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††††††††††† An eminent representative of the California realty world whose wide and valuable experience as a man of public affairs has enabled him to become of especial service in the rapid development of the Golden state, is the Hon. Frank S. Boggs, state senator from the Tenth District.He was born on his fatherís farm near Colusa, California, on October 28, 1871, the son of John and Louise E. (Shackleford) Boggs, both of whom are now deceased.John Boggs was a California pioneer who crossed the great plains in í49 from Howard County, Missouri, and farmed in Colusa County for many years; and he long represented Colusa and other northern counties in the state Senate.He was able, therefore, to give the subject of our story many opportunities and so to start him well in the world.

††††††††††† Frank Boggs attended the district schools of Colusa County and boarding schools in both Benicia and San Francisco, and in 1894 he was graduated from the University of California with the degree of Bachelor of Letters.He located in Stockton in the fall of the same year, and began the development 1,314 acres of land in the Delta district owned by his father.The land had been flooded several times, and Frank Boggs began a reclamation campaign; and since that time he has been actively engaged in development the property known as the Boggs Tract. He has also sold a part of the land, 900 acres now remaining.He has cultivated some of it as farm land, and the remainder has been subdivided into lots known as the Boggs Tract Subdivision or the Yosemite Subdivision, each containing half-acre lots.This property adjoins Stockton on the west, and a portion of it is within the city limits.

††††††††††† Mr. Boggs was also engaged in the real estate and insurance business in Stockton while making these subdivisions, being associated with the Union Safe Deposit & Loan Company, and he was always successful in that field.He has other real estate holdings of his own in the county, and he has been a director in the San Joaquin County Fair Association and also of the County Farm Bureau since their organization.It is not surprising, therefore, that he was elected to the office of state senator of the Tenth District, which includes San Joaquin and Amador counties in 1918, for a four-year term, nor that it has often been remarked that he was the best Senator the district ever had.He has looked after the interests of the farmer in particular, and the latter everywhere has found in him the most faithful of representatives.He was also chairman of the committee on public morals in the session of 1921, and a member of the following committees:navigation, commerce and education, elections, finance, governmental efficiency and economy, irrigation, reapportionment, revenue and taxation.A Democrat in national political parties, he was elected by a large majority in a strong Republican district, and has no opposition for re-election in 1922.When the World War broke out, he was made chairman of the Stockton City Exemption Board, and served from the beginning to the close of the War, making a fine record, so that he was highly complimented by the Governor and U. S. officials for the manner in which he carried on the work committed to him.He is a director in the Stockton Chamber of Commerce, and also a director in the Morris Plan Bank of Stockton.

††††††††††† At Stockton, in 1899, Senator Boggs was married to Miss Katherine Cunningham, the youngest daughter of the late Thomas Cunningham, sheriff of San Joaquin County; and three sons have blessed the union:John C., who is at the University of California, Thomas W. and Frank S. Boggs, Jr.Mr. Boggs has been treasurer of the San Joaquin Blue Lodge of Masons and also of the Knights Templar for twenty years, and has passed through all branches of the Scottish Rite, Islam Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. of San Francisco, and is a past commander of the Stockton Commandery.He was a member of the building committee having charge of the erection of the new Masonic Temple, recently completed on Market Street, Stockton, representing the San Joaquin Lodge; and he belongs to Lodge No. 218 of the Stockton Elks, and to the Stockton Lions Club.He is an ex-president of the San Joaquin County Farm Bureau, and ex-officio member of the board of directors.He is a very active worker in the interest of the Bureau, and devotes much time to it.He is a member of the University of California Club, and is active in Boy Scout work; being ex-president of the Boy Scouts; and a member of the Stockton Y. M. C. A.



Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: Tinkham, George H., History of San Joaquin County, California , Pages 403-404.Los Angeles, Calif.: Historic Record Co., 1923.

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