Each of three companies then comprising the department held an election on January 11, 1854, for the purpose of selecting officers and representatives in the Board of Delegates of the Stockton Volunteer Fire Department. E. W. COLT and Andrew LESTER were chosen chief and assistant chief engineer respectively. Elbert WEEKS was selected to act as secretary and J. W. UNDERHILL was elected treasurer.

                    The initial meeting of the board was held on Thursday evening, February 7, 1854. E. W. COLT presided. Certificates of election were presented by the following named: From Protection Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, Francis PINTO as foreman, George H. SANDERSON and W. T. AVERY as delegates; from Weber Engine Company No. 1, F. E. CORCORAN as foreman, James PALACHE and Richard SAVAGE as delegates; from Eureka Engine Company No. 2, Wm. B. CLARK as foreman, John DILLON and Chas. R. WILLIAMS as delegates. Committees were appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws for the government of the organization in conformity with the State laws governing fire departments and, on motion of Geo. H. SANDERSON, Messrs. LESTER, WEEKS, and UNDERHILL were instructed to confer with a former officer of Weber Engine Company No. 1 and ascertain, if possible, what disposition had been made of a sum of money turned over to that gentleman on the occasion of the benefit performance given the company by Mr. Geo. Chapman two years previous.

                    At a subsequent meeting by-laws were adopted increasing the number of delegates to four from each company and on June 16, 1854, Samuel M. BALDWIN of the "Hooks," W. R. JEFFERSON of the "Webers" and R. B. LANE of the "Eurekas" were seated in the board. One month later the name of J. M. Van SYCKLE appears as a delegate. November 30, 1854, a new board was formed of the following named: Samuel M. BALDWIN, foreman; and Jas. S. SPANG and W. W. TREMBLY of the "Hooks;" J. M. Van SYCKLE, foreman, F. E. CORCORAN, Walter WINAN and Joseph MAIRS from the "Webers;" W. R. JEFFERSON, foreman, Elbert WEEKES, John DILLON, and Henry HODGKINS from the "Eurekas." E. W. COLT and Andrew LESTER continued to act as chief and assistant while Wm. B. CLARK was elected second assistant chief.

                    At a special meeting of the board held February 6, 1855, the secretary stated that "about one hundred and fifty certificates of membership in the department were in circulation; the greater number of the holders of the same were not now members, but retained them for the purpose of avoiding jury duty." A resolution was passed requiring the chief to give notice through the papers to all members of the fire department that they were required to renew their certificates of membership on or before March 1st, as all certificates "are hereby revoked and those not obtaining new ones will not be recognized as members of the department."



                    March 9, 1855, a petition was received by the board from Messrs. SCHULTZ, DILL, ROSENTHAL, and others setting forth the formation of San Joaquin Engine Co. No. 3 and requesting admission into the Stockton Fire Department. Twenty-eight names were affixed to the accompanying constitution of the organization. The same was read and approved and the company formally admitted for membership. August 18, 1855, the following named presented their certificates as members of the board: Chas. A. POTTER, C. F. POWELL, R. W. KELTIE, Steven BERGAN, F. H. WHITMAN, Elbert WEEKES, John DILLON, Philip NEISTRATH. Jacob HAHN, and S. R. ROSENTHAL. The last three named represented the "San Joaquins." September 15th following, M. L. BIRD of the "Hooks" and Wm. H. H. COBB of the "Webers" were seated. During subsequent years the board was composed of the following named:

                    1855: E. W. COLT, Chief; Wm. B. CLARK and Samuel M. BALDWIN, assistant chiefs; Elbert WEEKS, Secretary; John DILLON, Treasurer; Chas. A. POTTER, C. F. POWELL, R. W. KELTIE, Stephen BERGIN, E. B. WHITMAN, Philip NEISTRATH, Jacob HAHN, and S. R. ROSENTHAL, delegates; 1856-7: H. B. UNDERHILL, president; C. O. BURTON, secretary; F. C. ANDERSON, treasurer; H. S. SARGENT, Wm. B. CLARK, John DILLON, A. P. HORTON, Stephen BERGIN, Chas. A. POTTER, M. L. BIRD, Elbert WEEKES, E. F. JONES, delegates; 1857-8: D. J. OULLAHAN, president; C. O. BURTON, Secretary; F. C. ANDERSON, Treasurer; John DILLON, Dr. P. B. MENTRA, R. S. ELLSWORTH, George DAUBNEY, Wm. B. CLARK, Elbert WEEKES, G. L. SANDERSON, G. R. CHOATE, C. A. POTTER, delegates; 1858-9: S. F. NYE, president; C. O. BURTON, secretary; F. C. ANDERSON, treasurer; John DILLON, Dr. P. B. MENTRA, R. S. ELLSWORTH, George DAUBNEY, Wm. B. CLARK, Elbert WEEKES, J. MINGES, M. MAGNER, F. SEILNACHT, F. POTTER, delegates; 1859-60: W. R. JEFFERSON, president; C. O. BURTON, secretary; T. W. NEWELL, treasurer; John T. TRUCKER, G. H. SANDERSON, Charles JONES, M. S. THRESHER, G. W. PEACHY, H. W. BRIGGS, F. C. ANDREWS, S. PEARSALL, Elbert WEEKES, M. MAGNER, J. D. STURM, George DAHL, Frederick NUSS, delegates; 1860-61: M. S. THRESHER, president; C. O. BURTON, secretary; C. F. WURSTER, treasurer; J. H. TUCKER, J. L. HOWLAND, John NICHOLS, T. K. HOOK, J. Frank KUHNS, I. V. LETTLER, S. PEARSALL, T. J. KEYES, W. R. JEFFERSON, C. H. COVELL, F. SEILNACHT, Louis GERLACH, Ernest NOWATHINE, delegates; 1861-62: C. H. COVELL, president; Allen Lee BOURS, secretary; Chas. WITTKOPS, treasurer; C. O. BURTON, L. E. LYON, R. W. MILLER, Elbert WEEKES, Joshua BARSTOW, John SCHRECK, N. MCKENZIE, H. V. B. BARRICKLES, S. BERGIN, F. SEILNACHT, delegates; 1862-63:George DAHL, president; L. E. YATES, secretary; C. G. ERNEST, treasurer; John JACKSON, Allen Lee BOURS, W. FITZGERALD, J. E. G. BIGGER, T. S. THRESHER, H. F. HORN, A. DOHRMANN, Chas. HOEBNER, John QUINN, delegates; 1863-64:R. B. LANE, president; L. E. YATES, secretary; Fred YOST, treasurer; B. GALLUP, H. E. HALL, J. E. G. BIGGER, H. H. VANVLEAR, H. F. THORN, J. F. BALTHIS, W. R. HAMPTON, Thomas CUNNINGHAM, Joseph W. SCOTT, T. B. MERRY, N. C. HILKE, John KALNTZ, John DRUCKER, delegates; 1864-5: H. T. DORRANCE, president; Byron GALLUP, secretary; F. YOST, treasurer; C. SCHNEIDER, A. H. THRESHER, Joseph W. SCOTT, W. S. MCLELLAN, John SHEA, Wm. RAAB, Philip NEISTRATH, J. F. ADAMS, J. H. BARNEY, J. E. G. BIGGER, Henry TARBOX, delegates; 1865-6: H. T. DORRANCE, president; Joseph W. SCOTT, secretary; F. YOST, treasurer; Geo. TILGHMAN, Wm. P. MILLER, W. A. STILLSON, Hugh TAYLOR, Chas. S. JENKINS, W. S. MCLELLAN, John SHEA, William RAAB, A. KREIG, Herman WEIGAND, delegates; 1866-7:H. T. DORRANCE, president; J. W. SCOTT, secretary; F. YOST, Treasurer; M. S. THRESHER, A. A. MEADOR, J. A. FAWCETT, James BROWN, G. C. HYATT, J. E. G. BIGGER, B. GALLUP, C. S. JENKINS, W. S. MCLELLAN, Al. WASHBURNE, A. F. ROST, A. KREIG, Herman WEIGAND, delegates; 1867-68: H. T. DORRANCE, president; J. W. SCOTT, secretary; F. YOST, treasurer; J. E. G. BIGGER, J. L. WOODMAN, G. C. HYATT, D. K. HIMELBACK, Louis HANSEL, W. K. HAMPTON, C. C. BRUCKMANN, Thomas CUNNINGHAM, J. STEINEY, R. V. HANKS, Wm. RAAB, A. KRIEG, Daniel UMLAUF, delegates; 1868-69: G. C. HYATT, president; J. W. SCOTT, secretary; Philip ROHRBACHER, treasurer; J. L. WOODMAN, J. E. G. BIGGER, E. S. PILLSBURY, L. E. YATES, D. K. HIMELBACH, Wm. KIERSKI, C. C. BRUCKMANN, Lemuel FLETCHER, W. S. MCLELLAN, R. V. HANKS, Daniel UMLAUF, Joseph BREIDENBACH, John QUINN, delegates; 1869-70: George S. EVANS, president; J. E. G. BIGGER, secretary; Philip ROHRBACHER, treasurer; M. S. THRESHER, H. GRISSIM, H. L. MILLER, C. C. BRUCKMANN, T. B. ECKSTROM, T. A. CRAWFORD, Samuel ELLIOTT, F. C. LAWRENCE, Joseph BREIDENBACH, John QUINN, delegates; 1870-71: G. C. HYATT, president; J. E. G. BIGGER, secretary; T. A. CRAWFORD, treasurer; M. S. THRESHER, H. GRISSIM, George TILGHMAN, C. C. BRUCKMANN, B. H. BROWN, J. J. SELDNER, F. SEILNACHT, John QUINN, John SHEA, Jacob WAGNER, Thomas ECKSTROM, John O'KEEFE, John A. MACDOGALD, delegates; 1871-72: J. J. SELDNER, president; Eugene LEHE, secretary; A. H. THRESHER, treasurer; J. E. G. BIGGER, Edw. J. BIVEN, W. A. CHITTENDEN, Wm. E. SHAW, James BROWN, H. L. MILLER, J. A. MACDOUGALD, T. A. CRAWFORD, James LOUTTIT, O. G. LANGMAID, R. ECCLESTON, F. C. LAWRENCE, F. ROTHENBUSH, delegates; 1872-73: J. A. MACDOUGALD, president; S. S. C. PARKER, secretary; Charles WITTKEPF, treasurer; J. A. LOUTTIT, John O'KEEFE,T. A. CRAWFORD, T. S. THRESHER, James BROWN, T. H. BROWN, E. E. THRIFT, R. ECCLESTON, John GUTH, Philip ROHRBACHER, A, W. ROYSDON, W. A. CHITTENDEN, H. GREENWOOD, delegates; 1873-74: James A. LOUTTIT, president; T. A. CRAWFORD, secretary; Chas. WITTKOPF, treasurer; M. S. THRESHER, E. E. THRIFT, Eugene LEHE, R. R. REIBENSTEIN, D. M. LEINHARDT, R. ECCLESTON, Thos. ECKSTROM, Philip ROHRBACHER, John GUTH, A. W. ROYSDON, W. A. CHITTENDEN, P. T. BROWN, S. S. C. PARKER, delegates; 1874-75: W. A. CHITTENDEN, president; James H. BUDD, secretary; H. GRISSIM, treasurer; M. S. THRESHER, C. A. RUGGLES, R. R. REIBENSTEIN, James A. LOUTTIT, Julius COHN, B. F. RODGERS, Herman BAUER, Chas. WITTKOPF, Jas. L. MOWBRAY, O. P. BURKE, J. E. G. BIGGER, John HAMPTON, H. HARRIS, delegates; 1875-76: James H. BUDD, president; J. E. G. BIGGER, secretary; Chas. WITTOKPF, treasurer; H. HARRIS, Joseph BETONYE, E. B. SMITH, M. S. THRESHER, P. TEFT, C. S. EICHELBERGER, R. R. REIBENSTEIN, Chas. L. ERNEST, Thos. GEORGE, R. H. WALKER, Herman BAUER, Philip ROHRBACHER, John GUTH, delegates; 1876-77: T. A. CRAWFORD, president; J. E. G. BIGGER, secretary; Chas. WITTKOPF, treasurer; M. S. THRESHER, W. A. MACDOUGALD, R. R. REIBENSTEIN, T. S. THRESHER, J. A. LOUTTIT, P. T. BROWN, W. H. COLLINS, W. A. CHITTENDEN, Gilbert DON, H. HARRIS, John GUTH, Thos. HORTON, Jas. A. MILLNER, delegates; 1877-78: A. A. CRAWFORD, president; Wm. WOOD, secretary; Frederick C. HAHN, treasurer; M. S. THRESHER, T. S. THRESHER, R. R. REIBENSTEIN, Andrew MAGUIRE, W. H. COLLINS, Israel ROLF, J. J. EVANS, Gilbert DON, John DILLON, Arthur KEEFE, James MILLNER, J. W. BRADY, Jacob WAGNER, delegates; 1878-79: James H. BUDD, president; R. R. REIBENSTEIN, secretary; R. C. WALKER, treasurer; 1879-80; James H. BUDD, president; A. C. MCDONNELL, secretary; R. C. MYRICK, treasurer; 1880-81: John H. FIELD, Israel ROLF, Henry ESHIBACH, John T. DOYLE, M. BRISCO, W. H. COLLINS, John MCGANN, A. C. MCDONNELL, C. C. PAULK, W. C. ROESCH, J. W. BRADY, delegates; 1881-82: Henry ESHIBACH, president; John T. DOYLE, secretary; W. C. ROESCH, treasurer; R. R. REIBENSTEIN, E. E. THRIFT, W. H. COLLINS, J. J. EVANS, A. C. MCDONNELL, Dayton F. O'BRIEN, J. B. BUCKLEY, S. R. EOFF, P. K. O'KEEFE, delegates; 1882-83: W. H. COLLINS, president; J. H. FIELD, secretary; M. H. BOND, treasurer; John T. DOYLE, Jas. COSTELLO, C. C. PAULK, S. R. EOFF, R. R. RIEBENSTEIN, W. B. WOLLAM, Frank ADAMS, E. E. THRIFT, J. J. ADAMS, A. C. MCDONNELL, George EDWARDS, Wm. M. DENIG, Chas. FINKBOHNER, delegates; 1883-84: J. P. COSGRAVE, president; J. B. BUCKLEY, secretary; Frank P. MADDEN, treasurer; W. H. COLLINS, Israel ROLF, J. C. CAMPBELL, Jas. COSTELLO, A. C. MCDONNELL, M. H. BOND, J. H. FIELD, T. J. MURRAY, Curtis H. LINDLEY, Frank ADAMS, Wm. ROESCH, John T. DOYLE, G. H. HARGRAVE, C. C. PAULK, delegates. Mr. BUCKLEY was drowned on October 21, 1883, and W. C. ROESCH was elected secretary for the remainder of the term. 1884-85: Joseph C. CAMPBELL, president; John McCANN, secretary; John JACKSON, treasurer; 1885-86: Patrick Fee, president; John McCANN, secretary; Frank P. MADDEN, treasurer; Chris. WOLF, J. RALPH, W. H. COLLINS, H. BADGER, J. H. FIELD, M. McCANN, T. J. MURRAY, George LEIGHNER, George DIAZ Jr., Frank CAVAGNARO, Wm. M. DENIG, delegates; 1886-87: R. R. REIBENSTEIN, president; John T. DOYLE, secretary; F. P. MADDEN, treasurer; John HOERLI, Louis OSER, Cliff WOLF, Israel ROLF, W. H. COLLINS, A. C. McDONNELL, S. BADGER, T. B. POOL, John FARRELL, Wm. M. DENIG, John H. GALL, T. J. MURRAY, M. McCANN, F. C. BROWN, John McCANN, delegates; 1887-88:Henry ESHBAUGH, president; A. C. McDONNELL, secretary; Frank P. MADDEN, treasurer; James H. BUDD, John T. DOYLE, W. H. COLLINS, George DITZ, Israel ROLF, J. H. ELLSWORTH, Stephen BADGER, M. McCANN, Frank CAVAGNARO, J. H. FIELD, C. J. WOLF, delegates.




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