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Migration from Jersey to NZ

The Channel Islands, an archipelago in the English Channel, 10 to 30 miles off the coast of France, belonging to Great Britain.  The group comprises of Jersey (45 sq. mi.), Guernsey (25 sq. mi.) and the following dependencies of Guernsey: Alderney, Brechou, Great Sark, Little Stark, Herm, Jethou and Lihou. St Helier is on the south coast of Jersey, 122 miles ssw of Southampton. St. Peter Port is the principal town of Guernsey.  Many islanders were Anglican or RC and fluent in French and English. A remarkable number of people from the Channel Islands came to New Zealand especially in the 1870s.

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I invite you to submit Channel Islands surnames and queries by email. Please email me with names (SURNAME capitalized) (maiden names in brackets), origin, departure port, New Zealand arrival port and year, vessel, and locale (area in New Zealand where your ancestor settled). Your query must have a New Zealand and Channel Islands connection or it will not be posted.  Maybe a pattern will emerge that will assist others in identifying their descendants, route and arrival vessel in New Zealand. At least ten Channel Islanders families came out on the Dilharee in 1874 to Lyttelton.

Your Channel Is. connection?
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ?
Name of ship. Departure port? NZ arrival port and date?
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? How?
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit or to stay?
Where did they settle in NZ?
What was the first known BDM event in NZ?

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Date 2/29/2020. Name: Stephanie Campbell
Email: swether ( a )
Your Channel Is. connection? My Father's dad's, Maternal Grandmother, Siblings and their mother, moved from England to the Channel Islands (somewhere between 1838 abd 1841), and then between 1852 and 1854 they moved to New Zealand.
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? I am unsure why they chose to settle in New Zealand.
Name of ship. Departure port? NZ arrival port and date? No Idea of ships - I would love to know. I know that in 1838 they were living in Pilton/Redlake, near Shepton, England.
When they moved to the Channel Islands they were based in St Heliers, Jersey.
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? How? I have not found their passenger list.
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit or to stay? No idea - But I believe a number of them returned at one point or another to the UK - one son (Thomas) may have returned to C.I, as we have no records (death etc).

Comments: Names to look for on a shipping list if you are are to help locate one or show me where to go (with my narrowed down dates) are as follows;
Elizabeth NURSE (Mother, nee Scriven), Charles NURSE, Maria NURSE, Thomas NURSE, Edward NURSE, Sarah NURSE (nee Cook), [Their Daughter] Elizabeth Mary NURSE (b. 1852 - Channel Is.), Mary Ann NURSE. Also possibly Charlotte Sarah NURSE (nee Taylor - Charles' Wife, unsure about any children in this marriage).  The family settled in Lyttelton and CHCH.

Date: 24 Oct. 2017 <>
I am looking for Marguerite Spencer nee Stringer born 21 Jan. 1914 in the Channel Islands [Guernsey] and married Arthur Morell Spencer in England on 4th August 1939. They came to New Zealand which is where he was born and had a family of 3 in England and here. I am trying to find her birth records. Ana Squire. Marguerite died on 2 July 2010 in Auckland, Auckland, at age 96. Arthur died on 13 October 1983 in Auckland, at age 82.

Name: April Hitchins <>
Date: 2017-09-29
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? He was living in an orphanage and was about 12 when he sailed to NZ
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? Strathmore
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit? don't know
My ancestor James Crosbery (Crossberry) travelling alone to NZ in 1856. Also, Fricker family - James Crosbery married Catherine Connor and after she died he married her sister Mary who had married one of the Fricker boys. 1841 has James and Jane Crosbury with 2 small boys living in St Heliers. My ancestor's death certificate has his parents as James and Jane. Can't find anything more about this couple.


Name: Dawn Aveline < >
Date: 2017-08-06
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? My Grandmother Ellen May Victoria Smith (nee Haysom)Married a New Zealand SoldierGuernsey ChI s 1919
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? ST PETERS PORT
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit? Stayed in New Zealand
Comments: I would like to find out more what boat she went on and how long voyage was leaving st Peters Port I think


Name: Jeni Simpson <>
Date: 2017-06-15
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? Charles D'AUVERGNE
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? Joseph Fletcher 1856
Comments: I am researching Lilian Dale HARDCASTLE ms SIMPSON who married Edward Charles D'AUVERGNE in 1913, following on with research of the D'AUVERGNE family from the Channel Islands.


Name: Maria Good <>
Date: 2016-11-25
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? Don't know
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? Cathcart Lyttleton Harbour 29/8/1874 yes Familysearch NZ Passenger Lists
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit? Don't think so.
Comments: Hannah Langlois travelled with Le Brun family from London in 1874. She married a Richard Longley and then a Henry Harrod. On the passenger list it says she is from Alderney. Also on her death certificate it says she is from Alderney. It says her mother is Ann Morrel. We have no other information about her in the CI's or England. A possibility on an 1871 census, but not very clear. Her birth is about 1852. Please can anyone give us any information?
Maria Good


Name: Tracey Elliot <>
Date: 2016-11-21
Dorothy marsh
Born sandwich Kent
Emigrated to new zealand


Name: Lynne Mackay <>
Date: 2016-01-12
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? Gt grandmother immigrated from there. Why she came here, alone, is unknown.
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? Ionic 1894, Wellington. Passenger list(s) via
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit? Don't think so.
DESLANDES Alice Maude, (my great grandmother) b 1868, China; d. New Zealand 1956. I believe her family was from either Jersey or Guernsey, though have been unable to find any information about her prior to her arrival as a single woman in Wellington, New Zealand, in Sept 1894 on the ship Ionic. Also any information about her subsequent to arrival in New Zealand until her marriage in 1910, at age 42, to Richard NICHOLLS. She had a child out of wedlock in New Zealand - my grandmother Ruby Adele DESLANDES, b. 1896, d. 1970, but no children from her marriage.


Name: Heather Kennedy <>
Date: 2015-07-22
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? Kenneth Martin Henry Cumber left St Peter Port as a 20 year old to emigrate to New Zealand- "make his own home"- bette
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? "Mamari" left London 26.6.1908 arrived Wellington 1908
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit? No- he stayed in NZ. However he was visited by his sister Dorothy in 1909 and she returned to the UK.
Comments: Kenneth married Mabel Ransom and had three children- Kenneth, Dulcie and Ron. Dulcie is my grandmother. Happy to provide more information :)


Name: Charis King <>
Date: 2015-06-18
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? still to be discovered ex Isle of Mann/Orkeys
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? still to be discovered
Comments: I have begun researching my fathers family of King/Whitelaw/Main ex Shetland/Orkneys and isle of Man according to my current knowledge. Some were from South Shields, others Cork, Ireland; and Newcastle on Tyne.
I can be contacted on short term til August when I move back to Australia.
Charis King (Sharyn NZ birth name of Edward William & Ivy Alice Pryor


Name: Jenifer <>
Date: 2015-06-18
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? Guernsey Island. Emigration via Canada.
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? Sir Edwarwd Paget arrived Auckland 1853
My great great grand mother - Hannah Maria Everett nee POPE (1826-1900)was born at St Peters Port, Guernsey Island in 1826.
Her father was Edward POPE - a seaman and her mother Grace nee DATE. Edward and Grace were married at St Peters Port, Guernsey in 1816.
In 1836, when Hannah was 10 years old, the family left Guernsey and emigrated to Canada where Hannah's father was appointed Light House Keeper at Anti Costi Island. The Pope
family would remain light house keepers at Anti Costi Island for many years.
In July 1847, aged 21 years, Hannah married London born Edward Henry EVERETT (1820-1904). Whilst in Canada they had 3 sons: Edward Jnr, Charles and John.
Edward and Hannah returned to the UK and in 1852 emigrated to New Zealand with Edwards father - Charles Snr (1783-1855); Edward's brother Charles (1812-1878) and his wife Rebekah nee HUNT (1812-1882) and Hannah's sister Elizabeth St John, her husband and his daughter.
The ship was the Sir Edward Paget and arrived at Auckland May 1853.
Edward and Hannah settled in Nelson in 1856 where Edward became a very successful businessman (Everett Bros Drapery) and was later twice Mayor of Nelson.
Hannah Everett nee Pope, of Guernsey Island died at Nelson on 24 December 1900. She is buried at Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson City.
Any POPE descendents of Guernsey please make contact.

Name: Jenifer <>
Date: 2015-06-18
I would like to make contact with Dorothy Harvey, a researcher on this site, about Popes of Guernsey Island.


Name: Yvonne Moore <>
Date: 2015-03-14
At the moment I don't know any of the above.
I believe I am the Great Great Grand daughter of William Bury Moore. 1795 to 1882.
If anyone from this family line has information, I would love to hear from you.


Name: Brian Martin <>
Date: 2015-02-20
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? Better prospects??
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? No
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit? No
Their name was Mahoney. Patrick and Nora plus a number of
children. Daughter Anne, sons Michael plus one or two others. Unsure of their names. Would have emigrated to NZ anytime from mid 1860s to 1870s.
Originally from Waterford Ireland they married in St Helier and lived firstly at 21 Parade Place and then 27 Cannon Street


Name: Jasmine Downes <>
Date: 2015-01-03
What motivated your ancestors to settle in NZ? Gosney
Have you succeeded in locating the passenger list? St Saviour - London via Plymouth NZ 8 June 1874 Pt Chalmers and 20 June '74 Lyttelton where they disembarked
Did they go back to the Channel Is. for a visit? not that its known of.
Comments: Looking for more info on George's Gosney family line, photos, stories etc that you wouldn't mined allowing me to use in a book I am putting together. The earliest I have tracked is some time in the 1600, name is Daniel Gosney, no other info I have been able to find on this man.

For a listing on the Surname form below

Ch Is origin:
Departure port:
NZ arrival port & date:
E-mail address:

 (maiden names in brackets)
Channel Islands  Origin Departure Port NZ Arrival Port & Year  Vessel Locale Researcher
Adams, Minnie Vere
Adams, Amy, her sister
b. St. Peter Port, 1883
b. St. Peter Port, 1885
27 Jan. 1906
sailed from Plymouth
 Both settled at the Ormond Constabulary, Gisborne, with a family relation. Ruapehu
Both later married, Minnie to go farming with her husband
Janet Hogan
Amy, married Edward Rogers from Waterford, IRE and moved to Australia
AUBIN, John [Jean] Trinity London Auckland Ganges Pirongia [Alexandra] Rob Singleton
ALEXANDRE, Henry m. Harriette  A. Le Mottee 29 .4 . 1869 St Saviour   Children: Alice, Clara & Henry John who d. on voyage 5 Parade, St Helier, Jersey. (mother's residence) Southampton
Lyttelton 1874
Rakaia. The ship went about as far as the Canaries and turned back.   Bruce E.R. Alexandre
ALEXANDRE, Walter, b. abt 1845, with wife Elise (De Carteret) and children St Helier, Jersey ? ? about 1882 unknown Auckland Glenys
BARRETT Louise (nee Le Corre) & David Charles Barrett St Helier? unknown unknown, circa 1949 Fairstar? Otaki, New Zealand Angela Shivnan
BARTLEY, Robert & Esther (nee KERBY) Emma, Julia, Walter, Edward St Helier, Jersey London Auckland Joseph Fletcher
13 Oct 1854
  Meg Bartley
BEAIN Alexander b.c1851 s/o Alexander and Eliza (nee GING) Guernsey  Jumped ship c1869. Ship's engineer Napier Carol Spragg
BISSON, Phillippe, Esther Louisa (nee de Gruchy) and children (Phillip, Adolphus and Louisa)  Jersey  London Wellington 11 October 1874 Cartvale Hawkes Bay Lesley Hickey
Brown - my grandfather came to NZ I believe from the Channel Islands.  His father was John William Brown and Mother Mary Ann Brown � they had moved to the Channel Islands from England.  St Heliers London Lyttelton Rakaia in 1874    Bryan Brooking
CLARIDGE, Henry Arthur Herbert and his wife Eveline Mary nee Carr� St Peter Port Guernsey   ?port 1895 or 1896 ? Wellington Wellington Camilla Barlow, G'daughter
CORNISH, Wm John Isaac 43, & Rachel nee HOWELL with Wm 16, Eliza 14, Alice12, George 9, and Hannah 6 (ages aboard ship) m. St Helier, Jersey in the late 1850s Gravesend Auckland Zealandia
15 Oct 1874
Auckland Geoff Beals
COX, Edwin b: 22/8/1840 at  St Peters Port        Naiper
Emmy Maxwell
de CARTERET, Havilland Jean b. 1833 Jersey ? ? unknown Armed Constabulary Force in NZ between 1874 & 1876. probably Wellington Phoenix
DACOMBE, Thomas John m. Elvena Catherine Baker in St Peters in the Wood, Guernsey, 1849 1851 Census - St Heliers Parish - Thomas, Elvena and daughter Rhoda Elvena were registered in district 33. 5 more children were born in Jersey then the 7th, Hannah was born on board the Legion of Honor while in the Indian ocean on the 17th Dec 1864. They went to Australia then onto NZ where the last 2 children were born in Nelson, NZ in 1869 and 1872. Sandra Dacombe
FAUVEL, Philip b1852 St Helier, Jersey ?London Wellington 28 April 1874 Wennington Wairarapa Margaret Parkes
FORD, Geoge Thomas  Guernsey 1900-1917? ? ? Stratford Kim Ford
FOSSE, Adele St. Clement, Jersey London? Lyttelton
30 Aug 1879
Glenlord   Margaret Kenny
FOX: Frederick Robert Thomas b: 1851 Jersey Island  emigrated to NZ in 1875 with his wife Catherine Barbara (nee: BOHRER) b:1850 Bern, Switzerland       Owen Bennett
GIBBS Edward Henry m. abt 1845 Louisa (Poukley) St Helier, Jersey     arrived Wellington abt 1856/7    Southland (Invercargill) Murray Kelly
George Gosney and Maria (nee Vasselin), Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Lydia, John, James, Philip St Saviour London via Plymouth
 8 June 1874 Pt Chalmers and 20 June '74 Lyttelton where  I assume they disembarked  Atrato  Settled in Timaru, some descendants later Dunedin Murray Gosney
GRANT, William b. c.1833 IRE & wife Margaret (nee BRIGHT) m. St Luke, Jersey 1856 ? Between 1856 &
  Auckland Terri Collis
GRAY Joseph Henry, wife Caroline Louisa  St Helier, Jersey, Channel Is. 16 Jul 1861


Port Chalmers, Dunedin, 
24 Nov 1861
Possibly "Derwentwater" dates closely matches Family Bible Broad Bay, Dunedin Ron  Gray
GRAY, Charles, John Charles, Amelia
St. Helier, Jersey ? Hobson Wharf, Auckland, April 14, 1874 Dorette Auckland Matthew Gray
GRAY, Elizabeth Jane b. Redruth
Cornwall 15, a housemaid when she sailed.
Jersey Plymouth Lyttelton
 9 Nov. 1878
Hydaspes Christchurch .Margaret Armstrong

Elizabeth was the eldest child of Wm & Louisa Gray. Soon after the family moved to Jersey where another 10-12 children were born.  Her brother Harry b. Jersey immigrated to NZ later on but date not known. Joseph Henry GRAY, Elizabeth's uncle, also came to NZ and first settled Southland. He was a sawyer like many of the other Gray's.   The family then went to Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Is. and he died at Wellington.  Joseph later became a Methodist minister.
GRUT Sark   1857 Joseph Fletcher Orewa Chris
GAUDION Elizabeth 
Alderney London Lyttelton   4 January 1865 Eastern Empire    Marion McLauchlan
HALE, Samuel b. ?1830 Parents Joel Hale and Elizabeth nee Mitchell St Peter Port, Guernsey ? ? 1865   Auckland Jan Emson
HAMON, Joseph b. 1865 St. Helier, Jersey              Victor MacGill
HAWKINS, Samuel 3 Jun 1855 Alderney ?England Lyttelton
5 January 1867
Mermaid Christchurch Bev Hawkins
HART, Louise Annie  nee LeVautier
Guernsey   NZ   Palmerston North (died ~ 1945) Rob Monk & or   
HOTTON, Alfred John b. 22 June 1878 & Ada [GULLIVER] with sons Sydney & Arthur of St John Parish, Jersey probably Southampton c1915-1920 Unknown Probably disembarked Wellington John Ryan
ISEMONGER, Anthony b. 9 Aug 1858 Guernsey ? ? ? m. Rebecca Hassard 1887 at Wellington Olwyn
ISEMONGER, Anthony b. 9 Aug 1858 d. 1920 Guernsey St Peter Port arrived NZ 1881 Lived in Greymouth where he was a policeman, moved to Wellington and later to Howick, Auckland. Buried All Saints Church, Howick. Kevin Isemonger
LANGLOIS John & Elizabeth (nee unknown) children: Elizabeth, Mary, Madelina, John, Ann, Philip St. Helier, Jersey London Napier  1874 Halcione Napier Wally Bilton
LAFFOLEY Philip and family nee Steen  from Jersey 1908   Auckland   Auckland Diane Laffoley
Le BAILLY, Henri Jean, b. 1853 St. Helier, Jersey London Wellington, 1883 (then immediately to Auckland on the
Timaru Auckland Glenys
Le BRETON, Francis b. 30/6/1822 Jersey London Lyttelton
June 12 1864
Ivanhoe Christchurch Charles Le Breton
Le CORNU, Emily Rachel born 1886 St. Helier, Jersey     unknown Picton or Nelson? Dennis Niles
Le GEYT, John Phillip & 5 children St. Helier, Jersey London Napier 1875 Clarence Napier Patrick LeGeyt
Le GROS, Margaret Matilda  Jersey   c, 1875 ?Waitaine
  Raylene Juniper
Le PREVOST, John.  Guernsey   possibly 1920's.    to New Zealand. Victoria
Le SUEUR James 
Wife:  Elizabeth
 (maiden name REDEY)
St. Helier, Jersey 1854 - 1857 arrived in Port Philip, Melbourne with children James Frederick, Elizabeth Jane, Jane Elizabeth &  John James David After 1876 relocated to Christchurch Yvonne Armitage
LE SUEUR  (Renouf) Jersey  London
unknown Auckland Julien LeSueur
LEVESQUE, James Stanley b 1850 m Mary Ann Humby b 1841. St Helier, Jersey Children: Mary Isabel, Joshua Henry, John William, Charles Frederick, Harriet Jane, Ralph Stanley. (James Daniel went to Geelong Aust., & Susan Rachel NSW. Dec. 1884)  after 1880 Unknown Auckland / Tauranga Gael Olsen
MALZARD, Charles b. 1849 Jersey
June 1874
  Sue Knight
MARIE, Clara Maude b.1872 St. Helier, Jersey   arrived in N.Z abt 1885 unknown Lived in Dunedin then Omakau Ann Norman
MARQUAND: Walter Isaac. Wife: Elizabeth Enid (HILLS) Children: Dorothy LeMessurier, Amelia W., Harold D., Dulcie F. R. Guernsey   Early 1900s unknown Hawkes Bay, Havelock North. Ann Paterson
MINTROM, John & Maryann (Haylock) with  9 children St Saviour
& St Helier
London Lyttelton
23 Aug 1873
Cardigan Castle Canterbury Gail Mark
MOORE, William
son:- William Henry Gimblett b. 1876 CHCH
St Helier England
Jan 6 1874
Rakaia Christchurch Chris Infante
Moore, Thomas 
son:-Thomas Henry Gimblett dau:- Elizabeth Jane Gimblett
St Helier        ship unknown Christchurch Chris Infante
MOYSE, James Walter and Ann (nee MITCHELL), Annie, Frederick St Helier  Plymouth Port Chalmers 1882/83? Victory Dunedin and Coromandel (where they changed their name to MITCHELL) Barbara Kreft
MOYSE, Nathan and Mary Jane (nee HELLEUR nee CONNOLLY), Annie, Augusta St Helier London via Plymouth Port Chalmers 1874 Scimitar Dunedin  Barbara Kreft
NORMAN, George
b. 29 Sept 1855
St Lawrence London  Auckland
16 Jan 1875
Dilharree Napier Pat Lawson
NORMAN, John b. 1 Nov 1857 Jersey London  Auckland
16 Jan 1875
Dilharree Napier Pat Lawson
OLIVER William Charles & Robert. 
Robert's wife Eliza (TRIM) from Kent but m. in Guernsey
Wm b. Alderney Victoria inwards 
lists Eliza aged 31, Eliza J aged 1,Mary A aged 9, Robt aged 36, Wm C aged 7
Oithona Dec. 1861 to Melbourne  Then found on the ship Aldinga leaving Melbourne 19/04/1862 for Port Chalmers NZ Robert OLIVER 
 family settled in Wanganui about 1862
Elwyn Goldsbury
QUEREE, Edward & Maryann with 8 children Jersey London  Auckland
16 Jan 1875
Dilharree Napier Gail Mark
QU�R�E Edouard & Mary Ann (LE CORNU)  & 8  children Jersey London Auckland
16 Jan 1875
Dilharee Napier Pat Lawson
QU�R�E, Elizabeth
(DOLBEL) b. 1826  & 7 children
Jersey ?    c. 1874/75  unknown Napier Pat Lawson
QUEREE, John & Amelia (nee BARTLEY) & Theo, Walter & Amelia St Helier, Jersey London Auckland
16 May 1883
  Meg Bartley
PAULL James Samuel b 1840
St Helier, Jersey 
unknown 1861?   Wellington? Jude Elliot
PAYN, Francis Davis 

"Les Ruettes" Village of Faldouet, St Martin Parish, Jersey  not known (departed 13 December 1873) Canterbury, 11 March 1874 Dilharee Kumara, West Coast Margaret Riordan
Gt. Grand- daughter
POPE, Harriett b. c. 1852 & Elizabeth (nee POPE) b. c.1846 and husband Frederick James LOCKE b.c. 1839 Guernsey St.Helier, Jersey London Port Chalmers 16 Feb 1873 Charlotte Gladstone Riverton, Invercargill Dorothy Harvey
POPE, Mary Ann b. c. 1845 (m. Alfred FISH in NZ) St Helier, Jersey London Port Chalmers 30 Aug 1875 Altcar Riverton, Colac Bay, Invercargill Dorothy Harvey
PRIAULX, Louisa & Clara Guernsey unknown -probably Southampton Port Nicholson, Wellington 1906 Rotorua Hawkes Bay Sylvia Cullen
RAYNEL, Alexander Alderney Plymouth Lyttelton June 29, 1874 Stonehouse ? Norman Raynel Grandson
 (nee VIEL) Esther Elizabeth
St Saviour, Jersey London m. Pierre Francois ROUSSEL, of Plain Fougere, Brittany 24 Feb 1867


arrived Auckland 28 Dec 1873   Hindostan Lived at Papakura Auckland. Esther's mother was Douce LE HUQUET John Rowe
Two children Pierre, aged 5 and John Serin Francis aged 3months
SARCHET (adapted to SARCHETT in N.Z.) Thomas   Guernsey London/Plymouth
Dilharee Christchurch /Waiau Carolyn Lamers
SARCHET (PENNISON) Ellen Jersey London/Plymouth Lyttelton
Dilharee Christchurch /Waiau
Carolyn Lamers
(Great Grandparents)
SARRE, Selina & Julia Guernsey ?? 1870s ?? Wellington Elaine
SHAW, William Charles & Rachel (nee PIPET)    St Peter Port London Lyttelton  1875 Blairgowrie   Christchurch Michele Cook
SMITH, Thomas Hardwick St Saviour London, Dec 1864 with second wife and children Auckland, 28 March 1865 Pegasus Auckland, Thames, Waikato. Lost investments, became schoolmaster Peter Stevenson
1) Who were the ROCKE family?
2) Were incidents of 21 Oct 1860 and 26 Feb 1864 reported in local Press? 
SMITH, Thomas Hardwick , promoted to Lt Col in Army 16 Nov 1860
m. Constance Pauline ROCKE 15 Mar 1855, d. of Frederic Bicher ROCKE, in St Helier
21 Oct 1860 - on HMS 'Perserverence', shipwrecked off Cape Verde Islands
26 Feb 1864 - wife died at sea, buried 27 Feb off Azores, leaving four young children, eldest Walter Hardwick S, b. 18 Sep 1856 in St Lawrance.
1 June 1864 - m. Blanche Marie ROCKE, ?sister of first wife. 
C.I. origin: Lived with father Thomas SMITH, AADC to Governor, at Apsley Cottage, St Saviour. (Ref 1841 census)
SOMERS, Daniel, his brother Thomas, Parents Margaret and Robert.
Parade Place St Helier, Jersey London Oct. 1874 Auckland. Jan 1875 Honfleur to London and The Warwick to Auckland Arch Hill, Auckland
Gloria Addis his Ggdau.
SYVRET, Elizabeth Rachel (also DE LA COUR) (maiden LE GRESLEY) St Peters, Jersey (sic) Greenock Lyttelton May 1874 Appelles unsure Jacqui Day
TREGEALE, James, Sarah Georgina and       Rosina Ann (JAMES) Tregeagle Jersey unknown 1870/71 unknown Christchurch Valorie Hunter 
TOSTEVIN, Francis William, b. 3/8/1893 Guernsey Arrived prior to his marriage in 1918. I speculate that he emigrated at about the same time as his brother Mark went from Guernsey to Australia in the SS Warratah, arriving Sydney 24/12/1908 Sanson, Manawatu Graham Savell
WALLACE, Frederick Lawrence St Peter Port, Guernsey   Between 1854 & 1873 unknown Timaru, South Canterbury Gerald Sides
WORTHINGTON, John & Robert St Peter Port, Guernsey London Port Chalmers 1861 Derwentwater South Canterbury Olwyn Whitehouse
WEBB, Charles and Elizabeth (nee BARRETT) and their children Rhoda Jessie, Charles Henry, Elizabeth Clara, Adolphus George, Edith Augustus
Jersey, ?St Helier
Gravesend Port Chalmers 17 Feb. 1877 Wiltshire Chch John Stafford


Elaine  30 May 2007
: I am looking for information on Selina Sarre who left Guernsey with her sister Julia, probably in the early 1870s.  Selina married Thomas Edward Simms. Selina died on September 17, 1918 and is buried in the Terrace End Cemetery, Palmerston North. Pilot T.E. Simms drowned at Wellington Heads in 1889.  Any information on Selina would be greatly appreciated.

Julie Foote  27 Dec. 2006 
DAWES and SIDDALL - I have my Gt grandfather's name from my g/f birth certificate - Richard Charles Dawes born 1863 St Heliers Jersey CI, Occupation listed as miner, he's listed on the Marsden electoral roll in 1893. He married Elizabeth Siddall 4 Aug 1891 at Kamo, Whangarei Registry Office. According to the tale, he deserted his family and went to Australia? There were two children from this marriage Julian Vivian Siddall and Alice Siddall.
On my g/f birth certificate, Julian Vivian is listed as Siddall not Dawes, Siddall being his mothers maiden name. Richard has to date been extremely elusive, that is all the information I have. If you have anything at all I would be most grateful as I have spent a lot of hours looking for this man

Researcher: Annette Wilkes     Sept. 29 2003 
OZANNE - I am interested in finding out details of the Australian and NZ connections of Frederick OZANNE prior to 1900. 
Channel Is connection- lived in the parish of St Marie du Caste l- b. 5 March 1847, son of Jean Ozanne & Marie Le Rai (Lerey) 
Australian arrival - 1864 (probably at Geelong)
NZ arrival date & Port not known ( probably Port Chalmers or Lyttelton) Lived for many years in Christchurch.

Researcher: Amy Winchester     Aug. 25 2002
Children: Edward, William, George,Mary Jane and John
This family left the Isle of Jersey 21 February 1856, for Southampton to sail to New Zealand on the 'Sir Edward Paget'. A misunderstanding and the family missed the ship and they were left in London for four months until a sailing was found on the 'Strathmore', sailing from Gravesend on the 24 June 1856 arriving at Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand, 4 October 1856. They settled in the north of Otago.

Judi & James Catterick     Oct. 18 2001
GAVEY: I am trying to find out when my mother's family came to New Zealand from Jersey. Their name was GAVEY and the head of the house was Joshue Edward who married an English woman called Jane Mary Langford.  They produced 6 children on Jersey - Louisa who was 11 at the 1881 census, Edward 9, Annie 6, Walter 4, Rose 3, (my grandmother) Gertrude 9 months and then they had Martin who was born we understand in Scotland. All the children were given the name of Langford as their second name. Before they left they lived at 14 Library Place, St. Helier. Rose, was about 16 when they landed in Auckland. That means they must have arrived here about 1904. I think they may have looked at settling in Sydney (Aust.) but didn't like it and came on to Auckland. In Auckland my great grandfather, Joshue, opened up an importing business and they lived in the suburb of Te Rapa. The graves of both Joshue and Jane Mary Gavey are in the Purewa Cemetery in Auckland. 

Lorraine Dobson      Apr 4   2001
LE BAS : James  John Le Bas first appears in NZ at his marriage to Catherine Pritchard in Napier 1866. His occupation is seaman, later shoreman and schoolmaster. He died prematurely in 1875. His son John Albert Le Bas m. Johanna Tuck. Their son Vere Le Bas m Grace Leakey.

Geoff Mercer     Apr 4  2001
WHITEMAN: I am currently trying to trace a Whiteman family from Jersey and in particular Clara Ann WHITEMAN. I understand she was born around 1859 she left for New Zealand ca 1874 with her parents William Thomas WHITEMAN (described as a coachbuilder) and Susan nee WEBBER. Sometime after arriving in New Zealand, Clara married James Parsons WILLIAMSON in Napier. Clara died on 29 January 1894. The Death Certificate I have shows her place of birth as Jersey but I have been unable to find any trace of her or her family through any other sources.

Suzanne Watt-Bertoni      Mar. 24 2001
BENNETT, Matthew Herrix b. 1834 St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands - served as an ensign in the British Army in India 1857-8 (Perhaps at the relief of Lucknow? - possibly in the 65th Regiment?) On return to Great Britain married Sophia TAYLOR (2nd marriage for her - nee Sims) on 6 May 1861 at Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London - first son Matthew John Bennett born 26 Jan 1862.

Travelled out to New Zealand in the mid to late 1860's - family letters indicate he may have been with the British Army (65th Regiment again?) based near Wellington. By the mid 1870's the family were living in Auckland and M.H. Bennett started up a successful importing and decorating business - later named M.J. Bennett, Ltd (after the first son) with showrooms at 253-255 Karangahape Rd, Newton and Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland.

Marriage notice of the oldest son: BENNETT - LIPSETT On June 25, 1884 at St. Matthew's Church, by the Rev. W. Tebbs, Mathew John Bennett, eldest son of M.H. Bennett, Painter, Freemans Bay, Auckland to Margaret Lipsett, late of Gisborne, second daughter of James Lipsett Esq., North of Ireland - Gisborne and Home papers please copy.

James Lipsett may have served in the army with M.H. Bennett? Can anyone help? Although a New Zealander, I am married to an Italian and now live in Italy, making the Internet my only means of research in New Zealand. We are trying to find out when & how M.H. Bennett and family came out to NZ. Also I find genealogy research in Jersey very difficult and would appreciate any contact information there.

Tim Armstrong     Mar. 21 2001
: I am interested in obtaining more details regarding Francis Wheeler ARMSTRONG. He was born in Tipperary, Ireland and married Esther de Quetteville 15 June 1819 at St Helier, Jersey. They had 5 children born at St Brelade or St Peter, Jersey.

The third son, Fredrick Gerard ARMSTRONG (born at St Peter), was a Captain in the Coldstream Guards and in the Prince of Wales own West Yorkshire 14th Foot Regiment which traveled to New Zealand in January 1861. Any information on the extended family would be appreciated.

Pat Melville       Mar. 17 2001
Thomas TIERNEY b/ 11.45 pm on 1-6-1855 St Helier Jersey CI a shoemaker, son of Edward TIERNEY b. 1823 Malta & Nancy (MURRY) b/ in Jersey CI.   Thomas departed on the ship Soukar arriving in Wellington 2-12-1874. He married on 4-10-1876 in Wellington NZ,  Louisa (FALLE) b/ 8-10-1858 in St Martins Jersey daughter of George James FALLE b/ 23-3-1821 St Martin Jersey & Marie (POINGDESTRE.) Louisa arrived in NZ shortly before she married . I seem to have lost details of her arrival. Thomas & Louisa had eight children in NZ.

Copied from the index cards at the Christchurch Public Library
QUEREE Edward John, MINTROM Elizabeth Mary
m. 8 Dec 1881 Wesleyan Church, Durham Street
Age:			24,23 
Marital status: 	Bachelor - Spinster
Occupation: 		Blacksmith - Domestic
Birth: 			Jersey, Channel Islands - Same
Present Address: 	Lyttelton - Lyttelton
Usual Address 		Lyttelton - Lyttelton
Parents of Groom: 	Edward, Blacksmith & Mary Ann nee L----
Parents of Bride:	John Edwin, Brickmoulder & Mary Ann nee Haycock
Witnesses:		William Mintrom, Brickmoulder, Hillsborough
			Lousia Mintrom, Hillsborough

QUEREE John Phillip & HIGGS Kate
m. 13 July 1882 House of James Higgs
Age:			21,18
Marital status: 	Bachelor - Spinster
Occupation: 		Saddler -
Birth: 			Jersey, Channel Islands, Lyttelton
Present & Usual addresses for both given as Lyttelton
Parents of Groom:	Edward, Blacksmith & Mary Anne L----
Parents Bride:		James Contractor & Helen nee Trevail
Witnesses:		J Higgs, contractor, Lyttelton
			M J Bowden, Lyttelton
			James Robinson, Bootmaker, Lyttelton


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Elizabeth College,  St James St, St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Elizabeth College Register 1824 - 1873 published in 1898. 350 pages with a record of some earlier students and the first forty pages contain the history of this boys college.  New Zealand related entries. (ID#) left = year left the college.  Note: There were a few spelling mistakes with New Zealand and Australian place names: Information courtesy of Ray Le Mesurier-Foster. Ray has volunteered to do lookups from the Register.  Posted 19 Feb. 2000  online  vide = brother of.

1824 - 1911 EC Register and Volume III of the Elizabeth College Registers (1911-1939), information courtesy of Stephen Foote an avid Guernsey family historian. Stephen's homepage. Please let Stephen know of any interesting connections made as a result of the register data. Thanks.

Andrews, Michael (1230) b. Belfast, 24/7/1843 s/o Michael Andrews; Manager, Bank of NZ at Christchurch

Andrews, Charles George (1231) b. Belfast, 23/10/1844 General Manager of BNZ. Address, Junior Carlton Club, London. brother of (1230)'left 1858.

3433. AGNEW, Hugh Gilbert - b Guernsey 28 Oct 1909. s of late Reginald George AGNEW & Edith Amelia ROUGIER. EC 1918-1927. 2nd XI Cricket, 1924. 2nd XI Hockey, 1926. 1st XI Cricket , 1927. War Service: New Zealand Home Guard (Cpl), later NZ Home Forces (T/Sergt). Farmer in NZ, Member of Whongasei District Council of Primary Production, 1941. President Whongasei Branch Farmers' Federation, 1945. Representative cricketer for Bay of Islands, 1930. Has since played for Mid-Western Whongasei. [sic] 1911 - 1939 EC Register

Barke, Arthur (1034) b. Birmingham, Jul 1 1839; son of Henry Barke and Eliza Edwards; vide 1060, 1346; left 1854.After a shot apprenticeship in the Merchant Service, went to farm in New Zealand; thence went to Colorado, where he is believed to have died about 1870.

Barke, James Frederick (1060) b. Birmingham April 9 1842; s/o Henry Barke and Eliz Edwards; brother of (1034); left 1858. Went to NZ, where he was engaged in tuition, and held an appointment in the Post Office; thence to Canada, and settled in business; residence, Toronto.

3274. BLAMPIED, Richard - b Guernsey 10 Apr 1904; brother of 3197; younger son of Charles Bertram BLAMPIED & Blanche ANGEL; EC 1912-1917. Chief Officer, Union Co of NZ 1939-40; Lieut Cmdr RNZ Naval Reserve 1940-45; awarded MBE (Mil Div) 1946; now Chief Executive Officer, Merchant Navy.1911 - 1939 EC Register

Blanchard, Henry Pridham  (778) b. Southampton, Oct 21, 1829 s/o Richard Blanchard (Solicitor at Southampton); left 1846. One of the first settlers in NZ; said to have gone out in the first ship of colonists; settled at Christchurch in business as land surveyor; died after 30 years continuous residence in NZ about 1883.

3734. BREHAUT, Harold John - b Guernsey 16 Aug 1911. s of John Harold BREHAUT & Ada DE LA RUE. EC 1924-1927. 1st XI Football, 1927. Shooting VIII, 1927. NZ Contingent, 1939. 1911 - 1939 EC Register 

Brett, John Harris (1382) b. Cape of Good Hope, April 6 1846; s/o James Brett; left 1861. Went to NZ

Brett, James Harris (1383) b. Madras June 2 1847; brother of 1382; left 1861. Went to NZ

3268. BULTEEL, Ralph Cecil - b Kirku, India 25 Nov 1903; s. of Capt Cecil Edward BULTEEL IMS & Minnie Margarita HASSALL; EC 1912-1919. Lower School Boxing Champion 1915; tea planting NZ, 1932.1911 - 1939 EC Register

2690. BURY, John Maxwell. b Dodworth Grove nr Barnsley, 17 Nov 1882. bro of 2658. Eliz Coll 1892-95. Sedburgh School, Yorkshire, 1897-1901. Went to South Africa, 1902. Then Farming in Canada, 1902-5. Engineering in Spitzenbergen, 1906-7. Then to NZ. War Service, Great War 1914-18. Enlisted in the 1st NZ Contingent. Gallipoli. Wounded. Medal, Victory medal and 1914-15 Star.  1824 - 1911 EC Register

Cachemaille, Ernest Peter (1011) b. Serk, Nov. 18 1836; s/o Rev. J.L. Victor Cachemaille (Perpetual Curate of Serk), and Margaret Grut; vide 1038, 1096; left 1856. Scholar, Gonville and Caius Coll., Camb., B.A. (Sen. Opt.) 1860; M.A. 1873; Holy Orders,1860; Curate at Camberwell, 1860; St. Pancras, 1864; Stepney 1869; Vicar of St Peter's, Stepney, 1869; and St James', Muswell Hill, 1876-94; Curate of All SS, Nelson, NZ 1894; Priest-in-Charge, Johnsonville, NZ, 1895; returned to England, 1898.

Cameron, Harry Cecil (1426) b. Manchester, Nov. 29 1848, s/o Charles Cameron and Julia Buckley; left 1862. H.M.S. Conway. training ship; Merchant Service; wrecked on his first voyage; sheep farming in NZ; returned to England, 1873; business, and then farming in the USA; now residing in Australia.

Carey, Denis Le Marchant (1480) b. Guernsey , Feb. 16 1851; s/o John Carey (p. 440, of St. Helene, Guernesy and Elizabeth de Jersey Brock; brother of (1084); left 1865. Merchant Service, Green's ships, 1864-8; then in the Liverpool "Hall Line," 1869-72; coffee planter, Ceylon, 1872-5; engaged in Silver Mines, Rocky Mountains, 1876; farming in NZ, 1877-78, and in Guernsey, 1879-80; residence, Toronto Lodge, Foulon, Guernsey. 

Carey, George Jackson (284) b. Guernsey, Oct. 5 1822; s/o Thomas Carey (Rozel) and Barbara Jackson; vide Nos. 19, 285, 443, 561; left 1839. Ensign, Cape Mounted Rifles, 1845; captain, 1848; major, 1853; brevet-Colonel, 1854 9after nine years' service); Kaffir Wars, 1846047, (horse wounded), and 1850-52 (slightly wounded and horse killed, medal and Brevet Lieut.-Colonel); exchanged in 1858 into the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment; served as Military Secretary to his uncle, Sir James Jackson, Commander in Chief at the Cape, 1856-7; New Zealand War, 1863-65, as Colonel on the Staff and Brigadier General (medal); commanded the expedition on the east coast to the Thames and to Tauranga; commanded at the siege and capture of the enemies' stronghold Orakau, which fell after three days' operations (C.B.), and received the surrender and submission of William Thompson, the great rebel chief in may 1865; appointed to command the troops in Australia, in August 1865; Acting Governor of Victoria for three months and received the thanks of the legislature for his services; commanded an Infantry Brigade at Aldershot, 1867071; major-general 1868l transferred to the command of the Northern District, 1871, and died while in command at Manchester, in 1872, at the age of 49, and was buried in Guernsey; tablet in the Town church.

Carey, Robert (448) b. in Galway, Dec. 12, 1821; brother of No. 440; s/o Major General Sir Octavius Cary, C.B., K.C.H., and Harriet Le Marchant. Left 1834. Ensign, 40th Regiment, 1839; Captain 1841; Major 1846; Lieut. = Colonel 1849; Colonel 1864; Afghan War 1841-42; actions of Bolan Pass, Kojak pass, Quetta and Candahar; occupation of Cabul, Khybur Pass (medal); Crimean War, 1854; ...D.A.G. in Australia in 1860; Maori War 1860-61 (C.B.)., D.A.G., 1863 in Waikato District; action of Rangititi (promoted Colonel); New Zealand Campaign, 1864-65; actions of Paterangi, Teawamutu, Orakau, Pukelimahina and Mukumam; also campaign of 1866; capture of Otapowa and Waikato and operations round Mount Egmont (medal); Deputy-Judge-Advocate, Headquarters, 1870-1882; Distinguished Service Reward; half-pay as Major General, 1866; died 1883; tablet in Town Church, Guernsey.

2363. CARRE, Reginald Share. b Guernsey 31 Mar 1874, bro of 2248. Eliz Coll 1882-95. Went to NZ, farming. Then in Queensland and later Canada. Is now settled in Okanagan, British Columbia.   1824 - 1911 EC Register

Carter, John Chilton Lambton (184) b. Donegal, Jan. 31 1817; s/o Col. John C.L. Carter (44th Regt.) and Augusta McCrea; vide 237; left 1828. Ensign, 44 Regiment, 1834; Captain, 53rd Regiment, 1844; sold out in 1852, as a Captain, and went to NZ.

2024. CAYLEY, Cyril Henry. Son of late Dpy-Surgeon-General Henry Cayley CMG, DSO and Letitia Mary Walters. Eliz Coll 1875. Wellington College 1875-80. Pembroke College, Cambridge (Honours Science Tripos). Middlesex Hospital MB, BC, MA and MD, 1890. MRCS, LRCP, London. Superintendent of the Sea Cliff Lunatic Asylum, NZ, 1893. Army Medical School, Netley 1895-6. Special Plague Medical Officer and Divisional Health Officer, Bombay 1902. Died of Blood Poisoning in the execution of his duty in Bombay on 31 Jul 1905. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

Cooper, Arthur Robert  b. Yetminster, 16/12/1841 s/o Rev. George Cooper.  Emigrated to Canterbury NZ. Sheep Farmer

Chepmell, William Phillip (1124) b. Sandhurst, UK, 3/10/1842  s/o Rev. Dr. Chepmell and Eliza Guille Ozanne. Left 1859. Also Westminster. Farming in NZ at Hawkes Bay until 1871, and then Piako, Auckland. member, 1871, and then chairman, of the Waitoa District Road Board; member, and then Chairman, Piako County Council; member County Hospital Board; JP. residence, Morrinsville. Cousin to Ozanne, William John (1129).

Collings, Alfred Henry  b. Guernsey 30/1/1847 s/o Alfred Smith Collings and Collings, Matilda Lukis.  Went to NZ 1866 to 1868

Cooper, Arthur Robert (1095) b. Yetminister, Dec. 16 1841; s/o Rev. George Cooper; left 1858. Emigrated to Canterbury, NZ; sheep farming; served in the Waikoto Regiment during the Maori War of 1862; died 18__.

Corfe, Charles Carteret (1130) b. Guernsey June 8 1847; s/o Rev. A.T. Corfe (principal, Elizabeth College( and Margaret Maingay; brother of no. (1110); left 1865. Scholar of Jesus College, Cambridge, 1865; B.A. (Jun. Opt); he ran in the Inter-University Sports, 186708-9; President, Cambridge University Athletic Club, 1868-9; second Master, 1870, and Head Master, 1872 of Christ Church College, NZ; left, 1888, and in 1889 appointed Head Master, Toowomba Grammar School; residence, Toowomba, NSW (sic). Toowoomba has four o's and is in Queensland (QLD) not New South Wales (NSW).  Played cricket

Cross, Harold (1631) b. Cheshire, June 11, 1852; s/o George Cross and Jane Green; brother of (1602) left 1869. Went to NZ and afterwards to West Australia, where be became captain of a gold mine in the Koolgardie district. His brother George Wm Arthur Cross (1602) went to the gold mines at Koolgardie.

d' Auvergne, Charles (342) - born in Guernsey, July 13, 1816; s/o Charles d'Auvergne and Mary Oliver Grut; left 1831. Merchant Service; commanded for many years a vessel on the West Indian line; received the thanks of the Corporation of Belize, British Honduras, for his exertions in extinguishing a fire; emigrated to New Zealand in 1856, engaged in farming and settled at Rangiora, near Christchurch, N.Z.

de Baugy, Hillary Oliver , (1532) b. Guernsey, Dec. 29, 1850; s/o Peter de Baugy (of Havilland), and Eliza de Jersey Mauger;  brother of (1283); left 1865. Coffee planter Ceylon, 1870-72; went to NZ for two years, and after a short further stay in Ceylon, went to USA; thence to British Columbia; thence to western Australia.

de Gu�rin, Frederick Charles  (1171) b. Guernsey 24/1/1840 s/o of Thomas de Guerin and Eliza Read.  Sheep farming NZ, 1857, and subsequently master in Bishop Hobhouse's School in Nelson;  returned to England after 15 years and settled in Devonshire; residence, Lynsted, Torquay.- brother of 871; left 1857.(Guerin afterwards de Guerin)

Guerin (afterwards de Gu�rin, see No. 593) Thomas Read (871) - born in Guernsey, Dec. 5 1833; s/o Thomas Guerin and Eliza Read; vide 922, 923, 1171; left 1849. Articled to a firm of civil Engineers, but an accident during a voyage to Calcutta forced him to relinquish this profession; sheep farming in N.Z. ten years and in Cape Colony four years; at his mother's death he inherited Upton Hellions manor, Devonshire; residence, Muddiford House, Barnstaple.

de Gu�rin,  William Collings Lukis (922) b. Guernsey Nov. 15 1836. Brother of (871). left 1849. Went to China in 1858; when at Shanghai in 1854 he was enrolled, with all those capable of bearing arms, for the defence of the settlement, and was present at the defence of Shanghai, when the Chinese troops ere repulsed with great loss; invalided home in 1855; afterwards travelled to NZ and Australia. farmed in England for a few years from 1861; author of "The Huguenot Guerins, their Ancestors and Descendants," and also of "Our Kin," a valuable work containing genealogical and biological sketches of many Guernsey families; is an original member of the Huguenot Society of London; residence, Follkstone.

Kith and Kin : a narrative of events and facts, pedigrees, arms, and biographical sketches relating to the families of Arnold, Bacon, Betts, Collings, D'Auvergne, Grut, Mauger and many more families: in their several branches / by William Collings Lukis de Guerin.
Guernsey : Printed by F. Clarke, 1887. 117 p. ; 25 cm.
"Kith and Kin" held by the Wainui Historical Society in Silverdale, Orewa.
Also the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, Washington, D.C. 1974. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.

de Lisle, Frederic Irving (1149) b. Guernsey, June 11 1846; s/o Dr. de Beauvior de Lisle and Caroline Tupper; left 1859. Midshipman, Royal Navy, and then Medicine; L.R.C.P., Edin., 1871, and L.M., Guy's Hospital; practice in Guernsey; Assistant-Surgeon, R.G.M.; held several parochial medical appointments; then went to Napier, Hawkes Bay, NZ; testimonial from Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, Napier, after 15 years service as Surgeon of the Lodge; residence, Napier.

Fletcher, William Harry (1155) b. Birmingham, Oct. 28 1847; s/o James Fletcher; left 1857. Gonville and Caius Coll., Camb., B.A. 1873; M.A. 1876; holy Orders, 1874; various curacies (including Port of Nelson, NZ, 1888-9); rector of Swalecliff, 1889; died 18--.

Garydne, James William Bruce b. at Arbroath, April 17, 1832; s/o William Bruce Gardyne; left 1849. Engaged in the Oriental bank in London, 1851; and in Mauritius in 1853; travelled in India and Canada, 1856; went to NZ in 1863; and to AUS in 1865, where he settled in business for about 20 years; residence, Middleton, N.B.

2152. GIPPS, Henry Stansfeld. b Tunbridge Wells, 9 Oct 1864 s of George Western Gipps MB and Charlotte Stansfeld. Eliz Coll 1878-81. Went to NZ, farming. Also Postmaster for nearly 23 years at "Atauhai" P&T Office near Nelson, NZ. Published a book "Outward Bound and Other poems"  [(Nelson: Alfred G. Betts, Printer [1907]] - on Colonial life in NZ. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

2235. GLENCROSS, James Scobell. b Guernsey 29 Mar 1865, eldest son of James Scobell Glencross, Solicitor, and Harriet Linzie Prout. Eliz Coll 1880-82. Went abroad and last heard of in NZ and Australia. Believed to be dead. Vide nos. 2236 and 2317.
1824 - 1911 EC Register

Gosset, James Woodriff (1533) b. Mauritius, March 22 1851; s/o James Gosset and Asia Hurrell; left 1864. Agency Bank of NZ; at one time agent at Halcombe, NZ

3040. HAMILTON, Douglas Richard. born in ___ on 22 July 1892. Bro of 2848. Eliz Coll 1902-04. Worcester Training Ship and afterwards entered Merchant Service. Then he went to NZ. Served in the Great War in the NZ Expeditionary Force from which he was invalided out when he went to Jersey farming. War Service: Great War 1914-18. France. Medal: Victory Medal and 1914-15 Star. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

Hodges, Frederick Owen Douglas (1187) b. Essex, Jan. 2 1840; s/o Rev. Henry Hodges; left 1857. Settled in NZ; served as Trooper Sergeant Major in the Colonial Defence Force in the Maori War.

Hodges, George Hugh Cartwright (1188) b. Essex, 6 Nov. 1841 Settled in NZ. Served as a trooper in the Colonial Defence Force in the Maori War. Brother of (1187)

3914. HOLLIS, Leslie Gallienne - b Bournemouth 23 Jan 1917. Eldest son of Charles Harding HOLLIS & Bertha Grace GALLIENNE - vide nos 4040 & 4112. EC 1929-1932. Silver Line, 1934. 2nd Mate, 1937. Third Officer, HMT Ruahine, 1941. War Service: in Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean, etc.; First Officer, NZ Shipping Co. 1911 - 1939 EC Register

1964 HOOPER Harry Singleton, b. Southsea 13 July 1861. Elder son of the late Fleet Paymaster James Humphrey Singleton Hooper and Jane Swayne Hunt. Edinburgh Academy, 1874. Elizabeth College 1874-5. Dulwich College 1875-79. Emigrated to NZ and practised farming.  Died there in Waipukeran in 1898. Vide 1965. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

3722. HOSIER, Gordon Joshua - b Abercarn, Wales 2 Jul 1911. s of Hubert HOSIER & Anne Elizabeth DEW. EC 1924-1928. Waitai Boys' High School, Oamoru, NZ, 1928 [sic] probably a typo in the book probably Waitaki Boys' High School, Oamaru 1911 - 1939 EC Register  

3544. HUNKIN, Ronald - b Guernsey 13 Oct 1909. brother of nos 3518 & 3519. EC 1920-1925. Retired fruit grower, living in Cornwall. In 1949 he settled in NZ, where he operates a fishing launch in the Bay of Islands. 1911 - 1939 EC Register

2802. ISAACSON, Ernest Douglas Edward. b Hardingham Rectory, Norfolk, on 12 Dec 1879. Elder son of Rev Charles Shuteville Isaacson and Emma Robinson Woolfield. Norwich Grammar School, 1892-95. Eliz Coll 1895-8. Settled in NZ near Gisborne. Afterwards went to the Belgian Congo as a Mining Engineer, where he died of fever. Vide no 2803.   1824 - 1911 EC Register

Kane, Colin Campbell Abercromby (316) b. Bombay, Sept. 10 1820; s/o Christopher Kane; vide 370; left 1831. Entered the Royal Navy in 1834; present in H.M.S. Algerine at the taking of Cheeson in China 1840; gazetted and promoted for his service in China in 1841; highly commended for services as Senior Lieutenant of H.M.S. Osprey, against rebel natives; he was afterwards wrecked in the Osprey on the West Coast of NZ in March 1846; Russian War, 1854; commanded gunboats in the Baltic and Black Sea; promoted to Commander, 1858; died at Aberdeen, 1864.

Kay, William Algernon (896) b. at Cheltenham, May 23, 1837; eldest s/o Sir Brook Kay, Bart., and Anne Howes; left 1850. Also Sherborne School, 1851-54; Ensign, 68th Regiment, 1855; Lieutenant, 1858; Captain, 1869; Major, 1879; NZ War, 1864-1866; present at the attack of Gate Pah (medal); retired in 1881, with rank of Lieutenant-Colonel; residence, Stanhope Gardens, London.

2013. KEILLER, William Albert. born Dundee 20 Sep 1863. Eldest son of William Keiller and Mary Steele McNee. Eliz Coll 1875-8. Also at Mill Hill School and King's College, London. Went out in 1885 to New Zealand sheep farming. Vide Nos. 2071, 2072. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

2071. KEILLER, Edwin. b Dundee 18 Feb 1865. Bro of 2013. Eliz Coll 1877-8. Mill Hill School and King's Coll London 1881-4. Emigrated to NZ, sheep farming in 1885. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

2072. KEILLER, Ernest James. b Guernsey 29 Nov 1866. Bro of 2013. Eliz Coll 1877-8. Mill Hill School and King's Coll London. Emigrated to NZ sheep farming.
1824 - 1911 EC Register

Lacy Edward (278) - b. Guernsey, Oct. 1 1818; s/o Colonel Joseph D'Acre Lacy, 2nd Garrison Batt., and Susan Brock; brother of No. 16; left 1832. Entered the Royal Navy in 1833; Russian War, 1854 and 1855; 1st. Lieut. H.M.S. Furious, at the attacks on Odessa, Sevastopol, Kertch, Eupatoria and Kinburn (Crimean medal with clasp for Sevastopol, Turkish medal, and Medjidie); China War, 1858, commanded HMS Adventure at the operations in the Cantoon and Peihi Rivers (China medal); volunteered for New Zealand War when General Sir Duncan Cameron, K.C.B. (his first cousin) commanded the troops, and was present at the battle of Rangeriri (New Zealand medal). Constable St. peters Port, Guernsey, 1869; awarded the "Good Service Pension," in 1873; retired Vice-Admiral; died at Blackheath in 1886.

Lee, Edward James (5140) b. Walton, June 26 1822; s/o William Lee; left 1838. Also Merchant's Taylors' School; farming in NZ; died at Beachcroft, near Southbridge, Canterbury, NZ in 1883.

2124. L'ESTRANGE, Endo Walter. b Halifax, Nova Scotia 16 Dec 1862. Son of Col Paget Walter L'Estrange, RA and Minnie Ryves. Eliz Coll, 1878. Also at Sedburgh and Warwick School till 1885. Went to N. America mining and then to S. America as a Railway Engineer. S. Africa mining and served in the Cape Mounted Rifles. Finally settled in NZ and served in the NZ Volunteers in S. Africa. War Service, S. Africa 1899-1902. With French's column. Taken prisoner. Queen's medal, 3 clasps. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

2786. LE MOTTEE, Jack Beaumont. b Hull, 18 Feb 1883, s of Col Henry Bellingham Le Mottee, late East Yorks Regiment (1123) and Florence Radcliffe (d of 387). Eliz Coll 1895-97. Entered the Royal Navy, 1902. Left this and went to NZ. Served in the Great War in the NZ Contingent, 13th Canterbury Bn in Gallipoli, 1915. Also present at the fighting on the Suez Canal, 1915. Capt 1917. Acted as Major on the NZ Staff. Invalided in 1915. Despatches. Medal, Victory Medal, 1914-15 Star. Died in London in 1923. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

La Serre, Charles William Rennell (794) b. Hackney March 8 1833; s/o John La Serre (Jurat) and Mary Chepmell; brother of (761); left 1849. Emigrated to NZ; served in the Maori War, and was a Commanding Officer in the Colonial Defence Force (medal); returned to Guernsey. 1867; residence, since about 1897 Brixton.

Le Mottee, William Albert (932) - s/o Rev. William Le Mottee (no.9) and Amelia Guerin; vide (976, 1190); left 1854. Ensign, 18th (the Royal Irish) Regiment, 1857; Lieutenant, 1858; Captain. 1865; served in the Maori War, NZ; sold out in 1872; Major, 17th North Middlesex Rifles, 1876; retired as Lieut. Colonel, 1886; business in London; residence, Tunbridge Wells.

Lukis, Frederick William Fellowes (1417) b. Bath, April 3 1853; s/o Rev. William Collings Lukis (55) and Lucy Fellowes; left 1862. Sheep farming in NZ; afterwards ostrich and sheep farming in Australia; was a magistrate in Gascoign, WA, and Captain, Hawera Light Horse, NZ 1879.

Lee, Edward James (514) - born at Walton, June 26, 1822; s/o William lee; left 1838. Also Merchant Taylors' School; farming in NZ; died at Beachcroft near Southbridge, Canterbury, NZ, in 1883.

4212.McCATHIE, George Wheadon - b Guernsey 21 Sep 1929. bro of 3877, 3891 & 4117. EC 1936-1940. Cadet Capt., RNR, HMS Worcester. Now with the New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd. 1911 - 1939 EC Register

Majendie, Frank Anson (1232) b. Lichfield, UK, 6/2/1843 s/o Major John Rutledge Majendie; left 1858. Sheep farming in NZ, residence near Wellington

Maltby, Thomas Crichton (1640) b. Brixton, Feb. 22 1850, s/o Thomas Maltby and Emma Carter Jellicoe; left 1868. Civil Engineer; M.I.C.E.., 1889; articled to Sir W.G. Armstrong & Co., 1869; went to NZ, 1873; entered the P.W.D. NZ 1874; Assistant Engineer and Surveyor, Working Railways Department, 1874-79; Resident Engineer, Otago Section, 1880-95; retired 1895; residence Anderson's Bay, Dunedin.

3381. MAHY, Clarence Peter - b Guernsey 12 Jul 1902, s of Peter Albert MAHY & Alice Mary BISSON. EC 1916-1919. 2nd XI Football, 1918. Dairy & Sheep Farmer, Chairman of Tikocangi Corpn Dairy Ltd, NZ.  1911 - 1939 EC Register

Mellish, Alfred Lilly (1017) b. Guernsey, Feb. 8 1842; s/o Wm Mellish and Elizabeth Lilly; brother of (557); left 1853. Also Marlborough College, 1857-59; farming in NZ and afterwards in South America; residence, Southampton.

Mellish, George Lilly (735) b. Guernsey Aug. 31 1834; brother of (557); left 1852. Exeter College, Oxford 1852; Scholar of Pembroke, 1852; rowed in the University eight against Cambridge; Ensign, 44th Regiment, 1855; Lieutenant, 1855; Crimean War; present at the taking of the Redan and the fall of Sevastopol (medal and clasp); resigned in 1857; sheep-farming in NZ; Maori War; Captain in the 4th Waikato Regiment; remained in command of Galloway's redoubt till appointed Stipendiary Magistrate at Picton, NZ 1865; transferred to Kaiapoi, 1868, and subsequently to Christchurch, NZ., where he held office till his death in 1881.

Metcalf, Charles Joseph  b. Roxton, 24/1/1846 s/o Charles James Metcalf and Louisa Dands  Emigrated to NZ with his parents 1863

Millington, John Perrett (1841) b. Liverpool, May 24, 1863; son of Joseph Millington and Julia Perrett; vide (1901); left 1875. Medicine; practice in NZ.

Oldham, Henry (1804) b. Worcester, Oct. 31 1859; brother of (1803); s/o Joshua Oldham (of Doverdale, Worcester) left 1876. London and Westminster Bank (Lothbury Branch) ; resigned in 1883 and went to NZ, and afterwards to America; business in New York.

Oliver, Arthur Mallett Hoblyn (1794) - born at Nelson, N.Z., Feb. 2 1871; brother of No. 1704; left; 1871. Civil Service; local Government board; died about 1894.

Oliver, Hugh Robert (1704) - b. in Cornwall, March 1 1857; s/o Arthur Robert Oliver and Jane C. Orchard; vide 1794; left 1873. Merchant Service; Lieut. R.N.R., 1891; serving in H.M.S. Hood, 1897.

2746. OLIVER, Geoffrey Giffard. b London 16 Jun 1884. bro of 2745. Eliz Coll 1894-1900. Left College on account of ill health and went to Portsmouth Grammar School which he left for the same reason. Went on to NZ in 1902 where he is now residing.  1824 - 1911 EC Register

Oliver, Robert (1464) - born in Jersey, March 27, 1851; s/o John Oliver; left 1866. Merchant Service till about 1880, when he settled in business in Auckland, N.Z.

Ozanne, Joseph (346) b. Guernsey , Feb. 6 1821; s/o Peter Ozanne and Mary Martin; brother of (145) & 263, 253, 346.; son vide 1724; left 1831. Medicine; St. Thomas' Hospital; M.R.C.S., Eng., 1844; St. Andrew's 1850; practised at St. Helen's, Lancashire, 1848-1860; in New Zealand 1861-1862; in Tasmania, 1862-1870; retired to Guernsey in 1871, where he died in 1872.
        Ozanne, Joseph Henry (1724) b. at Liverpool, April 16 1854 s/o Joseph Ozanne, M.D. and Jane Carpenter.; vide 1911.  Brother Edward Ozanne (1911) b. in Tasmania, Sept, 12 1862.

Ozanne, William John (1129) b. Guernsey Nov. 20 1847; s/o Dr John Ozanne (No. 263) , and Martha Chepmell; brother of (1142); left 1866. Farming Tasmania, 1866-8, and NZ, 1868-88; from 1875 in partnership with his cousin (Wm Philip Chepmell), no. (1124); returned to Guernsey and took Holy Orders, 1890; Curate of St. Peter Port, 1880-81; of St, Sampson's, 1891; and Rector of St. Martin's Guernsey, since 1894.
    John Ozanne (No. 263) b. Guernsey, Feb. 13, 1816; s/o Peter Ozanne and Mary Martin; brother of 145.; left 1830, son vide 1129.

Ozanne, Peter Lihou (1008) b. Guernsey, Sept. 2 1833; s/o Peter Lihou Ozanne (Les Prevosts), and Charlotte Bonamy Dumarseq; left 1852. Went to Melbourne, 1852; gold digging at Ballarat, 1858-60; afterwards in NZ; not heard from since Dec. 1861; believed to have been wrecked between NZ and AUS.

Phillips, Charles Maud (1403) b. Wales July 28 1846; brother of (1402); left 1864 Queen's College, Oxford 1864; went to NZ with his brother, under medical advice; accepted a mastership at Christchurch College, under (1130) C.C. Corfe; resigned after 15 years; residence, Christchurch.

Phillips, William Edward Maud (1402) b. Wales June 22 1845; s/o William Williams Phillips, of Pontypool; J.P. for Monmouth; left 1862. Medicine; St. Bartholomew's Hospital; M.R.C.S. Eng., 1867; brought a practise at Montrose, Hurunui, Nelson, NZ, but died shortly afterwards.

2129. PIRIE, Carey James. b Guernsey 21 Jan 1868. s of James Pirie and Minnia Carey. Eliz Coll 1878, Went to NZ with his parents on leaving Guernsey and attended a Grammar School there. Wored for 5 years with Messrs Fraser Twining & Co, Engineers. In 1905 was working as an engineer on board steam ships in China.     1824 - 1911 EC Register

Portal, Charles Edward (1306) b. London , Aug. 1 1843; s/o Richard Portal; left 1859. Coffee planter Ceylon; went to NZ; died in England from the result of injuries received in attempting to rescue a drowning man in NZ.

Raikes, George Richard Campbell (1616) b. Bengal Nov. 9, 1854 s/o Henry Campbell Raikes, B.C.S. and Susan Bisset; vide 1639 ;left 1866. Also Leamington College; Merchant Service. 1871-7; Audit Office, NZ, 1877; sold out, 1885; settled on a "bush" farm, Taranaki, 1885; residence, Taranaki, NZ

Raikes, John Campbell (1639) b. Scotland July 15 1858; brother of (1616) left 1866. Also Leamington College and Royal Agricultural College, Circencester; and then for some years farming in Canada, where he served in the Queen's Own Rifles at Montreal, and where he played in the representative football team for the Dominion of Canada; was for a time in business in Montreal and in Boston; finally went to Australia, and was in business in Melbourne; retiring in ill-health, he died at his father's residence at Nelson, NZ, in 1887.

2326. READE, Ernold Herbert. b NZ 24 Aug, 1864, s of James Reade and Adelaide _____. Eliz Coll 1882 (one term).  1824 - 1911 EC Register

2099. ROWLEY, Thomas William. b Middleton, Canterbury, NZ 24 Sep 1859. Eldest son of the late Thomas Rowley and Emily Eliza Marianne Mathias. Cheltenham Coll 1873-6. Eliz Coll 1877-8. Matriculated Selwyn Coll, Cambridge, 1888, BA (Theology special), 1892. Lieut Royal Guernsey Militia, 1878-82. Sheep farming in NZ 1882-6. NZ Armed Constabulary, Mounted Police, and Artillery, 1886-8. Entered the Perak Civil Service, 1889. Assistant Collector Land Revenue and Magistrate. JP. Farming in Manitoba, 1895. Retired in 1916. Died Nov 1928. Vide nos. 2100, 2101, 2106, 2171, 2280, 2281, 2334, 2459 and 2608. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

2100. ROWLEY, Rev Herbert Seddon. b Christ Church, NZ, 6 Mar 1861. Bro of 2099. Highgate School 1874-77. Eliz Coll 1877-80. Matriculated Queen's Coll, Oxford, 1880. BA, 1883. MA, 1887. Ordained Deacon, 1884. Priest 1885. Curate of Birtley, Durham, 1884-7; Holy Trinity, Gateshead, 1887-9; Mildenhall, Suffolk, 1889-93. Rector of East and West Wretham, 1893-27. Died April 1927.
1824 - 1911 EC Register

Rowband, Henry (964) b. at Brighton, Nov 2. 1840; s/o Captain J.H. Rowband, Indian Navy, and Laura Nott; vide 965, 1031, 1032; left 1855; Ensign...

Rowband, Anthony (965) b. Lewes, Feb. 15 1842 brother of (964); left 1855. Ensign, 75th regiment, 1858; Lieut., 1861; exchanged into the 2nd(Queen's); sold out, 1863; went to New Zealand, and was appointed to the Audit Office; died 1895.

2093. RUSSELL, James Lee Sebastian. b Topsham, Devon 5 Apr 1866. Elder son of James Russell, Mus Doc. and Ellen ___, Eliz Coll 1877-8. Returned in 1879 and left finally in 1881. Entered a Colonial Merchant's Office, Birmingham, in 1885. Sailed for Wellington, NZ to take up a like appointment but was drowned at sea on the voyage out. Vide no 2337. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

Sheppard, William (234) b. Guernsey, March 13 1819; s/o Hannibal Sheppard and Mary Agnew; left 1830. Merchant service; died in NZ in 1879.

3389. SHILLITO, Thomas Samuel - b Colchester 7 Dec 1908. s of Thomas Charles SHILLITO and Catherine ANGELL. EC 1917-1922. HMS Worcester, 1922. Joined NZ Shipping Company, then GWR Cargo Service. Lost at sea December 1935 when the ss Kentwood (of which he was 1st mate) failed to arrive at Plymouth after her voyage from Portsmouth.  1911 - 1939 EC Register

Simmons, William Henry More (297) b. Ballingolling, Aug. 28 1819; s/o Capt. Thos. Frederick Simmons, R.A., ) of Langford, Somerset) and Mary Perry; brother of (182 James Egbert Simmons who was KIA while in command of 1st Batt, 5th Fusilers at Lucknow Sept. 1857); left 1831. Ensign, 76th Regiment, 1837; Lieutenant, 1839; exchanged into the 58th Regiment, 1843; died at sea off the coast of New Zealand in 1847.

Spencer, Henry Montgomerie (1741) b. Durham, Jan. 19 1850; s/o Henry Spencer (D.L., Co. Durham), and Jane Hamilton; left 1869. Also Rugby; sheep farming in NZ.

Stace, Walter Maunsell (1356) b. Dominica, March 27, 1844; s/o Col. W. Crawley Stace, R.E., and Alice Maunsel; left 1861. Previously at school in Gosport; settled in NZ, as a farmer, after a training at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester 91862-3); residence, Blenheim, NZ

Stace, Henry Joseph b. York, August 12, 1847; left 1861. brother of (1356) Previously at school in Gosport; settled in NZ, residence, Blenheim, NZ

Stephen, John Alexander Lewis (1635) b. Durham Nov. 6 1851; s/o Alexander Stephen; left 1868. For a time in the NZ Constabulary; afterwards studied medicine.

2660. STEVENS, Antonio. b Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 29 Sep 1880 bro of 2168. German College in Rio. Eliz Coll 1891-96. Was for 4 years in the London & River Plate Bank. Then took up and studied Engineering in the Institute of Civil Engineers in 1901. FRGS, MIME and MSE. Served as a private in the NZ Contingent in France. Wounded and died 20 Sep 1919 at Wairua, NZ.  1824 - 1911 EC Register

1573 SUTHERLAND, John Claude- born at Wanganui, N,Z, Nov.26 1851; s/o Asst.Comm.-Gen. J.M.M. Sutherland and Eliza M. Milwood; vide 1574 (Frederic Veron Sutherland b. at King George's Sound, West Australia, June 8 1853), 1606; left 1868. Business at Manchester; died 1890.

1606 SUTHERLAND, Kenneth Thomas - born Wellington, N.Z. Sept. 26, 1848; elder brother of 1573; left 1866. Temporary clerk in the department of the Controller of the Navy, 1867-8; since then business at Manchester and in India.

Tardif, James Francis (1141) b. Guernsey, July 29 1847; s/o James Richardson Tardif and Matilda de Putron; vide (1543); left 1863. Settled in NZ.

Tennent, Douglas Cowper (1359. Easter Term, 1860) b. Hampstead, Aug. 17 1851; brother of (1214); left 1862. Settled in NZ; business in the North Island.

Tennent, Robert Collins (1215) b. Rio, 5/7/1849 brother of (1214) left 1862.Went into Bank of NSW at Nelson, NZ 1865; manger of various branches, and now at Timaru.

Tennent, Edward Cowper (1214)  b. Rio, 3/2/1848 s/o Robert Tennent and Penelope Cowper; Also North London Collegiate School, 1863-4. Bush farming in Nelson for two years, and then on a station near Wagga-Wagga, NSW. Classical master at Hobart, TAS; Minister in the Presbyterian Church, 1881; officiated in TAS and NZ; residence, Port Chalmers, NZ

Trimnell, Thomas James (1028) b. Ceylon, March 28 1837; s/o Rev. G.C. Trimnell and Susan Flower; brother of 950; left 1852. Medicine; private practice in NZ residence, Monganui, Auckland.

Tupper, Daniel William (792) b. Guernsey Dec. 26 1831; brother of (442); s/o Daniel Tupper (H.M. Receiver General Guernsey), of Melrose, and Anna Maria Le Marchant; left 1847, Ensign, 1849, 50th (Queen's Own) regiment; Captain 1854; Brevet-Major, 1855; Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonel, 1866; Eastern Campaign, 1854-5; served throughout the campaign with the 50th Regiment, including the battles of Alma, Inkermann, siege and fall of Sevastopol; passed 154 days and nights in the trenches, and was never absent from duty (medal with three clasps, brevet of Major, Medijidie and Turkish medal); NZ War, 1864-65; present at the capture of Rangiawhia (medal); afterwards A.D.C. to Brigadier-General Geo. Jackson Carey (No. 284); also A.D.C. to Sir Henry Ward, G.C.B., Governor of Ceylon; died in 1873.)

2414. UTERMARCK, George Dobr�e. b Tamworth, 22 Mar 1870,  s. of George Utermarck, MD (734) and Medona Field. Eliz Coll 1885-86. Went to NZ, farming; also Guernsey and South Africa. Died in Bournemouth on 28 Sep 1912.  1824 - 1911 EC Register

Vos, James Alphonse (1430) b. Calcutta, Sept. 12 1849; s/o James Michael Vos, of Calcutta; left q864. Schoolmaster, Auckland.

3485. WHEADON, John Conrad - b Guernsey 11 Sep 1907. 3rd son of late Hubert George WHEADON & Anita Julia ADCOCK. EC 1919-1923. In 1947, after a short residence in Guernsey, he left for NZ to take up farming. 1911 - 1939 EC Register

3791. WILLIAMS, Owen Tudor - b New Zealand 22 Jul 1916. s of Rev Thomas Arthur WILLIAMS & Gwen WILLIAMS. EC 1925-1927.1911 - 1939 EC Register

2031. WORSAM, Alan. b London 20 Nov 1860. son of Samuel Worsam and Jane ____. Eliz Coll 1876-8. Supposed to have emigrated to New Zealand or South Africa or enlisted. 1824 - 1911 EC Register

Worthington, Robert (1251) b. Tours, 12 Feb 1844 Fourth s/o Captain Edward Worthington and Polymine Durup; left 1860. Went to Canterbury, 1862; farming in Raglan County; residence, near Canterbury, New Zealand

Worthington, John (1252) b. Tours, 4 Aug. 1846 Brother of 1251; left 1860. Went to New Zealand, in 1862; farming in Ashburton County; residence near Christchurch, NZ (1857 date of entry to college)

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Channel Islands research suggestions:

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STRAYS - Channel Islanders - 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.

Otago Witness Dec. 6th. 1856
Married. On the 13th ult., at Glenham, Mataura, by the Rev. Wm. Bannerman, Nathaniel, youngest son of Dr. W. Chalmers of Brighton, to Ellen Mary, youngest daughter of D. M'Grath, Esq., formerly of St Heliers, Jersey.

Daily Southern Cross, 31 March 1864, Page 10
On March 11th, at St Matthew's Church, Hobson-street, by the Rev. D. Jones, Mr. Nicholas Stow Murray, to Jane, second daughter of Richard Woodcock, Esq., St Helier's, Jersey, Channel Islands. No cards.

Daily Southern Cross, 30 June 1864, Page 10 Marriage
On June 21, at St Mary's, Parnell, Mr John Cranbey (Cranvey)  late of Essex, to Miss Isabella Warr late of Guernsey

Lyttelton Times, 14 March 1865, Page 3
Harrison  Atkin  March 8, at the Avon Church, by the Rev. J. G. Bagshawe, Mr. Harry Harrison of the Island of Guernsey, to Miss Emma Atkin, of Norton, near Sheffield, England.

Daily Southern Cross, 11 August 1866, Page 6 marriage
On July 28, at St. Paul's, Auckland, by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd, Henry Lamb, Esq., Staff-Assistant-Surgeon, to Emily Jane, third daughter of Thomas Rust, Esq., of Guernsey, barrister-at-law.

Evening Post, 22 December 1868, Page 2 DEATH.
On the 19th October, lost in a sudden squall, while crossing in a sailing boat from the Island of Stark to Guernsey, Jeremiah Giles Pilcher, Esq., of Southwark, and the Cedars, Clapliam Common.

Timaru Herald, 26 June 1869, Page 2 MARRIED.
June 24, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Rev. Foster, assisted by the Rev D. O. Hampton, Mr Robert Worthington, eldest surviving son of the late Capt E Worthiugton, R.N., Rozel House, Guernsey, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr H. Jagger, Timaru.

Southland Times 1 March 1870, Page 2
Ross. At his residence, North Road, on the 26th February, Mr Charles Ross, Nursery and Seedsman, aged 47 years. Dunedin and Guernsey papers please copy.

West Coast Times 5 July 1871, Page 2
Hine. On the 22nd February last, at her residence, Jarnac, Dept. de Ia Charcete, France, Sarah Hornbuckle, widow of the late Rev. James Samuel Hine, formerly Independent Minister of Guernsey, and mother of F. W Hine, Royal George Hotel, Revell-street aged 74 years.

Timaru Herald, 26 July 1876, Page 3 MARRIAGE-
Belfield - Mellish. On the 8th of July, at St. Michael's, Christchurch, by the Right Reverend the Lord Primate of New Zealand, Herbert Belfield, of Timaru, to Emma Leonora, daughter of the late William Mellish, of Guernsey.

Evening Post, 4 January 1878, Page 1 Marriage
WEEBER   Le LIEVRE  On the 1st January, at St. John's Church, Willis-street, Wellington, by the Rev. James Paterson, John Frederick Weeber, of Canterbury, to Amelia Le Lievre, of St. Martin's. Guernsey

Otago Witness, 23 March 1878, Page 14
On the 24th January, at St. Peter's Port, Guernsey, the wife of Mr Furquharson Proctor, of a son.

Evening Post, 15 July 1879, Page 2 DEATH.
Baddelby  On the 4th May, at Stanley House, St. Helliers, Jersey. General Baddeley, R.E., formerly commanding Royal Engineers in New Zealand.

Hawke's Bay Herald, 17 August 1878, Page 2
TUPPER.  At Mount Row, Guernsey, Channel Islands on June 7, Henry de Lisle Tupper, Esq., in the 32nd year of his age.
SIMON.  At Napier, on August 2, David Charles Simon, aged 49. Jersey papers please copy

The Star Friday 10 June 1881 Death -
WEBB - on 8 June at his res. in High St, Christchurch, Charles Webb, age 39, late of Jersey, Channel Islands, Home papers please copy.

Timaru Herald, 18 September 1877, Page 3 MARRIAGES.
Ennis - Webster. August- 10lh, at the residence of Mr. H. Powell, builder, Brown-street, Mr Abraham George Ennis, of Jersey, to Faith Angelina Webster, of Timaru.

Star 11 March 1882, Page 3
Guy    Hodges March 9, at Jersey Cottage, Timaru, the residence of the Rev Thomas Bray, George Thomas Guy, eldest son of Francis Gay, Esq., J.P., Bateman's Bay, New South Wales, to Annie Matia Hodges, only daughter of W. Hodges, Esq., late of England, by the Rev Thomas Bray, assisted by the Revs W. Gillies, B. T. Hallowes, and S. McFarlane, Missionary of New Guinea.

Evening Post, 31 July 1884, Page 3
Mr. Oliver Samuel, the member for the district of Now Plymouth, was born in Jersey, in 1849, and consequently is 35 years of age. He is a son of the Rev. Dr. Samuel, D.D.,LD., who in the early days of New Zealand was well-known in all parts of the colony. Mr Samuel came to New Zealand with his parents in 1855, and was educated at Nelson College, and during his last year there he took two of the highest scholarships. On leaving in 1860 he joined the Government service under Mr. Domett, and in 1868 went into the Registrar's department in Auckland. He then left the Government service and spent a few months at the Thames goldfield, when the gold fever was at its height in 1870. He rejoined the Government service in Wellington under Sir Maurice O'Rorke, then Minister of Lands, in 1873, but he resigned the office held and became managing clerk and articled pupil to the late Mr. W. Sefton Moorhouse, under whom he studied for the profession he is now following. He was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand and called to the Bar in 1878....

Star 26 November 1884, Page 2
Marsh.  Sept. 17, at Guernsey, W. H. C. Marsh aged 35 lately residing at Sydenham.

Evening Post, 27 April 1885, Page 2 MARRIAGE
CROSS - Taudevin  On 20th April, 1885, at St. Petera's Church, by the Ven Archdeacon Stock, Thomas, eldest son of Mr Joseph Cross, builder and contractor, at Wellington, to Edith Marion youngest daughter of the late William Taudevin, Esq of Guernsey, Channel Island. Auckland and Guernsey papers please copy

Evening Post, 27 November 1885, Page 2 Death
Coles  On 16th November, at Greymouth, accidentally drowned, John Colos, mariner, of Sevcurs Road. Jersey and Home papers please copy.

The Star, Christchurch Wednesday 13 January 1886 Marriage -
BOIELLE - WOODWARD - 19 December at Weslyan Church, Wellington, by Rev. W.C. Oliver, Albert John Boielle, of Jersey, to Annie Ream, of Leeston.

Evening Post, 2 June 1886, Page 2
DEATHS. Arthur  On 20th April, 1886, at St Helier's, Jersey, Susan Elizabeth Arthur, mother of Thomas Arthur, of this city, aged 71 years.

Evening Post, 6 June 1887, Page 2 Birth
Robin. On 81st May, ISS7, at Ghuznee-street, Mrs, Alfred Robin, of a son. Guernsey and Aberdeen papers please copy

Evening Post, 20 August 1887, Page 2 MARRIAGES
ARCHER -MOORE - On Wednesday, 17th August, 1887 at St John's Church, by the Rev. James Paterson, William Joseph, eldest son of Mr W Archer, to Louisa Ella, only daughter of the late Mr J. W. Moore, Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Star 20 August 1888, Page 2
Roberts, August 1 Wellington, Lucy Durell Roberts, beloved, wife of William Roberts, and third daughter of Mr P. Henry, at George road, Guernsey, and mother of Mrs W. H. Cummins and Mrs T. Marriott, -Christchurch, Guernsey. papers please copy.

Timaru Herald Friday 15 March 1889 pg2
Another New Zealand officer is gone to rest in the person of Lieutenant-General Frederick Samuel Blyth, late of her Majesty's 40th Regiment. He died at St Heliers, Jersey, at the age of 58. He served in New Zealand during the war in 1863 and '65, and was present at the battle of Rangariri, and was present at the action of Wairoa, commandeered also 300 men at the assault and capture of Orakau (mentioned in despatches). Brevet of Lieut-Colonel and medal, Afghan war 1878 and '72, and took part in the expedition into the Bazar Valley under General Maude. Again mentioned in despatches. Companion of the Bath and medal. He was appointed Lieutenant- General in 1886. General Blyth was junior in rank to the late gallant and lamented Colonel T.L.K. Nelson, who commanded the old 40th during their meritorious services rendered to this colony.

Christchurch Press Thursday 12 September 1889
WYATT - 11 September at 241 Cashel St. West, Elizabeth mother of Mr. J. Wyatt, and widow of late C. Wyatt late of Guernsey, age 70

The New Zealand Gazette Dec. 5 1889
Particulars of the Estate of Deceased Persons which have been placed under the charge of the Public  Trustee for Management during the month of November, 1889. Valpy, John N. , Colonial residence: Ashburton. Foreign residence: Jersey, Oct.  15 1889, 50 pounds,  DOD Nov. 2 1889. Relatives known.

The Star,  Christchurch Saturday 7 February 1891
In loving remembrance of our dear mother Henrietta Le MOTTEE, of the Island of Jersey, who died at her residence St. Asaph St. Christchurch February 7th 1889.

Evening Post, 4 March 1891, Page 2 MARRIAGE
Fauvel - Tonks - On the 3rd March, 1891, at the residence of the bride's parents, Webb-street, Wellington, Francis, second son of the late Mr P. Fauvel, Jersey, Channel Islands to Jane, second daughter of Mr Enoch Tonks.

The Star, Christchurch Thursday 4 June 1891 page 2
Marriage - SKELTON - BROCKER - on 21 May at St Michael's Church, Christchurch, By Rev. Walter Harper, William Edward, 2nd surviving son of Mr John Skelton, late of St. Helier's, Jersey, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Edward Brocker, of Christchurch, Wellington papers please copy.

Press, 5 August 1891, Page 5
Le Sueur —On August 3rd, 1891, at 81 Durham street, Christchurch, James Le Sueur, in his sixty-seventh year, late of Geelong, Victoria, and St. Heliers, Jersey. Melbourne papers please copy.

Auckland Star, 8 September 1891, Page 5
Mr Bernard Sloan Lawson, of Timaru, Now Zealand, was married on the 16th inst. to Annie Madeline, elder daughter of the late Rev. Havelland de Sausmarez. The ceremony took place at St. Martin's Church, Guernsey the Rev. George Sausmarez, brother of the bride, officiating, assisted by Rev. Mervyn Lawson and Rev. C. D. Robinson.

Evening Post, Wellington. 19 December 1891, Page 2
HAMLIN - SHEARER.  On 13th December, by the Rev. Charles Dallaston, William, second son of the late James Hamlin, of Guernsey, to Ada Maxwell, third daughter of the late James Crear Shearer, of this city.

Auckland Star, 11 August 1892, Page 8 marriage
TURNER - PIRIE. On July 28, at St. Mark's Church, Remuera, Auckland, N Z., by Rev. Isaac Richards. Edward Phillips, son of Charles Turner, Esq., M.D., Launceston. Tasmania, to Irene Ada, youngest daughter of Major James Pirie, late Royal Guernsey Militia.

The Star Saturday 3 April 1893 page 3
Le Sueur - At his residence, Montreal street north, James Frederick, beloved husband of Rowena Le Sueur, late of Geelong, Victoria, native of St. Helliers, Jersey; aged forty-five years. Deeply regretted. He was well known in sporting circles. He died this morning after a long illness. Mr Le Sueur was one of the principal bookmakers in New Zealand before the advent of the totalisator, and during different periods was part owner of one or two racehorses.

Otago Daily Times 11 December 1893, Page 2
Arnold. On the 10th December, at her residence, Castle street north, Sophia, the beloved wife of Chas A. Arnold; aged 35. Deeply regretted. Guernsey papers please copy.

Hawke's Bay Herald, 27 February 1894, Page 2
DE LISLE. At York Place, Guernsey, Channel Islands, Caroline, widow of de Beauvoir de Lisle, M.D., in her 87th year.

Otago Witness 17 March 1898 pg 102
SIMMONS, Rev. Frank C., engaged in England to fill the position of rector of the Boys' High School, son of Captain F.F. Simmons, R.A., born in Guernsey 1829; took his B.A. and M.A. degrees at Oxford; after resigning, occupied a similar position at Nelson for some years, dying there in 1876, leaving a widow (daughter of Rev. T.F. Dymock) , two sons and four daughters. The sons are dead, but Mrs Simmons and two daughters reside in Dunedin.

Otago Witness,  17 March 1898, Page 27
Biographical Sketches of the COLONISTS OF THE FIRST DECADE
Filleul, W.G., born in Jersey, 1831, came out in the Ajax, 1849, with his uncle (Mr Valpy) and youngest brother, Richard, (age 14) ; settled at the Taieri, but soon returned to Dunedin. Went to Bendigo in 1852, and on his return he and his brother went into sheep farming at Papakaio. Visited the Home country in 1857, marrying and returning in 1859. His brother was lost in the Lord Raglan, when returning to the colony after a visit to England. Giving up sheep farming he lived at Caversham for a while, and accepted the position of clerk of the Court of Oamaru, retiring in 1896, and taking up his residence at Nelson. A son and two daughters survive. Died in Nelson in 1902.

Auckland Star, 7 July 1898, Page 8
MOULD. On July 2nd, at the residence of Mrs R. Scott, New North Road, Ann Mould, in her 76th year, the beloved sister of Mr E. Mould, of Havelet, Guernsey. England.

Otago Witness, 13 August 1902, Page 20
A private telegram from Nelson was received in Oamaru stating that Mr William Gabriel Filleul (age 78) died suddenly on Wednesday. Mr Filleul was one of the earliest settlers in North Otago, having with his brother. Richard Anthony Filleul, taken up in 1853 the Papakaio run, one of the three first: runs selected in the district. In 1869 Mr Filleul became clerk of the Resident Magistrate's Court, and continued to hold that position until a few years since, when he retired, and later on removed to Nelson. Deceased was one of the founders of the ; North Otago A. and P. Association in 1863. His name appears on the earliest roll of justices of the- peace for the district, and in the early days of the settlement he took an active part in all matters affecting the welfare of the community.

Rugby School Register - Entrance August 1845
Filleul, William Gabriel, son of the Rev. Philip Filleul, St. Peter's, Jersey, aged 14, March 25. Anstey. One of the earliest settlers at Dunedin, New Zealand, 1848. Afterwards a Sheep owner in Otago, N.Z. Residing at Nelson, New Zealand.

Fricker, Edward, Mt. Clear Farm, Georgetown, born at Jersey, came out in Strathmore 1856. Visited the Home Country in 1871-2. Interested in temperance work.

Simmons, Rev. Frank C, engaged in England to fill the position of rector of the Boys' High School, son of Captain F. F. Simmons, R.A., born in Guernsey 1829 ; took his B.A. and M.A. degrees at Oxford ; after resigning, occupied a similar position at Nelson for some years, dying there in 1876, leaving a widow (daughter of Rev. T. F. Dymock), two sons and four daughters. The sons are since dead, but Mrs. Simmons and two daughters reside in Dunedin.

Otago Witness, 31 March 1898, Page 11
Foster, Henry Angel, born Guernsey ; arrived Mary 1849 ; followed trade of carpenter first at Green Island ; subsequently business in Dunedin as builder and contractor. Mrs Foster, who was born St. Austel, Cornwall, but lived many years Island of Guernsey, and who accompanied her husband in the Mary, now resides in Clyde street, Dunedin. Family, one son (Henry Charles Foster, partner in firm of Foster and George, contractors, Dunedin), two daughters, one died ; other Mrs George, 19 grandchildren.

Quertier, A., born on Island of Guernsey ; arrived with his wife by Kinnard July 7, 1860; brought Guernsey cattle, descendants of which he has now ; took flour to Dunstan rush; settled at Clutha in 1863; sold out after 1 8 years and went to Mataura, where he now resides.

Auckland Star,
12 May 1898, Page 8
GRUT On April 9, at her residence, Orewa, Ann, relict of the late Collings de Jersey Grut, formerly of Guernsey Channel Isles, in her 89th year.

Evening Post
, 11 April 1899, Page 6
HODDER   GARDNER  On the 29th March, at the residence of the bridegroom's sister, Petone, by the Rev. T. Francis Jones, William George, only son of the late W. Geo. Hodder, of Featherston, to Robena Gertrude Mabel, only daughter of the late John T. Gardner, of Guernsey, Channel Islands.
Evening Post, 7 June 1912, Page 7
Mr. Francis Le Noury, who has been a resident of Wellington for nearly thirty-eight years, died at his residence in Herbert-street on Wednesday, aged sixty-five years. The deceased was a native of Guernsey, Channel Islands. For some time after his arrival in Wellington he engaged in contracting but for the greater part of his residence in the city he was in the bookselling business. He was twice married, and has left a widow but no family. Deceased, who was an old member of the Methodist Church and of Loyal Britannia Lodge of Oddfellows, had suffered from a painful internal trouble for some months before his death.

Press, 12 September 1889, Page 4
Wyatt   On September 11th, 1889, at 241 Cashel street West, Elizabeth, mother of Mr J. Wyatt, and widow of the late C. Wyatt, late of Guernsey, aged seventy years. Home papers please copy.

Evening Post, 11 April 1899, Page 6 Marriage
HODDER - GARDNER � On the 29th March, at the residence of the bridegroom's sister, Petone, by the Rev. T. Francis Jones, William George, only son of the late W. Geo. Hodder, of Featherston, to Robena Gertrude Mabel, only daughter of the late John T. Gardner, of Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Evening Post, 7 December 1899, Page 2
Mr. J. F. Arnold, the newly-elected member for Dunedin City, was born in St. Peter's Port, Guernsey, in 1859, and is a son of the late Mr. Julius Arnold, who was a member of the legal profession. In 1864 he come to New Zealand with his parents, landing at Lyttelton at the age of 16. He was apprenticed to the clicking, and continued at that trade in Christchurch for eight years. During that time ho became an active member of various friendly societies. He went to Dunedin under engagement to Sargood, Son, and Ewen, in whose employ he has continued till the present time. ...

Otago Witness, 6 March 1901, Page 16
Mr F. B. Robilliard, "I was born," said he, "in Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands, -and came out to Christchurch when a boy. Sixteen months ago I settled in Ashburton. commencing business in East street as a watchmaker and jeweller. A Channel Islands boy generally has a strong constitution.

Star 15 July 1901, Page 3
WARR.-July 13, 1901, at Sydenham, William, son of the late George Warr aged thirteen years and four months. Guernsey papers please copy.

Evening Post, 1 November 1901, Page 4
Mr. Philip Dolbel, of Hawkes Bay, whose death was announced this week, was well known to many of the early settlers in Wellington, having been a resident here in the fifties. He was born in Jersey, Channel Islands, followed a seafaring life from an early age, and owned a vessel called the Hearty (built by himself and Mr. Renouf, of Napier), trading on the English coast. He came to Wellington from Melbourne in 1855, and for twelve months was employed at bridge building, etc., at the Hutt. He went to Hawkes, Bay in, 1856, and resided at Clive for some years. He took up land in the Mohaka district, north of Napier near Mangaharurn, and represented Mohaka in the Provincial Council until the provinces were abolished. He was twice burned, out of house and home by the Hauhaus while carrying on sheepfarming at Mangahamru, and more than once had a narrow escape of losing his life. For a good many years he has lived in the Puketapu district. Mr. Dolbel was unmarried, but had numerous relations in the district.

Star 14 March 1902, Page 3
SAUNDERS - March 12, at Christchurch, New Zealand, Albert Godfrey, the dearly beloved husband of Henrietta Grace Saunders, [Mona Vale," St Martin's, and third son of late Robert Saunders, Esq., of "Havelet" (Le Strand) and the "The Roockets," Guernsey, formerly the H.E.I.C.S. [Honourable East India Company Service]; aged fifty-seven years. Funeral will leave his late residence, "Mona Vale," St. Martin's this day (Friday), 14th inst. at 2. 30. pm.

Auckland Star, 25 April 1902, Page 3 Marriage
HEYWARD  BARLOW.eAt Auckland, on April 8, by the Rev. W. E. Gillam, Vicar. Henry Edgar, fifth son of the late Robert Netherway Heyward (Guernsey), to Ada Augusta, only daughter of John Barlow, Esq., Carlton Mill Road. Christchurch.

Star 4 August 1902, Page 3
MAUGER - On -August 2, at Christchurch, Frederick Henry Mauger, third son of the late John Mauger, Saints, St. Martins, Guernsey, and nephew of T. Mollet, Christchurch, in his 24th year.

Auckland Star, 15 October 1902, Page 8
ELLIS. At the District Hospital, suddenly, Albert, third son of the late Major Ellis, Guernsey, Channel Island, aged 61 years. The funeral will leave the residence of Mrs Pratt, "Mondamin," Carlton Gore Rd., Thursday, the 16th inst., at 2.38 p.m. Adelaide papers please copy.

Otago Witness 18 March 1903, Page 43
MOORE  CARRE.  On 24th February, 1903, at St. Paul' s Church, Palmerston North, by Rev. C. Coleridge Harper, M.A., Charles Downie Stewart, eldest son of "the late Charles Moore, of this city, to Edith Mary, only daughter of Captain Hilary Mansell Carre, R.N., Le Vahlnod, Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Otago Witness, 29 April 1903, Page 27
By this mail the sad news has been received of the death of Captain Carre, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, youngest son of Captain Carre, R.N. Guernsey, and brother of Mrs Charles D. S. Moore of this city. Born in 1877 and educated at Elizabeth College, Guernsey, he went to the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and was appointed to his regiment in 1898. In May 1900 when still a lieutenant, he was ordered to Nigeria, where he has since been, save for one furlough. A gallant officer, and popular both with his brother officers and men, he was soon raised to the rank of captain.... His promising career has been cut short by blackwater fever, just as he was about to proceed to his home in Guernsey on a well earned furlough.

Evening Post, 30 September 1904, Page 5
Two well-known officials of the Government Printing Office are to retire from their positions at the and of the present year vis., Mr. John James Gamble, superintending overseer, and Mr. Benjamin Wilson, overseer, A native of Guernsey; Mr. Gamble arrived in the colony in 1866, when twenty years old, and has been in the Government Printing Office almost ever since, rising quickly from compositor to overseer.

Press, 16 August 1905, Page 5
Mr Thomas Cabot, a very early resident of Timaru, and father of Miss Dolce A. Cabot, of Christchurch, died at Timaru on Sunday, at the age of ninety years. Mr Cabot, says a Timaru paper, must have been among the earliest settlers now remaining, as he came there first in 1859, when there were only a few whares on the site of the present thriving town. He was a native of Jersey, and was born on October 11th, 1814, and had reasonable pride in being a descendant of John Cabot, a historical navigator, who was knighted by Henry VIII. As a boy and youth he was well educated, and became a professor of languages at the great French university, the Sorbonne. He afterwards spent three years in Hanover, studying the German language. He emigrated first to New South Wales, and afterwards came to New Zealand, and settled temporarily as a private school teacher in Timaru in 1859. He then went to North Canterbury, and followed fanning pursuits there for some years. Returning to Timaru in 1865 he purchased a farm in Otipua Valley, and made there the home on which he and his family have since resided. Mr Cabot married in 1865 a daughter of the late Colonel John Kunkel of Prussia, a soldier who saw much active service in the historical campaigns of Napoleon�Jena, Austerlitz, and Leipsic being among the conflicts in which he took part. The late Mr Cahot leaves a widow, three sons, and four surviving him.

Otago Witness, 30 October 1907, Page 31
A carpenter named Thos. Drillot, a recent arrival from Guernsey, fell about 35ft on the 28th while working at Wellington on a new hotel. He had an arm broken and a shoulder dislocated, while it is feared he is also injured internally.

Star 26 November 1907, Page 3
MINTROM.  At his father's residence, George William, second son of George William and Susan Robert Mintrom, and brother of Mrs J. Whiting; aged twenty four. Jersey, Guernsey and Cornwall papers please copy.

Press, 13 April 1911, Page 1
DACOMBE  At the residence of her son, 159 Gloucester street, Elvina Catherine Dacombe, relict of the late Thomas Dacombe, in her 94th year. Guernsey and the Jersey papers please copy.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 May 1912, Page 4
Mr and Mrs W. T. Robins, of Masterton, celebrated their golden wedding on Saturday last, and a gathering in honour of the event was held in the, Masonic Hall last evening, when a large number of relatives and several old friends were Mr and Mrs Robins were married at the Eldad Chapel, Guernsey, Channel Islands, on May 18th, 1862, and have resided m Masterton for 38 years. Among the presents received last evening was a handsome set of carvers from the Masonic Lodge, of which Mr Robins is a member.

Evening Post, 10 July 1912, Page 7
The Hon. W. Fraser is the son of Captain Hugh Fraser, of the Madras Light Infantry, and was born in India in 1840. In 1858 he came to New Zealand, and engaged in pastoral pursuit in Otago. Previously he had been educated at Elizabeth College, Guernsey, Victoria College, Jersey, and at Brittany. From 1862 to 1893 was a runholder in the Dunstan district. In 1866 he was elected to the Provincial Council of Otago, and first entered Parliament in 1893 as member for Wakatipu, a seat which he has held over since. For some years now lie has resided in Wellington. In financial matters he has always been looked upon as an able critic.

Press, 29 June 1914, Page 1
LE MASUEIER On June 28th, at his late residence, 30 Victoria street, New Brighton, John, eldest son of the late John Le Masurier, of St. Heliers, Jersey; in his 72nd year. At rest. Guernsey and Jersey papers please copy.

Evening Post, 5 October 1914, Page 6
The death of Mr. William Stephen Cochrane, a well-known resident of Auckland, is announced. The deceased gentleman was born in Jersey 69 years ago, and arrived in Auckland when he was fourteen years of ago. After being with his father, the late Mr, Samuel Cochrane, auctioneer, for some years, he was appointed Auckland diocesan secretary, and held the office until last year. He was a prominent worker in St. Mark's Parish, Remuera, an ex-captain of the Auckland Golf Club, a member of the Remuera Bowling Club and the Epsom Road Board, first chairman of the Manukau Water Supply Board, one of the founders of the Diocesan Girls' High School, general secretary of the Melanesian Mission up to a year ago, and for the past thirty years was a trustee of the Auckland Savings Bank.

Evening Post, 19 February 1915, Page 2
The death occurred this morning of Mr. J. F. M. Fraser, K.C. Crown Prosecutor for the Dunedin district; aged 63 years. The late Mr. Fraser was a native of Guernsey, and arrived in New Zealand when a child of six years, in 1858. He was admitted to the Bar in 1875, and two years later established himself in business in Palraerston South. Four years later he commenced practice in Dunedin, where, since 1898, he has acted as Crown Prosecutor. He was one of the first New Zealand barristers to be raised to the degree of K.C. In educational matters, he served as a member of the Otago Education Board and also as a Governor of the Dunedin Girls' and Boys' High Schools. He leaves a widow and one daughter.

Evening Post, 22 March 1915, Page 1
PIRIE On the 18th March, at Sarnia Lodge, Parnell, Auckland, in his 81st year, Lieut.- Colonel James Pirie, V.D., late Major First Regiment Royal Guernsey Militia.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 2 January 1915, Page 4 MARRIAGE.
WEBB - RIVE.  On Wednesday, December 30th, at the Knox Presbyterian Church, Masterton, by the Rev. A. T. Thompson, B.A., B.D., Purcell T. Webb, of Timaru, eldest son of Mr and Mrs T. C. Webb, of Wanganui, to Muriel, daughter of Mr and Mrs P. A. Rive, of Jersey Lodge, Lansdowne, Masterton.

Thames Star, 27 January 1915, Page 1 MARRIAGE.
PAYNE YOUNG.- On July 8, 1893, at the Timaru registry office, Phillip D. G. Payne, eldest son of the late John Payne, Jersey, Channel Islands, to Anne Elenor, 3rd daughter of the late Captain Robert Young,. master mariner, Meath, Ireland.

Otago Daily Times 20 March 1915, Page 8
The death occurred at Auckland yesterday of Lieut.-colonel James Pirie, V.D., who was in his 81st year. He was formerly major and adjutant of 1st Regiment of Royal Guernsey Milita (and Hythe School of Musketry). After his arrival in New Zealand in 1879 the late officer was actively connected with Volunteer and defence matters holding at one time the appointment of instructor in musketry and inspector of ammunition. Colonel Pirie was also for some years a member of the Officers Examination Board, and retired from active military work only a few years ago.

Auckland Weekly News 25 March 1915 p.21 Death
PIRIE, Lieut-Col, James, V.D. Friday morning at his residence, Sarnia Lodge, Parnell, aged 80. Formerly Major & Adjutant, 1st Regt, Royal Guernsey Militia. Arrived in NZ 1879 & was actively connected with volunteer & Defence matters, was instructor in musketry & inspector of ammunition. Married eldest d/o late Mr John CAREY, Lord of the Manor of Sainte Helene, Guernsey who, with two sons and two daughters. Survive him. Sons, Mr Carey J Pirie, is in China and Mr Cecil W Pirie is with the Union Steam Ship Co. Daughters Mrs Cook resides in Sydney and Mrs E Phillips.

Evening Post, 23 October 1915, Page 9
NZ Casualties. FIELD ARTILLERY. (Disembarked Malta, 10th October.)
Craven. Frank Charles, 2/1272, Gun. (John Craven, 1, Well-road, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, father) ; slightly

Evening Post, 4 July 1916, Page 7 A casualty list for, the New Zealand Army
Reported wounded
Brache, Edwin John; Pte. (F. Brache, Victoria Lodge, Vale, Guernsey, Channel Islands)

Dominion, 15 March 1917, Page 6 Canterbury Infantry Battalion. Wounded
Torode, 2nd Lieut. Thomas Henry, 14,184 (Mrs. C. L. Torode, Guernsey, Channel Isles, w. March 3).

Evening Post, 23 August 1917, Page 10 Severe
Stephens, W., 5/531a, Guernsey

Evening Post, 25 September 1917, Page 8 Sick and wounded
Henry, W., 41949, Guernsey

Timaru Herald, 5 June 1919, Page 6
DRAKE - PICOT. On April 3rd, 1919, at Wesley Street Chapel, by the Rev. J. R. Ellis, Staff-Sergeant Edward Allen Drake, N.Z.M.C., third son of the late Edward Drake, of Timaru, New Zealand, to Hilda Esther, youngest daughter of Mr P. Picot, 2 Salvandy Terrace, Springfield Road, St. Saviour's, Jersey.

Ashburton Guardian, 25 September 1919, Page 7 OBITUARY.
C. A. MILLS. The death occurred on Saturday morning of Mr Charles Alexander Mills, a very well-known old identity of Christchurch, at his residence in Ollivier's Road. Mr Mills was born in Guernsey 78 years ago, and; as a youth of 19, landed at Lyttelton. Following a brief period in business at Timaru, where ho married Miss Emma Loada, Mr Mills removed to Christchurch, taking over a section in the area known as Riccarton Bush. Subsequently he settled in a shop in High Street, and continued to trade as a boot retailer for over 40 years. Mr Charles Alexander Mills was an enthusiastic member of the Salvation Army, and later on joined the religious sect known as "The Brethren." A twin brother, James Mills, who, years ago, carried on business in Christchurch as a tailor, died in Melbourne recently. For the past 10 years Mr Mills acted as traveller for Messrs Suckling Bros. An attack of influenza in November last weakened his constitution, and he retired from active work two months ago. Seven sons and two daughters survive him. The sons are Messrs G. A. Mills and A. Mills (Palmerston North), S. Mills (Masterton). F. Mills (Ashburton), P. A. M. C. and C. A. Mills (Christchurch).

Auckland Star, 13 October 1919, Page 7
Dr. Frederick De Lisle, a native of Guernsey, and a resident of the Hastings and Napier district for 40 years, died at Hastings on Saturday, aged 73. He held positions of surgeon at the Napier Hospital, health officer to Hawke's Bay and the Napier Borough, and served on the Napier Borough Council for two years.

Evening Post, 23 April 1921, Page 1 MARRIAGE
DES LANDES - CARSTENS.- On too 15th March, 1921, at St. Peter's Church, Wellington, by the Ven. Archdeacon Watson; George du Jardin, third son of the late Captain Ells John des Landes, of St. Heliers, Jersey, Channel Islands, and formerly of Shanghai, China, to Ruby Thurza, third daughter of the late O. and A. Carstens, of Wellington.

Star (Christchurch) 22 May 1922 Page 8 JOHN JAMES MOORE.
Mr John James Moore, formerly a well-known resident of Okain’s Bay, died in 8t Albans on Saturday at the age of Beventy-six years. The late Mr Moore was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands, in 1846. He was a son of the late Mr William Moore, formerly of St Peter’s Post, Guernsey, but afterwards of Okain’s Bay, and he accompanied his parents to New Zealand in the ship Sir George Pollock, going with them to Okain’s Bay in 1868. After being educated in the local public schools, he was engaged in pit-sawing, but afterwards found employment on his father’s farm. In 1876 he bought property on his own account and commenced farming. His farm was known as “ Lyndhurst" being situated in the upper part of Okain’s Bay. Mr Moore was a churchwarden of the Anglican Church in Okain’s Bay, and he was at different periods a member of various local bodies. He was married in 1876 to Miss E. A. Ware, daughter of one of the oldest settlers in the district, and he had a family of three sons and three daughters.

Christchurch Press Monday 26 May 1924  Wellington -
Mr Harry Ranson, who died last week at the age of 59 years, after a long illness, was well known as a builder and contractor in Wellington for many years. Born in Jersey, he came to New Zealand with his parents as a boy. He ultimately settled in Wellington, He was an enthusiastic bowler, being a member of the Newtown Club for 17 years, and for 2 years he was its president.

Auckland Star, 11 November 1927, Page 14 MR. C. F. HAMON
SEVENTY YEARS RESIDENT. An old resident of Auckland, Mr. Charles Frederick Hamon, died on November 8, at his home, Mount Roskill, aged 80 years. He was born at Jersey, Channel Islands, and arrived in Auckland by the ship Salond in the month of August, 1857. He landed from the ship's boat on the foreshore, which was then at the foot of Shortland Street. During the seventy years that have elapsed since then, Mr. Hamon witnessed the wonderful development of the city of his adoption. When Thames goldfield was opened. Mr. Hamon, with his brother, were in the first rush in 1867, and were present at the' opening of the famous Shotover mine. Mr. Hamon was for many years a builder and contractor in Auckland. He is survived by his wife, four sons, and one daughter. An idea of life in Auckland in the early days may be gathered from the fact that in his youth, Mr. Hamon used to walk with his father to and from Otahuhu to do a day's work. Later he went to Matamata and erected the first building there for the late Mr. J. C. Firth. Mr. Hamon used to relate an incident connected with the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh to Auckland in the "sixties." His Royal Highness had an elephant with him, and it was of great interest to see it carry the Duke's washing to the laundry. Mr. Hamon was also wont to recall the fact that during the war in the Waikato he had stood at the gate of his father's place and watched Maori prisoners brought in by bullock wagons. When he first landed from a ship's boat at the corner of Shortland Street, a lot of Maori canoes were drawn up on the foreshore. Mr. Hamon was a man of sterling quality, and was active unto the end of his life. He is survived by his wife, four sons and a daughter.

Evening Post, 10 July 1929, Page 13 OBITUARY
The death is announced from Timaru of James Frederick Arnold, aged 70. The late Mr. Arnold was first elected to the House of Representatives as one of the members for Dunedin in 1899 and was re-elected in 1902. Mr. Arnold was born in St. Peters Port. Guernsey in 1859,  being a son of the late Mr Julius Arnold, who was a member of the legal profession and in 1864 he came to New Zealand with his parents. He begun work in a boot manufactory, remaining at the trade for eight years. In 1882 he removed to Dunedin and was employed by Sargood, Son, and Ewen, with which firm he remained until he entered Parliament. As an advocate for bootmakers he became known as the "bootmakers' lawyer," and in 1899 was elected president of the Bootmakers' Union. Mr. Arnold interested himself actively in technical and primary education. For six years he was a member of the Mornington Borough Council and in 1901 successfully piloted through Parliament a Bill to enable that council to acquire the property of the Mornington Tramway Company. Ho was also a member of a Parliamentary party which visited the Cook Islands to familiarise themselves with the needs of the group. Mr. Arnold was an Oddfellow and also a member of the Masonic Order. Of late years Mr. Arnold has resided in Timaru, where he hold the position of Inspector of Labour.

Auckland Star, 5 August 1929, Page 3 THE LATE MR. H. B. MORTON.
MAN OF MANY PARTS. SIXTY-FIVE YEARS A COLONIST. A very highly respected old resident of Auckland, Mr. Henry Bruce Morton, died on Saturday at his home, "Taumata," Wapiti Avenue, One Tree Hill, at the age of 83 years. Mr. Morton arrived at Auckland on October 4, 1863, from England. He was educated at a school in Guernsey, Channel Islands, and was afterwards for a time in business in London. His father, the late Mr. Henry Morton, was one of the settlers who came out to Albertland, but, like many others, did not take up his holding. In his most interesting book "Recollections of Early New Zealand," Mr. H. B. Morton relates how the first night ashore was spent in a draper's shop kindly lent to save them from having to sleep out. The war in the Waikato was in progress and rifle pits had been dug near St. Andrew's Church for fear of Maoris landing at Mechanics' Bay. The immigrants were told on arrival that if an attack was made an alarm would be rung on the fire bell. ... He is survived by Mrs. Morton and the following children: Miss Dorothy Morton, Mr. H. T. Morton, of Te Kuiti, and Mr. Harold Morton, of Timaru. There are also seven grandchildren

Auckland Star, 18 June 1931, Page 8
Mr. PETER BILLINGS. There passed away on June 14, at Geraldine, South Canterbury, one of the oldest surviving pioneers of the Auckland district, Mr. Peter Billings, who was born in the Jersey Islands 90 years ago. In the early days of the colonisation of this country Mr. Billings served with the Forest Rangers under Major von Tempsky. Later he was in charge of a schooner trading between Whangarei Heads, Kawau Island and Auckland. He finally settled at Geraldine. Mr. Billings is survived by his wife and the following children: �Mrs. T. W. Fulton, Paeroa; Mrs. F. Prouting, Christchurch; Miss E. Billings, Christchurch; Mrs. W. Double, Temuka; Mrs. G. Hopkinson, Temuka; Mrs. F. Bevan, Geraldine; Mr. P. Billings and Mr. J. Billings, Ashburton; Mr. E. Billings, Christchurch; and Mr. R. Billings, Geraldine.

Evening Post, 26 April 1932, Page 11
A wide circle of friends will regret to learn of the death of Mr. John Ryan, of the Printing Department of the "Evening Post," which took place suddenly at his residence, No. 5, Boulcott avenue, at a late hour last evening. Mr. Ryan, who was 68 years of age, was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands, and came out to New Zealand with his parents when twelve years of age. After several years in Auckland he came to Wellington, and joined the Printing Department of the Evening Post. He was a devoted son of the Roman Catholic Church, and had the privilege of giving one of his sons to the Church�the late Father Bernard Joseph Ryan, principal of St Patrick's College. He is survived by his widow and three daughters and two sons� Mrs. A. Nalder (Waiwetu), Miss Eileen and Rita Ryan (Wellington) Mr. John Leonard Ryan (Ngaio), and Mr Edward Patrick Ryan, Wellington.

 Press 13 May 1932 Page 2
MRS JAMES KELLOW. The death of Mrs James Kellow at the age of 81 occurred in Wellington on Wednesday morning. She was a native of Guernsey, and arrived in Wellington with her husband in 1875 by the ship Edwin Fox, and remained in that city until her death. Mrs Kellow was predeceased by her husband Mr James Kellow, public accountant. Two sons survive her, Mr E. W. A. Kellow (public accountant, Wellington), and Mr A. J. Kellow (manager for Levin and Co., Feilding). Mr Wilfred Kellow, who was general manager of the Gear Meat Company, was another son. He died suddenly a year ago. Mrs Kellow was a member of the Methodist Church all her life.

Evening Post, 23 October 1935, Page 16 DIAMOND WEDDING
In Woodville on October 20 the diamond wedding was celebrated of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Tennent, well known in many parts of New Zealand. The festivities were held at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. P. H. Mules, the latter being their eldest daughter.. Relatives were present from far and near, and cables and telegrams were received from all over the Dominion and overseas.
Mr. and Mrs. Tennent were married at All Saints' Church, Nelson, in 1875, by Bishop Souter, assisted by the bride's uncle, the Rev. Amos Knell, Rural Dean of Wairarapa. Mrs. James Knell, aged 99, is still living in Greytown. Mr. R. C. Tennent was educated at Elizabeth College, Guernsey, and came out to New Zealand with his mother and three brothers in 1864 arriving by the British Empire, the largest sailing vessel that ever visited these shores. His family settled in Nelson, and Mr. Tennent soon made a name for himself as a champion amateur athlete. He has the distinction of being the founder. of Rugby football in this country, as he organised the first team in Nelson and later captained the team in the first inter-provincial game played in New Zealand against Wellington. Mr. Tennent joined the Bank of New South Wales in 1865. and he and Mrs. Tennent spent their lives in many towns of the Dominion, Mr. Tennent being manager at Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Invercargill, Timaru, Wanganui, Blenheim, and Patea, where he and his wife lived when first married,, and where many of their family were born.
1 Mrs. R. C. Tennent was Emily, the eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Boor, and spent her early life in the Wairarapa and Lower Hutt, where Dr. Boor was one of the first doctors. They lived in the Hutt Valley from 1859 to 1864, when Dr. Boor went to live in the Terrace, Wellington, in the house occupied later by Dr. Kemp. In 1871 Dr. Boor moved to Nelson and took charge of the hospital there for twentyfive years.. Mr. and Mrs. Tennent had a family of eleven, eight of whom are still living Mrs. Mules (Woodville) Mr. L. C. Tennent (Dar-es-Salaam, South Africa), Mrs. Wybrants Olphert (Lower Hutt). Mr. H. D. Tennent (Dunedin), Mr. Hugh C. Tennent (Honolulu), Mr. K. B. Tennent (Whangarei), Dr. Alan Tennent (Wellington), and Mrs. Norman Branson (Te Araroa East Cape).
Mr. Tennent retired from the bank in 1918, after, fifty-three years' service, and he and his wife lived for a short time in Nelson, later making their home in Napier, where Mr. Tennent, still energetic, worked with Mr. Kinross White. Mr. Tennent has always been known as a great walker, and also in golf, tennis, and bowling circles, many congratulatory telegrams being received from these clubs and one from the president 'of the New Zealand Rugby Union. In 1930 Mr. and Mrs. Tennent decided. to live in Woodville and have since resided there.
Among others present at the celebration was Mrs. Hugh Burnett and Miss Boor, who were bridesmaids at the wedding sixty years ago. Mrs. Tennent has still pressed and preserved the bouquet she used at the wedding. Others attending were Mrs. Douglas Tennent and her descendants, Dr. and Mrs. Hogg (Wellington), Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tennent and their son (Auckland). .Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Tennent and Miss Sybil Tennent. Mrs. Cleghorn (Masterton), Mrs. Monteath (Christchurch), Mrs. Guy Nicol and her son (a great-grandson), Misses Joy and Sheila Tennent, Dr. and Mrs. Alan Tennent, Captain and Mrs. W. Olphert and their family, Mrs. Selwyn Kempthorne and Miss K. Kempthorne, Misses Mary and Margaret Mules, Dr. Charles Mules, Mrs. Jack Mules, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Branson, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Tennent, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tennent.

Auckland Star, 29 July 1941, Page 8
The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. George Masson of Alford Street, Avondale, was celebrated yesterday. Born at Jersey, in the Channel Islands, in 1862, Mr. Masson came to New Zealand in 1879 in the schooner John Watson, which was wrecked near Timaru. He then came north in the barque Aberdeen, and on reaching Auckland joined the crew of the cutter Wanderer. Later, in other vessels, he had a wide experience of the South Sea Islands trade. He then worked ashore, until his retirement three years ago. Mrs. Masson was a daughter of Mr. W. Stephens, of the Thames. There are five sons Messrs. George Masson, of Point Chevalier; William Masson, of Mount Eden: Albert Masson, of Avondale: Ernest Masson of Avondale and Reginald Masson, of Dominion Road. One son was killed in the Great War. There is one daughter, Mrs. W. Payne, of Mission Bay. There are two grandchildren.

The Hindostan arrived Port Chalmers, July 13 1874. She left the Downs, April 7th. On board were John and Mary Fleury, from Jersey, Channel Islands, and their two eldest children and Mary's mother, brother and sister, Mary Ann, William and Ann Swaffield. They lived in Dunedin for eleven years. Five more children arrived, before they all sailed on the Wakatipu for Sydney in 1885.

Emilius LeRoy, a sailor, who settled in the early 1850s in Auckland. He sent for his Guernsey fiance, Catherine Tabel.

James Harris - b. in 1846 in Jersey, worked as a baker for three years and went to Sydney in 1867. He left for New Zealand, and being, successful at Tuapeka and Waipori in goldmining, he left to commence mining operations in Kumara. In 1881 he joined Evans and Party at Barrytown, later being a member of Lewis and Party, well-known as hydraulic sluicers at Lawson's Creek, Barry Town, West Coast, N.Z.

Alexander Turnbull Library
Chambers family Family papers    Display Dates : 1864, 1881, 1885, 1980
Reference Number : MS-Papers-2173  Quantity : 1 folder(s) (4 pieces)
William and Hannah Chambers arrived in New Zealand from Jersey in 1874 and settled near Hastings. After William's death (1864-1880) Hannah married Robert Paton in 1882. Marriage certificate for William and Hannah Paton (1874-1882) , family letters, and programme for Chambers and Paton family reunion in 1980. Paton, Robert d. 1911
Institution : Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Samson, Augustus Philip, 1844-1888
100 days' journal from Jersey to New Zealand 8 Mar-11 Jun 1875
Reference Number : MS-Papers-2331 Quantity : 1 folder(s) (20 leaves)
History : Samson and his wife came to NZ on the Countess of Kintore to join a group of fellow Jersey Islanders living in Napier
Journal covers describes voyage, shipboard life and landing in Napier.
Institution : Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Burke, William Ellison Messervy, fl 1830-1900
Reminiscences of old Canterbury
Display Dates : [ca 1913-1919]
Reference Number : qMS-0333 Quantity : 1 volume(s) ([5], 71 leaves)
Burke arrived in Canterbury in the early 1850s and was employed at the Resident Magistrate's Court, Christchurch, from 1859 to 1871, including a period as bailiff from 1867. He resigned his position in 1871, shortly before being convicted of fraud and sentenced to four years imprisonment.
Burke was baptised on 26 Feb 1830 at St Heliers, Jersey and is thought to have died in Christchurch about 1900. He married Laura Ennie Caggett on 22 Jan 1863 at Lambeth, London. They had six sons, all born in Christchurch. Sketches, anecdotes and reminiscences of early Canterbury personalities, who were Burke's contemporaries.
Clippings included covering 1907-1919, were placed in the volume by Johannes Carl Andersen, , 1873-1962 (Contributor)
Bishop, Rookwood Comport, 1847-1925 Burke was hard up and sold the original to Bishop for 5 pounds.
Copy Availability : Complete photocopies held by NZ and Pacific Room, Canterbury Public Library and Archives Section, Canterbury Museum
Originals Location : Three volume original in Burke's hand, with extensive clippings, is held by Canterbury Public Library, in their book collection.
Institution : Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Carteret, Jean de, 1818-1899
Journal of voyage from Jersey to Auckland and first days in New Zealand / English translation made by Oliver Mourant.
Display Dates : May-Dec 1859, 1950
Reference Number : MS-0476  Quantity : 1 volume(s) (41 pages)
Journal records journey with wife and six children from Jersey, Channel Islands to Auckland as second cabin passengers on board the `Nourmahal'
Institution : Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Deslandes, Elizabeth Caroline, 1878-1951 Diary
Display Dates : 7 Jul-15 Aug 1892
Reference Number : MS-Papers-4529 Quantity : 1 folder(s) (11 leaves)
Elizabeth Caroline Deslandes was born in Shanghai China, 22 July 1876. Her parents were Elias John and Julia (Ashton) Deslandes. Her father was an opium expert and master mariner and after his term in China the family returned to St Heliers in Jersey. He died there in 1887 and Julia remarried Richard Salmon Skelhorn in 1889. The family emigrated to New Zealand in 1892 on board the `Arawa' which left Albert Docks in London on the 7 July 1892, arriving in Wellington on the 26 August 1892. Elizabeth's elder brothers had emigrated earlier to New Zealand and her brother George was the founder of Deslandes Printing Co in Wellington. The diary of 13 year old Elizabeth describes voyage to New Zealand on board the `Arawa', giving details of fellow passengers, family and ship board activities. Entries are dated 7 July 1892 to 14 August 1892. It appears that Elizabeth
Institution : Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Great Britain Army First Regiment Light Infantry, Royal Guernsey Militia Annual return 1876
Reference Number : qMS-0876
Issue Restriction : Unrestricted
Quantity : 1 volume(s) (80 pages)
List of men under various headings, e.g. officers, sergeants, buglers, rank and file etc. Also lists their occupations, their districts and in some cases what happened to them.
Names : Great Britain Army 1st Regiment Light Infantry (Royal Guernsey Militia) (Creator)
Institution : Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

St Heliers Crescent in Christchurch was named after St. Helier, the capital of Jersey. Cyril John de la mare (died 1975) developed a subdivision off Breezes road and named the streets. He had emigrated from Guernsey.

This is from the passenger list of the Ship STONEHOUSE that left Plymouth 10 April 1874 to Canterbury, New Zealand arriving June 29, 1874. Information courtesy of Sue Knight. Posted 19 April 2000. Passenger list available at Archives New Zealand.

MALZARD			 Pounds 50.15.0
Charles		 25 	 Plasterer	
Mary Ann	 25
Charles		  6
Albert		  5
Emily		  3	 (dead)

RICH			  116 pounds
William		 40	  Brickmaker/Labourer	Devon
Caroline nee Malzard 40, Ida, Charles 7, George 5 (died), Laura 3.
Transferred to single men's/womens: Emily 18, Susan 17, William (farm labourer Devon) 15, Alice 13,

John		 30	 Plasterer
Fanny		 33
Amelia		 12	 Servant
John		  7
Francis		  5
Selina		  2
Robert		 43	 occ. Husbandman
Amelia		 36
Susan 		 17      Servant
Charles		 16 
Walter		 15
Alfred		 14
Dora		 13      Servant
Anthony		 12
Edgar		 10
Lionel		  7
Maud		  4
Lenah	 	  1

RAYNEL		 Alexander	 22	  Dairyman
WHITBURN	 John 		 31	  Miner

CHAPMAN		 Susan (Lucy?)	  19	 Servant	 single woman
SIMEON		 Simon		  18	 Farmer
LUCE		 Francis	  19	 Carpenter
DE JERSEY	 Edward		  19	 Grocer
WERRIN		 Charles	  21	 Bricklayer
JOURNEAU 	 Alfred		  19	 Blacksmith
HARRADINE	 George		  19	 Blacksmith?
OSBOURNE	 Mya (?)	  25	 Nurse		 married
Alexandrina Francoise Josephine Raynel, d/o Jean Raynel and Josephine Guesdon. Here's the family in 1871:
Name Age in 1871 Birthplace Relationship Civil Parish County/Island 
Adolphe E Raynel 	11 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands Son St Helier Jersey 
Alexandrine F Raynel 	18 Alderney, Channel Islands Daughter St Helier Jersey 
Aurele M A Raynel 	 9 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands Daughter St Helier Jersey 
George M Raynel 	 2 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands Son St Helier Jersey 
Jean F Raynel 		46 France Head St Helier Jersey 
Josephine M Raynel 	43 France Wife St Helier Jersey 
Josephine M Raynel 	 6 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands Daughter St Helier Jersey 
Jules L Raynel 		 6 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands Son St Helier Jersey 
Jules L M Raynel 	14 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands Son St Helier Jersey 
Pierre M Raynel 	12 St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands Son St Helier Jersey

Alexander RAYNEL b. 1852 Channel Islands, d. 1935, Whangarei, immigrated to NZ 1874 on the Stonehouse. He married in 1882 to Isabella Jackson HUGHES b1864 Port Chalmers NZ d. 1947 d/o Richard Jackson HUGHES and Catherine NEWTON.
Alexandrina RAYNEL arrived in Timaru 24 Sept 1875 aboard the Merope. She married George Abbott? May have died in Hastings. Her brother Alexander RAYNEL arrived in Lyttelton 27 June 1874 aboard the Stonehouse. He married Isabella Jackson HUGHES 31 August 1882 in Ashburton, he was a nurseryman and Isabella a domestic servant.

They had seven children: 
Arthur Francis 		b. 03/10/1883 married Kathleen LE PROU
George Alexander 	b. 22/06/1886
Walter Richard 		b. 04/03/1888 married Florence LE PROU
William Robert 		b. 03/10/1890 married Thyrza DEMLER
John Leslie 		b. 12/03/1892
Christina Florence 	b. 12/04/1900 m. Fred (Frederick Charles Horatio)COWAN 1920, 5 kids:Henry, Leslie, Stanley, Amelia & Alexander
Frederick Wilfred 	b. 27/04/1903 

1893 NZ Electoral Roll
Surname 		RAYNEL
Given Name 		Alexander
Number 			2719
Electorate 		Ashley
Voting Qualification 	Residential
Residential Address 	Hurunui Gorge
Occupation 		Farmer

WW2 personnel 20 June 1945 - RAYNEL, R. S., Taupiri

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BREHAUT	   James William Stonemason & accountant. Settled in South Canterbury in the 1860s.
CABOT	   Thomas	Born 1814 in Jersey	Came to Canterbury 1851, Timaru 1854.
DeMOLE	   John m. Anna Maria Cuming		St.Helier arrived Lyttelton Isabella Hercus 1855)
GLANVILLE Thomas 44 	Brickmaker		Guernsey arrived Lyttelton 1866 Blue Jacket
Le BRETON F.		Farm Laborer		Jersey with wife and six children arrived 1864 Lyttelton Ivanhoe 
MAINDONALD Thomas 35    Farm Labourer		Arrived Lyttelton 1874 Geraldine Paget
    	   Teresa	36			Guernsey
    	   Thomas	12
    	   Ada		10
    	   Francis	 9 male  
MANGER    Philip J 28	Farm Labourer		Jersey	arrived Lyttelton 1876 Otaki
    	  Mary		 23
    	  Philip John	 3/12 
MESSERY   Philip G. J.	 28 Blacksmith		Jersey	arrived Lyttelton 1876 Otaki
    	  Charlotte	 28
    	  John William 	3/12 

Wellington marriages :
Walter Abraham KELLOW b. Guernsey m.26 July 1881 Emma Wellington. Father: Abraham Kellow, merchant. Mother: Eliza Ann Kellow nee Lake.
William Joseph ARCHER m. 17 Aug. 1887 Sarah Louisa Ella MOORE b. Guernsey in Wellington. Father: John Wm Moore, house decorator. Mother: Mary More nee Hoare.  
Henry William MILLAIS b. Jersey m. 5 Apr 1888 Jessie Ann Louise ROSS. Father: George Henry Millais, railway director. Mother: Mary Maria Millias b. Highland
Thomas GORE b. Jersey Channel Is., carpenter, m. 22 Nov 1890 Hettie McELWAINE Father: Thos Gore, Master Mariner. Mother: Mary Ann Gore Born McEwain.

Evening Post, 8 March 1900, Page 2
Probably Mr. William Birch, the eminent Baptist preacher who went out to New Zealand about ten years ago and took charge for some time of a Baptist congregation in the colony, will still be affectionately remembered by his colonial flock. I regret to announce his death, which took place the day before yesterday in Jersey, where he reside^ after returning from California, 'whither he went from New Zealand. Mr. Birch was at one time perhaps the best known man in Manchester through his works as preacher and philanthropist.

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1841 census of Jersey
Name Est. 			Birth Year 	Birthplace 	1861 Location Island
1861 Channel Islands Census was taken on the night of 7 April 1861.
Remington 	Arthur E  	abt 1857 	New Zealand	Jersey 

1871 Channel Islands Census was taken on the night of 2 April 1871
Bourchier	Edward C  	abt 1864 	New Zealand  	Jersey 
Fosson		Thomas  	abt 1866 	New Zealand  	Jersey 
Herley		Elizabeth  	abt 1859 	New Zealand 	Jersey 
Irvine		Annabella  	abt 1863 	New Zealand  	Jersey 
Irvine		Cecil  		abt 1864 	New Zealand  	Jersey 
Irvine		Alexander  	abt 1866 	New Zealand 	Jersey
Irvine		Margret  	abt 1867 	New Zealand  	Jersey 
Masland		Cycil E  	abt 1864 	New Zealand  	Jersey 
Ogard		John A  	abt 1866 	New Zealand  	Guernsey 
1881 Census of the Channel Islands was taken on the night of 3 April 1881
Name 			Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Relationship Residence 
Beckham 	Violet B.H.  	abt 1869 NZ Dau. 82 St Saviours Rd, St Helier, Jersey. Mother: Henrietta C. Beckham abt 1833 Canada, Sub-dist.C ED:16 Folio:18 Pg:30  
Biard 		Alice Rene  	abt 1876 New Zealand Daughter La Marquanderie, St Brelade. Parents: Philip Biard abt 1849 St Brelades Subdist.M ED:5 Folio:102 Pg:13 
Biard 		Martha Louise  	abt 1879 New Zealand Daughter La Marquanderie, St Brelade, Jersey  Parents: Susan Mary Biard b. abt 1856 St Brelades
Bullock 	Alice  		abt 1875 Wellington, NZ Dau. 5 Doyle St, St Peter Pt. Parents: Heneretta Bullock abt 1853 St Peter Pt 
Bullock 	Ethel  		abt 1878 Canterbury, NZ Dau. 5 Doyle St, St Peter Pt. Parents: Wm H. Bullock abt 1847 St Peter Pt. Occ. Coachman  
Bullock 	Florence  	abt 1876 Wellington, NZ Dau. 5 Doyle St, St Peter Port, Guernsey. Sub-dist.A Folio:55 Page:6 
Cordery 	Elizabeth I.  	abt 1861 NZ Wife 18 Havre Des Pas, St Helier. Husband: Charles Cordery b. abt1843 Eng. Occ. QuarterMast2/12 Regt. SubdistB ED:11 Folio:42  
Heath 		James J.  	abt 1872 New Zealand Cousin Main Road Manor Cottage, St Clement, Jersey
Kendale 	Jules Willm.  	abt 1878 Wellington, NZ Grandson 18 Duhamel Place (Shirley House), St Helier, Jersey
Kendale 	Maud  		abt 1876 Wellington, NZ Granddau.18 Duhamel Place (Shirley House), St Helier, Jersey
McCoon 		Alice  		abt 1869 NZ Pauper "Hosp. of St Peter Port" Near St Julians Ave, St Peter Port, Guernsey
Molloy 		Elizabeth C.  	abt 1865 NZ Dau. 2 Grotto Cottage, St Brelade Parents: Arthur Molloy abt 1839 Ireland Occ. Chelsea Pensioner. Sister Charlotte T. Molloy abt1871 ENG
Molloy 		Sophia M. 	abt 1870 NZ Dau. 2 Grotto Cottage, St Brelade, Occ. Chelsea Pensioner Scholar Parents: Elizabeth Molloy abt 1835 St Brelade 
Ogard 		John Alfred  	abt 1866 Auckland, NZ Son Charotterie Cottage, St Peter Port, Guernsey
Reed 		Norma A. 	abt 1876 Auckland, NZ Daughter No 2 Hillside, St Saviour, Jersey
Reed 		Vernon H. 	abt 1872 Auckland, NZ Son No 2 Hillside, St Saviour, Jersey. Father : Jessie C. Reed abt 1845 Ipswich QLD, AUS.
Brother: John R. Reed b. 1865 Ipswich. Sister: Eileen F. b. 1880 Belfast, IRE. 
Renouf 		Delahay 	abt 1859 Auckland, NZ Wife 7 Grove Place, St Helier, Jersey
Rowley 		Catherine  	abt 1863 NZ dau. Rohais Road Ivy Gates, St Peter Port, Subdist.C ED:4a Folio:74 Pg:10 
Rowley 		Thomas 		abt 1832 England Head Rohais Rd Ivy Gates, St Peter Port, late of the Colony of NZ 
Simon 		Eliza  		abt 1878 NZ Dau. Chaumiere Cottage, St Brelade, Jersey. Parents: Ester Simon abt 1841 St Peters & Nicholas Simon abt 1842 St Brelades. Occ. Mason
Wilson 		Frances E. 	abt 1866 NZ Dau. Thornton Villa St Helier. Father: John C Wilson abt 1810 Ipswich Suffolk Eng. Occ. Clergyman CoE. Mother Charlotte J abt 1833 France
1891 Channel Islands Census 
Name 			Est. Birth Yr 	 Birthplace 	Birthplace   1891 Location 
Addison	 	 George Stanly 	abt 1877 		New Zealand  Jersey 
Ahier	 	 Edward J 	abt 1889 Otago	 	New Zealand  Jersey  
Batchelor	 Cecily S 	abt 1884 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Batchelor	 Grace E 	abt 1884 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Bisset		 Francis E 	abt 1889 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Bowley		 Catharine M E 	abt 1863 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Bridge		 George Fletcher abt1862 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Couteur		 Amelia Mary 	abt 1880 		New Zealand  Jersey 
Couteur		 Esthel Mary 	abt 1882 		New Zealand  Jersey 
Digby		 Claude H 	abt 1881 Christchurch	New Zealand  Jersey 
Haines		 Fanny B 	abt 1879 		New Zealand  Jersey 
Johnston	 Glen M 	abt 1856 Wellington	New Zealand  Jersey 
Johnston	 Gordon J 	abt 1876 Wellington	New Zealand  Jersey 
Kendall		 Julius 	abt 1848 		New Zealand  Jersey 
Ozanne		 Christine 	abt 1884 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Powell		 Florence A 	abt 1882 		New Zealand  Jersey 
Raill		 Arthur 	abt 1886 Dunedin	New Zealand  Jersey 
Raill		 George 	abt 1881 Dunedin	New Zealand  Jersey 
Raill		 William C 	abt 1879 Dunedin	New Zealand  Jersey 
Renouf		 Delahay 	abt 1859 		New Zealand  Jersey 
Stanbury	 Lauria L 	abt 1880 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Vicent		 Fred Aug 	abt 1878 		New Zealand  Jersey 
Vincent		 Annie 		abt 1879 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Vincent		 Elia 		abt 1881 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Vincent		 John 		abt 1837 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Vincent		 Marie 		abt 1877 		New Zealand  Guernsey 
Wilson		 Frances E 	abt 1865 		New Zealand  Guernsey

1901 Channel Islands Census was taken on the night of 31 March 1901
Name 				Est. Birth Year Birthplace 	Relationship Civil Parish County/Island 
Ahier 		Edward J  	abt 1889 Dunedin NZL		Son 	Grouville Jersey 	Parents: Alfred and Ann R Ahier. Son Charles S. b. 1892. Jersey.  ED5 Folio223 Pg11 Hhold81 
Balleine 	Martha L	abt 1879 New Zealand 		Wife 	St Peter  Jersey 	ED:1 Folio:100 Pg:14 Hhold:106 Husband: John Alf Balleine. First child b. 1897 St Peter
Biard 		Alice Rive 	abt 1877 New Zealand 		Servant, Beaumont, St Peter Jersey 
Bisset 		Frances E  	abt 1889 Canterbury, NZ 	Son 	St Peter Port Guernsey  Mother: Florence M Bisset  ED:5a Folio:79 Pg:32 Hhold:39 
Cooper 		Charles  24	abt 1877 New Zealand 		Head 	St Helier Jersey  	Wife: Augustine Dau. Christine b.1890 St Helier ED38 Folio155 Pg12 Hhold81 Occ. Stonecutter
Eldred 		Edward G  	abt 1875 New Zealand 		Boarder St Helier Jersey   	Maria E J Eldred b. Southampton
Eldred 		George Edward 26abt 1875 New Zealand 			St Helier Jersey 	Royal Garrison Artillery  Occ. Sergeant R G A
Falla 		Annie 		abt 1889 St Martin's, New Zealand Daughter St Martin Jersey 
Falla 		Daniel  20	abt 1881 New Zealand 		Son 	St Martin Jersey  	Parents: Daniel and Sarah D. Falla b. Ire.. Occ. Gardener
Falla 		Edith  		abt 1890 St Martin's, New Zealand Daughter St Martin Jersey 	ED:2 Folio: 60 Pg:10 Hhold:69 
Falla 		Elsie  		abt 1886 St Martin's, New Zealand Daughter St Martin Jersey 
Falla 		Florence  	abt 1892 St Martin's, New Zealand Daughter St Martin Jersey 
Fater 		Kate E 		abt 1857 New Zealand 		Staff 	Grouville Jersey 
Haye 		Florence Ann  	abt 1882 New Zealand 		Wife 	St Brelade Jersey    	Mother: Clara Powell b. abt 1847 England. Husb.: George De La Haye b. abt 1877
Kaill 		Arthur  14 	b. Dunedin New Zealand 		Jersey St Heliers 		Plumbers Apprentice
Kendall 	Julius W  23  	abt 1878 Masterton, NZ 		Head 	St Saviour Guernsey  	Grandma: Ruth Bengerfield b. abt 1826 St. Helier Occ. Watch & Clock Repairer
Leather 	Ethel M  	abt 1873 New Zealand 		Wife 	St Peter Port Guernsey 	Husband: T D Stanger Leather b. abt 1871 Eng. ED:8b Folio:111 Pg:22 Hhold:163 
Lochington 	Guillaume 30	abt 1871 New Zealand 		Boarder St Saviour Guernsey 	ED:12 Folio:100 Pg:5 Hhold:13a Scholar
Lovi 		Maudy  		abt 1885 Masterton, NZ 		Niece 	Rozel, St Martin Jersey	ED:1 Folio:9 Pg:9 Hhold:48 
Moitier 	Desire  	abt 1849 St John, NZ 		Head 	St Peter Jersey 	ED:3 Folio:117 Page:4 Hhold:30 
Ozanne 		Christine  	abt 1884 New Zealand 		Daughter St Martin Jersey 	Parents: William J Ozanne b1848 and Alice b1847 St Peter Port  ED:3 Folio:74 Pg:11 Hhold:68 
Randall 	Beatrice A  	abt 1876 New Zealand 		Visitor Sous L Eglise, St Saviour Guernsey  Visiting : Henry G Legros family
Smith 		Maud  		abt 1876 Wellington, NZ 	Wife 	St Peter Port Guernsey 	Husband: Robert Smith b.1868 Eng. Dau: Violet Maud Smith ED: 4b Folio:39 Pg:6 Hhold: 41 
Smith 		Rosa T  	abt 1860 New Zealand 		Wife 	St Helier Jersey 	Husband: Herbert b1856 Liverpool Eng Dau.Winifred A.b1892 StHelierED:38Folio152Pg6 Hhold:32
Stranger  	Winifred 	abt 1867 New Zealand 		Wife 	Vale Guernsey 		Husband: Richard Stranger b. Vale 1863 Dau: Violet b1892 AUS ED:1 Folio:159 Pg:6 Hhold:348  
Vessey 		John  		abt 1862 New Zealand 		Head 	St Peter Port Guernsey  ED:4c Folio:42 Pg:1 Hhold:6 
Weale 		Magde  		abt 1889 New Zealand 		Boarder St Mary Jersey 		Sister: Maeve Weale b. 1890 NSW 
Williams 	John  36	abt 1865 New Zealand 		Visiting the Stranger family, Vale, Guernsey. The Vale Engineer

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Probates etc. held Archives NZ 
ALLARD 		Alice May, aka VEITCH Alice May - Island of Jersey - Widow Dun
BELLAIRS 	Reginald Nigel 	- d'Albini, Guernsey Island - Retired Company Executive 1979 Akld
BLAMPIED 	Elizabeth 	- Jersey - Married Woman 1913 Akld 
BLAMPIED 	Philip Winter 	- Jersey - Captain Merchant Service 1904 Akld
BURROWS 	Stanley Miles 	- Brelade Jersey - Farmer 1954 Akld
BYRCH 		Albert Phillips - St Peter Port, Guernsey - Boarding H Kpr 1946 Chch
DONALD 		James Paterson 	- Jersey, Channel Island - Gentleman 1936 Akld 
DOVER 		William 	- London ex Jersey - Brother of Mary Jane 1881 Akld 
DUDLEY-SMITH 	Enid Doris 	- Jersey Island ex Auckland - Married Woman 1954 Akld 
ELLERBECK 	John Henry T. 	- St Heliers, Jersey 1905 Akld
ELLIS 		Millicent 	- Jersey, Channel Island - Widow 1944 Akld 
FILLEUL 	Anne Penelope 	- Jersey - Spinster 1893 Dun
HAMON 		Elizabeth 	- Jersey - Married Woman 1913 Akld
LAINE 		Juliana 	- Guernsey - Widow 1917 Chch 
LAINE 		Thomas Lauga 	- Guernsey - 1897 Chch
LE FEVRE 	Philip Alfred 	- St Heliers, Jersey - Reverend 1892 Dun
LE PATOURER 	Herbert A 	- St Peter Port, Guernsey - H M Procureur 1952 Chch
LYTTELTON 	Westcote Raymond - St Saviours, Jersey - 1956 Chch
MALET 		Leonard de Carteret - Jersey - Esquire 1939 Chch
MAXWELL 	Alice Hilda 	- Guernsey - Widow 1968 Akld
MACKINTOSH 	Charles Edward 	- St Brelades, Jersey 1895 Dun
MARETT 		John 		- Auckland ex St John's, Jersey - Son of George 1860 Akld
MOLLET 		Daniel 		- Port Guernsey - Gentleman 1907 Chch
NEAL 		Patience 	- St Laurence, Jersey - Widow 1871 Akld
OSELTON 	Robert Peter 	- Island of Alderney - Deepsea Diver 1984 Akld
OZANNE 		Joseph 		- Guernsey ex Auckland and Tasmania - Medical Practitioner 1873
PONT-ALAIN 	Edith Walcott 	- Les Gravees, Guernsey - Widow 1961 Akld
PORTER 		Guy Tenlon 	- St Helier, Jersey - Retired Farmer 1946 Dun
ROBIN 		James Hammond 	- Jersey, Channel Island - Gentleman 1891 Chch
SAVAGE 		Walter 		- St Peter Port, Guernsey 1954 Akld
SCOTT-DALGLEISH Innes 		- Isle of Jersey - Retired 1973 Akld  
SIMEON 		Cornwall Barrington - St Martin, Island of Jersey - Tax Inspector 1959 Chch
VARIN 		Eunice Barbeson - St Helier, Jersey 1968 Dun
VAUTIER 	Thomas George 	- St Martin, Island of Jersey 1926 Akld 
WIGGINS 	Alfred Gilpin 	- St Heliers Isld Jersey - Gentleman 1907 Chch 
WOOD 		Ross Derisley 	- Guernsey, Channel Islands - Company Director 1989 Akld  
YOUNG 		Samuel John 	- Alderney, Channel Islands - Retired 1993 Akld 

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Who was he? Can the A.B. be traced by 28430? What do the digits represent? Is it his Register ticket number??

Otago Witness Saturday 18 March 1865 pg12

The Southland Times says The bodies of the two men recently drowned at Tois Tois by the capsizing of a boat have been recovered. The first is about five feet six inches, middle aged, thin light-brown hair; sandy beard and moustaches; dressed in moleskin trousers, old watertight boots, blue worsted socks, white flannel shirt, blue check shirt, brown tweed jumper with pocket in the side and bone buttons, and a check handkerchief. The two latter articles have been kept for identifying.

The second is about five feet ten inches in height; thirty years of age; hair nearly black; brown beard on chin and very little on cheeks; thin features and thin built;
mark on the left arm, 28430, A.B., with flag between and two broad arrows pointing different ways; wore blue guernsey, white canvas trousers, blue check shirt, dark check coat with horse, dog, and foxes' heads on the buttons. This man's neck was broken, and his feet much cut - probably by the boat in the surf. The bodies have been buried in the sandhills, near the scene of the accident, and the spot marked with a piece of timber at the head and foot of each grave. There seems to be a doubt as to there having been three men drowned. McGowan, one of the crew of the Struggler, who saw the accident, said there were men and dogs in the boat when it capsized. [the third body was discovered a week later]

A guernsey is a thick warm, hard-wearing knitted sweater, often with a distinctive pattern on it peculiar to the Isle of Guernsey, Channel Islands and often used by fisherman and seaman in the Merchant Navy  When a girl received with favour the attentions of a young man, she would knit for him a pair of stockings, and later - a ganzey [English dialect]. Distinctive patterns often had origin in local identification. They were knitted by the sailor's sweetheart as a betrothal present, and sadly helped trace the village origins of drowned fishermen. The wool was washed, carded, spun and knitted tightly so as to "turn water"; the lack of seams ensures greater strength and impermeability; a  almost windproof, and using wool that still retains much of the lanolin allows them to shed water. You weren't supposed to wash them that often as it damaged the waterproofing. Originally hand-knitted in one piece, often knitted in the round on sets of four or five needles.

The English Channel Island Jersey was famous for its knitting trade in medieval times, and because of that original fame, the name jersey is still applied to many forms of knitted fabric, round or flat. It is also another name for a pullover or sweater, because those garments were usually made from knitted Jersey.

Otago Witness April 29 1908 pg 88 Articles on Guernsey by Sarnia IV
St Peter's in-the -Wood. The rector was Dean of Guernsey, and the rectory is where Mrs Carey-Broch's well known books for children have been written. Catel Church. Saumares Manor House, occupied by the family with the same name....
Otago Witness  May 6 1908 pg 88 Sark, Herm and Jethou.

The Southern Cross, Auckland January 2 1866. pg6
Shipwrecks off Alderney.
A heavy storm rose. The ship ' Carioca' 610 tons burthen, bound from Havre to the Brazils, with a general cargo consisting of rich silks, cloths, hats, prints, butter, potatoes, and a complement of 29 men was driven on to the Chateau-le-toc Rock, beneath Albert Fort, and dashed by the furious breakers. By an interposition of Providence, the ship was suddenly listed over by the waves, and falling on her side, her mast nearly touched the battlements of the fort. The crew effected a landing. Sergeant Cox, of the 6th Regiment, and men aroused themselves and saved the men. Two bodies recovered.  The 'Le Cygne,' barque, 300 to 400 tons lost.

Evening Post, 15 October 1935, Page 3
The first gathering of Channel Islanders by birth and descent, held in Wellington last year, was such a success that it was then decided to hold an annual gathering on every October 14, the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. The reunion was repeated last evening when there was a large attendance of those who had come from Les lies de la Manche or were descendants of Channel Islanders. Mr. H. P. Mourant presided and explained the origin of the gathering and the widespread interest it had evoked not only in New Zealand but in Australia and the Channel Islands themselves, The gathering last evening was confirmatory, he said, of the affection felt by Channel Islanders for their native home, their pride in its traditions, and their loyalty to the Duke of Normandy, who was also King of England. Mr. Mourant referred to the presence of Channel Islanders who had come from long distances to be present that evening and to some who from reasons of old age or ill health were unable to be present but were with the gathering in spirit.-He also gave some interesting details of the industries of the islands and their close contact now by airways with England and France. Mr. G. Barltrop, with Mr. Percy Denton operating the lantern, gave a most interesting lecture- on Jersey Guernsey, and Sark, describing their natural features and antiquities, their castles and prehistoric remains, also the provision made and enterprise shown m the two main islands of the group for the comfort, and pleasure of visitors. Incidentally, it was mentioned by Mr Mourant that the distinction of having the oldest chamber of commerce in the British Empire belonged to Jersey and the first electric tramway service belonged to Guernsey. A very pleasant social evening was spent in conversation and exchanges of experiences. Musical items were given Miss Grace Gaudin and Mr Moulin (Levin). It was resolved, to send congratulatory letters to aged Channel Islanders resident in New Zealand who were unable to be present at the gathering including one to Mr. Phillip Le Quesne. of Hamilton, who is in his 99th year.

Evening Post, 1 March 1935, Page 8
Channel Islanders Abroad. A full report of the reunion of Channel Islanders resident in New Zealand, held in Wellington last year, is given pride of-place in the "Jersey Weekly Post." It is stated on the authority of Mr. H. P. Mourant, whose father, Mr. J. E. Mourant. is a resident of Havre-dcs-Pas, Jersey, that the meeting was the outcome of an article in the "Evening Post," Wellington. Names of Channel Islanders, native and New Zealand born, who were present at the meeting are given in this record of what is hoped to be an annual reunion.


Green Dolphin Street, written by Elizabeth Goudge, was published in 1944 by Coward- McCann, Inc. New York and by Holder and Stoughton, London as Green Dolphin Country. A romance novel "and practically written in Technicolor." Two girls who grow up on Guernsey and one goes to New Zealand.  It will be one of the best fiction books you will ever read.  Read the book first before watching the movie as the movie does not follow the story line consistently.  Elizabeth Goudge wrote a note in the book  "Though this book is fiction, and the characters are not portraits, it is based on fact."

Elizabeth Goudge was born in Wells, Somerset, 24 April 1900.  She was educated at Grassendale School, Southbourne in Hampshire and Reading University School of Art.   She was a teacher of design and applied art in Ely and Oxford from 1922 to 1932.  She died 1 April 1984. Source: Twentieth Century romance and historical writers.  2nd ed, St James Press, 1990.  Her obituary notice, run in the Times (London) on April 3, 1984, and the New York Times on April 27, 1984, calls Green Dolphin Street, "her most famous work," and describe how it "won a Literary Guild Award and was adapted as a motion picture." Her work is described as "depicting life in British small towns through accurate descriptions of individuals and locations, thus evoking her readers sympathy for her characters."

Green Dolphin Street, the movie, is based on Elizabeth Goudge's book.  This entertaining MGM movie, a drama, romance, adventure, depicting pioneer life in New Zealand at the time of the Maori Wars, was made in 1947.  It won an Academy Award for special effects.  My boys really enjoy the earthquake /flood scene. Stars include Lana Turner, Van Heflin, Donna Reed, Richard Hart, Frank Morgan and Edmund Gwen. Directed by Victor Servile.

Where do you find the book?
Try your local library. Interlibrary loan, used book stores and book sales. My mother just picked up a hardback copy, in good condition at the popular annual Founders Day Book Sale held the beginning of June in Nelson, NZ for $1.00

"Charlottle Gladstone " arrived in Lyttleton with mail Jan. 1871, Feb 1872 & Feb 1873.

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Green Dolphin Street reminds me of the WORTHINGTON family line I am researching.  Edward Worthington, Post Captain, R.N. (b. 26 April 1785 Dover, Kent, England) and his wife Polymnie Durup Worthington former residents of Port Louis, Mauritius and  Saint Peter Port, Guernsey.  Edward did not want his sons to follow a career in the Royal Navy so he sent his sons, John b. 4 Aug. 1846 and Robert out from London to Otago on the 'Derwentwater' in 1861 with a guardian to buy sheep farms in Canterbury. They had entered Elizabeth College, Guernsey in 1857, John's #1251 and Robert's #1252, and were fluent in French.  Neither Robert nor John had any practical experience.  John was a gentleman in the true sense of the word and had good principles.  His definition of a gentleman was a man who never hurt another's feelings.  He was very erect and a fast walker.  They had never done any work before coming to New Zealand for they always been looked after by servants so life was tough for them, especially when they were hard hit by the depression of the 1880's.  He was very fond of riding and was noted for his dogs and horses. John told the story that he dreamt that his brother was calling to him and that he was drowning, a friend wrote it down in his diary and much later, about six months, John received the news that his brother had drowned at that time. (Edward Victor Worthington unfortunately lost his life by drowning in the Hooghli River, India from the ship 'Ally' during a cyclone of 5th October 1864, aged 34 years). John's daughter married S.P. Bray (my grandparents).  S.P. worked in the Wairarapa bush, felling timber, and ended up with a 10,000 acre run in South Canterbury.  S.P. had a sister, Hinemoa, named after Captain John Fairchild's, coastal trader, "S.S. Hinemoa"Posted by Olwyn - 10 August 1998

Edward died at 10 Union St, Newtown, St Peter Port, Guernsey on Oct. 22 1865 aged 80 years. His estate except household property was bequeathed to Joseph Collins Esq, of Grange Rd, St. Peter's Port , Victor Deveaux of St Jacques, Guernsey and William Smith late of Stow Villa, Bath now at 3 College Terrace, Guernsey.

Emma, daughter of Edward and Polymine, married James J. Thomas and had a son b. 1880 at Westbury on Tryn, Bristol.

Anne Louise m. Anthony Isemonger. They had three children Anthony b. 9 Aug. 1858 m. Rebecca Hazard in 1887 at Wellington, NZ. He served in the Permanent Milita and was Sergeant in the NZ Police Force. Walter Leonard Isemonger b. 20 Aril 1862 served in the US Navy and died in 1906 in Chicago. Anthony b. 21 Oct. 11831 s/o Anthony and Isat Isemonger nee Scadding d. 5 Feb. 1906 and Anne Louise Felicie Isemonger nee Worthington b. 3 March 1915 at St. Martin's Guernsey. John did go back to Guernsey for a holiday.

Otago Witness, Issue 2345, 2 February 1899, Page 8
While the Westport Coal Company's employees were unpacking a consignment of new coal cutting machines, recently imported, they found a note carefully stowed away in one of the "iron men," stating that the machine was packed by one Isemonger, at Denver, that he had a brother in the police force in New Zealand, and would like to hear from him. This strangely conveyed letter came very close to its destination, for Constable Isemonger is stationed at Greymouth.

Evening Post, 15 December 1891, Page 2 Palmerston North
Constable Isemonger sustaining a severe fracture of the ankle in jumping from the train.

Evening Post, 13 February 1907, Page 6
Sergeant Isemonger, District Police Clerk at Auckland, has resigned.

1851 Census Household No. 23
Island of Guernsey Parish of St Peter Port Town of St Peter Port 
Name of st  	Name and Surname of each person in house Condition Age M F Occupation Where born
Caledonia Rd	Edward Worthington 	Head M 65 Retired Master Marine England
		Polyminie Worthington 	Wife M 39 wife 			Port Louis Mauritius
		Ann Worthington 	Dau  U 21 _ 			Port Louis Mauritius BS
		Maria? Worthington 	Dau  U 19 _ 			Port Louis Mauritius BS
		William Worthington 	Son  U 14 Scholar 		Port Louis Mauritius
		Sarah Worthington 	Dau  U 12 Scholar 		Port Louis Mauritius
		Clara Worthington 	Dau  U 10 Scholar 		Port Louis Mauritius
		Robert Worthington 	Son  U  6 Scholar 		Tours France BS
		John Worthington 	Son  U  4 Scholar 		Tours France BS
		Polymnie Worthington 	Dau  U  1 _			St Peter Port 
1861 Channel Islands Census 
Name 				Est. Birth Yr 	Birthplace  Residence 1861 Island 	
Edward Worthington 		abt 1786 	England 	Guernsey 
Pauline Worthington		abt 1813 	Mauritius 	Guernsey (actually Polymnie)
Emma Worthington 		abt 1854 	Guernsey	Channel Islands 
Sarah Worthington 		abt 1839 	Mauritius 	Guernsey
Clara Worthington 		abt 1841 	Mauritius 	Guernsey
Robert Worthington 		abt 1844 	Guernsey 	(actually b. Tours, France)
John Worthington 		abt 1847 	Guernsey  	(actually b. France)
Anthony Isemonger 		abt 1832 	Guernsey, Channel Islands
Ann Louise Feliciti Isemonger 	abt 1830 	Mauritius 
Anthony Isemonger 		abt 1859 	Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Florence Emyly Isemonger 	abt 1860 	Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Ann H Isemonger 		abt 1805 	Guernsey, Channel Islands

1871 Channel Islands Census 
Anne L F Isemonger 		abt 1830 	Mauritius Guernsey 
Anthony Isemonger 		abt 1832 	Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Anthony Isemonger 		abt 1859 	Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Florence E Isemonger 		abt 1860 	Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Walter L Isemonger 		abt 1863 	Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Victor L Devance 		abt 1809 	Mauritius Guernsey 

1881 Channel Islands Census Sub-dist: B ED: 4 Folio: 93 Pg: 1 2 St James Place St Jacques, St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Is.
Ann Louisa Felicite Isemonger 	b. abt 1830 Mauritius Port Louis, Mauritius Wife Teacher Of French 
Anthony Isemonger 		b. abt 1832 St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands Head 
Florence Emily Isemonger 	b. abt 1860 St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands Daughter 

1891 Channel Islands Census 
Isemanger, Florence E 		abt 1861 Guernsey, Channel Islands (sic)

1901 Channel Islands Census 
Anne S P Isemonger 		abt 1831 	Mauritius Wife St Peter Port Guernsey 
Anthony Isemonger 		abt 1832 	St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands Head 
Florence E Isemonger 		abt 1860 	St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands Daughter

1881 England Census on the night of 3 April 1881
Lancer Villa, Woodfield, Westbury On Trym, Gloucestershire, England
Reg dist.: Barton Regis Sub-reg dist: Westbury ED: 8 Folio: 16 Pg: 26 
James J. Thomas 		abt 1854 Redruth, Cornwall, England 		Head. Occ: Clerk In as Office 
Emma Thomas 			abt 1853 St Johns, Guernsey, Channel Islands 	Wife 
Edward S. Thomas 		abt 1880 Bristol Westbury On Trym 		Son 

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O my Luve's like a red, red rose
that's newly sprung in June;
O my Luve's like the melodie
that's sweetly played in tune!

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve thee am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry:

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sand o'life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only Luve,
And fare thee weel a while!
And I will come again, my Luve,
Tho' it were ten thousand mile.

Robert Burns
Transcribed from Green Dolphin Street