The Merope, London to Lyttelton 1877

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New Zealand Bound

London to Lyttelton, New Zealand 1877

The Star, Thursday 9th August 1877  page 2
Timaru Herald, 2 August 1877, Page 2

Arrived Lyttelton, 9th August, Merope, ship 1054 tons, Capt. Sutherland, from London. 82 days from London, and 79 days from land to land. She brings 50 passengers, all told, and all well and a large cargo. Messrs Dalgety, Nichols, and Co., are her agents. Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co.'s favourite ship from London May 15, and Deal May 16. She had fine weather to Kerguelen's Island. Crossed the Equator on the 18th May, and the meridian of the Cape on the 10th July. Made the Snares on the 6th August. Arrived this morning.  She brings 50 passengers, all well.


Davidson	J.
Francis		Porey G.
Francis		Marey A.
Jennings	J.
Kidman		William
Melhuish	R.T.
Melhuish	Mary
Melhuish	Mary L.
Melhuish	Edward
Squire		H.
Thompson	J.G.
Verity		C. W. [C.H. Verity]
Verity		H.W.
Wilks		Rev G.
Wilks		Jane
Wilks		Alice L.
Wilks		Minnie
Second Cabin
Chapman		Thomas P.
Davis		J.H.	[J.H. Davies]
Parfitt		T.
Parfitt		Mrs
Perkins		A.G.F.
Roberts		Elizabeth
Roberts		Louisa M.E.
Williams	F.H.
Williams	Lucy
Baseley		J.
Baseley		Mrs M.
Baseley		Elizabeth
Baseley		Jessie A.
Cochrane	John  [John Crockran]
Gaskin		Edward
Hulme		Emma
Hulme		William
Keys		Josephine
Massey		Jessie A.
Meikle		Miss
Parkinson	Alice
Parkinson	Leonard
Parkinson	Robert
Scott		Matthew
Smith		Alice 
Smith		Annie	
Smith		Arthur
Smith     	Emma   [Check]
Smith		Edward
Smith		George
Smith		George
Wright		Elizabeth
Wright		Frank
Wright		Walter

 August 9 - Taranaki, s.s. 327 tons, Malcolm, from Port Chalmers.
Passengers: saloon -

Ahflid 		Mr
Aitken 		Mr
Collins 	Mrs
Lingkey 	Miss
Meares 		Mr
Skeech 		Mr
Walker 		Mr
Welsh 		Mr and Mrs

Buchanan 	Mrs
Huff 		Mr
Pepper 		Mr
Plante 		Mr
Singleton 	Miss
Vornry 		Mrs
and 80 for forward ports.
August 9 - Taupo, s.s., 462 tons, Andrews, from Northern Ports. 
Passengers: saloon - 
Adams 		Mrs
Allison 	Mr
Chisholm 	Mr
Coster 		Mr and Mrs
Duncan 		Mr
Gibson 		Mr
Gleeson 	Mr
Hobbs 		Mr and Mrs
Norton 		Mr
O'Neil 		Mr P
Reeves 		Mr
Shrimakl 	Mr
Spears 		Mr
Steward 	Mr
Stevenson 	Mr
Volwles 	Mrs
and 6 in steerage
August 8 - Tui, s.s., 61 tons, Wills, from Kaikoura, Wellington and Foxton. 
Passengers - 
Erskine 	Mr
Gilbert 	Mr
Martin 		Mr
Rainshaw 	Mr 
Wayfand 	Mr

The image above is from the wonderful NZ National Libraries website  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website.