Samuel Terry's Contract From: The Record

Samuel Terry's Contract From The Record

[*47] October 15. 1650.

Know all men that I Samuell Terry with the consent of my present master William Pynchon of Springfeild gentleman have put my self an apprentense to Benjamin Cooly of Springfeild weaver his heires and assignes to serve him or them in any kind of Lawfull Imployment that the said Benjamin Cooly shall command me for and during the space of three yeeres 6 monthes and some odd dayes from the Tyme of the date hereof: In consideration whereof I the said Benjamin Cooly doe bynd myself my heires and executors to pay unto the said William his heirs or assignes the some of nine pounds viz fifty shillings at the 10 day of Aprill next 1651. and fifty shillings more at the 10 day of Aprill 1652 and fifty shillings more at the to day of Aprill 1653 and Thirty shillings the 10 of Aprill 1654 at the house of the said Mr. Pynchon in good and merchantable wheat at foure shillings per bushell or in sound merchantable Pease at three shillings per bushell moreover I the said Benjamin Cooly doe bynd myselfe my heires and assignes to pay unto the said Samuell Terry now assigned and set over unto me as abovesaid, fifty shillings in merchantable wheat and pease at the prise abovesaid for his first yeeres service and fifty shillings for the 2d yeere and fifty shillings for the 3d yere and for the last halfe yeere and some odd days thirty and five shillings and also in the said space to find the said Samuell Terry meate drink and lodginge fitting as servants ought to have: and also I doe hereby bynd myselfe to instruct him and teach him the trade of linnin weaving accordinge to the use of it in this [*48] Towne of Springfeild provided he will be willinge and carefull to learne it:

This Nine Pounds due for Samuell Terrys tyme was sattisfied Mr. Pynchon according to ingagement: in specie: Per me JOHN PYNCHON [Marginal notation.]

And the said William Pynchon doth promise to the said Samuell Terry for his better incoragement to remitt his last yeeres service which he is bound by his Indenture made in England to serve him more than is expressed in this present agreement with Benjamin Cooly, and doth also freely give him all the apparell that he hath at present both wollen and linnin and doth also promise to give him Twenty shillings more in such necessaries for apparell as he shall call for in his first yeares service with Benjamin Cooly: and the said Samuell doth bynd himself to be dilligent in service to the said Benjamin and not doing him any damage accordinge to his Covenantes expressed in his Indenture to the said Mr. Pynchon which said Indenture the said Mr. Pynchon cloth assigne set over and deliver into the hands of the said Benjamin Cooly for the use and behoof of himself or of any of the said persons mentioned in this Contract untill the said Samuell shall have performed the said service Of 3. year 6 monthes and odd dayes from the date hereof: and for the sure Rattifienge of the said Agreement the said Mr. Pynchon hath Entered this agreement in his book of publik Records and also all the foresaid persons have hereunto set their hands this present 15 day of October


The Mark of Benjamin X Cooly

[*49] Memorandum that it is agreed by the parties expressed in the said Indenture that in case the said Samuell Terry dye in the tyme of his first yeeres service with the said Benjamin then the said Benjamin is to pay only 5 pounds to Mr. Pynchon at the yeares end: and that if he dye after the first yeere and before he hath served 3 yeeres then he is to pay half of that which remaines to Mr. Pynchon.

Also it is mutually agreed that whereas the said payments is expressed to be made in sound merchantable wheat or pease: yet if payment be made in any other thinge that the said Mr. Pynchon or Samuell Terry shall accept it shall be accounted a fulfillinge of their Covenant.

Memorandum that the 20s above promised to Samuell Terry is paid him this 25 October 1650 in a new hat and band 0. 10 .0
in a moseskin 0. 10 .0