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One aim of this Web Site is to provide access to a collection of the works of Bernard Finnigan Gribble, a marine artist and his father Herbert Augustine Keate Gribble, architect of Brompton Oratory. Anyone who can add to the works I already have here is welcome to send me a copy and I'll upload it. Many of the photos were given to me by Dan Rees, a great enthusiast for Bernard's work and I thank him most profusely.




I have a lot of information on the Credicott family which originated in the South West of England. All Credicotts around the world can be traced back to here, in fact every descendant I have so far found comes from the same family as me from an ancestor born less than 300 years ago. Since we are few in number and have the internet to help us, I have been trying to link us all up. Again, any contributions to my Credicott records would be most welcome.  I intend to upload historical material such as censuses, parish records, BMDs etc.  Please email me if you are connected to the Credicott family and want to learn more about them.

I am also researching a number of family names as follows:

Gribble, Tool, Mildren/Mildron, Terrell, Adams, Lander, Rowe, Hancock, Credicott/Crodacott, Edgcombe, Chilly/Chilley, Ruse/Roose, Daw, Crocker, Jeffery, Randall, Woolmer, Shreeve, Hunt, Le Chassure, La Chasse, Arden, Howes, Booty, Parsons, Pike, Ensor, Gardner, Nash, Smith, Coverley, Walker, Miller, Lee, Meek, Sanderson, Harrison, Spicer, Samways, Gale, Dugmore, Partridge, Connop, Baxter, Basey, Mallett, Brad, Broughton

and on my wife's side

Airay, Watson, Lock, Seppings, Milligen, Bridge, Duncanson, Leishman, Anstruther, Forrester, Cardew, Ford, Pollet, Sleath, Brutton, Langdon, Moon, McConochy, McMillan, O'Donel, Alexander, Uran, Neal, Browne, Wainhouse, Coral


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Bernard Gribble's Art

Herbert Gribble's Designs

Credicott Family History Information - data not yet loaded, email me if you have an interest

Nathaniel Hunt Louth

Abraham Hunt Yarmouth 1755