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Sol Lesser, pioneer motion picture producer and exhibitor and president of Sol Lesser Productions, Inc., and of Principal Theater Corp. of American, was born in Spokane, Washington, February 17, 1890.

Mr. Lesser began his career as an exhibitor in San Francisco, then came to Los Angeles where he was one of the founders of West Coast Theaters. When these theaters were sold to the Fox company to become the start of the Fox West Coast chain, Mr. Lesser although still a very young man, decided to retire from business. But twelve months later he had formed his own film production company and in the ensuing years has renewed his theater operations and extended his production activities all over the free world. Headquarters for his Sol Lesser Productions and his many affiliated organizations is at 411 North LaCienega Blvd., Los Angeles 36, California.

Among the many pictures he has produced are numerous of the “Tarzan” series; “Our Town,” “Stage Door Canteen,” “The Red House,” “Three’s A Family” and last year he brought to the U.S., and prepared for its release here, the memorable adventure film “Kon-Tiki.”

Mr. Lesser was married in 1913 to Fay Grunauer of San Francisco. They have a son, Julian Lesser, who is associated with his father in business, and a daughter, Mrs. Morris Pfaelzer, of Beverly Hills, California.





Transcribed 5-7-14 Marilyn R. Pankey.

Source: Eminent Californians 1953, by Lee E. Johnson & C. W. Taylor.  Page 354, C. W. Taylor Publ., Palo Alto, California, 1953.

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