The Euterpe from London to Lyttelton 1876

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Timaru Herald Friday 3 March 1876  page 2 

From the European Mail of December 24:-
The Euterpe, 1197 tons, from Liverpool at London [sic] sailed for Canterbury, passed Deal Dec. 17. Passengers - Per Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co's Euterpe, from London, Dec. 13. For Canterbury:

Chief Cabin:
Burton 		Miss D
Elliot 		George
Gibson 		Miss 
Hall 		Bernard 
Hedge 		Cecil F
Hewlings 	Kate
McBarnot 	Captain  [MacBarnett]
Rowe 		Miss M.A.
Steane 		Miss
Wilson 		Mr

Second cabin:
Dowson 		George W
Dowson 		Amy
Dowson 		Fanny
Fletcher 	W J
Hannon 		Thomas
Mill 		William
Chasemore 	Philip
Runtz 		Arthur H

Allen 		Thomas Henry
Giles 		Edward
Griffiths 	David
Griffiths 	John
Hillard 	W.M.
Lake 		Mary Ann
McCarthy 	J
Matheson 	F
Morgan 		A
Morgan 		Annie
Parker 		George
Reed 		W
Thorpe 		Frederick

Evening Post, 6 March 1876, Page 2 DEATH.
Suddenly, on the 20th December, 1875, on board the ship: Euterpe, for New Zealand, Cockburn McBarnet, Esq., late Lieutenant 92nd Highlanders, youngest son of the late Alexander M'Barriet, Esq., of Torridon and Attadale, Rosshire, N.B., aged 39.  

Euterpe, waltz for the pianoforte [music] / by Llewellyn Owen who sailed on the Euterpe from London to New Zealand when he was 8 years old in 1871. He settled in Spreydon, Canterbury.Voyages

Mat on board the Star of India.
Sailors have long used their knowledge of knots to transform rope or twine into fancy knot work or macrame. The work had many shipboard and personal applications such as Turk's head, bell ropes, sea chest beckets (handles) and a 'thump' mat. The knot work was both beautiful and practical.