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Cabin Passengers for Canterbury & Otago

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Star 28 March 1874, Page 2
LYTTELTON. ARRIVED. March 28 Albion, s.s., 800 tons, Underwood, from Melbourne, via West Coast Ports and Wellington. Passenger Cabin Mr and Mrs Woodward, Messrs R. and W. Woodward, Master A. Woodward, Misses Woodward (3) Miss Dymond, Messrs J. Herman, Martin and Herman, 6 in steerage, and 34 for South.

"From the Lyttelton Times,"
January 24, 1878

Arrived, January 23, Antares, barque, 821 tons, Lewis, from London.  Mathson's Agency, agents

Passengers:  Second Cabin- 
Fry		 W.H.
Hobbs		 Mrs
Leete		 H.F. and A.
Smith		 W.H.
Smith		 Mrs. S.A.
Bentall		 John E.
Bentall		 Josiah
Bentall		 Susannah
Evans		 William
Hill		 George
McOwen		 Thomas H.
Organ		 John
Potter		 Dignall R.H.
Prior		 H.N.
Watson		 Hugh
Williams	 John
Williams	 Mrs
Williams	 Miss
Williams	 Annie, Edward, William, Ebenzer, Daniel and Rees  

The Antares, is a very handsome iron ship built at Sutherland in the later part of the year 1875, and owned by Mr. R.H. Penny, of Brighton, the barque hailing out of Shoreham.  This is her third voyage and her first visit to the Australian Colonies. She was intended for the East Indian trade, and is a well finished vessel in every respect, her saloon being extremely comfortable.  She has no poop, but a house on deck, so that her cabin is splendidly lighted and ventilated.   The captain's room opens out of the cabin and running aft on the port side are the officers' berths, etc. Left the Downs on October 23, with strong westerly winds brought up off Dungeness, where she lay until October 26, when another starts made. Made the Peninsula yesterday morning (Jan 23 1878) at daylight; entered the Heads at 11 a.m. and worked up to an anchorage on the powered ground, having some of that explosive on board, at 12:30 p.m.

Lyttelton Times 8 December, 1880

Arrived Lyttelton Dec. 7 1880 Arawata, s.s., 633 tons, Sinclair, from Sydney via Auckland. R. Puflett, agent. Passengers:-
Mesdames Kettle, Phillips, Buchanan, Perceval, Ovenden
Misses Duncan, Ovenden, Currigan, Perceval
Hon. George M'Lean
Messrs Buchanan, Grange, Pavitt, Croker, Grace, Phillips, Buckley, Kettle, Harper.

Imports. Arawata; Under bond - 10qr-casks, 1 case; free- 10 bags oysters, 60 doors, 18 pks. Consignees - Wilson, Sawtell, and Co. W. Reed; Glen; Cuff and Graham, Phillips; Hurrell; Heywood and Co; U.S.S. Co; Mason, Struthers and Co.; Lloyd; Crook; Smith and Co.; Turnbull and Co.; Ackland and Co.

Sailed Dec 7- Arawata, s,s., 633 tons, Sinclair, for Hobart Town and Melbourne. R. Puflett, agent. Passengers:
For Dunedin- Miss Oldham. Mrs Lindsay;
For Bluff- Dr. Wilkin;
For Hobart Town - Miss Marshall, Mr. Martin;
For Melbourne - Messrs. Richmond, Jones, Haskins, Brown;
eight steerage.

Exports. For Melbourne- 126 bags malt, 53 cases cheese; for Bluff 26 empties; for Hobart Town- 1 pkg, 1 case, 12 bales. Shippers - Crowe and Co.; Wilkin; Moore and Co; King and Co.

"From the Lyttelton Times,"
December 21, 1859

Arrived   December 19, 1859, ship Ashburton, 600 tons, King, from London via Nelson. Passengers;
First Cabin   Captain and Mrs Wycherley and two children
Mr and Mrs Greenfield
Captain Charlesworth
Messrs. Younger and M'Pherson from Nelson
Miss Hitchen and Master O'Connell

Second Cabin Messrs.  Ardwinckle (2), Inglis, Lee, Spreeve, Suckling

The Ashburton, Captain King, arrived in port on Monday afternoon from London by way of Nelson, where she was delayed about ten days.  Several former residents have returned by her.  The Ashburton reports having seen a steamer making for Wellington on Sunday morning probably the Airedale with the mails.  If so we may calculate upon her arrival here with the strictest punctuality. 

"From the Lyttelton Times,"
January 21, 1879

Arrived, January 20, 1879, Bebington, barque, Roberts, from London, Edward Bennett and Co. agents. Left the East Indian Docks on October 11 and got away from Gravesend the next day. Passengers -
Saloon: Messrs D. Jackson, J. Sale and E.R. Fisher
Second Cabin: Mr and Mrs A. Leonard, Mr and Mrs P. Ensom, Mrs A. Joy, Messrs G. Holland, F.W. Bardon and A. Davis.

Allison		 J. 
Bactchelor	 H.S. and G.H.
Barrett		 J.
Dinien		 Mr and Mrs
Ehn		 Miss A. 
Enlund		 Mr and Mrs,  Miss Olava Enlund, Master Olaf Enlund.
Greener		 Misses A and K, Messr  J.H. Greener
Lemonier	 Mr and Mrs
Manel		 F. W.
O'Hara		 J.
Patterson	 A.  
From the Star 21 Jan. 1879
additional names in steerage
Mr and Mrs Juno. Mackenzie
Mr T.W. Mannel  

Lyttelton Times, 6 June 1855, Page 5
Arrived. June 3, barque Cornubia, 460 tons, Ellison, from London via Auckland. Passengers from London, (cabin.) Messrs. A. Blakiston, Frances, T. W. and T. White. Steerage, J. M'Laughlan, and 2 sons, D. Dunn, wife and 3 children, and W. Thompson. From Auckland, cabin, Messrs. Matson, Hinchley, and B. Stephens.


Lyttelton Times, 10 September 1859, Page 4
List of Passengers per ship Cashmere, which left London at the end of June: Chief Cabin. Passengers for Canterbury. Mr. Mrs. Miss and Master Ware, Mr. and Mrs. Bean, Mr. Mrs. and Miss Millston, Miss Slater, Miss Fuller, Messrs. Quaile. Chamier, Fookes, Slater and Hill.
For Otago. Mr. and Mrs. Filled, Messrs. Willmott and Ellsell.
Second Cabin. Mr. and Mrs. Baker, Mr. Mrs. the Misses (3) and Master Pepperill, Mr. Mrs. the Misses (2.) and Mr. N. Joynt, Messrs. de Gaies, Allen, Kirkhouse, Collville, Cooper, Hayter, Hope, Goldie, Wilkinson, Hewitt, and Rail.
Steerage. J. Anderson, wife and child, Frederick Hanley, wife and child, Henry Guilbert, R. Bowls, H. Dean, T. Offer arid R..Ellis.
For Otago, William Martin

 Auckland Star 26 March 1884 Page 2
The barque Crusader (Captain Scotland), consigned to Mr A. Heather, which left London for this port on Feb. 6, brings the following passengers :�Second Cabin: Mr and Mrs Day and child, Mr and Mrs Brown and three children, Mr and Mrs Syers, Miss Bushby, Miss Gilbert, Miss Oaksford, Mr F. D. Broughton, Mr Thomas Bridges. Steerage: Mr and Mrs Radford and family (11), Mr and Mrs Lovegrove and family (10), Mr and Mrs Priestley, Miss Priestley, J. C. Murray.


Press 10 December 1863 Page 2
The ship David G. Fleming, 1464 tons, Captain Cruickshanks, arrived on Tuesday night. She left London August 23rd, crossed the equator October Ist, 30 west long., passed the Cape November 2nd ; fine weather and fair winds the whole passage. Sighted the Snares December 5th, off the Peninsula on the 7th, and arrived in port as above. 107 days out from London. Cabin Passengers. �Rev. W. Hogg, Mrs. Hogg, and 7 children, Miss Morrow, Miss Ellis, Mr. Tucker. Second Cabin. �Mrs. Tribe and family, Mrs. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. Digby and family, Miss Lewis, Master Brown, Mrs. Fitton, Messrs. Risdon, Mitchell, Freestone, Stringer, and Jenkins.
    Government Immigrants 357. The D. G Fleming has arrived in port in a very clean and creditable manner, and reflects great credit on the Captain, and Surgeon-Super-intendent Dr. Acheson. She is fitted up with Greveley's- distilling apparatus for supplying fresh water at the rate of 300 gallons per day. The deck is flush, and measures 186 feet long, 35 feet wide, and 9 feet high between decks, and the fittings for the immigrants are arranged for giving proper ventilation and light.

Lyttelton Times, 5 January 1865, Page 4
Arrived. Jan. 4, Eastern Empire, ship, 1763 tons, Ferguson, from London. passengers -
Mr St. Leger Lousada
Mr G.S. Mitchell, surgeon superintendent
Miss Everett, matron
(For list of Government immigrants, same page) 

Star, 28 December 1874, Page 2
Arrived Dec. 27 - Geraldine Paget, 1200 tons, Ogilvie, from London. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Manton, Mr Little and 389 Government Immigrants. This fine iron clipper ship, built in Glasgow and owned by Messrs J. and C. Campbell, and sister ship to the M'Callum Mohr. There has been 12 deaths during the passage, there was no sickness on board. She has a good sheer, her poop is large and her main deck roomy. There are 59 girls who came out under the charge of Mrs Cowper Lagden, matron and Miss Randall, sub-matron. A large portion of the immigrants were selected by Mr A. Duncan, many of them labourers from Lincolnshire and Staffordshire. The scene when Mr Duncan went on board was very exciting. The immigrants are under the charge of Mr Harry Tomlinson, Secretary of the Amalgamated Labourers league for the Laceby district. He states 200 souls left Great Grinsby Station, and on arriving at Gravesend it was found that all could not be accommodated, some four families being left behind to come on by the ship Crusader. There is a sprinkling of Scotch and Irish on board, but the greater number are from Great Grimsby to Caistor. Dr T.B. Hay, formerly of the ships Himalaya and Ocean mail, is Surgeon-Superintendent of the vessel, and his duties have been by no means light, he having at one tome some 27 cases of measles to attend to. The voyage was somewhat protracted, 91 days from land to land, and 100 from Gravesend; this was caused by light trade winds. The ship has a large cargo, and is consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company. On Dec. 18, John White, one of the immigrants, fell overboard, and was drowned. It appears that some of the single men amused themselves in gymnastic feats on the jib guys, and although cautioned by the officers as to the danger, the practice was not given up. On the night in question, the man had been performing some feats of strength, and being exhausted, he let go his hold and fell into the sea. An alarm was given, life bouys thrown, the ship hove to, and within five minutes the life boat with its crew, was afloat. The night was dark, and nothing was seen of the man.
The following are the deaths which took lace on board:

Sep. 31 John Foster 		 3 months 	debility
Oct. 11 William Rownson 	38 years 	bronchitis
Oct. 13 Emma J. Fow 		 9 months 	convulsions
Oct. 22 W. H. Stone 		11 months 	convulsions
Oct. 22 D. J. Paterson 		 1 year and Francis Jewitt, 2 years diarrohea
Oct. 23 Charles Milton 	 	 2 years
Oct. 30 Alice Calvert 		1 years
Nov.  2 Charles Tomlinson 	1 years 	tuberculosis
Nov. 18 Ellen Oram 		1 years 	tuberculosis
Dec.  7 C. Travers 				tuberculosis
Dec. 19 J. White 		19 years  	drowned 

Star 13 November 1894 Page 2 PASSENGERS BY THE GOTHIC
The following are passengers for Lyttelton by the Gothic, which sailed from Plymouth on Oct. 6 :

Mr and Mrs J. P. Brown, Miss Brown 
Miss Hassell 
Miss Davie 
Mrs, Misses (2) and Master Munro 
Mr and Mrs E. W. T. Sercombe 
Miss Tineler 
Miss Waller 
Misses Chinnery (2) 
Mrs, Misses (3) and Masters (2) Easton 
Miss Gafferey 
Mrs Kemp 
Messrs H. M'Intosh 
K. J. M'Connell 
and M. A. Newton 
Miss A. M. Paterson.

"From the Lyttelton Times,"
8 December, 1880

Dec. 7 arrived, Hawea, s.s. 461 tons, Kennedy, from Port Chalmers and Akaroa. Passengers- Mesdames Taylor, Gates, Anderson and two children, Nalder, Miss and Master Woodhouse, Messrs. Thompkins, Hall; 5 steerage.

Dec. 7 sailed, 461 tons, Kennedy, for Manukau and way ports. R. Puflett, agent. Passengers:
For Wellington- Mrs. Weymouth, Mr. F. W, Lewis, Lydia Howarde Troupe;
For Picton - Mrs Buraill;
For Nelson - Captain Garcia
For Gisborne - Mr Dombrain;
For Auckland- Messrs. Harding, Heath, Garlick, Horton, Master Chisholm, Master Horton; eleven steerage.

"From the Lyttelton Times,"
December, 1878

Arrived in the harbour Saturday morning and anchoring off Sticking Point at 7.30 pm. New Zealand Shipping Company agents. She left the India Docks October 9 Passengers-
Saloon: Captain Eden, Mr and Mrs ____ (check paper) children and servant. ____ and Moat.
Second: Mr Judd and ____, Mrs Leech and ___, ___ Ward, Wolfe_, Fessey. Messrs ___, Gilliland, Hurst, Baker and Frost.

"From the Lyttelton Times," July , 19th 1862

Arrived - July 18th ship, Kensington King from London. At last we are able to announce the welcome intelligence of the arrival of the Kensington. A ship was signalled about 11am. yesterday, and at 3pm. it was known in Lyttelton and Christchurch that it was the long absent Kensington. Her voyage seems to have been a succession of petty disappointments, occasioned by light winds and calm. She left Gravesend on February 6, and encountered strong westerly winds for about three weeks between Cape Finisterre and Madera crossed the line on March 19th. During these gales she lost one of the thoroughbreds horses, the only casualty which happened to the stock during this protracted voyage, all the rest including the sheep, being in excellent condition. Spoke to the Brig Seahorse homeward bound from Calcutta, about 4 degs N.L, and 22* deg. 45 min. W. London. Called at the Cape on May 10, and left again on the 16th, since when the ship has not had steady wind for 24 hours together. Rounded the Snares without sighting them on Thursday, 8th instance, and met with light airs and calm ever since. The passage from Gravesend, including the detention at the Cape, occupied 182 days, we are glad to report the passengers all in good health, and to hear that they speak in the highest terms of Captain King and his ship.


First cabin - Mr. and Mrs. Innes and infant, Miss June Lauder, Miss Charlotte Lauder, Captain and Mrs Clogsten, Dr. Houghton, Messrs Walker, Lewallis Shirley, H.W. Aytoun, Jas. Leslie Edward F Barnes, Arthur Nicholette, Dalrymple, A.T.H. Collett, M. Lellon, W.C.C. Roger, Hewer, Cock, Jekyll, Coulman, Devit(?), Ashcroft.
Second cabin - Messrs Andrew T. Body, Isaac Sargent, Wm.Rugler, Joseph Chamberlain. Steerage - Donald McDonald, wife and family, David Lamb, Charles Spalding, Wm. Read, Wm. Wallace, Joseph Mills, James Johnson, Michael Tooker, W.C. Webb. Equal to 41 adults.

Lyttelton Times, 29 June 1859, Page 6
Shipping News. Arrived
June 28, brigantine, Mariposa, 211 tons, M'Arthur, from Hobart Town. Cabin passengers�Messrs Dumarey, W. and T. Mayo, W. Somerville, and Mrs Mayo. Steerage �R. Johnson, J. Ward, S. Solomon, A. Knowles, W. J. Sycamore, Hannah and Charlotte Johnson, Emma and Maria Sycamore, Mary and Eliza Randle, Daniel and Mary Downe, William and Emma Noble, Eliza Gore.

Lyttelton Times 18 January 1851 Page 4
Jan. 13, ship Lady Clarke, 600 tons, McLean, from Sydney via Newcastle, with 120 head of cattle, 1400 sheep, and 8 horses. Passengers, A Ludlam, Esq. and lady, Mr. Creighton, Mr. Beck.

Timaru Herald, 13 December 1881, Page 2
Put in an appearance on Friday night off the Heads, and was towed to an anchorage in the fairway. It is something like eight months and a half since the vessel left this port full of produce for the Old Country, and out of that time between two and three months was spent in the docks at Home, the ship leaving there on her present voyage on September 1st. After a remarkably fine weather passage of ninety-nine days from part to port, or ninety-two days from land to land, she has returned bringing a large cargo and sixty-five passengers, fifteen saloon, eleven second-cabin, and thirty-nine steerage. Her old master and very popular commander, Captain G. Jenkins, was met by a launch load of his friends upon his arrival, who congratulated him upon his safe return to Canterbury. One sad event occurred about six weeks after the vessel left Home m - the death of Mr R. Reid, of the firm of Reid and Gray, Dunedin. He embarked at London in a far advanced stage of consumption, and his survival of the passage was regarded then as improbable unless the first month on the ocean rallied his system, as in some instances of pulmonary disease it has been known to do. That favorable change did not take place, however, in his case, and though the most unremitting attention and tender care were bestowed upon him by the captain and his officers, not forgetting the kindly, active sympathising services of the Lady Jocelyn's exemplary chief steward, Mr Mowatt, he gradually sank, until some four or five days before his death, he expressed a consciousness " that he could not lost many days longer, and, in stated above, he expired on October 15th, and was buried at sea. One birth, a girl, took place during the voyage, to a Mrs Edward, the occurrence being duly entered up in the logbook on the 19th November. Besides these exceptional incidents, and the chronicling of an accident to the boatswain of the ship, which took place while the vessel was being towed into port, and the result of which was a broken leg, there is nothing further to note. The ship has returned in a condition which fully sustains all that has been said of her on previous voyages, and a credit to her officers. She brings the following passengers : � Saloon : Mr and Mrs Fenwick and two children, Misses A. Doe, Mathews, Carling, Messrs H. H. Mills, J. S. Graves, O. Turner, Masfen, A. T. Bullock, B. Hustler, E. Brown. J. St. Quenton, W. Bawdwin, F. J. Stevenson. Second cabin and steerage : Mr and Mrs Alcock, Mrs Humble and two children, Mrs Forrest, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Roebuck, Mr and Mrs Edwards and four children, Mrs and Miss Jagoe, Mr and Mrs Ashby and five children, Mrs Smith and four children, Mrs Cable, Misses Quick, McLean (2), Graham, Matthews (2), C. Wells, S. Clarke, Messrs A. Ward, C. A. Lloyd, A. Marton, H. Clarke, S. Ashton, A. Hopkins, W. T. Banger, P. Walsh.

Lyttelton Times 23 May 1863 Page 4
May 20, Lansdowne, ship, 716 tons, Toovey, from Melbourne. Passengers: Mr. Thomson, Mr. Henry, and five shepherds.

"From the Lyttelton Times,"
8 December, 1880

Dec. 7 Rangitiki, ship, 1225 tons, Milman, from London. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.
Passengers- Saloon:

Davis		 Mrs		 Emily C., Edith M., Marion E., Bessie M.,
Donald		 Dr. Wm.	
Donald		 Mrs Rose	  
Fletcher	 Mrs Catherine	 Chas., Harry, Annie, Emily
Hardwick	 Mr Charles E
Palethorpe	 Mr. Thos.	 Mrs Palethorpe and infant  
Sadler		 Mr Geo. 
Passengers- Steerage: 

Atchley		 Waldegrave
Buress?		 Adam
Briggs		 James		Priscilla J.,
Brownlie	 Thomas		Elizabeth, Elizabeth A.
Burr		 Joseph		Anne, Mary, Henry
Crealand	 Sarah Ann	
Chaplin		 Charles	Emily, G.A., Agnes E., Chas. H., Charlotte, Wilfred T., Walter J. (infant)
Chandler	 Simon
Dark		 Hannah
Hillier		 Edward	
Gabites		 Mary	
Gates		 Edward
Haggeston	 Geo.
Leslie		 Alexandriane	Violet, Ethel
Martin		 Margaret
Morgan		 Thomas		Eliza, Emma, Wm. Jas, Eliza Anne, Frederick
Moseler?	 Rosina
Murray		 Thomas		Sarah and infant
Neave		 George
Ower		 James
Ross		 Wm.		Mrs. Ross, Alexander, Helen (infant)  

Star 29 August 1872, Page 3
The passengers per St. Leonards, which sailed on June 22, are E. Speechly and wife, Nashelski and wife, H. Butler and wife, S. W. Money and wife, H. Pierpoint, K. Winthrop, Miss A. Downey, E. D. Chabers, A. Bing, Miss Taylor.


Lyttelton Times April April 28 1878
Timaru Herald, 30 April 1878, Page 2
Arrived Lyttelton April 27 Waikato, ship, 1021 tons, Worster, from London. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.  Mr Best chief officer.

Burnett		Mr. Herbert
Cleathing	Mr. John
Elliot		Mr. Percy T.
Hale		Mrs
Hicks		Miss Julie
Munro		Rev. P.B.
Rees		Mr Howard (medical officer)
Sheppard	Mr and Mrs W.A.
Thomas		Mrs Ferrah
Turner		Mr. Jonathan 
Upton		Mrs T. Everand	Master T.E. Upton, Master Robert H.B. Upton
Wust		Mr. Alexander
Second cabin and steerage:
Alfred		Mr Henry
Alfred		Mr James
Boddy		H.A.
Bennett		John		Margaret, Beatrice
Bradbury	George A.
Cruddon		Mr Richard F.
Grey		Mr Robert
Iversen		Hans P.
Kearney		John		Mary Ann, George, Annie, Susan, William, Emily
Kent		Mr Henry
Macarthur	Miss Elizabeth
Moore		William
M'Kinnon	Daniel
Reagan		Mr Walter A.
Rowlandson	Walter
Slan		Mr Charles L.D.
Trewheila	Matthew
White		Mr Frank
Whitlaw		James C.
Williams	Mary
Williams	William  

"From the Lyttelton Times,"
February14, 1878

Arrived - February 13, 1878, Wanganui, ship, 1136 tons, Watt, from London and Plymouth. New Zealand Shipping Co. agents. Passengers- Rev. H. Fenwick, Mr C.R. Somervail, and 300 immigrants.  One and all testify to the great attention paid them and kindness shown them by Dr Marriner.

The Star Christchurch
Monday 2 July 1877 page 2

1 July "Wanganui" ship 1100 tons, Watt, from London.
N.Z. Shipping Co. Agents.

Passengers - saloon - Miss Brady, Mrs Glassford, & 3 children,
Archdeacon Thorpe, Messers A.W. Steele, O.J. Ayton, W.F. Hunt, W. Hunt,
C.A. Schmitz?, R. Wood, Thos. Robilliard, W.F. Mossman, Bray.

2nd cabin - Captain Browne, Mrs Brown & family, Mrs Adeney?
Messers G. Meyer, J. Black, L. Simmonds, M.A. King.

Intermediate - Mesdames Head & child, Best & child, Messers
S. Burrell, F.G. Rutland, Chas. Spakeman? David Strong.
Steerage - Messers O. Shuttleworth, Hermann, Hauptfleisch? A. Ross,
J. Hendry, O.M. Bottolson? D.C. Jansen, P. Williams.

Ship Wanganui - from London -
------- one death occurred during passage, that of William BARTON, a 3rd class passenger who died 14 April from pericarditis and was buried
the same day. The ship was delayed at commencement of voyage owing to death of the cook David FRASER age 28 who succumbed to pneumonia,  in the channel.  40 passengers, left London March 20. a very long column

The Star Thursday 25th 1879 page 2
Up to dark last night there was no sign of the Waitangi. This ship left London five days after the Crusader, with 240 passengers and a large and valuable cargo. She was seen by the crusader on Sunday off the Otago Coast, and was spoken the same day by the Mataura. 

The Star Friday 26th 1879 page 2
Sept. 25 - Ringarooma, s.s., 613 tons, Chatfield from Wellington and Sydney. B. Puflett, agent. Passengers: Messrs Denham, Draper, Burney, Keane, Currie, Langley, Maccioni, Stone, Campbell, Preston, Rich, Goodick, Rose, Dransfield, Rutherford, Jones, and 6 in steerage.

Sept. 25. Waitangi, ship, 1128 tons, Hodder, from London. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.
 Passengers: saloon - 
Mr Rutherford, Mrs, Katherine, William S., John S., Jane, Ellen M., Jennett, Georgina, Rosina, James B., Annie E. Rutherford
Miss Alice Sayers
Mr Rait
Mr Tulloch
Rev. J.J. Jones, Mrs Jones
Mr Wyllie
Mr W.M. Murray
Mrs Robson
Miss Bidmead
Mr Homan
Mr Wiberfoss
Mr T.E. Houlder, jun.,
Mr C.R.B. Browne
25 saloon, 24 second cabin and 186 steerage

The surgeon, Mr Mackintosh Collie, reports no sickness and no deaths or births. The ship, Waitangi, came into port in the usual excellent order everywhere, which Mr Barnes, who is still chief officer always keeps his vessels in. The Lizards were last sighted at 4 a.m. on July 4., the Equator was crossed on July 29, and the meridian of Cape of Good Hope 22 days later. The Leuwins was passed on Sept. 10 and Tasmanian six days later. The Snares was passed on Sept. 21, 85 days from the Downs and 83 days from the Lizards. Among the passengers there are about 50 for northern and southern ports. One incident. About 12 o'clock one night Captain Hodder found one of the under stewards and the assistant baker of the ship in the storeroom, helping themselves to some of its contents. For light they were using a naked candle, and had placed it on top of the powder magazine. One of the seamen fell from aloft and was somewhat bruised, but apart from this no accident whatever occurred.

Wild Deer

 Otago Daily Times 22 June 1871 Page 2
Wild Deer, ship, 1016 tons, Cameron, from Glasgow, 23rd March. G G Russell and Co, agents. Passengers :
Professor D Macgregor and Mrs Macgregor, Rev W Macgregor and Mrs Macgregor,
Professor G S Sale, Miss Sale, and Mr C Sale. Prof. Sale will at once assume the chair of Professor of Classics in the Otago University.
Professor J Shand and Mrs Shand,
Mr R A Ferguson
Mr M S Holmes
Mr W Morrice
and 149 in the intermediate and steerage.

Timaru Herald, 12 August 1876, Page 3
The ship Woosung, Captain Fisher, from London, arrived in Lyttelton on Thursday, after a protracted but uneventful passage of 118 days. She brings the following passengers : � Second cabin  Messrs B. N. Maining wife and family (9), A. W. Barnet, J. B. Rowlands, A. Keiling, H. W. Denby
steerage Messres F. G. Felt, F. N. Burne, W. Clarke, A. Manning, H. Marl m, M. W. Whatman wife and family (5).

The Star Wednesday June 18 1873
Arrived - Claud Hamilton, s.s., 630 tons, Clark from Melbourne, via West Coast ports and Wellington. Passengers - Cabin: From Melbourne - Mr E. Charney. From West Coast - Mr Buchanan, Mr H.R. Glegg, Mr and Mrs Fox.
Steerage: Messrs Garney, Fairweather, R. Goss; 3 for South.

The Star June 17 1873
Arrived June 17 - Langstone, ship, Mitchell, from London.
Ship Langstone from London. This fine iron-built vessel, commanded by Captain Mitchell, was signalled yesterday at 8 a.m. She anchored off Stoddart's point at 2 p.m. The ship was boardered by the health officer (Dr Donald), and was cleared at once. Left the Downs on the 6th March. Crossed the Equator on the 5th April. She is assigned to Messrs and Company. On the 21st, a boy fell from the mizen-top-gallant rigging, a distance of 100 feet, on to the captain, who was walking on the poop; fortunately he had no bones broken, but was severely shaken.
[no passengers mentioned]

The Star Monday 14 February 1876
Lyttetlon - Arrived
Feb. 14 - Arawata, s.s., 628 tons, Underwood, from Melbourne and West Coast ports. Passengers - Saloon:
From Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Nathan, Mr Gregory, 7 in steerage.
From Coast - Saloon: - Mr and Mrs Graff and family (3), Mr and Mrs Hessney?, Messrs Meck?, Jones, Caverhillm, Morran and 39 for other ports.

The Star Saturday 27 October 1900
Fremantle, Oct. 27
Arrived Britannia, from London. Passengers: For New Zealand - Mr and Mrs Hamblen, Mr and Mrs Cook and four children, Mr and Mrs Giblin, Mr and Mrs Rich, Mrs Roland and Miss Giblin.

The Star Wednesday February 16 1876
Lyttelton - The fine ship Duke of Edinburgh, Captain R. Mosey, cleared customs on Monday night with a full cargo of wool and tallow valued at 115,500. the passengers to London : Mrs Mosey, Mrs Ellis and family (20, Mr and Mrs Severn. Will sail with the first slant of fair wind, and being in first rate trim should make a good passage Home.

Helen's list for Canterbury

Sometimes we need to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm!

Timaru Herald, 20 March 1895, Page 2
A rather novel addition to the crew of the ship Blenheim was made on Saturday. The sailor on watch noticed strange cat jump aboard from the wharf and after having a look round, go ashore again. He thought this very peculiar but his surprise was heightened when he noticed the cat coming down the wharf again with a kitten in her mouth She sprang on, to the ship, laid the kitten down on the poop, and once more went ashore. In a few minutes back she came again with another kitten, which she laid alongside the other, and then proceeded to make herself and family quite at home. The steward and crew took a great fancy to their humble ship mates, and there is no doubt the cat will find very comfortable quarters on the ship.  


Represents living quarters for a family of emigrants' bound for NZ in the 1870s. When first class passengers boarded the ship, some cabins were completely unfurnished. Before the voyage began, passengers outfitted their own cabins with bunks and what few necessaries and comforts space allowed. Commercial outfitters might be hired by first class passengers to provide their cabin's furnishings, within one half hour's notice. Furnishings typical of an emigrant voyage included bedding, a cabin lamp, candles, a washstand, a locking glass, camp stool, water can and a locking clothes bag.