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'Immigrant Ships to New Zealand 1835 to 1910'  This is a picture of the 'Queen of the Colonies' under full sail, setting a crossing record to Australia from England.

If you know the vessel's name - check Gavin's website 'Immigrant Ships to New Zealand 1835 to 1910'  to obtain the arrival port and date in New Zealand.  

Search index B/T 27 Outward -bound covering 1890 - 1960 on ancestorsonboard, a commercial site. Work out the name of the vessel by putting in a few of the home liner names.

 Then do a ship search on the same site is see date she left the UK, add 45 days and find arrival in the NZ newspapers on 'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. to see if a newspaper item exists for the arrival date. To save a newspaper page image hold down ALT + Print Screen at the same time.  Open a  document in an  image/photo editor or MS Word. Paste the screen shot by holding down CTRL and V at the same time, edit and save. Record the name of the newspaper, date and page number in the file name.

  Multiple Lists - over 4772 lists online on various website - 'only a drop in the bucket'
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FamilySearch has the passenger lists 1839 - 1973. It will be the same index as if I went to the archives in Wellington. Info.





Shipping Outward from NZ [25 lists]

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  Flock House wayback 1924-1931 Boys & Girls
Adamant 1879 Plymouth to Napier  
Alhambra 1874 Melbourne to Hokitika, Lyttelton, OTG, Greymouth, Nelson, WTN
s.s. Aorangi 1892 London to Auckland voyage account
Ajax 1849 London to Otago  
Arab wayback 1841 Gravesend to Wellington another list highlight text on page to view
Arawa RMS wayback 1913 London to Wellington
Athenic RMS wayback 1912 London to NZ ports
Aurora 1840 London to Wellington  
Australia  1852 Saint John, NB to Melbourne   established Brunswick
Avalanche 1877 bound for NZ got as far as Portland when she collided with the Forrest wayback
Ballarat 1872 London to Napier  
Ballochmyle broken link c&p to wayback 1874 London to Lyttelton voyage account
Barbara Gordon 1850 Wellington & Lyttelton from London Henry LeCren and his cousin Joseph Longden are passengers
Birman 1842 Gravesend to Wellington
Bolton wayback 1840 London to Wellington
Carisbrooke Castle  sm 1875 Auckland Immigrants for the Kati Kati Settlement
Caroline Agnes wayback 1855 England to Lyttelton Evans family
Caroline Coventry wayback 1869 London to Lyttelton another listing
Catherine Stewart Forbes wayback 1852 London to Auckland
Celoeno 1870 NZ
Cheviot wayback 1859 Glasgow to Pt Chalmers
Christian  McAusland wayback 1874 London to Pt Chalmers photo
City of Dunedin   1865 Wellington to Nelson wrecked 
City of Sydney 1883 San Francisco to Auckland another list
Clara 1865 Newfoundland to Auckland  
Clarence  wayback 1874/5 Gravesend to Hawke's Bay voyage account wayback
Columbus  wayback 1864 London to Auckland
Comte de Paris  wayback 1840 Akaroa French website
Corinthic 1905 UK to NZ   

Earl Granville

1880 Plymouth to Auckland  
Eastern Monarch 1874 Plymouth to Lyttelton voyage account wayback
Eagle Speed 1864 Gravesend to Auckland
Edwin Fox 1878 Plymouth to Lyttelton page 2 at bottom wayback
Egmont 1856 London to Lyttelton  
Empress wayback 1865 Gravesend to Auckland
England wayback 1871 Gravesend to Wellington Scandinavian migration
Ernestina  1865 London to Auckland
Gertrude 1863 London to Auckland note
R.M.S Gothic 1895 London to NZ  
Halcione wayback 1872 London to Wellington
Hindostan  wayback 1873 London to Auckland  
Hovding 1873 Oslo to Napier  
Hovding 1873 Oslo to Napier  
Hydaspes 1869 Gravesend to Lyttelton
Ida Zeiglar wayback 1861 London Auckland  
Invercargill wayback 1878 Liverpool to Port Chalmers diary
R.M.S. Ionic   1925 Southampton to Auckland images
Kaikoura wayback 1868 Panama to Wellington Pacific travel
RMS Kaikoura wayback 1885 Plymouth to NZ ports
Lady Egidia wayback 1861 Glasgow to Pt Chalmers another listing & poem wayback
Lady Jocelyn   1880 London to Tauranga photo
Lady Jocelyn 1878 London to Belfast to Auckland  
Lord Burleigh  1856 London to Auckland ?W.H. Ripley
Magnet 1840 Sydney to Waikouaiti Bay, Otago saloon sc intermed sw sm
Maori   1853 London to Nelson  
Maori broken link 1858 Gravesend to Lyttelton
Mandarin wayback 1843 London - Hobart - AKD -WTN
Margaret wayback 1852 Nova Scotia to NZL
Maukin 1846 Sydney to Auckland look under departures 1846
Matoaka   1859 Gravesend Auckland  
Matoaka wayback 1865 London to Auckland  
Mermaid wayback 1859 Liverpool to Auckland diary wayback
Monarch wayback 1870 London to Lyttelton
Mystery 1859 London to Lyttelton
Northern Bride 1860 Liverpool to Auckland  
Nourmahal  1859  London to Auckland another list
Queen of Beauty  1863 London to Auckland
Oamaru wayback 1884 London to Lyttelton  
Oriental 1856 London to Lyttelton via Auckland  
Oscar 1861 Melbourne to Pt Chalmers Ref: Archives in Wellington
Oxford 1881 Downs to Auckland  
Pakeha 1864 PEI to New Zealand
Peagas 1865 London to Auckland  
Portland  1864 London to Auckland
Prince Edward  1859 PEI to Auckland
Piako   1879 Plymouth - Lyttelton voyages fire on board
Rakaia 1882 London to Lyttelton
RMS Rangitane wayback 1940 NZ to Liverpool sank  27 Nov. 1940 300 miles off NZ
RMS Remuera broken link 1912 London to NZ images
RMS Remuera 1931 Southampton to Wellington via Panama Canal image
RMS  Rangitiki  1951 London to Wellington Helen's site 
RMS Remuera wayback 1916 Plymouth to NZ
RMS Remuera 1935 London to Auckland images 
RMS Rimutaka 1894 London & Plymouth to WTN diary
RMS Rimutaka 1921 UK to NZ Helen's site
RMS. Ruapehu wayback 1888 Plymouth to Wellington
Reihersteig 1864 Cape of Good Hope to Auckland
Rob Roy 1865 London to Auckland  
Romulus  wayback 1862 Gravesend to Auckland another listing wayback
Sebastopol 1863 Gravesend to Lyttelton Helen's site
Shalimar 1862 Liverpool to  Auckland  via Melbourne 
Sir Edward Paget 1850 London to Auckland 70 passengers
Sir William Bentinck wayback 1841 Gravesend to Wellington     
Southern Cross 1955 Southampton to Wellington image
Speed Eagle wayback 1864 London to Auckland  
St George & Mandarin 1843 site wayback 1842 Portsmouth to Auckland Parkhurst Boys another site Pearl's 
Two shiploads of boys from Parkhurst Prison arrived in 1842 and 1843. The youngest were 12 and the oldest 20.
Star of India/Euterpe 1863 MLB to NZL zip file
Star of India 1863 London to Lyttelton  
Stately 1851 London to Auckland  
Sussex  1874 Gravesend to Port Chambers ticket list
Sydendam 1881 London to Auckland cabin passengers only
Terror - schooner 1844 Sydney to Auckland Departure Jul Aug. Oct Nov. 1845 Mar Apr Dec
Tongariro wayback 1884 London to New Zealand
Tornado 1859 Liverpool to ALK & Wellington cabin passengers only
HMS Cordelia 1860 Sydney- Auckland - New Plymouth HMCS Victoria 
Waimate 1875 London to Lyttelton  
War Spirit 1863 London to Auckland another listing wayback
Wimmera s.s. wayback 1918 Auckland to Sydney Sank
Waitangi 1878 Plymouth to Lyttelton  photos
Wanganui  wayback 1883 London to Lyttelton diary wayback
Weymouth wayback 1866 London to Wellington  
William Miles 1860 Bristol to Lyttelton
Wild Deer wayback 1874-75 Greenock to Otago item wayback
Wild Duck 1862 London to Wellington  
Zealandia wayback 1858 Arrived Lyttelton  
Zealandia wayback 1870 London to Lyttelton
Zealandia 1862 London to Lyttelton  

Please report any invalid links & email addresses. Always double check the information with the original list as the flamboyant handwriting maybe faded, difficulty to read and you might be able to work out who was travelling together. 

An Adult
The ships and masters were limited, by the "The Passenger Acts" (different Acts for different countries at different times, but all along the same vein with the result being better conditions for the emigrant), to 2 tons displacement per passenger. ( varied for different time/countries). As part of the Act(s), children were considered an adult, for under 14 (sometimes under 12) and 1/3 an adult under 7.  Infants were free.  As you can imagine, this sometimes caused Captains to "fudge" the ages, to cram more on board, but it also caused the parents to do the same, because the fares for children were rated with the same percentage.  This is why some people find their "rellies" with an age two or three years younger than they expect!! Ages on passenger lists are subjective with the compiler writing down what he was told. No proof of age was required. Information courtesy of  Sue Swiggum  co-owner TheShipsList.

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