QUARTERLY V. 3 pgs. 1-3 & V. 4 pgs.82-84.



BK A PG. 32
John Molton, Sen to John Jernigan 5 pds for 100 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp adj John Molton Jr., John Barfield.  Part of 400 A patent dated 1717  Witnesses: John Barfield, Thos. Jenkins.    Feb. Court 1722

BK A PG. 38
John Moulton to John Barfield 8 Oct 1722  10 pds for 50 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp adj John Jernigan.  Part of 400 A patent to Moulton dated 1717.  Witnesses: Thos. Jenkins, Richard Barfield, Henry Baker.    Feb. Court 1722.

BK A PG. 42
John Molton to Stephen Howard  1 Feb 1723  50 pds for 250 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp adj John Davison.  Witnesses: Joseph Jones, Charles Jones, John Naire.    Feb Court 1722.

BK A PG. 117
John Cotton & wife Judith to Barrebe Milton(Melton) 13 May 1723  10 pds for 130 A   SS Morrattock River adj  Wm. Green, Island Creek.  Witnesses: James Brokedon, John Melton.     May Court 1723

BK A PG. 118
William Green & wife Elizabeth to Barrabe Melton     13 May 1723    10 pds for 40 A on    SS Morattock River on Reedy Branch.  Witnesses: James Brokedon, John Melton     May Court 1723

BK A PG. 120
William Green & wife Elizabeth to John Melton  13 May 1723,   10 pds for 100 A  on   SS Morrattock River on Island Creek.  Witnesses: James Brokedon, Barrabee Melton     May Court 1723.

BK A PG. 122
William Green & wife Elizabeth to James Smith  13 May 1723.   10 pds for 100 A on  SS Morattock River.   Witnesses: James Brokedon, John Melton     May Court 1723.

BK A PG. 124
Barrabe Melton to William Hollingsworth  13 May 1723    10 pds for 140 A  on   SS Morattock River on Island Swamp, Reedy Branch adj John Rivers.   Witnesses: John Lenard, Geo. Smith.

BK A PG. 126
Barrybe Melton to John Rivers  13 May 1723   3 pds for 100 A on   SS  Morattock River  adj  William Hillingsworth (no wit.)

BK A PG. 133
Robt Braswell & wife Sarah to John Garland of Isle of Wight, Va.   15 May 1723     15 pds for 290 A now in possession of John Garland.  By patent dated 1 Mar 1719 for 500 A  on NS Meherrion River adj Mill Meadow, Jonathan Sanderson, John Wiggains.   Witnesses: Mary Brasswell and Elizabeth Molton.   May Court 1723.

BK A PG 336
James Blount to William Melton   7 Nov 1724   20 sh  for 213 adj John Yelverton on Morattuck River   Witnesses: Frances Parker, Benjamin Foreman.

BK A PG 389
Henry Baker to Richard Barfield  9 Feb 1724   10 pds  for   200A  on   WS Ahotsky Marsh, part of patent granted to Baker for 840 A  dated 1 Apr 1723.  Witnesses: John Molton, John Henerd (Lenard?)

BK B PG 45
John Leonard & wife Elizabeth to Barrabee Melton(Milton)   8 Nov 1725   3 pds  for 20 A  on NS Morattock River Witnesses: John Bobbitt, Hez. Messee.

BK B PG. 46
John Bobbitt & wife Sarah tto Zek Mese   8 Nov 1725   10 pds for 300 A on  WS Oconocheh Swamp  adj  Robt Lang/Long; Philip Jones, John Lenard, Barb Milton.

BK B PG. 74
Rich Milton to Francis Parker  3 Jan 1725   15 pds  for  640 A by patent dated 1720  adj  John Blount, Thos Busby.  Witnesses: William Eason, Tarler O'Quin.

BK B PG. 81
Rich Melton to John Hart 12 May 1724   20 pds  for  320 A on NS Morattock River part of a patent formerly granted Melton for 640 A on NS Morattock River.

BK B PG. 81
Rich Melton to John Hart  12 May 1724  20 pds for  320 A  on NS Morrattock River part of patent formerly granted to Melton for 640 A dated 1 Apr 1723  Witnesses: Thos. Futrell, Francis Parker.

BK B PG 82
John Nairn atty  for Rich Melton to John Hart  8 Feb 1725  5 sh  as well as within considerations 320 A.  Witnesses: Robt Forster & John Winns.

BK B PG. 86
Rich Milton/Melton o Sam'l Williams  12 May 1725    8 pds   for 320 A  on NS Morattock River upon ye long Meadow part of patent formerly granted to Milton for 640 A   1 Apr 1723     Francis Parker jurat, Thos. Futrill.

(At this point one can see that Richard Melton sold off all of his 640 A. - Karon Mac Smith)

BK B PG. 87
John Nairn atty to Rich Milton to Sam'l Williams   8 Feb 1725   5 sh   as well as within consideration for 32 A.  Witnesses: Robt Forster, John Winns.

BK B PG. 103
Geo. Stevens to Char. Stevens   12 Aug 1724   5 pds  for  100 A  on NS Morattock River "divident of woodland"  adj John Cotton, Rich Milton to "ye village swamp"  patent dated  1Apr 1723.  Witnesses: Robt Forster.

BK B PG. 112
Elinor Merrett/Meriet  to William Nixon/Mixon (melton)    16 Apr 1715   p of atty  to act in open Court  130 A for ye said William Merret unto James Peeke.  Witnesses: Peter Evens, Rich Barfield.

BK B PG. 133
Thos Witmell to James Williamson,  Prect  Surgeon,  Land on SS Ganohoe Cr  adj  Rich Milton.  Witnesses: Wm. Gray, Geo. Eubanks.

BK B PG. 135
Anne Bird & husband Barnabee Bird to Benj Foreman   10 Mar 1725/6   20 pds for 625 A on  SS  Kohukee/Kehikee Swamp land  adj Rich Milton, Ann Milton, Benj to & plant an acre of land,   build a house by "ye last of Mar next coming".  Witnesses: John Williams, Jacob Lewis.

BK B PG. 180
Sam'l Williams & wife Jane to Wm. Ruffin of Surry Co. Va.   5 Feb 1726   21 pds  for 160 A  on Morattock River and "the long meadow"  at the Old Trading Path  adj  Clemmons Stradford.  Tract formerly granted to Rich Milton for 640 A by patent dated  1 Apr 1723.   Witnesses: Thos DW Jr.; John Hart.

BK B PG 183
Rich Milton to Wm. Melton   15 Jan 1725  Power of atty to ask demand sue recover & rec all debts de me.  Witnesses: Wm. Eason, jurat, Tarloe O'Quin jurat    Nov Court 1726   Robt Forster  C/C

BK B PG 184
Rich Melton to Wm. Melton   15 Jan 1725   26 head of cattle marked with Swallow Fork in right ear and half moon under same     Also 3 mares and 1 horse      Witnesses: Wm. Eason, jrt;  Tarloe O'Qun  jurat     Nov Court 1726   Robt Forster  C/C

BK B PG. 197
Elizabeth Melton Barabee Milton  12 Nov 1726   10 pds  for 150 A   on NS Morattock River adj  Phillip Jones.  Witnesses: John Cotton, Judith Cotton     Nov Court 1726.

BK B PG. 201
Barrabee Milton mentioned Excr Estate Robt Smith.

BK B PG. 245
Wm. Gray to Robt Hodges   7 Mar 1725/7    10 pds  for 180 A  on NS Little Rocquis Swamp  adj  James Williams, Rich Milton     Witnesses: John Gray, Joseph Moore    Mar Court

BK B PG. 328
John Leonard to Henry Jones   14 Nove 1727   10 pds  for 230 A on  NS Morrattock River at Deep Bottom adj  Wm. Reeves, Barry Melton      Witnesses: James Gee, Samuel Chappell     Nov Court

BK B PG. 414
Richard Molton(Melton) to Ann Yelverton   10 Jan 1725   200 A  for love & affection I do owe and bear unto Ann Yelverton d/o John & Elizabeth Yelverton at Oldfield,  to her & her hiers forever   if she should die without heirs of her body to return    to her eldest sister Elizabeth & her hiers.   Witnesses: John Yellverton, John Nairne, jurat and Andw. Frasher     May Court 1728

BK B PG. 431
Lords Propietors to John Melton   9 Mar 1717/18 Grant    400 A on  SS Ahtosky Swamp adj John Davidson for Transportation of person @ 50 A person.  Recorded in Sec'y Office.  John Lovick Secr.  Signed  Francis Forster, Wm. Reed, Chas Eden, Rich Sanderson, Thos. Pollack.

John Molton (melton)   400 A upon Par  of Nansemond Co.    2 Jun 1673  pg 168  adj  John Poole, Walt Beasley (Besty)  Trans. of 8 persons Rich Long; Robt. Rollings; Chris Wootten; Edw Spicer; Rich Cheston, Wm Edward; Thos Carpenter & Thos. Horecraft.

BK B PG. 432
John Molton Sr. to Stephen Howard  Feb 5, 1722.  I do make over and assgn  unto Stephen Howard all my right title and interest to me belonging the within mentioned patent.  Witnesses: Robert Lanier, James Howard, Wm. Howett.

BK B PG. 432
Lords Proprietors to Steven Howard   Aug 4, 1723  Grant.   235 A on SS Ahotsky  Swamp & SS Turkey Swamp  adj  John Molton, John Barfield.  Recorded in Sec't'y Office.  John Lovick Sec't'y.  Signed Rich'd Sanderson, William Reed, C. Gale, Thomas Pollock

BK C PG. 45
John Hart & wife Mary to Thomas Hart  Aug 8, 1727.   6 pds  for 100 A  on NS Morattock River and NS Village Swamp.  Part of tract formerly granted to Richard Milton for 640 A by patent dated Apr 1, 1721.   Witnesses: William Ruffin, Jun, John Bryan.     Nov Court  1729.   Edw Mashborne  D   C/C

BK C PG. 124
William Green to George Norwood of Surry Co. Va.   Aug 7, 1727.    12 pds  for 320 A on NS Morattuck River at Mount Royall being uppermost half or moeity tract patented by Henry Jones  Jul 3, 1713  cont  640 A     Witnesses: Barryby Milton, Thomas Sheppard, C. Evans, Richard Moore, Robert Gree?    Aug Court 1729

BK C PG. 190
John Barfield to Jonathan Standley, Sen.   10 pds  for 260 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp.  Part of patent formerly granted to John Molton in 1717  adj  John Molton and Turkey Swamp.   Witnesses: Thomas Crew, Alexander Southerland, William Sholar     Feb Court 1729

BK C PG. 299
John Williams to Robert Warren  Apr 6, 1728.     31 pds   1cr  for 640 A formerly granted by patent to Aaron Oliver on  Mar 11, 1719.     Witnesses:  Thomas Johnston, Edward Howard, jurat, Ollif. (?) Melton.

BK C PG. 336
Richard Melton to Richard Williams  Dec 30, 1730.     15 pds  for 600 A  on NS Morattuck River adj  Benjamin Foreman.  Granted to R. Melton    Mar 9, 1717.    Witnesses: John Brown, Thomas Brown, George Williams.

BK C PG. 337
Richard Melton to Benjamin Foreman  Dec 30, 1730.  Power of atty to ack  land on Roanoke River (NS) cont 600 A to Richard Williams. Witnesses: John Brown, Thomas Brown, George Williams.

BK D PG. 16
Edward Moor to Jonathan Standley   Nov 13, 1733.   30 pds for 250 A on SS Ahotsky Swamp adj  John Davidson whereon Stephen Howard did live at Turkey Swamp  adj  John Molton  and John Barfield.   Witnesses: Thomas Crew, John Collins     Nov Court 1733

BK D PG. 38
Andrew Ireland to John Hodgson   Jun 1, 1733.    12 pds  for 160 A on  SS Moratuck River on Long Meadow.  Par of tract formerly granted to Richard Melton for 640 A by patent dated Apr 1, 1723.  Witnesses: Benjamin Hill, jurat, John Patterson.     Feb Court 1733

BK D PG. 48
Lewis Bryan to Nicholas Thompson of Surry Co., Va.  Jan 8, 1733/34.   100 pds for 130 A  on  NS Sandy Run.  Adj  William Gray, Owen Mackdaniel, Richard Melton.   Witnesses: John Gray, jurat,  To's (:) Hardie.   Feb Court 1733

BK D PG 126
John Hodgson to William Ruffin  Aug 15, 1734.    12 pds for 160 A on Long Meadow.  Part of a tract granted Richard Melton for 640 A on Apr 1, 1723 "whereon Andrew Ireland now dwell."  Witnesses: Thomas Crew, John Wynns.   Aug Court 1734

BK D PG. 190
Francis parker "of fishing creek in Edgecombe precinct" to Henry Everard  Feb 12, 1734.   9 pds for 640 A on NS Morattuck River   adj  John Blunt,  Thomas Busby,  Richard Melton.    Witnesses: thomas Harrell, jurat, John Becton       May Court 1735

BK D PG. 191
Henry Averey & wife Mary (Averad) to Joseph Thomas   May 12, 1735.   92 pds   10 sh  for 640 A  on NS Roanoke River adj  John Blunt, Thomas Busby, Richard Melton.     Witnesses: John Harill, Joseph Harrill, Edward Harrill.    May Court 1735.

BK E PG. 89
Nicholas Thompson & wife Sarah of Surry Co. Va. to Green Hill    Nov 20, 1736.   20 pds  for 330 A  on NS Sandy Run adj  William Gray, Owen McDaniel, Richard Milton.    Witnesses: John Hart, Thomas Hart.    Feb Court 1736.

BK E PG 182
Thomas Bradford & wife Elizabeth & Samuel Norwood & wife Mary to Barraby Melton   Sep 3, 1737.    20 pds for  150 A on NS Morattuck River  "beginning at the bent of a Branch, binding on Melton's own land."   Part of the tract granted to William Reeves for 440 A  dated Mar 13, 1721.    Witnesses: James Smith, John Clark, John Patterson.   N.C.  Court Nov 1737

BK E PG 313
Michael Hanley & wife Sarah to John Johnson Aug 7, 1738.   15 pds for 340 A          Part of 640 A  patent to Richard Melton dated May 17, 1731 on SS Meherring River.  Witnesses:  Matthew Sellers, John Bardin, jurat, Benjamin Sellers.     Aug Court 1738

BK E PG 383
Benjamin Foreman to Thomas Andrews (Anderos)  Feb 3, 1738.  40 pds for 720 A.   Part of two patents;  (1)  One dated Apr 1, 1718   (2) one dated Mar 1, 1721.    Land at low grounds of the River adj  Richard Melton,  George Williams.  Part of patent for 500 A excepting 100 A sold to Marmaduke Norfleet.   Witnesses: John Anderson, Samuel Ganer(?), Sen, jurat,  Samuel Ganer, Jun.     Feb Court 1738

BK E PG 548
Barrabe Melton to John Lyde (Lide)  "late of Charles City county in Virginia"   Aug 2, 1739.    30 pds for 250 A on Roanoak River  adj  John Budton of Virginia, Henry Jones, Elizabeth Messe.  "plantation formerly belonging to John Leonard"  Witnesses: John Jones, Thoeophilus Williams, Thomas Coman.  Nov Court  1739

BK F PG 101
Richard Williams to Jean (Jane) Brown  May 10, 1740.   12 pds for 200 A.   Jane Brown  "formerly wife of Thomas Brown Dec'd....I do make over to her lawful son Arthur Brown..."   Part of a tract containing 640 A  which George Williams bought of Richard Melton.   Adj   Benjamin Forman, Jean Brown, Richard Melton.   Witnesses: John Winns, J. Hollbrock.    May Court 1740

BK F PG 106
Henry Jones to Phillip Jones  Aug 20, 1739.  Gift.  230 A   "...between Henry Jones son of Henry Jones late dec'd...and Philllip Jones (well beloved brother)..."   Land on NS Morattuck River at mouth of Deep Bottom  adj   William Reaves, Barrabe Melton  "being land that Henry Jones dec'd bought of John Leonard..."  Witnesses: Henry Horne, Evan Ragland, James Jones.    Feb Court 1739

BK F PG 144
Charles Stevenson to Samuel Cotton   Feb 6, 1739.   20 pds  for 100 A  on NS Morattuck River adj.  John Cotton,  Richard Milton at Village Swamp.   Witnesses: John Hart, John Dawson.    Aug Court 1740

BK F PG 395
Theophilus Williams to Jethro Butler Sep 10, 1742.    25 pds for 500 A    " be laid out according to the will of Thomas Busby..."   On   NES Morattuck River  at Beaverdam  Branch   adj   Robert Melton.  Witnesses: Needham Bryan, John Campbell, Stephen Blackman.   Feb Court 1742

BK G PG. 173
Jonathan Standly, Sen  to  George Standly   Dec 13, 1748.   40 pds   for 300 A     "...George Standly the son of Jonathan Standly..."   Land granted to John Molton by patent  Mar 9, 1717/18  on SS Ahotsky Swamp",    " ...only one hundred except called by the name of Jurnagins thicket..."     Witnesses: John___,  Anthon Webb.
Feb Court 1748

BK G PG. 237
Jonathan Melton of Onslow Co.  To John Harrill, Jun.     Sep 27, 1749.   6 pds for  640 A  land on NS Roanoke River   "...but was formerly called Chowan precinct being patent formerly granted to Richard Melton bearing date 6th day of Apr 1722..."   adj George Williams, Benjamin Foreman.  Witnesses: John Cooper, William Barber, William Tiser.  Nov Court  1749.    John Lovick  C/C

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