Arrival of the Loch Awe at Auckland 1874

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Arrival of the LOCH AWE

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from The Daily Southern Cross, Tuesday, July 7, 1874, page 3 

Port of Auckland
Arrived June 22- Loch Awe, ship, 1,033 tons, Weir, from London - N.Z. Shipping Co., agents.

Arrival of the Loch Awe

The clipper ship Loch Awe, from London arrived in port and anchored in the stream on Monday, June 22. She comes consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company, and brings a general cargo. The Loch Awe is commanded by Captain Weir, and made the passage in 67 days from land to land [76 days and 6 hour port to port]. This vessel has been much admired during the stay in port. She brought a large number of immigrants to this port, who were landed in good health, very little sea-sickness having occurred on board during the voyage. Complaints were made against the Surgeon-superintendent of the ship Dr. Wylie, by some of the immigrants, which formed the subject of an inquiry here for the members of the Immigration Office. Their report has been sent on to the authorities at Wellington. We learn the Loch Awe had discharged the whole of her general cargo, and has only now on board a quantity of railway iron, when will, on landing that, take in about 600 tons of ballast and sail for San Francisco at an early date. The "Loch Awe" belongs to Messrs. Wilson and Dick, of Glasgow, and was built by Messes Bartley, Curle, and Co. five years ago, receiving the highest classification at Lloyd's. There were two deaths on the passage. The following is a complete list of the immigrants on board the Loch Awe:- 

Left Gravesend for Auckland on April 6:-


Andersen 	Peter 44 
Andersen 	Grithe 44 
Andersen 	Ann 21 
Andersen 	Lisein 15 
Andersen 	Albert 1 
Ash 		John 39 
Ash 		Mary 37 
Ash 		Edward 20 
Ash 		Marion 15 
Ash 		Ellen 13 
Ash 		Arthur 7 
Ash 		Ernest 4 
Ash 		Charles 2 
Beamont 	William 65 
Beamont 	M. E. 53 
Beamont 	M. E. 34 
Beamont 	C.S. 30 
Beamont 	George 22 
Beamont 	Sarah 20 
Beamont 	Charles 16 
Beamont 	Alice 11 
Beckett 	William 40 
Beckett 	Eleanor 40 
Bowman 		Thomas 24 
Bowman 		Annie 24 
Bowman 		Rosa 4 
Bowman 		Frederick 2 
Boyd 		Alfred 34 
Boyd 		Mary 31 
Boyd 		Louisa 8 
Boyd 		Charles 6 
Boyd 		Mary 4 
Boyd 		Amy 1 
Braithwaite 	George 39 
Braithwaite 	Eliza 39 
Bright 		Robert 42 
Bright 		Johanna 34 
Bright 		Ann 14 
Bright 		Robert 11 
Bright 		Mary 9 
Bright 		Elizabeth 6 
Brooker 	William 41 
Brooker 	Sarah 40 
Brooker 	Elizabeth 20 
Brooker 	Cleave 16 
Brooker 	Thomas 14 
Brooker 	Charles 11 
Brooker 	Albert 9 
Chapman 	Henry 24 
Chapman 	Elizabeth 21 
Clark 		Frederick 22 
Clark 		Sarah 25 
Clark 		Elizabeth 1 
Cook [sic Pook] Alfred 27 
Cook [sic Pook]	Fanny 21 
Cook [sic Pook]	Alfred 1 
Corcoran 	Pat 22 
Corcoran 	Mary 32 
Corcoran 	Bridget 1 
Craig 		Alexander 30 
Craig 		Letitia 30 
Craig 		Mary 6 
Craig 		Richard 3 
Craig 		William 
Derbyshire 	Mary 32 
Derbyshire 	Martha 11 
Derbyshire 	Charles 7 
Derbyshire 	Alice 6 
Derbyshire 	Abbey 1 
Devitt 		John 37 
Devitt 		Margaret 35 
Devitt 		Bridget 12 
Devitt 		John 10 
Devitt 		Michael 8 
Devitt 		Patrick 4 
Devitt 		James 2 
Ellis 		Richard 30 
Ellis 		Mary 28 
Ellis 		John 10 
Ellis 		Richard 9 
Ellis 		James 6 
Ellis 		Michael 4 
Ellis 		Mary 1 
Ferne 		Arthur 22 
Ferne 		Agnes 21 
Ferne 		Arthur 2 
Golds 		John 25 
Golds 		Eliza 20 
Golds 		Eliza 1 
Hartney 	Andrew 36 
Hartney 	Bridget 25 
Hartney 	Michael 2 
Hartney 	John 1 
Hawkes 		Edwin 28 
Hawkes 		Rhoda 26 
Hawkes 		Sarah 7 
Hawkes 		Albert 5 
Hawkes 		John 2 
Healey 		Patrick 40 
Healey 		Eliza 36 
Healey 		Ellen 11 
Healey 		Eliza 7 
Healey 		Bridget 5 
Healey 		Mary 3 
Healey 		Annie 1 
Hetherington 	William 20 
Hetherington 	Margaret 25 
Hetherington 	Sarah 59 
Hurrell 	George 40 
Hurrell 	Mary 31 
Hurrell 	Mary 4 
Jelly 		James 30 
Jelly 		Sarah 26 
Jones 		Charles 38 
Jones 		Catherine 37 
Kemble 		William 22 
Kemble 		Mary 26 
King 		James 48 
King 		Bridget 38 
King 		James 21 
King 		Mary 19 
King 		Thomas 9 
Lamb 		William 44 
Lamb 		Rhoda 43 
Law 		George 35 
Law 		Emma 22 
Lockhart 	William 44 
Lockhart 	Jane 39 
Lockhart 	Jane 19 
Lockhart 	William 17 
Lockhart 	James 12 
Lockhart 	Lilian 2 
Lockhart 	Catherine 1 
Madon 		Zius 39 
Madon 		Berthe 39 
Madon 		Hane 13 
McGrath 	James 35 
McGrath 	Margaret 29 
McGrath 	Mary 6 
McGrath 	James 3 
McGrath 	Patrick 1 
Murphy 		Edward 34 
Murphy 		Sarah 31 
Murphy 		William 8 
Murphy 		James 5 
Murphy 		Ann 3 
Newman 		Richard 22 
Newman 		Elizabeth 21 
Newman 		Harry 1 
Olsen 		Frederick 33 
Olsen 		Anne 40 
Olsen 		Kate 11 
Olsen 		K 8 
Olsen 		H.C 5 
Olsen 		K 1 
Orr 		William 44 
Orr 		Mary 43 
Orr 		William 22 
Orr 		James 20 
Orr 		David 18 
Orr 		Edwin 15 
Orr 		Josias 13 
Parsons 	William 26 
Parsons 	Agnes 24 
Parsons 	Maria 1 
Parvin 		Tom 24 
Parvin 		Louisa 24 
Parvin 		Lydia 2 
Parvin 		Tom 1 
Philmroe 	Charles 34 
Philmroe 	Mary 38 
Philmroe 	Emily 15 
Philmroe 	George 9 
Philmroe 	Sarah 7 
Philmroe 	Elizabeth 5 
Philmroe 	Ann 2 
Pike 		Henry 26 
Pike 		Mary 26 
Pike 		Annie 5 
Pike 		George 3 
Pike 		Elizabeth 1 
Quin 		Joseph 40 
Quin 		Elizabeth 37 
Quin 		Elizabeth 15 
Quin 		James 10 
Quin 		Mary 7 
Quin 		Margaret 3 
Rout 		Stephen 39 
Rout 		Sarah 43 
Rout 		Harriet 17 
Rout 		Walter 15 
Rout 		George 14 
Rout 		Isaac 12 
Rout 		Emma 8 
Rout 		Henry 6 
Rout 		William 5 
Rout 		Stephen 2 
Rutledge 	Samuel 24 
Rutledge 	Rebecca 22 
Rutledge 	William 1 
Sarosen 	Peter 43 
Sarosen 	Johanne 39 
Sarosen 	Maren 14 
Sarosen 	Christine 11 
Smithers 	George 22 
Smithers 	Sophia 22 
Spanswick 	William 25 
Spanswick 	Alice 22 
Spanswick 	Samuel 1 
Sullivan 	Thomas 27 
Sullivan 	Honora 24 
Sullivan 	Robert 1 
Testra 		James 26 
Testra 		Elizabeth 32 
Testra 		D 11 
Testra 		Mary 8 
Testra 		James 3 
Testra 		Lucy 1 
Walker 		Amos 33 
Walker 		Bridget 30 
Walker 		George 13 
Walker 		Emily 10 
Walker 		William 8 
Walker 		Thomas 1 
Walsh 		Mark 38 
Walsh 		Catherine 30 
Westbuch 	Walter 29 
Westbuch 	Elizabeth 28 
Westbuch 	Elizabeth 7 
Westbuch 	Walter 6 
Westbuch 	Herbert 4 
Westbuch 	Florence 1 
Weyman 		George 32 
Weyman 		Martha 30 
Weyman 		Jane 9 
Weyman 		Frank 6 
Weyman 		Frederick 4 

Families continued -
White 		William 44 
White 		Mary 44 
White 		Charles 19 
White 		Thomas 15 
White 		Loria 13 
White 		Arthur 11 
White 		Mary 8 
White 		John 6 
White 		Sarah 3 
White 		Charlotte 2 
Wild 		John 47 
Wild 		Elizabeth 38 
Wild 		Alice 21 
Wild 		Ann 18 
Wild 		Richard 16 
Wild 		Edward 14 
Wild 		Agnes 11 
Wild 		Arthur 9 
Wild 		William 6 
Wild 		Frank 4 
Wild 		Albert 2 
Wild 		Ada 1 
Zesson 		Johan 45 
Zesson 		Anne 49 
Zesson 		Marie 20 
Zesson 		F.C 19 
Zesson 		William 17 
Zesson 		Helena 13

Single Men 
Albrook 	John 20 
Anderson 	Niels 29 
Andrenson 	Niels 29 
Ash 		Joseph 21 
Attwood 	James 25 
August 		Carl 25 
Barker 		George 21 
Barwood 	Matthew 27 
Bird 		Martha 20 
Blythe 		J 19 
Bodilson 	Christien 21 
Bolton 		John 21 
Brownett 	Alfred 18 
Christiensen 	Carl 25 
Christiensen 	Hans 20 
Christiensen 	Christien 32 
Clark 		William 23 
Clock 		Anders 24 
Dudeney 	James 19 
Elling 		Johannes 21 
Fallick 	James 21 
Fargensen 	Hans 42 
Forket 		August 27 
Gedge 		Henry 18 
Green 		William 23 
Halloran 	James 25 
Hansen 		Thomas 30 
Hansen 		L 22 
Hansen 		Ole 18 
Hansen 		Peter 21 
Hastie 		George 20 
Hastie 		Thomas 21 
Hughes 		Thomas 21 
Jackson 	Robert 21 
Johnsen 	Christien 26 
Johnson 	Johan 36 
Johnson 	Anders 9 
Johnson 	J 21 
Kasmussin 	Niels 19 
Kennedy 	J 16 
Knight 		William 20 
Larsen 		Niels 22 
Larsen 		Lars 25 
Larsen 		P.C 22 
Mahoney 	Patrick 30 
Martin 		Edward 26 
Martinsen 	Niels 21 
Matson 		Isaac 25 
McCormack 	Martin 20 
McKiff 		Frederick 19 
McKone 		Michael 17 
Mullen 		Stephen 20 
Neilsen 	H 22 
O'Brien 	John 27 
O'Callaghan 	James 25 
O'Laughlin 	Michael 22 
Olesen 		Niels 21 
Oliver 		Frederick 21 
Osborne 	William 21 
O'Shea 		C 35 
Peoples 	Isaac 22 
Peterson 	Hans 22 
Place 		John 34 
Rasmussen 	Julius 20 
Rasmussen 	Zius 23 
Reidy 		John 19 
Rix 		John 23 
Ryley 		James 12 
Sarensen 	Zius 20 
Sensen 		Niels 21 
Seversham 	William 25 
Snowdon 	G 23 
Springfoot 	Alfred 22 
Sriensfon 	Johannes 21 
Steward 	J 28 
Stiffersen 	Claudius 45 
Zensen 		Anders 30 

Single Women
Boraird 	Lizzie 18 
Bourke 		Catherine 17 
Craig 		Mary 20 
Dare 		Prudence 30 
Fink 		Maren 27 
Frielerikson 	Ane 30 
Gorvian 	Matilda 27 
Heneky 		Elizabeth 20 
Heneky 		Jane 18 
Hickey 		Mary 21 
Hockley 	Mary 26 
Larensen 	M 18 
Linslar 	Mary 20 
McKone 		Mary 24 
Nielsen 	Maren 19 
Olesen 		Grithe 29 
Petersen 	Ano 17 
Rasmussen 	T 21 
Ryley 		Susan 14 
Sarenson 	Ane 18 
Truelsen 	A 19 
Wells 		Frances 21 

The Loch Awe left Gravesend on 6 April 1874 and arrived at Auckland, on on 22 June 1874.
There is a beautiful picture of her in 'White Wings' Vol. 1. page 193. Set a record on the way out. The Loch Awe was a vessel of 1053 tons, commanded by Captain Weir, made a voyage to Waitemata Harbour, Auckland in 76 days and 6 hours (more than 13,000 miles), with Mr Boyd as chief officer. The Loch Awe, with 369 passengers on board, left Gravesend on April 6,1874 at 4 pm. and parted with the pilot on the 9th. ...During one week from the 4th to 10th June the Loch Awe ran the extraordinary distance of 2159 miles, representing an average of 308 miles a day. During the storm on the 15th June the married couples and single girls on board had a very uncomfortable time, and were battened down for two days, but the single men did not suffer that inconvenience. The fast passage was not at all appreciated by the passengers. The Loch Awe left directly for San Francisco. She also made two trips to Lyttelton.


The Loch Awe, a barque, was sold to a Norwegian firm and renamed the Madura, (owners K.Bruusgaard / Drammen) of 1023 tons and was captured and sunk on 21 May 1917, 50 miles SW Queenstown on a voyage Gulfport for Cardiff with timber, with scuttling charges, not torpedoed. U48 was under command of Kapit�nleutnant Edeling at the time. Source : Der Handelskrieg mit U-Booten, A.Spindler, vol.4.
U48 -213 ft long, maximum surface speed 14kts, could cruise for 7600 miles at 10kts on the surface. Armament 1 x 4.1", 1 x 22pdr, six machine guns and six torpedo tubes. U48 was lost on the Goodwin Sands in WWI 24 November 1917.

The Numbers

364 passengers on this list above.
354 on the Auckland library site.
369 left Gravesend per the newspaper
Transcribed by Joan  N. - July 2006. The image above is off the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 
Counted 30 single men with Scandinavian names, 9 single women and 5 families (24 souls).  63 total Scandinavian immigrants on board the Loch Awe.   Families: Andersen, Madon, Olsen, Sarosen, Zesson
Single Women:  Fink, Frielerikson, Larensen, Nielsen, Olesen, Petersen, Rasmussen, Sarenson, Truelsen 
Single Men: Niels Christien, Christiensen, Fargensen, Hansen, Johnsen, Johnson, Lars, Larsen, Matson, Neilsen, Olesen, Peterson, Rasmussen, Sarensen, Sensen, Sriensfon, Stiffersen, Zensen.

Some Scandinavian immigrants settled at Mauriceville in the Wairarapa, with other Danish and Norwegian immigrants. The New Zealand Government had a scheme to bring strong, hardworking immigrants into New Zealand and the Scandinavians were ideal.  There was a lot of bush and scrub to clear to create farmland and settlements. Passage to New Zealand was subsidised for many, and land for small holdings was promised. Some of the immigrants  like the Jessen family paid their own way, and some went over to the Manawatu area, or Hawkes Bay - for varying reasons.

This photo is from the book "Forest Homes" by G.C. Petersen

The men in the photo in the book are not identified but my grandfather recongised the photo.  Karl Jahasen bottom left holding the axe.  My grandfather, S.P. Bray, is the one sitting on the tree trunk without a pipe or axe. Two of his brothers are in the photo as well.  William Bray is the one on the right hand side of the tree, on the plank.  My Great Uncle Hal, Harold Charles Bray, is the little boy in the background to the right. The Bray family moved to Puaha, Little River, Canterbury after 1905 as the dampness in the  'bush' caused my grandfather to have hearing problems.

Forest Homes: The Story of the Scandinavian Settlements in the Forty Mile Bush, New Zealand
Story of  Scandinavian settlers recruited under Julius Vogel's Public Works and Immigration Policy.  Special focus is on the Largest of the Danish settlement of Mauriceville, in the Wairarapa District. Contains numerous plates, portraits and town plan on end papers. 1956 First Edition, cloth.  Wellington: Reed, 1966 Boards with dj. Reprint. 137pp.

Helen wrote..

The voyage seemed to be a stormy and interesting one, the Captain, seemingly, with his heart set on setting records! The journey I've had in locating the emigration details and arrival to New Zealand is nothing in comparison! Slow and careful winding, not glossing over anything, saw my reward in a very short time on a microfilm shipping reel at the Palmerston North Library, in the Genealogy Section. I thought this family would have arrived - based on likely dates the family could be on the water, anything after their registration to emigrate from Denmark until the first known activity recorded of them in NZ. This family, never found by several others in all those years had been located reasonably quickly, thanks to basic ground work being covered first.


The JESSEN family do not appear on the Auckland Library web site - had an 'open' look by vessel and date at all the list in case name spelt differently, sure enough they are the last six entries transcribed as ZESSON!!!  Auckland inward passenger arrivals 1838-1886 and 1909-1921 from newspapers. To obtain a full listing just enter the name of the ship and the year. Names and spelling have been recorded as they appear in the newspaper. The spelling (Jessen) is grossly incorrect but it is a good example of gothic writing being mis-spelt.  Always keep in mind when searching for names the various spelling variants. Sometimes names are Anglicised. Transcription errors are common and passengers themselves may have supplied incorrect information. Ship names have even been misspelled. Some list compilers used phonetic spelling with unfamiliar names. There can be discrepancies between the various records, regarding age(s) and spelling of names.

The JESSEN family from Denmark
The Southern Cross - newspaper Shipping Microfilm Danish Demographic Database
Jessen Johann 	 father
Jessen Ane D 	 mother
Jessen Marie S 	 daughter 	aged 20	
Jessen Fritz C 	 son 		aged 19	
Jessen William A son	 	aged 17
Jessen Helene 	 daughter	aged 13
Zesson 	Johan 	45 
Zesson 	Anne 	49 
Zesson 	Marie 	20 
Zesson 	F.C. 	19 
Zesson 	William 17 
Zesson 	Helena 	13
Jessen Johan 		Age: 45 
Jessen Ane Dorothea 	Age: 49 
Jessen Marie Sophie 	Age: 20 
Jessen Fritz Carl 	Age: 19 
Jessen Villiam August 	Age: 17 
Jessen Helene 		Age: 13 

The family is correctly spelt JESSEN and although they originated from Kobenhavn, Denmark, immediately prior to travel, (Johan and Ane [misspelt - ANNA should be ANE] were married there and all children born there) they were both originally from Lille Tarup, near Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein,  northern Germany near the Danish border. Information on the Jessen family courtesy of Helen.

In a period from 1864 till 1920 that part of Denmark around Schleswig, Holstein was German (we lost Slesvig and Holstein to the Germans in a war). But in 1920 there was a referendum in the "old" Danish area if they wanted to be a part of Germany or a part of Denmark. Slesvig and Holsten was divided into three parts and only the northern part "Nordslesvig" including T�nder chose the Danish solution. That means that all information about them is located in Germany for the years 1864 - 1920. T�nder is now Danish - S�derl�gum just south of T�nder is German.


Danish Demographic Database 1869-1908
Last residence, age, year of emigration, first destination of the emigrant. A search for New Zealand found 2780 persons including the Jessen family. A few of the Scandinavian on the passenger list above must be spelled wrong as the names are not appearing in the database.
Dannevirke Scandinavian Club
Scandinavian Club of Manawatu
    Early Manawatu Scandinavians.
[Palmerston North, NZ : Manawatu Scandinavian Club, 1990] (Palmerston North : Slylex Print) 70 p. Index
    Mosquitoes & Sawdust : a history of Scandinavians in early Palmerston North and surrounding districts
/ by Val A. Burr, on behalf of the Scandinavian Club of Manawatu.  Palmerston North, NZ: The Club, 1995 167p.  Index  "England"

The Hamilton Danish Society
"I still speak Danish."
Mauriceville history
Hawke's Bay
Does your family have a Viking ancestor? Survey by the Auckland War Memorial Museum
Masterton District Council Cemetery Records
Tararua District Council Cemetery Records
Edwards, Alice Hermina Franklin, age 35 b. 25 Sep 1885 Mauriceville