The Relief Fund.




The Firemenís Pension and Relief Fund is maintained for the benefit of disabled members of the department and, upon their death, for their widows and orphans.The Board of Police and Fire Commissioners constitute the trustees of the fund and all disbursements of the same are under their direct supervision.


The law governing the fund provides that whenever any fireman shall become physically disabled through injuries received while in the performance of his duty, he shall be paid a sum equal to one-half of the amount of his salary.Should he lose his life while performance of his duty, leaving a widow or child, or children under the age of sixteen years, a yearly pension, equal to one-third of the amount of his salary, is payable to the widow during her unmarried life, or if no widow, then to his child or children until they reach the age of sixteen years.The law further provides that whenever a member shall, after ten years of service, die from natural causes, his widow or children, or, if there be no widow or children, then his mother or unmarried sisters, shall be entitled to the sum of one thousand dollars from the fund.Any fireman who has served for twenty years, or more, in the aggregate, as a member, in any capacity or rank whatever, may be upon reaching the age of sixty years, retire from further service on a yearly pension, equal to one-half the amount of salary attached to the rank he may have held when retired.


Time and progress modify improvements in firefighting facilities, yet hand in hand with them arise more proficient architectural and scientific advancements that rendered the firemen's work still difficult.Dangers have multiplied that now often result in injuries which, while not necessarily fatal, are serious enough to impair the comfort and pecuniary circumstances of the average member, and it is chiefly for the purpose of augmenting the amount in the fund's treasury that this book is issued.


The members take this opportunity to extend greetings to all who have in the past manifested their appreciation of the department's efforts to satisfactorily perform its duties, and to especially thank those members of the business community who have extended to this volume and the cause in the interests of which it is issued, their advertising patronage and cheering words.


To the Commissioners, the Chief and others in authority is it particularly gratifying to observe, as they scan the foregoing pages, that there project has met with the endorsement of so many of the city's advertisers---a great number, we ventured to assert, they have ever before been represented in the pages of a publication issued in Stockton.This liberal patronage is, we feel, eloquent and sufficient evidence that fireman are to be pardoned for a temporary "usurpation" of what a few provincial promulgators of theater programs and other advertising mediums of free distribution (every city has its quota) have been pleased to assume was their exclusive domain.


To the gentleman comprising the advertising and reportorial staffs of the local newspapers, we would extend thanks for the bestowal of favors that have materially assisted us along the thorny path that besets the novitiate publisher.As to those referred to above who have seen fit to endeavor to impede our progress, we cheerfully forgive them and hope that the future will find them in the publishing field with a medium that will allow them to secure advertising patronage without it being necessary to belittle another publication of either quality or superiority.


The work of compiling has been no easy task, owing to the difficulty of securing correct data, many of the records having been unaccountably lost, while those to which we have had access have not been kept in a manner that would render possible the task of writing a complete and authentic history of the department.However, we trust our efforts to bring forth a book that will please our advertising patrons and serve to advance their interests have not been in vain, and again we extend to them our sincere thanks.







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