Auckland - Bound

Auckland - New Zealand Bound

New Zealand Bound


Auckland had been selected as the capital of New Zealand by Captain Hobson in 1840 as he liked the isthmus.  The port is on the east coast of North Island and is situated on the sparkling waters of  Waitemata Harbour surrounded by the city.  Onehunga is situated on the west coast of the North Island and on the northeast shore of the immense Manukau Harbour, 27km from the Tasman Sea entrance.  21st May 1842 the barque Louisa Campbell, Captain Darby, with the first immigrants direct from the UK for Auckland arrived, chartered by a company formed by a few gentlemen in the Bay of Islands, in the year 1839.  The leading spirit of the party was Captain Heale, who was part owner and captain of an East India ship named the Aurora. This ship brought out immigrants for the Port Nicholson Company. Having landed his passengers Capt. Heale proceeded to Hokianga to load spars for the British navy. In going out of this port he lost his ship. He and his crew proceeded overland to the Bay of islands where he met a few adventurous spirits who formed a company. Capt. Heale was commissioned to proceed to N. American to obtain a steam sawing establishment. He arrived back via England with a steam saw mill with a frame and circular saw, a Cornish beam engine and boiler and a two storyed house, bricks, lime, cement and all things necessary to establish a mercantile house. Any spare space was filled with camp ovens, "go-ashores," blankets, etc, for native trade. The schooner Osprey, under the command of Captain Sedgwick, with eleven hands, was purchased to be freight all this out. Among the passengers were the mill engineer (Mr Russell) and wife and family, the mill manager (Mr Coldicutt), with wife and five children. Three gentlemen farmers also took passage. Dr Walter Lee was appointed to look after the little company. The ship landed the house and merchandise at Auckland and then to the Manukau harbour to land the saw mill.

Captain Heale chartered and filled up with cargo and passengers the barque Louisa Campbell, commanded by Captain Darby, and a  fine stalwart crew of 18 hands all told. Dr. Morrison was ship's doctor. Captain Heale decided to take passage in the vessel. Her cabin accommodation was soon taken up by the following passengers, namely, Rev. G. S. Kissling, wife and family, Rev. Mr. Spencer, wife and two children (one born at sea), Mr. and Mrs. Williams, three children (one born at sea), and servant, Mr. Berry (first sheriff of Auckland) and Mrs. Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Hallimore, Mr. Coney, Mr. Appleyard (the donor of the south corner section of Queen and Shortland-street to St. John's College), Mr. and Mrs. George, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Robinson and family, Mrs. Wagget and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Tidmarsh and three children, Mr. B. Hughes, wife and family, Messrs. Moffat (dentist), and Mark Dent, and a number of single men, one of their number being married at sea by the Rev. Mr. Kissing. Thus there was one marriage, two births and two christening at sea. All arrived well, off the North Head, on the 21st May, 1842. At this point, Captain Rough took charge and brought her up, and let go the anchor off Point Britomart. Captain Darby then gave the order to fire a salute of thirteen guns. The schooner Osprey arrived 14 days before the barque.

Residing in Auckland  about that time: Governor Hobson, a company of the 80th Regiment, Judge Martin, Attorney-General Swainson, Dr. Davis, wife, and family, Captain Kane, Captain Stewart, Captain Reed, Brown and Campbell, Henderson and Macfarlane, Williamson and Crummer, Mr. and Mrs. Thosmas Russell, sen., Mr. and Mrs. Laurie, Mr. Hart, wife, and eon, Mr. and Mrs. Deacon and family, Mr. and Mrs. Constable, Mr. C. J. Stone, wife, and family, Gibson and Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Wilson and family, Mr. and Mrs. bacon and family, Mr. and Mrs. Turtley, Mr. and Mrs. Osborne and family, Mr. and Mrs. Forbes, Mr. and Mrs. Makepeace and family, Messrs. Dudley Sinclair, T. S. Forsaith, McLaughlin, Currie, J. Oakes, H. Hardington, Alex. Black, Watson, I'. Doyle, Currie, Duncan, J. White, J. I. Montefiore, D. Nathan, Joseph Moore, J. Williamson, Barry, James Robertson, Shortland, O'Neill, McDonald, Henry, Hughes, Peter Grace, Wood, Win, Goodfellow, J. Falwasser, Macdonnell, Joseph Newman. Ref. New Zealand Herald, 21 May 1892, Page 6

The first large party of immigrants arrived on aboard the Duchess of Argyle and the Jane Gifford on 10th Oct 1842. The wharf. The magnificent land-locked estuary, 73 square miles of water, Auckland (Waitemata) Harbour is situated at the head of the Hauraki Gulf . The inner or commercial harbour in 1927 was approached by the Rangitoto Channel, which is half to a mile wide and had a depth of 31ft 6" at low water, Spring tides (average rise and fall of tide 8ft to 12 ft.)

Passenger lists

The handwritten register of the 'Old Colonists Association Register' Auckland [213 viewable pages]
The names shown are those that have been in the colony for at least 50 years, so their recall of the ships arrival date is probably, in a lot of cases, from memory, so be prepared to find that some may be a year or two out. As it is dated 50+ years AFTER the ships arrival, it shows the married names of the children who came on the various ships, which in turn included the spouses name at the time and date and place of birth and if they arrived by boat it invariably shows that ships name and in some cases the spouses parents names and mother's maiden name. write-up


A Pensioner Fencible Soldier was a person who had served time overseas for his country - Ireland - usually in India or Malta - had got sick or hurt in one of those places - was still fit enough to be in the army but unfit for active service, they were then sent back home - Ireland. In 1847 Governor Sir George Grey requested men to defend Auckland NZ against the Maoris uprising. The requests went to England, Ireland and Scotland. The men had to be 5' 6" and over, good character, in return they would be given free passage for themselves and family, cottage and 1 acre of land on the outskirts of Auckland, for seven years service in NZ. They only had to report to parade on a Sunday to collect their pension, otherwise they were free to work for anyone or do what they liked during the week but if needed had to muster immediately to protect Auckland against the Maori. There was only ever one muster called and there was never a shot fired. There was in all ten ships that came to NZ. 'Ann', Berhampore, Berwick Castle, Clifton, Inchinnan, Minerva, Oriental Queen, Ramillies, Sir George Seymour, Sir Robert Sale, between 1847 - 1852.
The Royal NZ Fencibles
Waikato Scheme Star of India passenger lists

The Ann left Gravesend England 5th Oct 1847 for Ireland, left there 25th Dec 1847, stopped five days in the Cape of Good Hope for repairs, arriving in Auckland 17 May 1848. There was three fires on board, they ran out of salt, three birth and twelve deaths. Captain C.S. Walker in charge. 74 pensioners, 70 women, 153 children.

All the other ships are well documented but the 'Ann' is not she just appeared and then disappeared into the mist two months later in July in ballast for Hong Kong, never to be heard of again.  She was built in Bombay in 1812 by J.J. Griffiths for the English Armada, containing gun turrets but the guns were never fitted and she was never used for the purposed she was built for. Auckland Public Library and Auckland Museum Library have information on the Fencibles.

Ruth Alexander with Alan la Roche and Gail Gibson The Royal New Zealand Fencibles, 1847-1852. Auckland, NZ: New Zealand Fencible Society, [1997] History of the Howick, Auckland area. Details on the book are as follows: 
The Royal New Zealand Fencibles 1847-1852. Published in 1997 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Fencibles to New Zealand. The book is comprised of two sections. Part one records the events that gave rise to their formation, the terms and establishment of the corps and the history and development of the Fencible villages: Part two contains brief biographies in essay form of the Fencible men and their families. Included is a large number of photographs, documents, maps and pictures. It is A4 in size, 256 pages, soft cover at a cost of $30 including p&p within NZ. Overseas prices on application. The book can be obtained from the Society's address.  Written to record and preserve the history of the "Royal It records the conditions of service for these pensioned soldiers who enlisted from England and Ireland and came to New Zealand at Govenor Grey's request, during the years 1847-1852. It records their arrival in New Zealand in ten ships, and the affect their lives had on the four villages of Onehunga, Howick, Panmure and Otahuhu.

The New Zealand Fencible Society is now contactable on the Internet at or mailing list

Emigrant Vessels

Carter Family Auckland  Ramillies | Drover | Euphemus | Earl Derby | William Miles 5 lists
Pearl's Pad  recreated Passengers on the 'S.S. Auckland'; 1863. 'Chariot of Fame'; arr. 1864, & troops ship 'Light Brigade', arr. 1864. Including the Berwick Castle and the Inchinnan
Ships into Auckland 1840s
Auckland Arrivals 1840s
Helen's list for Auckland
"Empress" arrived in Auckland 14 May 1865 from England.  Passenger list as reported in the NZ Herald
"England" arrived Auckland 9th Feb 1867
"Lord Burleigh" arrived Auckland 8 Aug 1856
"Northern Bride": Sailed from Liverpool on 13 June 1860, bound for Auckland.
"Jane Gifford": barque, 558 tons, (b.1840) Capt. George Mason: Maiden voyage;1840: Plymouth, 2.10.1840 to Sydney, 13.2.1841 with 257 immigrants, 1841: +Report + Certificate, by Surgeon Chas Gordon, Archives Office of NSW reel 1329
1842: same bark, Greenock, 18.6 crossed the line 29.7, Tasmania sighted 28.9 and arrived in Auckland 9.10.1842, Vol., 23. No. 217 (Sep'92) + Account, based on Robert Graham's diary (see vol.1) NZ Genealogist. Reference: Log of Logs Vol. 2., White Wings Vol. 2 also has account of the voyage based on Robert Graham's diary.

The ships listed below all arrived into the port of Auckland 1864-65






Steinwarder 14 Oct. 1864   Bombay list jubilee 18 Mar.1865
Alfred 16 Nov. 1864   Louisa 28 Mar. 1865
Helenslee 22 Dec.1864   Viola 04 Apr.1865
Maori 23 Dec. 1864   Dauntless 15 May 1865
Matoaka 03 Jan. 1865   Lancashire Witch 02 Jun.1865
Eveline 22 Jan. 1865   Resolute 21 Jun.1865
Ganges 14 Feb. 1865   Reihersteig 24 Dec.1865

Reference: Papers Past

New Zealand Herald, 10 October 1903, Page 6 AUCKLAND'S PIONEERS.
Among those present were: Mrs. Coyle : (ship Brilliant, 1841) (only survivor of the Brilliant)
Mrs. J. Hooker, son.,
Mrs. Captain Marks (Timandra, 1842)
Mrs. Renner, Bay of Islands
Mrs. H. Allies (Timandra, 1842)
Mrs. J. Robertson (Chelydra, 1840)
James Lye (William Bryan, 1841
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGee (Westminster, 1840)
Daniel Frieland (Jane Gifford. 1842)
Mrs. Carter, Bay of Islands (1840)
Mrs. Wilson (first steamer to Auckland)
Mrs. Murphy (Canton. 1837)
Mrs. Chapman, descendant of J. Coldicutt (Osprey, 1842)
Mrs. Cholwill (Oriental, 1843)
Mrs. Nazer, born Kawhia
Mr. James Robertson, Mangere
Mrs. Robert Froude, Rocky Nook (1843)
John Gordon (Westminster, 1843)
R. B. Shutters
David Russell (Jane Gifford, 1842)
Mrs. Young (Westminster, 1845)
William Webster, Hokianga
G. J. Lawlor, son of H. C. Lawlor (Brilliant, 1841)
Mr, and Mrs. Caradus (Duchess of Argyle and Jane Gifford, 1842)
Mrs. Robert Strong (Lord Burleigh)
Miss Andrew (Duchess of Argyle)
Thomas Tudehope (Duchess of Argyle)
William Thorne (St. George, 1842)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laing (Duchess of Argyle)
W. Culpan (Jane Gifford)
Mrs. T. McClarnon (Louisa Campbell. 1842)
Mrs. T. Craig, sen. (Nankin, 1841)
F. B. Broham (Sir E. Paget, 1850)
Owen C. McGee(Government brig 1839)
J. F. Leighton (William Denny, steamer, 1855)
James Archibald (Chelydra, 1841)
Miss Hepburn (parents in Westminster. 1843)
William Miller, representing S. W. Miller, 89 years (Jane Gifford 1842)
H. N. Warner (schooner Kate, front Sydney)
Mrs. M. McLachlan (Duchess of Argyle)
Mr. Copland (Louisa Campbell, 1844)
Mrs. Copland (Fifeshire, at Nelson, 1842)
Mrs. M. A. Davies and Mrs. J. Simes, daughters of Peter McNair (Duchess of Argyle)
Mrs. C. Bailey (Delhi, 1840)
Mrs. Jackson (Duchess of Argyle)
Mrs. S. Lawrence
Mr. William A. Graham, Hamilton (born New Zealand, 1841)
Mr. C. B. Stone (born New Zealand)
Mrs. W. Kemp
Mrs. R. Laurie .(Duchess of Argyle)
Mrs. W. Kemp (colonial-born, 1834)
Mrs. Young (Duchess of Argyle, 1842)
Mrs. Trevarthen (Jane Gifford, 1842)
Mr. J. Andrew, descendant (Jane Gifford)
Mrs. Laxon (Westminster, 1840)
Mr. William Gorrie (colonial born 1840)
W. H. Neale (Union, 1843)
A. J. Allom. J.P. (Brougham, at Wellington, 1842)
Mr. Robert Carruth (colonial born. 1839)
W. F. Porter (brig Porter, 1841)
Mrs. Owen B. Allom
Captain F. N. Howard, N.Z.M. (Antilla)
H. A. H. Monro (Brazil packet, 1855?)
Mrs. C. Stewart, descendant (1839)
W. J. Parker (colonial-born, 1843)
Mrs. Gibson (Jane Gifford, 1842)
Mrs. Sanson (1839)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott (Jane Gifford)
Ebenezer Baker (colonial-born, 1830)
Mrs. J. McEwan (Duchess of Argyle, 1842)
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Brigham.
Rev. Thomas Norrie, Joseph Fletcher, 1855
Richard Hobbs, native of NZ, father arrived in Bay of islands August 3rd 1823 in the company of Samuel Marsden and nathaniel Turner.

Daily Southern Cross, 28 February 1865, Page 7 Ganges

Daily Southern Cross, 18 November 1843 ARRIVALS.
November 14. Mandarin, T. H. Smith, from London. 13th Jane, and Hobart Town, 2nd November. Passengers. Miss McFarlane, Moser de Witte, Belgian Consul, Madame de Witt, and daughter, Mr. Atkins, Mrs. Atkins, and servant, Messrs. G. & F. Rhodes, Cauckwell, Taylor, Stedman, Upjohn, Alderson, Kelly, St. Amour, Durre. Hayre, wife and son, De Nore, Birtins, Bennet, Miss Sewel; and 31 Parkhurst Boys, with T. F. M'Gauran, Esq., Surg. Superintend.

DEPARTURES. November 14. "Thomas Lord." Brown, for Sydney.
November 16. H.M.S. "North Star," Sir E. Home, with troops for Sydney. Passengers - Dr. Johnson.
Nov. 17. Government brig "Victoria," Richards for Bay of Islands, Taranaki, Nelson, Wellington, and Chatham Islands. Passengers, Messrs. Fleury, Marshall, Boland, and Mrs. Boland.
This day, the "Ariel," for Sydney. Passengers. Wi1liam Wright, Esq., Mrs. Wright, and several persons in the steerage.

Daily Southern Cross
, 2 December 1843 ARRIVALS.
November 27th "William Stoveld," Alexander Davidson, from London, via Nelson and Bay of Islands. Passengers, Messrs. Dunn, Webster, Fitzpatrick, Barber, Haywood, and the Reverend J. Forest. Left London 29th May, and the Bay on the 25th inst.

December 1st. "Lady St. Kilda," Jackson, from Sydney on the 13th ult. Passengers, Mrs. Jackson, two children, and servant, Capt. J. Low, Bengal N.I., Messrs. E. A. Suiverkrop, J. Bastian.
Same day, "Union," Styles, from the Bay of islands. Passengers, Geo. Clarke, Esq., and Mr. Ryder. 
Same day, "Lucidan," schooner. Passengers: Messrs. Henderson and Goodfellow.

New Zealand Gazette and Wellington Spectator, Volume IV, Issue 308, 20 December 1843, Page 4  SYDNEY.
From the Cape of Good Hope. 14th October, the barque Bangalore, 877 tons, Captain Nelson, with a general cargo. Passengers Captain Fitzroy R.N., (Governor of New Zealand,) Mrs. Fitzroy, two daughters, and son, General O'Brien, Mr. A. Osborne, Mr. H..S. Chapman, Mr. H. B. Chapman, Mrs. Chapman, Mr. H. E. Wilmot, Mr. R. C. Barstow, Mr. G. H. Griffiths, ,Mr. R. Hamilton, Mr. James M'Nab, Miss S. M'Nab, Mr W. Hamilton, Mr. C. Harris, Miss Lockyer, Mr. W. B. Hutton, Mr. G. Adamson, Miss Mathews, Mr. and Mrs Vaile and five children, Miss Poole, Mr and Mrs. Lockwood and daughter, Mr. and  Mrs. Brickham, Messrs. Harris, Whalton, Robinson, W. and J. Donaldson : intermediate  .Mr. and Mrs. Goulding, Messrs. Watts, Othu, Chipchace, Mathew, Sutton, Wood, Thompson, Cuff, Brightman, Miss Fuller, Miss Martin, Miss Pratt, Miss Joyce, and Miss Chappell. - Sydney Herald

Daily Southern Cross, Volume 1, Issue 37, 30 December 1843, Page 2
ARRIVALS. December 22. H.M.S. " North Star," 26 guns, Sir E. Home, Bart., C.B., Commander, from Sydney. Passenger. Dr. Johnson, Colonial Surgeon. Dec 23."Bangalore," 900 tons, Capt. Nelson, from Torbay 8th July, and Sydney 10th December, with the following passengers Captain Fitzroy, Mrs. Fitzroy, three children, and three servants, General Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Chapman, Mr. H. S. Chapman,Mr. K. C. Barstow, Mr. Hamilton, Mr C. Harris, Mr. C. Hutton, Mr. J. Thompson, Mr. P. Turner, Mr. H. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Arirh, Mr. G. Mann ; steerage, Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood, Mr. J. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Vayle, and five sons, and three daughters, Messrs. Othea, Chipchase, Mathew, W R. and M. Golding, Sutton, Wood, Caff, Brightman, Fuller, Martin, Spratt, Joyce, Chappell, Anderson , and Miss Poole.

Daily Southern Cross, 29 June 1844, Page 2
ARRIVALS. June 21. "Trypbena," 131 tons, Hindmarsh, from Sydney. Passengers, Mrs. Rich and family, Messrs. Hart, Murray, Harney, and Brickham.
June 27. "Thomas Lord," Brown, master, from Sydney and Russell. Passengers, Messrs. Daldy, T. Simms, L. M. O'Brien, H. Hayward, H. Hogg, Mr. and Mrs. Corfude and two children.
June 27. "Sydney," 350 tons, White, master, from Wellington and London. Passengers - Messrs. G. O. Ormsley, R. Ormsley, F. K. Merriman, G. Anderson and Mrs. Anderson, Miss Sturgeon and Miss Stephenson.
July 28. "Dolphin," Stewart, master, from Russell. The "Ranger" had not arrived at Russell when the "Dolphin" left, and fears are entertained for her safety.

New Zealander, 23 August 1845, Page 2
Inwards -Foreign - August 18. Louisa Campbell, barque, Darby master, from London, via Nelson end Wellington, with sundries. Passengers, Mr.& Mrs. Rich, Mr. & Mrs. Weekes, Messrs. Carlston, Shortland, Reynolds, and Murray. J. Macdougall, Agent. August 22. Lady Leigh, schooner, Reid, master, from Sydney, with sundries. Passengers, Dr. Campbell, Mrs. Owen, Mrs. Harris, and Mrs. Thompson, W. S. Grahame, Agent.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 4 October 1845, Page 121 Auckland
The Louisa Campbell is to sail on the 10th instant, with Major McPherson, Dr. Stewart, ;and seven other cabin passengers already engaged, eight invalids of the 99th Regiment, and six steerage passengers. She has an entire cargo of kauri gum, flax, and bark. Advance, Auckland This will pay for a good many bullocks. She has yet good accommodations for additional passengers, but is full of freight.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 6 February 1847.
The Elora, from London the 3d and the Downs the 12th October, arrived here yesterday, having called at New Plymouth. She therefore made a very fair passage of 107 days. Her passengers speak in the highest terms of the treatment they receiver on the voyage. The next vessel for New Zealand will be the Louisa Campbell, which was to sail on the 3d of December. The Elora took the place of the Gilbert Henderson, which taken off the berth to convey troops to the Cape. The brig Nelson, sailed from Liverpool also on the 3d October.

New Zealander, 3 April 1847, Page 2
March 30. Robert Pulsford, American ship, master, from Sydney. J. S. Polack, agent.
March 31. Emma, brig, Osborne, master, from Sydney. J. Woodhouse, agent. Passengers �

Bradbury 	Mr.  
Codlin 		Mr. J.
Craig 		Mr. and Mrs. and two children
Glaville  	Mr. F.
Gisborne 	Mr. 
Lambert 	Lieut., R. N. 
Sinclair 	Mr.
Kmuear 		Mr. D. 
Smith 		Mr. J. A.
Sotheby 	Capt. , R. N.
McCan 		Mr. and Mrs 
Vincent  	Mr.  

New Zealander
, 20 February 1847, Page 3
An overland from Taranaki arrived in town on Saturday last, bringing us intelligence of the Elora having touched at New Plymouth on the 30th ultimo, from the Downs on the 12th October, after a fine run of a hundred and three days. She landed her mail, the Auckland portion having come to hand, and after discharging a few goods, sailed again on the 1st instant for Nelson, where she calls, as also at Wellington, before finally coming on here. We learn that there are some twenty Cabin passengers on board, eighteen of them being for this place, some of whom are old acquaintances who return once again among us, bringing new friends along with them. This is a pleasing feature. We are ever glad to hail the arrival of new-comers, but when they are introduced to us by old friends, friends who for a time have left us, and have returned again to make this their final resting place a pleasing proof is conveyed to us that our Colony and our Settlement are held in estimation.

New Zealander, 13 March 1847, Page 2
Inwards coastwise - March 7. Elora, ship, 350 tons, Turnbull, master, from London, via Nelson on and Wellington, with sundries.

Bromley 	Mr W.
Clark 		Mr and Mrs
Clarke 		Mr R.
Forsaith 	Miss 
Lowr_?  	Mr 
McCelliway 	Mrs 
McDonald 	Mrs 
Newman 		Mr and Mrs and Miss
Smith 		Mr
Walker 		Mr and Mrs 
Whytlaw 	Mr and Mrs 

New Zealander, 3 April 1847, Page 2
March 30. Robert Pulsord, American ship,  master, from Sydney. J. S. Polack, agent.
March 31. Emma, brig, Osborne, master, from Sydney. Passengers  Capt. Sotheby, R. N., Lieut. Lambert, R. N., Mr. J. A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. McCan, Mr. Gisborne, Mr. Bradbury, Mr. Sinclair, Mr. D. Kmuear, Mr. Vincent, Mr. F. Glaville, Mr. J. Codlin, Mr. and Mrs. Craig , and two children. J. Woodhouse, agent
April 1. Louisa Campbell, barque, Darby, master, from the Downs on the 4th December. Passengers Mr and Mrs. Brown, Master Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, Messrs. McCaskill, Farmer, Noble, and Gibson, and Surgeon Miller, I. N.
The Louisa Campbell has made a quick passage out. She left the Downs on the 4lh Dec, and arrived it this harbour on the 1st April. She has brought but a very small mail, as the Bermondsey, which sailed 5th November, and the Alexandria, on the 2nd December, both P. O. packets, for Sydney, had taken the November and December.

New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, 8 May 1847, Page 2
Auckland Shipping.
The Brig Julia, Clarke, arrived at Auckland from Hobart Town April 23.
Lieut. Pelford
Dr. Heeley
45 soldiers, 6 women, and 5 children, of the 65th Regt.
1 soldier, 96th Regt.
and seven others.

New Zealander, 1 May 1847, Page 2
ARRIVALS  FOREIGN. April 23. Julia, brig; 111 tons, Clarke, master, from  Hobart Town, with sundries. Passengers Lieut. Pelford, Dr. Heeley, 45 soldiers, 6 women, and 5 children, of the 65th Regt., 1 soldier, 96th Regt., Messrs. Thomson, Taylor, Sullivan, and Ley, Mrs. Ley and 3 children. D. Nathan, agent.

The Government Brig Victoria, Richards, arrived April 23.
The Brig Nelson, Sedgwick, sailed for Manilla April 22.
H. M. S. Racehorse, Captain Sotheby, sailed for Sydney, April 29.
The Barque Louisa Campbell, Darby, sailed for New Plymouth, Nelson, and Wellington, April 26. Passengers  Messrs. Hickson and Bromley.
The Charles (formerly the Mary Catherine) is loading at Kaipara with spars for England.

Daily Southern Cross, 11 September 1847 Arrivals.
September 9.  "Protector," barque, 317 tons, Hunter, from London, via Wellington and Nelson, having left the latter port the 27th August. Passengers, Mr. Bragg, Dr. Renwick, Captain Darly, Mr. Cameron, and Mr. Brind, and six in the Steerage. Brown & Campbell, agents.
September 9.  "Maukin," brig, 106 tons, Cooney, from Sydney 25th August, with sundries. Passengers, Messrs. O'Brien, Newell and Green.

Daily Southern Cross, 16 October 1847Arrivals.
October 11  Sir Robert Sale, ship, 740 tons, Capt. Loader, from London, with Government Stores. Passengers, Captain McDonald, Lady, and 6 children ; Dr. Lancaster, R.N., 60 Rank and File, 60 women, and 130 children, New Zealand Fencibles.

Daily Southern Cross, 27 November 1847, Page 2
Arrivals. November 24.  Saghalien, barque, 377 tons, Jones, from London, via Nelson and Wellington with general cargo.  Passengers, Messrs. Littlewood, McArtnay, and Dr. Butten. � Brown and Campbell, agents.
November 24.  Captain Cook, schooner. 73 tons, Tregurtha, from Hobart Town, with sundries.  Passengers: Messrs. Ring and Burnett, and one in the steerage.- D. Nathan, agent.
Departures.  None.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle 11 December 1847, Page 1
The Pensioners.  The barque Minerva, with a detachment of the New Zealand Fencibles, having sailed from London on the 1st of July, arrived in this harbour yesterday afternoon. Passengers, Major-General Put, Commander of the Forces in New Zealand, and family, and Captain Greenwood, Brigade- Major. Major-General Pitt will land this aftern noon at two o'clock, and will he received by a guard of honour at the landing-place. Official Bay. The Sir Robert Sale, with another detachment of the same corps, Railed from London the same day.  Southern Cross, October 9.

Daily Southern Cross, 22 January 1848 Arrivals.
January 17.Ralph Bernal, barque, 314 tons, McLaren, from London via Wellington, with sundries. Passengers. Mr. Rout, Mrs. Rout, and 7 children. Mrs. Cross and 2 children, Mrs. Elliott and child. Brown & Campbell, agents.

Jan. 20.  Auckland, American barque, 204 tons, Cutter, from Feegee Islands, with sundries.
Departures. January 19.'' John Bull," schooner, 72 tons, Clinch, for Hobart Town, with sundries. W. Combes, agent.
January 21. Lord Hobart, brig, 161 tons, Sullivan, for Twofold Bay, in ballast. Passengers, Mr. McGregor and Mr. Ring. W. S. Grahame, agent.
Jan. 21." Factor," ship, 336 tons, McCook, for Tahiti with timber, shingles, &c J. Woodhouse, agent.
January 21. "Daniel Watson," brig, 163 tons, Watson, for Wellington, with sundries. Passenger, Mr. Perry. J. Macky, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 29 January 1848,
Arrivals. January 26. "Clifton," ship, 867 tons, Kettlewell, from London via Cape of Good Hope, with Government Stores. Passengers, Lieutenant Gray, Dr. Thompson, 73 New Zealand Fencibles, 70 Women, and 130 Children.

Daily Southern Cross, 29 April 1848, Page 2
Arrivals  Foreign. April 24 Marchioness of Douglas, ship, 579 tons, Henderson, from Sydney, with 357 sheep, 202 head cattle, 1 horse, &c  Passengers: Messrs. Connell, Moffitt, Smith, O'Hara, Ward, McLean, Bird, Johnson, and Redmond.  Brown & Campbell, agents. ,
Departures  Foreign. April 26.  Marchioness of Douglas, ship, 579 tons. Henderson, for Sydney, with part of original cargo.  Passengers: Mr, Kerr, and 2 in the steerage. Brown & Campbell, agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 13 May 1848 Arrivals Foreign.
May 6.  Tasmania, barque, 502 tons, Captain Tucker, from Sydney 19th April. Passengers: Dr. Burns, R.N. ; Lieutenant Downan, R. N. ; Mr. and Mrs. Bouch, Mr. Riley, Mr. Fennell, Mr. Brett, Mr. D. Knight, Mr. S. M. Sloman, Mr. Edwards, Messrs. James, Jackson, Pearse, Bennett, Pelham, Webster, and Steel.
May 9. Coquette, schooner, 72 tons, Elliott, from Sydney, with sundries. Passengers, Mr. Russell, Mr. McKenzie, Mr. McLennan, Mr. MacDongall, Mr. Weiss, and five in the steerage.

Departures  Foreign. May 9. Palmyra, brig, 145 tons, Lindsey, for Sydney, with sperm oil, spars, &c. Passengers, Mrs. Lindsey and 2 children, Captain Salmon, Mr, Cameron, Mr. Caaey, Mr. Pouch, and three stockmen in steerage.
May 10.  Eleanor Lancaster, barque, 480 tons, Lodge, for Sydney in ballast. Passengers, Mr. Fulford, Mr. McCarr, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Roach, Mr. Scolefield, Mr. Kerr, Mr. Burmie, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Bell, and 5 stockmen in steerage.

Daily Southern Cross, 20 May 1848 Arrivals  Foreign. May 17
"Ann," barque, 801 tons, Walker, from London via Belfast and Cape of Good Hope, with Government stores. Passengers, Captain Hickson, Mrs. Hickson and family, 73 men Royal New Zealand Fencibles, 66 women, 35 adults, and 107 children.� Master, agent.

Departures  Foreign. May 17 "Richard Dart," brig, 270 tons, Potter, for Valparaiso, with part of original cargo. � Brown & Campbell agents.

Daily Southern Cross 3 June 1848 Arrivals  Foreign.
May 30."Deborah," schooner, 121 tons, Nagle, from Sydney, with sundries. Passengers, Mr. Hayes, Mr. P. Abercrombie, Mr. McDowell, Mr. Sinclair, Captain Devlin, and 10 in steerage.
May 31."Indian," ship, 592 tons, English, from London, via Wellington and Nelson, with general cargo. Passengers, Major Arney, Lady, and child, Captain Hardy, Lady, and two children. Captain Henderson, Lieut. Page, Lieut. Servantes, Ensign Grant, two Miss Hort, Mr. Perry, two Masters Knowles, Master Pharazyn. two Masters Wilson, Master Greenwood, and 20 rank and file 58th Regt.
Departures  Foreign, May 29.  "Hyderabad," ship, 816 tons, Castle for Sydney, in ballast. Passenger, Mr. Redman. Master, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 10 June 1848, Arrivals  Foreign.
June 7.  Swallow, barque, 343 tons, Anderson, from Sydney with Cattle and sundries. Passengers, Captain Bliss, Mr. Ewen, Mr. Webster, Mr. & Mrs. Badkin and 2 children, Mr. New, and 6 in the steerage.� Master, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 17 June 1848 Arrivals  Foreign.
June 16. "Louisa," brig, 182 tons, Milton, from Sydney, with sundries. Passengers, Messrs. Eccleston, Knox, Cornell, Rankin, Devine, Tye, McNab, Harkey, Machonachie, O'Brien, Roskell, Griffiths, O'Hara; Mrs. Roskell ; and 1 soldier 58th Regt., 1 woman, and 3 children.  R. A. FitzGerald, agent.
Departures  Foreign. Jane 13 Government brig "Victoria," Burgess, for Sydney. June 16 "Deborah." schooner, 121 tons, Nagle, for Sydney, with Flax, Spars, &c. Passengers: Miss Jackson, Captain Bliss, Mr. New, and Mr. Ewen.

Daily Southern Cross 24 June 1848 Arrivals  Foreign.
June 19.� "Elora," barque, 333 tons, Turnbull, from London, via Wellington, with sundries. Passengers, Mr and Mrs. Whitaker, and three children, and six in steerage.

Foreign Departures. June 19." Swallow," barque, 343 tons, Anderson, for Hong Kong, via Kaipara, there to load with timber. Passengers, Captain Seagrove and Mr. Ryder.
June 21." Lord Hobart," brig, 161 tons, Fraser, for Twofold Bay, in ballast. Passengers, Mr. McGregor, and Mr. F, Ring.

Daily Southern Cross, 23 September 1848 Arrivals  Foreign.
Sept. 16. Elizabeth and Henry, ship, 535 tons, Clark, master, from Newcastle, with cattle. Passenger � Mr. Kerr and Mr. Maxwell, and 6 in steerage.
Sept. 18  - Clara, barque, 360 tons, Crow, master, from London, with a general cargo. Passengers� Miss Shilhbeer, Mr. Bell, Mrs. Bell, Miss Bell, Mr. John Bell, Mr. Edward Bell, and 2 boys, Mr. G. M. Mitford, Lieut. Hutchinson, R. E., Mr. Gould. Mr. R. Bell, Dr. Carter and Mrs. Carter, Mr. Wall, Mrs. Wall, and 4 children. Mrs. Hall, Mr. R. Hall, 2 Messrs. Hall and 1 Boy, and Mr. Walker.
Sept. 18. Star of China, schooner, 101 tons, Dowker, master, from Sydney, via New Plymouth with flour, wheat, oats, onions, potatoes,&c. Passengers � Mr. Aubrey, Mr. Hursthouse, Mr. Standish, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. Master, agent.
Sept. 9  "Sir John Franklin," schooner, 52 tons, Litewall, master, from Feegees, with cocoa nut oil. Passengers  Mr. Gordon, Mr. Skey. Capt. Waldron, Mr. Suuger, Mr. Gwynne, and 3 Seamen of the brig "Tim Pickering," and 4 in steerage.

Departures  Foreign. Sept. 20. " Sisters," schooner, 130 tons, Clark, master, for Hobart Town, via Wellington, with oil. &c. Passengers  Mr. Strode, 2 Misses Holt, and 2 Masters Ross.

Daily Southern Cross, 14 October 1848, Arrivals  Foreign.
October 9- Deborah, schooner, 121 tons, Bliss, master, from Sydney, with general cargo. Passengers Messrs. Dodds and Jamieson, Mr. and Mrs. Osborne, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews and four children; Mr. Rodgers, and Mr. Ewen, and 9 in steerage.
October 11. Emma, brig. 121 tons, Osborn, master, from Sydney, with general cargo.
Departures  Foreign. October 9. - Fanny Fisher, barque, 239 tons, Harrold, roaster, for Hobart Town, with sundries. Passengers Lieut. Mayne, and Mr. Watt, and 1 in steerage.
October 10. Clara, barque, 360 tons, Crow, master, for Wellington, with portion of original cargo from London. Passengers  Lieut. Hutchinson, R.E., and 2 in steerage.

Daily Southern Cross, 21 October 1848 Arrivals  Foreign.
Oct. 6. Cornelia, barque, 371 tons. Mickleburgh, master, from London, via Wellington, with general cargo. Passengers  Mr. Gunning, Mr. Symonds, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Symonds, Mr. Cuthbert, and 5 in steerage. Captain Salmon, agent.
Oct. 19. Louisa, brig, 182 tons Millton, master, from Sydney, with sundries. Passengers  Mr. Busby, Mr. and Mrs. Boylan, Mr. J. McCan, Mr. Dale, Mr. Roe, Mr. Jordan, Mr Smithers, Mr. Montgomery, Mrs. Cook, Mr. Johnson, and 2 in steerage. R. A. FitzGerald, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 4 November 1848 Arrivals� Foreign.
November 1 Cheerful, schooner, 124 tons, Jones, Master, from Sydney, with sundries. Passengers. Mr. J. Buchanan, Mr. F. G. Stewart, Mr. Henderson, and Mr. George Jarman. Steerage, Philip Brady, Mrs Murphy and three children, Mr. McLean, Mr. Bassingwaite, and Mr. Howie.
Departures  Foreign. October 28. "Spec," brig, 168 tons, Burns, for Sydney, with sundries. Passenger, W. Dunlop.
Oct. 28.  "Emma," barque, 379 tons, Knight, for Newcastle, in ballast  Passengers, Mr. Fulford and Mr. Thorne.
Departures Foreign. March 12. "Deborah," schooner, 121 tons, Bliss, for San Francisco, with sundries. Passengers, Messrs. Crummer, Sampson, Codlin, Brett, Codlin, Jamieson, Ring, McAlpine, Ewen, M'Gregor, Gordon, Murand, Alder, Murphy, Kean, McCan, and Mr. and Mrs. Mallett.

Daily Southern Cross, 9 December 1848, Page 2
Departures  Foreign. Dec. 2.  Cornelia, barque, 372 tons, Mickleburg, for London via Wellington, with oil, bone, wool, &c.  Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Graham and family, Mr. Hughes and son, Miss Snow, and one in the steerage.

Daily Southern Cross, 13 January 1849 Arrival
Jan. 8 - Robert Pulsford, American Ship, 406 tons, Captain Caldwell, from Boston via Sydney with portion of original cargo and oil shipped at Sydney. Passengers, captain Walden and Mr Edmonstone.

Daily Southern Cross, 20 January 1849, Arrivals  Foreign.  The New Zealander , Jan. 20 1849
January 15.  The "Duke of Portland," ship, 535 tons, Capt. Cubitt, from London the 9th, and the Downs the 11th September, with general cargo for this place and Wellington. She brings 23 cabin and 6 steerage passengers for Auckland, and 5 cabin and 3 steerage passengers for Wellington.
Mrs Cubitt
Rev. Mr Paton, Mrs Paton and family
Mr and Mrs Mahony and three children
Mr J.D. Greenwood, Mr  and Mrs C.H. F. Greenwood
Doctor Cousens
Mr Octavius Smith
Mr Telford
Mr A.K. Taylor
Miss Morton
Miss Millar
Mr Churton
Mr McLean and two sons, Miss McLean and servant
Mr Thomas Fearnley
Mr George Johnston, Mrs Johnston
Mr John Rawlings
Mr Thomas Mackay
Mr Alex Orr
Mr Edwards
Mr Sargent
Mr Andrew Dawson
Mr Alexander Mackay

Jan. 15. The barque "Thomas Fielden," 465 tons, Huntress, from Sydney the 6th instant, with horses, cattle, and sheep.  Hyam Joseph, agent.  Passengers: Dr Forbes, Captain D. Vignoles, Mr Burgess.
January 16.  The schooner "Cheerful," 123 tons, Jones, with sundries.  Passengers, Mr. & Mrs. Ellis, Mr. Watson, Mr. Weaving, Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Russell, and Eliza Cook.  John Woodhouse, agent.

The ship Ann, from Auckland the 16th July, arrived at Hong Kong on the 6th September.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle 17 February 1849
The ship Duke of Portland, Captain Cubitt, arrived in harbour on Monday forenoon, having sailed from London on the 9th, and the Downs on the 11th of September. She brings a general cargo for this place and Wellington, with twenty three cabin and six steerage passengers for Auckland, and five cabin and three steerage passengers for Port Nicholson. We congratulate our Presbyterian fellow-colonists on the safe arrival of their minister, the Rev. Mr. Panton, who, with his wife and family, is at length amongst them. The Duke of Portland has experienced a rather boisterous passage, having, on the 29th of September, in latitude 16 - 50' N., long. 24- W., experienced a hurricane at N. E., which veering suddenly to S. W., caused a terrific sea, and split many of her sails. On the 9th of November, in latitude 30- 36' S., long. 25" W., at 2 40, a.m., the Duke of Portland was struck by a violent squall -which carried away her three topmast, main and mizzen top-gallant masts, fore-topsail yard, flying jib-boom, and split several of her sails. The New Zealander, January, 17.

Daily Southern Cross, 10 February 1849 Arrivals  Foreign.
February 5  "John Wesley," brig, 237 tons, Buck, master, from Feegees, with sundries. Passengers  Mrs. Hunt and 3 children, Mr. and Mrs. Ford and 4 children, Mr. and Mrs. Jagger and 3 children.
February 9.  "Susan," brig, 212 tons, Wood, master, from London, via Wellington, with general cargo. Passengers  Messrs. Newman, J. A., Beit, J. Beit, and H. Beit, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds and 3 children, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarke.
Daily Southern Cross, 24 February 1849 Departures  Foreign.
Feb. 21. Susan, brig, 212 tons, Wood, for Sydney, with portion of original cargo from London, and oil and cordage. Passengers, Messrs. Beckham, J. N. Beit, and H. Beit, Mrs. Hunt and 2 children, Miss Calvert, and 5 in steerage-  H. Beit, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 21 April 1849 Arrivals  Foreign -
April 17.  "Munford," schooner, 169 tons, Hayle, from Hobart Town via Wellington, with sundries. Passenger, Mr. Telford.  Thos. Lewis, agent.
April 18.  "Lalla Rookh," barque, 373 tons, W.H.O. Hains, from London via Wellington, with sundries. Passengers, Captain Parker, Messrs. Gilfillan, Bain, Shoveller, Stephen, Fraser, Hansard, and 1 child in Steerage. Brown & Campbell, agents.
April 19.  "Ennerdale," barque, 343 tons, Balliston, from London, sundries.  Passengers, Mr. & Mrs. Reid, Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher, Mr.& Mrs. Commons, Messrs. H. Stretton, C. Clark, and R. Hoopor. For Wellington, Messrs, Chas. Dickson, R. W. Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. Blaker, and 2 children.

Departures  Foreign. April 19,  "Inchinnan," barque, 565 tons, Pearse, for Newcastle, with portion of original cargo.  Passengers, Capt Dacre, Messrs. Rogers, MacDowell, and Swan, and 9 in steerage.

Daily Southern Cross, 5 May 1849 Arrivals  Foreign.
May 2.  Fanny, brig, 171 tons, Lenthart, from Sydney the 12th ult., bound for California. Passengers, J. Macfarlnne, Esq., Captain & Mrs Thompson, Mr. E. Cameron, Lieutenant Curtis, Captain Tucker, T. H. M. Mclntosh, Esq., Mrs. Harvey and son, Mr. Robt. M'Henny, Mr. & Mrs. Cronan, Mr. Harding, Mr. Yates, Mr. & Mrs. Ryan, Mr. Cudlip, Mr. & Mrs. Grant, Messrs. J.H. Mulholland, H. Preston, J. Jones, John Johnson, John Pinders, S. Turner, Thos. Reynolds, W.P. Duna, Henry Reidel, J. Barton, Smeatheson, Brown, and 1 corporal, 3 privates, 2 deserters.

Daily Southern Cross, 2 June 1849, Page 2
Arrivals  Foreign. May 28.  "Adelaide," 96 tons, George Gedge, from Hobart Town 9th May. Passengers, Master and Miss Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Mount, Miss Mount, G. C. Atkins, Peter Brotherton, Magnus Rattray, W. Bohan, Richard Dillon, Ralph Sloan, Police Constables, J. Willoughby, James George, Messrs. Ribblewaitt, Henry Dunsford, James Milton, James M'Kay, Alexander McDonald, B. Reynolds, J. Church, __ Marr.  David Nathan, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 23 June 1849 Arrivals  Foreign.
June 18. Berhampore, ship, 653 tons, Smith, from London, with sundries.  Passengers, Lieutenant Symonds and Lady, Dr. Carr and Lady, Messrs. Hunt, Bewes, and Selby, and 88 sank and file New Zealand Fencibles, 81 women, and � children.

June 21. "Shamrock," schooner, 84 tons, Gray, from Launceston, with sundries. Passengers, Mr. & Mrs. Storey, and 3 Misses Storey, Mr. & Mrs. Young, and 1 in the steerage.

Departures  Foreign. June 16.  "Clyde," schooner, 40 tons, McLean, for San Francisco, with sundries. Passengers, Mr. & Mrs. White and 6 children, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. Platt, Mr. Ramsay, Mr. Martin and 5 children, Mr. Donlin and Mr. Elder.
June 21. "Inchinnan," barque, 565 tons, Pearse, for Sydney, with sundries. Passengers, Mr. Blackman, and 2 passengers and 2 stockmen in the steerage.

Daily Southern Cross, 30 June 1849 Arrivals  Foreign.
June 29.  "Jane Catherine", 350 tons, Captain W. Wilson, from London 10th February. Passengers, Mr. Taylor, Miss Taylor, Mr. Thompson Dr. Smyth & daughter, Dr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, and 4 children, Mr. & Mrs. Duffield.
The Barque "Louisa," Captain W. Wycherly, arrived in port last night, and will sail for London in a few days.

Daily Southern Cross, 10 July 1849 Arrivals  Foreign.
July 7. "Mary Catherine." ship, 377 tons, Isaac Johnson Warner, from Sydney the 27th ultimo. Passngeres: Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Armaon and 4 children, Mr. Thomlow, Mr. Dunelle, Mr. Cleghorn, Mr. and Mrs. Harrold and 2 children, Mrs. Smeaton, Mrs. Wilkinson.
July 7,  "Star of China," schooner, 101 tons, H. Dowker, bound for San Francisco, from Sydney 26 th June.� Master, agent.
Departures Foreign. July 5. "Berhampore," ship, 653 tons, Thomas Bethel Smith, for Lombock, in ballast.

Daily Southern Cross, 21 September 1849 Arrivals  Foreign;
September 18 -"Oriental Queen", 645 tons, Captain J. R. Thomas, from Gravesend 17th May. Passengers, Captain Hanltain, wife and 2 children ; T. Hunt. Esq., Surgeon Superintendent, & 71 pensioners and their families.

Departures -Foreign
September 18. "Frederick." 72 tons, W.T. Hunt, for San Francisco and New York. Passengers: P. D. Hogg, Esq., Mr. Hyam Joseph and a servant, Charles and Wm. de Thierry, Edward Nathan, James & John Pettit, J. Parker, J. M'Kennie,  Edw. Rich, agent.

Departures  Coastwise . 18. "Nancy," 28 tons, H. Tautari, for the Bay of Islands.  Passengers, J. P. Dr Moulin, George Clarke, Hargreaves, Poynten, J. C. Williams, Esqrs.

The "Oriental Queen" has had a fair passage of 122 days from the Downs, and has on board and other Company of New Zealand Fencibles, under command of Captain Haultain, consisting of 71 males, 71 females, and 118 children. 5 births and 3 deaths occurred on the passage, one male and two females, all of whom were in a sickly state when they embarked. The pensioners and their families appear all in good health, and speak in high terms of the kind treatment they received on the passage, from the Captain, Surgeon Superintendent, and officers, and the arrangements apparent on board tell well for the judicious discipline that has been sustained throughout.

Daily Southern Cross, 25 September 1849 Arrivals Foreign: 24 Barque "Inchinnan," 565 Ions, Henry Pearce, from Sydney the 11th instant. Passengers for Auckland : Mr. & Mrs. Hardy, Mr. Louis Phillips, Mr. Edwards;  for California: 40 cabin and 183 steerage passengers.
24.  Barque "Pilgrim," 347 tons, Joseph Francis, from London via Wellington. Passengers, Mr. George and 3 children, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Thomson sen., Mrs. Thomson jun. & child, Messrs. John Cosser, Ch. Foster, Thos. Healy, J. Forsaith, wife and nephew, Mr. Hobson.

Daily Southern Cross, 28 September 1849, Arrivals  Foreign:
Sept. 20.  Schooner "I Don't Know," 76 tons G. Gedge, from Hobart Town. Passengers, Mrs. Williams, Mr, Phew.
Departures  Foreign. Sept. 26. Brig "Susan," 219 tons, Philip Jones, for Sydney. Passengers, Mr. John Beit, Mr. Henderson, Capt. H. Burns. Mr, Wilkinson, Dr. Forbes, Dr. Robertson, Messrs. Selby, Woolf, Schofield, John Henry, 13 rank and file 58th regt., 3 women and 4 children, Julia Garland.
26 Barque "Inchinnan," 565 tons, Henry Pearce, master, for San Francisco.  Passengers from Auckland: Mr. & Mrs. Barnet Keesing & family; Benjamin Farnley : and 40 cabin and 183 steerage passengers fr. Sydney.

Daily Southern Cross, 23 October 1849 Arrivals  Foreign.
February 4.  Barque "Smyrna," 272 tons, John Ankers, from San Francisco 26th December. Passengers, Messrs Townsend Harris, & Elijah Hart. Thos. Lewis, agent.
4  Brig "John Wesley," 237 tons. G. Buck, from the Friendly Islands. Passengers. Rev. J. Thomas, Mr. Taomas, Rev. J. Rabone. Mrs.Rabone, Mies Rabone, S. Rabone, T. Rabone. A. Rubone. M. Rabone, G. Rabone, and Mr. Davies

Departures Foreign. March 2 "Sir John Franklin," 52 tons, J. John Church, for San Francisco. Passenger. Mr. J. Campbell, and Mr. B. Newell. J. W. Bain, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 26 October 1849 Arrivals Foreign -
October 29. "John Wesley," 237 tons, George Buck, from the Feegee Islands. Passengers, Mr. & Mrs. Watslord and 2 children, Mr. J. Rees, wife and 1 child ; 3 children of Mr. Hazelwood, 2 children of Mr. Williams, and 1 boy of Mr. Lyth.
25."Enterprise," 252 tons, E. Lovering, from London - via Wellington (17th instant. Passengers, Mr. & Mrs. Carter and 2 children, Mr. Spike, Mrs. Moffatt and 3 children, and 8 in the steerage.

Arrivals Coastwise. October. 23, "Nancy," 22 tons, Fred. Bewes, from the Bay of Islands. Passengers, Major Bridge and servant, the Rev. Ambrose Dale, the Rev. John Hobbs, and the Rev. John Warren. J. Coney, agent.

The barque William Hyde, 533 tons, Capt. Applewhaite, arrived at Hokianga on the 2na inst., from Sydney, to load spars for London. Passengers, Mrs. Applewhaite and servant, Mr. W. H, Cunningham, and Dr. Frankis.

Daily Southern Cross 27 November 1849 Arrivals  Foreign
Nov. 25.  Barque "Thames" 407 tons, Captain John Hedley from London 18th July. Passengers, Miss Cass. Mr., Mrs. & Miss Maban, Rev. Mr. Barker and Mrs. Barker, Rev. Mr. Lanfear and Mrs. Lanfear, Messrs. Matthew Whytlaw find Fitzgerald, Mr. & Mrs. Archibald Clark and 4 children, Messrs. Andrew and James Clark, Margaret Comet, Agnes Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Holland and 3 children. Mr. R. B. Lusk, and 3 children. Mr. R. Lu_k, Margaret Parry, Catherine Robertson, Chas. Joslin, Ann Joslin.

Arrivals  Coastwise. Nov. 23."Edwards," 14 tons. H. Cook, from Russell. Passengers: Messrs. H. Cross, R. Kemp, Miss Kemp, and Mr. Clendon.

The "Thames" has had rather a lengthened passage of 134 days from the Downs experiencing light winds and fine weather throughout came round the southward of "Van Dieman'a Land  has not called at any port on- the passage. The "Thames" has also a considerable portion of her cargo for the Kawau Company and Wellington.

Daily Southern Cross, 30 November 1849 Arrivals  Foreign.
Nov. 28. "Susan," 219 tons, Philip Jones, from Sydney 14th instant. Passengers, Mr. John Beit, Mr. James Henderson, Rev. Mr. Tynes, Rev. Mr. Budden, Mrs. Brace and 6 children, John Dean, James Grindley and daughter, Mrs. Evans and 2 children, James Cross, Ann Woodward, Ann Hayward, 10 rank and file and 1 woman 58th Regt., and 1 sergeant 11th Regt.
Nov. 29. "Fanny," 171 tons, Francis Leathart, from Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, October 16. Passengers, Messrs. John Macfarlane, Christian, G. Nichol, G. Elliot. W. C. Daidy, agent.
Departures  Foreign. Nov. 27. "Lady Leigh,' 118 tons, Brydge White, for Hobart Town � Passengers, Mr. & Mrs. Lambert and 3 children, Mr. & Mrs. Young, Mr, J. Shillingford.

The Southern Cross 1 January 1850 Arrivals - Foreign
Dec. 31 - John Wesley 237 tons, George Buck, master, from Sydney, the 18th inst. Passengers

Rev. W. Lawry
Mr and Mrs Moore
Mr and Mrs Miller and 3 children
Mr Knightley
John Needham and 2 sons.

Dec. 31 - "Josephine". 310 tons. Henry Smith, master, from Newcastle, on the 3rd inst. Passengers

Mrs Smith
Miss McConochie
Mr Black
Mr and Mrs Holmes & child
Daniel Jones.

The Southern Cross 1 January 1850 pg2
Departures - Foreign
Dec 29 - "Eagle," schooner, 23 tons, W. Aldwell, master, for San Francisco. Passengers -

Mrs Adwell and 4 children
Mrs Dodds and 3 children
Mr Harman
Mr Hewling
Mr Hunt
Mr and Mrs Walker and 1 child

The Southern Cross 1 January 1850
Died On Wednesday, 26th instant, after a long and painful illness, Joanna, the wife of Mr Thomas Woodward Buckham, of Wyndham-street.

The Southern Cross Tuesday 8 January 1850
Departures - January 5 'John Wesley', 237 tons, G. Buck, for the Friendly Islands, via the Bay of Islands.

Mr Clarke
Mr Forsait
Mrs Hobbs
Mr and Mrs Moore
Mr and Mrs Miller and 3 children
Mr and Mrs Reed & child

Arrivals - Coastwise
Jan. 4 - Alexander, 36 tons, Miller from Coromandel. Passengers: Mr Thompson, Mr Howie, Mr Finn, Mr Houston.
Departure - Coastwise
Jan. 5 - Children, 31 tons, Reed, for the Bay of Islands. Passengers: - Messrs Poynton, Thomas Williams and Greeway.
Births. At her residence, Shortland Street, on Saturday, 5th inst., Mrs David Nathan, of a son.
On Sunday last, at Epsom, the wife of Samuel Furley, of a daughter.

The Southern Cross Friday January 11 1850 Arrivals - Foreign
Jan. 8 - St Michael, barque, 337 tons, Capt. R.W. Prance from London, Sept. 5. Passage of 121 days. St. Michael is a new barque, this being her first voyage, and proceeds to Wellington on discharge of her Auckland cargo. Passengers observed a wreck on the passage  [it was not the wreck of the "Richard Dart".] Passengers: see Jan. 25th.

Anderson        Mr George Jun.
Brag            Mr Henry and Mrs Caroline, daughter  Caroline jun. , and son George.
Brown 		Mr 		[William Browne]
Campbell 	Mr
Haywood 	Mrs
Luson 		Mr 		[William Luxon]
Reay 		Mr  		[Robert Ray]
Rich 		Mr Thomas and Mrs M.
				[Russell, Jun. main cabin]
Taylor 		Mrs and 2 children
Travers 	Captain R.A. 	[J.V. Travers]
Travers 	Lady
Travers 	Master
Travers 	Miss
Wilson 		Agnes
Wilson 		Mr
7 Artillery men

Daily Southern Cross, 15 January 1850, Departures  Foreign.
Jan. 12  brig "Enterprise," 253 tons. Capt. E. Lovering, for San Francisco. Passengers  Mr. D Graham, M. Candish, Mr. R. Reynolds, Mr. F_gg, Mr. McVay, Mr. S. H. Levey, Mrs Moffitt and two daughters, Mr. Hooper Mr. Sibley, Mrs. McCabe and two children.

The Southern Cross Friday January 25 1850 pg2
Cleared Outwards
Jan. 24 - St Michael, 377 tons, Captain Prance for Wellington. Passengers -

Bragg 		Mr and Mrs, daughter and son
Browne 		Mr
Campbell 	Mr
Ray 		Mr
Rich 		Mr and Mrs

January 18 1850 pg 2
The St Michael's cargo for Auckland being now all discharged, she will sail for Wellington on Saturday. The following extract from this vessel's log-book has been kindly handed us by Captain Pranc, her commander;- Sunday, 9th Dec., 1849, strong winds going  9 knots an hour; lat. 41 17' south, long. 97 55' 30" 6p; out from London docks 97 days; passed a wreck at about 2 p.m., being about one mile off astern when we discovered her, and a heavy sea running at the time. It appeared to be a vessel on her beam ends, with one topmast, about 10 feet above water, in the roll of the sea, apparently the topmast cross-trees on, and no topgallant mast on end, and the rigging hanging in bights beneath the masts. Could see no human being on it, although looking towards it from our deck and abaft for a long time.
The barque 'Brazil Packet,' sailed from Sydney for Hokianga on the 4th inst.
The barques 'Colonist' and 'Pauline,' were loading at Adelaide for California.
The brig 'Preseverance,' is laid on at Port Nicholson for the same destination.

The Southern Cross Friday January 11 1850 pg2
Jan. 9 - Brig Moa, 237 tons, J.D. Norris, from Sydney Dec. 27. 10 days from Port Jackson, Now commanded by Captain Norris, formerly of the 'Ebenezer.'

Bent 		Miss
Buchanan 	J. Esq.
Codlin 		Mr
Cunningham 	J.
Darker 		George
Harrison 	T
Keightly 	T.
McShane 	E. and two sons
Nicoll 		Mr
Owen 		Master
Romboldt 	Master
Ross 		G. and son
Ryan 		Mrs
Ryan 		Mr and Mrs T
Ryan 		Mrs and child
Ryan 		S.
Sampson 	W.H.
Seacombe 	H.
Steerdon 	G
Wright 		Mr and Mrs

Jan. 10 - Barque, Gloucester, 297 tons, Daniel Tardiff, from Sydney 26th Dec, en route for San Francisco - Passengers, Dr. Cook, Capt. Nagle, and 69, and 13 female and children in all 117 emigrants.

Arrivals - Coastwise
Jan. 8 - Gazelle, 14 tons, P. Johnson, from Mahurangi. Passengers, Messrs John Parker, Michael Brien.

Captain Elliott, commander of the ship 'J.T. Foord, arrived in Melbourne.; charged with selling brandy to James Perkins a passenger by that vessel, whereby he became liable under the Passengers' Act, to a penalty of 10. Argus, Dec. 11.
Birth. On Thursday, the 10th instant, at O'Connell-street, Mrs John Commons, of a son.

The Southern Cross Friday 18 January 1850 pg2 Married
By License, on the 17th instant, by the Rev. G.A. Panton, Mr Geo. Ebenezer Vaile, to Eliza Ann Forth, youngest daughter of Mr Peter Monro of Auckland.

The Southern Cross 1 February 1850 Arrivals
Jan. 30 'Johnstone' 436 tons, Capt. Harrison, cleared from Sydney 12th Jan. Passengers -
Mrs Harrison, Miss Swan, Dr Hammond.
Arrivals - Coastwise
Jan. 30 - Julia, 36 tons Robinson from Mahuranghi. Passenger - Mr Eden
Jan. 31 - Wolf, 12 tons, Eparakia, from Bay of Plenty.
Jan. 31 - Dove, 20 tons, Hunt, from Bay of Plenty
Jan. 31 - Children, 31 tons, Reed, from Bay of Islands. Passengers - Mr Ray, Miss Clendon, Cruss, Meyling, T.C. Williams, J. Coney, agent.
Jan. 31 - Moa, 237 tons, Norris, from Kawau.

Tuesday 5 February 1850
Feb. 1 - Sarah 130 tons Capt. Lewis Grant, from Sydney via Newcastle. Imports: 40 sheep, 50 bars iron, 60 bags flour, 9 half barrels gunpowder, 140 tons coals, 6 boxes candles.
Feb. 4 - Two Friends brig, 206 tons, Captain E. Courteney from San Francisco 4th Dec. Made an average run of 56 days. Imports 138 kegs nails, 55 boxes tobacco, 5 puncheons rum.

Feb. 2 - Moa 237 tons, Capt. L.D. Norris, for Sydney. Passengers, Lieutenant Wynyard, Captain Henderson, Ensign Cooper, Thomas Heale, Esq., Mr and Mrs Wright, Mrs Pringle and family, J. Woodhouse, Esq., and 4 in steerage.

Departure - Coastwise
Feb. 4 - Children, 31 tons, Reed to Bay of Islands. Passengers - Mr Thomas Williams, Mr and Miss Clendon.

Tuesday 12 February 1850 Arrivals
Feb. 11 - Hamlet, 420 tons, Capt. Wilson, from Sydney. Passengers:

Christian 	Mr F.
Clarke 		Mr R.
Dominick 	Mr and Mrs
Douglas 	Mr G.
Glasister 	Mr
Henderson 	Mr T
Keesing 	Mr and Mrs
Mitchell 	Capt.
Scott 		Capt. R.N.

Friday 15 February 1850 Arrivals
Feb. 12 - Eagle, 93 tons, from Launceston. Passengers -Mr John Robinson, Mrs Winter and children.
Feb. 14 - William and James, 75 tons, Capt. Corry, from Sydney. Master, agent. Passengers:

Beat Miss
Lurry Mrs
McGuire Mr and Mrs
Nathall Mr James
Preston Mr
Shank Mr

Arrival - Coastwise
Feb. 12 - Nancy, 22 tons, Hardiman from Hokianga. passengers - Two Miss Leaf.

Tuesday February 19 1850
Arrivals - Foreign
Feb. 16 - Ship 'Commodore,' 489 tons, Capt. Broadfoot, from Sydney, the 1st inst. Passengers -

Ashton Mrs
Gardiner Mr F. 
Hely Mr and Mrs and 4 children
White Mr and Mrs and 3 children

Feb.. 16 - Barque 'Colonist', 261 tons, Capt. Marshall, from Adelaide 18th Jan., enroute for California. Passengers - Capt. Hay, Dr. Hayes and 108 in steerage.
Feb. 18 - Reaper, 423 tons, Capt. Rose, from Sydney. Passengers -

Brown Miss J
Ewen H.
Forbes Dr
Little Mrs
McGee Mr A.
Marshall Miss
Morton W.
Swindler J
and 37 in steerage

Arrivals - Coastwise
Feb. 16 - Government brig 'Victoria,' Capt. Burgess, from Taranaki. Passengers

Clarke Mr
Cole Rev. R.
Page Lieut. and Mrs Page
Pitt Miss S.
Pitt Master
Ormand Mr and Miss
Woon Mrs and 3 sons and 5 servants.

Feb. 16 - Water Witch, 10 tons, D. McInlay from Monganui
Feb. 16 - Edward, 14 tons, D. McInnon, from Russell
Feb. 16 - William, 23 tons, P. Bell, from Mahuranghi
Feb. 16 - Children, 312 tons, Reed, from Bay of Islands. Passengers -

Brind 		Miss
Hargraves 	Mr
Hargraves 	Miss
Poynton 	Mr and Mrs
Poynton 	Misses (2)
Teece 		Mr W.
Williams 	Mr T.C.

Feb. 18 - Alligator 15 tons, Christopher from Bay of Plenty.

Friday 1 March 1850
Arrivals - Foreign
Feb. 28 - "Isabella", 99 tons, Geo. Gedge from Hobart Town 13 Feb. Passengers:-

Brans 		Mr and Mrs
Buckton 	J
Emery 		Isaac and wife
Halls 		John
Hitchcock 	Edward
Hood 		Mr R
Meade 		George
Moore 		Rd.
Oakham 		S.
Smith 		Mr and Mrs and 4 children

The 'Isabella,' Captain Gedge, has had a fine run of thirteen days from Hobart Town. This vessel, owned jointly by Messrs Lewis and son of Hobart Town, and Mr. Thos. Lewis of this port, is to be put on as a regular trader between the two ports.

Feb. 28 - Indus 368 tons F. Putt from Sydney via Newcastle 8th Feb.

Friday 1 March 1850
Arrivals - Coastwise
Feb. 28 - Children, 31 tons, Reed, master, from Bay of Islands.
Mr R. Gilfillan, and Mr and Mrs Creigton.
Feb. 28 - Julia, 36 tons, Reed, master, from East Coast. Passengers - Rev. G.A. Kissling and family and 20 Maoris.

Southern Cross Tuesday 5 March 1850 Arrivals
Feb. 4 - "Camilla" 202 tons, Thos. J. Cundell, from Wellington 23rd Feb.
Francis J
McIntyre Mr
Mitford & Son
Russell Captain (58th Regt.) Lady and 5 children
White Dr (65th Regt.)
36 rank and file 58th Regt., 4 women and 12 children.

Feb. 4 -Brig  "John Wesley" 237 tons, G. Buck, from the Friendly Islands. Passengers: Rev. J. Thomas, Mr Thomas, Rev. J. Rabone, Mrs Rabone, Miss Rabone, S. Rabone, T. Rabone, A. Rabone, M. Rabone, G. Rabone, and Mr Davies.

Friday 15 March 1850
Arrivals -Coastwise
March 13 - Julia 36 tons Robinson from Mahuranghi
march 13 - 'Yankee Notion,' 10 tons, Nicholson, from Russell, 5th inst. Passengers from Wangaroa, Messrs John Slate and Angus Campbell.
From Kawua, Duncan Glass, Joseph Burner, J.J. Wallace, R. Seaton.

Departures -Coastwise
March 14 - 'Sister', 44 tons, Leathart, for Poverty Bay. Passengers - Mr Sterley, Mr Morrison, Capt. Reid.

Tuesday 19 March 1850
Arrivals - Coastwise
March 14 -  'Alexander', 36 tons, Miller, from the River Thames. Passengers - John Guilding, John McDougall, Nicholas.
March 18 - 'Australia,' 534 tons, Capt. Cheever, from Wellington, March 2. Passengers - Dr. and Mrs Watkin and 3 Masters Watkins. Had a rough passage of 14 days and brings a cargo of notions from Boston. She is commanded by Capt. Cheever, formerly of the 'Eliza Ann' and had already called at Port Phillip, Hobart Town and Wellington. On her disposal of her cargo here she will proceed to Sydney, and thence to China.

Daily Southern Cross, 21 May 1850 Arrivals  Foreign.
May 17.  Barque 'Constantinople,' 317 tons, Capt. Young, from London, Dec. 28. Passenger  Mrs. Holland. Mr. Ridings, Mr. & Mrs. Nolan and family, Messrs. Finn, Gordon, McLean, and Roberts, Mr. Jennings and son, Mr. and Mrs. McLean and daughter.

May 17.  Ship 'Constant,' 535 tons, Captain J. Coombes, from Sydney, 24th ult. Passengers  Capt. Devlin, Mr. P. Devlin, Mr. W. Paul. Miss Row, Mr. and Mrs. Arkens, Mrs. Beatson and child, Mr D. Guthrie, Mr. F. Robertson, Mr Delaney, Mr. and Mrs. Owen and 2 children, Mr and Mrs. Ogden. James Macky, agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 12 July 1850, Page 2
July 9 - Fairy Queen, 250 tons, Capt. Doyle, from London 9th Feb.

Baird 		Misses (two)
Baird 		Mr Jun. 
Bate 		Dr. , Baird Mr. & Mrs 
Grace 		Rev. Mr and Mrs and three children
Hill 		John
Hill 		Matthew
Jones 		Mr
McGee 		Mr
Slater 		Mr 
Tancred 	Mr

Daily Southern Cross, 16 July 1850 Departures  Foreign.
July 15 'Inchinnan,' 565 ton, Capt. Peartr, for San Francisco. Passengers  H . McDouall, Esq. , Mrs. Smith and 3 children.
15. 'Moa,' Capt. Norris, for Sydney. Passengers  Mrs. Fitzgerald & family, Mr. Budden, Mr. Somerville, Mrs. Melville.

Daily Southern Cross, 27 August 1850, Page 2
Arrivals  Foreign. August 26.  Moa, 236 tons, Captain S. D. Norris, from Sydney the 14th instant. Passengers, Mrs. Curtis, Messrs Paterson, Budden, Runkin, Sommerville, Gillan; Thomas White & Wife, Mathew Hayes & Child.
26. Lord William Bentinck, 443 tons, Captain Allan, from the Downs 26th. March, and Falmouth the 7th April. Passengers for Auckland

Bull Mr. and Mrs. 
Chesney Lieutenant , R. E. 
Reading Mr. & Miss 
Vidal Mr. (Agent for the Church Mission)
Vidal Mrs.  and family, and female servant 
Weymess Mr 
28 Sappers and Miners, 6 women and 8 children
4 gunners of the Royal Artillery.
For "Wellington; 
Allan Mrs 
Barr Miss 
Lindsey Mr
Mollin Mr  & son 
Parkinson Mr

Daily Southern Cross, 17 September 1850, Page 2
Arrivals � Foreign. Sept. 16.  'Oliver Cromwell,' 489 tons, Captain Alexander, from Glasgow 15th April, and Sydney 3rd September.  Passengers, Mr. Wyers, Mr. Beck, Mrs. Beck, and 2 children ; Mr. Jonathan Woods, Mr. Arthur Reed, Mr. & Mrs. Codlin, Mr. James W. Evans, Mrs & Miss Whitelaw, Mr. Edw. Hanley.  James Macky, agent.

The New Zealander - October 1850 Saturday the 11th Shipping Intelligence - Arrivals
Oct 10 - Barbara Gordon, 337 tons, Capt W. Lilley, from London 18th May,
Passengers - Mr. and Mrs. Lush and family and servant, Mr. and Mrs. Warrington, Messrs, Frank Fenton, H. Fenton, J Armitage, Mr. Browne, Messrs. C.H. Jeffs, LeCren, Longden, C. Servantes, Mr. and Mrs. McIvor and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and family, Messrs. Hillman and Baber.  - Brown and Campbell, agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 12 November 1850, Entered Inwards.
November 11.  'Adelaide,' 100 tons, George ____, from Hobart Town (Oct. 10) via Wellington. October Passengers  Mr. and Mrs Marsh and two children, 1 private soldier.
9.' Oronoa,' 20 tons, James Strachan, from Russell, in ballast.
11 - Tmima Roa, 15 tons, Ewi, from Waitani.
Cleared Out. November 7. Barbara Gordon, 338 tons, Capt. Lilley, for Wellington and Canterbury. Passengers (from London)  Messrs Jeffs, Longden, C. Servantes, Mrs. and Mr. McIvor and five children, Mrs. and Mr. Cooper, children, Mr. Hillman. From Auckland  Mr Lindsay. Brown & Campbell, agents
8 - Children, 30 tons, Alexander Jones, from Russell. Passengers � George Clarke, Esq., Mr Williams, three Misses Williams, Mr. Joseph Williams, Mr. John Williams, Mr. James Williams, Mr. John Wapen, Mr. Cook,
9. Cannibal, 14 tons, Turi, for the Bay of Plenty. G. Hunter, agent.
9. Catherine,' 21 tons, G. Patey, for Waihaki, in ballast.
9 - Sarah Berry,' 15 tons, A. Uthank, for New Plymouth. Salmon & Co., agents.

The New Zealander
- October 1850 Saturday the 12th
Shipping Intelligence -Arrivals. Oct. 10 - Helen S. Page, 271 tons, Joseph J. Church, commander, from San Francisco 15 August, arrived at Ohau on the 28 August, whence she sailed for this port on the 2nd September, Mrs. Graham, Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Charles Wake and a Sandwich Island boy.
The fine barque Helen S. Page, which arrived on Thursday night, is the property of our respected townsmen Messers. R. Graham and J. Macky. She is a credit to our port, and we wish her enterprising owners much success; she arrived here in a manner different from any previous arrival from California, viz., clean and everything on board ship-shape. She has had a fair run of 37 days from Honolulu, although having to contend with battling head winds during he whole of the passage. Her run from San Francisco to Honolulu was one of the quickest yet made between these ports, having accomplished it in 12 days.

The New Zealander October 1850 Wednesday the 23rd
Shipping Intelligence -Departures
Oct 18 - Helen S. Page, 271 tons, Captain Church, for Sydney, in ballast. Passengers - Mr. and Mrs Graham, Mr Kaukin, and Mr T Jones.
James Macky, agent.
The ship Oliver Cromwell, sails this day for Valparaiso. She takes as passengers the Rev. G. A. Panton, Mrs Panton, and two children, Captain
and Mrs Rough.

The New Zealander - October 1850 Wednesday the 23rd
Daily Southern Cross, 25 October 1850
Shipping Intelligence - Arrivals
Oct 22 - Moa, brig, 236 tons, Captain Norris from Sydney. Passengers -  Rev. Mr McDonald, Mrs. McDonald, Lieut Johnston, 58th regiment, Mr. Sheppard, Mr. Phillip, Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Ashby and five children, Miss Caldwell, Miss Yeates, J Inslay, R. Webb, S. Brady and Coran.
The Moa has encountered very stormy weather and contrary winds since she left Sydney, nevertheless she has made the passage in eleven days.

The New Zealander - November 1850 Wednesday 27th
Shipping Intelligence
Nov 25 - Glencoe, 150 tons, Capt, Lillewall, from Newcastle, Passengers - Dr. Campbel, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Beagher. Cargo - 74 tons coals, 990 sheep, 3 cases oilman's stores, 1 case jelly, 5 half-chests congou tea, 5 boxes ditto, 3 cases preserved ginger, 2 boxes sperm candles, 4 bags coffee. Thomas Lewis. Agent.
The Glencoe has made a fair run of eleven days from New Castle; her sheep have been landed in good condition and will be sold to-day by Connell & Ridings.

The New Zealander
November 1850 Wednesday 27th
Nov 25 - John Whitely, schooner, 40 tons, Liddle from New Plymouth via Kawhia. Passengers - Rev. Mr. Woon, Messrs J. Hopkins, Candish, Duncan, Davey, Parke, Stadford, Gibling, Ferguson, and Mrs Hoskin. Charles Davis, agent.

The John Whitley sailed from New Plymouth on the 13 inst. with the Rev. W. Woon, part of his family, and several other passengers on board for Manukau. She encountered a heavy gale and was obliged to put into Kawhia on the 16th. She put to sea again on the 19th, but strong head winds again compelled her to return to Kawhia. She sailed from thence on the 24th and arrived safely in Manukau on Monday morning.

The New Zealander
December 11 1850 Page 2
Shipping Intelligence - Arrivals
December 9 - Emma, 135 tons, Captain H. J. Fox, from Sydney, the 27th ultimo. Passengers the Lord Bishop of New Zealand, Mr. Hector, Miss Hector, the Misses Horatia and Caroline Hector, Master Edward Hector, and Simeon and Sallo Dedema, Savandorow and Kallidonga (Natives of the South-sea Islands) Mrs. & Mrs. Gray and two children, Miss Gray, Mrs Reed and child, Thomas Smith, wife and three children.
December 9 - Sarah, Captain Lewis Grant, from Newcastle, with 160 tons coals. Passengers - Messrs. Campbell and Staunton, W.S. Grahame agent.
Departures - December 8 Helen S. Page, 226 tons, Captain J.J. Church, for Sydney. Passengers - Messrs. James Clendon and George Brett.

Daily Southern Cross 13 December 1850 Entered Inward
December 12  Camilla, 384 tons, Captain B. D. Pugh, from London the 10th and the Downs the 14th of July ; from Wellington the 28th ultimo. Passengers � Mr. and Mrs Gould, Messrs (four) Hamilton, Masters (two) Taylor, and a native.
11. Ira, 16 tons, R. Waddy, from Wangapoa.
11. Alexander, 36 tons, A. Miller, from the River Thames. Passenger  Mr. Nicholas, Miss Nicholas.
Cleared Out. December 11.  Maukin, 106 tons, James Bowden, for Sydney. Passengers � Mr. A. Sinclair, Mr. Joseph Fearnley.

Daily Southern Cross, 13 December 1850, Page 2
The 'Phoebe Dunbar, 704 tons. Captain Pugh arrived on Thursday forenoon from London, via Otago and Canterbury, She had an excellent passage of 95 days from London to Otago, where she arrived on the 26th October, left Otago for Canterbury on the 3rd November, and Canterbury for Wellington on the 12th; completing the whole of the voyage from London to this place in 115 days. She has brought a large number of passengers for this place, among whom we recognise Charles Clifford, Esq., lady and family, and Mr. George Hart, who have now returned to make New Zealand their home.

Daily Southern Cross, 20 December 1850 Entered Inwards.
December 18. Moa, 237 tons, Captain J. D. Norris, from Sydney. Passengers  Mr B. Nathan, two children and servant, Mrs. Davies, child, and servant, Mrs. Beeson and son, Miss Jane Tomes, Miss Mary Tomes, Miss Brown, Mr. Fletcher, Captain Williamson, Mr. Armitage, Mr. McVay, Mr and Mrs Mason, and son.

Dec. 19 - Sir Edward Paget, 482 tons, Captain A.W. Barclay, from London the 12th of August. Passengers  Miss Henrietta Clinton, Miss Mary Fletcher, Miss Lucy Entwistle, Messrs. George Taylor, John Taylor, Wm. Baines. John Reynolds, wife, and three children, N. Gifford, wife, and two children, A. Abraham, wife, five and children, and servant, E. Humphries, wife, five children and servant, J. B. Greaves, wife, four children and servant, J. Rees, wife and four children, A. Burgess, Henry Curtis, Miss Mary Taylor, Mrs Barclay, Mr. A. Buckland and wife, Messrs. Charles Bardsworth, B. Reynolds, John Reynolds, George Isaacs, Henry Isaacs, Richard Rathbone and son, T. B. Woodham, wife, and two children, Walter Pratt, John Robinson and wife, Messrs. Thomas Martin, Mrs. J. Martin and two children, P. Gairn, William Dive, Henry Smith, William Hay, T. George, wife and two children, J. Kelsey, and A. Thompson.

New Zealander, 21 December 1850
DIED. At sea, on board the Sir Edward Paget, on the 10th December, Mrs. Janet Martin, Late of Wigtonshire, Galloway, Scotland, aged 54 - years.

List of Shipping belonging to the Port of Auckland, 1851
Daily Southern Cross, 18 February 1851, Page 2

The New Zealander - Page 2 January 1 1851
Shipping Intelligence - Arrivals
December 28 - Daniel Webster, 296 tons, Capt J. S. Macfarlane, from Sydney. Passengers Mr. Partington and Mr. Bewes. The Daniel Webster has had a tedious and stormy passage from Sydney, having sail from thence on the 9th December. She has lost upwards of two hundred of her sheep on the way down.

The New Zealander
-  January 15, 1851 Page 2
Shipping Intelligence  - Arrivals
January 11 - Sisters, 131 tons, Hugh Clarke, from Hobart Town. Passengers: Mrs. Clarke and child, Mr McGaurran, George Bailey, wife and child, Joseph Sampson, James Smith, wife and three children, M. A. Tabo, 4 Constables and 1 Soldier. D Nathan Agent.
January 11 John Whitely, 40 tons, James Liddell, from Taranaki and Kawhia, with 100 bushels grain, 7 pigs. Passengers from (Taranaki) Captain Murray and servant, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Shanes, Mr. Shoulbridge; from Kawhia - Mr. S. A. Joseph, and two natives. Charles Davis Agent.

Daily Southern Cross, 17 January 1851, Page 3
Cleared Out. 15. Sir Edward Paget, 482 tons, Bar__ for New Plymouth. Passengers  Miss _histle, Mr. Reynolds, wife, and 3 children, Abrahams, Mr. Humphries, wife, 5 children, servant, Mr. Greaves, wife, 4 children and servant, Mrs. Rees and 3 children, Mr. Burgess, _ Taylor, Mrs. Barclay, Mr. Bardsworth, ___Dive, and Hy. Smith, from London, __ and Fletcher and Miss King.

The New Zealander
Page 2 July 5 1851
List of Vessels and Masters arriving and departing Auckland 2-4 July 1851
William - 20 tons - P BELLl - from Mahurangi
Fairy - 16 tons - J. PUKAWARE - from Coromandel
Grampus - 23 tons - G. PATON - from Bay of Islands
Lucy James - schooner 40 tons - D. JOYCE - from New Plymouth via Manukau
Hero - 16 tons - G. ANDREWS - from the East Coast
Meri Peka - 15 tons - J. RARATY - from Wakatane
Arabia - Brigantine 91 tons - A. YOUNG - from the East Coast
Alexander - ship - LONG - from Kawau

John - 28 tons - J. SULLIVAN - for Mahurangi
Napi - 17 tons - J. TAURARI - for Russell
Children - 30 tons - A JONES - for Russell
Julia - Schooner 36 tons - D. BRISTOW - for the East Coast
Stately - barque 565 tons - Captain T GINDER - for New Plymouth and Wellington (with original cargo from England)

Daily Southern Cross, 2 April 1852, Page 2
The brig Raven, Captain Bowden, sail for Sydney, tomorrow morning, unless the gale should increase, in which case she will inevitably be detained. The following persons have engaged passage by her: �
Mr. Reager, Mr. and Mrs Anderson, Mr. Reeves, Dr. Labatt, W. Hunt, Mrs Sinclair, W. Tough, Mrs Nicholson, Miss Wall, A. Campbell, G. Gage. E. Donovan, J. Henricke, F Florence, Mrs Middleton. Eliza and Sarah Middleton, and 3 children, Mr. and Mrs Thompson, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Fahey, Margaret Walsh, John Field, Joseph and John Merritt, James and John Doel, Mrs Wake, and two children Mr. & Mrs. Cousins, Mr and Mrs Stowe.

The Southern Cross 25th January 1853
List of the names of  vessels belonging to the Port of Auckland in the Foreign or colonial trade.

List of the names of  vessels belonging to the Port of Auckland employed in the Coasting trade.

Daily Southern Cross,
9 May 1854, Page 2
Entered Inwards. May 6 Wanderer, brig, 174 tons, Or. Robbins, from Melbourne. Passengers Messrs. W & G. Woolaston, Mr. and Mrs. Jennings, and two children, Mrs. Figgins & 2 children, Mr. Lidburn, Messrs. Howden, Drummond, Ebring, Gallagher, E. Grove, H. Penny, M. McGuire, P. Butler and 2 children, J. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Cassady and 2 children, Mr and Mrs. C. Seaman, Mr. A. Seaman, Mrs. P. Seaman, Mr. Seaman jun., G. Seaman, Misses Mary and Elizabeth Seaman, Masters Wm. and Robert Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Anstead and child, Messrs. Mcalyard, Stony, and Craig. � J. Macky, agent.
May 6 Gazelle, schooner, 165 tons, McKenzie, from Melbourne, in ballast. Passengers  Messrs J. R Stephens, C. Matthews, J. Matthews, A. McEwan, Martha McEwan, J. Sinclair, R. McGregor, H. Anderson, Ann Stevenson, J. Deaden, Geo. Ansell, Geo. Dickenson, S. Campbell, J. L. Campbell, J. Y. Robson, Thos. Hoskins. Geo. Jago, H. Jago, James Campbell Brown & Campbell, agents.
May 6 Englishman, brigantine, 128 tons, E. Conway, from Melbourne, at Manakau.  E. Rich, agent.
May 8 Daniel Webster, barque, 298 tons, W. Dunning, from Sydney. Passengers Messrs. Codlin, Duncan, Reid, Dyer, Bedlington, Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie and son, Mr. & Mrs. Edmonds and 4 children. � Salmon & Co., agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 4 August 1854, Page 2
Cleared Outwards
Augusts Galatea, barque, 327 tons, Capt. Thompson, for Sydney. Passengers, Dr. Johnson, Major Lloyd, Rev. Mr. Barker and family, 2 Misses Williams, Messrs. P. Rian, T. Bursill, H. Craine, W. Molair, J. Harber, R. Matthew, Van Berg, R. Shearer, J. Coley, J. Berry, Sadler. W. S. Grahame, agent.
August 3 Elizabeth, brigantine, 127 tons, Currie, for Melbourne. Passengers  Mr. and Mrs. Dickenson and child, Messrs. Codlin, Bennett, Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland, Mr. O'Roke, Mrs. and Miss Price, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Ireland, Mrs. Saurison, Mrs. McDonald and child, Mrs. and Miss Thompson, Mr. Rowke.

Daily Southern Cross, 6 October 1854, Page 2
Entered Inwards. October 3 Moa, brig, 236 tons, Capt. Bowden, from Sydney. Passengers  Mr. and Mrs, M'Gee, Mr. and Mrs. Reegan and child, Mr. and Mrs. Fahey, Messrs. Wells, Booth, Woodhouse, Stewart, and Rappatu Atta.
October 5 Matilda, 20 tons Swan, from Wangaroa, with 600 bushels wheat, 20 do. maize, 7 sides bacon. Passengers� Mr. Graham, Mr. Clow, Mrs. Chaileton.
Cleared Outwards. October 5 William Denny, (s.s.,) 426 tons, J. H. Lovett, for Sydney. Passengers Mr. Hayes, Mr. Morris, Mr. Donovan, Mr. Hayr, Mr. Selby, Mrs. Codlin and child, Mr. and Mrs. McNamara and child, Mr. J. Wilson, Mr. Leake, Rev. W. Lawry, Messrs. J A Gilfillan, Connell, Bull, S. Brown, J. Thompson, Melfit, Oke, Smith, Gill, F. A .Woodhouse, Hadfield; R. Beaumish, R. Chisholm, T. Egan, Simson.

The Times, Thursday, Mar 01, 1855; pg. 9
Plymouth, Feb. 28. The bark Sabrina, from Auckland, NZ, Captain Alexander McLean, October 28, bound to Plymouth for orders, arrived in the Sound this afternoon. She brings 20,000 sovereigns from Auckland branch of the Union Bank of Australia, a cargo of spars, kowri gum, and wool, and two cases of New Zealand curiosities for the Paris Exhibition. The spars include several 80 and 81 feet long, 26 inches square, and containing from nine to ten tons of timber, and part of the wool is pure Saxon merino. Among her passengers are the Rev. J. Dudley, Mr and Mrs Daws, and Messrs. Macdonald, Evens, Williams, Watt, Tort, and Robinson. Flour, at Auckland 33L; seconds 30L; potatoes 15L. per ton. Butter 1s. 3d; salt ditto 1s 3d; beef 9d; pork 8d; Bass's Burton beer 10L. per hhd; Wellington boots 31s; masons and bricklayers 12s per day; carpenters 12s; day labourers 7s, 6d.

Daily Southern Cross, 5 June 1855, Page 2 Entered Inwards.
June 1 Primo, brig, 280 tons, B. Grote, from Sydney. Passengers  Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Boulsted, Mr. and Mrs. A. Boulsted, A. Boulsted, jun., H. Nathan.� C. Davis, agent.
June 4 John Scott, brig, 157 tons, Jacobs, from Melbourne. Passengers  Mr. Gordon Hayes, Mr. and Mss. John Boyce, Chas. and Thomas Boyce, Mr. and Mrs Lawler and three children, Sarah Howes, Jesse Jacob J Judd, W. Meir, Mr. & Mrs Ladston and daughter, T. Robertson, D. Benton, Mr. & Mrs. Tifield and 3 children, J. Holloway, Mr. and Mrs. K. Shadwick and 2 children, Mr. and Mrs. Eiffe, James Gibson, E. Rhodes, J.Thorlanc, W. Bellingham.
June 4 -Rock City, ship, 597 tons, T. Cubbins, from London Passengers  Mr & Mrs. Davies, James T. Davies, James Thorn, Miss Mary Eleanor Norris, E.W. Reynolds, Mr. & Mrs. G. Patterson, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Tooth, Chas. Trick, Caleb Hosking, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Horking, T. Pearse, Amos Vickery, H. Noble.
June 4  Sporting Lass, brig, 120 tons, Cellum, from Sydney. Passengers� Mr. & Mrs. Matson, Messrs. Kennedy, Heland, Capt. Tutty.
The clipper ship Rock City, Capt. Cubbins, arrived in our harbour on Sunday -last. She has made one of the shortest, if not the shortest, passage ever made to New Zealand ; the run out being accomplished in 88 days from the Downs. The Rock City sailed from Gravesend on the 4th of March, and the Downs on the 6th. The Rock City is a British North American built vessel. She brings 19 passengers and about 850 tons of cargo, for this Port. The Sporting Lass has been 17 days on the passage from Sydney.

Daily Southern Cross, 4 April 1856, Page 2 Port of Auckland
Cleared Outwards: March 29  Oriental, barque, 500 tons, C. J. Macey, for Canterbury, with part of original cargo from London ; shipped at Auckland  2 barrels blasting powder, 1 case.

McDermit 	Mr. and Mrs. A 
Wood 		Mr. and Mrs. W. D. 
Giles 		Mr. and Mrs. and nine children 
White 		Mr. and Mrs. L. and child 
Wilson 		Mr 
Gray 		Mr H. F. 
Gray 		Mr A. C.
Sharp 		Mr G. 
Seaman 		Mr R. and H. 
Bode 		Mr J. R. 
Barnard 	Ann R. and James
Callender 	Mary 
Seymour 	Sarah 

April 2  William Denny, (s.s.), 454 tons, Capt. Mailler, for Sydney. Passengers Messrs. Johnson, J. Brooke, H. Glasson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Lewington and child, Mr. and Mrs. Murray and child, Mr. A. S. Webster, Mr. Adams, Capt. Dacre, Miss Chisholm, Mr. Hayward, Mr. and Mrs. Cowell, Messrs. Ellis, J. Bartlett, Buckwell, Clowes, Boylan, Mrs. Mailler, Mrs. Buckingham and family (6), Mis. Clifford, Mr Major and 4 children, J. Kedan and wife, Messrs. Sauerbier, Potter, J. Brown, F. Gilmore, J. Gunn, J. Luckie, J. Goodman, W. Westerbury, Hy. Russell, W. Gale. G. Duke, agent.

The Times, Thursday, Apr 17, 1856; pg. 9
Struck by a water spout. Narrative from Mr Heaton, an officer of Her Majesty's ship Electra, son of the Hon. Mrs Heaton, of Plas Heaton, Denbighshire, and nephew of Lord Henniker, and dated "At Sea, Nov. 22, 1855" " We left Melbourne on the 12th of last month, and with our usual fortune, encountered very heavy weather during the whole of our passage to New Zealand, the sea running very high, and washing over us continually. One day an enormous sea broke over us, and the first thing it carried away was the second gig, completely crumpling her up and smashing her all to bits. It then stove in the gunroom and the captain's skylights, and washed everything off the tables in both places, including a bookshelf and a swinging lamp. They were at breakfast in the gunroom at the time, and in a moment officers, teacups, lumps of butter, servants, and red herrings were all floundering together on the deck in three feet of water, and it was some minutes before the ship recovered herself from the shock. Eating our meals was a violent gymnastic exercise; and as to writing, it was out of the question. Ten days of this work brought up the north point of New Zealand, and it took three more to beat down the east coast to Auckland, where we arrived on the 25th ult, after the longest sea passage we have made since out first arrival from England. We remained at Auckland for 19 days. We sallied from Auckland on the 12th of the present month, and have been fighting with headwinds ever since. We have only advanced 400 miles and still 7000 miles from Sydney. The day before yesterday we encountered a most extraordinary danger - we were caught in a water spout. The day had been squally, and we had been compelled to take in sail several times, and therefore we who were below were not surprised to find the ship heel gradually over; but when she went further, and the deck came almost perpendicular, we could see that something had happened beyond the common order of squalls. I climbed over the others and reached the deck. There everything was in confusion, and the ship was lying over on her broadside, with all of one side buried in the water, ropes and sails flapping about. I began to drive the men to the ropes to haul down the after sails, and after a couple of minutes; work the ship slowly righted. It seems that a whirling mass of water had been seen near ten ship, and before anything could be done it was upon her. it was indeed a fearful moment; and nothing but God's hand could have saved us, for man was utterly powerless against manifestation of our Creator's might. As soon as I could get my my self I returned Him thanks for mercifully sparing myself and my shipmates, and saving us in our hour of peril."

Daily Southern Cross, 31 July 1857, Page 2
Entered Inwards
July 28 - Kenilworth, ship, 537 tons, Thorn, from New Plymouth, with sundries original cargo from London. Passengers -Dr Mines, Mr Mahoney and family, Mr C. Wilson.

Daily Southern Cross, 10 December 1858, Page 2
KINGSTON, for Auckland, from Gravesend, Sept. 11. Passengers Chief Cabin :
Hon. Wm, Martin (formerly Chief Justice of New Zealand) and Mrs. Martin
Mr. Howard Hulton and Mrs. Hutton
Mr. Thomas Boylan, Mrs. Boylan and family
Miss Osmond
Mr. Chapman Ewen
Mrs. Ewen and family
Mr. Alexander Ewen
Mr. Charles N. Wilkinson
Miss Cole
Dr. Cross
Rev. J. Crump
Miss Thorne
Mr R. Reade, Mr. J. Reade
Rev. J. Moorehouse
Rev. R. Vickers
Mr. E. H. Allingham
Rev. Wm. Rouse
and 101 second cabin and steerage passengers, several of whom are sent out under the auspices of the Auckland Government.

Daily Southern Cross, 21 August 1860, Page 2
August 20  Persia, ship, 1684 tons, J. H. Smith, from London. Passengers  William Collins ; Foster, Mrs Sydney E., S. Elizabeth, Celia A., Harry Y., Ida Julia, Foster V., and Barry Y. Goring; J. B. and Mrs. Wilkinson, F. W., Sarah A., Francis 0., Charles S., Henry H. ; and Francis A. Irving ; Wm. and Jane Bromley; Mrs. Sarah, Samuel C., William S., and Mary A. Cochrane ; Anne Shuckburgh, Mrs. & Miss Pocock, Edgar A. Conic, Thos. Richardson, II, Troutbeck, Edward A. Ward, B. S. Levy, James and Mary Stent, Rev. B. K. Taylor, James Watt, Wm T. Cumine, F Fairbairns, Miss Stoddart, Martha Compton, M. A. West, Thomas Henshaw, Francis Louis Meynell, William, Mary Ann, Mary, Mana, Marian, Wm. Soloway, Major, Henry, Gilbert, and Fanny Lane ; Bartley and Jane Wilson, Walter and James Kendrick, W. C. Clark, Samuel Haiper, Hugh Alex. Mackay, Eugenie Duguenne, Edward Creed, John Foscutt, James and Harnett Saunders, James, Susannah, and James Edward Halliday, James Chapman, Edward, Phoebe, and Caroline Newing ; Jason John, and Annie Cherlett, Charles Giant, John C., Emma, Emma G., Helen, Lucy, and Mary Atkinson ; Charles and Henry Scurrat, Charles Richardson, Cornelius, Susannah, Cornelius, Susannah Day ; Alfred F. Warren, Thomas Gulliford, John Whitfield, Celia Roberts, Catherine, Adam, Sarah Avery, Ann Elizabeth Hillier, Kegia Stringer, John, Mary Ann, Jane Ann, Nathan, John, James, Annie, Martha, Eliza, Isabella, and Dora Close ; Thomas William Lewis, Thomas Smith, James Holland, John Snaith. �David Nathan & Co., agents.

Taranaki Herald, 29 December 1860, Page 3
The Sevilla, for Auckland, was loaded principally with Government stores, and a detachment of the second battalion of the 14th Regiment, consisting of six officers, 113 men, thirteen women, and twelve children. She carried in addition about a dozen emigrants, and cargo on merchants' account.

Daily Southern Cross, 26 February 1861, Page 2
To Captain Johnson. Dear Sir,  We, the undersigned, passengers in the Lord Worsley,' feel it a pleasant duty to express to you, on our arrival in Auckland harbour, our appreciation of the kindness and consideration for our comfort and enjoyment which you have uniformly exhibited during our voyage from Sydney. Notwithstanding the very limited accommodation afforded by the vessel, you have invariably asented to any proposition which had been suggested for our convenience, whilst the readiness and heartness with which you have entered into those amusements which have tended so much to lighten the necessarily monotonous character of a voyage, demand our thanks. In leaving the vessel we request your acceptance of a small testimonial, as assurance of our regard. We are confident that an appreciation of your merits will ensure your advancement in a service we trust you will long live to adorn. With best wishes for your own health and happiness, and for that of your family, We are, very faithfully yours, (Signed)
H J. Warre (Colonel)
W. Matthews (Major)
Thos. Buddle (Wesleyan Mm)
Joseph H. Fletcher (do)
C. Petschler
Geo. Fred. Maberly
A. C. Macduff (Ass. Mil. Storek.)
I. A. Illingsworth (Assist. Surg)
Francis A. Groguire
Richard Groguire
George F. Green
Mrs. Rich
Saml. W. Webb.

(Reply.) "Lord Worsley," 25th Feb., 1861. ..
(Signed) Robt. Johnson, ' Commander.'

The ship Sevilla arrived here yesterday. She left Cork on the 20th October last; experienced gales from 'W. to S.W during 3 weeks; sighted Madeira on the 9th Nov. and Teneriffe on the 13th. The Line was crossed the 28th Nov., in 26  W., and the meridian of the Cape on the 29th Dec., in lat. 39  42. Her easting was run down in lat. 45  to 46 . On the 5th; of Feb. Tasmania was passed, and Hokianga was inside on Wednesday last. The Sevilla brings out Captain Vivian, Lieut. Keogh, Ensign Lantry, and 110 lank file of the 14th Foot ; Lieut. Cook of the 40th, and Dep. Asst. Com.-Gen. Newland and Assist. Surgeon Tomlinson. We have received the following memorandum of Troops which were to embark at Gravesend, per African, which was to sail on the 3rd January, for New Zealand :  Lieuts. Russell and Tragett, 57th Foot , D. A C. G. Innes, 24 men, 12 women, 12 children, (Commissariat Staff); 2 men (Corps of Armourers) ; 5 Conductors of the Royal Artillery, 2 Store Clerks, 1 Surgeon, 1 Purveyor's Clerk. The Australian squadron will shortly be reinforced by the Jason, Miranda, and Harrier ; the presence of a strong force on that station has been rendered necessary by the disturbances in New Zealand.

Daily Southern Cross, 4 October 1861, Page 5 Cleared Outwards -
1 - Henry Fernie, ship, 1549 tons, William Hamilton, for Sydney, with part of original cargo from Liverpool for Calcutta. Passengers Governor Browne, Mrs. Browne and 3 children, Miss Browne, and 5 servants, Captain Steward, Dr. Smith, P.M.0., Mrs. Smith, 2 children and servant, Captain Leeson, Lieuts. Crawhall and Dudgeon, Assistant-surgeon Temple, R.A., and 100 rank and file 12th regiment.
Ida Zeigler, 860 tons, A. Reynolds, for Calcutta, with part of original cargo from London. Passenger Dr. McKellar.

The Times, Tuesday, Apr 01, 1862
Plymouth, Monday - The ship Mersey, Captain Duncan Smith, from Auckland, NZ, for London, with a cargo of timber, gum, and bark, arrived in the Sound this morning. She rounded Cape Horn January 22, crossed the line March 1, and brings passengers - Mrs Croslie Ward, Mrs Manley, Mrs Wilson, Mr and Mrs Knox, Mr Cameron, Lieutenant Monteith and Mr O'Neal.

"Josephine Willis", sailed on 7 Oct 1854 with 77 on board and no deaths on voyage. (25 M, 28 F, children: 12 M, 12 F)
Reference: Return of Ships and Emigrants despatched by Public Funds to New Zealand in 1855" British Parliamentary Papers (1856 XXIV [2089], 402).
"On October 23, 1854 she left Plymouth with 135 passengers on board, for New Plymouth and Auckland." Reference:  'White Wings'

"Merchantman", sailed 23 May 1855 with 6 passengers and 1 death on the voyage. (2 M and 3 F with 1 M child)  Reference: " British Parliamentary Papers". 
"Arrived Auckland on September 5 1855 from Plymouth with 22 saloon and 116 second and steerage passengers. "Reference:  'White Wings'

GANGES" 1211 tons. Departed: Queenstown (renamed Cobh 1922), County Cork, Ireland 4 November 1864
Arrived: Auckland New Zealand 14 February 1865, sailed with 474 passengers but lost 54 children and two adults from whooping cough and bronchitis.  "Ganges" was built in Boston in ca. 1855 or 1856 by Hugh Robert McKay. Hugh McKay was the brother of the more famous boat builder Donald McKay.  The "Ganges" was originally owned in the U.S.A.  by William S. Bullard.  In ca. 1863 she appears to have been sold to Edmund Thompson of Liverpool, England and appears on Lloyds registers at this time (Official No. 45930).  The "Ganges" made two emigrant-carrying voyages to New Zealand during 1863-1865.
Arrival of the ship Ganges : Extract from the micro-film of the "The Daily Southern Cross" held in the Auckland Public Library. Manukau Libraries Catalogue

"Viola" On the 7th Dec. 1864 Joseph Dunn(e), wife, Margaret and son, William  boarded the "Viola" and sailed for Auckland, New Zealand,  from Glasgow, carrying 340 Government immigrants, arriving after a somewhat lengthy passage on the 4th  April 1865.  Joseph, emigrated to NZ  under the Waikato Immigration Scheme. They came from  around Cookstown, Ireland. The "Viola" was a fine large ship of 1,134 tons sent out by Patrick Henderson and Son.  She was under the command of Captain Mitchell." On this voyage there were twelve deaths and eight births. 

Norfolk Record Office Ref. MC 561
Edward Stimpson - Copy passenger list of the 'Black Eagle' which sailed to Auckland, New Zealand 1861. Includes Walter and Robert Stimpson, sons of Robert Stimpson of Church Farm, Great Witchingham.

Daily Southern Cross, 25 May 1863, Page 4
The Betty Perlbach, Captain Blohm, arrived yesterday afternoon from Wellington, with part of original cargo from Hamburg. She left Wellington eight days ago, had light variable northerly winds the whole passage. Passenger  Rev. McDonald Cargo 2,465 packages, 17,900 fire bricks, 1,691 flag stones, Bucholz anil Co . 70 packages, Lilewall and Rattray , 28 do, J A Phillips ,37 do , Criuckshank and Co , 81 do , S H Smith , 3 do order , 10 do , J.R. Carter ; 2do , Macready , 10 do , Buchanan

The Southern Cross Friday 1st January 1864
Entered Outwards Dec. 31
Auckland, 533 tons, Machin, for Sydney, in ballast.

Annislncki 	Mr E.
Clarke 		Mr C. (40th Regiment)
Minnington 	Mr W.
Mitchell 	Mr J.S.
Muir 		Mr A
Newell 		Mr B 
Sydney 		Captain
Walker 		Mr

The Southern Cross January 4 1864
Port of Auckland Arrivals
Adelaide, barque, Captain Birkenshaw, from Sydney. Lost 62 head of cattle out of 144 shipped.
W.C. Wentworth, barque, Captain Smith, from Grafton, NSW. Mr Herbert is a passenger by her.
Rellance, brig, Captain James Riddle, from Hobart Town (17th Dec.) She brings a cargo of palings, potatoes, fruit &c.; 25 Waikato volunteers, under Lieutenant Miller; and the following passengers in the cabin:
Miller     Mr J. De Burgh (Officer in Charge NZ Volunteers)
Payne     Mr A.G.
Payne     Jane
Potter     Mr W. and servant and child
Smith     Capt. A.N. (Instructor of Artillery S.T. Volunteers

Jane, brig, Captain Clausen, from Melbourne (11 Dec.). Made the passage in 23 days. She brings a general cargo and two passengers.

The Southern Cross �  6th January 1864 page 3
Cleared Outwards
Jan. 5 - Peerless, 1,005 tons, Flavin, for Sydney, in ballast. Passenger - Mr Herring.

The Southern Cross 13 January 1864
The ship John Vanner, of London, 726 tons, Captain Moore, arrived in harbour yesterday and anchored below the ship Esk, 404 tons, Truscott, from Newcastle with 97 head of cattle, 300 sheep, 100 bags maize and 125 cwt hair. She left Sydney on January 2. She brings 205 head of cattle and 200 sheep, losing on the passage 12 cattle and 10 sheep.

The Southern Cross Monday 18 January 1864 pg2
Arrival of the Novelty, Captain Jones, from Sydney. She dropped anchor yesterday. The following are her passengers:

Allan 		Mrs
Misses 		Jones (2)
Maconochie 	Mr A.H.
Purdon 		Mr
Sherward 	Mr and Mrs, child and servant
Trick 		Miss

Steerage -
Bevan 		P
Craig 		Mrs and child
Gorrie 		Daniel 
Grosvenor 	W.
Kilpatrick 	S.
Lynch 		W.
Miller 		James
Piper 		Samuel
Savage 		Mrs and three children

'Ullcoats" to Auckland, 1864The Southern Cross Saturday January 23 1864 pg4

Arrival of the Ship Ullcoats, from London, Captain Chambers. She left the downs on the 29th September and took her final departure from the Lizard on the 7th October. One death occurred on the voyage; William Beveridge, 2nd cabin passenger, died on Wednesday night, of phthisis. No births. The Ullcoats is a new iron ship of 671 tons, built in 1863, by Messrs John Spriggins and Co. Liverpool, and classed A1 at Lloyds for twenty years. She measures 177ft on the keel, 210 overall, 20ft beam, and 19ft depth of hold. Her main and fore yards, bowsprit and lower mass, are all steel.

The Southern Cross Saturday January 181864
The Otago arrived in Hobon's Bay on Saturday, an Intercolonial Steam Navigation Company's steamer. Passage of 51 days six hours from anchorage in the Downs to Hobson's Bay, unprecedented. The Otago is a screw steamer built during the past year, by Mr J.G. Laurie, of Glasgow and was launched in September. She is 645 tons, being 250 ft long over all, with 26ft 8in. beam and 15ft 6in depth of hold..... Captain Smith. Mr Walter Taylor, the purser.

Monday 18th Jan. 1864
The new s.s. Otago is advertised to leave Sydney for Auckland on the 15th instant. We may expect her arrival on the 20th. The following is the passenger list of the Otago: saloon For Melbourne- Mrs Smith, Miss Mein, Mr Graves, Mr E.E. Broadhurst, Mr R.B. Cumberland, Mr Jas. Cooke, Mrs Cooke, Mr Isernhagen, Miss Isernhagen, Mr J.J. Cowon, Mr S. Huxtable, Mr H. Peacock, Mr E.G. Knight, Mr A. Chesterman, Mr A. Burts; and 22 in the steerage. For Sydney - Mrs R.J. Smith (Queensland), Miss Inglow, Lieut. Gambier, Mr A. Ahendors, and nine in the steerage; Eight first class for NA and 30 in the steerage.

Southern Cross 26 January 1864
Arrival of the s.s. Otago, 700 tons, W. Smith, Commander, from Sydney. The Otago brings a number of passengers, amongst whom is Captain John Vine Hall, the General manager of the I.C.R.M. Company.

Passengers - From London: Saloon
Bradbury 	Mr for Auckland
Clements 	Captain for Auckland
Copeland 	Mrs and Miss for Otago
Covey 		Lieutenant for Auckland
Howard 		Ensign for Auckland
Johnson 	Mrs for Auckland

Andrews 	Mr Charles, for Auckland
Fitzpatrick 	Mr T for Auckland
Fitzpatrick 	Mr E for Auckland
Gossling 	Mr George for Auckland
Teague 		Mr Peter for Otago
Turner 		Mr John for Canterbury
Watson 		Mr William for Nelson

From Sydney 
Anderson 	Mr for Auckland
Collett 	Mr for Auckland
Freeze 		Mr for Auckland
Hill 		Mr for Auckland
Melville 	Mr for Auckland
Wall 		Captain J. for Auckland [Hall]
Wall 		Mr V.S. for Auckland [Hall]

Fore Cabin: 
Anderson 	Mr for Auckland
Banks 		Mr T.M. for Auckland
Bradshaw 	Mr for Auckland
CHemberwell 	Mr for Auckland
Brassey 	Mr for Auckland
Cockroft 	Mr for Auckland
Dorsey 		Mr for Auckland
Fawcett 	Mr T.G. for Auckland
Ferguson 	Mr for Auckland
Francis 	Miss S. for Taranaki
F_tx 		Mr for Auckland
Fleetwood 	Mr for Auckland
Gaddy 		Mr W for Auckland
Gray 		Mr E for Auckland
Howell 		Mr and Mrs for Auckland
Messent 	Mr B for Auckland
Newman 		Mr for Auckland
Pilkington 	Mr for Auckland
Smith 		Mrs for Auckland
Stuart 		Mr J for Auckland
Traler 		Mr for Auckland

The Southern Cross Friday January 22 1864
The captain of the Silentium reports that when abreast of Cape Northumberland, the sky being very "wild-looking and hazy" during a gale, all the compasses in the ship - eight in number - were violently effected by some magnetic influence, and for a considerable time swung backwards and forwards from twelve to fifteen points.

Daily Southern Cross, 1 March 1864, Page 10
February 8 -Juverna, 282 tons. Hurley, from Sydney Passenge� Messrs H. Brown, Richard Aldworn, Mr and Mrs R. Grey and three children, Messrs N.C. Berg, T Hesketh, R. L. Jones, D Tomlinson.
8  Nile, 104 tons, Cowieson, from Adelaide Passengers  Messrs. Birss and Walker 13 Mary Cumming, 106 tons, Bartley, from Melbourne
18  Sea Shell, 50 tons, Wyatt, from Norfolk Island
19 _ W C Wentworth, 315 tons Smith, from Sydney. Passengers H. and W Matthews, Collins, Brown, Smith, and Mackenzie.
20 - Peerless, 1005 tons, Flavin, from Sydney. passengers - Messrs W Muir, W. Grey, E. Kent, T Roberts, B Jones, A Smith, J Miller, A Thomas.
20 Adelaide, 331 tons, Birkenshaw from Sydney
26  Lindsay, 470 tons, Williams, from Newcastle. Passengers - Messrs C and H Maaton, Mr and Master Still
26  Marian, 414 tons, Lake, from Sydney Passengers Mrs Lake and 2 children Mr Sewell
27 - Aurifera, 436 tons, Grey, from Twofold Bay
27 Rita, 198 tons, from Adelaide Passengers  Mrs Souter and child.
27 St. Magnus, 259 tons, Walsh, from Adelaide.

Daily Southern Cross, 1 March 1864, Page 10
The clipper barque Kate, Captain Sherlock, tinned in harbour on Tuesday, Feb. 16. after a passage of 13 days from Sydney She took her departure on the 3rd of February, and experienced light N and NE. winds until sighting the Kings, with thick foggy weather on approaching the North Cape The fog cleared off hut Sunday, and at 12 o'clock yesterday, a fresh breeze from the south brought her into harbour.  Passengers.  Captain David Spain, R.N. ; Commander Edward Hay, R N ; Mr. Edward Amphlett, R.N., Edwin A Mitchell, Mrs. McKoy, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews and child, Mr. and Mrs Brokers and three children, Mr. and Mrs Benwood and three children, Mi. and Mrs Riddle and four children, Mr and Mrs. Land and two children, Mrs and Mrs. Maniott and five children, Mr and Mr. Morgan, Mr, and Mrs. Thompson and one child, Mr. and Mrs. Wiliams and four children, W. Watson, W. Dear, George Boyle, Henry Launders, C Green, Robert Stacey, Alex. McMillot, Jerald Shepherd, Henry Mullen, J. W. Stevens, J. Keely, S. Wright, Thomas McGuffon, W. Dixon, J. Brown, J. Finlayson, J. Swerdon, W Rudland.

Daily Southern Cross, 1 March 1864, Page 10
The barque City of Manchester, from London, came to an anchor in the stream Tuesday, Feb. 16, shortly before 12 o'clock, after a passage of 140 days from the Downs whence she mailed on the 29th of September. The City of Manchester has visited this port on a previous occasion, but during her absence has been altered from a ship to a barque. She is commanded by Capt. M H Burrell (who was chief officer when she was last here). Her tonnage is 534. No births or deaths have occurred dining the passage, and the passengers are all in good health, which speaks well for the cleanliness of the vessel, and reflects credit on the captain and officer The City of Manchester brings a full general cargo, and the new boilers for the colonial gunboat Sandfly. Two deer (both females) have also arrived by her for his excellency the Governor They have been under the care of Mr. Jull, and since they were placed on board are in good condition. On the 12th October, Captain Burrell boarded the schooner Scud, of Liverpool, 29 days out from Legos. Most of the sailors on board this vessel were laid up with fever. Passengers Cabin. M E. Hullet, Mr. J. W. Warp, Mrs. M , Mary, William, Bertha, Margaret, Alexander, and James Warp. Second Cabin.  Samuel Bailey, Lewis Forketh, George Thorpe, Samuel Hair, Alexander and James Allen, Henry Ireland, James Robinson, Hamilton Echlin, Lewis Zehuder.

Daily Southern Cross, 1 March 1864, Page
The Swiftsure, one of Messrs. Green and Co. a clipper ship, of Blackwall, came into harbour on Wednesday, Feb. 17, after a good passage of 11 days from Melbourne, with a portion of the military settlers enrolled by Colonel Pitt. The Swiftsure is a splendid vessel of 1,326 tons, and is commanded by Captain Mark Byatt Mayhew. She sailed from Melbourne on Saturday, the 6th inst. The Swiftsure brings upward of one thousand military settlers, including men, women, and children, all in good health. They are under the command of Captain Stuart and Lieutenant Walker. The subjoined is a list of the cabin passengers Mrs. Dunn and two children, Mrs. Major Badley and four children, Mrs Smith and four children, Mrs Lomax and two children, Mrs Fraser and four children, Mrs Donley, Mrs. Barker, and Mrs. Mayhew. The Swiftsure is consigned to Messrs. Woolley and Co.

Daily Southern Cross, 1 March 1864, Page 10
The Empress, a splendid vessel of 1,313 tons, commanded by Captain E P. Ellis, arrived in harbour at a late hour on Feb. 19th, after a good passage of 95 days from her final start. She sailed from Woolwich on the 8th November, and Portsmouth on the 14th, taking her final departure from Scilly on the 16th. The Empress is one of the finest vessels that has entered the waters of the Waitemata. She has made a very good passage, and the healthy condition of the officers and men reflects the highest credit upon Captain Ellis and the officers under his command. She brings twenty officers, and 288 non commissioned officers and men of the 4th battalion Military Tram, and 38 women and 64 children , also 14 non commissioned officers and men, 6 women, and 11 children of the Army Hospital Corps. Her cargo consists of 100 tons gunpowder and 500 tons military stores. There have been four births and four deaths during; the voyage, two children, one sailor, and one soldier.

Daily Southern Cross, 1 March 1864, Page 10
The brig 'Dart,' 154 tons, Captain Joubert, from Sydney, dropped anchor below the barque ' Marian' on Friday, February 26. She left Sydney on the 7th, and has experienced rough weather and adverse winds throughout. She brings a general cargo, and the following passengers Mrs Cox, Mrs Dunnett, Mr. Pendennis, and Mr. Anderson. The 'Dart' will probably come up the harbour to day.

Daily Southern Cross, 1 March 1864, Page 10
The United States barque Thomas Fletcher, commanded by Captain Soule, came to an anchor in the harbour Saturday morning, Feb 26, from Melbourne, bunging the remainder of the military settlers. She sailed on the 7th. instant and made the the Kings in eight days. The Thomas Fletcher is another fine specimen of American shipbuilding. She registers 639 tons, and was built at Bath, State of Maine, about two years ago, and is now on her first voyage. The vessel upon entering the harbour, was in very good order, and the whole of the passengers appealed to be in good health. Three children died on the passage The number of passengers by her are 80 men, 98 women, and 157 children.

The Southern Cross Monday January 22 1866 pg4
The NZSN Co.'s s.s. Rangatira, Captain Seymour, arrived in the Port of Auckland from Tauranga and the Southern provinces with general cargo and 22 passengers. She left Port Chalmers on the 10th instant and Lyttelton on the 12th, Wellington on the 15th, called at Castle Point, and left Napier on the 17th and Tauranga on the 17th.

Frazer 		Captain
Oakley 		Captain (68th) and servant
Pitt 		Lieutenant 
Pitt 		Mrs and child
Chapman 	Lieutenant-Colonel (18th)
Beethem 	Miss
Craig 		Mr
Garlic 		Mr
Grant 		Mr
Jack A.J. 	Mr
Kelly 		Mr
Kinder 		Mr and Mrs
McDonald 	Mr
Smith 		Mr
Turner 		Master
Williams 	Mr and Mrs and family

Wednesday January 24 1866 pg4
The NZSN Co.'s s.s. Rangatira, left Auckland wharf yesterday for Tauranga and the Southern provinces, with a large general cargo and the following passengers: -

Foley Mr
Foley Master
Skeane Mr
Sleam Miss
and four soldiers of the 68th Regiment for Tauranga;

Copperwater Mr
Laughton Mr J.
Skelton Miss 
Young Mr E
and four soldiers of the 12th Regiment for Napier;

Bunten Mr B
Inglis Mr J
for Wellington

The Southern Cross Thursday January 25 1866 pg4

Arrival of the S.S. Prince Alfred from Sydney
The P., N.Z., and A.R.M. Co.;s s.s. Prince Alfred, Capt. H.S. Machin, arrived in port from Sydney. She left Sydney at midnight on the 17th. She encountered rough weather. She brings the following passengers:
Alexander 	Mr
Butterfield 	Miss J.
Frazer 		Mr
Glue 		Mrs
Green 		Mr
Hill 		Mr
Howell 		Mrs and son
Levy 		Mr
Morrow 		Mr
Phillips 	Mr
Rodd 		Mr
Rome 		Mr
Shepherd 	Mr
Tole 		Mr
Woolley		Mr

Booth Mr and Mrs
Bowis Thomas
Ferari Joseph
Larkins P
Leigh D
Reid Mr
Reid Samuel, William, Jane, Agnes and Isabel Reid
Tremble E
West J
and 3 soldiers
Total 33

The s.s Beautiful Star, Captain Morwick, left the wharf last evening for Napier with a large cargo of general merchandise, wines and spirits and ale and the following passengers: Messrs C. Simeon, J. Collins, H. Walker, Wanderson, C.S. Hall, W.A. Tarr, W. Williams.

The schooner General Cameron, Captain Joyce, sailed last evening for the Bay of Islands with a general cargo and the following passengers: Mrs Carleton, Miss Cole, Miss Symth, Messrs W.D. Williams, Callaghan, Davidson, Hansen, Burley, Cameron and McNab.

Southern Cross Monday 23rd January 1865
Port of Auckland
Eveline, ship, 814 tons, Taylor, from Cape of Good Hope, with immigrants.
Viscount Canning, barque, 751 tons, Wright, from London, with general cargo.
Sylph, schooner, 50 tons, Norris, from Russell, with kauri gum.

Projected departures
For London - Ida Zeigler, today
Maori, Feb. 14th.

In harbour
H.M. ss Esk, Luce, from Tauranga
H.M. ss Miranda, from Sydney
H.M. ss Curagoa, Commodore Wiseman, from Kawau
H.M. ss Eclipse, Capt. Fremantle, from Manukau

Ida Zeigler, ship, 800 tons, Reynolds, from London
Talbot, ship, 847 tons, James, from London
Maori, ship, 700 tons, Ashby, from Cape of Good Hop
Ardberg, ship, 921 tons, Robson, from London
Helenlee, ship, 789 tons, Brown, from the Clyde
Light Brigade, ship, 1214 tons, Evans from London
Matoaka, ship, 1322 tons, Barnett, from London
Nelson, ship, 1,248 tons, Cobb, from London.
Victory, ship, 1198 tons, Gibbons, from London
Anne Wood, barque, 400 tons, Wilson, from London
Migrator, barque, 354 tons, Cowan,, from Hong Kong
Novelty, barque, 378 tons, Austin, from Sydney - Henderson and Macfarlane agents.

Southern Cross Tuesday 24 January 1865
Ida Zeigler, ship, for London.

Per Eveline - 10 bales hops, 118 boxes raisins and 2 casks wine, 10 cases old torn, 5 cases wine, 1hhd brandy.

The Ida Zeigler sailed for London at 4 o'clock yesterday evening. A large number of friends and relatives of the passengers accompanied the ship round the North Head, and returned to town late in the evening in a cargo boat.

The s.s transport Alexandra arrived at the Port of Auckland last night from Wellington and Wanganui. Mr Leighton, second officer of the Alexandra. The Alexandra left the Manukau on Sunday, January 15th, having on board Quartermaster-General Gamble and family, 3 officers, and 100 men of the Commissariat Transport Corps and 86 horses. Anchored off Wanganui on Monday and transhipped part of the troops into the p.s. Sandfly, to shore including Quartermaster-General Gamble and family. Proceeded to Wellington, discharged the horses in good condition. When in Cook's Strait observed a comet, on Friday evening. its bearing S.S.W. magnetic at 9 p.m. the length of tail ten degrees, rising fast at nine p.m. on Sunday being seven degrees above the horizon.

The troops which arrived by the ship 'Nelson' on Friday last, have left for Otahuhu, with the exception of a detachment of the 68th Regiment and a few of the 14th Regiment, who remain at the Albert Barracks. They are to leave Otahuhu for Wanganui this morning (Tuesday).

Southern Cross Wednesday 4th January 1865
Port of Auckland

Arrivals; Matoaka, 1323 tons, Barnett, from London, with general cargo.

Vessels Expected
Golden City, ship, from London, No. 8247, 1st dis. p.
Lucilbelle, ship, from London, V.G.N.D., new code
Ganges, ship, from London, No. 4182 1st dis. p.
Armstrong, ship from London, No. 3729, 2nd dis. p.
Ernestine, ship, from London No. 2574, 3rd dis. p.
Spirit of the North, ship, from London. No. 8670, 2nd dis. p.
Nelson, ship, from London, No. 8702, 1st dis. p., sailed August 31.
Viscount Canning, ship, from London No. 1275 3rd dis. p. sailed September 17
Foam of the Sea, ship, from London, No. 1275, 3rd dis. p. sailed September 19
Empress, ship, from London, No. 3524, 1st dis. p.,
Napier, barque, from London via Cape of Good Hope, No. 8635, 1st dis. p., sailed Oct. 22
Adelheid, barque, from Leith via Wellington, No. 0, 1st dis. p., sailed. August 15
Novelty, barque, from Sydney No. 6421, 2nd dis.
Waverley, brig, from Mauritius, No. 2540, 2nd dis. p.

The following is a list of the passengers' names per s.s. Egmont, which sailed for Sydney yesterday: - For Bay of Islands: Captain John Vine Hall, Rev. Mr Burrows, and Mr Lewis. For Sydney" Major and Mrs Eastwood, child and servant. Captain and Mrs Houghton, Miss Oliver, Rev. T. Buddle, A.C.S. Maule, Mrs Maule, Messrs Woolley, Tilley, Noble, Flynn, Kennedy, Lever, Digley, Claypool, King, Falk, Burgoyne, Dr Wolfskehl, Mr and Mrs Petschler, Master Petschler, Mrs Davison and child, Mrs Holman, Mrs Holman (2), Masters Holman(2), C. Keven, and Miss Rountree. Second cabin: Messrs Dyer, Nicholls, Spode, Sherlock, McHugh, Mitson, Boydne, Williams, Mrs Williams, Messrs Hunter, Key, Jones, Wright, C. Jordan, E. Jordan, Laven, Beer, Allen, Bullock, W. Morton, Kershall and Thompson, Miss Rae and Mrs Oilkas.

Southern Cross October 1865 Friday 13th pg4
Port of Auckland Arrivals.
Ida Zeigler, ship, 868 tons, Reynold, from London, with general cargo and 107 passengers.

Daily Southern Cross, 7 May 1867, Page 4
The brig Moa, Captain Robertson, arrived yesterday from Sydney, having left that place on the 17th April. On the fourth day after leaving, met with easterly winds, which continued until within eighty miles of the Three Kings; and afterwards experienced light easterly winds. Sighted the Three Kings on the fifth day out, but owing to the light winds which prevailed was a fortnight on the coast. On the 19th April sighted the Anne Melhuish, bound hence to Newcastle, in south latitude 3542, and east longitude 160.52. On Tuesday last saw  ship bound northward. Passengers: Messrs. Hampton, A. H. Pellitt, John Frank, Robert Pidgeon, Robert Blacke, C. H. Macintosh, Harry Lawrence; Mrs Macintosh, the Misses Macintosh (2), Master Macintosh. J. S. Macfarlane, agent.

Otago Witness 27 March 1869, Page 14
Forty Californian diggers lately arrived in Auckland by the barque Domingo, intending to proceed to the Thames.

Daily Southern Cross, 7 March 1870, Page 2
The following is a list of passengers on board the Inflexible, Captain Lyall, sailed frorn Gravesend December 22 :  Chief cabin  Hy. Lees, wife, and child ; Mrs. Vialou and family (2), Arthur Chaytor, W. F. Burnett, and C. Brown. Second cabin  Mary Cormack, John Davies, Aug. and Frank Vialou, D. L. Fitzgerald, and F. Douglas. 24 steerage passengers.
    On board the Ismay, Captain Sherwin, which sailed from Liverpool December 22, Mr. James Shaw, and Mr. H, Haslitt.

Daily Southern Cross, 11 October 1871, Page 2
Arrivals , Hero, s.s.., 851 tons, Captain T. Logan, from Melbourne, 30th September, via Sydney 4th instant. Passengers : From Melbourne, cabin
Mr. and Mrs. &. Whitson
Mr. and Mrs. Cleghorn
Mrs. J. Murray
Mrs. Stretch
Mrs. Wilson and infant
Miss M. T. Williams
Miss Richardson
Messrs. Clement, Lyons, Hales, G. Young
and 17 in the steerage.
From Sydney, cabin 
Mrs. R. Seal
Mrs. Nugent
Miss McHutcheson
Miss Reid
Miss Burn
Miss Burns
Miss Weiner
Captain Hovell
Mr. J. W. Walker
Mr. J. Reid
and 11 in the steerage.
- Cruickshank, Smart, and Co., agents.
Novelty, barque, 376 tons, Nearing, from Sydney.  Henderson and Macfarlane, agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 18 April 1872, Page 2
The ship Wild Duck, from London, arrived on Wednesday, April 3, and anchored off the North Head at 4 o'clock p.m. She brings a full cargo of merchandise, and 29 passengers. Captain Bailie reports having left London on December 9, and landed the pilot off Tenmouth on the 12th. ARRIVALS. Wild Duck, ship, 786 tons, Bailee, from London, December 9. Passengers:  First cabin� Mr. and Mrs Ewan, Miss Thomson, Mr. N. V. Richards, Mr. and Mrs Weir. Second cabin� Richard Wright, Anne Wright, Elizabeth McGowan, Elizabeth J. Gllmore, William Robinson ; Thomas, Etty, Laurence, Ernest, John, Sarah Taylor; George F. Saunders, W. J. Dawson, Fanny Dawson, Catherine Phoebe Kimberley, William Sadler, Frank Blaydes, William Henwood, John Webster, John Biswick, Edwin Brevern, H. Leese, Ann Fitzpatrick.

Daily Southern Cross, 2 October 1872, Page 4
Bulwark, ship, 1,332 tons. Kelly, from London, February, via Cape of Good Hope and Mauritius. Passengers � Cabin -
Mrs Kelly and family (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Rye
Miss Scott
Master Goertz
J Cowan
W. Chitty
R Allison
H. Hoare.
Second Class
Mr. and Mrs E Matthews and family (5)
Miss Bestiek
Miss Franklyn
Mr. and Mrs. Evans
Mr and Mrs. Jolly
Miss Kelson
Miss Andrews
Messrs Murphy, Milner, Highly, Davies, Welsford.
� L D Nathan and Co., agents

Daily Southern Cross, 28 October 1872, Page 2
Arrivals � October 26. Glenhuntly, barque, 567 tons Alexander, from London. Passengers - W. Dexter, Mr. George Kemp. � Owen and Graham, agents.

Daily Southern Cross, 29 December 1873, Page 2
Arrivals  Glenhuntly, barque, 516 tons, Large, from London, September 13. Passengers Mrs Large, Mr and Mrs Bax and child, Mr Keary, Mr and Mrs Glue; Messrs Woolgar, Jenson, Hill, Goodsworth, Mr and Mrs Condell. Cruickshank and Co., agents.  The Glenhuntly. The fine barque Glenhuntly under the command of Captain Large arrived in harbour on Saturday morning last from London after a passage of 104 days, two days less than that occupied by the Hindostan. The Glenhuntly brings a full cargo of general merchandise and 13 passengers. The vessel has arrived in a very neat older, and the passengers have requested us to return their thanks to Captain and Mrs. Large and the officers of the barque for their kindness and attention to them during the passage. Captain Large reports of the passage as follows. Left London on September 13, and wan lying in the Downs till the 21st left on that day with easterly winds veering to N.E. The trades proved very unfavourable ; ...

 Daily Southern Cross, 29 December 1873, Page 2
The barque 'Glenhuntly' and ship Hindostan, have both arrived from London. The former arrived on Saturday last and the ship yesterday. The 'Hindostan,' however, left London on the 12th September, and the ' Glenhuntly' on the next day, thus beating the ship on the voyage by two days. A fact that speaks well for the sailing qualities of the barque, as the Hindostan, Captain Peek considers is no mean sailor. Neither vessels lighted each other during the passage.

Thames Star, 17 August 1874, Page 2
Auckland, This day. The s.s. Hero arrived from Sydney at 7.30 a.m. this morning, having left on the 11th.
The Hero's passengers
Mrs. Neumegen, three children
Mrs. M. Turnbull
Miss D. Rattray
Messrs. C. G. Quick, College, Bartley, Prince;
Mr. and Mrs Boardman
Mr. and Mrs. John Glasson, two children
Mr. and Mrs. John Hay
Mr: and Mrs. Whyte
Mr. and Mrs S. Moses, infant
Mrs. Owen Jones
Mrs. Bridgeland
Miss Lawry
Miss E. Taylor
Miss Adman
Miss Badcock
Rev. Thorpe
Messrs. Mathews, J. B. Margerison, W. Vauneck and Geo. Thorne, jun.
and 20 in the steerage.

Feb. 1875 - The India, The Baron Aberdare

Daily Southern Cross, 12 February 1876, Page 2 Arrivals
January 21. Carnatic, ship, 871 tons, Chapman, from London. Passengers  Saloon : Colonel Faddy and 2 sons, Mr. Gilmore, Mr., Mrs. and Miss Dakin, Mr. Bentham, Miss Hallet, Misses Turner (2). Second cabin : C. W. Harris, Miss Harris, John Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Dennes, Mr. Lowman, Mr. and Mrs. Greeves, Rosina, Willie, Charles, and Violet Greeves, Miss Mary Jandrell, Mr. and Mrs. Wright, Rebecca, Jacob, Robert, and Adolphus Wright, Miss M. Bilkie. Third Cabin: Mr. and Mrs. Codlin, J. M., Annie, Edward, J.C. Codlin, and Frank Codlin, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Miss Wright, Albert Street, J. Edwards, and S. Dorking.

Daily Southern Cross, 3 January 1876, Page 2
The Benvenue sailed from London for Auckland on the 29th October, and passed Deal on the 30th October. Passengers : Saloon : Mr. Charles E. Shirress and family, Augusta M. Hardess, Mary Hardess, Mr. Pritchard Walton, and Mr George Eastman. Second cabin: Beatrice Dando, Mr. Herbert Dando, Mr Herbert C. Capstick, Mr Charles R. Bradley, Mr. B. J. Hamlin, Mr Wilham  [William] H. Westley, Mr. Thomas Owens, Mr S.D. Billinge, Mr. C.W. Broadbent, and Mr Clarence Cannon. Intermediate Steerage . Mr Robert Hill, Mr Thomas H. Tremble and family, F. Rose, Mr and Mrs George Brown, Mr Ed. Holdsworth, Mr John G. Thompson, Mr William Fletcher, Mr A. H. Miller, and Mr William Lidstone.

Daily Southern Cross, 12 February 1876, Page 2 Arrivals
February 2. Benvenue, ship, 1,000 tons, W. McGowen, from London. Passengers� listed. N.Z.S.Co., agents.

Timaru Herald, 28 January 1878, Page 3
Auckland, Jan. 26. The ship Lorraine has arrived, after a passage of 85 days from the Downs. There are 30 passengers aboard, all well. She brings three thoroughbred brood mares, all m foal, from Newmarket, to order of Mr Fergusson of Waikato. The names of the mares are Dundee, Kitty, and Lockett.

Timaru Herald, 17 May 1883, Page 2
The steamer Westmeath arrived to-night from Hobart. She will proceed to southern ports. She called at St. Vincent on the way out. Her voyage was a tolerably boisterous one and two deaths ocourred on the voyage. She brings the following passengers :
Saloon  Mr H. W. Williams.
Second cabin Messrs Harold, Paxter, Charles May, Mrs Susan L. May, Mr Henry Merrick, Mrs Elizabeth Merrick and Mr Frank L. Hore.
Steerage E. Feldman, L. Carroll, Richard Peck, Leonard C. Barber, Ernest Barber, Bernard Connolly, George A. White, Pelham Davey, H. L. Matson, Frank Midgely, Rev. Midgely, William Sansford, Harriet Ward, Robert Ripley, Clara Ripley, Mary Irving, Alexander Irving, Alice R. Moore and Robert Finkerton, and 285 immigrants.

Auckland Star, 10 December 1885, Page 2
The N.Z. Shipping Company's Ruapehu, which previously visited this port in July last, arrived here at 10.30 a.m. to-day, and berthed at the end of Queen-street Wharf. Shortly afterwards the passengers were landed, and the discharging of cargo, of which 840 tons are for Auckland, was also commenced, under the direction of Captain Nearing, stevedore. The Ruapehu is in command of Captain Greenstreet who was here a short time since as master of the Mataura. The other officers are: Chief officer Mr F. Mayoss; second officer, Mr F. Forbes; third officer, Mr R. Jaggard ; fourth: officer, Mr R. Tizard; chief engineer, Mr C. McEachran; second engineer, Mr J. Haire surgeon; Mr W. P. Nesbitt, M.B. Mr C. Dean occupies the Important position of purser, and to him we are Indebted for all necessary information of the voyage, &c. Report. The second officer, Mr F. Forbes, furnished the following report of the voyage: The Ruapehu left Plymouth on Saturday, October 21, at 1.15 pm. Teneriffe was reached on Thursday, 29th, at 2.45 a.m. After a long detention of 10 hours 5mins. left for Cape Town. On November 4th crossed the Equator, and encountered the SE Trades; ... December 6th, at 7 p.m., anchored at Tairoa Heads, ...Having landed passengers and mail, also receiving a quantity of coals, left at 1 p.m., and arrived as above.
Passengers. The following is a list of the Auckland passengers'
Saloon: Misses E. M. Wilkinson, H. J. Weaver, H. S. Brodie and maid, Clarke, Snell, Marsden, Mrs Marsden, Mr and Mrs C. Hurst, Messrs Clarke, A. Aberron, H. A. Wilkinson, W. D. Thomson, R. Waterer, jr. F. Connell, G. Harris.
Second cabin: Misses M. Boucher,. A. M. Shaw, Dowling, Roche, McCarthy, J. Reilly, K. Wood, H. A. Smith, Master Brooks. Mr and Mrs W. Shaw, Master N. Shaw, Mr and Mrs Dixon, Mrs McNicol, Mrs H. Brooks, and Messrs W. W. Williams and F. W. Atkinson.-
Third cabin: H. French, J. Fletcher, H. A. Bascomb, T. Dowling, S. Caulfield, W. Marks, John Hicks, James Hicks. G. E. Wiggins, P. Hope, J. Dybam, Morgan. J. J. Henderson, T. H. Alexander, K. McKenna, W. A. Richardson, J. Taylor, J. Hatten, jr., E. Bleor, T. Bloor, L. Gerry, Thomas Shore, Mary Shore, Thomas Shore, J.C. Cotterill, E. Cotterill, D. Cotterill, jr., Oliver Cotterill, Ann Cotterill, Lavenia Cotterill, Elizabeth Cotterill, Mr and Mrs Cotterill and family (3), Mrs Ramage and family (i), J. Johnson, Mr and Mrs Smith and family (2) A. Arnold, H. Arnold, Mr and Mrs Bullen, son, and infant, Mr and Mrs Dickson and family (3) Jane Gillingham, Mr and Mrs Woolford, Mr and Mrs Burnet, Mr and Mrs Bullen, Mr and Mrs Hanna, Mr and Mrs Bennett and family (4).

Timaru Herald, 8 December 1885, Page 2
Port Chalmers, Dec. 7. The R.M.S. Ruapehu arrived at 7 p.m. yesterday, She brings 2840 tons of cargo and 850 passengers for all ports. The health of all on board is excellent. There was one death, William Gainster, about 28 years of age (engineer's storekeeper), from heart disease. He was found dead in his bed on October 30th. The passage, which has been a fine weather one, has also been most agreeable ; and on Saturday evening Captain Greenstreet was the recipient of a complimentary address. The time occupied from Plymouth was 42 days 18 hours 5 minutes; actual steaming time, 41 days 8 hours 10 minutes. The maximum speed was 12.5 knots, and not a single stoppage to the machinery occurred. She left Plymouth at 1.15 p.m.  After transhipping 143 bag of mails and 81 passengers for Otago and Canterbury, the Ruapehu sailed for Wellington. The following is a list of her passengers : For Port Chalmers Saloon: Mrs McPherson and two children, Miss J. Callaghan, Mr H. White, Second saloon : Mrs Davies, Messrs Crawford, Bowler, Toherwood, McLean, Mr and Mrs Ramsay, Mr W. Shipton. Third cabin: Miss Archibald, Messrs Bradshaw, Brennat, Bownan, Downer, Grant, Gillespie, Greig, Herdman, Howell, Pearce, Seater, Brown, ister, Mure, Miss Nasmith, Messrs Palmer, Rowe, Tracey, Stringer, Willetts. For Lyttelton Saloon : Mr and Mrs McPherson, Mr and Mrs Hall, Mr and Mrs Hurst, Mr and Mrs Postlethwaite, Misses Archer (2) Brodie. and maid, Messrs Archer, Burn Connoll, Gurney, Harm, Lowe (2), Smith, Westenra. Second saloon : Mr and Mrs and Master Green, Mr and Mrs Shaw and two children, Mr and Mrs Ravenhill, Mrs Turnceanx, Messrs Fitzroy, Holcraft, Hugunin, Marks, Miss Pettigrew. Third cabin : Messrs Barratt, Brown, Cross, Foster, Goodwin, Grumble, Henry, Fogle, Mr and Mrs Johnson, Messrs, McIntosh, Mr and Mrs Reigns, Messrs Ruddick, Smythe, Watson, Williams, Goodwin, May, Mrs McNalty and family, Misses Watson (2). For Wellington� Saloon : Messrs Oliver; Robson (2), Watcror, Second saloon : Missos Borry, Brook, Mossrs Fitzhorbert, Holnroft, Porter, Ward (i), Whitoman, Williams, Walton, Mr and Mrs Newton and infant. Third cabin�Mr and Mrs Baker, Mr and Mre Cooper, Mrs Foster and child, Mr and Mrs Green, Mr and Mrs Guest, Mr and Mrs Morgan, Messrs Ashby, Bartlett, Blair, Barn, Carroll, Chowen, Cosgrave, Miss Cope, Messrs Hay, Hertmay, Jones (2), Mr and Mrs Little, Messrs McIntosh, Millar, Morgan, Moriaty, Powell, Pym, Reynolds, Seabrook, Wilson, Belcher. For Auckland � Saloon : Misses Clark, Snell, Weaver, Perston, Messrs Clarke, Terry (2), Thomson, Pines. Second saloon : Mr and Mrs Dickson, Mrs McNicoll, Misses Dowling, O'Reilly, Roache, Smith, Wood, M'Cartey, Mr Atkinson, Mrs J. C. Brooks and son. Third cabin : Mr and Mrs Bennett and family, Mr and Mrs B. A. Bulling and family, Mr and Mrs T. Bulling, Mr and Mrs Burnet, Mr and Mrs Cotterhill and family, Masters Cotterhill (2) Mr and Mrs A. Cotterhill and family, Mr and Mrs Dickson and family, Mrs Rammage and family, Mr and Mrs Shaw, Mr and Mrs Shore and child, Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Misses Woolford (2), Miss Gillingham, Mr and Mrs Hanna, Messrs Alexander, Allen, Arnold (2), Bascomb, Bloorer (2), Caulfield, Dowling, Dytain, Fletcher, Jerry, Hutton, Henderson, Hicks (2), Hope, Johnson, Marks, M'Kenna, Morgan, Richardson, Taylor, Temple, Mrs Thomas and infant. For Nelson Saloon : Mrs and Miss Marsden, Miss Wilkinson. For Napier Second saloon : Mr and Mrs Agilby and family (4), Mrs Duff and two children, Mr Steele. For the Bluff Third cabin : Messrs Jenkins, Judge. For MelbourneSaloon : Mr and Mrs Stevenson David.

Timaru Herald, 21 July 1896, Page 3
THE OPHIR. Albany, July 20. R.M.S. Ophir, from London.
Passengers for New Zealand  Misses Jackes (2), Mrs King and daughter, Messrs Dickson and Mallet.

Wanganui Herald, 10 October 1903, Page 5
REUNION OF OLD COLONISTS. AUCKLAND, October 9. An annual re-union of old colonists took place to-day. There was a thanks-giving service in the morning at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, which was very largely attended by old colonists from all parts of the province. The gathering was a very representative one, all classes and creeds feeing represented. The congregation represented the following emigrant, ships 
Brilliant- (1842)
Andrew (1842)
Childre (1840)
William Bryan (1841)
Jane Gifford (1841)
Canton (1837)
Osprey (1842)
Oriental (1843)
Westminster (1843)
Duchess of Argyle (1842)
Lord Burleigh and Louisa Campbell (1842)
Sir E. Paget (1850)
Government brig (1839)
William Denny (1855)
schooner Kate Fifeshire (1842)
Union (1843)
Brougham (1842)
Antilla (1841)
Several interesting and appropriate addresses were given. The chairman announced that during the past year 43 old colonists of 50 years' standing had passed away.


Bartlett, Jean, Jane Gifford and Duchess of Argyle 150th Anniversary Committee. Documents relating to the Jane Gifford and Duchess of Argyle, 1842-1992. [Auckland, NZ] Jean Bartlett: 1992. 40pp ISBN: 0473016400 (pbk)

Bartlett, Jean, 1912. The Emigrants : the story of John and Sarah Bell of Cumberland, Auckland & Ardmore / with a family tree compiled by Gordon Russell. Bell, John, 1805-1890. 'Jane Gifford' & 'Duchess of Argyle' passenger lists. Published by the author, 1974. First edition. Soft cover, 128pp

Craig, J. J. (Joseph James), 1860-1917. Historical record of Jubilee Re-union of Old Colonists including roll of pioneer settlers who arrived prior to 1843   Auckland [NZ]: Committee of the Jubilee Re-union of Old Colonists, 1893. National Library of Australia. Christchurch Aotearoa New Zealand  MICROFICHE   and pamphlet. 35 p Reprinted from the New Zealand Herald, October 10th and 11th, 1892. Reissued on microfiche: Auckland, N.Z. : BAB Microfilming, 1991, with title: Old colonists' jubilee re-union, Auckland, NZ, 1842-92. 

Caradus , A. 'Courage & Perseverance': Pub. 1975  Early years in Auckland.  Both the Duchess of Argyle and Jane Gifford arrived in the Waitemata harbour on the 9th of October 1842, but apparently the �Duchess of Argyle� had run aground. 

Dobie, Bertha. The voyage of the "May Queen", October 1877-January 1878 / from the diary of Bertha and Mary Dobie; edited by Margaret Drake Brockman. Braunton [U.K.] : Merlin, 1992. 128 p. The vessel arrived in Auckland.

Donovan, A ed. They Came by Ship : Centenary of Bombay, Auckland, New Zealand : 1865-1965 Bombay Anniversary Centennial Committee Picnic and Sports Club. Soft cover, 190p, numerous photographs.  A complete History of the District in 1965. The original shipping list was used to compile the names. An account of pioneers of the districts of Bombay and Paparata and their arrival in New Zealand on board the ship 'Bombay". Includes accounts from journal of the voyage. 

Drummond, Alison, editor The Auckland Journals of Vicesimus Lush, 1850-63.  Frontier and pioneer life Howick (NZ) Lush, Vicesimus, 1817-1882. [1971]Christchurch : Pegasus

Eade, Forbes.  Roll of Early Settlers and Descendants in the Auckland Province prior to the end of 1852 (1939) An alphabetical list by personal names: ships names are scattered throughout the book

Felgentreff, Carsten. Egerl nder in Neuseeland : zur Entwicklung einer Einwandererkolonie(1863-1989) / Carsten Felgentreff. [G�ttingen] : Selbstverlag Abteilung Kultur = und Sozialgeographie, Geographisches Institut der Universitt G ttingen, 1989. 48 p. Germans immigrants, Puhoi history, NZL

Flude, Anthony  The Circular Saw Line - A history of the Macfarlane & Henderson shipping company in Auckland. Online chapters illustrated. Provides a history of the development of this important shipping line and the early years of Auckland Township.

Heerdegen, William G. M. The Green Hill 1940 History of the pioneers of Bombay and the ship which gave the settlement its name. There are numerous names in the book, the 1914-18 Roll of Honour from Bombay School and St Peter's and the appendix includes a list of passengers.  Ian Rawnsley has offered to do lookups from the book.  The late William G M Heerdegen B.A. was a former Vicar of Bombay and Chaplain of St Stephen's College, many other appointments and husband of Mrs Ian Rawnsley's aunt. An account appears in the NZ Herald of Monday March 20th, 1865.

"The Bombay left Gravesend at 8 o'clock on the morning of November 26th, 1864 with a total of 386 passengers.  Judging from the records, this was her slowest and most hazardous trip, taking 112 days in all, and according to Mr. George Wootten, it was only by the help of God that they ever succeeded in reaching their destination.  Several times during the voyage, they were beset by adverse winds, extremely heavy seas, and narrow escapes from certain disaster."

Lancaster, John James, Kendall, Shirley E. Medical and surgical journal of the freight ship Sir Robert Sale, 10th of June to 22nd of November 1847 / Taihape, NZ: S.E. Kendall, c1994 56 pp Originally transcribed by Shirley Kendall in Australia in 1989, from a copy of the original document held at the Public Record Office at London. ADM 101 79/1

McCarthy, Darry 1928-, The First Fleet of Auckland: Tower Pub. Associates, 1978. Contains ships and passengers list of all the first settlers that came to Auckland. Two of the early vessels were from Scotland.  The following ships passenger lists are included, timeframe 1840 - 1846 to Auckland: 

Duchess of Argyle	Jane Gifford	Westminster	Ramillies
Sir Robert Sale		Oriental Queen	Minerva		Clifton
Sir George Seymour	Berhampore	Ann

McLean, William The Diary of William McLean's Voyage to Auckland, Aboard the Sailing Ship "Miltiades" 1874 Bathurst. 1986. Mcae Press. Edited by Vernon Tupper. (1), 35 pp with facsimile of Passenger contract ticket and 4 b/w illust. 30th April 1874, embarked at East India Dock. 24th July 1874 arrival Auckland, N.Z.

The Miltiades Record : a journal of incidents on board the good ship "Miltiades", during her voyage from London to Auckland, New Zealand, with emigrants.  Published Auckland 1874. 32 p  National Library of Australia Catalogue searchable

Museums and Libraries

The principal sources of passenger lists in Auckland are at the Auckland City Library and Auckland Maritime Museum.

Auckland City Libraries
If the person you are interested in lived mainly around Auckland, then the Auckland public library is the place to go for genealogy research. The Auckland Public Library, Lorne Street, has a very good family history section.  "Researching Family History: A List of Genealogical material at the Auckland Public Library" published 1997 by Auckland City Libraries, P.O. Box 4138, Auckland 1015. May order at   Auckland City Libraries  

Auckland War Memorial Museum  
The second floor has a military section with computers with WW1 and WW2 information, and some draws of microfilm. They have the muster records on microfilm. e.g. 58th regiment.  Continue through to the  Library. This is a major research library. e.g. microfilm of miscellaneous passenger lists including that of the Jane Gifford  Monday to Friday 1pm to 5pm. Location: Auckland Domain.

Inventory of passenger lists, nominal rolls, etc., which are on microfilm held by the Library together with an index of ships 1839-1888. Published 1968 by The Institute. The originals from which these these transcripts have been taken are in the National Archives, Wellington. Pamphlet, 23  leaves.

Archives New Zealand 
Auckland Regional Office

Archives New Zealand
P.O. Box 91-220, Auckland, New Zealand. (postal address)
ph: (64-9) 270 1100  fax: (64-9) 276 4472
Location: 525 Mt Wellington Highway, Auckland, New Zealand
Most provincial immigration records for Auckland were destroyed in a fire in 1872. Registers and associated papers for land selection managed by the Auckland Land Office for a General Government Waikato settlement scheme of 1864-65 survived.

Maritime Museum
New Zealand National Maritime Museum on Hobson Wharf by the ferry terminal has information on NZ immigrants.  Open 7 days at the Harbourside Eastern Viaduct, cnr Quay St & Hobson St. Box 3141 Central Auckland.  There is a library at the Hobson Wharf Maritime Museum. Call ahead to ask what time the librarian will be in.  The gift shop does not have books. The museum does not have any passenger lists except what is in the database. Holdings include:
Wharton Index of ships arriving in Auckland 1850-1980
A run of Lloyds Registers
Lloyds Captains Register 1869 (British)
Watts Index of New Zealand registered vessels & contains an index to captains
Auckland Harbour Archives -  includes ship arrivals, departures and personnel from 1871 on. Prior to 1871 the Port of Auckland was administered by the Auckland Provincial Council. 
 Index to Masters, Mates and Engineers 1866-1921 (New Zealand)

The Hobson Wharf Passenger and Shipping database includes: surname, first name, occupation, vessel, departed, arrived, dates and reference.  Includes very little Canterbury data.  Strong in the Auckland and Otago area only.  This is a register of passenger and ship arrivals in New Zealand from several sources compiled by Hobson Wharf volunteers with the assistance of the NZSG additional registers will be added periodically.  They can search the index for you (no charge for one surname) if you wish to phone ph 09 373 0880 x 810.  Email: They charge $40 per hour for research although will can do a quick check of the database for free. website             

Sources for database:

Immigration to New Zealand by sea : a bibliography / by Marianne Watkins. 1994 "Compiled for the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, Hobson Wharf, Auckland, as part of the resource material given to teachers of Intermediate School students ...   The focus is strictly on migrants' experiences of the sea voyage during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries ..." -leaf includes indexes.

'Last, loneliest, loveliest, exquisite, apart
On us, on us, the unswerving season similes.
Who wonder 'mid our fern why men depart
To seek the Happy Isles.'
- Kipling.

 hoyte1aa.jpg (23901 bytes)hoyte1.jpg (77038 bytes)Auckland Harbour watercolour 1869
Shows North Head and Rangitoto Is.,
Probably taken from the cliff above Hobson Bay, Remuera. Visit Timeframes to view similar paintings by landscape artist John Barr Clarke Hoyte who was born 1835 England. Hoyte. a trained artist arrived in NZ in 1861later that decade went on sketching trips around the country including Canterbury. Spent five years in the West Indies before settling in Auckland. He taught school from 1869 to 1875. He moved to Dunedin for three years in 1876. Moved to Sydney in 1879 and became the first president of the Art Society of NSW where he died in 1913.  His work can  be found in the Auckland and Dunedin Art Galleries also the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.  

"Her path is o'er the mountain wave,
Her home is on the deep."

Inscribed in teak on the poop of the "City of Auckland"


The West Coast Times
September 12th 1862 pg 2
'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.

The Lay of the Last Maori.

The way was long, the wind was cold,
The Maori was half-starved and old;
his tattooed check, and mournful eye
Told tales of better days gone by;
Around his neck, in blanket slung,
His greenstone meri loosely hung;
His prized jews'-harp, his only joy,
Was 'toted" by a half-caste boy.
The last of all the maories he
Who fought for native monarchy.
Alas! his race's date had fled,....
Upon Mount Eden's rising swell
he paused, and gazed towards Parnell;
Then turned his eyes upon the Bay,
Where many a white wing'd vessel lay;
Wandered to Niccol's Patent Slip;
He shook his head; then as he viewed
The busy, hurrying multitude
In Auckland's streets, he heaved a sigh
And wept to think on days gone by.