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Success is not a matter of genius, as held by some, but is the outcome of clear judgment, experience and industry, and careful analysis will show that persistent effort, well directed, is the direct basis of all legal advancement. This truth finds verification in the legal record of Eugene W. Britt, member of the Los Angeles firm of Hunsaker, Britt & Cosgrove.

Mr. Britt is a native son of Missouri and was born Dec. 25, 1855. His educational training was received in both public and private schools, including the University of Missouri, of which, however, he is not a graduate. It was in his home state that he was admitted to the bar in 1878, the same year in which he located in California. For about eight years he engaged in general practice in Lake County.

In 1887 he formed a partnership with William J. Hunsaker in San Diego, under the firm name of Hunsaker & Britt. In 1892 Mr. Hunsaker located in Los Angeles, and the firm dissolved. Eight years later Mr. Britt located in Los Angeles, and once more he and Mr. Hunsaker joined partnership as Hunsaker & Britt, which later became Hunsaker, Britt & Cosgrove. This firm is one of the largest in the state, and represents many large and important interests.

Mr. Britt served as a member of the California Legislature from Lake County in 1885 and 1886 and for five years, beginning in 1895, he was a member of the California Supreme Court Commission, from which body he resigned to resume the practice of law at Los Angeles. His opinions, many of which have been classed as masterpieces by members of the bar, appear in Volumes 106 to 128 of the California Reports.

Mr. Britt is a member of the American Bar Association, State Bar of California, Los Angeles Bar Association, of which he served as President in 1912, and other equally well known bodies. In 1916 he was a member of the California delegation to the Republican National Convention.

In 1883 Mr. Britt married Harriett C. Biggerstaff, daughter of William J. Biggerstaff, of Lakeport, Calif. They have two daughters, Agnes Wickfield Britt and Constance Britt Willcox, wife of Major Julian P. Willcox of the United States Marine Corps.

Mr. Britt holds membership in the California Club, University Club of Los Angeles, Masonic Club, Union League Club, and some other organizations.



Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Source: "American Blue Book California Lawyers" by H. James Boswell, Page 44-45, Produced by H. James Boswell, 1928.

2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.