'Isabella Hercus' arrived Lyttelton March 1851

"Isabella Hercus"

New Zealand Bound
and diary

The "Isabella Hercus" was a full rigged ship, 618 tons, built in 1849, sailed from Gravesend to Plymouth  24 October, 1850 and arrived Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand 1 March, 1851 with 148 passengers under the command of Captain Peter Houston.

Lyttelton Times, Volume I, Issue 9, 8 March 1851, Page 5
The "Isabella Hercus" arrived on Saturday evening. She brings 25 cabin, 16 forecabin, and 107 steerage passengers. She has had a tolerable quick, and we are told, a very comfortable voyage. Her passengers are nearly all landed and, with one or two exceptions, in good health. The arrival of several other vessels gives our harbour again a busy appearance. The "Salacia," from Sydney has brought only 30 horses, not 150 as we were led to expect. The "Jane Dixon" is landing about 1200 sheep in Rhodes Bay. We must congratulate the Settlement upon the re-establishment of the regular postal communication with Christchurch.
[Eight miles from Lyttelton.] The Cavalier who parades our little town, every morning at nine o'clock, upon a strong bay horse, and winds a musical blast upon his bright bugle, has a very business-like appearance, and deserves right well the patronage of the town folk.

Chief Cabin Passengers Fore Cabin  
De Mole, John L.
De Mole, Mrs
Edgar, George H.
Heath, Mr
Heath, Mrs
Hopper, Thomas
Parkerson, Burrel
Parkerson, Knowles
Shand, Charles
Shand, John
Shand, Thomas
Sidebottom, Henry
Willis, J.T.     
/ Surgeon Superintendent
Willis, Mrs
Willis, child
     under 14
Willis, child
   under 14
Willis, infant
Wilson, Rev. James   PP
Wilson, Mrs   
  children under 14
Wilson, Sibella Mary
Wilson, Beatrice
Wilson, Cecilia Anne
Wilson, Catherine
Wilson, Margaret
Wormald, Richard
Anderson, Humpfrey
Bell, Hugh
Blackford, William
Bruce, Thomas
Hayter, Henrietta
Hayter, Richard
Smart, William
Smart, Hannah
Smart, John
Smart, William
Klipsch, Ed Frederick
Percy, John
Platt, John Tate
Shears, Robert
Wilcox, John Smith
Wilcox, Eleanor

Paying Steerage

Clarke, Robert
Danby, Charlotte
Danby, John
Lewis, Ed


The Canterbury colony was in it infancy. The printing equipment for a newspaper arrived on the Charlotte Jane on 16 December 1850, and the first edition of the Lyttelton Times was published less than one month later on 11 January 1851. An amazing feat. I wonder how many copies of the Volume One, Issue One of the Lyttelton Times survive?  Thanks to issue No. 10 we have a list of the cabin passengers with some surname spelling variations.

Lyttelton Times, Volume I, Issue 13, 5 April 1851, Page 2
The first expedition of colonists consisted of 1,200 passengers in six vessels; for though only the Randolph, Sir George Seymour, Cressy, and Charlotte Jane sailed from England at the same time, they were so closely followed by the Castle Eden and Isabella Hercus, that the whole of the first colonists really emigrated in a body.


E   A  Surname     Name           Age     M Ch Native Country Trade              � s d   Name of Land Purchasee recommending Remarks                                                        
       Allott      Elizabeth      4    F       England                                                                                                     
       Allott      Jabez          2    M       England                                                    
       Allott      Mary           30   F  Y  2 England                                                                                                     
14 350 Allott      William        26   M  Y  2 England  Gardener                 16                                                                        
22 369 Ashby       Edward         25   M  Y  1 England  Farm Laborer                                                                                       
       Ashby       Harriett       25   F  Y  1 England                                                                                                     
       Ashby       William        12   M       England                                                                                                     
       Ashley      Anne           27   F  Y    England                                                                                                     
9  328 Ashley      Joseph         24   M  Y    England  Tailor                   15                                                                        
23 135 Biffew      Ludy Flowers   20   F       England  Domestic Servant                		Servant of A. T. Ba?                                
16 359 Brown       John           20   M       England  Blacksmith, Carp'r, Farm Lab    Burrell Parkerson                                                  
40 392 Brown       Charlotte      27   F       England  Governess                                                                                          
25 301 Chince?     Charles        19   M       England  Agricultural Laborer            Rev. J. Wilson                                                     
       Cocby       Ellen          23   F  Y    England                                                                                                     
10 339 Cocby       Henry          30   M  Y    England  Carpenter & Cooper       15                                                                        
       Collis      Hannah         22   F  Y    England                                                                                                     
6  313 Collis      Henry          24   M  Y    England  Agricultural Laborer     10                                                                        
       Duncan      Catherine      inf  F       Scotland                                                                                                    
19 347 Duncan      George         31   M  Y  1 Scotland Agricultural Laborer     16                                                                        
       Duncan      Jane           25   F  Y  1 Scotland                                                                                                    
29 378 Denne       William Henry  21   M       England  Agricultural Laborer                                                                               
49 370 Evans       Catherine      39   F       Wales    Laundress                                                                                          
50 370 Evans       Margaret       14   F       Wales    Domestic Servant         5  6 8                                                                    
       Fairfield   Ann            25   F  Y    England                                                                                                     
28 349 Fairfield   George         23   M  Y    England  Maltster?                        Hon. Capt. Duncan                                                                  
33 343 Freckingham Ann            28   F       England  Domestic Servant                 committed suicide   see diary & info                                                                
8  327 Gould       Anne           22   F       England  Domestic Servant         5                                                                         
31 385 Hagerty     Dinah          39   F       England  Dressmaker                                                                                         
32 386 Hagerty     George Thomas  15   M       England  Laborer                                                                                            
       Hughes      Robert William 4    M       Scotland                                                                                                    
18 338 Hughes      Robert William 26   M  Y  2 Scotland Domestic Servant         8  15  J.J. Bulls Rely                                                    
       Hughes      Susan          28   F  Y  2 Scotland                                                                                                    
       Hughes      William James  inf  M       Scotland                                                                                                    
5  302 James       John           19   M       England  Agricultural Laborer            Rev. James Wilson                                                  
       Johnson     Caroline       3    F       England                                                                                                     
20 311 Johnson     Henry          38   M  Y  2 England  Agricultural Laborer            Hon. Capt. Duncan                                                  
       Johnson     Mary           31   F  Y  2 England                                                                                                     
       Johnson     Sarah          10   F       England                                                                                                     
45 393 Klipsch     Frederick      25   M       England                                  J.P. Wills                                                          
13 99  Martice?    Henry          23   M       England  Farm Laborer             7  10                                                                     
17 367 Martin      Charles        30   M  Y  1 England  Carpenter                8                                                                         
       Martin      Charles        8    M       England                                                                                                     
       Martin      Eliza          32   F  Y  1 England                                                                                                     
       Mutton	   Susannah       18   F  Y    England                                                                                                     
12 316 Mutton      Thomas         25   M  Y    England  Agricultural Laborer     10                                                                        
       Nichols     Ellen          3    F       England                                                                                                     
       Nichols     Emma           1    F       England                                                                                                     
       Nichols     Esther         4    F       England                                                                                                     
24 379 Nichols     Joshua         28   M  Y  3 England  Agricultural Laborer                                                                               
       Nichols     Sarah Ryder    25   F  Y  3 England                                                                                                     
52 325 Nash        Charlotte      21   F       England  Schoolmistress & Dom. S.                                                                           
51 324 Nash        Daniel         18   M       England  Schoolmaster                                                                                       
       Owen        John           1    M       Wales                                                                                                       
1  294 Owen        John           32   M  Y  1 Wales    Agricultural Laborer            James Wyatt                                                        
       Owen        Martha         30   F  Y  1 Wales                                                                                                       
46 353 Philpotts   James          20   M       England  Agricultural Laborer     5                                                                         
39 391 Playsted    Alfred George  42   M     4 England  Farm Laborer                                     Widower                                           
       Playsted    Charly         16   M       England  Farm Assistant                                                                                     
       Playsted    Isabella       6    F       England                                                                                                     
       Playsted    Mary           16   F       England  Domestic Servant                                                                                   
       Playsted    Sarah          12   F       England                                                                                                     
27 358 Price       Emma           30   F       England  Domestic Servant                Rev. J. Wilson                                                     
48 383 Reisice?    Richard        22   M       England  Farm Laborer             7  10  J.P. Willis Esq.                                                   
3  355 Roberts     Ann            39   F     6 Wales    Seamstress & Laundress   5      James Wyatt      Widower                                           
       Roberts     Anne           9    F       Wales                                                                                                       
       Roberts     Caroline       2    F       Wales                                                                                                       
       Roberts     John           13   M       Wales                                                                                                       
       Roberts     Mary           7    F       Wales                                                                                                       
4  356 Roberts     Robert         18   M       Wales                             5      James Wyatt                                                        
       Roberts     William        11   M       Wales                                                                                                       
       Rutland     John           1    M       England                                                                                                     
7  326 Rutland     John           26   M  Y  1 England  Carpenter & Gardener     12                                                                        
       Rutland     Mary           26   F  Y  1 England                                                                                                     
       Smeaton     Anne           31   F  Y  2 England                                                                                                     
21 172 Smeaton     Robert         38   M  Y  2 England  Blacksmith                                       Bill @ 2 years for  �22.10                         
       Smeaton     Sarah Anne     11   F       England                                                                                                     
       Smeaton     Thomas         8    M       England                                                                                                     
26 348 Smith       Caroline       28   F       England  Domestic Servant                Rev. J. Wilson                                                     
34 343 Solly       Edward         19   M       England  Laborer & Butcher                                                                                  
47 335 Solomon     Dorothea       23   F       England  Domestic Servant         5                                                                         
38 387 Stephenson  John           18   M       England  Laborer                                                                                            
11 211 Stephenson  Sarah          19   F       England  Domestic Servant         5                                                                         
41 15  Thomas      William        21   M       England  Gardner & Cow Keeper             George Heath Esq.                                                  
       Vickery     Benjamin       5    M       England                                                                                                     
       Vickery     Charles        3    M       England                                                                                                     
       Vickery     James          10   M       England                                                                                                     
       Vickery     John           9    M       England                                                                                                     
2  65  Vickery     John           33   M  Y  5 England  Agricultural Laborer            John Shand                                                         
       Vickery     Mary           29   F  Y  5 England                                                                                                     
       Vickery     Thomas         7    M       England                                                                                                     
       Walter      Amelia         12   F       England                                                                                                     
       Walter      George         8    M       England                                                                                                     
36 389 Walter      George         28   M  Y  2 England  Farm Laborer                    Hon. Capt. Duncan                                                  
       Walter      Lydia          35   F  Y  2 England                                                                                                     
37 390 Wigzell     Charles        21   M  Y  2 England  Tanner & Gardener               Hon. Capt, Duncan                                                  
       Wigzell     Charles Edward 2    M       England                                                                                                     
       Wigzell     Hannah         20   F  Y  2 England                                                                                                     
       Wigzell     Walter George  inf  M       England                                                                                                     
35 357 Wolley      George Henry   17   M       England  Baker & Laborer                                                                                    
       Wraight     Mary Anne      28   F       England                                                                                                     
       Wraight     William        inf  M       England                                                                                                     
30 354 Wraight     William        35   M  Y  1 England  Agricultural Laborer            George Heath Esq.                                                  
       Wurst       Anne           25   F  Y  1 England                                                                                                     
15 366 Wurst       George John    25   M  Y  1 England  Laborer                  5      Elizabeth Frances Harts                                                 
       Wurst       Sarah          inf  F       England                                                                                                     
� s d
No. of Embarkation Order
No. of Application on Register
No. of children
Sum paid

A partial page from the passenger list.Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515  Two passenger lists for the "Isabella Hercus" are available on the microfilm from the Embarkation Department. Dated October 23rd 1850 listing 105 souls and the other November 13, 1850 listing 104 souls, 85 adults.

HAYTER: Richard.

He was travelling with his sister Henrietta. Hayter took up farming in Heathcote but later became a contractor for the Northern Railway.  Richard Ansell Hayter with two sisters Henrietta & Hannah Ellen, nephew & nieces of my 3 x great grandfather Charles Hayter sailed to Lyttelton on the Isabella Hercus leaving Gravesend on 24 Oct 1950 & arriving 1 March1851.  The party of six actually consisted of Richard Ansell Hayter, Henrietta Hayter, John Franklin Smart, Hannah Ellen Smart nee Hayter, William James Smart aged 16 months and William Smart. This has been deduced from the diary & some NZ historic records. John Percy the schoolmaster travelled separately. Richard kept a diary which his now deposited in the Canterbury Museum item and have transcribed it from images from the museum and will be providing them with a copy of the transcription. John Percy the schoolmaster travelled separately.  Hannah Ellen Smart nee Hayter was married to John Franklin Smart, brother of William Smart on whom there are also notes on the website page. Hannah & John went back to England mid - late 1850s, back to NZ mid 1860s back to England 1874. Henrietta had an illegitimate child Edwin in Christchurch in 1854 who she brought back to England in the late 1850s; he went back to NZ in 1893. Richard never married & died in 1907.

Richard wrote a diary on board 'Isabella Hercus' to Lyttelton. Dates covered - 24 October 1850 - 13 January 1851. The size of the diary is 205 x 140x 17mm, one volume, 62 hand written pages. Mrs Bastion give the diary to the Canterbury Museum in January 1983.  Information and diary transcription courtesy of Jean Murray, UK, March 2015. Additional information on the Hayter's after the voyage researched by Jean. Richard's handwriting stayed pretty much the same from the first entry to the last - here is the page with the last entry. We do not think the extract at the end was also written by him.

Why did Richard suddenly stop writing? There is no explanation for the cessation of entries. The voyage commenced from Gravesend 24th October 1851. He kept up the entries for 81 days. The voyage lasted 128 days. So he kept up the diary for 63% of the voyage. His last entry was Sunday 12th January 1851, 41 days before the vessel arrived in Lyttelton. Omitted to put the date again it being the 12th. Was he loosing his concentration? Something was happening but his hand writing had not deteriorated.

Most of those who did not finish their voyage diaries, did at least preserve until they met the more violent weather of the Southern Ocean. It was when ships were running their "Easting Down", in the "Roaring Forties", etc, that conditions were often crowded, cold and wet below deck - most uncomfortable and unsuitable for writing letters and diaries, and enough to deter even the most hardened sea traveller from recording such a depressing scene! Ian Nicholson. 1993

Seems there has been a spelling variation of the surname. From the Christchurch City Council Database:
Name: HEYTER Richard
Date of death: Tuesday 22 Oct 1907
Cemetery: Sydenham
Date of burial: Friday 25th Oct 1907
Block: 8C
Plot: 46
Age: 81
Occupation: Clerk
 Hayter, Edward
Date of death: Wednesday, 28 November 1934
Cemetery: Bromley
Date of burial: Thursday, 29 November 1934
Block number: 12 Plot number: 288
Age: 82 years
Occupation: Retired
Years in New Zealand: Life
Surname: Smart
First name(s): William James
Cemetery: Barbadoes
Plot number: 1
Age: 5
Died 24 June 1854.


Star 12 October 1900, Page 3
Another old Canterbury identity passed away this morning in the person of Mr William Smart, who died at his residence, Ferry Road, in his seventy-first year. Mr Smart was born an London, and was award in Chancery. At an early age he was articled to Messrs Cubitt and Co., the famous builders, and under them had the supervision of a portion of the building of the new Covent Garden Theatre in the forties. He afterwards emigrated to New Zealand with his brother, the late Mr John Franklin Smart, arriving in Lyttelton in the ship Isabella Hercus, on March 1, 1851. He immediately entered into partnership with Mr H. Turner, in what was known as the Christchurch run, which extended from the Waimakarir to the Heathcote River. He subsequently, with Mr J. P. Lee, held the Kaiapoi run. In 1861 Mr Smart left Canterbury for the Otago diggings, and on the Provincial Council offering a reward of 1000 for the discovery of gold in Canterbury he, with the late Mr W. H. Simms and Mr J. Day, prospected for gold from the Waitaki to the Hurunui, where Mr Simms left the party. With Mr Day, under the guidance of Kaiapoi Maoris, Mr Smart was the first white man to descend the Teremakau River, and in doing so he discovered the first gold found in Canterbury, just above the mouth of the Greenstone Creek. Subsequently Mr Smart brought in the first water-race on the West Coast at the Greenstone, which he worked for a number of years. Mount Smart, at the head of the Greenstone is named after him. In 1872 he returned to Christchurch, and opened the White Rock Quarries in connection with the late Mr William Wilson, which they worked until transferring to the Whitecliffs Coal Mines at Malvern, the development of which Mr Smart has made a study for years, and in which his knowledge of geology stood him in good stead. In 1874 Mr Smart, married the widow of the late Mr Joseph Deighton, who still survives, but leaves no family.  Buried in the Linwood Cemetery on Sunday. [at least 20 other passengers off the Isabella Hercus are buried at the Linwood Cemetery]

In the book "Isabella Hercus. The Sixth Ship" researched by John Hercus and published in 2000, page 30.
Richard Hayter, the worthy if somewhat woeful note-keeper for the duration of the voyage from Gravesend to Lyttelton, took up farming in Heathcote when he arrived and was later a contractor for the Northern railway. Mr Hayter's travelling companions, John and Hannah Smart and John's brother William, suffered mixed fortunes. John opened Caversham House on the corner of Madras St. and Ferry Road as a private boarding house and later obtained a liquor licence for the property. But he and his wife were unhappy with their antipodean experience and in 1874 they sold everything and returned to England.
    William on the other hand, enjoyed the challenges of his new life and he took up a land run between the Styx and the Waimakariri rivers which he later sold and went south to the Otago goldfields and the West Coast. He set up the first water race on the coast. Mount Smart at the head of the Greenstone Valley was named after him. Eventually he returned to Christchurch and developed the Whiteclffs coal mine. He died in his new home in 1900.


Press, 22 July 1910, Page 7
Another of the old Canterbury settlers in the person of Mr William Allott passed away recently at Timaru in his eighty-eighth year. Mr Allott arrived in Lyttelton by the
Isabella Hercus in March, 1851. He took up farming in the Heathcote district, subsequently removing to the Styx, where he lived for many years. The later period of his life was spent in South Canterbury. Mr Allott's wife predeceased him some eighteen years ago. He leaves a family of one son and four daughters, Mr Jabot Allott, Gore; Mrs B. Evans, Timaru; Mrs James Graham, Cashmere; Mrs Hugh Campbell and Miss Allott, Havelock, together with thirty-six grandchildren and fifty two great grandchildren.

Press, 13 August 1908, Page 7
Another old colonist has passed away in the person of Mr
William Ashby, a member of a family well known in Canterbury, who arrived in the ship Isabella Hercus, in 1851. The funeral took place yesterday at Geraldine.

Press, 16 September 1898, Page 4
On Tuesday last, the death occurred, suddenly, of Mrs Edward Ashby, at her residence, Oxford terrace. Mrs Ashby may be regarded as one of the pioneer settlers, arriving here with her husband in the Isabella Hercus in March, 1851, They settled on land near the Riccarton Hotel; and afterwards took up the occupation of the Heathoote floor mill, near Sunnyside, upon relinquishing which their home was made in Christchurch. The deceased was a native of Petersham, England, and was in her seventy-fourth year, and she leaves a family of four sons and one daughter. Mr. Ashby pre-deceased her by about eighteen years.

Henry Collis was baptized 12 February 1826, Hurst, Berkshire, England, the second son of George Collis and Elizabeth Mary Chaplin.  On 10 March 1850 he married Hannah Wells at Langley Marish, Buckinghamshire.  Henry and Hannah sailed from Plymouth 24 October 1850, per "Isabella Hercus", arriving New Zealand 1 March 1851.  They did not stay there for long, as in 1852 they left for Tasmania where their first child Louisa Mary was born at Hobart, 25 July 1852.

At the end of 1852 Henry was appointed postmaster at Waterloo Point, Great Swanport.   Two more children were born, Fanny Elizabeth, 17 August 1854 and Alfred Brent, 9 May 1856.  Alfred died 24 September 1857.  Soon after this the family returned to England. Three more children were born Alfred John (1859), Buckinghamshire, Emily Wells (1861), Bethnal Green, London and Clara Dora (1864), Cambridgeshire. The family obviously moved around a lot.

Once again the family moved back to Tasmania where my great-great grandfather Albert Henry was born, 19 November 1866, Southport.  Henry passed an examination and became a schoolmaster.  In 1871 Henry was appointed by the Tasmanian Board of Education as a teacher for the children of the Furneaux Islands, Bass Strait.  On 1 September 1871 he opened his school on Badger Island followed by another school on Cape Barren Island in November of the same year.

It was reported by Canon Marcus Brownrigg, missionary to the islands, that Henry and Hannah were living and working in great discomfort in a single-roomed tent.  No black-board, maps, desks, nor indeed any proper school equipment were provided by the Board of Education.  Mr and Mrs Collis are very persevering and painstaking in their duties and are deserving of praise on that account. For 13 years Henry was teaching in the Straits, when ill-health forced him to retire.  He died on 1 June 1895, at the age of 69, and is buried in Wybalenna Cemetary on Flinders Island.  Hannah died 7 November 1899 and was buried along with Henry.

I would love to hear from anyone who is a descendant of Henry and Hannah Collis.  I can only speculate at why they returned to England between 1858 and 1864, maybe somebody can help me. Information courtesy of Allison Bozoky

Emblen Blunden (daughter of George Blunden a Tayler.[ sic] married Charles Hughes in the County of Surrey, England on August 19, 1850.  At the time of marriage it was stated that Charles was a florist. They had three children, Georgina, John Charles and Harriett. On September 18 1855 they left London aboard the "Isabella Hercus" for a new life in New Zealand.  Charles was listed as a Labourer. Fever of a low character prevailed on board. On October 14th, little Harriett died.  One can only imagine the heartbreak her parents and siblings felt. Such a sad start to their adventure.  Emblen and her children were to suffer even more, when, on December 12, husband Charles also passed away, with a little over three weeks of the journey left, Emblen was left to contemplate her future.

One can only imagine the trauma a young widow with two children had to face in a strange new country.  However it wasn't long before she met and married William Henry DENNE. He had travelled to New Zealand on the "Isabella Hercus" in 1851.  It was perhaps the one thing they found they had in common, which probably started their initial conversation.  Just ten months after her arrival, on November 18 1856, at Kaiapoi, just outside of Christchurch, William a 27 year old Sawyer and Emblen 28, tied the knot in the presence of Alfred and Mary Elizabeth WESTON. The Officiating Minister was John ALDRED.  They started their family of eight more children: 
1. William Henry b.20th September 1858 
2. John George b. 12th January 1860
3. Henrietta b. 5th April 1862
These first three children suffered an illness which first took Henrietta on 24th October 1862, followed by William on the 10th April and John on the 29th April, in 1863 all at Rangiora.  On 23 February 1864, their next child,  
4. Emmeline (my Great Grandmother) was born at Rangiora, followed by 
5. Henry George b. 10th August 1865
6. Anne b. 4th March 1867
7. Eliza b. 13th May 1869  and
8. Elizabeth Craig b. 7th April 1871
These five lived to marry and have families of their own.
In 1872, Georgina HUGHES died in Victoria Australia at the age of 21. 
William Henry DENNE spent his life as a Sawyer, Carpenter and Builder in the Canterbury district and died in Ashburton, NZ on December 14 1914 at the age of 85.  Emblen died in Richmond Victoria on June 26 1907 aged 80 years. Ironically, had she lived longer, she would have had the unenviable position of remembering her two husbands passing, Charles on the 12th and William on the 14th of December.

Marriages of surviving children are as follows:-
Emmeline m. Thomas Edward BROUGHTON 26th March 1888 Chch
Henry George m. Mary Elizabeth NEEDHAM 29th March 1888 Chch
and Elizabeth PARLANE on 20th July 1909
Anne m. ?RUSSELL and had 3 sons. Her husband's family took the children after her marriage broke up. Am interested in learning details. 
Eliza (aka Gypsy) m. Fred SEBLEY
Elizabeth Craig m. Edward HERBERT
They all lived in Victoria, Australia from time to time, but spent time in each country.

A family legend states that Emblen was actually the daughter of Lord and Lady BLUNDELL, Blundell Castle, Ireland, and "ran off" with Charles (their gardener) a nephew of the author of Tom Brown's Schooldays. This has yet to be examined. Information courtesy of Jacqui. Jacqui hopes that this will open up some lines of communication. Posted 14 September, 2002 and updated Nov. 2010.

John Stephen DE MOLE (1825-1853) Solicitor.
Born -12 Aug 1825, Southwark [inner borough, London].  Parents - John Bamber De Mole, 1798-1846, solicitor and Clerk to the Merchant Taylors Company, City of London, and Isabella Maudslay (1797-1870), daughter of Henry Maudslay, engineer and inventor. Eldest of 6 boys and 4 girls - one of each died young. Lived in Clerk's apartments at Merchant Taylors Hall - cultured and pious family with Genevan connections. Educated at home and at Merchant Taylors School, then probably entered his father's office for training.   Suffered from TB, as did several others in family.  John's father died in January 1845. In 1848 Isabella De Mole moved John and the younger children to Jersey for better climate. (Brothers Henry William, clerk in Custom House, London; Frederick Valentine, Hon.East India Co. Bengal Infantry; George, Merchant Navy.)

 C.1850 John married Anna Maria Scott Cuming, daughter of William Cuming, tavern-keeper in St.Heliers, Jersey (no record found). Sailed for New Zealand in 'Isabella Hercus', 24 October 1850.  He probably hoped the sea voyage would improve his health. Family tradition says he took a pre-fabricated iron house. There is a mention of them as being a 'family' but we don't know if that means they had a baby. Arrived Lyttelton 1 March 1851; New Plymouth 10 April. John acquired a Crown Grant of land- where?.  Said to have lived in 'very primitive conditions'.  We don't know if the iron house was ever got ashore or could be used.  His health deteriorated.

In August 1853 his brothers Henry William DM and Frederick Valentine arrived in Adelaide, SA. Henry re-embarked almost at once 'to meet John and bring him to Adelaide'. September 1853 - John sold his Crown Grant to Mr Halse. On 24 October John and his wife sailed in the 'Velox' brig for Sydney, where they arrived on 10 November.  John died on the 11th, on board the brig, aged 28.  He was buried by Henry in Camperdown Cemetery on the 13th November.

Taranaki Research Centre
Name: De Mole Mr & Mrs
Ship: Velox
Date: 24 Oct 1853
Direction: Departure
Port of departure: New Plymouth
Destination: Sydney
Newspaper date: 26 Oct 1853

Anna Maria had a half-brother, Henry Cuming, a winegrower in Adelaide. She presumably stayed with him until September 1854 when she returned to England via Melbourne. She was re-married in July 1859 to Captain William Ley Hunt.  The rest of the De Mole family joined Henry and Frederick in Adelaide in 1858 and settled there. 

Information courtesy of Anthea Fleming (Melbourne). Anthea is Henry's great-great grand-daughter.  "The sad stories of unsuccessful settlers who left no descendants should get a bit of a mention as well as the founders of families. The poor chap was only a footnote to the family saga, and his marriage had been completely forgotten till I started digging.  If descendants of any of his shipmates ever recorded anything about him, I should love to know."  

, 3 February 1899, Page 6
The diminishing ranks of the early settlers in Canterbury were still further thinned by the death of Mrs George Duncan, which took place at her residence, Opawa, on Sunday . morning last. Mrs Duncan, who was the last surviving member of her father's family, lived to a ripe old age, having been born at Horaleigh Farm, Perthshire, in 1824. This farm was adjacent to Woodhead, her husband's early home. Arriving in this colony by the ship Isabella Hercus in March, 1861, and settling in 1855 on their farm at Earn Valley, Hillsborough, Mr and Mrs Duncan bore a full share of the toils and struggles inseparable from pioneer life. Mr Duncan died some five years ago. Recently, with some members of her family, Mrs Duncan had been residing at Opawa. In the early days, of the province Lyttelton was, the natural market for many of the products from the Earn Valley homestead, and Mrs Duncan made frequent journeys thither over the Bridle path. At that time a trip to Port involved an amount of exertion of which later colonists do not care to undertake, and she was not always free from apprehensions as to whom she might meet on these journeys. At her home she was occasionally visited, inc at times startled, by some interesting stranger from Port, whose enforced stay there had been broken (fore a time at least) without any formal leave-taking. One of these visitors, whose Highland name is borne by a Highland district in South Canterbury, came to her door hatless and shoeless, but was followed up so closely that he started afresh without any additions to his outfit. Indeed, it was only after being crippled by a bullet that he again fell into the hands of those officials who represent law' and order Archdeacon Wilson, Dr. and Mrs Willis Mrs Ashby, and Mr Roberts, of Lyttelton, were fellow-passengers to the colony with Mr and Mrs Duncan. Of those mentioned Mr Willis and Mr Roberto still survive! During the. later years of her stay at Earn Valley, Mrs Duncan established a Sunday school at her residence for the benefit of a few families in the vicinity, who lived at an inconvenient distance from any place of worship. In this undertaking she was warmly supported and encouraged by the late Rev. Hugh. Irwin; and, after her removal to Opawa, her Sunday school work was continued at Mr Irwin's church, St. Peter's, Ferry road. A somewhat protracted illness had of late confined the deceased lady to her own house, but the large and widely representative gathering at her funeral on Tuesday afforded full evidence of the sympathy extended to her family, as well as the respect and esteem in which she was held by those who had known her long and intimately.

Press, 17 May 1883, Page 2
Martin. On the 15th May, at his residence, Durham street south, Charles Martin, aged 68. Arrived in Canterbury March 1st ,1851, per ship Isabella Hercus.

CAPTAIN T. McCLATCHIE [he was the third officer on the Isabella Hercus]
28 July 1903, Page 5
One of the earliest of the old pioneers of Canterbury died last night, in the person of Captain T. McClatchie. The deceased, who was seventy-one years of age, bad been ailing for the last six months, and was seriously ill for three weeks. A few days ago his condition seemed greatly improved, and yesterday morning, more especially, be appeared much better than usual." He had a bad relapse in the evening, however, and died late last night, from heart failure. The late Captain McClatchie was born at Irvine, in Ayrshire, Scotland, and came to Lyttelton in the ship Isabella Hercus, which was the second vessel to arrive there after the first four ships. The Isabella Hercus reached Lyttelton on March 1st, 1851. For many years Captain McClatchie was connected with the sea, and he was among the first to navigate the Avon, in the very early days, and also carried on trade with the Maoris. One old boat with which he was associated was the well-known Rifleman. He was practically a despatch carrier during the Maori war, and had a good acquaintance with the incidents of the struggle. In the early days he won several of the coastal regattas, in Lyttelton, and he was commodore of the Lyttelton Regatta for many years. For eighteen years he was a member of the Harbour Board, and for part of the time was chairman. He was a member of the Licensing Committee for years, and held that position at the time of his death. Captain McClatchie was also an active Justice of the Peace, and frequently took his place on the Bench of the Police Court. He was a bowling enthusiast, and took a keen interest in athletics, being president of the Avon Tennis Club, and in all kinds of children's entertainments and sport. The deceased was widely known, and was respected by all who knew him. He married a Miss Playsted who came out to New Zealand in the same vessel as himself, and who died about nine years ago. He had three sons and three daughters, of whom two sons and two daughters still survive.

Alfred George Playstead, born 1809, from Wadhurst, Sussex, came out with his four daughters. Mary 16, Charity 14, Sarah 12 and Isabella 6. His wife had died in 18 Oct.1845. He died 21 Nov. 1851, aged 42, eight months after landing. 

1851 Mary Playsted m. Thomas McClatchie
1853 Charity Playsted m. Benjamin Symonds, master mariner in charge of the s.s. Mullough
1861 Sarah Playsted m. Hugh Carrick McLellan, second harbour master Lyttelton
1865 Isabella Playsted m. Atkinson McDowell (he arrived16 June 1853 on the "Metropolis")

Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Database
Surname: Playsted, Alfred George
Date of death and burial: Friday, 21 November 1851
Cemetery: Lyttelton Anglican
Block number: C  Plot number: 50.x-xi
Age: 40

Auckland Star, 3 July 1918, Page 2
Mr. Thomas Mutton, one of the early settlers at Lyttelton, has died at the age of 94 years. He arrived at Lyttelton from Cornwall in 1851 by the Isabella Hercus. He did not retire from active business until he was 80 years of age.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 6 July 1918, Page 4
Mr Thomas Mutton, a retired builder, died at his residence, Lyttelton, last week, at the age of 94 years, after an attack of bronchitis.  The deceased was one of the early settlers in Canterbury arriving at Lyttelton from Cornwall in 1851 by the sailing vessel Isabella Hercus. He- was a member of the council when Lyttelton was first constituted a borough.

Charlotte Emily Nash and her brother Daniel, are recorded as arriving on that ship on that sailing. John Maurice wrote "I am not sure what became of Daniel, but Charlotte married Matthew Lee Joyce in December 1851 in Lyttelton. Their parents were, George Nash, headmaster of Canterbury, Kent, England and his wife Charlotte Elizabeth (nee Frazer). Charlotte was my Great great grandmother and is buried in the Picton cemetery.  Charlotte and Matthew had eight children and shifted to Picton with them all, Matthew drowned when the schooner Louisa foundered off the West Coast near Greymouth, shortly after their arrival in Picton. Charlotte later married a well known James (Worser) Hebberley. I am currently about 60% of the way to making a family history of all the descendants of Charlotte and Matthew Joyce. " Posted 20 February 2005

Star 9 April 1897, Page 2 OBITUARY
Mr John Rutland, who died at New Brighton on Wednesday last, at the age of seventy-three years, was one of the oldest settlers in Canterbury, as he arrived at Lyttelton in the "sixth ship" the Isabella Hercus, on March 1, 1851. He was one of the earliest builders in the province, and erected several buildings well known in the old days, among the first English church, Mr Latter, store on Norwich Quay, and Mr R. H. Rhodes 's house at Purau. He removed to Christchurch in 1856, and carried on business as a builder for several years on the Papanui Road, now Victoria Street. He afterwards became clerk of works to the Board of Education, and acted in that capacity for upwards of twelve years. For several years he lived in retirement, during the last few years at New Brighton. Mr, Rutland was a prominent member of the Wesleyan Church, and was first organist and choirmaster of the old chapel in High Street. He was one of the trustees of the Durham Street Church, and held various other offices. He also took an active part in musical circles in the early days. He leaves a grown up family of five sons and one daughter.

Colonist, 4 May 1896, Page 2 DEATH.
Percy, May 1, at Hastings Hawke's Bay, John Percy, formerly of Nelson, in his 68th year.

Hastings Standard 2 May 1896, Page 2
Our readers will regret to learn of the death of Mr John Percy, who passed quietly away last evening. Deceased was born at Alnwick. Northumberland, and was 67 years of age. He was a schoolmaster by profession and trained in Battersea College. He was one of six sent to the colony by the National School Association, and was the first schoolmaster in the Nelson district, arriving there in 1851. After teaching for some years he joined the Customs Department, and he also occupied several commercial positions. In Nelson he was widely known and deservedly popular. He was Post Provincial Grand Master of the Nelson District Oddfellows and a P.M. of the Masonic Lodge there. Deceased was also well-known in musical circles. Twelve years ago he came to Hawkes Bay and was appointed master of the Patangata school, which position he held for in years, when fading eyesight compelled him to resign. Since then he has been a resident of Hastings. A few days ago he was stricken with a paralytic stroke and passed quietly away last evening.

Press, 31 July 1900, Page 6
Miss Emma Price, an old resident of Christchurch. died yesterday at the Jubilee Home, Woolston, of which institution she was an inmate for the past ten years. She came out to Canterbury in the Isabella Hercus which arrived shortly after the first four ships.

Three cabin passengers on the Isabella Hercus were John (1805 - 1874) from Chester, England with two sons Charles Arthur (1834 -) and Thomas Jones Walker Shand (1835 - 1918). Thomas was to have six children; Maude, Yeo, Phillip, Rebie, Norah and Esme and the descendants of these plan to have a family reunion at the time of the 150th Celebrations in Christchurch. Contact  Diana Shand ph (03) 365 0546 or fax 377 2387

John Shand, a merchant of Liverpool, emigrated as a widower for the health of his eldest son. His daughter Catherine joined them in 1857 after finishing her schooling. Soon after their arrival a two-storey sod homestead was built on "Avon Lodge" farm at Riccarton, where Shand Crescent comes off Riccarton Road. As one of the first to sign up to the Wakefield settlement, John Shand qualified for an acre town lot as an incentive. Shand’s Emporium stands on part today, at 88 Hereford. Street. The family established themselves breeding stud horses and farming. The way to a second farm "Rawcliffe" at Springston was marked with a ploughshare across the treeless plain, and now a road, is still called "Shand’s Track" by the locals. John built the Wheatsheaf Inn on Shand’s Track, now a private home.

John Shand was one of the early Masons in Christchurch and in November 1861 was elected to the Provincial Council. He was also on the A & P Association Committee, Avon Road Board and chaired the Riccarton Road Board.   Thomas’s eldest daughter, Dr Maude Ferrer, became one of New Zealand’s first women doctors and his three sons all moved to North Otago and farmed there until retiring. Boredom led them to buy isolated or high country farms in fare-flung corners, which they then left for their sons to carry on. Their sons farmed on at Island Hills, Culverden, Port Ligar, Marlborough Sounds, and Blue Duck, Kaikoura (which Tom left to become a Member of Parliament for Kaikoura). Posted Oct 10, 2000.

Shaftesbury Street, was Grondale St. Shand Crescent, John Shand (1805-74) came out in 1851 on the Isabella Hercus. His block ran from Riccarton Road to ...

John Henry Charles Sidebottom was an oversearer for the Rhodes Brothers at Levels Station, South Canterbury and is known for apprehending James Mackenzie, the sheep stealer in 1855.  He was the son of Rev. Henry Sidebottom of Trinity Paraonage, Halifax, Yorkshire. Later he became part owner of a run on the Waimakariri River, near Oxford, NZ and sold his share before his death on 17 April 1859.

SOLLY: Edward landed at Lyttelton on the Isabella Hercus at the age of 19.  He was listed as a butchers labourer. Finding that his line of work was either unavailable or unsatisfactory, he moved to Nelson where he purchased land at Waimea west before moving with his wife Mary and children to become pioneer farmers in the Takaka district He was said to have grown some of the finest hops in the district. He is listed on the early settlers memorial at Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson.
Edward Solly b. 3rd Sept. 1865 Takaka. His parents were Edward Solly & Mary Ogilive Moore.

Charles Samuel WIGZELL was born in Canterbury, Kent, in 1823, married to Hannah LEE on 13 Sept 1846 in Canterbury at St. Pauls, and died in hospital in Christchurch on 26 Nov. 1898. He is buried in Linwood Cemetery. Charles was a tanner and gardener, but more of a general labourer in New Zealand, although he is shown as a tanner and as a gardener at various times, mainly on the baptism records of his children. He lived in various locations, all in the Christchurch district.

Probably the most interesting of his children is Charles Edward WIGZELL, who is shown as being 2 years old on the Isabella Hercus passenger list. He was born in Castle Row, Canterbury, Kent, died on 7 Feb 1901 in Sutherland, Sydney, NSW and buried in the Independent Cemetery at Rookwood. He was married on 11 Feb. 1869 to Fanny EVANS (an English girl) in her parents house at 289 Riley St, Surry Hills, NSW. An article was published about him by the Sutherland Historical Society. "Charles was only a couple of years old when the family sailed from Plymouth to Christchurch, New Zealand to start a new life. He was educated there but at the young age of 16 he left NZ, and sailed to Sydney, NSW. In October 1866 he was accepted as a Sunday School teacher at the Bourke Street Congregational Church. He held that position until 1891, but was a Deacon of the Church almost up until his death. By 1867 he was in business at 143 South Head Road as a hairdresser, an enterprise which went from strength to strength. Charles, "a gentleman and a scholar" was hard working, with strong religious principles." He communicated well, and was obviously a good chairman and an equally good committee member. Information courtesy of  Graham Mason. Posted Oct. 2004

About 1850 a few members of the WIGZELL "clan" and their families, all of western Kent, emigrated to South Australia (2) and to New Zealand (3). It is not known why any of them migrated, but it seems they were neither rich nor destitute. Possibly they were just trying to establish a better life for their children?

The surgeon-superintendent and representative of the Canterbury Association was Dr. John Willis who travelled with his wife Agnes and three daughters Agnes, Emma and Mary. He set up a practice in Christchurch, settled at Opawa on the Heathcote River on 100 acres called "Hawford." Their son Charles was also a passenger. Dr Willis died two days after a fall from his horse in Christchurch Square.

The Star Saturday 17 November 1900 page 5
Lyttelton - Willis
Another old Colonist who passed away, in the person of Mrs Willis. The deceased lady arrived in Lyttelton with her husband (the Late Dr. J.S. Willis) & 3 children in the Isabella Hercus, on March 1851. For many years she resided in Opawa, but latterly, with her youngest daughter at Port Levy. Until her death at the advanced age of 90 years which took place on Saturday last. Mrs Willis leaves four daughters and one son, 30 grandchildren and 4 g.grandchildren.

Press, 19 July 1912, Page 7 MRS HARMAN.
A very early settler and an. old resident of Opawa passed away yesterday in. the person of Mrs Agnes Anna Barman, relict of the late Mr Edward Harman. Mrs Herman, who was a daughter of Dr. Willis, one of the early Canterbury settlers, arrived hero by the "Isabella Hercus" in March, 1851. Mrs Harman was in her seventy-third year, and with the exception of a short stay in Queensland, lived all her life in Opawa, where she was widely known and very highly esteemed. She is survived by three sons and two daughters.

Press, 31 July 1920, Page 9
MR E. J. T. FORD. The late Mr Edward John Tite Ford who died a few days since had resided in Canterbury for over 5O years. He came from an old English yeomanry family, and was a descendant of Sir John Tite, the famous architect, the creator of the Royal Exchange (and other notable public buildings) in London, for which he was knighted.The late Mr Ford was born at Morton Farm, Hanbury, Staffordshire, in 1843. After employment for some time with a shipping company at Goole, England, he left for New Zealand, embarking in the ship Blue Jacket, and reached Lyttelton in 1866. He went up, country for awhile, but returned to Christchurch, and was employed as accountant on the staff of Messrs Twentyman and Cousins. Later he filled a similar position with Mr A. McPherson, with whom he became associated in business McPherson, Ford, and Co. Tim was followed by other partnerships (Ford, Bell, and Co., and Ford, Taping, and Co.), carrying on business as auctioneers land and estate agents; ...In 1872 he married a daughter of the late Dr. Willis, of Opawa, who arrived in Lyttelton by the ship Isabella Hercus, in 1851. As a widower, he, in 1904, married Miss Hilda Mountfort, younger daughter of the late Mr B. W. Mountfort; architect of this city. He is survived by his widow, eight children (all by his first wife), and fourteen grandchildren.

Ashburton Guardian, 26 July 1918, Page 4
The death is announced of Eleanor, relict, of the late Mr John Smith Wilcox at one time Mayor of Lyttelton and member of the Canterbury Provincial Council. Mrs Wilcox arrived at Lyttelton with her husband and one child by the seventh ship, the Isabella Hercus, on March 1. 1851, and resided in Canterbury till her death.

Lyttelton Timaes March 29 1851 page 6Press, 26 July 1918, Page 2
West Coast. She was 75 years of age, and had lived on the Coast for 56 years. Another of the fast diminishing band of early settlers has ,50 no to her long rest in the person of Eleanor, relict ot the late Mr John Smith Willcox, atone time Mayor of Lyttelton and member of the Canterbury Provincial Council. Mrs Willcox arrived at Lyttelton with her husband and one child by the seventh ship, the Isabella Hercus, on March 1st, 1851, and resided in Canterbury until her death, which occurred at the residence of her daughter-in-law, Mrs J. F, Willcox, 97 Wilson's road, at the ripe age of 94, en Wednesday last. The deceased, who was predeceased by three sons and two daughters, leaves three sons to mourn their loss. She also leaves 29 grandchildren, five of whom have been or are still serving at the front, and 22 great grandchildren. Although Mrs Willcox had been confined to her bed for the last two or three years, her faculties remained unimpaired until the time of her death.

Press 9 September 1929 Page 2 MRS SIBELLA MARY ROSS.
The death is announced of Mrs Sibella Mary Ross, a much loved and greatly esteemed resident of Christchurch, who passed away at her residence, Montreal street, on Saturday morning, at the age of 89 years. The late Mrs Ross, who was the eldest daughter of the late Archdeacon James Wilson, came to New Zealand from England, with her parents in 1851, in the ship Isabella Hercus, the 6th ship to arrive in Lyttelton. The family lived first at Opawa, and later at Upper Riccarton. After her marriage to Mr G. A. E. Ross, who wias also a pioneer of Canterbury, Mrs Ross lived for a time in the country, but returned to Christchurch in 1866. At the corner of Mon treal and Gloucester streets, Mrs Ross opened a preparatory school for boys, and here, under her skilled and sympathetic guidance, was begun the education of many men now holding responsible positions in the Dominion and overseas. Her pupils, for the most part, after leaving her care, were enrolled at Christ's College. The late Mrs Ross was an interesting, cultured woman, with wide sympathies and a serene and tolerant outlook on life. Her charming personality won for her many staunch friends, especially amongst the older generation of Christchurch residents and her former pupils, who will hear of her death will deep regret. The surviving members of her family are: Mr E. J. Ross, Garden road, Fendalton; Mr Charles Ross, Waverley; Mrs Walter Harper, Christchurch; Mrs H. E. Musgrave, Seamont, and Miss Ross and Miss Rachel Ross, who lived with their mother. One son. Mr George Ross, a banker, who had been for many years in Australia, died in Melbourne recently, and another son, Dr. Ross, who formerly lived on Cashmere Hills, died only a few months ago in England A sister, Miss Katharine Wilson, died on Cashmere Hills on May 19th of this year. Other sister of the deceased are Miss H. M. B. Wilson, Upper Riccarton, Mrs W. P. Turton, Woodbury, South Canterbury, and Mrs W. C. Walker, Cashmere Hills.

Captain Peter Houston

Lyttelton Times, Volume III, Issue 139, 3 September 1853, Page 6
Birth. On Saturday, the 27th ult. Mrs. Alport, Lyttelton, of a daughter. [parents Rachel and Thomas Allport]
Died. On the 10th of March, 1853, Mr. Peter Houston, late Commander of the "Isabella Hercus." His death took place a few days prior to the vessel's arrival in London, on her homeward voyage from hence, after trading in the eastern archipelago for the last two years.

Passenger listing: Isabella Hercus1855-1856 to Lyttelton

Book: John Hercus has published, Oct. 24, 2000, a 56 page book Isabella Hercus - the sixth ship. Covers the building of the ship at Ardrossan, Firth of Clyde, its voyages and some pen portraits about the better known immigrants. Limited edition. 350. Researched by John Hercus, edited by Vivienne Allan. Contains 56 pages. Very well researched and illustrated. No index.

Chapter one: Launching the Isabella Hercus
Chapter two: The Journey to New Zealand
Chapter three: The Case for Six Ships
Chapter four: Founding Families
Chapter five: The Second Voyage to New Zealand
Chapter six: More Founding Families for Canterbury
Chapter seven: Travels & Tales
Chapter eight: The Last Voyage
The First Voyage to New Zealand October 1850-March 1851 The Passenger List
The Second Voyage to New Zealand - 1856 The Passenger List
References, Bibliography of Sources & References, Acknowledgments.

Cover: Painting, a watercolour by William Fox Port Lyttelton Immigrants Luggage Disembarking January, 1851, Hocken Library, Dunedin, Otago.

Watercolour by William Fox.


Lyttelton barracks, January 1851. Sumner Rd. Camping out.


The Isabella Hercus

Built Adrossan 1847 by John Barr and James Shearer; three masts, two decks and a poop deck, fixed bowsprit, woman figurehead, carvel-built, square stern; 127.4 x 26.9 x 20 feet; 619 gross tons. Registered to Greenock, owned by Thomas Hamlin & Company, the senior partner being John Hercus who had earlier married Isabella Gowan of Whitehaven and appears to have named the ship in her honour.  Between 1847 and 1849, the Isabella Hercus sailed under Captain Peter Houston between the Clyde and Calcutta, then in August 1850, she sailed for the West India Docks, London, where a month later her agents Filby & Company chartered her to the Canterbury Association. There had been ownership changes too. In August 1850, John Hercus sold his 16/64 share to North Shields merchant Robert Pow. In September 1850, peter Houston sold his 8/64 share to her Ardrossan builders Barr and Shearer. Her new owners now held between them 32/64ths with minor shareholding from George Dalgleish, James Prentice, Mrs William Burns and Mrs Hugh Hercus. The Isabella Hercus tender document notes further dimensions: height between decks 6.6 feet, length of lower deck 131 feet. She was to be purified every fourth week with a solution of chloride of zinc. The Isabella Hercus was wrecked in 1871. She was lost on the Colorado Reef, Cuba on 27 Feb. 

New Zealander, 12 April 1851, Page 2
Mr. Godley had proceeded to Wellington by the Isabella Hercus. We shall be a little curious to hear how he has fared with the political agitators there, into whose arms he cast himself immediately on his arrival in the colony.

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