The NC NOWELL Family Connection

The NC NOWELL Family Connection


The history of the North Carolina NOWELL family has been found in parts in the history of these four Baptist Churches: 
(1) The Coleraine Baptist Church in Bertie County, NC.
(2) The Hephzibah Baptist Church in Wendell, Wake Co. NC.
(3) The Epsaba Baptist Church in Espaba, Arkansas.
(4) The Connaritsa Baptist Church in Bertie Co., NC.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to the many people who have helped me research this family: Phyllis Mistrot, Yvonne Nowell Mesler, Darrell Stone, Mary Tyler, Nelda Nowell Burton, Jena Hopwood, Carolyn Nowell Cox, June Anderson, Bobby Nowell, Ken Nowell, Paul Nowell, Mary Ann Nowell, John Milton Watson, Jetta McIlree, Melba Lowe, Orville Gilchrist, Gary Barns, and Bobby Edward Nowell. These people have worked many years on much of this information, and some of it has been a collaborative effort.  I hope  they will continue to help me update this.   I am also indebted to four others and their families who shared notes and research with me and who are now deceased: Hayden Oxford, Robert Presson, Josie Bacon, and Charles Nowell.   They would be proud of this work.                                            

Dola Acree

1) Descendants of Martin Nowell

2) Descendants of Cullen Nowell

3) Descendants of Henry Liles, Sr.

4) Descendants of Dempsey Nowell of Haywood Co, TN.

5) Descendants of David Liles and Nancy Nowell

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