A bit of Galway The county is on the west coast of Ireland and contains the city of Galway and the towns of Tuam, Ballinasloe, Athenry and Loughrea. The east coast is relatively good farm land. The west, known as Connemara, is rocky and much of it is barren. Aran island lays off its shore.

The county was very much affected by the Famine of 1845-7. In 1841 the population was 443,000. Ten years later, it had fallen to 322,000. More than 73,000 persons died between 1845 and 1850. Approximately 11 percent of the populous emigrated in the succeeding five years. By 1891 the census showed 215, 000 inhabitants of the county. Today there are about 172,000.

Most of the county is within the diocese of Tuam, the remainder in Elphin, Kilmacduagh and Clonfert. This information is required to research Marriage Liscenses and Wills.

Poor Law Unions were named after a large town or the city itself. These later became the General Registrar's Districts. These districts are the areas within which births, deaths and marriages were collected.

My grandfather Francis John RYAN (b. Renvile, Galway, Sept 12,1854) and at least 4 of his siblings were born in various sections of the county. His motherSarah Anne O'FLAHERTY was native to the county (b circa 1834)...most likely in the Connemara section,in the far Northwest. Family accounts tell us that John RYAN (a Wexford man) fell in love with his student Sarah (most likely while he was teaching at the Tully school in 1850,Renvyle). Sarah's parents sent her to stay with family in another county (Limmerick?) to escape John's advances, he being 28 and she having been but 16 years old. John did not allow this to dissuade him and followed Sarah, meanwhile convincing her parents of his honorable intentions. This account has been somewhat confirmed in tracing John's teaching records. They were married about 1853 and had 11 children. We have thus far been unable to locate any written records in Ireland re Sarah .

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