The 'Ashmore' from London to Nelson in 1854.

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New Zealand Bound
at Nelson and onward to Canterbury and Otago

The following is a transcript from the Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 4 October 1854, Page 2

The "Ashmore," which arrived Sept. 25th from London, has a large number of passengers both for this place and Canterbury. She experienced a terrific storm off the Cape of Good Hope, and was compelled to anchor in the bay yesterday exposed to the fury of a severe equinoctial gale.


Dr. Blackmore, Messrs. W. and H. Blackmore, the Misses Blackmore, Messrs. Matthews, Barnes, Lloyd, Gladstone, Brinckman, Day, Mr. and Mrs. Bridges, Mr. and Mrs. J. M'Kenzie, Mr. and Mrs. R. M'Kenzie and child, Misses Swaine, Tendal, Mortimer. Day, and Hayne, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher and child, Mr. and Mrs. Dashwood, Mr. and Mrs. Hodder and and, Mr. T. Hodder, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin and 7 children, Messrs. Halcombe, Dodsworth, Howard, and Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. Shipley and 3 children, Mr. and Mrs. M'Kenzie and 3 children, Misses Farmer and Hamer, Mrs. Forfar and a children. Mr. and Mrs. Hicks, Messrs. Green, Culling, and Shermer, Mr. and Mrs. Pike, Messrs. E. and J. Clothier and Dodwell, Misses Cole, Lenten, Anstin, Uagrath, and Nash.


The Barque Ashmore, Captain Edwards, 619 tons, anchored in this harbour on Tuesday morning the 26th inst. The Ashmore sailed from Gravesend on Wednesday, May 31st, with about 70 passengers, including 92 chief cabin passengers, besides children. After beating round the North Foreland, she had a fair wind down Channel. The weather was beautiful, but in other respect the vessel was less fortunate, for on the first night several on board were seized with illness, attended with dangerous symptoms, which proved fatal in one case, that of Mr. Martyn, the chief officer, who died on the morning after her departure from Gravesend, and in consequence it was deemed advisable to put into Plymouth for another mate. The vessel anchored in stream? on Friday evening, June 2nd, and remained there until Monday, the 6th, by which time, through the ?? attention of Mr. Fisher, the medical officer, sickness has almost entirely disappeared from on board. On the 5th she sailed with a fair wind, the passengers hoping for a more favourable start the second time. Madeira was sighted on the 14th, the Canariea on the 18th, and the Equator was crossed on July 9th. Here she got good S. E. trades, which carried her into 37 south. She crossed the meridian of Greenwich on the 31st, and rounded the Cape of Good Hope on August 8th. Here she met with calms and adverse winds, which destroyed the hopes hitherto reasonably entertained of making a quick passage. Fine weather was kept until August 19th, latitude 43 S., longitude 57 25' E when she had a gale of wind from the west ; on the 22nd it greatly increased, and lasted until the 24th. On the 25th and 26th it was comparatively calm weather, but on the night of the 20th the gale broke out with renewed violence, and sail was reduced to a dose-reefed main- topsail. The sea very shortly rose fearfully high, and about half past six o'clock on Sunday morning, the 29th, a sea struck the ship, stove in her dead lights, and washed the occupants of the stern cabins out of their beds ; it also carried away one of the boats, washed the captain and the two men at the wheel some distance, and started the poop deck. It continued to blow hard until the evening of the 30th, when the wind abated. The Ashmore passed Van Diemen's Land on Sept. 19th, sighted Cape Farewell on the 23rd, and dropped anchor in Blind Bay on the night of the 24th. On the 26th, she entered Nelson harbour, after having been exposed to the fury of a gale during the whole of Monday, in which she lost an anchor and 100 fathom of chain.


In the Ashmore, from London. 343 pkgs. Morrison and Sounders, 77 do. Nicholson, 3 do. Turner, 14 do. Curtis Brothers, 4 do. Godfrey, 8 do. Curtis Brothers, 88 do. Nicholson, 778 do. Morrison and Sclanden, 85 do. Fell and Co., 1 do. Elliott, 1 do. Monro, I do. Knyvett, 2 do. Ellis, I do. V. Adams, 1 do. Clarice, 3 do. Stafford, 62 do. Curtis Brothers, 9 do. Morrison and ;Sclanders, 73 do. Order, 20 do. and 5 Merino Rams, Dashwood, 41 pkgs. Blackmore, and Sundries for Port Cooper and Otago.