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Midlothian to Lyttelton 1851

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NZ Bound

The Midlothian, bark, 414 tons, sailed from the Downs, England 22nd June and arrived Lyttelton 8 October, 1851 with 128 passengers, then sailed for Nelson arriving their on 7 November 1851.

From the "Lyttelton Times," October 11, 1851
October 8, barque Midlothian, 414 tons, Gibson, from Gravesend, 21 June. Passengers: Rev. R. B. Paul, Mrs Paul and five children, Mr and Mrs G.W. Lee, Mr J. Back and Mrs Back, Mr I. Brown, Mrs Brown and three children, Captain Wilkinson, Mr Conway L. Rose, Mrs Rose and three children, Miss Roche, Mr Beauchamp, Mr Beeston, Mrs Beeston and nine children, Mr Laws, Miss Laws, Miss Stanford, and eighty-one in steerage.

The barque Midlothian, 530 tons, new measurement, chartered by the Canterbury Association, and commanded by Captain Joseph Gibson, sailed from the Downs on Sunday, June 22, having on board 31 cuddy, 20 intermediate, and 77 steerage passengers, in all 128 souls; of this number 53 were children under fourteen years of age.

She beat down the Channel with a westerly wind, and on Wednesday evening was off the Start Point, the last land seen between the British Channel and the Cape of Good Hope. Passed to the westerly of Madeira on Wednesday, July 6, and to the westward of Cape Verde Islands on the 15th. The passage through the tropics was usually pleasant, the thermometer was never raising above 81 degrees, and that only for a few hours on one day. On July 24 she fell in with the S.E. Trade and crossed the Line on the evening of the same day. On the July 28 the moon was eclipsed, and and the ship encountered some heavy squalls, during one of which she lost her main topsail yard. The furthest western longitude reached was 29.30. On Sunday, August 24, made the Cape land. Wind then shifted to the south, and on the 26th veered round to the north. On September 1, the ship being in lat. 40.30 S. and long. 40 E., the weather became very unsettled, strong winds blowing alternatively from N.N. to S.W. and heavy gales at times. On September 8 she encountered a very heavy gale which became a hurricane on the morning of the 9th, when the ship was hove to, her close-reefed fore-top-sail, under which she was scudding, having been blown to ribbons. The gale having moderated she bore up again, and after a succession of strong winds from N.W. to S.W. made Stewart Island on Friday, October 3 (103 days from the Downs), and passed on a fine moonlight night inside The Traps. The extreme southern latitude reached before nearing the coast of New Holland was 40.41, which was gradually increased until she rounded Stewart Island. Light and variable winds on the three following days when the ship stood within three miles of the coast. On Tuesday, October 7, being then off Banks' Peninsula, and within a few hours' sail of Port Lyttelton, a purse containing 15 pounds 12s 6d was presented to Captain Gibson by the cuddy and intermediate passengers, with a request that on return to England he would purchase a piece of plate as a memorial of their gratitude for his unvarying kindness during the voyage. At the same time the following letter was placed in Captain Gibson's hands, signed by the whole of the chief cabin and intermediate passengers.

Barque Midlothan, off Port Lyttelton, New Zealand, October 7, 1851.
Dear Sir,- We, the undersigned passengers from London to Port Lyttelton in the barque Midlothian, cannot separate without offering you the expression of warmest thanks for the kindness which we have uniformly experienced at your hands during the voyage.
    Should it be the will of Providence that you ever revisit Port Lyttelton we need hardly say that sincere pleasure it will give us to renew an acquaintance, under such happy auspices. Meanwhile, it is now our earnest prayer that He who has preserved you through the varied perils of a seaman's life. will grant you a safe return to England, and a happy meeting with those who are most dear to you. -We remain, dear Sir, your faithful and obliged servants.
To Joseph Gibson, Esq. Commander of the barque Midlothian.

A List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand, as Passengers per ship Midlothian.  Joseph Gibson, Commander. Dr. Back, Surgeon-Superintendant, Frederick Young, Manger of Shipping.   18 June 1851. Chief cabin 31 souls, 25�, second cabin 20 souls.

Chief Cabin

Back      Mr         40    M  Y   Surgeon                  
Back      Mrs        35    F  Y                            
Brown     Alfred     7     M                               
Brown     Edward     6     M                               
Brown     Emily      9     F                               
Brown     Henry      3     M                               
Brown     Mr         36    M  Y 4                          
Brown     Mrs        36    F  Y 4                             
Lee       G.W.H      36    M                               
Paul      Fanny      16    F                               
Paul      Frederick  16    M                               
Paul      Hannah M.  18    F                               
Paul      Margaret   22    F                               
Paul      Mrs        43    F  Y 5                             
Paul      R.B.       50    M  Y 5 Chaplain                 
Paul      Rose Ann   17    F                               
Roche     Miss       20    F                               
Rose      Conwray L. 33    M  Y 2                          
Rose      Henry      inf   M                               
Rose      John       2     M                               
Rose      Mrs        31    F  Y 2                          
Wilkinson Captain    40    M                               
Westenra  Arthur     9     M                               
Westenra  Captain    42    M  Y 7                          
Westenra  Esther     13    F                               
Westenra  Fanny      15    F                               
Westenra  Isabella   1     F                               
Westenra  Mrs        42    F  Y 7                          
Westenra  Parkes     14    M                               
Westenra  Richard    16    M                               
Westenra  Warren     11    M                               

Second Cabin

Beauchamp   W.J.        22    M                                                                             
Beetson     Arthur      6     M                                                                             
Beetson     Charles     4     M                                                                             
Beetson     David       8     M                                                                             
Beetson     Emma        13    F                                                                             
Beetson     Jno James   10    M                                                                             
Beetson     Maria       15    F                                                                             
Beetson     Maria       41    F    Y 9                                                                          
Beetson     Robert      12    M                                                                             
Beetson     Walter      2     M                                                                             
Beetson     William     18    M                                                                             
Beetson     William     43    M    Y 9                    for Nelson                                        
Louison     Ann         25    F        Captain Westenra's nurse                                                
Irwin       Elizabeth   30    F                                                                             
Irwin       Maria       13    F                                                                             
Laws        Hill        21    M                                                                             
Laws        Miss        22    F                                                                             
Stanford    Emma        22    F                                                                             
Yagnes?     Elizabeth   24    F        Servant to Mr Rose                                                   


Bathurst     Frances      23   F                         married T. Fowler on board                        
Batterbee    Eliza        29   F  Y                                                                        
Batterbee    Jonathan     28   M  Y                      Mr Black                                                  
Bayley       Arthur       13   M                                                                           
Betts        Joseph       30   M  Y    Bricklayer                                                          
Betts        Susannah     33   F  Y                                                                        
Bond         George       23   M  Y    Laborer                                                             
Bond         Mary Ann     24   F  Y                                                                        
Bryan        Ann          36   F  Y  1                                                                     
Bryan        Henry        11   M                                                                           
Bryan        John         34   M  Y  1 Agr. Laborer                                                        
Butcher      Mary         21   M  Y                                                                        
Butcher      Thomas       23   F  Y    Brickmaker                                                          
Cox          Alice        37   F  Y  6                                                                     
Cox          Elizabeth    0    F                                                                           
Cox          George       12   M                                                                           
Cox          Jacob        4    M                                                                           
Cox          Marianna     2    F                                                                           
Cox          Samuel       41   M  Y  6 Shepherd          Mr. Rose                                          
Cox          Samuel       9    M                                                                           
Cox          Sarah        15   F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Cox          William      7    M                                                                           
Dorsett      Eliza        2    F                                                                           
Dorsett      Isaac        6    M                                                                           
Dorsett      Sarah        37   F  Y  4                   Mr. Rose                                                  
Dorsett      Sarah        10   F                                                                           
Dorsett      William      8    M                                                                           
Dorsett      William      29   M  Y  4 Genral laborer                                                      
Fowler       Thomas       39   M       Seaman            married F. Bathurst on board                      
Gallop       Abel         1    M                                                                           
Gallop       Charles      38   M  Y  6 Agr. Laborer                                                        
Gallop       Charles      4    M                                                                           
Gallop       Charlotte    8    F                                                                           
Gallop       Charlotte    32   F  Y  6                                                                     
Gallop       Jane         6    F                                                                           
Gallop       Mary         12   F                                                                           
Gallop       Susan        14   F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Gallop       Urira?       9    F                                                                           
Goodwin      Joseph       32   M  Y                                                                        
Goodwin      Mary         34   F  Y                                                                        
Grumbridge  William      18   M       Agr. Laborer                                                        
Hart         Frances      47   F  Y                                                                        
Hart         James        44   M  Y    Agr. Laborer                                                        
Hill         Hardy        22   M       Agr. Laborer                                                        
Hills        Alfred       4    M                                                                           
Hills        George       11   M                                                                           
Hills        George       35   M  Y  4 Carpenter           Mr. Rose                                                
Hills        Henry        2    M                                                                           
Hills        Maria        37   F  Y  4                                                                     
Hills        Thomas       6    M                                                                           
Hysted       Elizabeth    4    F                                                                           
Hysted       Jno          34   M  Y  5 Agr. Laborer                                                        
Hysted       John         6    M                                                                           
Hysted       Mary         26   F  Y  5                                                                     
Hysted       Sarah        inf  F                         died on voyage                                    
Hysted       Susanna      11   F                                                                           
Hysted       William      2    M                                                                           
Kissel       George       4    M                                                                           
Kissel       Jacob        6    M                                                                           
Kissel       Magdalina    29   M  Y  3                                                                     
Kissel       Magdalina    8    F                                                                           
Kissel       William      33   M  Y  3                    Captain Westenra                                                 
Loritz       Henry        19   M       Agr. Laborer                                                        
Parker       Richard      21   M       Wheelwright                                                         
Porter       Emma         14   F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Shalder      Thomas       19   M       Agr. Laborer                                                        
Short        Andrew       25   M       Sheperd                                                             
Strachan     William      19   M       Gardener                                                            
Smith        William      23   M       Agr. Laborer                                                        
Tayler       Alexander    9    M                                                                           
Tayler       Margaret     17   F       Domestic Servant                                                    
Tish         Christiana   32   F  Y  4                                                                     
Tish         Henry        4    M                                                                           
Tish         Magdalina    inf  F                                                                           
Tish         Philip       31   M  Y  4 Shepherd                                                             
Tish         Susan        1    F                                                                           
Tish         William      6    M                                                                           

Y = spouse
# = children    

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, NZ.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515 

Spelling on the embarkation lists differs from the Canterbury Jubilee Celebrations, published 1900 by Old Colonists Committee e.g.
Embarkation list: kissel.jpg (58759 bytes)Batterby (not Batterbee)
Dorset (not Dorsett)
Highstead (not Hysted)
Tisch (not Tish)
Kissel - William whereas was actually Wilhelm

TISCH & KISSEL families:
Philipp and Christina (nee  Vogt) TISCH came to New Zealand from Bavaria, Germany with their four children ( 2 boys & 2 girls ) on the 'Midlothian' in 1851. Also on board was Philipp's sister Magdalena and her husband Wilhelm KISSEL and their children. Both of Philipp and Christina's daughters died soon after arrival but they went on to have a further 8 children and settled in the Belfast area of Christchurch. Philipp kept buying farm land until he had an area of about 700 acres. Seeing the great demand for sawn timber he started a sawmill in Christchurch and as demand for timber increased he purchased a large tract of forest land at Alford Forest and erected a sawmill. To meet the requirements of the increasing population in the district he built the Alford Forest Hotel and also the Spread Eagle Hotel midway between Ashburton and Alford Forest.

One of the principal members of the German community in Christchurch he took a large part in raising money to build the German Church. Active in the community and business generally, Philipp was chairman of the Avon Road Board, a vestryman of St Pauls, Papanui and a director of the Brewing, Malting and Distilling Co. He was chairman of the Belfast School committee from 1869-1874 and he donated the land for the new school that was opened in 1878.

In 1878 they were in Taranaki buying another farm and hotel. They returned to Christchurch in 1882 where Christina died in September of that year. Philipp remarried in 1884 to Anne Williams Kerr, a widow, and settled into retirement until his death in 1892. Information courtesy of Sandra Worthington.  Please contact Sandra, gr-gr-gr grandaughter of Philipp Tisch, if you would like more information or have information to share on these families.

This page may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion, wholly or in part, except for private study. 

New Zealand - The Britain of the South
Lord John

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 2 February 1859, Page 2

The barque Midlothian, Captain Grant, arrived from London on Saturday last, after a rather quick passage, having left the Downs on the 17th October. The Midlothian is bound to Wellington, but about thirty of the passengers (including some old colonists) are for this port. The passengers speak in favourable terms of the comfort they enjoyed on board; the sight of several icebergs was the only event that varied the monotony of the voyage. Captain Grant reports that the Duchess of Leinster sailed from the Downs for Nelson on 16th October.

 ARRIVED. January 29, barque Midlothian, 393, Grant, from London.

Passengers  first cabin

Mr. and Mrs. Mason and two children
Mr. Andrews
Mr. Bomford
Mr. Davis
Mr. Hardinge
Miss G. Robinson
Dr. Turnell, surgeon

second cabin

Henry and Elizabeth Bailey
Robert and Ann Burns
John Carruthers
Mary Garside
James W. Gower
William Halfpenny
Mr. and Mrs. John Hewitt
Mrs. Jane Hope and son
Charles Houghton
Charles and Elizabeth Moore
Charles W., James, Henry, and Edward Moore
Stephen Nosworthy
Henry H. Sharp
Elizabeth Summers
Francis Wilson

Star 6 February 1888, Page 3
Mr John Thomas Brown. At an early hour yesterday morning died one of the oldest and best of Canterbury's settlers, Mr John Thomas Brown. For several years he had been living in retirement but his name was well known as that of one of the ablest and most energetic and honourable of the men who have made the Province what it is. Mr Brown was advanced in years, having been born in 1816 at Norwich. He was the second son of the Mr James Brown, Canon of Norwich Cathedral. He was educated as a surveyor, and for some years practised that profession in England. He also engaged in farming, and acquired an amount of  practical, knowledge which stood him in good stead when he came to try his fortune in Canterbury. He arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Midlothian in November, 1851, and settled in Christchurch, residing first near the Bricks Wharf, the site of the present Barbadoes street bridge. Afterwards he built a cottage in Gloucester street, opposite the office of the Lyttelton Times. Here he resided for some years. He will be remembered by old settlers as having, together with Mr J. C. Boys, made the first metalled road in the Province a portion of the Ferry road from Christchurch to the old wharf on the Heathcote known as Christchurch Quay. The metal used in this work was taken from a gravel pit on the site of the old Post Office in Market square. Shortly afterwards Mr Brown took up the Mount Thomas Run, which tor some years he. worked from Christchurch. He afterwards removed to the b station, where he lived for a number of years. Recently he purchased the residence known as Abberley, on the Springfield road, and resided there till his death. Mr Brown was one of the principal members of the Agricultural and Pastoral Association, and took an active part in prompting the shows held by that body in years long past. Sport found in him one o� its earliest patrons, and for several p years he held the position of President of the Canterbury Jockey Club. Though he took no active part in political life, he always manifested an intelligent interest in public matters, and in early days he was frequently called upon to act as arbitrator in various affairs, which his practical knowledge and integrity well qualified him to settle. The funeral will take place at the Church of England cemetery, Barbadoes street, at 3 p.m., to-morrow.