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Napoleon Returning

From Egypt on

the Murion 1799

Ancient Galleys

Attacking The Algerine


Attack On A Spanish

Treasure Ship 1620

Captain Cook's

Discovery Of The

Sandwich Islands


Departure Of

The Mayflower

Departure Of The

Pilgrim Fathers

Elizabethan Galleon

Henri Grace Dien

The Golden Age

of George I

Golden Hind

Starts Her Journey

Homeward Bound

Men of War

in S China Sea

Mutiny on

the Bounty

Nelson Boarding

the Victory

at Portsmouth 

Nelson Hoists his

Flag on the Victory

Nelson in the

Thick of it

Nelsons First Prize

A Naval Engagement

British Clipper

in Full Sail


British Ships

of the Line

HMS Victory


Nelson's Victory A

Message For All Time

England Expects That

Every Man Will Do

His Duty

Queen Victoria and

the Prince Consort

Reviewing the Fleet

at Spithead

Return from

The Armada

Royal Midshipman

Sailing of

The Sovereign

Of The Seas 1637

Sailing Ships

in Stormy Seas

Sailing Vessel


The Armada

Setting Sail

for England

The Battle of

The Nile

The Battle of

Trafalgar Flagship

The Captain's

Last Landing

The Flying Clouds

The Heroic Action of

HMS Revenge Against

The Spanish Fleet

The Lifeboat

and Crew

The Malcontents

The Merchant Vessel

The Royal Charles

The Sailing of

The Loyal London


The Tea Clipper John E

Evans which Sailed on

the Australian Run

Sailing Vessels


View Of Crew In

Rowboat And Sailing

Ships In Rough Sea

Bound for the Coast

British Barque

(In my bedroom, I need

to photograph it)

Wedding The Adriatic

The Bucentaur

The Victory at the

Battle of Trafalgar

After Breaking Through

the Enemy's Line

Harry Paye Poole

Embarkation of Henry

III on Board the Great

Harry on His Way

to Meet Francis I

British Ships

of the Line

The Sailing of the

Loyal London

from Deptford

Hudson Sails

the Atlantic

British Fleet on its

Way to the Battle


Chalk and Charcoal

Handmade Card

Christmas 1937

A Naval Engagement

A Sailing Ship

at Sea

Bound for Home

The Ark Royal

Attacks the Spanish

Flagship 1588

The White Cliffs

of England

Return of Victory

HMS Victory.

Nelson Hoists

His Flag on

the Victory

The Last of

an Old Ironclad

HMS Resistance

The Prisoner

of the Pirates

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