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CLARK, PERCY H., Real Estate and Investments, Los Angeles, California, is a Pennsylvanian by birth, having been born in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, September 20, 1860.  His father was Nathaniel Clark and his mother Marie (Hanford) Clark.  He married Hattie E. Youngs at Big Rapids, Michigan, November 18, 1885.  There is one daughter, Florence E. Clark.


 Mr. Clark was educated in the public schools of Grand Rapids, Michigan, between 1865 and 1875.  He continued his education, studying at a business college up to 1880.


The first venture of Mr. Clark in the business world was in 1884, when he became an employee of the firm of James G. McElwee & Co., lumber dealers of Big Rapids, Michigan.  He started in the capacity of book-keeper and was promoted on several occasions, becoming manager of the firm in 1886.  During his work for this corporation he made a study of the lumber industry from the ground up and mastered the one hundred complexities of the business.  He continued with that company for three years at Big Rapids, Michigan, where in the latter part of 1886 he was advanced to Kansas City as manager for the same concern.


As manager of the Kansas City branch he directed all of the corporation’s interests in that city and the Central West district.  He continued during 1887 and 1888 in his Kansas City position, but in 1889 he entered the wholesale lumber trade there, handling the output of a number of the large mills of Arkansas.


Disposing of his interests in Kansas City in 1890, he moved to Los Angeles, California, and in 1892 became manager of the lumber yards of the Stimson Mill Company.  For the next six years he was actively employed with this company in the office of manager.


In 1899 he resigned his Los Angeles position to enter the mining industry in Arizona, but returned to Los Angeles in 1901, where he became a real estate operator and investor and known as one of the heaviest handlers of property in that part of the State.  Mr. Clark has handled a great many tracts of farming lands and pastures in California, up to the present writing amounting to over 100,000 acres of such property in the central and southern parts of the State.


Mr. Clark planned and carried to successful completion several townsites and distinctive residence districts, notable in the latter line being the townsite of Beverly and the suburban estates of Beverly Hills, one of the most magnificent residence localities in all the Southwest.  It is situated along the foothills, between Los Angeles and the popular beach resorts of Santa Monica, Ocean Park, and Venice.  On this property, in fulfillment of Mr. Clark’s plans, over one hundred thousand dollars has been spent in beautifying it alone, in addition to the vast sums spent on substantial improvements.  Beverly Hills will always remain a monument to Mr. Clark’s work and genius.


Mr. Clark has taken a spirited interest in the growth of Los Angeles and Southern California, and was a pioneer in the campaign for good roads.  He did much beneficial work in this direction during the year 1910, and is still at it.  During the first mentioned period he was Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Committee on Boulevards, Parks and Roads, and this body recommended numerous improvements in those three departments.  Mr. Clark is vice president and director of the Automobile Club of Southern California, and in this capacity also has done much to further the cause of good roads.

Mr. Clark is chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Committee on Municipal and County Affairs.  This body handles all matters looking to the benefit of the city and county, politically and otherwise.


He is a member of the California Club, Los Angeles County Club and the Gamut Club, in addition to the Automobile Club of Southern California. 



Transcribed by Bill Simpkins.

Source: Press Reference Library, Western Edition Notables of the West, Vol. I,  Page 797, International News Service, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta.  1913.

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