'Amelia Thompson' arrived New Plymouth 3 Sept. 1841

'Amelia Thompson'

New Zealand Bound

'Amelia Thompson' arrived New Plymouth, New Zealand 3rd September, 1841 with 187 Devonshire emigrants.  She sailed from London 25 March 1841 and arrived 5 months later with a call at Salvador, Bahia, Brazil for four days then onward to Wellington, for a fortnight stop. The 447 ton vessel was named after the owner's wife.

New Zealand House, 5 Octagon, Plymouth March 15 1841. A list of persons whom the Plymouth Company of New Zealand have arranged to embark for the New-Plymouth Settlement in New-Zealand, as Steerage Passengers, per Ship Amelia Thompson, William Dawson, Commander, James Evans. Surgeon - Superintendent.  William Brydges, Secretary

Embarkation order Name		 Age Sex Sp Ch Occupation Remarks                                                                  
72  Allen        John           11mns  M                                                                                 
72  Allen        Prudence       25     F  Y 2                                                                            
72  Allen        Thomas         2      M                                                                                 
72  Allen        William        26     M  Y 2 Agr. Labourer                                                              
68  Autridge     Charles        25     M  Y 1 Agr. Labourer                                                              
68  Autridge     Frances        23     M  Y 1                                                                            
68  Autridge     John           5      M                                                                                 
65  Bayly        Ann            4      F                                                                                 
65  Bayly        Elizabeth      10     F                                                                                 
65  Bayly        Isaac          11mns  M                                                                                 
65  Bayly        Susan          35     F  Y 5                                                                            
65  Bayly        Thomas         36     M  Y 5 Yeoman                                                                     
65  Bayly        Thomas         8      M                                                                                 
65  Bayly        William        6      M                                                                                 
    Baker        Miss  Charlotte       F                                                                                 
    Bassett      William               M                                                                                 
60  Bayly        Ann            2      F                                                                                 
67  Bayly        Arthur         1      M                                                                                 
60  Bayly        Daniel         6      M                                                                                 
60  Bayly        Elizabeth      26     F  Y 3                                                                            
67  Bayly        Grace          22     F  Y 1                                                                            
67  Bayly        James          25     M  Y 1 Agr. Labourer                                                               
60  Bayly        Jane           11mns  F                                                                                 
60  Bayly        William        30     M  Y 3 Yeoman                                                                     
76  Billing      Eliza          20     F  Y 1      (later Mrs Golding)                                                                      
76  Billing      Mary           8mns   M                                                                                 
76  Billing      William        39     M  Y 1 Agr. Labourer                                                              
    Brown        Charles               M                               Major                                             
    Brown        Edwin                 M  Y                            and master                                                  
    Brown        Miss O.               F                                                                                 
    Brown        Mrs. Edwin            F  Y                            daughter born 14 June 1841                        
66  Bullott      Edward         2      M                                                                                 
66  Bullott      Eugene         25     M  Y 2 Carpenter                                                                  
66  Bullott      Jane           9mns   F                               Died at Plymouth                                  
66  Bullott      Susan          22     F  Y 2                                                                            
    Chilman      Richard               M       [?Coleman]                                                                          
    Cooke        Capt. George John     M                                                                                 
    Dalby        Henry            M
    Davy         Captain (master)      M                                                                                 
    Davy         Henry Leyson (son)    M                               Capt.                                             
    Down(e)      James                 M                                                                                 
75  Edgcumbe     Ann            25     F  Y 1                          Youngest son buried at sea 7 June 1841            
75  Edgcumbe     James          1      M                                                                                 
75  Edgcumbe     William        26     M  Y 1 Agr. Labourer                                                              
69  Elliot       Ann            21     F  Y                            (and ? James)                                                
69  Elliot       Peter          24     M  Y   Agr. Labourer                                                              
    Evans        James                 M                               Surgeon-Superintendent                            
    Fishley      Samuel                M        			[Fishleigh]                                                                         
74  Giddy        George         30     M  Y 2 Agr. Labourer                                                              
74  Giddy        Mary           1      F                                                                                 
74  Giddy        Sally Ann      3mns   F                                                                                 
74  Giddy        Sarah          27     F  Y 2                                                                            
    Goodall      (master)              M                                                                                 
    Goodall      Isaac                 M                                                                                 
70  Grylls       Ann            29     F  Y 2                                                                            
70  Grylls       Elizabeth      4      F        			[later Mrs Jury]                                                                         
70  Grylls       John           11mns  M                                                                                 
70  Grylls       Richard        37     M  Y 2 Carpenter                                                                  
    Halse        William               M                       		 (and Henry)                                                 
79  Hambly       Caroline       10     F                                                                                 
79  Hambly       Charles        39     M  Y 8 Agr. Labourer     	 [Hamblyn]                                                        
79  Hambly       Charles        9      M                                                                                 
79  Hambly       John Rundle    11     M                                                                                 
79  Hambly       Mary           36     F  Y 8                                                                            
79  Hambly       Mary Jane      7      F                                                                                 
    Harris       Jane                  F   
    Hicks        Thomas                M                                                      
    Hicks        Ann                   F                                                                              
    Hoskin       Arthur                M                                                                                 
    Hoskin       Arthur                M                                                                                 
    Hoskin       Eliza                 F                                                                                 
    Hoskin       Elizabeth             F  Y                                                                              
    Hoskin       Josias                M  Y                                                                              
    Hoskin       William               M                                                                                 
    Hunt         Edward                M  Y 1                                                                            
    Hunt         Edward                M                                                                                 
    Hunt         Susan                 F  Y 1                                                                            
    Ibbotson     Thomas                M                                                                                 
    Johnson      John                  M                               born at sea                                       
    Johnson      John                  M  Y 3                                                                            
    Johnson      Mary                  F  Y 3                                                                            
    Johnson      Mary                  F                               [Johnston]                                                  
    Johnson      William         0     M                                                                                 
    Jones        Edward                M                               (? son Edward)                                                  
    Jones        Mrs            26     F                               died 8 August, body buried at Wellington 9 Aug.   
    King         [Wm. Cutfield]        M                               son of Capt. King                                 
    King         Mrs                   F
    King         Captain Henry         M                               R.N.                                              
    Lewthwaite   John                  M                                                                                 
59  Lukies       Elizabeth      27     F  Y 2                                                                            
59  Lukies       Elizabeth      5      F       [Lucas]                                                                          
59  Lukies       Emily          2      F                                                                                 
59  Lukies       William        31     M  Y 2 Agr. Labourer                                                              
59  Lukies       William John   7      M                                                                                 
    Marshall     Edmund                M                                                                                 
    Matthews     Samuel         25     M  Y   Labourer                                                                   
71  Matthews     Susannah       22     F  Y                                                                              
    Medland      Grace                 F  Y                                                                              
    Medland      John                  M  Y    
    Merchant     Charles               M	[Marchant]
    Merchant     Mrs                   F 
    Merchant     (master)              M                                                                           
    Newland      Frances Agnes         F                                                                                 
    Newland      Francis               M                                                                                 
    Newland      John                  M                                                                                 
    Newland      John                  M                                                                                 
    Newland      Susan                 F    [later Mrs Bird]                                                                              
    Newland      William               M                                                                                 
    Oliver       Francis               M                                                                                 
    Oliver       James          6      M                               died 29 August 1841                               
    Oliver       James                 M  Y                                                                              
    Oliver       John                  M                                                                                 
    Oliver       Mary                  F                                                                                 
    Oliver       Matilda               F                                                                                 
    Oliver       Ruth                  F  Y                                                                              
    Oliver       Samuel                M                                                                                 
    Oliver       Samuel                M                                                                                 
    Oliver       William               M                                                                                 
    Oxenham      Ann                   F                                                                                 
    Oxenham      Hannah                F                                                                                 
    Oxenham      Thomas                M  Y 3                                                                            
    Oxenham      Elizabeth             F  Y 3                           son John born 18 June 1841                             
    Oxenham      Susannah              F                                                                                 
73  Paynter      Sarah          27     F  Y 1                                                                            
73  Paynter      William        11mns  M                                                                                 
73  Paynter      William        30     M  Y 1 Agr. Labourer                                                              
77  Pearce       Grace          24     F  Y 1                                                                            
77  Pearce       infant         1mn    F                              died 8 August 1841, body buried 9th in Wellington                                                    
77  Pearce       James          29     M  Y 1 Agr. Labourer                                                              
62  Perry        Bennett        18     M                                                                                 
    Perry        Edwin           0     M                               born 27 March 1841                                
62  Perry        Elizabeth      12     F                                                                                 
61  Perry        Frances        38     F  Y 7                                                                            
62  Perry        Frances        14     F                                                                                 
63  Perry        Francis        5      M                                                                                 
61  Perry        John           39     M  Y 7 Carpenter                                                                  
63  Perry        Mary           16     F                                                                                 
63  Perry        Walter         2      M                                                                                 
63  Perry        William        9      M                                                                                 
    Roberts      Mary Ann       0      F                               infant of Wm & Mary Roberts died 29 May 1841      
    Roberts      John                  M                                                                                 
    Roberts      Mary                  F  Y 3                                                                              
    Roberts      Jane                  F      [later Mrs McGahey]                                                                           
    Roberts      William               M  Y 3                                                                            
    Rundle       Ann                   F                                                                                 
    Rundle       Ann                   F     [later Mrs Thomas Bayly]                                                                            
    Rundle       Hannah                F     [later Mrs J. Pennington]                                                                            
    Rundle       John                  M  
    Rundle       Jane                  F                                                      
    Rundle       Richard               M                                                                                 
    Rundle       Richard               M                                                                                 
    Rundle       Sally-Ann             F                                                                                 
    Rundle       William               M 
    Sandercock   Sarah                 F    [later Mrs W. Bassett]                                                     
    Screech      Caroline              F                                                                                 
    Seccombe     John           7      M                                                                                 
64  Seccombe     Richard        35     M  Y 2 Agr. Labourer                                                              
64  Seccombe     Sally          33     F  Y 2                                                                            
64  Seccombe     William Henry  8      M                                                                                 
    Shaw         Ebenezer              M                                                                                 
    Shaw         James T.              M                               Schoolmaster                                      
    Shaw         Jane                  F                                                                                 
    Shaw         Lydia                 F                                                                                 
    Shaw         Mary Ann              F    [later Mrs Henry Halse]                                                                             
    Shaw         Matilda               F                                                                                 
    Shaw         Sarah                 F     [later Mrs Douglas]                                                                            
    Shaw         William               M                                                                                 
78  Shaxon       Mary Ann       20     M  Y                                                                               
78  Shaxon       William        23     M  Y   Agr. Labourer                                                              
    Shepherd     John                  M                                                                                 
    St. George   George                M                                                                                 
    Veale        Hannah                F   [later Mrs Dingle]                                                                              
    Veale        Jane                  F   [later Mrs Black]                                                                              
    Veale        John                  M                                                                                 
    Veale        Mrs. John             F                                                                                 
    Veale        Prudence              F   [later Mrs Skinner]                                                                               
    Veale        Thomas                M                                                                                 
    Wallace      John                  M                                                                                 
    Wallace      Robert                M                                                                                 
    Webster      Frederick L.          M                                                                                 
    Webster      James                 M  Y 1                                                                              
    Webster      Mrs                   F  Y 1                                                                              
    Webster      William Dawson        0    M                               born 16th March 1841. Named after the Captain.                               
    Williams     John                  M                                                                                 
    Wood         Elizabeth             F                                                                                 
    Wood         Harriet               F                                                                                 
    Wood         Richard               M   
Y = spouse
ch = children

I certify that I have carefully examined this List, and have stated all matters of what it is proper that the Company should be informed whether relating to Passage-Money or otherwise.  The above is examined by me, and admitted to be correct. 
Signed }James Evans Surgeon-Superintendent
          }William Dawson, Commander of the Ship

Males 104
Females 83
Men, women & children 187 equals 137 adults
Plus ship's complement equals over 200 souls

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Amelia Thompson barque, 477 tons
Sailed from Plymouth, 25th March 1841, arrived 3rd Sept, 1841 under the command of William Dawson. James Evans was Surgeon Superintendent. Wm. Thompson was the owner and Osberth Forsyth, the broker. Height between decks 6 and a half feet. John Watson first Mate, Murray second mate. William Black in charge of stores. This was the second of the 6 ships chartered by the Plymouth Company for the transport of goods and colonists to the newly founded settlement of New Plymouth, New Zealand. She was not engaged in the Australian trade route. The Amelia Thompson crossed the equator on 23 April 1841 but the prevailing south winds carried them far to the west and no progress was being made so the decision was made to break the monotony of the voyage and make for Bahia (Salvador), Brazil. After 4 days of replenishing the ship they sailed east around the Cape of Good Hope and passing through Bass Straight, Australia July 15 finally reached the New Zealand coast 28 July. Five days were spent between being becalmed and stormy weather which would not allow them into either Port Underwood (south) or Port Nicholson (north). Eventually they reached Wellington where they spent two weeks. On 13 August they sailed for New Plymouth but experienced similar conditions, having to shelter in tempestuous weather or were becalmed, reaching their destination 3 Sept. It took 13 days to unload passengers and goods as the ship lay many miles off shore as because of danger from currents, surf and reefs. Some of the longboats arrived in darkness and some were overturned but no lives were lost. It is reported there were 7 births and 7 deaths on the voyage. From there the ship returned to London via Batavia and Madras. [Posted to The Ships List by Lorrie Carter - 10 October 1997]

The Amelia Thompson was a sailing bark, built in Sunderland in 1833.
Lloyd's Register of Shipping for 1834-1843 gives the following details for her:
Master: 1834-1835 - W. Pigot
             1836-1838 - Tomlinson
             1839-1843 - Dawson
Owner: 1834-1835 - not given
             1836-1843 - John Pirie (from 1842, Sir John Pirie, bt.) (1781-1851), merchant ship broker and ship owner of   London, sheriff of London and Middlesex 1831;  Alderman of Cornhill ward 1834-1851;  Lord Mayor of  London 1841; created baronet 13 April 1842, in consequence of the  birth of the Prince of Wales during his mayoralty.
Port of Registry:  London
Port of Survey:   1834-1835 - not given
                           1836-1840 - London
                           1840-1843 - Clydeside
Destined Voyage:1834-1835 - not given
                            1836-1838 - Launceston
                            1839-1840 - Sydney
                            1840-1843 - New Zealand
On the morning of 23 May 1843, about 80 miles east by south of Madras, the Amelia Thompson, was suddenly overtaken by a heavy squall, which completely threw her on her beam ends, and she sank.  Seven seamen were drowned;  Captain Dawson and the remaining crew members (the bark appears to have been on a return voyage from Australia, as there is no reference to passengers) were rescued after 2 days [full account in the London Times, 14 September 1843, p. 7e].  For possible additional information on the wreck of the Amelia Thompson, see the casualties in Lloyd's List, indexed since 1838, on microfilm, in the Lloyd's Marine Collection at the Guildhall Library.
[Posted to The Ships List by 23 Oct 1997 Michael Palmer ]

Rutherford and Skinner write on page 137 in  The Establishment of the New Plymouth Settlement in New Zealand. "In Seffern's 'Chronicles of Taranaki,'  Major C. Brown whilst on board the Cornwall (1849) returning to New Plymouth learnt from Captain Dawson the history of the Amelia Thompson.  "After leaving New Zealand in 1841, she went too to the Eastern Seas, and was employed in the China war, before going off to Madras... The vessel, it appears was lost off Madras, where she was 'taken aback', and went down stern first, Captain Dawson and the crew saving themselves in quarter boats.  ."

11 months: The fare for those under one year was nil, because in both the cuddy and steerage classes did not receive any rations.
Yeoman:   Man owning and farming his own land, middle class farmer
Aback:      Against the masts, of sails pressed back by the wind.

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