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Ship Persian to Otago 1863

New Zealand Bound

 The passenger lists has proven elusive so this is a reconstruction, an ongoing project. Due to the passage of time many records no longer exist. If you know the names of any passengers please email me. THANKS.

1863 voyage - 61 names missing. Have only 15 names out of 76, that is 23%.

Otago Daily Times 13 November 1863 Page 4
The ship Persian, from London, was towed up in the afternoon, having arrived at the Heads at an early hour in the morning. She sailed from Gravesend on the 25th of July; had unfavorable winds to the Line, which she crossed when 36 days out; subsequently made a fair passage, with strong winds from the meridian of the Cape to the Leuwin, when variable winds and wet weather were experienced. Off the Cape she spoke the ship Vanguard, from Liverpool to Melbourne, which is since reported as having got on shore at Queensclifle. The vessel then signaled to the Persian that she had her mainmast sprung. The Persian's passengers, numbering 76, arrive in good health, and report favorably of their treatment during the passage.

Otago Daily Times 13 November 1863 Page 4
ARRIVALS. Persian, ship, 1089 tons, Wright, from London, July 24, general cargo, 76 passengers. Cargill and Co., agents.
PASSENGER LIST. Per Persian, from London — Cabin Dr Wait, Mrs Wait and family, Mrs Carruthers.

Reconstructed list

Steerage 66

(_?_) Jane



GILMORE, Margaret Ann b 1840 [Mrs W Diack (Persian. 1863) (OESA). Margaret Ann Gilmore married William Diack in 1867.]

LEES, Andrew

SCOBLE, John bc 1826 Cornwall
Mary Ann nee Broad bc 1826
William H b 1848
Lucinda Mary b 1849 [ Miss L. M. Scoble, King street, 74 (Persian, 1863) (OESA)]
Frederick b 1854
Fanny b 1855
James b 1859

WAIT, Dr. John Stubbs
Eleanor Emily
Herbert Wells
John Arthur Stanley

Dr John Stubbs Wait.
Born at Warrington, Lancashire in 1830, he received his earlier education in Manchester. He studied at the Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital where he obtained his medical qualifications. Having qualified for the medical profession in 1853, he practised first in Bury, Lancashire, where he served for seven years as surgeon of the Militia. While Wait was based in Bury, his health began to deteriorate and it was recommended he take a trip to get away from the harsh English winters. He and his wife Sarah, whom he married in 1854, a daughter of Mr Edward Dawson, of Bury. Dr Wait, Mrs Wait and family came out to the colony, aboard the ship Persian, landing in Dunedin in 1863, coming on to Oamaru, where he commenced practice in 1864. He early made his presence felt to good, purpose, being one of those chiefly instrumental in obtaining a hospital for this town, an institution with which he was connected as surgeon during its first seven years. In 1872 Doctor Wait was elected Mayor of Oamaru, a position to which he succeeded again in the following- year without opposition. During this time he laid the foundation stone of the old jetty, which was afterwards washed away, and turned the first sod of the Waitaki - Moeraki portion of the main line of railway. Dr Wait was a member of the Harbor Board for several years, being for some time Chairman. When the doctor retired from practice in 1889 he also retired into private life, whence, except as a genial and respected citizen.
    Dr John Stubbs Wait died age 77 at Oamaru in May 1907 Dr Wait retired from his medical practice in 1889; he died in 1907 at the age of 77. He is buried in the Oamaru cemetery with his wife Sarah, who passed on in October 1920 at the age of 83. The couple left behind a family of two sons and one daughter.

Otago Daily Times 13 November 1863 Page 4
IMPORTS. Per Persian, from London —
l4 cases, R. B. Martin and Co ;
12 casks, W and G Turnbull and Co ; 2 hhds, 2bundles, 1 cask.
1 case, A Shaw and Co ;
1 case, Teschmaker ;
1 case, Fenwick ;
15 trunks, 7 casks, order
7 cases, S Beaver ;
1 trunk Thernan;
10 - casks, Dalgety and Co ;
217 tons coal,, order
50 quarter-casks, Dalgety, and Co ;
10 cases, order;
22 cases, F and G Bullen;
2 tierres, Dalgetty and Co;
1 case, Jones, Cargill and Co ;
1 case as addressed ;
22 cases, J R Carter;
1 case, Dalgetty [sic], Rattray and Co ;
5847 boards, do;
38 qr casks, 38 octaves, 103 cases. W and G Turnbull and Co;
48 qr-casks., D.K. Girdwood;
1 case, as addressed;
1 case, do;
8 bales, 1 pker, Franck and Co ;
2 cases, order ;
2 cases, Miss Jones;
200 casks, 5hhds, 32 quarter-casks, Dalgety, Rattray, and Co ;
10 cases, 30 packages, W and G Turnbull and Co;
5 cases, 11 casks, 1 bale, 7 crates, 5 kegs, 16 cases, 60 boxes, 96 boxes, F Barker;
1 bale, F Fleming;
50 casks, F Moss & Co ;
100 casks, Morrison, Law and Co.;
24 cases, 4 do. order;
2 casks, 2 cases, H Souness;
2000 bushels malt,R B Martin and Co;
2 cases, 1 pkg, order; 12 casks, 24 grindstones, 70 camp ovens and covers, 100 pots, 34 boilers, Sorly and Samuel
5 cases, 1 bale, 1 case, 5 bales, Isaacs Brothers;
1 case, 3 casks, 22 brls, 2 trunks, F Mason and Co;
30 cases, order; 100 tons 5 cwt coals, order; 8 cases, W G Turnbull and Co;
3 cases, Hernan and Co
50 casks, Murray and Kemp ;
2 cases, W and J Asher
3 packages, order;
9 bales, 7 cases, 4 do,
3 bales, 1 case, do, 2 bales, 2 cases, 1 casting, A R Livingston;
1 case, 26 packages, 25,000 slates, 940 deals, 130 small bags salt, 115 large do do, 44 water casks, Dalgety. Rattray and Co ;
20 cases, 15 do, F Moss and Co;
1 bale, 4 pkgs, 4 crates, 8 pkgs, 23 pkgs, 30 kegs, 30 grindstones, order;
10 firkins, Robinson, Hart and Co;
75 casks, 50 cases, 4 quarter-casks, 67 cases, 100 barrels, 10 crates, 4 qr-casks and 1 case, 1 bale, 7 do, 200 boxes, 10 barrels, 72 cases, 2 do, 2 pockets, 52 casks, 25 do, 39 cases, 15 quarter-casks, 100 cases, 42 do, 27 cases, 10 hhds, 2 cases, 4 packages, 100 drums, 12 bhds, 50 drums, 13 casks, 20 bottles, 6 cases, 85 casks, 10 casks, 431 packages, 1 case, 13 cases, 14 casks, 5 cases, Cargill and Co ;
12 chests, 8 casks, 6 cases, 1 qr-cask, 89 bags, 20 bags, 1 tierce, Wilkis and Thomson;
89 cases, 2 tombstones, 2 cases, 10 cases, 8 packages, 12 packages, 20 trunks, 7 bales, 21 cases, 18 casks. 20 packages, 8 casks, J. cask,1 bale, 2 cases, 13 cases, 21 barrels, 24 do, 107 do, 25 do, 1 case, Cargill and Co ; 3 cases, order ;
1 case, order;
18 packages, order

Otago Witness 12 December 1863 Page 4 Entered Outwards
December 11— Persian, 1089 tons, Wright, for Calcutta, in ballast. Cargill and Co, agents.

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