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'The Irish American' was published weekly from August 1849 till February 1915.

It is a virtual goldmine of genealogical information for the common man. Unfortunately,

there is little organization of such material. The paper's layout changes often. Many items

are distinctively labled, while others are well disguised. Much is specific to the

'old country'. One constant is the "Irish Marriages and Deaths" column-noting events from all

counties of Ireland. "Last Week in Ireland" contains funeral notices, mixed with politics,

lectures and world news. "News from Ireland"-by counties-is packed with evictions, bankruptcies,

accidents, deaths, fires, teacher's promotions etc. "Information Wanted" is a small version

of the postings for 'Missing Friends' in the Boston 'Pilot'.

Specific to NY are the following:

"New York and Vicinity" lists funerals, receptions, church feasts, parades, land sales-

with politics as a chaser. "Brooklyn Echoes" also has a bit of everything. "Heirs Wanted"

appears now and then as does "Personal" which also may have funeral notices, weddings etc

hidden in the midst of political salaries! "Military Notes for the 69th Regiment" the Irish-

American National guard voulunteers appears in each issue, but forever in a different place. It

includes deaths of veterans, appeals for their help,lists of Companies, schedules for drills,

exams, promotions etc are consistent."Surrogate Notices" are prominent.

There is still much to be explored...

Ceremonies1884:Events of NY's 69th Regiment, noting participant's company & rank
Ceremonies1887:Events of NY's 69th Regiment,noting participant's Company and rank
69th Regiment promotions etcPromotions, Demotions and Honorable Discharges 1887
Death NoticesNYC Death notices extracted: 1884-1889
Obtuary Index updatedNames of those for whom there was an obituary posted between the years 1884 and 1889, NYC
Marriages in Ireland100+ marriage notices, having occured in various counties throughout Ireland, 1887-1889
Deaths in Ireland500+ death notices-from various counties in Ireland, 1887-1889
Limerick ArticlesExtracts of newspaper articles refering to CCo Limerick, 1880s