'Canterbury' arrived Lyttelton October 1851

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New Zealand Bound

The Canterbury was a new ship, 970 tons, when she came out to Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand. Sailed from the East India Docks, London, 18 June 1851 and arrived 18 October under the command of Captain Edwards with 143 souls. She carried a sixteen ponder cannon, sometimes used to salute ships coming into port.

Shipping Office, Canterbury Association, 74, Cornhill. 18 June, 1851 List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand. Edwards, Commander, Dr. White, Surgeon - Superintendant, Frederick Young, Manger of Shipping

Chief Cabin

Adams     John            22   M                 for Wellington                                    
Andrews   Miss                 F                                                                   
Brown     E.F.                 M                                                                   
Creyke    A.R.            23   M                                                                   
Eade      Rev.                 M        Chaplain                                                   
Edward    Mrs.                 F                                                                   
Field     James           50   M   Y 2                                                             
Field     James           15   M                                                                   
Field     Strickland      17   M                                                                   
Field     Mrs E.          45   F   Y 2                                                             
Kennaway  James                M                                                                   
Kennaway  William              M                                                                   
Leroo     Mrs M.          60   F   Y                                                               
Napier    John            18   M                                                                   
Simon     Algmason?            M                 Barrington                                        
Simon     Edith Jane           F                                                                   
Simon     Mrs                  F                                                                   
Simon     Winfred  Louise      F                                                                   
Simon     Geoffrey             M                 Barrington                                        
Simon     Phillip              M                 Barrington                                        
Vigers    Ann             34   F   Y 5                                                             
Vigers    Ann             34   F   Y 5                                                             
Vigers    Ann             6    F                                                                   
Vigers    C. K            35   M   Y 5                                                             
Vigers    Charles         5    M                                                                   
Vigers    James           4    M                                                                   
Vigers    Mary            2    F                                                                   
Vigers    William         8    M                                                                   
White     Dr. Arthur D.        M        Surgeon                                                    
Woolcombe B.                   M                                                                  

Second Cabin

                          M   schoolmaster                                                   
Brown      John      50   M  Y             for Auckland                                      
Dyer       M.A. Miss 26   F                                                                  
Dyer       Mr.       24   M                                                                  
Higgs      Richard   24   M                                                                  
Lloyd      Edward    26   M                                                                  
McPherson  Mango     22   M                                                                  
Merewether Sidney    19   M                for Wellington                                    
Parsons    Charles   21   M                                                                  
Shaw       Thomas    26   M                                                                  
Spencer    Edward    21   M                                                                

Steerage Free & Assisted

Belfield    Thomas    22   M        Agr. Laborer     not going                                         
Biffin      Emma      24   F        Cook                                                               
Blackler    Harriett  1    F                                                                           
Blackler    Harriett  31   F   Y 4                                                                     
Blackler    James     34   M   Y 4  Agr. Laborer     Mr Kennaway                                       
Blackler    James     9    M                                                                           
Blackler    John      5    M                                                                           
Blackler    William   2    M                                                                           
Brown       Thomas    41   M                                                                           
Castleman   Charles   19   M        Laborer                                                            
Castleman   John      21   M        Servant          Servant to Capt. Simon                            
Dean        Edwin     14   M                                                                           
Dean        George    37   M   Y 7                                                                     
Dean        George    6    M                                                                           
Dean        Hannah    28   F   Y 7                                                                     
Dean        Hannah    9    F                                                                           
Dean        John      16   M                                                                           
Dean        Joseph    18   M        Laborer                                                            
Dean        Mary      11   F                                                                           
Dean        Thomas    inf  M                                                                           
Evans       Sarah     48   F        Servant                                                            
Everest     David     18   M   Y    Carpenter        Mr Field                                          
Everest     Elizabeth 29   F   Y                                                                       
Exon        Alfred    23   M   Y    Agr. Laborer     Mr Vigers                                         
Exon        Caroline  24   F   Y                     Mr Vigers                                         
Farland     George    6    M                                                                           
Farland     James     2    M                                                                           
Farland     John      inf  M                                                                           
Farland     Mary      34   F   Y 4                                                                     
Farland     William   4    M                                                                           
Farland     James     36   M   Y 4  Agr . Laborer                                                      
Field       Jane      24   F        Housemaid                                                          
Fitton      Charles   39   M   Y 2                                                                     
Fitton      Edwin     1    M                                                                           
Fitton      Elizabeth 39   F   Y 2                                                                     
Fitton      Matthew   6    M                                                                           
Fitzwater   Ann       36   F                                                                           
Fitzwater   Ann       15   F                         not going                                         
Gibbs       Arthur    35   M   Y 3                                                                     
Gibbs       George    16   M                                                                           
Gibbs       Kezin     13   F                                                                           
Gibbs       Rachael   33   F   Y 3                                                                     
Gibbs       Rebecca   10   F                                                                           
Kindal      Alice     3    F                                                                           
Kindal      Charles   8    M                                                                           
Kindal      Elizabeth 40   F   Y 3                                                                     
Kindal      Frances   0    M                                                                           
Kindal      James     37   M   Y 3                                                                     
Kindal      Robert    10   M                                                                           
Lyckett     Ann       15   F                                                                           
Lyckett     Elizabeth 14   F                                                                           
Lyckett     Louisa    9    F                                                                           
Lyckett     Sarah     12   F                                                                           
Marsh       George    inf  M                                                                           
Marsh       George    39   M   Y 1  Agr.. Laborer                                                      
Marsh       Harriett  15   F        Domestic Servant                                                   
Marsh       Kezia     16   F        Domestic Servant                                                   
Marsh       Mary      40   F   Y 1                                                                     
Metcalfe    Harriett  24   F   Y                                                                       
Metcalfe    Joseph    28   M   Y    Agr. Laborer                                                       
Mitchell    Henry     37   M   Y    House servant                                                      
Mitchell    Sarah     27   F                                                                           
Seagell     Samuel    26   M        Blacksmith                                                         
Shute       George    23   M        Agr. Laborer     Mr Vigers                                         
Smith       John      28   M        Agr. Laborer     Mr Creyke                                         
Somas       Elizabeth 14   F   Y                                                                       
Somas       James     35   M   Y    Laborer                                                            
Sowman      Alfred    3    M                                                                           
Sowman      Richard   0    M                                                                           
Sowman      Sarah     30   F   Y 4                                                                     
Sowman      Sarah     6    F                                                                           
Sowman      William   9    M                                                                           
Sowman      William   32   M   Y 4  Agr. Laborer     Mr Dyer                                           
Spilsbery   Ann       36   F   Y 4                                                                     
Spilsbery   Hannah    2    F                                                                           
Spilsbery   John      7    M                                                                           
Spilsbery   Louis     38   M   Y 4  Laborer                                                            
Spilsbery   Louis     4    M                                                                           
Spilsbery   Richard   8    M                                                                           
Vincent     Amelia    11   F                                                                           
Vincent     Elizabeth inf  F                                                                           
Vincent     Elizabeth 29   F   Y 6                                                                     
Vincent     Emma      9    F                                                                           
Vincent     Henry     10   M                                                                           
Vincent     Sarah     7    F                                                                           
Vincent     Thomas    2    M                                                                           
Vincent     William   35   M   Y 6  Agr. Laborer                                                       
Wardon      Harriett  23   F        Servant                                                            
Winsett     Eliza     12   F                      (Wympsett)                                                    
Winsett     Elizabeth 14   F                      (Wympsett)                                                    
Winsett     Henry     12   M                      (Wympsett)                                                    
Winsett     Mary      1    F                      (Wympsett)                                                     
Winsett     Mary      36   F   Y 5                (Wympsett)                                                    
Winsett     Thomas    36   M   Y 5  Blacksmith    (Wympsett)  Passenger Lists of the Canterbury Association Ships, published 1900                                                   
Winsett     Thomas    2    M                      (Wympsett)                                                     
Withers     Mary      42   F        Cook                                                               
Woodman     Elizabeth 30   F   Y                                                                       
Woodman     George    25   M   Y    Wheelwright      Lieu't Woolcombe                                  
Wright      Sarah     31   F        Domestic Servant Mr Vigers                                         

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515

Marriage: Parsons - Dyer - On April 25 1855, C. Parsons, Governors Bay to Miss Dyer of same place.

Diaries: The Canterbury Museum Achieves holds diaries by Strickland S. Field and Dr. White.

Lady Lyttelton: The 'Canterbury' was christened one month before her departure by Lady Lyttelton.  The ceremony took place after a public breakfast given at the East India Docks to the first portion of the main body.  Lady Lyttelton, Mary Glynne, was married in a double wedding 1839 with her sister Catherine who married William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898), British statesman, Liberal prime minister Great Britain. 

Lord Lyttelton
George William Lyttelton, 4th Baron Lyttelton (31 March 1817   19 April 1876), Lord Lyttelton became chairman the Canterbury Association March 1850, and contributed at least 3500 pounds to the Association.  He died 1876. 
October 11 1851

Passenger Manifests:

Lloyd's Register of Shipping for 1851-1853

Canterbury, full-rigged ship of 681/789 tons built in Sunderland in 1851, owned by D. Dunbar, registered at London, captained by Molison, with a destined voyage to New Zealand. The vessel does not appear in the Register for 1856 onwards, maybe "sold foreign".

Another ship with the same name: "Fast craft of the 70s - Made 22 trips to New Zealand. Canterbury, three masted, iron built, a beautiful clipper ship, 1242 tons, built in 1874 for Patrick Henderson's Albion Line by Robert Duncan, sailed the seas for many years, made twenty-two voyages out to New Zealand during the 'seventies and 'eighties brought thousands of immigrants to New Zealand. She was one of the fastest sailors and most comfortable ships afloat, and made some remarkable runs both out and Home. On one occasion is credited with a run of 69 days port to port. The Canterbury was sold to Norway in 1905, and was still afloat in 1915.  Page 71 "White Wings"  Vol. 1 by H. Brett. Sailed Sep. 9 1898 and arrived Lyttelton 1898. Captain Collingwod. Days 99.  
Length 239.8ft x beam 36ft x depth 20.7ft  Transferred to Shaw Savill & Albion on formation of the company in 1882.  In 1904 she was sold to N.A.Lydersen, Tvedsstrand, Norway and was eventually scrapped at Savona in 1927. Ref: Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.10, Shaw Savill & Albion
She was a three mast full rigged ship, a fast sailer. [Merchant Fleets, vol.10 by Duncan Haws]
Lloyd's Register: Code letters: MWDB Official Number: 68016
Master: Captain J. Collingwood
Rigging: Iron Ship; 2 decks; 1 cemented bulkhead
Tonnage: 1,309 tons gross, 1,126 under deck and 1,245 net
Dimensions: 239.7 feet long, 36 foot beam and holds 20.8 feet deep; Poop 70 feet; Forecastle 35 feet
Construction: 1874, R. Duncan & Co. in Port Glasgow
Owners: Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Ltd.
Port of registry: Glasgow

Kennaway, William, b.1833. Biscuit and butter : a colonist's shipboard fare; the journal / kept by William & Laurence Kennaway on the emigrant ship Canterbury, London to Lyttleton, 1851 edited by R.C. Lamb and R.S. Gormack. Gormach, Robert Sydney, 1918-, Lamb, R. C. (Robert Cameron), 1910-, Kennaway, Laurence James, 1834-1904. Imprint : Christchurch : Nag's Head Press, 1973. 110 p. : ill ; 18 cm. Limited ed. of 250 copies.

Laurence James Kennaway

It was a long weary voyage of one hundred and twenty-two days, and-what is not to be quite forgotten-just as many nights just as weary. Our weather-battered old ship had been caught in her share of wild weather, and the share of three other ships besides, and her prisoners, the crew and passengers, had not sighted as much land as would serve to stand a flower-pot upon or to grow a geranium.

We were tired of the ship, tired of the voyage, and insufferably tired of each other; and our eyes seemed altogether salt and sea-weary with looking, for nearly five months, upon an unbroken circle of sea....and fourteen thousand miles of nothing but tossing salt water.

When the first settlers put their foot into Canterbury, New Zealand, it was little better, or more cheering, than Juan Fernandez to Robinson Crusoe.  Laurence James Kennaway. CRUSTS a Settler's Fare due South. L.J. Kennaway returned to England in 1865 on the 'Blue Jacket'.


Emigrant's Treadmill

Earth I have said's represented in this Pacific washed island,
And so you will early find with a most unmistakable vengeance;
For on stepping on shore, and proposing to enter the country,
A slight excrescence of earth, commonly known as the "Port Hill,"
Will present itself to your sight, and request to be clambered.
It's perfectly frightful to think of the state of one's muscular tissues,
As this gigantic machine for taking it out of new comers
Is toilingly, sobbingly clambered, with bitter groans and exhaustion;
Turn after turn it winds, and the faint and ship-weakened traveller
Thinks that the top is ever his anxious struggles eluding:
Ah! but when he gains the top, let him look to the state of his muscles.
For they will be shaken, and twitch, and tremble worse ere he reaches.
Reaches the valley's foot and stops at a wind-beaten hostel.
Ah! let him live out his full ripe age, will be never forgotten,
Never forgotten his first ascent of the "Emigrant's Treadmill."

N.Z. 1864 Laurence James Kennaway CRUSTS a Settler's Fare due South.

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