom, Sept. 1817 - Aug. 1911. Same monument as Annie Krom.

LEE - See Charles T. Dunning, above.

LEEMON, Marget A. - See FRAME, above.

[LUDLUM] Mary Eugenia, Wife of Theodore W. Ludlum, 1834 - 1926. Large tilting monument to her top left, GURNEE. Large stone to her top right, JONES. Fallen stone to her lower right, Theodore W. Ludlum.

Theodore W. Ludlum Died, Dec. 4, 1870, Aged _1 y'rs. 10 mos. 24 days. "Kind To All". To the right of Mary Eugenia [Ludlum].

Ludlum Plot Large stone far right, Ludlum Plot. Monument on left is MC CARTER. Left side of drive, from front entrance. See three smaller stones, below.

Samuel Allen Ludlum Mar. 8, 1903 - Mar. 11, 1988. In front of Large Ludlum stone; one of three smaller stones.

Katherine Allen Ludlum April 8, 1878 - Jan. 29, 1963. Center in group of 3 small stones in front of Ludlum Monument.

Herbert B. Ludlum June 14, 1874 - Aug. 17, 1949.

Autumn view General view, before the leaves fell. Oct. 22, 2001.

View of the lower east hill, front, taken from about 500 yards up center drive. Rainy day, Oct. 22, 2001.

View of hill where WILLIAM MAPES, III and his wife Eunice (Loring/Lore) are buried, from mid front of cemetery. Arrow points to their headstone.

WILLIAM MAPES, III My 6th great-grandparents. In Memory of William Mapes, Who died Feb. 26th, 1798 in the 84th year of his age, and his wife, Eunice Mapes, Who died March 16th, 1810, in the 97th year of her age. Front entrance of cemetery on Cemetery Rd., in right background. Above this stone to my back are the Wisner, Carpenter, Swezy graves. Photo taken Oct. 22, 2001.

Back Section Photographed from the hill where Henry Wisner, Esq. and family are buried. The farm house in the rear right is next to the drive through which you must enter by car. On the left hill are still more gravesites. Photo taken Oct. 22, 2001, early afternoon. Storm coming in on the horizon.

S.N. MC CARTER From top: Mother, Sarah A., Wife of S.N. McCarter, Died July 12, 1806, In The 71st Year of Her Age. Until He Come. Stephen N. McCarter, 1820 - 1912. See also, photo called "Ludlum Plot" for view of this monument from another angle.

Eleanor L. [McCarter] North side of monument. Eleanor L., Born April 15, 1862, Died Dec. 8, 1900. You can see part of the center driveway, top right.

Two MILLER Stones, with CHARLES MILLER, front right of them. Hephzibah REEVES, wife of Jonas Hulse, on right, and Effa Hulse, to the right of Hephzibah. Charles Miller died Sept. 21, 1858, Aged 38 Y'rs. 1 Mo & 9 D's. Hephzibah Reeves, Wife of Jonas Hulse, Died Nov. 13th, 1829, Aged 61 years 9 mos. & 27 days.

Charles Miller died Sept 21, 1858, Aged 38 Y's. 1 Mo. &9. Margaret Miller to his top left. Hephzibah Reeves to his front left. Photo, above.

MURRAY, Hephzibah M. Murray, Granddaughter of Jonas HULSE, Died May 15 [or 1st], 1825, Aged, 12 [or 13?] years & 4 mo's. See blowup of name.

OWEN Almeda and Cornelia Owen. Not legible. If you have dates on these two ladies, please email me.

POPPINO Monument Lewis Poppino, Died Sep. 26,1878, AE. 70 Yrs. 10 Mos. William Poppino, Died July 3, 1881, AE. 67 Yrs. 6 Mos. Julia A. GARDNER, Relict (survivor) of William Poppino, Wife of T.D. SCHOONMAKER, Aug. 2, 1834 - Mar. 7, 1893. See Full photo of monument. [T.D. Schoonmaker m. Julia A. Poppino, Oct 3, 1883, 1st. Presby. Ch., Goshen, Orange Co., NY]

RANDOLPH - See Sarah DENTON, above.

My Fan Club Waiting patiently, as usual, FORRET, with MOLLY and SAM (who are NOT allowed in any cemeteries). The road outside the stone wall is Cemetery Road. The Road above and behind that is Route 17 ("The Quickway", with a vehicle east bound on that. Just a few more photos to go!

REEVES IN memory of Hephzibah Reeves, Wife of Jonas HULSE, Died Nov. 13th, 1829, Aged 61 years 9 mo's. & 27 days. Child's grave to the top left is Addie Reeves. MILLER stones to rear right.

WEBB Hiram B. Webb, Died Dec. 10, 1869, Aged 70 y'rs. Hephzibah HULSE, Wife of Hiram B. Webb, Died Feb. 16, 1890. See "Two Miller Stones" above. See also Hephzibah Hulse, w/o Jonas Hulse. Small stone behind and to the left is child Addie Reeves.

ROMAINE Mary, Wife of David CASE, Daughter of John & Ann Romaine, Died Aug. 29, 1852, Aged 27 Yrs. "She is within that happy land, Where God's redeemed around Him stand." Other graves/monuments behind her, but not shown, are (lt. to rt), STAGE, SMITH, TUTHILL.

RUGAR Abram Rugar, Killed at ___G, N.Y. Nov. 24, 1903, Aged 3 Yr's 5 Mo's.

SCHOONMAKER, T.D. - See POPPINO Monument, above.

STAGE - See CASE, above.

STINARD - See Braddock Dunning, above.

STRINGHAM In Memory of Nelly, wife of John Stringham who departed this life July 9th 1821, Aged 44 years, 4 months & 6 days. This grave on top of west front hill, near WISNER and CARPENTER graves.

Capt. David SWEZY [s/o David SWEZY/Elizabeth CLARK] b. 9 Mar 1747 Southhold, Long Island, NY; d. 26 Mar 1835 Newburgh, Orange Co., NY. m. Abigail WELLS [d/o John WELLS/Abigail ?] b. 1747 Southhold, Long Island, NY, d. 16 Mar 1829 Goshen, Orange Co., NY. See Sweezy Website at - Rear of photo shows south/rear hill of cemetery. Near CARPENTER grave.

TINNEY Our Father, Anderson Tinney, Died June 19th 1875, Aged 75 years, 9 mos.

N. Tinney Erected to the memory of Nathaniel D. [or B.], Son of Anderson & Maria Tinney, who was killed in battle on board the U.S. Ship Cumberland, March 8, 1862, aged 35 y'rs. & 8 d's. See Sinking of the USS Congress and the USS Cumberland, March 8, 1862.

TUTHILL Left: Egbert J. Tuthill, 1846 - 1924; Sophia, His Wife, 1848 - 1929; Willie S. 1877 - 1882; Lena H. 1882 - 1882; Theodore L. 1890 - 1901. Stone to right: Todd C. Tuthill.

HENRY WISNER In Memory of Henry Wisner, Esq. who departed this life the seventh day of April, AD 1800, in the fiftyninth year of his age. Front gate of cemetery visible right rear. Photo Oct. 22, 2001.

Sarah Wisner In Memory of Sarah, wife of Henry Wisner Esqr., who departed this life the twelth day of October AD 1790, in the forty-seventh year of her age. To the right of Henry Wisner, Esq. (d. AD 1800). There are two Henry Wisner Esq (father/son) stones here.

YOUNG James A. Young, M.D., Born April 16, 1819, Died March 23, 1889. [See his wife's stone, Jane E. CLARK, above.] Front center entrance to cemetery from Cemetery Rd., in rear left.

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