The "Robert Henderson" London to Port Chalmers, Otago New Zealand 1860.

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"Robert Henderson"

New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness  Saturday September 8, 1860 page 8

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Shipping News

Arrivals. September 3 - Robert Henderson, Logan, from Glasgow. Passengers -  *Passengers paying their own passages.

Alison		Thomas
*Allan		Alexander and wife
Anderson 	Duncan	
Anderson	James and Marion (?Jane)
Adamson		Jane
*Aitchison 	George
*Aitchison	James
Aitchison	John, and wife  
Arnott		David 
Barrowman	John and wife 
Begg		Samuel 
*Blackie	Peter and Andrew
*Blackie	James and wife, Margt.,
*Blackie	William, Robert, James, Eliza, and Walter
Brown		Robert wife and 2 (?3)daughters
*Buchanan	J. and wife
Campbell	Donald wife, son and 2 daughters
Christie 	Andrew
Clerk (?Clark)	David
Cockburn	Walter
Corrie		William
Cowan		James  
Crawford	James 
*Crochane	John, wife and son 
Crosbie		George 
Currie		John  
*Dawson		Ralph and John (?Peter)
Dick		John G.
Dick		William, and wife
Dickie		Alex.
Dixon		Thomas
*Dobbie		Archibald
*Dods		Alexander wife, son and 2 daughters
Douglas		Helen 
*Dow		Sarah   
Fairbairn	Alexander  and wife  (?Margaret) 
Fairbairn	John, wife, 3 sons and daughter
Fairbairn	Robert
Fairbairn	Margaret, Alison and David
Findlay		Ann
Forsyth		Charles
Fraser		John, wife, 3 sons, and daughter
Gillie		James, son, and 2 daughters  (?Isabella)
Glendining	Andrew
Gunn		Hugh
Grey		Agnes
*Hall		John
Hay		John, wife, and son    
Hay	  	James, wife, 2 sons, and 2 daughters    
Hay	 	William 
*Hay		Margaret Hay or Blair
*Hay		George wife and daughter
Henderson	John 
Hewit		Joseph	
Herrie		Herbert
Hood		James and wife
Hunter		James and Thos. 
Hyslop		Robert and wife
Henderson	William
Henderson	Agnes 
Henderson	John and wife Ann paid �16 10s passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago on September 3 1860)
Houliston (?Howlison) Robert, wife Agnes, 4 sons, and 4 daughters   
Inglis		James and wife, son and daughter
King	 	Alexander. wife son, and daughter
King		Thomas
King		Adam, 3 sons, and 5 daughters    
*Knox		James wife, son and 2 daughters   
Leishman	Robert and Margaret 
Littlejohn	Andrew and wife 
Logan		Ann
Lowrie (?Laurie)	Joseph
Lunam		David	wife, 2 sons and 3 daughters
Lunam		Thomas wife, 2 sons and 6 daughters    
Lunam		William, wife, 2 sons and 5 daughters (?Elizabeth, Margaret, Robert, and James)
Mccauley	John
*McIntyre	Hughina and 3 daughters
*McMillian	Archie M.K. (?Macmillan)
*McCallum	Duncan
McGregor	Ann and Jane
*Marshall	Anthony 2 sons and 2 daughters
Marshall	George and wife
*Marshall	William and wife
Martin (?Maten)	Margaret
*Mathieson	Elizabeth
Melrose		Andrew	wife, 2 sons and daughter
*Milne		John
Moffat		John
Mowilaws	Alex.
*Murray		Andrew
*Murray		George
*Murray		James
*Murray		John
*Murray		Mrs
*Murray		Thomas
Nelson		Mr
Noble		John and wife
Oliver		George and wife
Oliver		James
Oliver		Lachlan 
*Pagen (?Pagan)	Archibald   
Raeburn		John, wife, son and 3 daughters
Rankin		William, wife, and daughter 
Redpath		Thomas and daughter
Robertson	John
Renton		John, wife, and 2 daughters
Richardson	Agnes
*Sharp		Samuel
Sligh		John
Spiers		Wm. 
*Stewart	Donald and wife
Stewart		John, wife, son and daughter  
Stewart		Fanny, Jemima, and Henry
*Stewart	Janet    
*Suiness	John 
Taylor		James, wife, 4 sons, and 3 daughters
Tully		Robert and wife
Waugh		James
Waugh		William
Welsh		John and Elspeth
Wilson		Thomas
*Young		John, wife, 2 sons, and 6 daughters

Married Couples				 42
Single Women				 46
Single Men				 79
Male Children, between 1 and 12 years	 26
Female  between 1 and 12 years		 36
Infants - 8 males and 5 females		 13

July 16	 Mrs Wm. Marshall of a son.
July 20	 Mrs Jno. Stewart infant, still-born
Sep.  4	 Mrs Thos. Redpath of a son
Sep.  5	 Mrs John Aitchison of a daughter

June  7 Ellen Houliston	 aged  9 months of convulsions
June 14 Jane King	 aged 49  years of acute bronchitis
June 25 Robert Hislop	 aged  7 months of convulsions
June  2 Ann Henderson	 aged 20  years of scartina
July  2 John White	 aged 18  years of scarlatina
July 18 Janet Marshall	 aged 3�  years of peritonitis
July 23 Chas. Stewart	 aged  9  years of pericarditis
July 26 Elizabeth Cochrane age 5  years of scarlatina
July 26 Janet Inglis	 aged  9 months of scarlatina
Aug. 21 Catherine Brown  aged  3  years of diarrhoea

The occupations by this ship are - 14 farmers, 40 ploughman, 34 shepherds, 5 masons, 2 carpenters, 1 engraver, 1 gamekeeper, 13 labourers, 1 baker, 1 blacksmith, 8 dairymaids, and 33 female servants.

The "Robert Henderson" with immigrants from the Clyde, arrived at the Heads on Monday morning last, after a fair passage of 92 days. Scarlet fever has been very prevalent on board during the voyage, from which there has been 4 deaths, and 7 persons had died from other diseases. The vessel was detained in Quarantine. The young men have been sent on shore at Deborah bay, and the women have been busily engaged in washing on board the ship.

Otago Witness Saturday August 4 1860.
Assisted immigrants expected to sail listed.
These persons were not mentioned as arriving:
Dunn        *S.R. 
Aimers     Margaret
Alison      Margaret
Hunter      Margaret
Stewart     Charles (travelling with Fanny, Jemima, and Henry)

Another listing. Same voyage.
1857 voyage

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Health Board Report. The Robert Henderson sailed on the 2nd of June last, from the Clyde, with 210 adults, 62 children from 1 to 12 years, and 13 infants. That there had been three births and 11 deaths. There had been about 40 cases of scarlet fever on board, and 4 deaths from that disease, the last which occurred on the 26th July. 
"The Board resolve-
"That the ship must, be detained in Quarantine, and that all the beds of those passengers who have had the scarlet fever, be either destroyed or properly washed, and that the whole bedding and body clothes of all the passengers on board, which have been in use during the voyage, be properly washed.
"That immediate application be made to the Superintendent of the province to erect a temporary place in Deborah Bay, for washing and that the passengers be allowed to come ashore there to wash, under regulations. That as soon as a temporary washing place is erected. a police officer be stationed at Deborah Bay, to enforce the necessary Regulations, and that he should be authorised to provide the passengers with the use of hatchets, and also to sell soap to such as may require it.
John Gillies,Esq., R.M.
Chas. Logie, Colletor of Customs
Edward Hulme, M.D. Health Officer
W.H. Cutten, Esq. J.P.

John and Lydia Aitcheson (nee Harper), arrived on Robert Henderson in September 1860 and settled in Waikouaiti.

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