'Bangalore' arrived Lyttelton 1851


New Zealand Bound

'Bangalore', barque, 877 tons, sailed from the UK 9 May, 1851 and arrived Lyttelton, New Zealand 21 August.

List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand per Ship Bangalore. William Morgan, Commander, Frederick Young, Manger of Shipping 8 May, 1851

Chief Cabin

Brady	 Charles      32   M	Merchant
Fenton   Rev.         30   M    Chaplain                                          
Gordon   James E.     22   M    Servant                                                  
Harris   William      32   M    Servant for New Plymouth                                  
Heath    Thomas Mason 25   M    Servant                                                  
Hopkins  Mr           30   M  
Morgan	 William      20   M    Dr. (Cambridge)                                      
Morley   Mr           28   M                                                      
Slatter  Mr           22   M                                                      
Tribe    Mr           30   M   Y                                                  
Tribe    Mrs          23   F   Y                                                  

Second Cabin

Belford    G.W.      30    M   Y 2  Farmer                                                   
Belford    John      9     M                                                                 
Belford    Mary      8     F                                                                 
Belford    wife      28    F   Y 2                                                           
Benton     John      28    M               for New Plymouth                                  
Bowron     Alice     9     F                                                                 
Bowron     George    45    M   Y 7  Farmer                                                   
Bowron     George    13    M                                                                 
Bowron     Harriet   16    F                                                                 
Bowron     Kate      11    F                                                                 
Bowron     Louisa    20    F                                                                 
Bowron     Maritz    5     F                                                                 
Bowron     Mary Ann  48    F   Y 7                                                           
Bowron     Sarah     18    F                                                                 
Brickwall  George    25    M        Farmer for New Plymouth                                  
Buck       George T. 36    M   Y    Farmer                                                   
Buck       Maria     31    F   Y                                                             
Day        William   19    M        Farmer for New Plymouth                                  
Elderton   Charles   17    M        Farmer                                                   
Hayden     S.        28    M        Farmer                                                   
Hildebraud Frederick 24    M        Farmer                                                   
Hildebraud Ross      25    M        Farmer                                                   
McClaren   John      25    M        Farmer transferred to the Chief Cabin May 8th, for Wellington            
Prosser    Samuel    20    M        Farmer                                                   
Rodd       Fred'k A. 18    M        Farmer                                                   
Welch      Thomas C. 28    M        Farmer                                                   


Anderson     Helen         21   F       Domestic Servant                                                   
Barnett      Jacob         32   M   Y 4 Agr. Labourer                                                       
Barnett      John          7    M                                                                          
Barnett      Mark          inf  M                                                                          
Barnett      Matthew       3    M                                                                          
Barnett      Thomas        5    M                                                                          
Barnett      Winfred       31   F   Y 4                                                                    
Barge        William       18   M       Farm Labourer    Steerage Paying                                   
Bentley      John          21   M       Coachman                                                           
Booth        Alexander     inf  M                                                                          
Booth        James         27   M   Y 1 Agr. Labourer                                                       
Booth        Jessie        29   F   Y 1                                                                    
Burrows      Thomas Henry  32   M       Gardener                                                           
Bussells     Barddelt      19   M       Gen. Labourer                                                      
Carter       Henry         14   M       Gen. Labourer                                                      
Chamberlayne Mr                 M                        Steerage Paying                                   
Christie     George        44   M   Y   Agr. Labourer                                                       
Christie     Margaret      43   F   Y                                                                      
Collins      Edward        1    M                                                                          
Collins      Isabella      3    F                                                                          
Collins      Isabella      39   F   Y 3                                                                    
Collins      James         31   M   Y   Gen. Labourer    sp. Selina Steerage Paying                        
Collins      Selina        29   F   Y                    Steerage Paying                                   
Collins      William       40   M   Y 3                                                                    
Cone         Caroline      35   F   Y 4                  Steerage Paying                                   
Cone         Frederick     10   M                        Steerage Paying                                   
Cone         George        8    M                        Steerage Paying                                   
Cone         Sarah Ann     6    F                        Steerage Paying                                   
Cone         William       12   M                        Steerage Paying                                   
Cone         William       35   M   Y 4 Farm Labourer    Steerage Paying                                   
Coster       Ann           22   F       Domestic Servant                                                   
Coster       Eliza         10   F                                                                          
Coster       Elizabeth     13   F                                                                          
Coster       Esther        15   F                                                                          
Coster       Fanny         8    F                                                                          
Coster       Jane          5    F                                                                          
Coster       John          20   M   Y   _allster?s lab.                                                    
Coster       Mary          24   F       Domestic Servant                                                   
Coster       Miriam        48   F   Y 4                                                                    
Coster       Ruth          17   F       Domestic Servant                                                   
Coster       Susannah      28   F                                                                          
Coster       Thomas        48   M   Y 4 Gardener                                                           
Coutts       Isabella      20   F       Domestic Servant                                                   
Crouch       Eliza         33   F   Y 5                                                                    
Crouch       Elvia         5    F                                                                          
Crouch       James         7    M                                                                          
Crouch       Mary A.       13   F                                                                          
Crouch       Sarah         1    F                                                                          
Crouch       William       9    M                                                                          
Crouch       William       37   M   Y 5 General laborer                                                    
Datterson    Elizabeth     21   F       Domestic Servant                                                   
Goostrey     James         inf  M                                                                          
Goostrey     Sarah Ann     20   F   Y 1                                                                    
Goostrey     William       31   M   Y 1 Agr. Laborer                                                       
Hamilton     Elvia         5    F                                                                          
Hamilton     Henry         34   M   Y 4 Painter                                                            
Hamilton     Henry         14   M       Gen. Labourer                                                      
Hamilton     Joseph        7    M                                                                          
Hamilton     Rhoda         2    F                                                                          
Hamilton     Sarah         16   F       Domestic Servant                                                   
Hamilton     Sarah         38   F   Y 4                                                                    
Hamilton     William       11   M                                                                          
Harrison     Ellen         8    F                                                                          
Harrison     George        2    M                                                                          
Harrison     Jabez         11   M                                                                          
Harrison     Mary          32   F   Y 5                                                                    
Harrison     Mary Ann      inf  F                                                                          
Harrison     Sophia        5    F                                                                          
Harrison     William       33   M   Y 5 Tailor                                                             
Herchet                    18   M       Farm Labourer                                                      
Jackson      Ambrose       9    M                                                                          
Jackson      Charles       14   M       Brickmaker                                                         
Jackson      Elizabeth     43   F     2 Widow                                                              
Jackson      Elizabeth     6    F                                                                          
Jackson      George        23   M   Y 1 Brickmaker                                                         
Jackson      Harriett      21   F   Y 1        
Jackson      Emma          inf  F                                          
Jackson      Harriett      30   F   Y 1                                                                    
Jackson      James         15   M       Brickmaker                                                         
Jackson      Levi          25   M   Y 1 Brickmaker       m. Harriett , 21 yrs., child Emma                 
Jackson      Samuel        18   M       Brickmaker                                                         
Jaffray      James         22   M       Agr. Labourer                                                       
Jeffreys     John M.       20   M       Gen. Labourer    Steerage Paying                                   
Littlecott   Charles       21   M       House Servant                                                      
Loader       Caroline      26   F   Y 3                                                                    
Loader       Ellen         2    F                                                                          
Loader       John          0    M                                                                          
Loader       Joseph        29   M   Y 3 Gen. Laborer                                                       
Loader       Mary          6    F                                                                          
Martin       Fanny         22   F   Y                                                                      
Martin       John          26   M   Y   Agr. Laborer                                                       
Meyrick      William       28   M       Agr. Laborer                                                       
Moore        Emma          1    F                                                                          
Moore        Harriett      6    F                                                                          
Moore        Henry         32   M   6                                                                      
Moore        Henry         3    M                                                                          
Moore        Robert        11   M                                                                          
Moore        Sarah         12   F                                                                          
Moore        Tresha        36   F   Y 6                                                                    
Moore        William       10   M                                                                          
Nottage      James         17   M       Agr. Labourer                                                       
Nottage      Henry         13   M       Agr. Labourer                                                       
Parker       Saul          30   M       Farm Labourer    Steerage Paying                                   
Pickford     Walter        22   M       Agr. Labourer                                                       
Ragg         Francis       25   M       Gen. Labourer    Steerage Paying                                   
Scutton      George        31   M   Y   Gardener                                                           
Scutton      Mary          29   F   Y                                                                      
Sheratt      Edward        28   M   Y 1 Brickmaker                                                        
Sheratt      Jane          29   F   Y 1                                                                    
Sheratt      Sarah Jane    1    F                                                                          
Shunmer      Richard       28   M       Farm Labourer    Steerage Paying                                   
Smith        James         27   M       Farm labourer    Steerage Paying                                   
Tyler        Caroline      26   F   Y 3                                                                    
Tyler        Ellen         2    F                                                                          
Tyler        John          inf  M                                                                          
Tyler        Mary          6    F                                                                          
Tyler        William       31   M   Y 3 Agr. Labourer                                                      
Walker       Elizabeth     33   F   Y 2                                                                    
Walker       Maria         4    F                                                                          
Walker       Susannah      2    F                                                                          
Walker       William       35   M   Y 2 Agr. Labourer                                                       
White        Frederick     30   M   Y   Agr. Labourer                                                       
White        Mary A.       40   F   Y                                                                      
Young        Ann           6    F                                                                          
Young        Charles       32   M   Y 3 Farm Labourer                                                      
Young        Emily         3    F                                                                          
Young        Jean          27   F   Y 3                                                                    
Young        William       1    M                                                                          

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515

Lyttelton Times 11 September 1905 Page 8 Louisa Bowron married George Dunnage in 1856
Mrs Dunnage, one of the Canterbury Pilgrims, died at Longwood, Papanui, on Friday. Mrs Dunnage, who was the eldest daughter of the late Mr George Bowron, arrived at Lyttelton with her parents on August 21, 1851, in the ship Bangalore. Most of her married life was spent in Papanui, where she was very well known. Her husband died a year ago. They are survived by a family of four sons and five daughters.

Lyttelton Times 2 September 1904 Page 6
The death is announced of Mr George Dunnage, of Papanui, a colonist of very many years� standing, and a well known citizen. When he first in the Styx district Mr Dunnage was known especially as a strong churchman, and throughout his life he was ever prominent in the work of the Anglican Church, being for a long term a member of the Christchurch Diocesan Synod.

William Bullock CONE b.1815, Cratfield in Suffolk was the eldest son James Cone and Harriet Bullock, farmer of  Aldham, Suffolk. He married Sarah Ann Strand in 1838 and they had five children, 4 boys and a girl. The youngest died in Jan 1844 and his mother died Apr 20, 1848 is buried with her 13 mth son at Aldham. On 9th Aug 1850, William married Caroline Adams and on 9th May 1851, the Cone family - William snr. 35, Caroline 36, William 13, Frederick 10 and Sarah Ann 6 yrs, left Gravesend on the 'Bangalore' and arrived Lyttelton 21 Aug 1851. William was killed in a riding accident on the Bridle Path   June 1852, was the 20th person buried at Barbados St Cemetery and the first in Christchurch on which an inquest was held.  The widow Caroline remarried Oct 1858 Alexander Webb, a wharfinger. Children -

William Cone (1839- 1905) - farmed at Ashley Bank, Rangiora. m. (1) Isabella Parish and (2) Maria Walton. He is buried at Rangiora.

Frederick CONE (1840 - 1917) at 16, had a section Bank's Peninsula at Kennedy's Bush cutting timber for Christchurch, and bought land in 1856 on the banks of the Opihi.  Fred and William in 1866 farmed 65 acres at Halswell and Fred added to his Sth Canterbury section 1868.   He was working at the flour mill on Mill Road near Pleasant Point when the 1868 flood took place.  He later added to this holding and it is this land that the Cones have been farming ever since.  He married Sarah in Nov. 1870 at Christchurch, the daughter of Thomas Barnard who arrived on the 'Surge' with his wife Maria and five children in 1856 and was an early Christchurch watchmaker and jeweler.  Fred and Sarah lived for a time at Rangiora where the first two of their 11 children were born before moving to Waitohi.  Their first home was a two roomed building of sod and this was later replaced by a two-storied house to accommodate their surviving three girls and six sons.  They retired to Timaru 1899. This land is still farmed by Cone descendants.

George CONE (1842 - 1898)   He spent most of his life at Rangiora where he was a butcher and had a farm across the Ashley River called Aldham Farm.  He was a councilor from its formation until retiring 1897 and was Mayor of Rangiora 1891 -92. He married 1862 to Ellen Burt, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Burt.  They had six children.  George was a prominent member of the Nth Canterbury Racing Club, the local agricultural Society and president of the Athletic Society. For many years he was a sergeant in the Northern Contingent of the Volunteer Cavalry.
Sarah Ann Cone  (1844 - 1919) kept house for her brothers at Hallswell before marrying Thomas William Pursey, a farmer of Ashley where they farmed until 1906 before retiring to Rangiora. They had 8 children.

Information courtesy of Winsome Griffin.  Please contact Winsome if you have further information on the Cone family or you would like information on the Cone family. Posted 16 Aug. 1999

Otago Witness, 30 June 1898, Page 30
At 6.15 a.m. on Tuesday, June 28, John Albert Fenton passed away at his residence, Montpeilier, after a comparatively short illness, with some suffering. He was born on February 16, 1821, and educated at the Grammar School, Sheffield, and C.C College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1843, M.A. 1846. He was by the Bishop of Lichfield ordained deacon in 1844 and priest in 1845, and licensed to the curacy of Norton, Derby, which he retained till he came to New Zealand in 1851. In that year he came to Lyttelton as chaplain of the Bangalore, a Canterbury Association ship. He set foot in Port Chalmers on January 1, 1852, having been appointed by Bishop Selwyn the first and the only licensed clergyman of the Church of England in Otago. He remained in charge of the church in Dunedin till 1859, when he accepted the easier cure of Waikouaiti and Goodwood. On the constitution of the Rural Deanery of Otago and Southland, in 1859, he was appointed rural dean thereof and commissary of the Bishop of Christchurch. As a result of his administrative ability a clergy was established, which in spite of increased clergy continued to pay 'to each' a' minimum stipend of �300. Against his judgment 'the present system was' introduced, and, as a result, decreased stipends. This is but one of the many illustratious of his sound judgment; rare insight, and administrative ability. In 1863 he returned to England as commissary of the Bishop of Christchurch and agent of the Rural Deanery Board, and it is certain that had communications passed through him much of the subsequent trouble if the early days of this would have been avoided. He settled in England (save for 18 months spent on the Continent) till 1881, when he returned to New Zealand, being afterwards appointed archdeacon of Oamaru. In 1896 he resigned his archdeaconry at the same synod as his old friend Archdeacon Edwards resigned. To the last day of his life he retained full possession of a very clear intellect, which made him a capital teacher. Gifted with, poetic instinct, many of his hymns have found a permanent place in hymnals. Careful in details, he even detailed directions as to his funeral, requesting the vicar of St. Matthew's to officiate alone and in a certain manner, further directing an early private funeral, with but one white floral cross. Simple in his tastes, he desired simplicity in burial. As a scholar, a faithful friend, a wise counsellor, a man gifted with historical insight; and judgment, a prudent administrator, he had few equals. Whatever he advised has stood the test of time. Of a charitable disposition, many a kindness he did to those in need. One of his last acts on his dying bed was to cancel ; debentures on St. Paul's Church, to give towards St. Matthew's debt reduction, to its poor fund, and to start a fund for a new trumpet stop, which it is proposed shall now be erected in his memory. St. Paul's vicarage owes its existence to his goodness, whilst the wisdom of his choice of the site of St. Paul's is manifest. His was the suggestion to plant the grove of trees in the Victoria Park on Jubilee Day.

Otago Witness, 2 July 1902, Page 58
Mr Joseph Loader died on Friday, at Lyttelton, at the age of 81. He came to Lyttelton in the Bangalore in 1851. He was the first to drive sheep over the bridle path from Lyttelton, and took part in the construction of the path. He leaves five sons and a daughter.

Evening Post, 25 January 1904, Page 5
Another of Wellington's centenarians passed away last evening namely, Mrs. John Christie. She was born on 2nd July,  1802, in the parish of Kinneff, Scotland, and arrived in the colony with her husband about the year 1851 in the ship Bangalore. She enjoyed good health till about a year ago, since when, however, she has been confined to her bed. Her husband died in 1878. They leave no relations.

Otago Witness, 30 November 1904, Page 52
There passed away at her home on Friday night last (says the Timaru Post of the 22nd inst.) another of the early band of settlers in Mrs Goostree, who arrived in the colony with her husband and family by the ship Bangalore in May 1851. After farming in the Riccarton and Ohoka districts the family shifted to the Hunter, Makikihi, about 30 years ago, taking up 300 acres of land, which now forms part of the Bourndale Estate. Some who complain of hard times now would be interested to have heard the old lady talk of the early days ; how they paid �5 for the first sack of flour that was brought to them over the Port Hills to their home at Riccarton, and, naturally, her husband, then a labouring man, only earning 3s a day (the current wages at that time), had a great struggle to bring up a family. For the first wheat they grew, she with her husband dug the land on moonlight nights, and sowed the wheat, but as they knew nothing about dressing the wheat before sowing, the crop turned out all smutty. Her husband used to thrash a bit of wheat out with a flail after coming home from work, and she used to wash the smut out of it, dry it over the fire, grind into flour by hand, and bake it into bread. Mrs Goostree retired from farming a few years ago, building a comfortable home in the Upper Hook. She leaves four married daughters, and four sons to mourn their loss.

Wanganui Herald, 18 April 1894, Page 2
Mr and Mrs Charles Young, of Camaide, near Kaiapoi, a day or two ago, celebrated their golden wedding with an ingleaide gathering, including relations, with their grand children and a number of friends, at their farm. Mr and Mrs Young were married at Ballater, on the Dee side, near Balmoral. They left Aberdeenshire for New Zealand in 1851. In August of that year they arrived at Lyttelton by the ship Bangalore. Although the head of the house has reached his seventy-seventh year, he still maintains a hearty constitution, and his good wife bears her years with a degree of activity which would excite the envy of many a younger dame.

Diary: A copy of a diary by Thomas McCheane in the Canterbury Association shipping papers, Canterbury Museum Archives. Ref: Log of Logs by Nicholson

Marriage: Merrick - Anderson - On August 21 1851, on board 'Bangalore', on Thursday, Mr W. Merrick to Miss Helen Anderson.

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