Blue Jacket arrived Lyttelton Oct. 1866

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"Blue Jacket"

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List of assisted and free passengers per ship Blue Jacket, 1,559 tons reg., 4,750 tons burden. Sailed from London 18 July 1866 under the command of Captain James White.  Arrived Lyttelton 14 Oct. 1866. Ninety days.
Press 13th Oct. 1866 pg2 (opens in another window)

Aitken      John         26    M      Farm Laborer      Ross-shire          
Banks       Helenia      21    F      Domestic Servant  Essex               
Begg        James        25    M      Blacksmith        Cathness-shire      
Bowick      John         21    M      Blacksmith        Kincardineshire     
Brady       Eliza        30    F      Domestic Servant  Down                
Bridges     Regnidda W.  28    F      Domestic Servant  Middlesex           
Brock       Hy. Wm.      25    M      Farm Laborer      Cornwall            
Brock       Samuel       30    M      Farm Laborer      Cornwall            
Buggy       Margaret     26    M      Domestic Servant  Queens              
Bull        Sarah Ann    25    F      Domestic Servant  Suffolk             
Burns       Mary         25    F      Dressmaker        Armagh              
Bygrave     Emma         21    F      Domestic Servant  Norfolk             
Cainrcnae   Martha       22    F      Domestic Servant  Tyrone              
Cairns      John         22    M      Farm Laborer      Forfarshire         
Campbell    Eliza        20    F      Domestic Servant  Clare               
Campbell    Isabella     22    F  Y                     Inverness-shire     
Campbell    Ronald       23    M  Y   Shepherd          Inverness-shire     
Cantwell    Julia        24    F      Domestic Servant  Waterford           
Cantwell    Mary         24    F      Domestic Servant  Waterford           
Cartwright  Eliza        18    F      Farm Servant      Louth               
Cartwright  Jane         24    F  Y                     Louth               
Cartwright  John         26    M  Y   Farm Laborer      Louth      Grandson settled at Waitohi, S. Canterbury         
Cleland     William      26    M      Gardener          Down                
Clifford    Alicia       20    F      Domestic Servant  Somersetshire       
Coney       Mary         30    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
Connell     Anne         24    F      Domestic Servant  Waterford           
Connell     Bridget      22    F      Domestic Servant  Waterford           
Connell     Cathe        20    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
Cooke       James        20    M      Ploughman         Yorkshire           
Copland     James        26    M      Ploughman         Aberdeenshire       
Cowie       Mary Ann     23    F      Domestic Servant  Aberdeenshire       
Crawford    Eliza        20    F      Domestic Servant  Fermanagh           
Crawford    Mary A.      20    F      Domestic Servant  Fermanagh           
Crawford    Mary A.      22    F      Domestic Servant  Fermanagh           
Cummingham  Margaret     28    F      Domestic Servant  Louth               
Curline     Ann          38    F      Nurse             Middlesex           
Curline     Mary A.      18    F      Domestic Servant  Middlesex           
Donohue     James        20    M      Groom             Carlow              
Donovan     Dora         20    F      Dairy Maid        Cork                
Doran       Jane         27    F      Domestic Servant                      
Driscoll    Ellen        27    F      Domestic Servant  Cork                
Driscoll    Hannah       18    F      Domestic Servant  Middlesex           
Duggan      Margaret     30    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
Ekins       Bessy        25    F      Domestic Servant  Mayo                
Evans       Mary Ann     20    F      Domestic Servant  Oxfordshire         
Faley       Eliza        28    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
Fay         Ellen        22    F      Farm Servant      Galway              
Fox         Harriet A.   22    F      Domestic Servant  Kent                
Fraser      John         21    M      Shepherd          Inverness-shire     
Fulcher     Ann          17    F      Domestic Servant  Norfolk             
Gaway       Bridget      19    F      Domestic Servant  Mayo                
Gaze        Emma         26    F      Domestic Servant  Cornwall            
Gilmore     Annie        20    F      Domestic Servant  Wexford             
Gilmore     Honor        24    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
Glanville   Thomas       44    M      Brickmaker        Guernsey            
Grahame     Hugh         24    M      Shepherd          Sutherlandshire     
Graves      Sarah        28    F      Domestic Servant  Yorkshire           
Gunw        Davidina     19    F      Domestic Servant  Sutherlandshire     
Hall        Emma         29    F      Domestic Servant  Surrey              
Heighton    Amelia       22    F      Domestic Servant  Middlesex           
Hicks       Charlotte    38    F      Domestic Servant  Middlesex           
Hier        John         22    M      Gardener          Warwickshire        
Hoare       Saul         20    M      Farm Laborer      Cornwall            
Hongaw      Anna         18    F      Domestic Servant  Cork                
Hongaw      Honora       22    F      Domestic Servant  Cork                
Houston     Cathe.       20    F      Domestic Servant  Donegal             
Keady       Mary         22    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
Kiernan     Ann          36    F  Y 3                                       
Kiernan     Charles      46    M  Y 3 Gardener          Middlesex           
Kiernan     Charles      16    M      Upholsterer       Middlesex           
Kiernan     Henry        3     M                                            
Kiernan     Mary Ann     13    F                        Middlesex           
Ladd        Ellen        22    F      Cook              Lincolnshire        
Lamb        George       22    M      Farm Laborer      Aberdeenshire       
Landrekin   James        22    M      Farm Laborer      Cromarty            
Leo         Bridget      24    F      Domestic Servant  Limerick            
Little      Ada          21    F      Domestic Servant  Yorkshire           
Longhrey    Bridget      21    F      Domestic Servant  Donegal             
Lynskey     William      20    M      Clerk             Mayo                
Magor       Jelmia       17    F      Domestic Servant  Down                
Maher       Thomas       25    M      Farm Laborer      Wicklow             
Manson      Hughina      25    F  Y                                         
Manson      William      25    M  Y   Shepherd          Caithness-shire     
Matheson    Margaret     24    F      Domestic Servant  Ross-shire          
McBeath     Andrew       23    M      Shepherd          Caithness-shire     
McCallum    John         26    M      Watchmaker        Renfrewshire        
McClure     Catherine    22    F      Domestic Servant  Donegal             
McCarthy    Jereweh      4     M                                            
McDonald    Donald       26    M      Shepherd          Inverness-shire     
McGregor    Lewis        23    M      Shepherd          Aberdeenshire       
McGuiness   Maria        22    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
McKay       Cathe        23    F  Y 3                                       
McKay       Daniel       38    M  Y 3 Shepherd          Sutherlandshire     
McKay       Hugh         2     M                                            
McKay       Mary         6mos  F                                            
McKay       Thomson      19    M      Shepherd          Sutherlandshire     
McLean      Alex         26    M      Farm Laborer      Ross-shire          
McLean      Mary A.      23    F      Domestic Servant  Scotland            
McLeod      Murdock      33    M  Y   Shepherd          Sutherlandshire     
McLeod      Robina       27    F      Domestic Servant  Ross-shire          
McLeod 	    Cathe        22    F  Y                                         
McNamara    Barnard      35    M  Y   Farm Laborer      Down                
McNamara    Cathe        38    F  Y                                         
McNaught    Christina    22    F    1                   Aberdeenshire       
McNaught    Robert       21    M      Saddler           Kircudbrightshire   
McNaught    William      2     M                        Aberdeenshire       
McQueen     Ann          22    F      Dairy Maid        Inverness-shire     
McRae       Ann          27    F  Y 2                                       
McRae       Jean         2     F                                            
McRae       John         29    M  Y 2 Ploughman         Sutherlandshire     
McRae       Joseph       17    M      Shepherd          Ross-shire          
McRae       Mary         10mos F                                            
McRea       Magdalea     28    F      Domestic Servant  Sutherlandshire     
Melhuish    Annie        18    F      Domestic Servant  Devonshire          
Melhuish    Mary         26    F      Domestic Servant  Devonshire          
Melhuish    William      22    M      Farm Laborer      Devonshire          
Melvin      Annie        20    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
Meyer       Heinrich L.  31    M      Farm Laborer      Germany             
Meyerhall   Wilhelm      25    M      Laborer           Germany             
Miller      Harry        24    M  Y   Farm Laborer      Caithness-shire     
Miller      Helen        24    F  Y                                         
Mills       Hannah       30    F    1 Weaver            Yorkshire           
Mills       Maria        5     F                        Yorkshire           
Moran       Sarah        19    F      Domestic Servant  Mayo                
Morgan      John         24    M      Shepherd          Aberdeenshire       
Morris      Charles      23    M      Farm Laborer      Oxfordshire         
O'Connor    Bridget      21    F      Domestic Servant  Clare               
Potter      Louisa       18    F      Cook              Essex               
Potter      Sarah E.     16    F      Domestic Servant  Essex               
Ridder      Chris. F.    45    M  Y 8 Farm Laborer      Germany             
Ridder      Christopher  11    M                                            
Ridder      Diana        23    F      Domestic Servant  Germany             
Ridder      Dorrea       18    F      Domestic Servant  Germany             
Ridder      Hannah       46    F  Y 8                                        
Ridder      Heinrich     16    M      Laborer           Germany             
Ridder      John         inf   M                                            
Ridder      Maria        5     F                                            
Ridder      Sophia       8     F                                            
Ridder      Wilhelm      14    M      Laborer           Germany             
Robertson   Jessie       28    F      Domestic Servant  Forfarshire         
Ross        Christy      26    F      Domestic Servant  Sutherland          
Ross        Jessie       26    F      Domestic Servant  Sutherland-shire    
Ryan        Mary         24    F      Dairy Maid        Tipperary           
Scully      Honora       25    F      Domestic Servant  Galway              
Searle      John         22    M                                            
Searle      Joseph       24    M                                            
Sheppard    Joseph       17    M      Laborer           Somersetshire       
Simpson     Charles      22    M  Y   Farm Laborer      Donegal             
Simpson     Fanny J.     22    F      Embroiderss       Down                
Simpson     Jeminia      29    F  Y                                         
Smart       Samuel       24    M      Ploughman         Aberdeenshire       
Smith       Agnes        16    F      Domestic Servant  Warwickshire        
Smith       Agnes        49    F    4 MATRON            Staffordshire       
Smith       Alexander    28    M      Shepherd          Inverness-shire     
Smith       Andrew       27    M  Y   Shepherd          Inverness-shire     
Smith       Ann          18    F  Y                                         
Smith       Annie        26    F      Domestic Servant  Notts               
Smith       Caroline     14    F                        Warwickshire        
Smith       Elizabeth    12    F                        Warwickshire        
Sutherland  Isabella     22    F      Domestic Servant  Caithness-shire     
Tasker      Stephen      20    M      Carpenter         Essex               
Taylor      Mary         17    F      Domestic Servant  Middlesex           
Tipler      Jane E,      21    F      Domestic Servant  Oxfordshire         
Tooney      Margaret     24    F      Domestic Servant  Tipperary           
Tregoning   John         24    M  Y   Farm Laborer      Cornwall            
Tregoning   Tabitha      22    F  Y                                          
Wath        George       23    M      Farm Laborer      Aberdeenshire       
Watson      John         23    M                        Renfrewshire        
Webber      Elizabeth    18    F      Domestic Servant  Devonshire          
Webber      Hannah       14    F      Domestic Servant  Devonshire          
Whyte       James        29    M      Farm Labourer     Aberdeenshire       
Young       Mary L.      27    F      Domestic Servant  Surrey              

Y = spouse
# = children

Married Couples and Children      29�
Single Men     44
Single Women    91�
Total 165

Reference: Canterbury Association (London, England) Lyttelton shipping list  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships, 1850-1866, held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme.

Note: The 'Blue Jacket'  1,790 tons, clipper ship, was built in East Boston, USA by Robt E Jackson and was launched on 27 August 1854 for the White Star Line with a length of 235 feet (72 m) and a beam of 41 feet or 12.5 metres she was a 1790 ton wooden ship.  Steel sheathed with a dark blue hull from which she partly earned her name, the other reason being the carved figure of a sailor or bluejacket which was her figurehead, she sailed from Liverpool on her first Australian voyage to Melbourne 6 March 1855 under Capt. E. Underwood, 68 days. For the next 15 years she carried migrants to Australia and NZ often doing 20 knots. There was another 'Blue Jacket', clipper ship, built in Canada in 1854 and was renamed 'White Star'picture

Note:  I am missing the names of the cabin passengers:  George Watt Johann & Louisa Gerken?, Thomas Head Stoker?,
Star 18 August 1898, Page 3 Obituary
MR DAVID HUME CHRISTIE. Mr D. H. Christie, one of the early Canterbury colonists, and for very many years a prominent and respected resident of Christchurch and neighbourhood, went over to the great majority this morning at Rangiora, where he had resided as landlord of the Plough Hotel for about two and a half years. Mr Christie was a native of Dundee, and came to Lyttelton in 1863 in the ship David J. Fleming. After five years' experience of the early settler's life partly on the West Coast, he paid a visit to his native land, but soon returned to Canterbury again, his voyage out being made in the ill-fated Blue Jacket, -which, was burnt at sea on her return trip home. Mr Christie then entered into the baking and confectionery business in Christchurch, which he carried on with success for a considerable number of years. In 1888 he entered the hotel business, his successive charges being the Shades, Tattersail's, White Horse, and the Plough Hotel. In all his business relations he won the highest respect, and he also gained the close friendship of very many of those with whom he became acquainted by a genial and kindly nature. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, his mother Lodge being the Thistle of Dundee, which he joined at the age of eighteen. In Christchurch he joined the Robert Burns Lodge, of which he was a past officer. He was also a prominent member of the Orange Society, being Grand Master of the Middle Island in 1881, in which year he laid the foundation stone of the Southbridge Orange Lodge. During the following year he made a trip Home and represented the New Zealand Grand Lodge at the Triennial Council of the Society, held in London. He j was an enthusiastic bowler, and when in Christchurch was a well-known figure on the Canterbury Club's bowling green. His death resulted from an affection of the throat which troubled him for fifteen months. His wife predeceased him and he leaves a family of three sons and a daughter, the latter being Mrs W. B. Borman, of Opawa. The funeral will probably take place on Sunday, and he will be buried beside the grave of his wife in the Addington Cemetery.

The Timaru Herald Wednesday 13 February 1867 page 2
The ship Blue Jacket, Captain James White, cleared at the customs for London yesterday. She has, in addition to a full cargo of wool, skins, &c., fourteen boxes gold dust, valued at 60,140 pounds, the entire cargo being estimated at 131,720 pounds. The whole of the Blue Jacket's saloon accommodation, and the greater part of the second cabin is, we, believe occupied. Yesterday afternoon she dropped down, and anchored off Parsons rock. Press, 30th. January.

Fate: She also made voyages to Lyttelton in 1865 and October 1868 and a trip to Auckland from Liverpool via Bass Strait under the command of Capt. Hugh Clarke in 1859.  On February 13, 1869 she left Lyttelton for London with seventy-one passengers and crew, and a cargo of 4,646 bales wool and flax, and other produce, and fifteen boxes of gold, valued at 63,000 pounds and when off the Falkland Islands she was totally destroyed by fire. Thomas Crampton in his diary dated March 10, 1869 reads "At 1.30 pm a fire broke out, ship burnt ......... all escaped". Captain White, chief officer, six of the crew and the passengers in the cutter were rescued by the barque Pyrmont bound for Falmouth, after six days ands six nights of intolerable hardships.  Two lifeboats were launched, one was swamped and the other rescued after twenty-one days adrift along with several boxes of gold. 
References: Timaru Herald July 3 1869 page 2.

White Wings Vol. 1 by Brett (1924)

Log of Logs Vol.1 by Nicholson.  The 'Blue Jacket' took a load of troublesome cargo, gold miners, from Melbourne to Port Chalmers, early 1860's. ref. Lubbock.

The Star 27th Dec. 1871 pg 3
Captain Frederick Cearns, master of the Sam Cearns, and late chief officer of the ship Blue Jacket.

The Times, Tuesday, May 18, 1869; pg. 9, & May 22 1869 pg 11.
A telegram from Queenstown announced the total loss of the homeward-bound ship Blue Jacket, a fine ship of 1,442 tons register sailed from Lyttelton on the 13th February, 1869, with a cargo of wool and produce and 15 boxes of gold (bullion), seven saloon passengers, 13 second-class passengers, a crew of 39, surgeon and stewardess. Burnt on 9th March and abandoned in lat. 50S., long 47 W.
Mr and Mrs C. George Saxon
Mr and Mrs R. Douglas Campbell
Mr C M Wakefield (?Mr E.M. Wakefield)

Second cabin:
Miss Sarah Sheffield
Mrs Anna Carson and two children
Mr Thomas Crampton
Mr T.H. Lippett and son
Mr Ansell J Ellis
Mr George Williams
Mr H. Milner
Mr and Mrs George Faulkner and three children
Mr A. Edmunds

The Times
Thursday, May 20, 1869; pg. 7 Burning Of The Blue Jacket
On March 5th passed Cape Horn. On 9th March at 1:0 pm , lat. 50 26 S., long 47 W., wind W.N.W., fine breeze, smoke was observed to issue from the forehatch. Immediately the hatch was removed, when a volume of smoke rushed up. Both fire-engines were immediately started to work by the crew and passengers, the fire-buckets being also put into immediate requisition. After two hours' incessant labour by all hands the fire seemed to decrease, and an attempt was made to break out cargo, and throw overboard the bales in the forehatch, so as to get at the fire, but did not succeed, the flames rushing from the starboard wing; the hatch was immediately closed and covered with tarpaulins, wet sails, &c. the engines playing into the holes where the deck lights had been, and though which the flames could be distinctly seen coming from the flax, the flames were put out as far as the hose pipes could reach, when these were closed up others opened, until it was discovered that the coals in the forepeak were on fire, when all hope of saving the ship was abandoned. The boats were at once got ready, provisions, water &c. The most perfect order and discipline were maintain. The first boat lowered was the cutter, into which the ladies, children and passengers, and some crew were put. The remainder of the crew took to the lifeboats. At 10 p.m. the flames were noticed to burst up the topgallant forecastle. Before leaving the ship she was hove to on the starboard tack, drifting to the south-east.

March 10th - Regulated the boats, dividing the crew equally in lifeboats, putting Mr R. Bell, second officer in charge of one, and MR Webber, third officer, and the boatswain in charge of the other. The cutter was taken by Captain White and the first officer, Mr F. Williams, there being in her the fourth officer, two seamen, three stewards, one boy, and all the passengers (total 37), and the two lifeboats carrying 31 souls between them. All the boats in company.

March 11th - Smoke still visible from the burning hull of the ship, boats in company, wind fresh from the westward, sea rising. Both lifeboats were lost sight of during the day, though they had strict orders to keep company.  Proceeded on course for five days, experiencing strong westerly gales, the sea washing over the boats continually, drenching every one to the skin.
March 16th, at 5.30 a.m., lat 50 55 S, long 53 51 W, all being in a very exhausted state from hunger, thirst, wet and cramp, a sail hove in sight, running down towards boat, proving to be the bark Pyrmont.

On Monday there arrived in Cork Harbour the Hamburg bark Pyrmont,  from Iquique bound for Falmouth, England for orders, Captain R. Niemeyer [Neemeyer], who had on board Captain White, of the Blue Jacket, her first officer, seven crew, and all her passengers. Captain Niemeyer experienced heavy weather to Cape Horn, which he rounded on the 12th March, and four days after, in latitude 50 deg. 55 min. south, and longitude 53 deg. 51 min. west, he fell in with a boat containing Captain White of the Blue Jacket, seven of her crew and the passengers and immediately took all on board (the boat being abandoned). They had been in the boat seven days and suffered so much exposure and want that two of her crew - Thomas Apsey, third steward, Mr Farrington, fourth officer,  lost his reason and gradually sank, till he died on the 21st of March, and John Ellis, a second-class passenger - died (March 28) shortly after being taken onboard the Pyrmont. All were almost naked, as owning to the haste in which they had to leave the Blue Jacket. The crew and passengers took to the boats, three accommodated them. Besides provisions there was placed on board each a chest containing 4,000 sovereigns. 48,000 sovereigns were lost on the Blue Jacket. Captain Niemeyer  ran short of provisions, but fortunately he met two  vessels, the Carrick [?Carricks], March 28, lat. 28.5 S., long 29 W,  and on  April 1st, lat. 25S., long 29W, from Liverpool, bound to Calcutta, and the Yorkshire, Captain Anderson, from which he obtained such supplies as lasted him till his arrival and took on two second-class passengers, named Edwards [Mr R. Milner] and Mr G. Williams, and one able seaman Robert Grimshaw [Grimshart or Grimstead], who desired to proceed to Melbourne. One boat is missing containing 30 of the crew. 

The Times, Saturday, Jul 03, 1869; pg. 12
Stanley Falkland Islands, May 1
The Antonio Vincent (McAuliffe, master), arrived here on the 3rd April, bound from Swam-sea for Valparaiso, having on board a boat's crew of eight men (three having died) of the ship Blue Jacket, from Lyttelton, NZ to London, which burnt at sea on the 9th March. About 10,000l in gold was in the boat, and will be forwarded by Her Majesty's ship Megaera. Another report brought by the Foam from Stanley, F.I. the Antonio Vincent brought to Stanley, nine men and 1 gold bard, valued at 15,000l, ex Blue Jacket; the men were in the boat from the 9th to the 29th of March, four died in the boat, and three on board the Antonio Vincent. It is the third mate's boat that has been picked up. The captain stated that each boat had only one box of gold, severally valued at 4,000l. There were 31 men in the two lifeboats.

The Times, Saturday, Jul 10, 1869; pg. 10
A letter received from Mr A. Webber, who was in chare of the boat picked up by the Antonio Vincent. "I am sorry to say I cannot give the captain a very good character. I forgot to tell you that we had saved three boxes of gold from the ship, valued at 10,000L. When he heard of the gold he went into a frightful rage, put the boatswain and two seamen in irons and chained them down - men who were not able to lift a pound of weight, whose bones were sticking through their skin - and several times threatened the boatswain's life. We just got sufficient food to keep us alive and that was all. Well, these islands were the nearest place. The Almighty favoured us with a fair wind, and we arrived here on the Sunday. The captain and a passenger he had with him went on shore and reported that he had picked up some wrecked sailors, and from what he could make out, we had murdered every one on board, and then set fire to the ship, and taken the gold and left her. When the doctor came on board he at once ordered the irons to be taken off.
Another letter states he and the rest of the crew are on their way home on board Her Majesty's Megaera, and says words cannot express the kindness with which they have been treated by every one on board.

List of Officers and crew in two missing lifeboats
Mr R.J. Bell, second officer
Mr A. Webber, third officer
James Cox, boatswain
Michael Burgess, carpenter
Thomas Birch, sailmaker
John Williams, chief cook
Walter Taylor, second-cabin steward
James Rotham, engine-driver
Arthur Thompson, butcher
Charles Mayo, cook's assistant
Samuel Madoc, apprentice
A.B. seamen
Thomas Small
Alexander Robertson
Samuel Brown
John Jones
Jesse Brown
Edward Wilkson
William Robinson
Hector McKay
William Morgan
William Henderson
B. Nelson
Thomas King
William Cobby
William Mace
John Kavana
Samuel ___ (surname not known; he went by the name of "Old Sam:, A. B. seamen
Ordinary seamen
Joshua Osborn
John Maconald
Charles Bakinsfield, boy

Painting on glass: The National Library of Australia has a painting of the Blue Jacket, Captain E. Underwood, passing an iceberg lat. 49  south, 1855, en-route to Australia by Thomas Baines. Also page 64 Log of Logs Vol.1

Other voyages : 1859 1865 1867

North Otago Times, 18 January 1870, Page 2
Captain James White, the master of the ill-fated ship Blue Jacket, burnt off the Falkland Islands, while on a voyage from Christchurch (N.Z.) to London, has again come out to Victoria, in command of the good ship Charlotte Gladstone.

Blue Jacket  (1854) with the White Star Line and the red ensign of the British merchant fleet deployed

"Keep a sharp lookout!"
inscribed on the figure-head scroll of the 'Blue Jacket'

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