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At the head of the Friday Morning Club of Los Angeles is Mrs. Louise Ward Watkins, whose civic activities and literary talents have gained for her more than local prominence. She is a native of Boonville, New York, born March 18, 1890, and a daughter of George Clinton and Katherine Louise (Schweinsburg) Ward. A review of the career of George Clinton Ward, president of the Southern California Edison Company, may be found on another page of this work.

Louise Whipple Ward, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Ward, was twelve years of age when in 1902 she removed with her parents to Washington Court House, Ohio, where she obtained her high school education. She next took a course in the Huntington Hall for girls at Los Angeles, graduating in 1907. Afterward she studied for the stage, and during 1913-14 attended the law school of the University of Southern California. Gifted along varied lines, she has won prestige as a dramatic reader, as a lecturer and as the author of four widely read books. Appreciative of the best in literature, she derives much enjoyment from her valuable collection of books, which includes first editions and other rare volumes. She is a member of the Ebell Club and formerly served as its curator of poetry. In 1931 she was called to the presidency of the Friday Morning Club of Los Angeles and was reelected in 1933, her second term expiring in 1935. She also belongs to the Los Angeles Browning Society. She has manifested a deep and helpful interest in civic and patriotic projects, and her name is on the membership rolls of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, the Daughters of American Colonists, the Daughters of Colonial Wars, Los Angeles Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the War of 1812 and Daughters of the Union, 1861 1865.

On the 14th of October, 1915, Miss Louise Whipple Ward became the wife of Edward Francis Watkins, who was born in Alhambra, Los Angeles County, California, March 25, 1883. Mr. and Mrs. Watkins have three sons and four daughters: Katherine S., Rose Mary, George Clinton, Arabella H., John Francis, James David and Charlotte E. The family home is at 1105 Park View Avenue in Pasadena.




Transcribed by V. Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: California of the South Vol. IV, by John Steven McGroarty, Pages 653-654, Clarke Publ., Chicago, Los Angeles, Indianapolis. 1933.

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