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Immigrants - Diaries
National Library of NZ
Dudding, Horatio, 1843-1915?
Diary of the voyage from London to Canterbury, New Zealand on board the barque Agamemnon, 850 tons register 1872-1873

Maureen Brider with her great-grandfather's diary, written in Arabic
Baines, William Mortimer, fl 1850-1909

Jenkins, Robert, 1812-1895
Sea journal by Robert Jenkins, passenger on the Augustus Caesar to Hobart Town 1835

Wright, Sydney Evelyn Liardet, 1825-1897
Journal extract 1842-1844
MS-Papers-4282 :  41 leaves
Sydney Wright left London on the `Blenheim' on 16 June 1842 and arrived in Wellington on 5 Nov. Later that month he sailed for New Plymouth where he resided until returning to Wellington on 5 Sep 1843. The journal extract covers the period 15 June 1842-26 Feb 1844 and describes the Wrights' voyage to New Zealand and his experiences in New Plymouth and Wellington.

Kimbell Alfred Charles, 1840-1913
Account of the voyage to Australia on the Blue Jacket 1862-1863 and other papers 1840-1913
81-182   75-277

Harris, William, b 1855?
Journal on board the British Empire from London to Auckland 1879-1880

Jones, Warwick J, fl 1980-1990
Diaries of John Steel and Mary Alice Bailey
1883, 1906-1907, 1980
MS-Papers-4283 : 42 leaves
John Steel, a 3rd cabin passenger, sailed from London aboard the `Catalonia' on 1 June 1883 bound for Lyttelton. Mary Alice Bailey sailed from London aboard the `Rimutaka' on 29 November 1906. She arrived in Lyttelton on 15 Jan 1907 and then transshipped to the `Tarawera', arriving in Auckland on 20 Jan. John Steel's diary covers the period 29 May-23 June 1883 and ends when the `Catalonia' was 4 days south of the equator. Mary Alice Bailey's diary covers the period 29 Nov 1906 - 23 Jan 1907. Included are biographical notes made by transcriber.

Hunt, Nicholas Irwin, fl 1862-1863
Diary on board the Cairngorm / transcribed by John MacGibbon 12 Sep-4 Oct 1862, 1998

Hutton, Robert, 1849-1946
Notes taken on a voyage from Greenock to Dunedin in the province of Otago, NZ, in the ship Cartsburn of Greenock, commanded by Captain J Young 8 Apr- [ca 8 Jul 1874] MS-1066. Ttranscribed by Marsha Donaldson. 8 Apr-8 Jul 1874 MS-Papers-7153

Rands, F, fl 1989
Papers relating to the ship Cartvale
1874, 1989

Rands' collection of material relates to the immigrant ship `Cartvale', which departed London 24 Jun 1874 and arrived Wellington 15 Oct 1874. Rands' ancestors were on this voyage.
The collection comprises transcriptions of original diaries held by the Library, George Smith - Diary of a voyage to New Zealand (MS-Papers-0309); and Edwin Selby - Shipboard diary (MS-1867) The diaries describe the journey from the emigrants' homes to the ship, the passage to New Zealand, including details of weather, shipboard conditions, entertainments and fauna. The diary transcripts are accompanied by transcripts of clippings about the `Cartvale', published in the `Evening Post'. The first entry dated 20 June 1874 relates to the immigrant ship `Cartvale', which departed London 24 Jun 1874 and arrived Wellington 15 Oct 1874. Rands' ancestors were on this voyage.

Roberts, William Godfrey, fl 1863-1864
Diaries 26 Oct 1863-9 Feb 1864
MS-Papers-4325 : 102 leaves
William Godfrey Roberts travelled from London to Dunedin in 1863. He later settled in South Australia. The diary describes the voyage from London to Dunedin on the barque `Cecilia'. It discusses shipboard activities, the personalities of fellow passengers and weather conditions.

Parnell, Catherine Miller, b 1853
Papers of Janet Taylor and Henry Parnell and papers and diary relating to Caduceus
[ca 1870-1871] 89-048

Locke, Frederick James, 1839-1915
Diary 1872-1909 : 2 folder(s)
Ref. No : MS-Papers-4877
Diary written by Locke on board the `Charlotte Gladstone'. Covering the period 29 Oct 1872-16 Feb 1873, the diary gives a day to day account of the voyage from Gravesend to Port Chalmers including mention of a party of Brogden's workers on board and the high number of deaths due to typhoid. Diary entries for 1891 to 1896 describe Locke's life in the Riverton area, and 1899 entries describe a voyage made to Jersey and Guernsey Islands, London and Paris. The final entries cover the period 1901 to 1909 when Locke lived in Riverton and Invercargill. Also included is a typescript of the part of the diary describing the voyage on the `Charlotte Gladstone', biographical information about Locke and his family and `Otago Daily Times' entries about the voyage of the `Charlotte Gladstone'. Copy also held by Hocken Library
Iles, James, fl 1861
Shipboard diary on board the Chile 29 Aug-10 Dec 1861
Ashton, Thomas Atherton, b 1853
Diary kept by Thomas A Ashton during voyage out to New Zealand in the Clyde 1883, [1997]

Bovis, Henry, fl 1874
A diary of my voyage [Conflict] from London to Wellington 7 May-4 Aug 1874

Franklin, William, b 1855?
Journal kept on board the Conflict 1874

Greenfield, John, fl 1908
A short diary of my voyage to New Zealand per RMS Corinthic / transcribed by Lois Farrow 17 Sep-6 Nov 1908, n d

McKee, James, 1854-1943
Diary 1880-1881
James McKee was a 26-year-old steerage passenger on board the `Dunloe' which departed London on 29 Aug 1880 and arrived Auckland 9 Dec 1880. The diary describes voyage to New Zealand in 1880. The entries note weather conditions, fauna and shipboard entertainments and also gives McKee's initial impressions of Auckland. The final entry is dated March 1881. Also included is a typed transcript of the diary compiled by the donor which includes details about the ship and its passengers.

Manning, William, 1845-1905
Diary on board the Edwin Fox Dec 1874-Apr 1875

Griffiths, John, b 1853
On board the Euterpe to New Zealand 14 Dec 1875-8 May 1876

Papps, Joseph Frederick, 1848-1938
Log of the ship Forfarshire / transcribed by an unknown hand 12 Nov 1872-25 Feb 1873

Smith, George Frederick, 1857-1934
Diary on board the Halcione 15 Aug 1877-Apr 1878

Williams, Sarah - Journal on board the Hamilla Mitchell /  transcribed by Marsha Donaldson 15 Aug-30 Nov 1853
MS-Papers-5865-3   MS-Papers-6981

Short account of voyage from Plymouth to New Zealand on the Hereford Oct-Dec 1879

Robertson, George Stephen, 1827-1881
Journal of voyage aboard James Nicol Fleming / transcribed by Keith Richard Cowie 3 Aug-26 Oct 1870, [1994]

MacGregor, Agnes Susan Craig, 1866-1962
Diary 1881-1886 :62 leaves
MacGregor was born in Scotland in 1866. In 1881 her father, the Rev Dr James MacGregor, left his teaching post at the New Free College at Edinburgh and emigrated with his wife and nine children to New Zealand. One child died during the voyage. The family settled in Dunedin for five months and then Rev McGregor answered a call to St Columba's Church in Oamaru. The diary was written by Agnes as a young woman of 14 on board the `Jessie Redman' which departed Greenock on 15 July 1881 and arrived at Port Chalmers on 24 October 1881.
MacGregor records the family's activities, shipboard events and travel conditions; later entries describe family life in Dunedin and Oamaru and the diarist's impression of herself (15 Jul 1881-6 Jun 1886)

Sidwell, Frederick William, fl 1859-1860
Diary of voyage on the Jura 1859-1860

Beavan, John, fl 1906
Diary on board the SS Kumara 26 Jul-15 Sep 1906

Shipboard diary kept on board the Lady Jocelyn  19 May-18 Aug 1878

Lady Jocelyn 1878-1879   to Auckland Shipboard journal and reminiscence
Ref. No. : MS-Papers-4339     1 folder(s) (29 leaves)
Samuel Macauley was born in 1861 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He travelled to New Zealand with his parents and sisters in 1879. The diary was written on board the Lady Jocelyn which departed from Belfast in May 1878 and arrived at Auckland in Aug 1878. Eleven leaves of the diary concern the voyage, the remaining entries are a `brief retrospective of his life'. Also includes a partial record of temperatures, 16 May-19 Jun 1878, recorded by the surgeon superintendent; abstract of the ship's log, 21 May-17 Aug 1878; partial list of single men on board; copy of printed brochure re Katikati settlement.

The Lady Jocelyn Courier 18 Dec 1880
Ref. No. : MS-Papers-0553 1 folder(s) (9 leaves)
Newspaper written on board the ship `Lady Jocelyn' on 18 Dec 1880 from London to Tauranga by William Malo de Rune Barclay 1842-1938(Captain). Includes article `Life in the 2nd cabin'.

Carr, F, fl 1880-1881 Personal records Reminiscences (1941-1942)
Emigration in the eighties from England to New Zealand in the Lady Jocelyn
Ref. No. : MS-Papers-0893 1 folder(s) (21 leaves)
Carr came to New Zealand with his parents, brothers and sisters. Memories of the voyage made by F Carr as a child to New Zealand on the `Lady Jocelyn', Sept 1880-Jan 1881.

Wright, Alfred, fl 1884-1885
Letters 17 Feb 1884-3 Jan 1885 Personal records Correspondence
Ref. No. : MS-Papers-1755  2 folder(s)
Letters from Wright to family in England describing voyage to Auckland on the `Lady Jocelyn', his work as carpenter on arrival and comments on social and economic conditions. One letter is written on the `Ruapehu', in the English Channel (3 Dec 1885).

Fielder, Eliza, fl 1880-1881
Journal / with transcript by Thelma Burrow
Display Dates : 1880-1881, 1886
Ref. No. : MS-Papers-4180 : 1 folder(s)
Joseph and Mary Chappell sailed from London to Tauranga aboard the `Lady Jocelyn', Sep 1880-Jan 1881. Joseph Bygrave Chappell d. 1916 , a carpenter, worked in the Tauranga district and Te Puke. Eliza Fielder was Mary Chappell's mother. The journal is based on letters written to Eliza Fielder by her daughter Mary and her son-in-law, detailing their experiences. Chappell, Joseph. Chappell, Mary (Fielder) d 1926.

Weston, Ernest Charles, 1866-1926 Diaries
Display Dates : 1885-1888
Ref. No. : MS-Papers-4517 : 3 folder(s)
Diaries give a very full description of Weston's journey to New Zealand on board the `Lady Jocelyn' and his travels around New Zealand. Ernest Weston and his brother Harold travelled as 2nd cabin passengers.

Smith, John, fl 1880-1881
Notes on my voyage to Auckland in the ship Lady Jocelyn and the first six weeks experience of life in that Province. 26 Sep 1880-16 Feb 1881
Ref. N0. : MS-1958 : 1 volume(s) (79 leaves)
Typescript from original manuscript now in Aberdeen begun 15 November 1880 from notes started on 26 September at the time of embarkation. Smith notes that he rewrote the book on 14th, 15th and 16th February 1881 at Waerangi, Rangiriri, because `the rolling of the ship made the original such a scrawl'.
Smith began his account on 26 September when he, his wife Jeannie and family embarked on the `Lady Jocelyn' as 3rd cabin passengers. He describes in some detail his fellow passengers and the daily events on board, as well as his first six weeks in Auckland and its environs. Included is an extract from the log of the `Lady Jocelyn'.

Pearson, George Robert, 1858-1908 Diary 1880-1881
Ref. No. : Micro-Ms-0167 1 microfilm reel(s) (ca 600 pages)
Diary kept by Pearson on board the `Lady Jocelyn' for Auckland; he was a 2nd cabin passenger (22 Sep 1880-8 Jan 1881). Includes the signatures of some of the cabin passengers.

Passenger contract ticket 23 Mar 1878
Ref. No : MS-Papers-7255 : 1 folder(s)
Collection Record : Warnock, Thomas, 1850?-1939 : Shipboard diary and other papers (MS-Group-1044) Passengers contract ticket issued by Shaw, Savill & Co for Thomas Warnock for a passage aboard the `Lady Jocelyn' from Belfast to Auckland, 1878.

 Edwards, David Alexander S, fl 2002
Larkins, a shipboard diary 1849, 1996

Thompson, Thomas John, 1814-1900
Letter/diary and diary written on board Lord Auckland / transcribed by Marsha Donaldson
22 Sep 1841-7 Mar 1842 MS-Papers-7245

Moore, George, 1805-1877
Ship's journal of a voyage on board the ship Martha Ridgway from London to New Zealand 9 Jul-14 Nov 1840

Wallace, Isabella Ritchie, 1840?-1926
Diaries on board the Nelson and the Ionic 15 Jul-11 Nov 1863, 1886

McDowell, John, b 1838?
Diary on board the Oamaru  19 Sep-Dec 1876, 1993

Mackenzie, W G, fl 1880
Log of a voyage from London to Port Lyttelton, New Zealand per the New Zealand Shipping Co ship Orari 6 Feb-18 May 1880 MS-1187 

Gray, Albert, b 1839
Diary 1850-1860 
MS-Papers-4393  : 22 leaves
Albert and his brother Henry Gray sailed from London in November 1855 aboard the `Oriental' and landed at Auckland in February 1856. They farmed on various properties in Canterbury and Albert left NZ permanently in 1882.  The reminiscences describe Gray's childhood in Somersetshire, his voyage out to NZ on the `Oriental' and his farming experiences in Canterbury during the 1850s and 1860s.

Harris, William Prole, fl 1881-1882
Diary of a voyage from Gravesend to Auckland 1881-1882
91-073 : 16 leaves
W P Harris immigrated to New Zealand with his wife Elizabeth and nine children. Copy of the diary of the voyage from Gravesend to Auckland NZ per ship `Oxford' under Captain Braddick. Left Gravesend 3 December 1881 and arrived at Auckland 10 March 1882.

Ring, James, 1856-1939
Diary of my voyage from London to Wellington, New Zealand, in the ship Pleione / transcribed by Marsha Donaldson
30 Mar-16 Jul 1879, 2002
MS-Papers-7512, MS-Papers-0640,  (photocopy of MSX-2941)

MacLean, William Herries, b 1839
Shipboard diary from the Prince of Wales, London to Port Chalmers 22 Feb-30 Jun 1863

Murtagh, R W (Dr), fl 2005
Transcripts of shipboard diaries from the voyage of the Prince of Wales 1863

Arnold, James E, fl 1865
Diary kept on board the Resolute 1865

GAM, fl 1891
Shipboard diary aboard the Rimutaka 29 Jul-12 Aug 1891

Coleman, Catherine Jane, 1842-1916
Journal of a voyage on the St Leonards 9 Jul-26 Sep 1872

Kater, William Henry, b 1816
Journal of a voyage to New Zealand on board the barque Sir Charles Forbes / transcribed by Marsha Donaldson
1 May-20 Aug 1842 MS-Papers-7160

Diary of voyage of Sir Edward Paget / transcript and introduction by Terry Logan
9 Aug-30 Dec 1850, [2004]

Taylor, John Matthew, 1817?-1880
Journal of a voyage in the Sir John Falstaff 7 Oct, 8 Nov 1840-29 Mar 1841, 20 Oct-9 Nov 1842

Gimblett, James Parsons, 1851-1884
Shipboard diary on board the Soukar 1875-1876

Bowmar, Joseph, 1832-1908
Diary kept by Joseph Bowmar of voyage form England to New Zealand aboard the Talbot 1864
MS-Papers-4287  : 9 pages
Joseph Bowmar of the Channel Islands, with his wife and three children, sailed form Gravesend aboard the Talbot on 2 Aug 1864. They arrived in Auckland on 21 Dec and settled at Te Arai, Northland
Scope and Contents : Diary covers the period 31 July-21 Dec 1864 and describes the progress of the ship, events on board and mentions fellow passengers.

Hurst, Christopher John, 1835-1918
Diary on board the Waitangi 30 Jun-10 Oct 1880

Stokes, Thomas Oliver, b 1858
Shipboard diary written during the voyage of the Wanganui to Port Chalmers / transcribed by Marsha Donaldson
6 Sep-8 Dec 1879 MS-Papers-7161

Grant, George, b 1859?
Notes of the voyage in the Zealandia from London to Wellington New Zealand  4 Jun-1 Nov 1877 / transcribed by Marsha Donaldson
MS-0867  MS-Papers-7148

Bridge, Thomas Richard, 1844-1928
Diary kept on board the Zealandia 15 Apr-24 Jul 1884, 1994

Christie, Agnes Cunningham, fl 1879-1893
Diary 1879, 1881
Stephens, Samuel, 1803-1855
Letters and journals, at Nelson
1841-1844, 1844-1852, 1852-1854, 1935-1936

Peace, Margaret S, fl 1864-1865
Journal of a voyage from St John's, Newfoundland to Auckland, New Zealand 1864-1865
Tasker, Marianne Allen, 1853-1911
Journal kept during my voyage to New Zealand by Marianne Allen Manchester Apr 1870-Jul 1871
Darling, George, b 1814?
Diary May-Oct 1841
Coulthard, John, fl 1880
Diary 1879-1881

Kennaway family
Diaries and papers 1851-1853
Fowler, John Coulson, 1850?-1923
A true & correct account of the voyage of two young coves 30 Sep 1879-2 Jan 1880
Hodder, Emma, b 1846?
Diary 30 Jun-29 Sep 1869
Wilson, William Henry, fl 1860-1885
Papers  1860-1885
Wright, John Wyndham, fl 1973
History of the Wright family 1802-1973 (1973)
Boyle, James, 1835-1897?
Shipboard diary 1856-1857
Hillas, Agnes, fl 1877
Diary 16 Jan-14 Apr 1877
MS-0993   MS-Papers-1758 
White, Edwin, fl 1874
Journal 2 May-Aug 1874
Brough, Elizabeth, b 1854/1855
Diary of our voyage to New Zealand 13 Jun-2 Sep 1874
Horneman, Frederick Edward, 1808-1872
Diary 19 Jul 1852-6 Jan 1853 MS-Papers-2196

Parkinson, Thomas, 1824-1889
Journal 1842-1843 [The Bombay to Nelson]
Simpson, John, 1841-1911
Diary  1874-1875 (1981)
Cuthill, Robert, 1855-1929
Journal May-Jul 1896
Anderson, John, fl 1864
Diary of a passage from Glasgow to Otago 1864
Dempster, Elizabeth Aitken, fl 1883
Shipboard diary 1883
Walton, Oliver, fl 1879
Diary of voyage to Port Lyttelton, New Zealand
18 Jun-25 Sep 1879
Kingsnorth, Charles John, 1851-1927
Diary 1874-1875
Cardwell, John, b 1853?
Record of voyage to New Zealand in the year 26 Jun-2 Oct 1881 qMS-0391
Farr, Everard Charles, fl 1849-1850
A handy passenger 19 Nov 1849-15 Jun 1850
Christie, Andrew, fl 1879
A log, or diary of what befel A Christie 8 Aug-3 Dec 1879
MS-0503 MS-Papers-7034
White, Henry James, 1846-1914
Diary of a journey from London to Plymouth and from Plymouth to Wellington 1877-1878
Freakes, Charles M, fl 1906
Diary 19 Oct-6 Dec 1906
Paetz, Alfred Ross b 1883
Diary of a trip, Gloucester N J to Wellington, New Zealand 1907
Bent, Robert, fl 1868-1879
Journal 3 Jul 1868-22 Jan 1869

Bent, Robert, fl 1868-1879
Journal / transcribed by Marsha Donaldson 7 Jul 1868-22 Jan 1869 MS-Papers-4733

Murray, John, fl 1839-1843
Journal 1839-1843

Burnett, George, b 1817
Batten down the hatch  1 Oct 1850-24 Jan 1851
Parr, James, fl 1857-1868
Journal of James Parr and letters of Mary, James and Will Parr 1857-1868
Nurse, Elizabeth, b 1865
Diary / transcribed by Marsha Donaldson 1883, 1991
Annabell, Joseph, 1815-1893
Journal 1852
Beaven, G, fl 1852-1853
Papers 1852-1853 (1939)
Brooks, William, fl 1879-1880
Diary of William Brooks 1879-1880
D'Arcy, Eleanor M, fl 1914
Diary of my voyage to New Zealand 28 Aug 1914MS-0662
Jack, John, 1828-1909
Notes of a voyage from Edinburgh to Wellington, New Zealand via London 1883-1884
Jollie, Margaret, b 1862
Diary 27 Mar-4 Jun 1877
Watkin, James, fl 1931-1932
Scrapbook containing diary and newspaper clippings concerning James Watkin, John Baker and Canterbury
[ca 1931-1932] MSX-2752

Petre, Mary Ann Eleanor, 1825-1865
Diary 4 Aug 1842-20 Jan 1844

Rhodes, Thomas, 1857-1931
Diary / transcribed by Joan and Jock Rhodes 1878-1879
Ward, Charles Dudley Robert, 1827-1913
Papers 1842-1866
Pearson, George Robert, 1858-1908
Diary 1880-1881
Denton, George, 1833-1910
Journal 1855-1856, 1862
Goodbehere, Emily M, 1851-1901
Diary 1879-1880, 1893-1894
Brewer, Robert, 1853-1924
Papers 1883-1884
Scott, Thomas, 1821-1901
On the road to Havelock, New Zealand  1875, 1980s
Hull, Charles William, 1868-1946
Diary / by Charles William Hull and Horace Henry Hull 1890-1892, n d

Christie, Henry Flockhart, 1841-1924
Journal kept by Henry F Christie during a voyage to Auckland, New Zealand Dec 1862-Apr 1863

Corbett, George, 1855-1946
Diaries 1879, 1891

Herries, William Herbert  - Diary 1881

Miller, Henry Herbert (Harry), fl 1886
Diaries and papers 1886-1920

Stokes, Thomas Oliver - Diary 6 Sep-8 Dec 1879

Wilson, William Henry fl 1860-1885
Diary / transcribed by Alan Thompson Aug-Dec 1860, 1996
MS-Papers-5743, MSY-4314

Gordon, R E, fl 1907
A few details of a voyage to New Zealand / with transcription by M A Haase 14 Nov 1907-1 Jan 1908, [1998]

Allen, Joseph, fl 1850-1874
Diaries 1874, 1997

Letter from Joseph Dinsdale 31 Oct 1878
Holmes, Henry, 1854-1911
Diary / transcribed by John C Holmes 1874-1876, 1998
Blackadder, David, fl 1884
Diary 1 Mar-15 Apr 1884
Phillips, Coleman, 1846-1925
Diary and commonplace book 1869-1881

Kemp, Jill R, fl 1990s
Papers relating to Sanderson family history 1851-1852, 1995-1996

Bamford, Philip, 1864-1932
England to Australia in 1890 / transcribed and edited by John Bamford Oct-Nov 1890, 1998-1999

Taylor, John Matthew, 1817?-1880
Journal / transcribed by Stephen O'Regan 7 Oct 1840, 8 Nov 1840-29 Mar 1841, 20 Oct-9 Nov 1842

Nelson, William, fl 1855-1887
Diary Jan 1855-Jun 1866, Jun-Jul 1887

Bailey, James Lugsdin, b 1827
Diary / transcribed by Dick Williams Jun-Nov 1850, Apr 1999

John Leighton - Diary 4 Oct 1858-6 Feb 1859

Diary of John Hursthouse (transcript)
1 Aug 1842-Feb 1843

Taylor, Amelia Adelaide, 1832-1899
Emigrant's journey to New Zealand 1854, 1860, 1987

Papers relating to William Stanton and his family 1841-2001 MS-Papers-7229

Rolleston family Papers 1858 (2001), 1900, 1946

Watts, Francis Henry, 1830-1867
Shipboard diary / transcribed and edited by Judith Clark
19 Oct 1851-10 Feb 1852, 2001-2002

 Wilson, John James, 1840-1918
Journal of voyage from London to Auckland New Zealand 8 Dec 1861-8 Apr 1862

Hall, William Arthur, 1891-1915
Diary and certificate 19 Mar 1913-14 Dec 1914, 1918

Abrahamson, Jenny, 1944-
Biographical notes on Henry Thorne Shepherd
[2003] MS-Papers-8251

Prendeville, J S - Diary of journey to New Zealand
25 Jun-24 Oct 1872 MS-Papers-8348-02

Stephens, Samuel, 1803-1855
Letters and journals at Nelson 1841-1854, 1935-1936

Oliver, James Lawrie
Shipboard diary 15 Dec 1858-23 May 1859