The Arcade, clothing, M. S. ARNDT & CO. (no address listed)


A. T. Sather, tailor, third-floor Yo Semite Theater Building


Houser & Haines Manufacturing Co., harvesters, plows, iron, steel, etc, cor. Aurora Street and Scott Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton Lumber Co., Joseph Fyfe, Manager, corner Commerce and Sonora streets.


Stockton Electric Railroad Co., F. W. Webster, General Manager, 606 North California Street, Stockton, Cal.


Gardner Lumber Co., M. J. Gardner, president, 447 South Center Street, Stockton Cal.


Ames Harris Neville Co., bags, tents, twining, hammocks, 607-609 Front Street, San Francisco, Cal.


Farmers & Merchants Bank of Stockton, Philip B. Fraser, President; D. S. Rosenbaum, Vice President; James M. Abeel,

Cashier; Elbert H. Smith, Assistant Cashier.


Empire Construction Co., dredging and ditching, Officers: Lee A. Phillips, President; George M. Burton, Secretary. Directors: W. H. Davis, George I. Cochran & A. J. Wallace. San Joaquin Valley Bank Building, Stockton, Cal.


Holt Manufacturing Co., iron and steel, hardware, lumber, Stockton, Cal.


Rindge Land & Navigation Co., reclaimed peat lands, Carson C. Cook, Manager, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton Iron Works, manufacture poems, hydrants, water main fittings, Stockton, Cal.


Miller's Best Flour, Stockton Cal.


Union Planing Mill Co., F. H. Martin, Manager; Nellie Buckley, Secretary; cor. Sutter & Lafayette streets, Stockton Cal.


Sperry Flour Co.


Samson Iron Works, Stockton Cal.


Hunter St. Stables, George P. Murphy, D. J. Murphy, (MURPHY BROS, Proprietors) 123 S. Hunter Street nr. Market St

Gorham Rubber Co., fire department supplies, Los Angeles-San Francisco-Seattle.


California Transportation Co., George A. Smith, President; Rudolph Herold, Jr., Vice President; a D. Anderson, Secretary and Manager. Steamers: "Capt. Weber", "Pride of the River", "Isleton", "Constance", "Reform", "Onisbo", "Alvira", "Aurora", "Sonoma", "Fort Bragg", "Newtown No. 2".


Northern Electric Railway, steamers, J. W. Glenn, Agent, office and wharf, North side of Channel.


H. C. Shaw Co., implements, vehicles and hardware, cor. Weber Avenue & California Street, Stockton Cal.


Crown Flour


Peerless Cash Store, groceries, vehicles, wagons and implements 312-314-316-318-320 East Market Street, Stockton, Cal.


West Coast Fire Supply Co., Ahrens Continental; R. A. Shute, cap practical Fire Engineer and Sales Agent, 1427 Webster Street, San Francisco, Cal.


Bowers Weber Works, fire hose, San Francisco, Cal.


San Joaquin Valley Bank, Joseph Fyfe, President; J.D. Jan, M.D., Vice President; R. B. Teefy, Cashier; J. R. Koch, Assisting Cashier.


Sterling Iron Works, F. L. Balkwill, President; W. F. Barnickol, Manager; F. J. McKain, Secretary and Treasurer, 324 South California Street, Stockton, Cal.


Pacific Transfer Co., 509 East Market Street, Stockton, Cal.


Eilers Music Co., Mail Building, Stockton, Cal.


Morrill's, candies, ice cream, 109-111 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Ackley Optical Co., E. M. Ackley, Optician 509 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Robert Powell, contractor & builder, 945 East Lindsay Street cor. Sacramento Street.


Stockton City Laundry, 22 North Grant Street, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton Implement Co., mowers, plows & harrows.


Kodaks and Supplies, finds stationery, C. A. Jossa, 327 East Main Street.


El Dorado Meat Market, George L. Archambault, proprietor, 31 North El Dorado Street.


E. F. Williams, coal, wood, hay, 128 North California Street.


Branch's Inc., automobile sundries, repairs, 118-124 North San Joaquin Street


Central Cal. Traction Co., bet. Stockton and Lodi, for passengers, freight & express, 320 East Weber Ave, Stockton Cal.


American River Electric Company, 320 East Weber Avenue


Yolland & Co. C. W. Yolland, President; T. B. Littleton, Vice President; R. E. Wilcox, Secretary, wood, coal, coke, corner of El Dorado and Channel streets, Stockton, Cal.


Western Iron Works, Joseph Geiger, proprietor, 110 West Main Street


Stockton Nursery, T. J. Stevens, proprietor, fruit and shade trees, 24 South Hunter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Joe Giannelli Co., grocers, P.O. Box 324, Stockton, Cal.


M. McCormick Company, butchers, Main and Center streets, Stockton, Cal.


Smith & Lang, silks, gloves, handbags, hosiery, linens.


Heald's College, F. O. Gardiner, Manager, cor. California and Channel streets


D. S. Rosenbaum & Son, clothing store, Main and Sutter


Salbach-Middlekauff Co., Buick & Cadillac Automobiles, D.C. Middlekauff 17-21 East Channel Street


Western School of Commerce


H. J. Kuechler, jeweler, watchmaker and engraver, Main Street corner California, Stockton Cal.


Commercial Hotel, J. F. Lynch, proprietor, Business Center, Stockton, Cal.


Holden Drug Co., drugs, cameras and photo supplies, Stockton, Cal. (established 1849)


Hedges-Buck Co., grocers, 117-119-123 North Sutter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Mark Curtis, tailor, 343 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


H. Backes, men's shoes, 34 North California Street, Stockton, Cal.


Electric and Machine Equipment Co., L. F. Youdall, M. C. McKay, R. F. Urquhart, engineers and contractors, Stockton, Cal.


Naumkeag Bakery, J. W. Musick, W. A. Sellick, proprietors, corner Sutter Street and Miner Avenue


Stockton Garage, Jensen & Lewis, tires and auto supplies, 419 East Channel Street


W. E. Russell & Co., W. E. Russell and Al S. Russell, draying, moving and storage, 115 Birch Street, Masonic Temple


Stockton Carriage Works, S. F. Phelan, proprietor, vehicles and repairs, 434-438 East Market Street, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton Pattern Works, James R. Wright, proprietor, foundry and pattern works, 231 South California Street and 433 East Lafayette Street, Stockton, Cal.


Gutta Percha & Weber Manufacturing Co. est. 1855, 69 First Street, San Francisco


Stockton Water Co., 40 South Sutter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Clark and Henery Construction Co., general contractors, W. R. Clark, President; Samuel Henery, Vice President, Treasurer ; Carl C. Brueck, Secretary; Clark and Henery Building


Hudson & King, H. E. King and George F. Hudson, footwear, 440 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


The Sterling, cloaks, suits and millinery, 132-136 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton Drug Co., P. H. Dentoni and Joseph M. Campodonico


M. Levy & Brother, dry goods house


Roberts & Clark, W. X. Clark and S. P. Roberts, general mill work, 425 South Center Street, Stockton, Cal.


Manthey Brothers carpets, linoleum, window shades, couches, brass rods, mattresses and pillows, 420 North California Street


Sunset Carriage Factory, blacksmithing, 227-29-31-33 North American Street, Stockton, Cal.


Taisen Brothers, dry cleaning, 634 to East Main Street and 418-422 North Aurora Street


Simpkins Transfer, Clinton Simpkins, proprietor, baggage delivery, 634 to East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


E. H. Cary & Sons, music and records, 547 East Market Street


W. J. Lester, pictures and picture framing, 312-314 East Weber Avenue


Spencers for Millinery, 326 East Main Street, Stockton, California


Raymond Glove Factory, M. A. Bertheau and F. J. Raymond, corner American and Washington streets, Stockton, California


Lothrop & Noble, hats, established 1872,323 East Main Street, Stockton, California


Stockton Steam Dyeing Cleaning Works, Oswald Hess, proprietor; J. C. Billetter, manager: 515 East Main Street and 520 East Lindsay Street, Stockton, California


John Sulman, furniture dealer, 706-708-710 East Main Street


F. A. Markham, candies, 216 East Main Street, Stockton, California


Little's Coffee Store, 705 East Main Street, Stockton, California


E. E. Tremain, blacksmithing, 648 East Market Street


Our F. Wilson, lumber, W. Main and Lincoln streets


Owen's Jewelry and Piano House, established 28 years ago


H. L. Laska, ladies tailor, 133 North California Street, Stockton, California


Clayes' Drug and Store, corner and Main and Hunter streets, Stockton, California


J. F. Collins, household specialties, 235 South California Street, Stockton, California


F. J. Murphy, cigar store, 35 South California Street, Stockton, California


Crawford & Cavagnaro, horse shoers, 214-216 East Market Street


E. P. Charlton & Co., 5, 10 and 15 Cent Store, 422-426 East Main Street


J. E. Clifford, bicycles, 248 North San Joaquin Street


Electric Planing Mill, A. A. Taylor & Son, moulding, corner Church and Hunter streets


Builders Iron Works, F. H. Krenz & Co., proprietor's, 318-324 East Lafayette Street


Fred Watrous, wood, coal, hay, 28 South Aurora Street


Davidson & Baumel, machinery, tools, harness, hardware, stoves, 517-519-521 East Weber Avenue


Blake Transfer Co., T. F. Donovan, moving, delivery, storage, 41 North Commerce Street


H. Mitscher & Son, repairs, 446-448 North Aurora Street


Pioneer Junk Store, Sam Sinai, proprietor, 220-222 East Channel Street, Stockton, California


San Francisco Junk Store, 219 South Eldorado Street, Stockton, Cal.


Hale's Men's Hat Department


H. B. Riggins, coal, wood, hay, corner Sonora and California streets, Stockton, Cal.


John W. Harris, automobile tops and carriage trimming, 239 North Hunter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Commercial and Savings Bank, John Raggio, President; Frank D. Cobb, Vice President; Thomas E. Connolly, Cashier; 320 East Main Street


California Auto Co., J. C. Skinner, proprietor, corner and San Joaquin and Lafayette streets


M. P. Henderson & Son, automobile dealer, manufacturer and repairs, 28 North American Street


Stockton Woolen Mill Co. established 1871


National Ice & Cold Storage Co., Center and Taylor streets, Stockton, California


California Fruit Canners Association, 120 Market Street, San Francisco, California


Harkins & Murray, Francis J. Murray and Cornelius I. Harkins, horse shoer, 219 North Hunter Street


St. Lawrence Feed, Livery and Sale Stable, L. W. Smith, proprietor, 537 East Channel Street, Stockton, California


Louis Armbrust, Successor to J. L. Martin, horse shoer, Market Street, next to Free Library


W. McKarley, boiler maker and sheet iron worker, 20 South Commerce Street


T. R. Stribling, blacksmith, corner Center & Channel streets


T. L. Dardis, D. V. S., Veterinary Surgeon & Dentist, 505 South Sutter Street


Reynold's, O. H. Reynolds, proprietor (Late of Wolfs Stable) livery & stable, 230 South California Street


T. C. Dietrich, blacksmith, 847 South Center Street


Marine Iron Works, George B. Purinton and V. Lambert, McLeods Lake corner Lindsay and Center streets


John Philipson, successor to Ditz Bros., sporting goods, 25 East Main Street


The Avenue, livery stable, 540 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


Charles Mackrell, automobiles and bicycles, corner Hunter and Market streets


James T. Mills, hardware, 32 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


H. W. Mosier, phonographs and records, 510-512 East Main Street, Avon Building


W. C. Steele's Stockton Employment Office, 203 East Weber Avenue


Perryman & Groves, shoes, 415 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


O. H. Close, stationery, 123 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Walter T. Oldham, successor to J. T. Oldham & Son, harness and saddlery, corner Hunter and Bridge streets, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton Tool Works, machine blacksmithing, corner Aurora and Lafayette streets


L. O. Lyman, carriage in automobile painting, 501 North Hunter Street


J. Greenberg, tailor, 217 East Weber Avenue


The Philson Cafe, Mrs. M. G. Philson , proprietress, 516 East Main Street


Williams Transfer Co., J. L. Williams, proprietor, moving and delivery, 24 N. California Street


J. P. Parnau, tailor, 32 South California Street


The Eastern Bargain House, clothes, 5-7-9 East Main Street, near Center


B. Granich, jeweler, 43 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Chicago Barber Shop, T. B. Stewart, 442 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Knutzen & Co., H. F. Knutzen and P. G. Knutzen and M. Ewertsen, grocers, 601 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


Golden West Cleaning and Dyeing Works, H. Wolfson, proprietor, 123 South California Street


Wyandt & Co. ladies clothing, 401 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton's Electric Doctor, Dr. B. Scarles, E. V. D., 207 South Sutter Street


Central Bizarre, G. H. Altenhoff, proprietor, boots, shoes, hardware, glassware, lamps, jewelry, 17-19-21-23 South California Street


Ike Brown, tailor, 15 North Sutter Street


S. A. Richards, shoes, 970 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


F. E. Ferrell & Co., hay, grain and coal, 305 South California Street


New England Bakery, N. Bruns, proprietor, 348 North California Street


Valley Creamery, C. E. Paul, President; George Edwards, Secretary; Frank Murphy, Vice President; 19 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton Implement Co., J. J. Burkett, hardware and implements, 25, 27, 29, 31 South California Street


Stockton Racket Store, A. Macomber, proprietor, picture frames and stationery, 711-713 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Purity Confection Co., candy, ice cream parlor, stationery, cigars, 915 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


California Wharf and Warehouse Co., Balfour, Guthrie & Co., Managers, grain, storage, bags, twine, 32 West Weber Avenue, E. F. Fortune, Agent.


M. P. Stein & Co., grain, beans, potatoes, onions, barley and mill feed, 108 West Weber Avenue


E. E. Gross, river freighting, 24 West Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal. Melone & Perry, John M. Perry and G. S. Melone , grains, beans, warehousing, bags, 10 West Weber Avenue


Union Oil Co. of California, corner Weber Avenue and Harrison Street, Stockton, Cal.


Weber Home Co., C. M. Weber properties, agent, real estate and insurance, 25 East Channel Street


R. S. Chapman, Fired Protection Engineer, 400 Golden Gate Avenue, corner and Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA


Hornbeak and his stock of dry goods, Main and California streets


Carson & Moreing, Charles Moreing and O. D. Carson, grocers, N.W. corners and San Joaquin and Channel streets


Stockton Ice and Fuel Co., corner market and El Dorado streets (Proprietors of the San Joaquin Brick Co.)


Enterprise Supply Manufacturing Co., 208-216 East Lafayette Street


Stockton Coffee Co., F. W. Dietrich and J. L. Taylor, proprietors 340 East Market Street, Stockton, Cal.


Cowen's Bakery, J. P. Cowen', proprietor, 348 North California Street


Stockton Mealfalfa Co., George R. Baker, manager, hay dealer, 30 West Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


Drury & Bartholomew, grocers, 802 East Weber Avenue


Law T. Freitas, law and collection agency, rooms 411,412,417,418 Yo Semite Building, Stockton, Cal.


W. E. King, Schuler, 212 East Main Street


Mrs. Dr. M. W. Beck, surgeon chiropodist, room 20, Clark & Henery Building, 36 South Sutter Street


The Marie, Mrs. M. C. Tubbs, proprietress, rooms


The Owl Grocery Co., J. D. Campbell and C. G. Wakefield, 341-345 East Weber Avenue


Richard Russell Smith, assayer and metallurgical chemist, 39 North American Street


Mrs. Wahl-Brown, gowns, Boldwood Building, 124 East Main Street


W. E. Taggart, watchmaker and jeweler, 715 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Thorp & Conway, clothier and hatters, 435 East Main Street (Commercial Hotel Building)


The Wave, William F. Kuhn, proprietor, candy, ice cream, soda 434 East Main Street


Renshimer's, fancy goods and millinery, 316 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


Ralph P. Lane, insurance and real estate, 325 East Weber Avenue


J. Grant, shipwright, dredge, barge and boat builder, Stockton Channel, Stockton, Cal.


Pacific Coast Patent Agency, Webster & Webster, managers, Attorneys at Law, Suite 1, Eldridge Building, Stockton, Cal.


Dentoni's, M. G. and J. F. Dentoni, clothier, hatters and furniturers, 517-519 East Main Street (Ruhl Building)


W. J. Rhoads, real estate, notary public, 445 East Main Street, corner California, Stockton, Cal.


Walter King, architect rooms 17-19 Old Salz Building, Stockton, Cal.


R. E. Wilhoit & Sons, land and loan agents, 232 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal. (Wilhoit Building)


First National Bank of Stockton, Cal.


Hammond & Yardley, grocer, Weber Avenue opposite the Court House


Sing Lee, 110 East Washington Street


Lee Loue, 109 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Man Chong & Co., clothing and butcher shop, whether 17 East Washington Street


Sun Fook Chong, 145-147 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Chew Ying Chong & Co., merchandise & butcher shop, 114 1/2 East Washington Street


Bing Kee Co., 131 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Yet Tong Han, 132-134 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Sing Lee, laundry, 123 East Channel Street


On Lock Sam Co. 125 1/2 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Sam Wah, laundry, 120 South American Street


Sing Kee, 135 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Fou Yee Quai, 113 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Suen Sang Fat, 141 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Look Ling Sing, 119 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Yuen Loy, tea, 111 East Washington Street


Wunder Bottling Works, W. E. Williams & Co., proprietor,Wunder Beer, 127-129 East Channel Street, Stockton, Cal.


The Klub Saloon, H. Lonjers, proprietor, 14 North Sutter Street


The Original Mug Saloon, Charley Kuhl, proprietor, 118 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


The Windsor Saloon, Nic Milen, proprietor, 205-207 East Weber Avenue, opposite Courthouse


The Chicago, Charles Webber, proprietor, beer, corner Main and California streets


Rainier Beer, John Tons, agent


Stockton Hot Mineral Baths, W. J. McCollum, health resort, Terminus San Joaquin Street Electric Cars, Stockton, Cal.


El Dorado Brewing Co.


The Alpha's, ice cream, 918 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Dr. Freshman Co., men's diseases, 14 North California Street, Cal.


United Harness Co., harness and saddlery, 411-413 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


Royal Cleaning in Dyeing Co., Henry Bartolas, manager, 242 West Fremont Street and corner Oak in El Dorado streets


A. Santini, had to foot fitter, 137-139 South El Dorado Street


Gateway Drug Store, 34 South Sutter Street, Stockton, Cal.


D. Giannelli, grocers, corner South & Singer streets


Hotel D'Italia, S. Dalporto & Co., proprietors, 302 South El Dorado Street corner Lafayette Street


Hung Far Low, Loo Man Yuen, Chinese restaurant, 135 South El Dorado Street


Eagle Restaurant among 34 North Center Street


Mar Heu, laundry, 223 North Hunter Street


Wah Kee, laundry, 527 North Hunter Street


Lee Yuen & Co., Chinese merchandise, 101 East Washington Street


Tam Chong Yuen, shirts & underwear, 120 North Hunter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Garibaldi Hotel, M. Santini & Co., proprietor, 304th South Center Street


Dr. Chow Juyan, Chinese tea and herb sanitarium, 122 North Hunter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Chinese Tea Co., 105 East Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


George Tai Co., ladies in children's furnishings, 521 East Main Street


Wong & Co., cigars, tobacco, candy, nuts, 241 South California Street, Stockton, Cal.


Tuck Wo, 130 Washington Street, Stockton, Cal.


Favorite Laundry, 244-246 South San Joaquin Street


High Yuen Laundry, 124 South El Dorado Street, Stockton, Cal.


Ruhstaller's, F. Wille, Stockton agent, beer, corner Main and Grant streets


Gilt Edge Saloon, F. Wille, Stockton agent, beer, corner Main and Grant streets


Kelly's, 21 South Sutter Street


Lynch's, 341 East Main Street


Peyton Saloon, Ed. R. Peyton, proprietor, 230 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


The Douglass, Jack Douglass, 37 North Hunter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Oriel Saloon, John Weigerber, proprietor, southeast corner Hunter and Channel streets


La Fayette Hall, William J. Scherer and Marcus Disdier, proprietors, 24 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


Paul's Saloon, Paul Rossman, Sr. and Paul Rossman Jr., never 34 East Main Street (between El Dorado and Center streets)


White Front Saloon, C. B. Morris, proprietor, 30 North Center Street


Calaveras Exchange, Jim Collins and Gil Boon, saloon and lunch room, 211 East Weber Avenue (meals at all hours, regular diners from the 11 to 3, price 15 cents and up.


Lauxen & Catts, furniture, carpets, draperies, upholstery, Southeast corner Weber Avenue and San Joaquin streets, Stockton, Cal. established 1888.


Goodell Transfer Co., Frank Lieginger, proprietor, storage, moving and delivery, 34 West Weber Avenue


Fulton Meet Market, John H. Masters, proprietor, corner Center and Jackson streets


East Street Market, S. D. Thrash, proprietor, fresh and salted meats, corner East and Main Streets


G. E. Davis, fresh meats, 32 South Pilgrim Street


Crown Market, Griffin & Dambacher, fresh and salted meats, lard, etc., 431 North California Street


New California Market, J. G. Maisel, proprietor, choice meats, 128 North Hunter St. between Weber Ave and Channel Sts


City Market, J. B. Northgrave, proprietor, hams, bacon & lard, 20-22 North Sutter Street


The Maine Tea Co., George E. Ball, proprietor, teas, coffees, spices, 125 South San Joaquin Street, under Weber Hall


L. A. Warner, grocers, 606 East South Street, Stockton, Cal.


Raymond J. Wheeler, grocer, corner Center and Lafayette streets


The Santa Fe Store, Mrs. and Strannard, grocer, opposite Santa Fe Depot


Santa Fe Lodging House, C. V. Sutherland, proprietor, opposite Santa Fe Depot


George William Gorman, fruits, candy, cigars and tobacco, 945 East Weber Avenue


Truman's Cyclery, and G. H. Truman, Proprietor, Sporting Goods, 344 East Market St, Stockton, Cal. (Physicians' Building)


Elite Concert Hall, Ed Lavin, proprietor, 48 South Center Street, Stockton, Cal.


Trivoli Concert Hall, 28 South El Dorado Street, Stockton, Cal.


Murray's, J. Murray, proprietor, 34 South El Dorado Street


The Belmont Bar and French Liquor Store, T. Castle and M. Barsi, proprietors, southeast corner San Joaquin & Washington


Charles Barthel, wines, liquors, cigars & beers, 43 North Hunter Street


F. Gunzendorfer, cigars and tobaccos, 432 East Main Street opposite Commercial Hotel


George Ryckman, cigars, Tretheway Building


Casino, J. G. Grohman, proprietor, wet goods, 48 South El Dorado Street


Grohman's, J. G. Grohman, proprietor, wet goods, 48 East Market Street


Columbia Oyster Parlors, G. Balsam, proprietor, 21 South San Joaquin Street


Sunny South Saloon, Jack Vasquez, Proprietor, 502 East South Street


Homestead Saloon, Nicholas Evans, Proprietor, 402 East South Street, Stockton, Cal. (Where Nick's Smile is always sunny and the beer is always cool.)


Yo Semite Chop House, J. N. Zuzallo and Nick Purin, rooms, 17-19 North Sutter Street


Stockton Wine & Brandy Co., 247 North Hunter Street


Baltimore Oyster House, George Balta, proprietor, 21 North Eldorado Street


Gould, the Light Man, lighting fixtures, 641 East Main Street


Furnished Rooms, Mrs. A. E. Parker, proprietor, 719 East Main Street


Peerless Saloon, Joe Lundberg, proprietor, corner Main and Eldorado streets


Jury Bros.' Saloon, 28 East Main Street, Stockton, California


The Royal, Evans & Celayeta, proprietor's, 27 South Hunter Street, Stockton, California


Portland Lodging Houses No. 1 and 2, E.T. Castian, proprietor, men only, 33 North Center Street, Stockton, Cal.


Depot Saloon, Kalck & Horan, proprietor's, 925 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


A A. Grocery, H. B. Bessac, manager, corner Park & Aurora streets


Caro House, J. F. Starkweather, proprietor, 19 North Center Street, Stockton, Cal.


Hotel de France, P. Recalt, proprietor; Rescaualdun Etchea, Gambara Onac, 325 South Hunter Street


L. F. Briedenbach, wine and liquor merchant, 29 and 31 East Main Street


Walsh & Miller, William Walsh and Owen H. Miller, plumbers, 125 North California Street


Pietro Muzio Bakery, 111 South Hunter Street


International Transfer Co., Joseph Corato, manager, cures diseases, 12 East Sonora Street, Stockton, Cal.


Rogers & Wallace, John Rogers and B. C. Wallace, undertakers - coroner's office, 118-122 North California Street, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton Furniture Factory, Charles H. Christ, proprietor, 1426 East Weber Avenue


M. A. Ryan, tailor, 42-44 South Sutter Street (Clark & Henery Building)


Tony De Paoli, grocer, corner California & Park Street


P. M. Boscacci & Son, tinners & plumbers, 310-314 South Center Street, Stockton, Cal.


P. D. Campbell, funeral director, corner San Joaquin and Washington's streets


San Joaquin Floral Co., M. J. Shaw, manager, 336 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal. (Gardens and Greenhouses, 129 West Magnolia Street)


Ford & Brignoli, Nick Brignoli and James Ford, 119 South Center Street


Bates Floral Store


Prahser & Donner, H. Donner and William Prahser, plumbing, Center Street and Mormon Channel


M. Schneider & Sons, furniture manufacturers, corner Miner Avenue and Aurora Street


Parisian French Laundry, B. Bernadicou, proprietor, 224 to East Fremont Street


The Royal Dairy, ice cream, corner Market and Hunter streets


Jackson & Earle, electrical contractors, Main & Sutter


H. W. Spurr, real estate and insurance, 32 North Sutter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Keyes Bros., real estate & insurance, 143 Mc Dougald Building


P. W. Dohrmann & Son, insurance, 404 East Market Street


Jones & McElwee, F. B. McElwee and Amos Jones, real estate, corner Main and Hunter streets


Oullahan - Littlehale Co., real estate, 328 East Weber Avenue


Wieland's Extra Pale Lager, Bertolani & Nassano, agents, 27 West Market between Center and Commercial streets


New Railroad Saloon, Sanguinetti & Williams, proprietor's, 112 East Market Street


Palm Tree Saloon, 32 North California Street, Stockton, California


Eldorado Hall and Restaurant, A. Felchlin and John Busch, proprietor's, 25 North Eldorado Street


The Colonial, J. P. Baumann, proprietor, 118 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Palisade Saloon, Mat. McDiarmid, proprietor, 947 East Weber Ave cor Sacramento St, Stockton, Cal. (at S.P.R.R. Depot)


Azores Saloon, N. M. Freitas, proprietor, 1 North Center Street, Stockton, Cal.


Philadelphia Saloon, A. R. Mc Donald, proprietor, 127 Bridge Street


Rendez-Vous Saloon, A. Breton, proprietor, billiards, 22-24 East Main Street


General Electro Plating Co., Frank Eshbach, proprietor, manufacturing jewelers, 227 North Hunter Street


H. S. Todman Paint and Paper Co., paint and wallpaper, 43 South Sutter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Josephine L. Prouty, hairdresser, room 2, Yost-Dohrmann Building, 423 East Main Street


H. E. Williamson, Notary Public, real estate and insurance, 17 South San Joaquin Street


New Method Laundry Co., 1235 East Lindsay Street, Stockton


Charles Haas & Sons, watchmakers, jewelers and opticians, 130 East Market Street


La Boheme Restaurant, Joseph P. Descalzi, proprietor, 12 North Eldorado Street


Mrs. A. Horstmann, millinery, 108 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Rossi Bros., S. A. Rossi and A. J. Rossi, grocer, 1201-1203 East Market Street, Stockton, Cal.


Stockton-Peerless Oil Burner Co., rooms 16-17 San Joaquin Valley Bank


San Joaquin Cash Store, A. Capurro, proprietor, grocer, 347 South San Joaquin Street


A. Serventi, grocer corner South & San Joaquin streets


N. Copello, grocer, corner Washington and Aurora streets


G. Mazza, grocer, corner Pilgrims Street and Hazleton Avenue


G. Lucchetti, grocer, 947 South California Street


M. Battilana, grocer, corner and Aurora streets, Stockton, Cal.


G. Battilana, grocer 502 South San Joaquin Street


J. L. Torre & Co., James Vassallo and J. L. Torre, grocer, 246-248 West Market Street


A. Rivara, grocer, corner Main and Madison streets


Perception Saloon, Charles Malatesta & Co., 10 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Roma Saloon, G. Granucci and D. Battilana, proprietors, 142 South Eldorado Street, Stockton, Cal.


The' 49 Saloon, Genecco & Trucco, proprietors 47 North Eldorado Street


The Maze,Fagundes & Perry, proprietors, corner Center and Washington streets


Index Saloon, Louis Giambonini & Co., proprietors, 102 South Center Street, Stockton, Cal.


Colombo Saloon, Pete Marengo & L. Perini, proprietors 26 South Center Street


Europa Saloon, Mazzei & Verber, proprietors, corner Channel & Eldorado streets, Stockton, Cal.


George H. Campbell, beer dealer, 30 North Sutter, Stockton, Cal.(Pabst Blue Ribbon)


Thomas W. Collins & Co., beer dealer, 34 Davis Street, San Francisco, Cal. (Pabst Blue Ribbon)


The Hoffman, W. H. Newman, proprietor, Yo Semite Theater Building, Stockton, Cal.


San Joaquin Hotel, Philip Taglio, proprietor, corner Weber Avenue & San Joaquin


Electric Steam Baths, T. J. Osborn, proprietor and manager, 233 North California Street


Belding & Huskins, manufacturer of soda water, 326 South San Joaquin Street, Stockton, Cal.


Ladd & Co., liquors, 19-21 South Hunter Street


New American Saloon, A. R. Kirkland, proprietor, corner East Weber Avenue and American Street


National Soda Works, C. A. Ziemer, proprietor, sodas, 927 East Weber Avenue


Sherman House, Macy Bros., Main Street, South of S. P. Depot


Henry Isaacs, clothing, 528 East Main Street, Quinn Building


The Alta, Mrs. J. and Williams and J. Reddick apartments, 524 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


McMullen House, Mrs. J. E. Morris, proprietor, rooms, 106 East Main Street and 18 South Eldorado Street


Cross-Price Grocery Co., J. H. Price and R. M. Cross, corner Lafayette and San Joaquin streets


New American Lodging, 546 East Weber Avenue, corner American


Griffith' s Cash Store, grocer, 147 South California Street opposite post office, Stockton, Cal.


G. W. Pygall, feed, hay and grain, corner Sonora & Eldorado streets


Russ House, H. Raab & Sons, proprietors, hotel, corner Center and Levee streets


Basque Hotel, J. Ospital, proprietor, 540 a South Hunter Street and 203 East Hazleton Avenue


Valley Chip Co., G. B. Davis and L. S. Cottle, "Pabulum" Brand of Saratoga Chips, 707 East Main Street


F. P. Dougherty, grocer, 547 South Lincoln Street, Stockton, Cal.


J. H. Eddy, M.D.C., veterinarian surgeon and dentist, 336 East Lafayette Street, Stockton, Cal.


San Francisco Fish Co., L. Lercara, proprietor, 33 North Eldorado Street, Stockton, Cal.


Henry Eshbach, proprietor Court House Exchange, 226 East Main Street, opposite courthouse, Stockton, Cal.


Eagle Drug Store, Colpe Drug Co., proprietor, corner Main and San Joaquin


Tye & Buckley, horse shoeing, 229 North Hunter Street between Channel and Miner Avenue


Wagner Meat Co., Avenue Market, corner Weber Avenue and American Street (Slaughter Houses: Waterloo Road)


John W. Edwards furniture, 721-723-725 East Main Street


The victor, Mrs. H. W. Counsell, proprietress, rooms, 110 North Sutter Street, Stockton, Cal.


G. Lercara, boots and shoes, 37 North Eldorado Street


Lion Drug Co., Melville Ed. Lubosch, prescriptions, 503 East Main Street


The Princeton, Mrs. K. E. Blake, proprietor, rooms, 39 South California Street opposite post office


Model Drug Store, C. F. Bertholf, proprietor, 44 he East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


The California Hotel, A Englehart, proprietor, 437 East Main Street


Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co., A J. Coffee, agent, 203 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland


Campbell & Rhodes, millinery, 33 South California Street, Stockton, Cal.


State Bakery, William Inglis & Son, proprietor, 112 South Center Street


Mrs. A. Decker, millinery, 334 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, Cal.


M. Markheim, jeweler, 428 East Main Street


R. C. Tumelty, city engineer and surveyor, room 7 County Court House, Stockton, Cal.


The Misses Jewett, successors to Mrs. E. S. Jory, embroidery, 409 East Weber Avenue


Adam's Dairy, F. J. Kell, proprietor, milkman, 231 North Stanislaus Street, Stockton, Cal.


Drs. L. E. & S. N. Cross, Elks Building, Stockton, Cal.


A. J. Gilbert, dentist, 15 South Sutter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Fitzgerald & Johnson, W. W. Fitzgerald, M.D. and L. R. Johnson, M.D., physicians and surgeons, 38 South California Street (over Central Drug Store) Stockton, Cal.


M. D. Glidden, dentist, 122 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


W. E. Gibbons, physician and surgeon, 9 South Eldorado Street, Stockton, Cal.


Dr. George E. Minahen, dentist, San Joaquin Valley Bank Building, 11 North Hunter Street, Stockton, Cal.


Dr. J. P. Hull, physician and surgeon, over Holden's Drug Store, residence, Imperial Hotel


Dr. Albert Mallett, surgeon dentist, Wolf Building, between Sutter and California streets, Stockton, Cal.


F. M. Caldwell, successors to Caldwell Bros., Ex-U.S. Navy dentist, 336 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal. (opposite Yosemite Hotel)


Dr. J. D. Dameron, rooms 217-218 Yo Semite Building, second floor, Stockton, Cal.


Dr. A. O. Haslehurst, surgeon dentist, 423 East Main Street, Stockton, Cal.


Dr. C. L. Six, corner Market and San Joaquin streets, Wallace Building, Stockton, Cal.


Dr. R. W. Henderson, dentist, 122 North Sutter Street, Stockton, Cal.


James Clark Rule, osteopathic physician, 62-4-6 Physicians Building, corner Market and Sutter's streets; residence, 614 North Madison Street, Stockton, Cal.


Dr. Evan L. Jones, dentist, 2 and 4 Physicians Building, corner Market and Sutter streets, Stockton, Cal.


Dr. Grace E. Hain, osteopathic physician, Suite 23-24-25, San Joaquin Valley Bank Building, Stockton, Cal.


Atwood Printing Co., Lafayette Street opposite Washington Park


William Brown Engraving Co., 365 McAllister Street, San Francisco, Cal.





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