Leslie Nutbrown's Relationship Chart to

Presidents of the United States

Connections in New England: 

President		Relationship		Common Ancestors	

Ulysses Grant		5th cousin		Samuel Lathrop

Franklin Pierce		5th cousin		John Webster

Millard Fillmore		5th cousin		William Tilton
			7th cousin		John Perkins

Chester Arthur		6th cousin		Anthony Colby

Rutherford Hayes		6th cousin		William Chandler
			6th cousin		Ralph Farnum
			6th cousin		Thomas Burgess
Herbert Hoover		7th cousin		Ephraim Buck
			10th cousin		John Wheeler
			10th cousin		Joseph Jewett

James Garfield		7th cousin		John Wheeler
			9th cousin		Richard Clapp			

Franklin Roosevelt	8th cousin		Samuel Lathrop
			9th cousin		Nicholas Clapp
			9th cousin		Thomas Burgess

Calvin Coolidge		9th cousin		John Perkins

Gerald Ford		9th cousin		John Sanborn
			9th cousin		Ralph Farnum
			10th cousin		John Wheeler
			10th cousin		Joseph Jewett

Richard Nixon		10th cousin		Stephen Bachiler
			11th cousin		Thomas Perkins

George Bush		 9th cousin		John Wheeler
			12th cousin		Richard Clapp
			12th cousin		Samuel Lathrop

Connections further back in England:

George Washington        9th cousin              John Tiptoft 1400's

James Buchanan		13th cousin		James I, King of Scotland d. 1437

Zachary Taylor         	13th cousin 		Ralph Neville 1300's

James Knox Polk		13th cousin		Robert Manners (d. 1495)

John Quincy Adams	14th cousin		Henry Beaufort 1300's

Thomas Jefferson        	14th cousin		Edmund Plantagenet (1344)

Theodore Roosevelt      	14th cousin		Edward III d. 1377

Bill Clinton		14th cousin		Henry III  d. 1272

William H.Harrison	15th cousin		Edward I d. 1307

Benjamin Harrison	15th cousin		Edward I d. 1307

James Madison		15th cousin		Edward I d. 1307

Grover Cleveland		15th cousin		Edward I d. 1307

Dwight Eisenhower	15th cousin		William FitzHugh d.1452 & Margery de Willoughby

James Monroe		15th cousin		John Beaufort d. 1410 & Margaret Holand d. 1429

Lyndon Baines Johnson	17th cousin		Eleanor Beaufort & Robert Spencer		

Jimmy Carter		20th cousin		William de Montagu d. 1344 & Katherine de Grandison d. 1349

Ronald Reagan 		22nd cousin             Gilbert de Clare d. 1230 

If you can connect to any of these families, you would have American Presidents as your cousins. Some of the lines are on my mother's side, and some on my father's side. I am related to some presidents several times. I have outlined the closest link. I have not included any "x times removed" in the above chart for the sake of clarity. Remember that these are just my own connections. Gary Boyd Roberts in his book, Ancestors of American Presidents, estimates that "anyone with between twenty and fifty 1620-1650 New England ancestors will have five to ten presidents among his distant kinsmen, and very likely anyone with fifty to two hundred such forebears will have over ten presidents among his American cousins."

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