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Irish records are not as plentiful as they may be in other regions of the world. Much of the population, during the 18th and 19th centuries were tenant farmers and such, causing little need for written records. Unskilled labourers were not routinely noted in the published directories, as was the practice in the United States; Few directories have been filmed and are for sale. Free access is only available in libraries in Ireland.

Civil Registration was not mandated until 1864.

Censuses were taken every 10 years, since 1821. Unfortunately they have not survived, except for small excerpts ,due to fire and/or government ordered destruction. 1901 and 1911 are available for research through the LDS.

Griffith's Valuation (1850s) and the Tithe's(1830s) are difficult, at best, if you are researching a common name. Listing only name and 'townland' within a parish, with the rare exception of an occupation, makes it almost impossible to positively identify your forbear. Should you have an uncommon surname, then they are well worth utilizing. Griffith's is available on CD through Broderbund Software.

The computerization of RC church records has been performed. Unfortunately, there is no public access. You must pay the individual county heritage society, in Ireland, to perform a search. Many of these records have been filmed by LDS, though County Wexford is not well represented. Few RC parishes kept records before 1800, many did not start until the mid 19th century. Access to most Protestant and RC records may be obtained by writing directly to the parish. Content and availability vary.

Researching before the Civil Registration period takes some imagination and a bit of luck. Many graveyard transciptions have been done by lover's of Irish history and genealogy. Unfortunately, most could not afford the luxury of a headstone. Even if you never find one for your own ancestor, they offer a rich look into the convictions of these fine souls. So enjoy learning of Ireland's 'grand' customs and turbulent history along the way.

Exhaust every effort to locate the name of a 'townland' or parish in your forbear's adopted country, before attempting to research in Ireland. This is especially true for common names. A 'county' is helpful but it is rarely enough in this situation.

Had not my second cousin discovered an obituary for our ggrandfather-

John Cullen RYAN in Qld, Australia, he would have remained little more than a name my father mentioned to me as a child. Even knowing that he was a headmaster of the Claddagh Nat'l school in GALWAY, a professor in named colleges in KERRY, CORK and KILKENNY, as well at St Francis colege BROOKLYN, having been born in Cullenstown, WEXFORD, April 1826 to Ned RYAN and (Judith?) CLARKE-

it has been quite the task in 'pinning him down' on the other side of the pond. Still, we keep trying and hope to someday make our 'Irish connections'. I hope you find some of the following information helpful. I will be adding more links and transcriptions monthly.



RECORD SEARCHOff site search of over a million Birth and Marriage records for Counties Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Limerick, Sligo & WEXFORD, at https://www.irishgenealogy.ie
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NYC Emigrant Savings Bank1850s-1869s Index for NYC Emigrant Savings Bank records. Mostly Irish account holders. Submitted by Nancy Pfaff to the Shamrock mailing list at Rootsweb.
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St Kieran's CollegeCollege Staff 1800s including my ggrandfather John Ryan
Map Locator Searchable Map locator for anywhere in Ireland...similiar to 'mapquest' in the US.
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Help needed! If you have ANY public domain records relating to ANYWHERE in Ireland, please consider submitting them to this site. (Public domain includes anything published 72 or more years ago.) What kinds of documents are we looking for? We are looking for Deeds, Wills, Marriage Records, Census Records, Bible records, Photos, etc. You will receive credit for any transcription you submit to us, on the page which it is posted. You shall also retain copyright of the material. If you have anything to donate or lend us, please send us e-mail at [email protected].

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