From Range to River

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"From River to Range"

Nelson- New Zealand Bound

Waimea South Historical Society. From River to Range. Gives names and brief biographies of many early families immigrating to the Nelson region 1840-1880.   To commemorate the 150th  anniversary of European settlement. These names appear in the booklet.

ANDREWS, William 1797-1872
ARNOLD, James 1820-1896
ARNOLD, John 1818-1883
AUGARDE, Henry John Louis ?-1901
AVERY, John 1839-1902
BAIGENT, Edward 1813-1892
BAIGENT, Isaac 1819-1902
BARTON, James 1821-1910
BROWN, William
BIGGS, George & Frances
BIRD, John 1780-1862
BIRD, Joshua 1829-1900
BOWDEN, Rev. Thomas Adolphus 1824-1906
BODDINGTON, Robert 1808-1894
BREWERTON, John 1812-1885
BREWERTON, Isaac John 1837-1915
BRIGHT, Thomas & Elizabeth
BROOKS, William 1827-1918
BURN, Daniel 1848-1931
CLARK, David
COLE, Thomas William 1833-1903
COLE, William Henry 1835-1934
CURRIN, John 1790-1870
DRAEGER, Charles Louis 1838-1915
EDEN, Robert 1813-1885
ENGLAND, Captain Richard 1803-1843
WILSON, Commander John 1818-1865
EVES, William 1807-1871
FAIRHALL, Edward 1788-1872
FAULKNER, Charles 1810-1888
FOWLER Edwin 1824-1896
FOWLER, Edward 1837-1916
FRANKLYN, William Norris (Major) 1837-1919
GAUKRODGER, Charles 1804-1892
GIBBS, James 1806-1892
GIBBS, Isaac 1818-1903
GIBBS, John 1805-1904
GODBAZ, Henry Andrew 1858-1941
GRANGER Jacob Henry 1848-1893
GRIFFITH, John 1817-1892
GROVE, James
HAGEN, James 1821-1885
HILL, Thomas 1808-1895
HILDRETH, William 1799-1880
HOCTON, Appo (Ah Poo Hocting) 1819-1920
HODGSON, John 1815-1869
HODGSON, Ann 1823-?
HODGSON, Ernest W 1866-1935
HODKINSON, Germain George 1803-1900
HOLLAND, George 1825-1905
HOOPER, Edwin 1815-1891
HOULT, Joseph 1807-1880
HUNT, Thomas 1821-1889
JESSOP, William 1805-1896
KING, Richard 1788-1876
KNAPP, James 1820-1905
KINZETT, George 1800-1882
LINES, Thomas 1803-1883
McPHERSON, John Gordon 1837-1923
McRAE, George 1800-1864
MEARS, John 1799-1890
MORRISON, William Arthur 1816-1877
McGOWAN, William 1817-1896
MEAD, Walter 1817-1869
PALMER, William 1806-1850
PAINTON, William ?-1896
PARKES, George 1826-1888
PEARLESS, Dr Walter Relf 1854-1924
PLANK, William 1798-1864
PHIPPS, James 1805-1850
PRICE, Thomas 1805-1876
PRICE, David 1851-1922
RICKETTS, William 1821-1889
ROBSON, William John
RUTHERFORD, George 1804-1876
SELLON, Marmaduke 1840-1865
SELLON, Melville 1846-1880
SIMMONDS, Joseph 1819-1889
SHEA, Thomas (O'Shea) 1834-1916
SLOSS, John ?-1856
STRINGER, Thomas Hoyle
TIDD, Thomas Samuel 1842-1909
TROWER, Thomas Neal ?-1868
TUNNICLIFFE, Thomas ?-1882
WADSWORTH, James 1808-1882
WALLACE, James 1815-1897
WATKINS, Joseph 1831-1898
WATSON, Jacob 1819-1888
WELLS, Samuel 1810-1877
WELLS, William 1838-1899

A sample of what can be found:

WADSWORTH, James: 1808-1882
Born Bedfordshire, m. at 24 to Sarah Woodruff c.1808-1860.  They came on the "Bombay" in 1842 with three children, three more were born in Nelson. In 1849 they are living in Hope. In 1866 James is on 73 Waimea South, John in 88 Valley and William on 144 Wakefield. Their family spread all over New Zealand. John married Susannah Gledhill, among their nine children were Clara (Mrs George Tower), Henry who went to Marlborough, and Alice who married W.G. Currin and George Morrison. William married Eliza Mears....

New Zealand Bound

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