Due to Health Reasons Daily obits will not be recorded on this site. I have made a link to The Halifax Chronicle Herald for you to look up daily obits. I will be posting some obits but not on a daily bases. I am not able to get to Halifax as often as I would like to. 
I will be posting obits from the CD for you and any that I can find to Help in your search for your family tree. 
I am sorry that my health has cause me to slow down and hopefully I will be able to resume in the future. 
Keep Checking the bottom of the Page for updates as you will know by the Date and I will post what I have put in for you that is new and what date I put it on this site. 
God bless you and enjoy the site. 
Heather Slade

In doing research on my family tree, I have obtained many obituaries and choose to share them with you. They are obtained through the Chronicle-Herald/Mail Star Newspaper, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The obituaries will be of Acadian names, with connections to Cape Breton, all of Nova Scotia and many other places. You will find there will be obits that are from across Canada, USA and where ever else an obit can be found in other newspapers. You will find obituaries that do not relate to Acadian surnames. I would say that 90% of the obituaries that I have put in this site will contain Acadian Surnames. Some Acadian names will be found in the obituary, not just the surname of the person who passed on. Some will be of use and others not.

If there is some errors with the spelling of the name(s), I cannot take any Responsibility, 
for they are presented to you as I have received them. 
The families have written these obituaries not I. 
Please do not email me regarding links to family trees,
 or to ask me where to find a family concerning the obituary.
 or correction that should be made to an obituary.
That is a task for you to undertake, I will be just providing the Obituaries. 

You can copy and paste them for your own personal use.
 I have also gotten obituaries from micro film dates prior to July 30, 1992.
Information on the CD.
The Chronicle-Herald
The Mail-Star
The Sunday Herald
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Obituaries: July 30, 1992- December 31, 1999

You can go directly to The Chronicle-Herald/Mail Star site at http://thechronicleherald.ca for daily updates on obituaries for your research. Please, I ask that you not put my name on the obit if you are saving them. There will be on the bottom of the obituary name of the newspaper and the published date. Some have come from people who have sent them to me and there are some that may not have any info on the obit such as where it was obtained and publishing date. I will do what I can to obtain missing publishing date and what paper it was posted in. No Promises.

I hope that this will help fit together some of your missing links or extend your family tree.

Thank you for visiting.
Come back again.
H. E. Slade

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