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Otago Early Settlers Association - shipmates

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Remember this is a secondary source. A typo, a transcription error or a transposition error, could get you another month, another year, another port, another voyage. Double check. I see one case where the year should be Jura 1862 but reads "Jura 1858". The obituary reads Jura 1862.

Otago Witness March 1 1873 pg5
Early Settlers' Meeting pg5
A meeting of the early settlers "who arrived in the province up to the end of the year 1856" At Wain's Hotel, Manse street "to take into consideration the forming of an Early Settlers' Association, and a reunion on the 25 anniversary of the Province." Mr A. Mercer presided.
there were also present - Messrs J. Cargill, A.J. Burns, C. Allan, W.D. Murison, D. Miller, Simpson, A. Brebner, D. Calder, A. Findlater, J.S. Douglas, J. Anderson, C.H. Street, Sanderson, C.R. Chapman, J. Healey, C. Reid, H.F. Hardy. Boys, J. Barr, J.G.S. Grant, G. Smith, J.W. Feger, A. Barr, Granger, D. Taylor, J. Curle, C. Allan, Hammond, Cheyne, Hamer, Mansford and J. Wain.

April 19 1873 pg 11
The Phillip Laing Arrival Anniversary
An excursion to Port Chalmers and a luncheon.
The number of immigrants by the Philip Laing, it may be mentioned, was 236, and the heads of families present at the gathering yesterday, and their respective places of residence, were as follows : — John Buchanan, A. J. Burns, John Barr, Andrew Mercer, Mrs Stuart, and Misses Sinclair (2), Dunedin ; Garrett Clearwater, Peninsula ; David Miller, Port Chalmers; Hugh McDermid, Sawyer's Bay ; Charles Crawford, James Patrick, and Thomas Robertson, Anderson's Bay (Mr Robertson had four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren present) ; William Barr, Kaikorai ; Prank Marshall, Halfway Bush ; William Jaffray, Saddle Hill ; William Martin, Green Island ; James Cullen, George Turnbull, Thomas Buchanan, Mrs Isabella Stephenson (matron of the vessel, and the oldest of the passengers living), Andrew Watson, Mrs William Stephenson (not a passenger, but the head of a family that came in that vessel), Taieri ; Alexander Dixon, Kuri Bush ; James Callender, Alexander Callender, and James Callender, Scroggs's Hill; William Duff, Waihola ; Robert Hastie, Hampden ; William Welsh, Shag Valley.

The Otago Early Settlers Association was established during Otago's fiftieth jubilee in 1898.  It began by organising reunions and get-togethers for the pioneers and their families. Soon it extended its activities to collecting information, photographs and artefacts of the early days. This collection quickly grew and the Association opened the OESM in 1908, a museum to share its treasures with the public. Today the Otago Settlers Museum is a must see in Dunedin if you have ancestors who came to Otago. The Association no longer operates the museum independently but remains deeply committed to enhancing its collections and services.

Otago Witness March 3 1898 pg3
The Early Settler's Committee received responses to attended the Jubilee in Dunedin from early settlers - settlers and their descendants who arrived in Otago and Southland prior to 1861.
Mr George McKenzie (Queenstown)
Mr S. Woolley (Palmerston)
Mr Peter Ayson (Torio)
Mr and Mrs Richard Craige (Craige Lea)
Mr William Robertson (Sandymount)
Mr William Martain (Fairfield)
Mr William Hickler [sic] (Waikouaiti) [should read Heckler]
Mr and Mrs Smith (Warepa)
Mrs Kennard (Goodword)
Mr and Mrs Marr (Port Chalmers)
Rev. W. Gillies (Timaru)
Mrs Jane Thomson (Port Chalmers)
Mrs M.J. Johnstone (Dunedin)
E. Russell (Inch Valley)
Samuel Woolley (Palmerston)
Lean Haughton
Mrs James Souness (Brown street)
Mrs Thomas Moodie (Russell street)
Mr D. Wilson (Caversham)
Mr G.S. Matheson (Kaikorai)
Mrs F. Bain (Halfway Bush)
Mr W.H. Valpy (Glenorchy)
Mr R. Edwards (Dunedin)
Mr J. Callender (Scrogg's Hill)
Mrs Jane McMaster (Saddle Hill)
Mr Henry Duncan (Ferguslie)
Mr John Anderson (Dunedin)
James Smellie (Taieri)
J.M. Hornby (Dunedin)
M. Dixon (Dunedin)
R. Ferguson (Kelso)
Mrs M.J. West (Invercargill)
James Gebbie, jun. (Oamaru)
Mrs Jane Robertson (West Taieri)
A. Cassely (Orepuki)
A. Petrie (Puerua)
Mrs Grey (Milburn)
Misses McGlashan (Balmaeewen)
Mrs Hepburn (Roslyn)
J.W. Laing (Broekville)
E.Swalloe (Mosgiel)
W.F. Craig (Nornington)
Mrs Beadle (Dunedin)

Otago Witness March 3 1898 pg3
Mr James F. Healey, Arrowtown, arrived in the Rajah in 1853, wrote to the committee for its invitation - won't be attending due to remoteness.

Otago Witness March 3 1898 pg3
A meeting of the Jubilee Demonstration Executative Committee was held on the 25th. Mr E.B. Cargill, chairman, Messrs J.A. Park, G.L. Denniston, W. Swan, P.R. Sargood and C. Haynes, present.

Otago Witness, 24 February 1898, Page 21
Death on the 15th, of Mrs W. Wilson the fast diminishing band of early settlers is deprived of another of its number. About 40 years ago Mrs Wilson arrived with her husband and young family in the Lady Ajedia. After a short residence in Dunedin Mrs Wilson and family removed to Milton, where the head of the family was engaged in the flour mill. They resided in Milton until Mr Wilson's death 15 years ago, after which they returned to Dunedin, and Mrs Wilson thereafter resided with her son-in-law, Mr D. M. Campbell, at whose residence at Waverley street, South Dunedin, her death occurred The deceased lady, who was 84 years of age, leaves two sons and four daughters, 49 grandchildren.
    Mrs Peter Clarke, who died at her residence, Mossfield, Clinton, on Tuesday evening, was 82 years of age. She arrived in the colony in the ship Hamilia Mitchell in the year 1864 with her husband and family of seven sons and two daughters. They immediately took up land in the Clinton district (then called Popotunoa), where they have lived continuously since that date. They were among the earliest settlers in the Clinton district. Mrs Clarke is survived by her husband, two sons, five daughters, and 34 grandchildren. The family consists of Mr D. Clarke (of Waipahi), Mr John Clarke (of Brooklands, Clinton), the late Mr William Gray (of Dunedin), Mrs A. C. Begg (wife of Mr A. C. Begg, of Roslyn), Mrs J. W. Thomson (wife of Mr J. W. Thomson, M.H.R. for Clutha), the late Mrs' Thomas Patterson (of Balclatha), Mrs P. S. Hay (wife of Mr P. S. Hay, of the Public Works department, Wellington), and two unmarried daughters.

Otago Daily Times 27 September 1898, Page 6
The Otago Early Settlers' Association celebrated the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Victory, Blundell, and Bernicia, by holding a gathering of the passengers by those ships, together with their descendants and friends, in the Victoria Hall" on the 21st inst. The gathering took the form of a conversazione, and there was a large attendance. Mr Donald Reid, who was in the chair, having explained the objects of the association, The Rev. AV. Will made a few remarks. He stated that when he thought of the early settlers ho always admired the courage with which they faced the work they had to do. They managed, however, to get on with very little, and it appeared to be far easier to make a living in those days than it was now. People could not spend money then although they wished to do so. Pigeons and wild pigs were abundant, and if a man was fortunate enough to start with a cow ho could soon manage to make a living. He believed that an early settler attached more importance to the fact of his cow having a heifer calf than he did to his wife bringing him a son or daughter—(applause)—because a man with a heifer calf had laid the foundation of his fortune. The mode of living was plain in the early days of the settlement, but it was wholesome. It was difficult sometimes to get flour, and one had to carry it all the way from Dunedin to where one lived in the country. But soon the settlers could grow a little wheat, and fortunately the hand mills were introduced, so that they could turn the wheat into flour. Some, however, were content with a coffee mill for grinding their wheat. Gene : rally speaking, they were very satisfied with their lot, and they had a good deal of common sense and were determined to make the best of their circumstances. One great drawback was the want of education for their children. That, however, was not entirely neglected. Soon the settlers made provision for education, and even where children could not be taught at school their education was carried on at home to such an extent that he did not think that any of them need be ashamed of the sons and daughters' of the early settlers, as they were able to take a very respectable place in society.
The following are the names of the early settlers at the gathering who came out in the ship Blundell, and also the names of their descendants who were present:—Mrs Robert Blair, nee Ann Harrison, East Taieri; Mrs Wilson, nee Janet Begg, Anderson's Bay; Mr Alexander Weir, son of the late Mr Daniel Weir, Highcliff; Mrs Swallow, nee Harrison, Herbert; Messrs R. N. Adams, A. A. Adams, A. S. Adams, sons of the late Mr J. J. Adams; Messrs T. K. Sidey, A. M. Sidey, Miss Sidey, and Mrs Adam, sons and daughters of Mr John Sidey, Caversham; Mr Adam Glen, son of the late Mr Thomas Glen, Dunedin; Mr Adam Anderson, Otepopo ; Mr. C. R. Chapman, Dunedin ; Mr Andrew Robertson, North-East Valley; Mr William Black and son, North-East Valley: Mr Thomas Somerville, Anderson's Bay; Mr John Somerville, Waitopoka; Miss Somerville, Anderson's Bay; Mrs Slawson, nee Janet Somerville, Waitepeka; Messrs W. J. and T. Somerville, sons of the late Mr W. Somerville, Anderson's Bay; Mr Robert Law, East Taieri; Mrs Robert Law, nee Jane Harrison, East Taieri; Mrs A. Aitkon, nee Law, East Taieri; Mr James Harrison, son of the late Mr T. Harrison; Mrs Callander, nee Barbara Law, East Taieri: Mrs Collaghan, nee Christina Harrison, Fairfax, Southland; Messrs T. and Matthew Begg, sons of the late Mr Adam Begg.

The Bernicia passengers and their descendants present wore as follow:—Mr It. W. Brown, South Dunedin; Mrs John Wilkinson, nee Madeline Grey, daughter of the late Mr John Grey, Milburn; Mr Charles Grey, North-East Valley; _Ir John Dodds, son of the late Sirs John Dodds, South Dunedin; Miss Shiels, Clutha; and Miss Anderson, Napier.

There are only two of the Victory's passengers now alive—viz., Mr Lachlan Langlands, of Maniototo, and Mrs AV. H. Mansford, the former of whom sent a note of apology for his absence.

Otago Witness, 30 March 1899, Page 9
The jubilee of the arrival in Otago of the ships Ajax (January 8, 1849), the Mary (April 11, 1849), and the Mariner (June 5, 1849) was celebrated by the Otago Early Settlers' Association in the Choral Hall on the 22nd, and ,was very numerously attended, amongst those present being many well-known citizens. Mr E. B. Cargill, president, who occupied the chair, said they were gathered together to celebrate a reunion of the early settlers who came out in the ships Ajax. Mary, and Mariner, which arrived here in January, April, and June, 1849 — 50 years ago. Among the results attained by their jubilee held last year was the gathering together of those who bad taken part in the early settlement of this , country. There was then a large assembly, notwithstanding the difficulty of getting men from remote parts of the country who came within the definition of early settlers. It was a very interesting gathering when they all came together, looking one another in the face and comparing notes to some extent. He thought it was wise in the Early Settlers' Association to resolve to gather together, in groups like the present one, the early settlers, so as to promote good feeling and kindly remembrances, and to allow of a comparison Of old experiences, such as took place to some extent last year. He thought it was a fine thing for the old, settlers to hang together, and recognise the common part they had taken in settling the country. He thought it was a good thing for the young folks to hear the old  folks talking together about what had brought them their inheritance. He had not come here till 1857, but they had done him the honour last year, during his mayoralty, to elect him president of the association, and he was present in that capacity. He hoped they .would have a pleasant and a profitable meeting, and mentioned that apologies had been received for absence from the meeting from Messrs Kenneth Bain (Timaru), Robert Murray (Clarksville), McLeod Orbell (Geraldine), Henry Sutcliffe (Sawyers' Bay), William Hay Dennis Heenan (Dunedin), W. J. Filleul (Nelson), S. Lindsay (Auckland), Mesdames H. J. Miller (Oamaru), Stewart (North Taieri), Matheson (Clarksville), G. Hay (Romahapa), Dallas (Dunedin), and Oakden (Anderson's Bay). Mr Cargill then vacated the chair in favour of Mr J. Elder Brown, the oldest surviving passenger of the ship Ajax. Mr Brown said it was certainly a proud moment for him, and for them all, to see, after a lapse of 50 years, so large a number of those who had been, more or less, connected with the early days of Otago, congregated together. With regard to the Ajax, he had taken considerable pains within the last two years to collect statistics concerning her passengers. He found there were 118 arrived and settled in Otago, and it would rather surprise most persons to learn that they could actually account for 53 as being alive at the present time, and for 14, of whom more or less was known. That, was quite 50 per cent, of those who had come out  in the vessel 50 years ago, the 118 he had referred to including men, women, and children. He might say that in collecting this information he had communicated with a good many persons, and had written not less than 20 letters in connection with the matter. The information had been collected from many sources, and the work was a labour of love, and this was intensified by the heartiness with which persons responded to the communications sent. They came away from Scotland and England at a very unquie period in 1848, when revolution was rife in Europe, which, however, the mother country avoided being brought into. Immigration was not by any means popular, and many people were unwilling to leave their native land. Since that time the sons and daughters of the mother country had spread themselves over the earth, determined, in the face of all obstacles, to do their best, and extend the British Empire, upon which the sun never set at the present day. Coming to a new country, there were many difficulties to contend with. Where they then were was simply grown over with flax, and the lower land was a complete swamp. On the harbour sides the timber was down to the margin of the water. People started clearing little bits here and there, and did their best. They were only here less than three years when the New Zealand Company surrendered their charter, and they were then in no man's land, and had to scratch for themselves. After this came representative institutions, such as the Provincial Council, the General Assembly, and House of Representatives. They struggled along, and emerged, perhaps, better than they would if they had been in plenty. They would most of them have seen the articles he had written in the Witness, and would see that there he had covered most of the ground of the early history of Otago. In the early days they were happy and contented, and no man was much better off than his neighbour, and they were willing to help each other. There was strict honesty among them, and Mr. Jones said, "after keeping a store for six years, he had not lost a five-pound note. If a settler came for anything to the store he was not asked, "Are you going to pay for this? " It was understood that from his first money or produce he had he would liquidate his liability.— Dr Hocken said he had been asked to refer to a few incidents that had taken place in connection with the early days, and he would read the speech delivered by Captain Cargill at the opening of the Royal Hotel, which was at that time regarded as the most southern in her Majesty's dominions. It was situated where the Bank of New Zealand now stood. The frame of it was brought out by Mr Garrick in the ship John Wickliffe for a private residence, but was sold to Mr John McDonald for £100, and the latter turned it into a hotel. There was a great dinner when it was opened. About 30 were present, Captain Cargill being in the chair, and Mr Strode was vice-chairman. Wonderful to relate, those present paid for a seat at that dinner the sum of one guinea per head. He did not know where the 30 found the guinea, but they did find it. The dinner began at 6 o'clock, and he did not suppose it ended till some time next morning. Captain Cargill spoke on the labour question, which was even then a rather troublesome one. The other was the publishing of the first piece of poetry — so called, — of the merits of which they should judge for themselves. It was about Otago. He did not know who wrote it, but if Mr Andrew Mercer had been present, he would have blushed, or felt very proud. The speaker mentioned that the son of Captain Bellairs was sending out a lot of pictures of Dunedin done by his father, which he (the speaker) hoped to show them at a future meeting. Mr Bellairs had also promised to send out a portrait of his father which would be hung in the Town Hall. The doctor then proceeded to read the speech and the poetry he had referred to The speech was as follows:- " Captain Cargill proposed the health of the labouring elapses of Dunedin. There was no toast he could propose with greater satisfaction. It suggested one or two hints, however, which, with the leave of the company, he would mention. The labouring class is our mainstay, and we are all greatly indebted to them; but many of them have come out here with an exaggerated belief that they were to have large wages and short hours of work, making them in reality mere drones. On board of our vessel we had several meetings about the wages and the hours of labour, the difficulty being how to hit the line and keep the wages at a figure sufficiently low to allow the land proprietors to benefit by it, and from the best information we could obtain we came to the conclusion that, ac labour at Home was generally about 12s a week, if we added 50 per cent, and made it 18s, it would be a fair average wage. With regard to the hours of labour, the general hours of out-door labour at Home were 10 hours a day, or 60 hours a week. We therefore made them 55 hours ; thus adding 50 per cent, to the weekly wages and deducting 12½ per cent, from the hours of labour — working 10 hours each day for five days and allowing the labourer half of Saturday for his own use. This was considered a fair and reasonable thing then, but many fancy that their hours should be shorter than this even, and their wages proportionately higher. The arrangement commenced with has been regularly carried out, and will be continued, as I think it just to the labourers and to the land purchasers. On the whole, however, we have a noble set of labourers, and I drink the toast with, all my heart." Mr Hugh Calder gave an account of his trip out in the ship Mariner, which left London on the 1st February, 1849.

Otago Witness 20 July 1899, Page 7
The deaths of the following early settlers were recorded : — Messrs Burns and Stevenson (of steamer Ohau), Mr G. D. Hepburn and Mrs M'Nicol.

Otago Witness 16 November 1899, Page 37
The following deaths were recorded: — Mr Robert Paterson, Barnego, Clutha
Sir Thos. Walker, Dunedin 
Mr James Smith, Dunedin
Mrs Margaret Gilfillan, Warepa

Otago Daily Times 20 December 1899, Page 6
An assembly of some of the early settlers of Otago and their descendants took place in the Agricultural Hall on November 24. We publish a full list of the surviving passengers, and also of descendants.
Larkins, September 11, 1849
Cornwall, September 23, 1849
Kelso, November 20, 1843
Pekin, May 12, 1849
Mootlan, December 26, 1849

Otago Witness 22 February 1900, Page 8
Regret was expressed at the heavy obituary list (24), particularly the loss of the vice-president (Mr James Elder Brown), whose services and gifts had been so valuable to the association. The following is the obituary list:—
James Sim (86), Orepuki, ship Strathfieldsaye, 1858
Angus M'Diarmid (57), Inchclutha, descendant, Philip Laing, 1848
John Cole Chapple (72), Ophir
Mrs Dr Purdie (88), Waiwera, Mooltan, 1849
William. Garthwaite (76), Invercargill
Alex. Kilgour (89), Balclutha, 1856
Mrs John Cowan (72), Milton, Jura, 1858 (sic)
Mrs Jane Sandilands (91), Anderson's Bay, Gloucester, 1858
Hugh Donnelly, Naseby;
William Warren (66), Queenstown
Francis Gregory Laing (65), Dunedin, Cornwall, 1849
Mrs L. F. Clapp, Riverton, 1856
Michael Green (79), Waikouaiti, Wellington 1842, Otago, 1850
William Mills (90), Dunedin, Twins, 1849
Henry Tilson (82), Clutha, Jura, 1858
Samuel Walker Gourley [Gourlay] (29), South Africa, descendant, 1861
James Elder Brown (vice-president, 77), Milton, Ajax, 1849
John Hartley (72), Dunedin, Sea Snake, 1855
John, M'Laren (83), Dunedin, 1860
Wm. Blackwood, Caversham, 1859
Mrs Donald Campbell (79), Berwick, Lady Egidia, 1861
Alex. Mollison (76), Roslyn, Egmont, 1856
John Wilson, Wianiwa
Hon. Thomas Dick (77), Dunedin, Bosworth, 1857.
John Wilson, Wianiwa.

Otago Witness 11 January 1900, Page 38
A very old Tokomairiro resident died at Milton last Monday in the person of Mrs J. Cowan, (Deceased, who was highly respected, came to the colony by the ship Jura in 1862, and has resided with her husband in Milton ever since. There are now only two persons living in Milton who arrived by the Jura. Mrs Cowan was 72 years of age at the time of her death. — Bruce Herald.

Otago Daily Times 20 March 1900, Page 7
In connection with the reunion to be held by the above association on the 23rd (Anniversary Day), to celebrate the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Berkshire (to Wellington, passengers brought on by schooner Perseverance), Lady Nugent, and Mariner (second voyage), the following is a list of the surviving passengers and their descendants.

Otago Witness,  5 April 1900, Page 28 Obituary.
Jas. Robertson, Melrose; Larkins, 1849
Mrs Catherine Poppelwell, Milton; Blundell, 1848
Arch. Hutcheson, Awamoka
Janice M'Donald, late of Milburn
Daniel M'Lean Campbell, Dunedin; Lady Egidia, 1851

Otago Witness, 17 May 1900, Page 22 Obituary
Thos. Knewstubb (80), Carey's Bay, Mary 1849
Thomas Oliver, Brooklyn, Cresswell, 1851
Mrs Flora McKinnon, Invercargill (83), Sevilla, 1859
Mrs Wm. Matheson (Jane Brown), 80, Clarksville, Ajax, 1849
Samuel Mead Dalgleish (63), Naseby, from Victoria, 1861.

Otago Witness, 7 June 1900
The following deaths were recorded :
Geo. Steel (Clinton), 74, Phoebe Dunbar, 1850
Octavius Harwood (Portobello), 84, City of Edinburgh, 1837

Otago Witness, 16 August 1900, Page 22
The following deaths were recorded: —
Archibald Murray Paterson (67), Waihola, Pladda, 1860
Mrs Kate Armstrong, Dunedin, City of Hobart, 1861
Freeman R. Jackson (65), Wanganui, Sir George Pollock, 1851
Norman M'Leod (65), Palmerslon South, Melbourne, 1861
William Logie (85), Dunedin, Gil Bias, 1855
Mrs Andrew Smaill (85), Inchclutha, Strathallan, 1858
Peter M'Farlane (79), Gisborne, Ramilies, 1856
John Kirkland (87), Gisborne, Mooltan, 1849
Alexander M 'Donald (70), Teviot Flat, King of Italy, 1861
W. A. Murray (63). Lower Waikato, Agra, 1858
R. K. Murray (81), Dunedin, Nourmahal, 1858
Daniel Campbell (78), Dunedin, Stately, 1851
Nicholas Yon Tunzelman (76), Wakatipu. 1860
John Porter (57), Southbridge, Milton, 1860
George Howorth, Mornington, descendant, Poictiers, 1850
Mrs James Callander (90), Scrogg's Hill, Philip Laing, 1848
John Stephenson (70), Dunedin, from Melbourne, 1861.

Otago Witness, 17 October 1900
The following deaths were recorded :
Robert Esson Adam, 37, Milton, descendant, Philip Laing, 1848
William Found, 73, Southland, Gannogue, 1860
Mrs David Lambert, 100, Oamaru, Three Bells, 1858
Robert Thomas Smith, Roslyn, 1861
Sydney James, 76, Dunedin, s.s. Queen, 1853
John Alexander Sanderson, 47, Highcliff. descendant, Cornwall, 1849
Mrs Margaret Buchanan, 93, Duntroon, Philip Laing, 1848
James Moggath, 76, Waitahuna
Mrs James Robertson, 70 (Janet Donald), Dunedin
Mrs Peter M'Gregor, Pine Hill, Robert Henderson, 1858
Mrs John Muir, 63, Dunedin, Lorenzo Sabina, 1861
James Gebbie, 84, Dunedin, Moultan, 1849
Mrs Lydia Gallie, 72, Dunedin, Ajax, 1849
Mrs John M'Laren, Dunedin
Mrs S. Davidson, 66, Glenore, 1861
Alexander Gordon, 82, Warepa, Clara, 1851.

Otago Witness Wednesday 14 November 1900 page 71

Otago Early Settlers' Association
A committee meeting of the above association was held in the office of Mr Donald Reid, jun., last Thursday; present - Mr D. Reid, jun., (in the chair), Dr Fulton, Messrs Adams, Ferens, George Calder, Mercer, G.C. Proudfoot (treasurer), and Langlands (secretary). R. Campbell (Vice president). (W.G. Somerville) (Dr Will) (John Reid). Arrangements were concluded for a reunion on the 29th November, to celebrate the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Lady Clarke, Poictiers, Phoebe Dunbar, and Eden for members and their families and passengers by the ships named and descendants. Fifty new members were enrolled. The following deaths were recorded:

			Mrs McKinnon (Charlotte Rolfe, 60) 	Port Chalmers
Oscar 1861 		Mrs James Paterson (79) 		Port Molyneux
Jura 1858 		Joseph Smith (82) Stirling
			Mrs John Reid (Mary Gall, 71) 		Dunedin
William and Jane 1857 	Miss Elizabeth McGlashan, 		Balmacewen
Rajah, 1853 		Robert John Orbell Jones (40) 		Victoria, born in Otago.
Otago Witness  Wednesday 5 Dec. 1900
page pg 29 col. 2





In the months of May, September, October and December, 1850, four ships bearing immigrants for new Zealand arrived at Port Chalmers. There were respectively the Lady Clarke, the Poicters, the Phoebar Dunbar, and the Eden. About 100 colonists stopped at Dunedin; a larger number were distributed at other ports in the colony. The settlement at Dunedin was at that time only two years old. The site of the present city was then largely covered with bush, flax, scrub and much of it was swamp. The few houses erected were built of wattle and daub, manuka poles and fern scrub, and since every man had to be his own architect, the appearances of some of these houses, together with the wild surroundings, would no doubt have put misgivings into the minds of immigrants if they had not been men and women of a sturdy character. "I did not know one," remarked a surveyor in conversation on Thursday night, "who lost heart and returned to places possessing more of the advantages of civilisation." Hardy and good living as they were, the majority have perforce emigrated to another country. A list of those still living has been compiled, only 21 names recorded. Their descendants, are very numerous, and their names include those of many who have earned distinction in the colony.

A reunion was held in the Victoria Hall last evening. His Excellency, The Union Jack hung on the wall behind the platform. The chairman , Mr D. Reid, read apologies from Messrs Colin Allan, T.E. Steel, Dr Fulton and Captain Styles. The early colonists were men and women of sturdy and independent character, and he needed only to mention the names of such men as George Hepburn, William Langlands, and Mr Rennie to indicate what manner of men they were. An orchestra under Mr Lomas then played a selection of patriotic airs. This was followed by an address from the Rev. A.B. Todd who gave some reminiscences of his journey to his first charge at Milton, mentioning that it took him two days to get there, and that if variety had anything to do with it the journey was charming, as they had to adopt no less than five modes of conveyance. Mr McIndoe followed with a few words concerning the early days. The Chairman then announced an interval for refreshments and for general conversation.

The Governor, Lord Ranfurly arrived. He felt his stay in Dunedin would be incomplete if he did not come and meet the old pioneers and their descendants - (Hear, hear.) For the empire had been formed by pioneers. (Applause). Some persons might think that the day of pioneers was over; that they did not want in these days the same muscle, and the same indomitable perseverance as was possessed and displayed by the pioneers in days gone by. He absolutely disagreed with them. The same opportunities offered now, and would offer for many a long day. As regards the pioneer settlers of Otago, he felt that a proud day lay before them when they would receive back by the Harlech Castle the first draft of the troops New Zealand had sent to South Africa. They would be proud of them because they were from this colony, which had so nobly shown its love to the motherland, and had made clear to all the world that its people delighted to serve under the British flag. The action of the colonies proved that the Empire was founded on the rock of Justice. He had noticed that many of the youth of the colony were too much inclined to live in tranquility and to take advantage of the benefits of fortunes earned by their parents. This was not right.. It was their duty to use the talents bestowed upon them, and to endeavour to use them to the very best advantage. He wished to impress upon the youth of the colony that it was their duty to progress themselves and to make the colony progress.

Mr L. Langlands than gave a few reminiscences concerning First Church [See page 54 Otago Witness Wednesday 26th Dec. 1900 - full speech covers the  church and the 1848 row between American sailors, whalers and temporary residents of Dunedin, caused by a Dunedin sailor starting to sing "The battle of the Shannon and the Chesapeake," and being at once knocked off his perch by a Yankee.], and a quartet party, consisting of Messrs Wright, Blenkinsopp, Jones and Ibbotson, gave an item. The Chairman moved a vote of thanks to his Excellency, who then left, and the reunion was closed with a short dance.

Otago Witness Wednesday 12 December 1900 page 15 Otago Early Settlers' Association
Apologies received from Messrs Ferens and Sidey.
Mr and Mrs William Duff, of Mary Hill, Waihola, celebrated their diamond wedding.
[OW Jan. 1 1901 pg47 Duff photo]

Sixteen new members enrolled.

The following deaths are recorded:-
John Napier Harvie (66) 	Balclutha, Alpine 1885
Mrs John Robertson (Maggie Ritchie), eldest daughter of Dr R. Burns, F.R.C.S.S.E., Dunedin
Edwin Henry Palmer (23) enteric fever, Pretoria
John Drummond (80) C.E. 	Christchurch
Mrs Janet Kirkland (61) 	Greer Island, Maori, 1852
Mrs Eliza Richardson (76)	Outram, Pudsey Dawson, 1854

Otago Witness Wednesday Feb. 13 1901 pg46
It was decided to hold a reunion on March 22 (the 23rd Anniversary Day, falling on Saturday) to celebrate the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Titan, Pioneer, Cresswell, and Stately.
A proposal was brought forward by the secretary to hold a district meeting on March 14th to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the arrival of the first settlers. About 10 of the original settlers still survive. In addition to the earlier settlers the gathering would be open to all early settlers who were eligible as members of the association - that is, settlers who arrived up to and during the year 1861, and their descendants, male and female. A vote of thanks was passed to Mr Fulton for the gift of a map of the settlement of Otago in 1847, by Mr Kettle, chief surveyor. This map was in a wonderful state of preservation.

The following deaths were recorded:
			A.H. Ross (79), 			Pahiatua
Gala, 1860 		Mrs Margaret Graham (86) 		Brighton
Gloucester, 1858 	John W. Stoddart (83) 			Manaia, New Plymouth
Cornwall, 1849 		Mrs Millar Anderson (73)(Helen Stewart) Dunedin
Southern Cross, 1857 	Mrs J.P. Maitland (66)(Ann Hazel Williams) Dunedin
Bernicia 1848 		John Allan (89) 			Bellfield, Taieri; Nelson, 1842, Otago 1848
			William Swan (64) 			Dunedin; Geelong 1861

Otago Witness March 20 1901 page 27
Waikouaiti in the Early Days.
Other Early Arrivals.
Passengers by the Magnet 16th March 1840.

Otago Witness, 10 April 1901
The following deaths were recorded —
Mrs William Brash, 85 (Catherine Johnstone), Ngaparay Three Bells, 1858;
William Wilson, 80, St. Clair, Clutha, 1856
Thomas Culling, 69, St. Clair, Ajax, 184
William Heckler, 71, Waikouaiti, Rajah, 1853
Mrs Andrew Hewitson, 83 (Margaret Farquhar), Milton, Sevilla, 1859

Otago Witness, 15 May 1901, Page 30
A committee meeting of the Otago Early Settlers' Association, held in the office of Messrs John Reid and Sons on Monday evening, was attended by Mr Donald Reid (in the chair, Mr George Calder (vice-president), Dr Will, Messrs John Reid, R N. Adams, D. Reid, jun., T K Sidey, A. B. Mercer, G. C. Proudfoot (treasurer), and L. Langlands (secretary). Apologies were received from Messrs Colm Allan and Robert Campbell (vice-presidents), Dr Fulton, and Mr Ferens. A vote of thanks was passed to Mr Job Wain for the gift of, and to Mr David Scott, Princes street, for framing, a portrait of the late Mr James Macandrew. The following deaths were recorded —
Robt. Crawford, 78, Port Molyneux, and Bluff— Sevilla, 1859
John Black, 70, Shag Valley - Storm Cloud, 1861
Frederick Wayne, 67, Milton
Robert Todd, 56, Mosgiel— Simla, 1851
Joseph Martin, 68, Milton and Christchurch— Wellington, 1842, Milton, 1856
Mrs J. T. Wright, 61 (Mary Reynolds), Dunedin— Titan, 1851
Mrs Dugald Gilchrist, 63 (Euphemia McTaggart), Waikaka— Strathallan, 1857
Mrs Alexander Anderson, 89 (Mary Stark), Otepopo — Blundell, 1848
Francis Crossley Fulton, 65, Napier— Slains Castle, 1852
Mrs Charles H. Kettle, 77 (Amelia Omer), Dunedin— Mary Catherine, 1846
Robert Smellie, 60, North Taieri, 1861
Joseph Davis, 71, Mataura Park, born at Preservation Inlet, 1830
Andrew Boyes, 84, Dunedin— Mariner, 1849
Dr Chas. Lemon, 74, Otaki, Wellington — Cresswell, 1851
John Hill, 69— Winton, 1861
Andrew Giles Watson, SO, Dunedin— Philip Laing, 1848
William Gregg, 65, Dunedin, from Melbourne, 1861

Otago Witness, 12 June 1901, Page 44
The following deaths were recorded —
Colin M'Kenzie Gordon (Dunedin
Archibald Cameron (Forest Hill, Southland)

Otago Witness, 14 August 1901, Page 32
It was decided to hold a gathering in the last week of this month (August), a reunion to celebrate the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Dominion, Clara and Simla during the last week in November, a picnic during the summer months, and a reunion at Anniversary time.
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Robert Somerville, 75 (Isabella Grey)
John Jenkins, Wallacetown, 1860
John Manning, 87, Sawyers' Bay (Twins, 1848)
Alexander Wood, 87, Dunedin (Gala, 1860)
Mrs John Mac Gibbon, 84, Mataura (Mooltan, 1849)
Mr James Bennet, 70, Rae's Junction
Mrs Chas. Attwood, Fortrose (Echunga, 1855)
John Grant, 76, Dunedin (Glentanner, 1856)
Mrs Robert Houston, sen., Te Houka (Robert Henderson, 1860)
Mrs Margaret Hosie, 86, Waikouaiti (Maori, 1857).

Otago Witness, 18 September 1901
The following deaths were recorded: —
Mrs Elizabeth Oliver Brunton, 79, Hampden
James Christie, 63, Saddle Hill, Stately 1854
Captain James M'Dowall, 58, Queenstown, Philip Laing 1848
Mrs George Jones, 78, Milton, 1858
Amos M'Kegg, 61, Henley, Empress of the Seas, 1861
Mrs William Hepburn (nee Marshall), 63, Dunedin, Philip Laing, 1848

Otago Witness, 23 October 1901
The following deaths were recorded —
James McGrouther, 87, Galafauld, Tokomairiro (Strathfieldsaye, 1858)
George Dunn, Puerua (Stathfieldsaye, 1858)
Arthur John Burns, 70, Dunedin (Philip Laing, 1848)
Captain John Louden, 77, Otago Heads (Pirate, 1859)
Walter Anstruther Bews, 68, Australia (Geelong, 1860)
Peter Dahymple, 88, Appleby. Invercargill (Caledonia, 1855)
Mrs Samuel Perry, 84, Port Chalmers (Mariner, 1850)
David Law, 75, Port Chalmers (1853)
Mrs Elizabeth Paterson, 84, Eskdale, Ngapara (Alpine, 1859)
Hon. Mathew Holmes. 84, Wellington (Pirate, 1859)
Mrs Wm. Christie, 73, Keithmore, Toro Nourinalial, 1858)
Charles Haynes, 63, Dunedin (1859)
Mrs Eliza Manning, 88, Warepa.

Nov. 20 1901 pg 12
Arrangements completed for celebrating the jubilee of the arrival on 1851 of the ships Dominion, Clara, and Simla. The following deaths were recorded:

William Guthrie Stewart (61) 			Makarora, 1860
Mrs R B. Aimes (74), of Oamaru
John Dickson (91), Gore (late of Blueskin) 	Three Bells, 1858
Benjamin Bray (58), Waikouaiti 			Lord Wesley, 1858
Mrs John Shennan (67), Berwick	 		Thomas and Henry, 1857

Otago Witness
4 December 1901, Page 31
In connection with the reunion, to be held on Thursday by the Otago Early Settlers' Association, to celebrate the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Salopian, Dominion, Clara, and Simla, the following is a list of the surviving passengers and their descendants.

Otago Witness Dec. 11 1901 pg 73.
The majority of the early arrivals in Otago from the Old Country went on to the land, and it is in what are known as the country districts that most of those who can claim to be pioneers of the Otago settlement are to be found. Show time brings many of these old identities to Dunedin, and also many of their descendants and the gathering which the early settlers annually hold in November is always one of the largest and most representative. The gathering was specially in celebration of the jubilee of the arrival of the ships Dominion, Clara, Simla and Salopin. Principal amongst those who arrived by those ships was Dr Richardson, who settled in Dunedin, somewhere near the present site of the Bank of NSW. Messrs Todd and David Oughton were also amongst the arrivals by the ships mentioned. The former was a representative of the superior class of farmers in the Old Country. Passed away - Mr Arthur Burns, son of the clergyman, Rev. Dr Burns, who was largely instrumental in laying the foundation of the settlement. The chairman heard apologies from
Hon. G.F. Richardson, Levin, North Island, passenger per Dominion.
Mrs Henry France and family, Oamaru, widow and family of passenger by ship Clara.
Mr William Aitken, Hubterville, North Island, descendants of passenger by ship Simla
Mrs Fulton, sen., Ranevscliffe
Miss Valpy, Morningston
Mr Geo. Fenwick, Dunedin

Otago Witness, 18 December 1901
The following deaths were recorded.
John Joseph Ford (67), Dunedin, King of Italy, 1861
William Geary (73), Hooper's Inlet Sir Edward Paget, 1856
Francis D. Rich, Auckland, late of Bushy Park, Otago
Mrs James Dow (89), Dowfield, Agra, 1852

Otago Witness, 19 February 1902
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs A. F. Deudney (Mrs Thos. Jones, nee Margaret Sherriff), 63, Dunedin (Mariner, 1849)
James Alexander Watson (65), Watson's Hotel, Dunedin (Chili, 1860)
John Matheson, Shag Valley (Chili, 1860)
J. G. Gohl, Woodlands, Southland (1855)
Mrs Lister (McGill), 73, Milton (1860)
Robert Harvey (77), Woodside (Maori, 1852)
Henry Sutcliffe (80), Sawyers' Bay (Ajax, 1849)
Robert Hyslop (66), Milton (1861)
Mrs Alex Shand (nee Janet Graham Todd), 60, Taieri (Mooltan. 1849)
William Dalgleish (68), Waitepeka (1857)
John Hewitt (68). Dunedin (Eureka, 1861)
Hugh Thomas (80), Thomas and Henry, 1853

Otago Witness March 26 1902 pg 26
350 persons present to commemorate not only the arrival of the John Wickliff and the Philip Laing in 1848, but also the two ships the Columbus and the Maori in the early part of 1852.
The Columbus, of 468 tons, which arrived on the 7th February, and the Maori, 799 tons, which arrived on the 1st March. The schooner Mary, of 47 tons, arrived in January, but came coastwise, and by her arrived the Rev. Mr Fenton. During the year 1852 there also arrived
the Agra on the 4th May
the Persia on the 7th of October
the Slains Castle on the 9th of November
the Statley on the 23rd of November.
Six ships arrived in that year from the Home Country.

By the Columbus there arrived in the settlement the Robsons, of Whitelea and the Familtons. Mr Familton was a strong politician, and his son was now one of the leading men in Oamaru. There also arrived by the Columbus Mr John Buchanan, the botanist, who did good work for the benefit of the colony.

By the Maori a host of people arrived. There was the Gillon family. Mrs Gillon, of Invercargill, had now reached the honoured age of 85 years. Mr Gillon went to the country to carve out a home for himself, and made a beautiful place that was called "Waihola Farm," adjoining Waihola Lake. It was a veritable oasis in the desert to travellers in the early days. There also came by the Maori, Mr T.J. White, who was a partner in the firm of J. Macandrew and Co. He was a very enterprising and pushing man, and afterwards settled at Winton. Two of the sons of Mr John McGlashan also arrived in the Maori, as well as Mr John Shaw, of Finnegand, who was now no more, but had left a son. There were also the Kirklands, of Green Island (six in number); the Andrews, of Green Island and Taieri (six in number); Mr W.R. Jeffreys; and Miss Jessie Gunn, who afterwards married Mr Proudfoot, chief commissioner of Crown Lands and surveyor, and was the mother of the respected treasurer of the association.

Otago Witness, 16 April 1902
The following deaths were recorded —
Percival Barker, 78, Gisborne, 1861
R. B. Martin, 84, Christchurch, 1860
Mrs James Cullen (Jean Stevenson), 73, Philip Laing, 1848
Robert Sheriff, 58, Wakari, Mariner. 1850
Mrs Peter Robertson, 81, Lawrence, Robert Henderson, 1858.

Otago Witness, 14 May 1902, Page 45
The following deaths were recorded :
James Inglis (71), Milton, Robert Henderson, 1860
Wm. J. Dryburgh (70), Dunedin, Silstria, 1860
Mrs Joseph Baxter (Jane Wren Heenan) (53), Dunedin, Mariner, 1850
William Frederick Monson (49), Dunedin, Gil Bias, 1867
John Finn (66), Balclutha, Ellen, 1853.

Otago Witness, 16 July 1902
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs John Anderson, 87, Nereru, Hawke's Bay (Bernicia, 1848)
Miss Winifeld Heenan, 57, Dunedin (Mariner, 1850)
Edward Orbell, 63, Pihautea (Mariner, 1849)
Hon. S. E. Shrimski, 74, Auckland, late of Oamaru (1861)
Robert Anderson, 11, North-East Valley (Ellen McGrew,1861)
John Mouat, 72, Dunedin (Oriental, 1861)
Mrs Robert Hume (Charlotte Brebner), 73, Dunedin (Gazelle, 1855).

Otago Witness, 13 August 1902, Page 48
The following deaths were recorded --
Charles Hay Paterson (65), St. Kilda (Lady Egidia, 1861)
John M'Lean (84), Redcastle, Oamaru (overland, 1854)
Mrs Catherine Mill (71), Dunedin (Henrietta, 1860)
Mrs Thomas Reynolds (Maria Gertrude Blanca), Roslyn
William Gabriel Filleul (78), Nelson, late Oamaru (Ajax, 1849)
George Hosie (89), Waikouaiti
Henry Angel Foster (81), Dunedin (Mary, 1849)
Mrs Jane Thomson (52) Port Chalmers (Blundell, 1849)

Otago Witness, 10 September 1902, Page 28
The following deaths were recorded: —
James Pillans Maitland (71), Dunedin (Slains Castle, 1852)
John Fenwick (67), Melbourne, eldest brother of Messrs George and William Fenwick (Challenger, 1856)
William Dunn (72), Tokomairiro (Silistria, 1860).

Otago Witness, 15 October 1902, Page 33
The following deaths were recorded —
James Crawford (74), Fassiefern, Mataura; Robert Henderson, 1858.
Mrs Margaret Renwick (78), Saddle Hill and Oamaru; Strathmore, 1856 + [+?Strathallan 8 Jan. 1858}
Mrs Donald McDonald, 64, (Pennal Grant), Dunedin; Silistria, 1860
Mrs Malcolm Morrison (79), Kaitangata; Henrietta, 1860.
Jonathan Woonton (86), Oamaru ; 1852.
Duncan Robertson (72), Waitahuna West; Alpine, 1859.

Otago Witness, 19 November 1902
The following deaths were recorded :
Arch. Watson Shand (83), Chatham Islands, widow of second sub-collector of Customs, etc., Port Chalmers, 1850
Francis Meenan (69), Dunedin, 1861
Mrs Christina Proctor (65), North-East Harbour, 1858. X

Otago Witness, 10 December 1902
The following deaths were recorded:
H. C. Hertslet (85), Naseby; arrived at Wellington per Mandarin, 1840; Otago, 1850
Captain Lawrence Peter Stevens (69), Dunedin, Gil Bias, 1857
Robert Coghill (71), Dunedin; s.s. Pirate; 1850
Mrs Archibald Macdonald (82), nee Janet McGregor, Roslyn; Philip Laing, 1848.

Otago Witness 18 February 1903, Page 29
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Alex. Riach, 66, Evansdale (Lady Egidia 1861)
James Thomson 84. Palmerston  Storm Cloud  1860
Rev. Dr William Bannerman, 80, Roslyn (Stately, 1854)
Mrs Antonio Joseph (Ann Campbell), 67, Taieri Mouth (Ajax, 1849)
William Blair, 68 (Storm Cloud, 1860)
Mrs Henry Clark (Christina Heion), 82, Clarksville (Blundell, 1848)
Mrs James Aitken (Isabella Galbraith), 84, East Taieri (Simla, 1851)
Alexander Shand, 68, East Taieri (Maori, 1852)
Mrs Alex. Mutch, 88, Bluff (Jura, 1858)
Mrs Edw. Martin (Annie Reid), 74, Milton (Pekin, 1849)

Otago Witness March 25 1903 pg 55 & 37
Mr and Mrs Jaffray came to this colony in the Philip Laing in 1848, and settled on Saddle Hill, where they have resided ever since. In 1856 Mr and Mrs Hunter, who had tried their luck on the Australian diggings, came to Otago and later settled beside them; and they, two years later, were followed by Mr and Mrs Finnie, who had spent some time in Australia in the hunt for gold. These pioneers were born in the parish of Mid Calder, Scotland, attended school together, and are all related, Mr Hunter and Mrs Jaffray being brother and sisters. They all live on Saddle Hill, their farms being contiguous; and they all celebrated their golden weddings, and are still able to do their share of the daily round. Staunch pillars of the Presbyterian Church.

Otago Witness, 15 April 1903, Page 26
The following deaths were recorded :
George Gibb Fyfe, 78. Wyndham (Phoebe Dunbar, 1850)
Mrs William Pollock (Janet Brown), 83. Invercargill (Bernicia, 1848)
John Kedzlie, 82, Halfway Bush (Thomas and Henry, 1856)
Alexander Sutherland, 76, Riccarton, Taieri (Melbourne, 1861)
Mrs John Cooke (Jean Laird), 73, Dunedin (Jura, 1858).

At this meeting, due notice having been previously given, the motion for the extension of qualification for membership of arrivals and descendant to 31st December, 1864, instead of 31et December, 1661, as hitherto, was put by Mr Donald Reid (president), seconded by, Mr John Reid (chairman of committee), and carried with cheers by an overwhelming majority. Mr John Allan, late, immigration agent, kindly supplied the following list passengers ships from Home during the period of extension, viz. years 1862-3-4
1862— Silistria, from Glasgow arrived 13 January. (Previously here in 1860 and 1861)
Seville, from Glasgow; arrived 12th November. (Previously here in 1859)
Star of Tasmania, from London; arrived 5th November.
Chile from London; arrived 19th November. (Previously here in 1860)
Pladda from Glasgow ; arrived 26th December. (Previously here in 1860 and 1861).
Sarah M., from London; arrived 26th December.

1863 —
Ben Lomond, from Glasgow; arrived 19th January.
John Duncan, from London; arrived 13th February.
Guananogue, from London; arrived 12th March. (Previously here in 1860).
Silistria from Glasgow; arrived 19th April.
Prince of Wales, from London ; arrived 26th June.
Mutoaka, from London ; arrived 3rd July.
Victory, from Glasgow; arrived 12th July.
Crimea, from London; arrived 1st September.
Mataura. from Glasgow; arrived 14th September.
Nelson, from Glasgow; arrived 10th November.
Daniel Rankin, from Glasgow ; arrived 5th December.

Vectis, from London; arrived 30th April.
Andrew Jackson, from Glasgow: arrived 12th July.
Ajmeer, from London; arrived 5th September.
Hamilla Mitchell, from Glasgow: arrived 21st September.
Black Swan, from London arrived 10th October.
Gala, from Glasgow; arrived 29th October. (Previously here in 1860).
Celeano, from London arrived 16th December.

Otago Witness, 20 May 1903
The following deaths were recorded
William Palmer (90), Henley (arrived in the thirties)
James Stevenson (82), South Riverton (Philip Laing, 1848)
Hector Munro (63), Oamaru (Palmyra, 1858)
Captain J. H. Sutter (84), Timaru (1859)
Miss Isabella McGlashan, Balmacewen (Rajah, 1853)
Captain Patrick Gilroy (65), Bluff (arrived in the thirties)
Mrs Wilkinson, North Balclutha (Robert Henderson, 1861).

Otago Witness, 15 July 1903
The following deaths were recorded —
David D. Little (55), Dunedin, Storm Cloud, 1860
Mrs Maria Kenrard (87), Palmerston, Magnet, 1840
Mrs Agnes Sinclair (82), Mornington, Philip Laing, 1848.

Otago Witness, 12 August 1903, Page 27
The following deaths were recorded
Mrs Peter Crawford (Philip Laing, 1848)
Mrs John Hislop, 82 (Strathmore, 1856)
Mrs Janet Mills, 75 (Alpine, 1859)
Mrs John Barnes, 76 (Nourmahal, 1858)
Edward Menlove, 73, Oamaru (1860)
Thomas Ireland, 62 (1861)
John Brown, 71, Tuapeka Mouth, (1860)
E. B. Cargill, 80 (Robert and Betsy, 1857)

Otago Witness, 23 September 1903
The following deaths were recorded:
Rev. A. B. Todd (82), Dunedin, Mariner, 1859
Robert Winkfield (73), Burnside, 1861
James Sim (76), Balclutha, Larkins, 1849
Alexander Deans (73), Dunedin, Jura, 1858
Mrs David Wilson (Mrs Robert Gillies) 86, Caversham, Philip Laing, 1848

Otago Witness, 7 October 1903
The following deaths were recorded
James Hogg (65), Dunedin
Mrs Plumpton Hemison (Mary Peterson), 73, Sawyers' Bay; Moolan, 1849

Otago Witness, 4 November 1903
The following deaths were recorded.
Mrs Millar (85), Mornington, Alpine, 1859
John Sinclair (62), Oamaru, 1860
John Findlay (79), North Taieri, Queen, 1857
Mrs William Dick, sen. (65), Sandymount; Robert Henderson, 1860
Mrs William Heckler 68), Waikouaiti, Collier, 1854
William B. Martin (64), Lawrence, 1839.

Otago Witness 2 December 1903, Page 32
In connection, with the reunion held in, the Agricultural Building on Thursday evening to commemorate the jubilee of the arrival of ships in 1853 — viz., the Maori (second voyage), Rajah and Carnatic, from London, and schooner Mary Jane, from Wellington, the following is a list of surviving passengers and descendants of passenger.

Otago Witness, 9 December 1903
The following deaths were recorded :
N. Y. A. Wales, Dunedin, 1861
John Carroll (67), Dunedin, 1863
Captain Gordon McKinnon, Port Chalmers, Aldinga, 1862
Matthew Paterson (70), Kaihiku, Sevilla, 1859
James Chapman Smith, of Greenfield (77), Emily, 1848

Otago Witness, 13 January 1904
The following deaths were recorded
William Robertson (61), Maori Hill, Larkins, 1849
John Jackson (80), Oamaru, 1858
James Mollison (51), Dunedin, Stormbird, 1860
Mrs F. J. Chase, Oamaru, 1857
Henry Berwick?, South Dunedin, 1861
Mrs James McPherson (74), Kaihiku, 1859
James Smith (82) London, 1863

Otago Witness 9 March 1904, Page 14
The following deaths were recorded : — Mrs James Keir, Wellington (Alpine, 1850)
George Lumsden (89), Invercargill (Oscar, 1861)
H. F. Hardy (75), Dunedin (Rajah. 1853)
Mrs Thomas Oliver, Dunedin (Cresswell, 1851)
Alexander Thomson (59), Wakari (Silistria, 1860).

Otago Witness 30 March 1904, Page 32
The following is a list of the surviving passengers of the two ships : —  Ship Stately (third voyage). Mrs William Gordon Rich (Miss Maitland), Christchurch) ; Rev. William Will, Abbotsford; Mrs William Shand (Ann Christie), Tapuka ; William L. Christie, Saddle Hill ; Mrs W. B. Ogilvie (Margaret Christie), Montecilio ; David L. and Miss Eliza Christie, Saddle Hill; Mrs William Wright (Elizabeth Christie), Saddle Hill; Henry Christie, Western Australia; Mrs Robertson (Jane Gould), North Taieri ; William Downes, Dunedin; Edward Downes, Warrington; John Downes, Omimi; Mrs K. B. Ferguson (Emma Downes). Thomas and Henry Downes, Waitaii ; Mrs Henry Carme (Helen Key), Dunedin; James Key, Balfour; Mrs A. H. Grey (Elizabeth Petchell), Te Tua ; John Petchell, Riverton; William J. Petchell, Gisborne.
Brigantine Clutha. — Mr James Kilgour. sen., and Miss Isabel, Toorak, Melbourne; Alexarder Kilgour, Waikouaiti; Mrs George Duncan, jun. (Euphemia Kilgour), Melbourne ; Mrs James Michie (Isabella Alexander), Roslyn, Mrs Hannah (Alexander), Montecilio.
The survivors of the Stately who were present were Rev. Mr Will, Mr W. L. Christie, Mrs W. B. Ogilvie. Those present from the Clutha were Mr Alex. Kilgour, Mrs Michie, Mrs Hannah.

Otago Witness, 20 April 1904
The following deaths were recorded: —
James Campbell (75), Dunedin, Victory, 1861
John Somerville (76), Waitepeka, Blundell, 1848
Arthur Smith (70), South Dunedin, Omeo, 1861
Mrs John McLennan (Mary Cameron, 70), Maori Hill, Aldinga, 1863
Mrs James Lothian (79), Dunedin, Ajax, 1849
C. E. M. Haughton, (77), Dunedin, 1863.

Otago Witness, 18 May 1904
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Martha Blackwood (77), Caversham, (Alpine, 1859)
Mrs Margaret Dowie (80), East Taieri (Blundell, 1848)
John Frazer (73), Owaka (Blundell, 1848).

Otago Witness, 8 June 1904
The following deaths were recorded :
John Efford Pope (80), Lawrence, 1863
Robert Blair Denniston (64), Roslyn (Nelson, 1862)
John T. Dalrymple (65), Bulls, North Island (Rajah, 1853)
Dr John Hislop, LL.D., F.R.S. (83), Dunedin (Strathmore, 1856)

Otago Witness, 13 July 1904, Page 65
The following deaths were recorded: —
Mrs Margaret Miller Brown (86), Dunedin, Pladda, 1861, leaving four living generations.
George Millar. Port Molyneux, Rajah, 1853
Mrs Robert Todd (Jane Paton) Johnstone, Mosgiel, Silistria, 1863
Mrs James Scott. (Alison Langlands) Christchurch, late of Tokomairiro, Eden, 1850
Joseph Tambyn? (68) Coal Creek, 1861;
Robert Hogg (78), Dunedin, late of Balclutha, Gloucester, 1858
John Geggie (80), Puerua, Strathmore, 1856
Frederick J. Moss (75), Auckland, late of Otago, 1861

Otago Witness, 10 August 1904, Page 60
The following deaths were recorded:
Robert Barr (84), Waikoikoi, 1859
Mrs D. B. Chisholm (71), Milton, 1860
Matthew Scott (78), Auckland, late of Southland. 1855
James Johnson (80), Puerua, Rajah, 1853
Peter Murray McGregor (69), Dunedin, Sevilla, 1859
Robert Allison (73), Mataura, 1854
Michael Cleary Fleming (90), St. Clair, 1863
Mrs Robert Stewart, Kuriwao Gorge, Clinton, Silistria, 1860
Miss May Taylor (85), Dunedin, Larkins, 1849
Joseph Longhurst Gregory (68), Dunedin, 1862
Mrs J. K. Robertson (63), Palmerston South, 1860

Otago Witness, 14 September 1904
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Matthew Miller (92), Kilmog
Robert Rutherford (78), Caversham, 1864
Walter Day (78), Day and Mieville, London, Eden, 1850
John Wilson (74), Anderston, Jura, 1858
Mrs Catherine Ann McGillivray (91), Riverton, 1860
Mrs James Gray (72), Dunedin, Dauntless
Mrs Ellen Maxwell (89), Waikouaiti, Robert Henderson, 1858
Andrew Lees (71), Roslyn, Alpine, 1859
Edgar Hall Carew (70), Dunedin, 1882
Adam Sprott Clark (70), Dunedin, George Canning, 1857
Mrs Ellen Penelope Jeffreys (nee Valpy), (78), Mornington, Ajax, 1849
James Liggins (73), Dunedin, 1862
Mrs T. Darton (76), Lawrence, 1861.

Otago Witness, 12 October 1904
The following deaths were recorded :
Alex. Teviotdale (74), Hyde, 1862
John McLeay (71), One Tree Point, Southland, Three Bells, 1858
William Baskett (68), St. Clair, Maori, 1853
Mrs Margaret Cairns Nicol (86), Dunedin, Strathmore, 1856
James Maxwell (87), Waikouaiti, Robert Henderson, 1858
Mrs Robert Louden (78), Walton Park, 1860
John Marshall (75) (Marshall and Copeland), Dunedin, 1861
John Roche, sen., Blue Spur, Lord Ashley, 1861
Mrs D. N. Blackie (91), Kaitangata, 1860
William Begg (64), Hillend, Blundell, 1848
Mrs James Foord (85), Timaru (late of North Dunedin), Southern Cross, 1856
Allan McNaughton, sen. (74), Dunedin, Stormcloud, 1860
Daniel McGregor (66), Weston, Oamaru,
R.T. Wheeler (77), Dunedin, 1862
Mrs Adam Johnston (80), Kaihiku, Three Bells, 1868
Ven. Edward George Edwards, M.A. (82), Dunedin, Mariner, 1859
John Golder (73), Mornington, 1861
Mrs James Rattray, Mornington, 1861

Otago Witness, 9 November 1904, Page 34
The following deaths were recorded:
Benjamin Washer (68), Dunedin, 1862
Robert Kofoed (75). Waitahuna, 1863
Bass Battersby (70), Oamaru, 1864
Donald Manson (65), Gore, 1864
Mrs Donald Grant (70), Waikouaiti, Pladda, 1861
James Hislop (45), Wellington, Henrietta, 1860
Denis Heenan (76), Dunedin, Mary, 1819
James King (64), Balclutha North. Robert Henderson, 1860
A. Storie (71), Invercargill, Strathfieldsaye, 1858
John Church (84), Oamaru, 1862
Mrs George Crowhurst (78) Leith Valley, Nourmahal, 1858

Otago Witness, 7 December 1904
The following deaths were recorded: —
Mrs Peter Bayne (Catherine Anderson),84, Sir Edward Paget, 1856
Thomas Littlewort, Lower Mataura, 1855
John Mellor (85), Matakanui, 1864
James Macadam Todd (70), Enfield, Mooltan, 1849
Mrs E. Gunn (64), North-East Valley, Storm Cloud, I860
J. P. Young (71), Orepuki, 1859
Robert Campbell (91), St. Clair, Ajax, 1849
John Graham (87), Dunedin, Columbus, 1852
Robert Barnes Twelftree 78, Berwick, Mariner, 1850

Otago Witness, 18 January 1905, Page 34
The following deaths were recorded
John Ford (73), Isla Bank, Southland, George Canning, 1857
Mrs Martha Jane Brawn (74) Invercargill, Nourmahal, 1858
Mrs William Pittaway (Catherine Berry Robertson, 48), Palmerston, Henrietta, 1860
Mrs Franz Julius (Margaret Connor Robertson, 55), Caversham, Henrietta, 1860
Mrs Charles Russell (Lilias Kilgour, Dunedin, Palmyra, 1858
Alexander Hastie (90), South Canterbury, late of Taieri, Strathmore, 1856
Mrs Alexander Gerrard (71) Winton, Strathfieldsaye, 1858
Mrs R. S. Murray (Mary Young, 67), Mosgiel, Lord Worsley, 1858
John Longworth (70), North-East Valley, Shalimar, 1860
Thomas Gray Shand (61), Limehills, Southland, Maori, 1852
Mrs Grey (Elizabeth Petchell, 69), Waiau, Southland, Stately (third voyage), 1854
Mrs Barbary Wilson Bryce (87), Waitapeka, late Lovell's Flat, Jura, 1858
William Keith (71), Winton, Three Bells, 1858
William Sinclair (89), Dunedin, Sevilla, 1859
James Kemp (69), Kartigi, 1860
Thomas Allchin (69), Milton, Lady Milton 1864

Otago Witness , 15 February 1905, Page 14
Mr J.W. Thomson, M.H.R., of Clutha said The early settlers were colonists of the right stamp, and at the time they left the old country and came to the new they did so with the intention of bettering their condition and freeing themselves from many thing? they had to put up with in the Old Land. Their departure and the departure of others who followed them assisted also to relieve the congestion of population in some parts of the Old Country, and thus, in addition to laying the foundations of settlement here, they also did some good for the land they came from. H urged the young people and all the people of the present day to make them-selves familiar with that history, and with the books and literature of the colony, so that a continuous sequence of events might be handed down, and he was sure if this was done the people and the colony would be the better for it.

Otago Witness, 22 February 1905, Page 14
The following deaths were recorded:
Alex. Stuart (75), Clifton, Highcliff, Wave Queen, 1863
Thomas Pryde (83), Waikaka (formerly Boaconsfield), 1863
Mrs J. P. Dundas (88), Riverton (formerly Oteramika), Bombay, 1862
Mrs James Brown (Janet Crawford, 73), Arkleston, East Taieri, City of Dunedin, 1863
Mrs William Smeal (Jessie Kerr, 58), Dunedin, Pladda, 1861
John William Roberts (65), North-East Valley, 1860
John Ross (64), Montecillo, Resolute, 1864
John McNeil (69), Balclutha, Mooltan, 1849
John William Barnicoat (91), Nelson (on first survey, Otago), Deborah, 1844
David Dunn (74), Romahapa, Rajah, 1853
George Price (75), Blackstone Hill, 1863.

Otago Witness 15 March 1905 pg83
Otago Early Settlers' Association
Mrs W.H. Ferens was voted to the chair and all arrangements for celebrating the 57th anniversary of the settlement of Otago on March 23, 1905, in His Majesty's Theatre at his His Excellency the Governor was expected to be present, were completed.

Otago Witness 22nd March 1905 pg4
OESA Meeting - celebration planed on March 23.
Anniversary of Waikouaiti celebrated 16 Feb. 1905
It was resolved to congratulate the following settlers on having celebrated their "golden wedding".
Mr and Mrs C.B. Rainton, Filleul street, by the ship Melbourne, 1861
Mr and Mrs Alexander Haig, Royal terrace, Strathallan, 1858
Mr and Mrs Charles Duke, Sawyers' Bay, Palmyra, 1858

The following deaths were recorded:
William Hewitson (60), Lovell's Flat 		Sevilla, 1859
Emanuel Turner (89), South Dunedin 		Alpine, 1859
Alexander McKenzie (81), South Dunedin, 1861
Robert Frame, (76), Otepopo 			Gala, 1860
Mrs Peter Grant (92), Granton, West Taieri, 	Storm Cloud, 1861
Mrs James McIntosh (71), Lawrence 		Maori, 1857 
Craven Paget (69), Alexander South, 1862
R.L. Begg, Ashburton 				Thomas and Henry, 1856
Daniel O'Brien (87), Tuapeka Flat, 1861
Henry Wirdman Robinson (76), Masterton sub-editor of Otago Daily Times at its inception in 1861, subsequently goldfields warden, etc. 1861.

Otago Witness, 3 May 1905
The following deaths were recorded :
Mrs Douglas Ayson (91), Warepa, Royal Albert, 1853
Mrs Catherine Biggar (70), Kaikorai, Melbourne, 1861
Mrs John Little (78), Dunedin, Storm Cloud, 1860
Mrs Mary Ann Bates (Mosely), Clutha, John Wickliffe, 1848
John Somerville (71), Dunedin, Robert Henderson, 1858
Henry McCulloch (85), Invercargill, overland from Canterbury, 1855
Mrs James McIndoe (Gillies, 76), Forbury, Alpine, 1859
James Cullen (87), Outram, Wellington 1840, Otago 1845, first settler at Owhiro
Miss Isabella Matthews, Mornington, Lady Nugent, 1850
Mrs Ryley, Palmerston South, Resolute, 1864
Mrs John Moxhay (Mary Ormsby, 68), Balclutha, Silistria, 1862
Mrs John Anderson (Isabella Allan, 79), Waiwera South, Nelson 1842 family whom Anderson's Bay was named

Otago Witness 10 May 1905, Page 58
he following deaths were recorded :
Mrs William Jaffray (77), Saddle Hill, Philip Laing 1848
William Simmonds (70), Tapanui, 1861
J. Chapman (67), Dunedin, Labrian, 1855

Otago Witness, 14 June 1905, Page 30
The following deaths were recorded : —
Chas. Duncan Smith (57), Middlemarch, Aboukir, 1863
Mrs Jane Paterson (72), Waipiata, Jura, 1858
William Matheson (88), Clarksville, - Cornwall, 1849
Alexander Kirkland (79), Green Island, Maori, 1852
William Henry Cox (64),. St. Albans, Christchurch (late Taieri), Hydia, 1863
John Grant (72), Waitapeka, Strathmore, 1856
Mrs McBean (74), Seaward Downs. Arima, 1862
John Scott (77), Cumberland street, Aboukir, 1864

Otago Witness, 19 July 1905, Page 41
The following deaths were recorded -
Charles Keith Douglas (79), Lower Kyeburn. 1862
E. Todd, sen. (75), Wyndham. Alpine, 1853
Benjamin Naylor, sen. (71), Clyde, 1861
Thomas Tily (81), Caversham, 1862
Donald Gordon (65), Milton, Alpine, 1850
Robert Rogers (67), Peninsula, 1858
Joseph Hampton Davidson. Waikaia, Silstria, 1863
John O'Leary, Otokoa, Evening Star, 1860
Andrew Thomson (64) Dunedin. Ben Lomond, 1863
William Brown (51), Dunedin, Pladda, 1861
John Brown (70), Dunedin, Strathfieldsaye.

Otago Witness, 9 August 1905
The following deaths were recorded —
Waiter Sinclair (73), Titri, Maori, 1857
Mrs Allan McNaughton, Storm Cloud, 1860
James Rattray (78), Craighall, 1860
Mrs Geo. Ford (82), Pine Hill, Robert Henderson, 1858
Andrew McKinnon (72), late Port Chalmers, 1861
Joseph Moss, Oamaru, 1862
A. A. Oliver (74), Clyde, 1862
Mrs David Kay (76). Mataura, Robert Henderson, 1858
Hugh McLeod (79), Wyndham, 1860

Otago Witness, 13 September 1905
The following deaths were recorded:
Thos. King (73), Awamoko, Robert Henderson, 1860
Archibald Pagan (77), Shag Valley, Robert Henderson, 1860
Robert Reynolds (66), Dunedin, Titan, 1851
A. Balfour (63), Ngapara, Robert Henderson, 1860
William Tweedie (89), Tokomariro, Alpine, 1859
Mrs John Renton (75), Mosgiel, Palmyra, 1858
Henry Clark (85), Clarksville, Blundell, 1848
James Green (69), Waitati, Dunedin, 1856
Mrs John Johnston (76), Kaihiku, Royal Albert, 1853
William Henry Haydon (72), Dunedin, 1862
Mrs David Miller (Elizabeth Sherrif,(71), Upper Catlins, Mariner, 1850
Henry John Walter, Wellington, late Dunedin, 1862
Peter Treseder, (74), Dunedin, William Jackson, 1863
James Mclnde (80), Forbury road, Alpine, 1859
Mrs David Smeaton (84), Nevada, Bombay, 1862
Mrs A. J. Headland (74), Oamaru, Agra, 1858
William Smaill (67), Kaitangata, Strathallan, 1858

Otago Witness, 11 October 1905
The following deaths were recorded:
John Hunter (76) Balclutha, City of Dunedin, 1863
John McLaren (66), Wyndham, Henrietta, 1860
Thomas Somerville (68), Auckland (late Anderson's Bay), Blundell 1848
George Murray (74), Tuapeka Flat, Robert Henderson, 1861
J. J. Spence (75), Oamaru, 1862
Rev. William Campbell (88), Wanganui, 1861
Rev. Alexander Dasent (87), Karori (late Waikouaiti) 1860
William Farnie (75), Dunedin, Storm Cloud, 1860
Robert Crawford (7), Omimi, Storm Cloud, 1860
James Waddell (79), Mosgiel, Silistria, 1861

Otago Witness, 15 November 1905, Page 69
The following deaths were recorded: —
Clement Grant (77) Balclutha, Agra, 1858
Robert Watson (58), Castlerock, in the early fifties, with his father, was engaged by the late Mr Edward Lee, runholder, Lee Stream
William Hugh Taggart (76), Musselburgh, 1862
John Thomson (61), Port Chalmers, Blundell, 1848
Mrs Colin McDonald (64), Dunedin, Celestial, 1862
Mrs George Dryden, late Arthur street, Jura, 1858
Thomas Meek (63), Oamaru, Electoral, 1863
Mrs Andrew Russell (70), George street, Jura, 1858
Mrs Marion Seaton (84), Portobello, Philip Laing. 1848
Mrs John Murray (77), Milton, Strathmore. 1856
Mrs William Duff (37, Waihoia, Philip Laing, 1848
Thomas Martin (70), Dunedin, Lightning, 1861
Mrs David Murray (72), Jane Brown), Blue Spur, Larkins, 1849
John Anderson, jun. (69 Kereru, Hawke's Bay (late Blueskin and Wyndharn), Bernicia, 1848
Mrs A. Ure (81), Montecillo, Nourmahal, 1858.
Had Mrs William Duff (87 years 7 months; lived till the 10th of next month, the worthy couple would have celebrated their 65 years of wedded life.

Otago Witness, 13 December 1905, Page 61
The following deaths were recorded:
William -Junor Fraser (75), Invercargill, Nelson, 1855
Alexander Dippie (68), Dunedin. Storm Cloud, 1860
Mrs James Kennedy (86). Wellington, late Dunedin, Countess of Fife, 1859
Mrs James Duncan (85), Waikouaiti, 1859
Wm. Martin (82), Fairfield, Philip Laing, 1843
Mrs Elizabeth Sharp (76), Caversham, Nourmahal, 1858
John Gollar (83), Dunedin, Mary. Ann, 1861
John Tait (74), Naseby, 1863
Captain J. Iveson (70). Wellington, late Dunedin
Henley, Mallard, 1863.

Otago Witness 24 January 1906, Page 57
The following deaths were recorded : William Duff (87.10). Waihola, Philip Laing, 1848
James Ayson (86), Kakapuaka, Royal Albert, 1853
Peter Ayson (73), late Corydon. Warepa, Royal Albert. 1853
Mrs William White (85), Tapanui, Ajax, 1849
William M'Lean (75), Waikouaiti, Strathallan, 1858
Mrs Peter Williams (late Mrs Ben Coleman, nee Mary Carey. 89), Port Chalmers, Magnet, 1840
Archibald Rutherford (68), Lower Kaikorai, s.s. Airedale, 1860
Robert Bagrie (60), Belleknowes, late Clinton. Grasmere, 1862
William Cleaver Ancell (70), Nelson, late Waikouaiti, 1860
John Murray (78), Dunedin, Robert Henderson, 1858
Captain James Malcolm (74). Dunedin, 1853
James Taylor Dallas (59), Kakapuaka, 1861
John Fairmaid (69), Invercargill, George Canning 1857
Thomas Parker (67), Minship. Yorkshire, late Tokomairoro, Ocean Chief, 1860
William Andrew Low Loudon, late Galloway Station, 1860.
The passing away of Mrs Williams leaves Mrs Joseph Beale, of Waikouaiti, the only surviving adult by the Magnet in 1840.

Otago Witness, 14 February 1906
The following deaths were recorded —
Alexander Butters, 63 years, Goodwood (1860)
Robert Low, 58 years, Riversdale, (Nelson, 1862)
James Halls Lambert, 71 years, Waverley, late Kensington (Lightening, 1861)
Borthwick R. Baird, Cork, late Cromwell and Lake Hayes 1861
John Philip Armstrong, 78 years, Palmerston, late Dunedin (City of Hobart, 1861)

Otago Witness, 21 March 1906, Page 29
The following deaths were recorded :
Mrs Samuel McKay (83), Mosgiel, Sevilla, 1859
Mrs Agnes Boniface (82) Riverton, late North - East Valley, Gazelle, 1848
Mrs Hugh Bower (68)
Agnes Marshall, Balclutha, Philip Laing, 1848
Robert Marshall (87), West Taieri, Three Bells 1858
Williaim Doak (67), Oamaru, Dunedin, 1862
David McPherson (73), Berwick, 1862
Mrs M. Watt (58, Isabella Shand), Dunedin, Phoebe Dunbar, 1850
Mrs J. E. Jones (75, Mary Orbell), Dunedin, Mariner, 1849
David Saunders, Christchrurch, late Tokomairiro, 1861
Mrs John Espie. Mataura, Robert, Henderson, 1861
John Murdoch (65), Rock and Pillar, late Dunedin, King of Italy, 1861
Thomas Hall (57), Papakaio, Pladda, 1861
Benjamin Mollison (59), Oamaru, Storm Bird, 1860
Peter Russell (87), Otepopo, Pladda, 1861
Mrs Margaret Scott Crawford (81), Port Chalmers, 1862.

Otago Witness,  4 April 1906, Page 29
Mrs R. B. Wilson, Black's road, North- East Valley, desires to have her name added to the list of passengers by the Victory, which arrived from Melbourne in September, 1861

Otago Witness, 25 April 1906
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs W. H. Mansford (68), Dunedin. Victory, 1848
Charles Taylor (65), Stirling, Slains Castle, 1852
Henry Swallow (72), Otepopo, Scotia, 1819
J. Nugent Wood (80), Orepuki, 1861

Otago Witness, 16 May 1906
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Thomas Carrodus (Jemima Stewart), aged 62, Brockville (Robert Henderson, 1864)
Mrs James Familton, (Catherine Ross), 59, Oamaru (born in Dunedin, 1847)
Charles de Longueville Graham, Port Chalmers
Mrs Charlotte Bramwell Hollick, 70, Milton (Matoaka, 1863) it was from this vessel the Rev. Campbell, wife, family, and other passengers were transferred to the ill-fated river steamer Pride of the Yarra, and drowned in the harbour on their way to Dunedin, the Pride sinking through a collision with the steamer Favourite ;
Keith Ramsay, 62, Dunedin (Jura, 1862)
Mrs Thomas Dick, 75 (Bosworth, 1857)
David McGrouther 71, Tokomairiro (Starthfieldsaye, 1858)

Otago Witness, 13 June 1906
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Harriet Talbot (81), North-East Valley, s.s. Hobart, 1863
John Findlay (66), Kakapuaka, 1863
Alexander Marshall (63), Milton, Philip Laing, 1848
Peter Arnot, Shag Valley, Sevilla, 1859
Charles McQueen (70); Victoria, late Dunedin, of Kincaid, M'Queen, and, Co., who commenced business as engineers in Dunedin in 1862 and placed the first working steam dredge on River Clutha
Mrs Jas. McNeil (Mary Chalmers, 75). Balclutha. Stately (second voyage). 1852 (the late Rev. J D. Bannerman married Mr and Mrs McNeil at Balclutha in 1853, being the first marriage in that district).
Edward Downes (59), Warlington, Stately (third voyage), 1853

Otago Witness
, 11 July 1906, Page 36
The following deaths were recorded: —
Mrs William George Blaikie (Elizabeth Armstrong), 73, Waiwera South, Pladda, 1860
James Haggen, 80, North Taieri, chief officer. Strathmore, 1856
Mrs John Salmond, 85, Karnford, Tokomairoro, Larkins, 1849
James Muir, 73, Upper Maclaggan street. Gala, 1860
Mrs Wm. A. Ewing (Mary Forsyth), 71, Elm _row, Sevilla, 1859
George Bell, 73, Dunedin, late Kaitangata, 1861
James Fenton M'Laren, 68, South Dunedin. 1869
Mrs Elizabeth Ogilvie (late Mrs William Tough, Milton), 75, South Dunedin, Gala, 1860
David Pinkerton, 69, Dunedin, Lady Egidia, 1861
John Hallum, 80, Lamb Hill, Waikouaiti, Gloucester, 1858
Neil McInnes, 84, Wakatipu, 1861

Otago Witness, 8 August 1906, Page 36
The following deaths were recorded —
Mrs William Brown (62) and William Brown (72), Kaka Point (late Waitaneka), City of Dunedin, 1860
Mrs Helen Robertson (71), Dunedin, Pladda 1861
Mrs Joseph Beal (90), Waikouaiti, Magnet 1840
Mrs David Dunn (Flora Mercer) 68 Romabspa, Simla 1851
George M. Horder (74), Dunedin Jessie Brown. 1860
Henry Cross (87), Dunedin. Robert Henderson, 1860
Richard Lean (84). North- East Valley (late Rocks, Port Chalmers), Heather Bell 1851
Mrs James Miller, Dunedin, Electra. 1863
Hugh McGregor (88). late Waikouaiti Lady Egidia. 1861
George Brook (74), Evan's Flat, 1862
J. C. Gilchrist (76), first mayor Oamaru, 1860
The passing away of Mrs Joseph Beal, Waikouaiti, removes the last of the adult passengers who arrived at Waikouaiti in the brig Magnet, 16th March. 1840 to farm for Mr John Jones. There are still five left who were children on arrival but Mrs Peter Williams, who died at Port Chalmers on December 24 1905 aged 89. and Mrs Beal, aged 90, survived all the other adult passengers.

Otago Witness, 12 September 1906, Page 35
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Mary Culver (81), Dunedin, Eli Whitney, 1863
Richarcl Pilling, sen. (77), Tuapeka, 1861
Mrs J. B. Park (85), Roslyn, 186
James Christie (82), Gore, late Taieri, 1858
Alieander Steel, Waikiwi, Sfcrathfieldsaye, 1858
Miss L. W. Dalrymple, Dunedin, founder of the Otago Girls' High School, Rajah, 1853
Peter Hunter (73), Balclutha, Alpine. 1859
John Hollick (73), Milton, 1862

Otago Witness, 12 December 1906, Page 48
The following deaths were recorded: —
William Isaac Heberfield (91), Moeraki, the last of the old-time whalers, Merrimac, 1836 (see Reminiscences, Daily Times, 8th December)
George Dunkley (71), Roxburgh, Omeo, 1864
Mrs R. M'Gillivrey (70), Oamaru, Alpine, 1859
Mrs Samuel Woollett (73), Eureka, 1862
George Wallace (80), Highcliff, Daniel Rankin, 1863
William Fenwick (55), Dunedin, Challenger, 1856
John Dickison (84), Tapanui, 1859
Mrs Samuel Woollett (73), Eureka, 1863
George M'Kenzie (73), Oamaru, 1861
G. R. B. Berney (89), Owaka, Poictiers, 1850
Daniel Smith (71), Dunedin, Pladda, 1860
Mrs Jasper Clark (82), Clarksville, Jura, 1857
Mrs Andrew Ternent, Dunedin, Gloucester, 1858
James Hay (61), Gore, Robert Henderson, 1868
Thomas Wood (63), Lowburn, 1864
Mrs James M'Gill (67), Moray place, Viola, 1863
James Sim (76), Tapanui, 1861
Lachlan Fraser (71), Waianiwa, 1855
Mrs John Leishman, Kaikorai Valley, Pladda, 1862
Mrs Thomas Chalmers, Puerua, 1855
John M'Donald (77), Palmerston South, 1862
John Peterson, Port Chalmers, Lady Barkley, 1862
Samuel Wootton (82), South Dunedin, Oscar, 1861
John Anderson (64), Goodwood, 1862
James Sloan Miller (73), Gore, 1861
Mrs James Gillon (50), Waihola and Wellington, Maori, 1852
A. H. _. Stratford-Henniker, Oamaru, Marchioness, 1862
Alexander M'Donald Jackson (67), East Gore, India, 1864
Died at Mandeville on October 2, 1906, aged 60, James Anderson, son of John Anderson, sponsor of Anderson's Bay, who arrived from Nelson. December, 1844, in company with his brother-in-law, Alexander M'Kay, both having married members of the Allan family, Taieri. James Anderson, whose birth took place at Pelichet Bay, on December 10, 1846, was the first white child born in Dunedin.

Otago Witness, 23 January 1907, Page 15
The following deaths were recorded —
Henry Coghill (76). Kakapuaka, 1862
William Tulloch (74), Glenore, Three Bells, 1858
Hugh Gourley (81), Dunedin. Spray, 1861
Mrs Richard Thomson (86), Mataura, Jura, 1858
William Downie (71). Waitapeka, Wave Queen, 1863
Thos. Chalmers (66), Puerua, 1856
Rev. Wynter Blathwayt (66), Waikouaiti, Tamora, 1859
John Johnston (68), Awamoko, Storm Cloud. 18G2
James Curie (68). Timaru (late Park and Curie). Jura, 1868
Benjamin Dawson (81), Dunedin, Rajah, 1853
James Anderson, whose death at Mandeville on October 2 was recorded last month, was born on board the small schooner that brought his father and uncle (Alexander McKay) from Nelson, immediately after her arrival at Port Chalmers on December 30. 1844 John Anderson (his brother), of Carol. Wa-iwera South, was born at Pelichet Bay on December 10, 1846.

Otago Witness, 13 February 1907, Page 58
The following deaths were recorded:—-
James Smith (82), Tapanui, Pladda, 1860
Mrs John France (75), Tokomairiro, George Canning, 1857
Alexander Mathieson (75 ) Tomahawk, Lord Worsley. 1859
James Johnston (80) Wangaloa, Rajah, 1863
Mrs Daniel Weir (86) Anderson's Bay. Blundell, 1848
Miss Mary Marchbank (74), Maungatua, Alpine, 1859
John Turnbull (65), Musselburgh, late Balclutha, Storm Cloud. 1860
William Wardrop (52), Musselburgh, s.s. Pirate, 1859.

Otago Witness, 17 April 1907, Page 49
The following deaths were recorded: — William Stewart (60), Lochend, Tomahawk, Silistria, 1860
Mrs John Pringle (73), Tokomairiro. Strathfieldsaye. 1858
Mrs Crow, London street, 1861
Mrs William Barr (Marjorie Speid,) (74), Belleknowes, Royal Albert, 1853
Thomas Forrester (60)?, Oamaru, Pladda, 1861
Dr Robert Burns (73). Union street. Three Bells. 1858
Mrs Thomas Moodie (Helen Inglis Brown), Dunedin, Bernicia, 1848
William Lattimore (78). Balclutha, Victory, 1863

To Mr Archibald Anderson, Stirling, for a large framed portrait of himself and an enlarged photo of Bellevue, Belleknowes, both suitably inscribed. Mr Anderson was born on the 18th October, 1818, arrived in Wellington in 1840, and came to Otago in the schooner Scotia early in 1845. He is now living at the Hermitage, Stirling. Bellevue was built for Mr Anderson in 1851, and was the first cottage in Mornington.

Otago Witness, 13 March 1907
The following deaths were recorded.
Mrs George Lindsay (82), Birkenshaw, Milton, (Royal Albert. 1853)
Mr James Strain (60), North-East Valley (Cornwall, 1849)
Mrs Alexander Gilmore, Kilmog (Mary Anne, 1859)
The passing away of Mr William Kennard at Waimate on January 15, aged 71, removes one of the few survivors who arrived at Waikouaiti on March 16, 1840. Mrs Joseph Beal, who died lately, aged 89, was the last of the adult passengers. William Kennard was then four years of age, and of the other children then on board there now remain Mrs E. W. Durden (nee Beal), Waikouaiti ; Mrs Wolsey, and Mrs Shanks (nee Coleman), Port Chalmers ; and Mrs Eliza Burns (nee Kennard), Woodlands.

Otago Witness, 15 May 1907, Page 61
The following deaths were recorded: —
W. B. Leeder (71), Blackstone Hill, Lord Hardinge, 1857
Mrs John Duff (Emily Cameron, 74), Melbourne, Stains Castle, 1852
James Anderson (73), Roslyn, Omeo 1864
John Wedderspoon (74), Roslyn, Pladda, 1860
John Smyth Fleming (76), Balclutha, from Christchurch, 1860
Simon Proctor (72) North-East Harbour, Storm Bird, 1861
George Morrison Barr (70), Dunedin, Jura, 1862
Mrs Isabella McLay (Falconer, 63) Cromwell, 1862
Mrs Ann Jane Coombs (72), Milton, City of Hobart, 1861
Hon. W. M. Bolt (68), Dunedin, Nelson, 1863
Donald Campbell (81), Berwick, Lady Egidia, 1861
Mrs Thomas Hall (99), Awamoko, Pladda, 1861
John Stubbs Wait? (77). Oamaru, 1863
Mrs Margaret Lorimer (Brebner, 82), Dunedin, Gazelle, 1855

Otago Witness, 10 July 1907
The following deaths were recorded :
Andrew Hewitson (92), Milton, Sevilla, 1859
Thos. Hugban (67), Christchurch, late Otago, Gil Blas 1856
Morris Marks (84), Dunedin, Minnehaha, 1859
Mrs Andrew Chapman (Margaret Strachan, 69), Balclutha, Robert Henderson, 1858
Mrs William Watson (nee Rousted, 65), Wellington, late Dunedin, Chili, 1860
Thomas S. Hardy. (64), Tuturau, Dunedin, 1856
Mrs James North, (79), Dunedin, 1860
Robert Fergus Smith (57), Dunedin, Storm Cloud, 1861

Otago Witness, 7 August 1907, Page 37
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Ann Wilkinson (69), Roslyn, Pladda, 1862
William Morton (86), Puerua, Gala, 1860
Mrs John Moffatt (78), Clinton, Sea Shell, 1862
Robert Martin (76), Roslyn, Pladda, 1860
Mrs David Ferguson (75), Ravensbourne, Nelson, 1863
Mrs John J. Scott (88), Waikouaiti. Black Swan, 1862
Joseph Bates (87), Waikouaiti, 1858
John Hay (59), Invercargill, Ajax, 1849
James William Thomson (78), Clinton, Equator, 18__

Otago Witness, 4 September 1907
The following deaths were recorded:
Andrew Hogg (81), Leith Valley, Lord Worsley, 1861
Mrs Geo. W. Elliott (nee Cargill), Claremont, 1860
Mrs James Pettigrew (73), Manuka Creek, 1862
Alexander Gilchrist (81) Otepopo, Silistria, 1862
Mrs Agnes Wear Hayward (66), Eglington road, Pladda, 1860
Mrs Elizabeth Shields (83), Puerua (previously of Shieldehill Farm, Anderson's Bay), Blundell, 1848
Mrs James Houston Stirling (85). Invercargill (in the fifties, Waikouaiti and Port Chalmers), Mariner, 1849
John Blakeley (74), Maitland street, Omeo, 1861
Richard Henry Browne (62), Naseby, 1863
Mrs John Crawford (86), late Anderson's Bay, Storm Cloud, 1861
Mrs T. M. Wilkinson (86), Dundas street, 1865.

Otago Witness, 16 October 1907
The following deaths were recorded:
George Farrant (81), Cumberland street, Accadington, 1881
Mrs John McPherson (74), West Plains, Gala, 1860
Thomas Archibald Fraser (59), Musselburgh, White Swan, 1861
Charles Russell (77), Seacliff, White Swan, 1859
Mr Henry Sargison (57), Omimi, Jura, 1858
Mrs John Wedderepoon. Melrose, Pladda, 1860
Mrs Jessie Hogg, Albert street, Orthan, 1862
Mrs Jane Sewell (86), Oamaru, Bosworth, 1857
Mrs George Smith (Diack, 74), Kaka Point, Nourmahal, 1858
Peter Teviotdale (76), Isla Bank, 1862
Mrs A. H. Ross (83), Wellington, late Roslyn, Gala, 1860
Bernard Healey (81), Milton, 1861
William H. Murphy (73), Milton, 1861
Mrs Jessie Johnston (Blackie, 63), North-East Valley, Mooltan. 1849
Mrs John Mitchell (84), Woodhaugh, Robert Henderson, 1858
John Stevenson (70), Otokia, Melbourne, 1861
Alexander Campbell Begg (68), Roslyn, Alpine, 1859

Otago Witness, 20 November 1907
The following deaths were recorded:
Alexander Gray (80), Kaitangata, Wave Queen, 1863
Mrs William Ferguson (87), Milton, Helenslee 1863
Andrew Millar (84), Woodside, Robert Henderson, 1858
Arthur Beverly (86), Heriot row, Melbourne. 1856
William Wright (80), Dunedin, Robert Henderson, 1861
James Beade (79), Dunedin, Nourmahal, 1868
Robert Law (63), Mosgiel, Blundell, 1848
Donald Morrison, (80), Invercargill, late Benmore, 1860
Robert Muirhead (78), Mosgiel, Nelson, 1862
John Fraser (85), Clarendon, Strathmore. 1856
Mrs Donald Borrie (Grant, 65), Papakaio, Maori, 1857

Otago Witness, 11 December 1907, Page 28
The following deaths were recorded:
Maurice Joel (79), St. Clair, Dec., 1861
Hugh Craig (58), Lawrence, Daniel Rankin, 1863
Alexander Aitcheson (75), Otepopo, 1862
John Hood (72), Oamaru, Lady Egida, 1860
John Martin (70), Cover Hill, Milton, Lady Nugent, Wellington, 1841
Kate Kearney, Otago, 1845, the oldest inhabitant, and son of Robert Martin, sen., the first settler on Tokomairiro Plain
Mrs James Keay (nee Brown, 60), Queenstown, Lady Egidia, 1861
Mrs William Robertson, Oteramika, Southland, Strathallan, 1858

Otago Witness, 12 February 1908, Page 37
The following deaths were recorded:
Richard Rupert Randle (88), Dunedin, Chili. 1862
James Smeaton (72), Mosgiel, Henrietta. 1860
Simon McDonald (72) Dunedin, Pladda, 1861
Mrs Jane Hay (96), Romahapa, Ajax, 1849
Mrs William Tulloch (Elspeth Clark, 62) Glenore, Blundell 1848
Walter Logie (64), Dunedin, Ana and Jane, 1853
William Walker (63) Kakapuaka, Alpine. 1859
Mrs Thomas Fairbairn (80), Anderson's Bay. Jura, 1858
Mrs Archdeacon Fenton (80), London (late Dunedin, Waikouaiti, and Oamaru), Mary 1852
Alexander Stevenson (85), Mogsiel, Silistria, 1862
Alexander Youngson (70) Kuriwao, Jura, 1862
John Turnbull (82), Invercargill, from Tasmania, 1861

Otago Witness, 11 March 1908, Page 41
The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs Robert Christie (Janet Law, 71), Puerua, Blundell, 1848
Mrs William Henderson (Ann Fenwick, 84), Tomahawk, Strathallan, 1858
John Hamilton (71), Lauder, City of Dunedin, 1862
David Millar (78), Roslyn, Rajah, 1853.

Otago Witness, 18 March 1908, Page 53
First Row: Mrs J. Cheyne, nee Findlater (Lady Nugent).
Second Row: Mr James Macandrew (Schooner Titan), Mr J. Aitken (Simla), Mrs .1. Aitken (Simla).
Third Row: Mr J. Haggan (Southern Cross), Mr A. Aitken (Simla), Mrs A. Aitken (Simlia. Mrs E. Duff, nee Cameron (Slams Castle).
Fourth Row : Mr T. C. De Lacy (Royal Albert), Mr R. Christie (Rajah), Mrs R. Christie (Rajah), Mr W. Baskett (Maori), Mrs W. Baskett (Maori).
Fifth Row: Mr J. Reid (Pudsey Dawson), Mrs J. Reid, Mr C. Allan (Strathmore), Mr R. Fenwick (Challenger), Mrs Femvick (Challenger), Mr G. Fenwick (Challenger).
Sixth Row: Mr R. Fenwick (Challenger), Mr W. Fenwick (Challenger), Mrs W. Fenwick, Hon. T. Dick (Bosworth), Mr T. H. Dick (Bosworth), Mrs W. J. Dyer, nee Redmayne (Bosworth).
Seventh Row: Mr A. Blair (Bosworth), Mr J. Blair (George Canning. Mr Scandrett (Nourmahal) Mrs Scandrett (Ajax), Mr J. T. Douglas (Jura), Mrs J. T. Douglas (Jura).
Eighth Row: Miss M. A. Douglas (Jura), Miss C. Douglas (Jura), Mr F. White (Jura), Mr J. Mouat (Oriental), Mr W. Murcott (Storm Bird), Mrs W. Muroott (Storm Bird). [A considerable number of the Early Settlers whose portraits are given above have died since the group was arranged.]

Otago Witness 22 April 1908, Page 33
The following deaths were recorded: — In the North Island, Hannah, relict of the Rev. John M'Nicol, late of Waihola, Strathallan, 1868;
Edward Perkins (68), Waikaka, 1860
James Sim, North-East Valley, Alhambra, 1864
Robert Charter (60), Mosgiel, Bombay, 1862
James Adam (88), Tokomairiro, Philip Laing, 1848
by cable on February 27, Janet, wife of Dr Cecil Yates Biss (aged 57), youngest daughter of the late John Jones, of Waikouaiti. Mr Biss was in the Post Office, Dunedin, at the time of their marriage leaving for Home shortly after, where qualified for the medical profession.

Otago Witness Wednesday 13 May 1908 pg 58
A committee meeting, held in the Board Room of the Early Settlers' Hall on the 11th inst., was attended by Mr Donald Reid (in the chair), Messrs John Reid, Duke, Duthrie, Barron, Brugh, Brown, Brebner, Ferens, Proudfoot (treasurer), Langlands (secretary), and Dr Fulton.

Votes of thanks were passed to Dr Fulton for two framed pencil sketches - one the first residence of Mr James Fulton, Maungatua by Mrs Valpy, sen., 2849, and the other Dunedin from Hill Head, on the road to Forbury, by Miss Kate Valpy (now Mrs James Fulton), Sept. 25 1849.; for framed picture, Lisburn House, Caversham (still standing), 1864; "South Dunedin, 1864" showing clump of black pine in swamp; for "Laying the first Sod, Balclutha Railway, 1871". To Mrs Mary Dick, Moray place, for volume Illustrated London News, 1863; to Mr Peter Barr, for portrait of his father, the late Archibald Barr, chief postmaster, Otago, arrived per Mariner, 1849, died 20 August, 1898; to William Merville, George street, for "Dunedin from Union street, 1866," and "North Dunedin from Botanical Gardens, 1866," both photos by A. McColl. The AGM will be held this month.

The following deaths were recorded:
Mrs James Beadle (79) 			Dunedin 	Nourmehal, 1858
John Nelson (65) 			Milton	 	Hamilla Mitchell, 1864
Mrs G. M. Horder (81), 			Adam's Flat 	Jessie Brown, 1860
Mrs James Robertson (Jane Gould, 78) 	North Taieri 	Statley, 1854

Otago Witness, 10 June 1908
The following deaths were recorded:—
James Bennet (78), Rae's Junction, from Victoria, 1863
Pringle Francis Stoddart (70), Dunedin, Lady Egidia, 1861
John Oxenbould (79), Waitahuna, West, 1862
Mr Robert Cowan (86), Sandymount. Lady Egidia, 1861
Mrs David Gardyne (83), Akatore, Strathfieldisaye, 1858
John King (82), Bluff, 1862
Robert Gunion (69), Alexandra, Lady Egidia, 1861
Peter Crawford (78), Green Island, Philip Laing, 1848
Lady McKenzie, Heathfield, Henrietta, 1860

Otago Witness, 22 July 1908
The following deaths were recorded :
Mrs Thomas Dall (90) late Tokomairiro, Stains Castle 1852
Mrs James Runciman (80), Brighton, Rajah. 1853
Mrs John Boyle (71), Moneymore, Milton, Sevila. 1863
Mrs Ann Watts (Blatch. 70), Maungatua John Wickliffe, 1848
Archibald Grant Reid, Waikouaiti, 1862
John Hislop (70), Mosgiel, Palmyra, 1858
Edwin Hogg (58) Dunedin, Gloucester, 1858
Miss Mary Thomson (82), Balclutha, 1862
Thomas Finnie (80), Saddle Hill. Gil Blas, 1856
Mrs Adam Sutherland (63), Waitapeka, Robert Henderson, 1858
William Grumitt (77), Oamaru. 1862
Alexander Kinloch (75), Milton, Alpine 1859
Charles R. Fell (71) Waikouaiti, Robert Henderson, 1858
Ferdinand Falck (78) Dunedin, Melbourne 1863
Louis Gards (63) Roslyn (late Alexandra, 1865
Mrs Archibald Barr (70), Dunedin, Poictiers, 1850
Andrew Thomson (68), Port Chalmers, Thomas and Henry, 1858.

Otago Witness, 5 August 1908
Mrs Robert Forrest (Catherine Robertson) 65, Dunedin, Silistria,1860
John McCall Smith, 70, Ahuriri Flat, Hamilla Mitchell 1864
Mrs I. T. Thomson (Jane Williamson), 73, Lennel, Invercargill, Philip Laing, 1848
Mrs Ann Campbell, 85, London street Stately (first voyage) 1851
Margaret Antonette Douglas, Mosgiel, Jura, 1858
Alexander Grigor, 76, Toiro, Three Bells, 1858
Alexander Ross, 84, Kelso, 1860
James Thomson Donaldson, 70, Hampden, Lady Egidia, 1861

Otago Witness 9 September 1908, Page 13
The following deaths were recorded:: Edwin Collis (72), Oamaru. St. Sebastian, 1859
Charles Edward Bird (85), Dunedin Club, Melbourne 1861
James M'Neil (82), late Balclutha Mooltan, 1849
Robert Oxley (96), Whetakuri, late Waikouaiti, 1858
Mrs James Morrison (91), Wellington, late Dunedin, Strathmore, 1856
Hugh Carawell?,  (68), Invercargill, Robert Henderson, 1861
John Ainslie Torrance (75), Dunedin, Ben Lomond, 1863
Thomas M'Cormack (81), Hampden, Robert Henderson, 1862
Mrs Jean Adam Walker (67), Dunedin, Aboukir. 1862
Mrs Catherine Campbell Bathgate (88), The Glen, 1863
John Moffat, Clinton. Sea Shell, 1862;
Robert Barr (66), Invercargill, late North Taieri, Philip Laing, 1848
Donald Murchison (92), Southland, Melbourne, 1861.

Otago Witness 18 November 1908, Page 12
The following deaths were recorded: —
Mrs Helen Smith (Duncan 68) Owaka, Three Bells, 1858
Thomas Burton (71), Dunedin; 1863
David Ross (81), Auckland, late Dunedin, 1861
John Cameron (89), Papakaio, 1861
Edwin Palmer (80), Caversham, late Taieri Mouth, whaler, 1838
Mrs W. J. West (Christina Niven, 72), Invercargill, Philip Laing, 1848
Mrs Annie Barker (68), Sydenham, late Opawa, Arima, 1863
Mrs Alexander Wilson (Jean Scougall, 91), Maori Hill, Stratballan, 1858
Robert Boyne (82), Wakatipu, 1861
Rev. William Gillies (71), Tauranga, late Tokomairiro, Slains Castle, 1852
W. H. M'Keay (92), Dunedin, 1862.

Otago Witness, 24 February 1909, Page 12
The following deaths, were recorded: —
William Currie (72). Lovell's Flat, Ben Lomond, 1862
James Gunning Closs (63). Alexandra. 1851
James William Muirhead (56), St. Kilda, Srathallan, 1858
John William Laing (82), Dunedin. Salopian, 1851
Mrs Robert Millar (Georgina Sinclair, 88) Invercargill, Mooltan, 1849
Thomas Sim (74), Crookston, 1860
John Wright (73) Roslyn, Mooltan, 1849
William Russell (68), Winton, Lady Nugent, 1850
John Melvin (74), Invercargill, Sir William Eyre, 1863
Charles Lamond (84), Puerua, Robert Henderson, 1858
Archibald Chisholm (71), Winton, Great Britain, 1862
W. J. N. West (73), Invercargill, schooner Otago, 1855
Mrs Henry Schluter (66), Boundary Creek, Oamaru; 1861
John Andrew (75), The Grange, North Taieri, Maori, 1852
James M'Gill (70), Moray place, Robert Henderson, 1861

Otago Witness 17 March 1909, Page 17
The following deaths, were recorded:
C B. Rainton (77) Filleul street, Melbourne. 1861
Thomas Johnston (78) Wangaloa, Strathfieldsaye 1858
Mrs Charles Hopkinson (Isabella Grant. 90). Waiikouaiti, Ajax, 1849
William Mill (80), Heriot row, Henrietta, 1860

Otago Witness, 19 May 1909, Page 11
Votes of thanks were passed to Mr David Andrew (Abbotsford), for framed portraits of his late parents, Mr and Mrs David Andrew, passengers by the Maori in 1852, early settlers in Green Island; to Mr Robert Sinclair Allan (George street, Dunedin for framed lithograph farewell testimonial to the Right Rev. Bishop of Selwyn,. October 10, 1868, presented at Wellington and signed on behalf of the colonists by Governor Sir George F. Bowen;
to Mr Arthur Tame (Dunedin), for a sketch "Dunedin in 1860" ; to Mr W. C. Todd (Mosgiel), for a copy of the Otago News of March 23, 1850, with notices of the marriages by the Rev. Chas. Creod of:
On the 14th inst., Dr Fred Basire to Miss Susanna Sarah Taylor
on the 18th, James Allan to Miss Jane Sultcliffe
and Thomas Martin to Elizabeth Jones, Waikouaiti
and by the Rev Thomas Burns on the 21st, Jaires Smith, to Miss Margaret Martin ; and on the 22nd, James Cullen to Miss Jane Stevenson ; also for a Colonist of April 17, 1857. To Mr Donald Grant (Waikouaitu), for a cruise oil lamp which had been in the possession of the Mathewson family, New Boghead, Fvvie, Aberdeenshire, and sent out by them to George Dawson, Woodlands
to Mr James N. Mills (High street), for presentation and erection of flagstaff and fittings
to Mrs Henry Wilson (Mosgiel), for a picture, 'Four Generations" — Mrs Henry Doig (nee Jane Runciman), passenger per Rajah (1853); Mrs Henry Wilson (nee Isabella Doig), Mosgiel ; Mrs George Tubman (nee Isa Wilson), Roxburgh and Gladys Mary Tubman ; to Mrs Barnes, sen. (Forth street), for a volume, The Atrocities of Burke, Hare, and Helen M'Dougall, Kidnappers and Murderers, from Christmas, till Oct. 1823. The following deaths were recorded:
Captain Angus Cameron (71), Dunedin, 1861
Alexander George Allan (84), Green Is. Robert Henderson. 1858
James Harrison (59), South Dunedin, Blundell, 1848
Mrs. Thomas Martin (66). Lightning, 1866
Samuel Woollsy (71) Palmerston South, Ajax. 1849
Alexander McGregor. (65). Dunedin (late Mount Allan), Berkshire 1850
Mrs Christina Callaghan (72), Christchurch (late Southland), Blundell 1843
Arthur Gerard (77), Winton, Robert Henderson, 1858
John Shaw (S7), Riverton, Simla, 1851
William Newlands (76), Waimate (late The Hook), Silistria, 1862

Otago Witness, 21 July 1909, Page 43
The following deaths were recorded: —
John Geary (79), late of Portobello
Thomas Michelmore Darton (85), Lawrence, 1861
Horace Bastings (79), 1862
James Casey (75), 1862
Rev. Algernon Gifford (84), 1862
James Steven (64), Sir William Eyre, 1863
Anna Maria Ramsay (76), 1864
Elizabeth D. M'Lean (79), Strathallan, 1858
Charles Brotherston (87), Larkins, 1849
Thomas Whinam (82), 1860
Christina MacNeil (77), 1863
Millar Anderson (61), Southern Cross, 1856
Elizabeth Laurie Hutton (86), Strathallan, 1858
Michael James Cleary (74), 1860
James Dickison (65), 1861
John Hardie Morrison (66), 1863
Elizabeth Fleet (56). 1864
Jane Sligo (nee Douglas, 77).
In 1864 Miss Jane Douglas christened and named the first steamer built and launched in Dunedin Harbour, the Betsy Douglas, built by her brother (W. R. Douglas), and launched at Pelicihet Bay.
Janet M'Laren (82), of "Kenmore," Mariner, 1849.

Otago Witness, 18 August 1909, Page 11
The monthly committee meeting of the above association was held on Tuesday, 10th inst., there being present Dr Fulton (in the chair), Messrs, A. Brebner, W. Crawley, C Duke, G. Brown, G. L. Denniston, L Somerville, G. C. Proudfoot (treasurer), and John Wood (secretary). Apologies were received from Messrs Donald Reid, W. Banon John Reid, W. D. Stewart, W. H. Ferens, and J. H. Walker (Mayor). Votes of thanks were passed as follows:— To Mr Joseph Rawlinson, for old penny of George III ; to Mr Charles Dale, two busts, carved from Oamaru stone by Mr H. Gilbert, seamen's missionary, 1862; to the family of the late J. H. Morrison, for enlarged framed photographs of J. H. Morrison (late. manager of Mosgiel Woollen Factory Co.), Sir Donald Mac Lean, engraving of Captain Carey, photograph of curlers in Woodhaugh Valley, photograph of Mosgiel Woollen Company's exhibit in Exhibition of 1889, and a typical Tam-o'-Shanter with a red turie, worn for many years by their late father; H. F. M'Donnell, for photographs and a number of books ; Mrs Bannerman, for saddlebags used in the early days of the Clutha Settlement by the Rev. Dr Bannerman; Mr Wm Mills, for old rules and tickets of Choral Society and Ayrshire Association. Mr Robert Forrest, for photograph of Mr George Munro and Mr Alexander Inglis, one of the founders of the firm of A. and T Inglis, of George street ; Mr George Thomson, for large number of New Zealand views by Burton Bros. ; and Mr J. M Leggett, for copies of London News, 1847 and 1848. The following deaths were reported: —
Robert Wilson (72) 1861
William Jewiss (80), Arabia, 1861
Robert Given (83), Three Bells, 1858
Mrs Alexander Love (80), Storm Cloud, 1861
John Sutherland (76), Henrietta, 1860
Andrew Thompson. (78), from Victoria, 1862
Robert Gilmour (72), from Victoria, 1858
Henry Faithfull (78), from Victoria, 1862
Mrs Mary Sievwright, widow of Basil Sievwright (nee Mary Fraser Brown), from Victoria, 1863
Mrs Marjory Leith (95), Mary 1849
Elizabeth Lange (85), Omeo, 1862
Donald Campbell (79), from Victoria, 1860
Ursula Jane Fail (nee Hicks, 52) from Victoria, 1862
Jane Barry (99), arrived before 1844?
Isabella Kejiah Ledgerwood (nee Jackson, 73) Bellavista, 1864
Christina McInnes Thomson (76) 1858
Ann Stewart (83), Ajax, 1849

Otago Witness, 15 September 1909
The following deaths were recorded :
Mr Samuel Brown (63), arrived 1864
Mr F. Collins (75), early 60's
Mrs Marjory Leith (95), Mary, 1849
Mrs Mary Sutcliff (85), Ajax, 1859
Mrs Joan McLaren (83), Silistria, 1860
Mrs Isabella C. McGeorge (74), Rangitoto, 1864
Mrs Annie Hamilton Scott (76), 1864
Mrs Margaret Bremner Pattillo (73), Seville, 1859
Mrs Martha Godso (90), Orient, 1861
Mr Alex. Walker (71), Orient, 1861
Mr W. J. Dyer, 1865
Mr John Young (Invercargill), Storm Cloud, 1860
Mr Henry W. Dawson (59), Rajah, 1853
Mr John McTavish (53), Gloucester, 1858

Otago Witness, 17 November 1909, Page 34
The following are the obituary notices since last meeting:
Mrs John Evans, nee Sim (71), Strathfieldsaye, 1859
Mr James Cherry (75), Strathallan, 1858
Mr Abram Watson (74), Strathmore, 1856
Miss Janet Hill (daughter of Mr John Hill), Blundell, 1848
Mire John Stephenson (73), Aldinga, 1861
Mr C. Colclough (75), from Melbourne, 1861
Mr George Wright (59), Storm Cloud, 1861
Mr John Outram (79) Nourmahal, 1858.

Evening Star 9 August 1910 Page 3
The monthly committee meeting of the Otago Early Settlers' Association was held yesterday afternoon in the Board Boom, Early Settlers' Hall, Mr John Dutbie presiding. The following deaths were recorded:
Captain J. Paton, from Victoria, 1862
Captain William Goldie arrived 1863
M. Kean, from Victoria, 1862
John Buckley (84), arrived 1863
Alexander M'Lean, Andrew Jackson, 1861
George V. Hunter, Omeo, 1863
Angus Shaw. (91), Lady Egidia, 1861
Andrew Ternent (74), Gloucester, 1858
Walter B. Cairns, Gloucester, 1858
W. Waddell (90), Caribou, 1863
Godfrey Jacobs (80), City of Hobart, 1861
John Bulfin (74), Ceres. 1861
James Somerville (80), Blundell, 1848
D. M'Nicol (98).

Otago Daily Times 15 August 1911, Page 6
The following list of early settlers who had passed away was duly noted in the minutes:—
Mrs C. H. Street (67), arrived Maori, 1853
James Gait (65), arrived Lady Egidia, 1861
Captain Jas. Stewart (79), Spec, 1855
John Lyte Allan (78), from Australia, 1859
Miss J. Shand (57), arrived George Canning, 1857
Mrs Catherine Wilson (73)
Barney Winter (75), arrived Mariner, 1849
John Poynton (77), arrived in Southland 1861
James Paterson (76), arrived Oamaru
G. H. Gordon (70), arrived 1860
Miss Christina M'Rae (84), arrived Helenslee, 1863
Thomas Edwin Dick (53), arrived Chili, 1861
Robert Watt Brown (76), arrived Bernicia, 1848
Mrs Thos. Fahey, (73), arrived Melbourne, 1861
Mrs Archd. Hunter (79), arrived Henrietta, 1860
James Curram (85)
Alfred Perry (60), from Australia, 1859
Mrs Rose Ann George (86) arrived Queen of India, 1864
John McDonald (85), Crichton
John Noble (64), arrived 1855
Mrs Mary Waugh (74), arrived Jura, 1863
Mrs H. S. Fish (65), arrived 1862
Mrs Thomas Fleming (91), Storm Cloud, at Bluff, 1862
Mrs Elizabeth Cramond (75)
H. E. Muir (58), arrived from Melbourne, 1861
J. B. Thomson (71), arrived off the Heads, December, 1864.

Otago Daily Times 25 February 1913, Page 7
The following names of early settlers who had passed away since the December meeting was recorded
William Edwards (89), arrived Goldfields, 1862
Duncan Edward Chisholm (77), Storm Cloud, 1860
Mrs Catherine Ann Halligan (74)
Mrs Jane Nicol (95)
Mrs Stewart McComb (77), arrived 1862
Mr Alex. Chisholm (72), Three Bells, 1858
Mr Alexander Boyd (97)
Mrs Ann Brownlee Gray (88), first woman to walk to Gabriel's Gully, 1861
Michael M'Carthy (101), early fifties
William Lindsay Christie (73), Stately, 1854
Captain John Watson (78), Alhambra, 1862
William Bernardus Retemyer, arrived 1858
John Laing (77) Nelson, 1862
Mrs Margaret Todd, arrived Maori, 1852
Carl Frederick Goldamer (84)
John Edwin Jago (68), George Canning, 1857
Issac Perriton (82), arrived 1862
Mrs W. Grant (74), Philip Laing, 1848
James Pattillo (82), Servilla, 1859
James Finch (81), John Wickcliffe, 1843
Mrs Annie Park (Park and Curle); 70, Silistria, 1860
Joseph Karly Birley (90), from Victoria, 1862
James Roy (80), Grasmere, 1862
John Erskine, arrived Invercargill, 1862
William Smith (74), Alpine, 1859
Mrs Barbara Rochford (91)
Thomas Tomlinson (84), Dunedin, 1860
John Treasurer (76), George Canning, 1857
David Hudson (92), to Clutha, 1860
Mrs John Aitcheson (78); Robert Henderson, 1861
Mrs Henrietta Nicholl (71) Ben Lomond, 1863
Mr James Kay (78), arrived 1861
Mrs Elizabeth Iags (74)
Mrs Burton, nee Hastie (97) Strathallan, 1858
J. T. Evans (72), arrived from North Island, 1863.

Otago Daily Times 10 February 1914 Page 8
The following names of early settlers who had passed away were recorded on the minutes:—
Ralph Steel Nicolson (86), Titan, 1851
John Bath Rate (76), Pladda, 1861
Thomas Mutter (71) Pladda. 1861
John Hercus (67), Viola, 1863
Mrs Isabella Blackwood (84), Aldinga, 1863
Dr Samuel Hodgkinson (96) to Southland, 1859
Angus Ross (81), Gloucester. 1858
Mrs Jessie Adam (90), Jura, 1858
Mrs Jessie Milne Begg (81). Robert Henderson, 1861
Peter Mason (75). from Melbourne, 1863
Mrs Andrew Melville (78), to Clutha, 1862
Amelia M'Glashan, Rajah, 1853.

Otago Daily Times 20 October 1914, Page 8
The names of the following early settlers who have passed away were recorded on the minutes:—John Taylor, arrived Solway, 1863
James Nisbet (63), Robert Henderson, 1863
James Millar Brown (70), Pladda, 1861
William M'Lean (69), Dauntless, 1863
Murdoch Campbell (87), to Southland, 1859
Ronald Mcllwrick (85), Palmyra, 1858
John Crallen (82), Regina, 1858
Mrs Ann Monson (75), Harry, 1843. from Nelson
John Thomas Gwyn (83), 1864
Luke Walsh (67), Chili, 1860
John M. H. Mitchell (84) Aldinga. 1860
S. H. Roche (74), 1862
John Whytock (83), Ben Lomond, 1863
Alexander Forbes (81), Pladda, 1861
William Play, Ajax, 1849
Mrs May Hunter (94), 1851
John Moir (84), 1864
James Hay (76). 1861
George Elliott (79), 1861
Mrs R. Hewatt (84) Henrietta, 1860
Frederick Bricknell (95), arrived 1862
Mrs James Curle, Jura, 1858
W. Burnside (74), Bruce, 1860
John Dowling (81), 1861.

Otago Daily Times 13 July 1915, Page 3
The monthly meeting of the committee was held in the board room of the Otago Early Settlers' Hall yesterday afternoon; present: Messrs Donald Reid, president (in the chair), John Duthie, G. L. Denniston, E. C. Hazlett, W. Nicolson, J. M'Indoe, Mrs C. H. Hay ward, Mrs Sinclair Peden. Mr G. C. Proudfoot (hon. treasurer), and Mr John Wood (secretary). A vote of thanks was passed for the following gifts to the portrait gallery: Mr Jas. Grundy, for family group and photograph of his father and mother passengers by the Gil Bias, 1856; Mr C. P. M'Donald, for framed enlarged photograph of his father, Archibald M'Donald passenger by the Philip Laing, 1848. Attention was drawn to the number of passengers by the ship Blundell, 1848 whose names appear in the following list of early settlers who have passed away John Sidey (93), Blundell, 1848
Adam Anderson (78), Blundell, 1848
Mrs Pearson nee Gibson (83), Blundell. 1848
Mrs Wilson, nee Begg (72), Blundell, 1848
Mrs Alexander, nee Falconer, Henrietta, 1860
Peter M'Neill (82), arrived I860
Henry Richmond, arrived 1858.

Otago Daily Times 14 February 1918, Page 2
The following deaths were recorded: Geo. Graham, of Oamaru, late of Berwick, 88 (Henrietta, 1860)
William Scott, Cromwell, 84 (arrived 1861)
Mrs Jas. Elder Brown, Milton, 77 (Jura, 1858)
George Mackle, Dunedin, _82 (North Star, 1853)
James M'Gill, Waikouaiti. 87 (Stormcloud, 1861)
David Reidie, Groper's Bush, Southland, 82 (arrived Bluff, 1864)
Mrs D. McIntyre, Dunedin, late of Wangaloa, 78 (early sixties)
Mrs Margaret McIntyre, Tuapeka West, 84 (arrived, 1863)
Helen Couper, Mosgiel, 94 (Nelson, 1863)
Kenneth Morrison, Dunedin, 69 (arrived, 1863)
John Gare, Waipori, late of Tuapeka, 79 (early sixties)
Mrs Euphemia Michie Duncan, nee Kilgour, Dunedin (Clutha 1854)
Peter S. Cullen, Gore, 92 (Pladda, 1860)
David Robertson, Evansdale, 78 (late fifties)
Mrs Maria Arundel, Dunedin, 77 (arrived, 1859)
William. J. J. Charters, Taieri (.Bombay, 1862)
William A. Ewing, Dunedin, 79 (Sevilla, 1859)
John Black, Miramer, North Island (arrived, 1861)
Mrs Jessie Agnew McCartney, Portobello. 75 (Philip Laing, 1848)
Mrs Ellen Muir. Waikouro, 68 (Chili. 1863)
Donald Thomson, Dunedin, 90 (Helenslea, 1853)
John Pringle, Crookston, 64 (Jura, 1862)
Thomas Crawford, Tapanui, 82 (Ben Lomond, 1863)
Sir Henry John Miller, Oamaru, 87 (City of Sydney. 1860)
Frederick George Stone, Invercargill, 76 (Gabriel's Gully, 1861)
Mrs M. C. Leech, Caversham., 87 (Gabriel's Gully, 1861)
John Rawlins, Auckland (arrived 1861).

Otago Daily Times 12 June 1918, Page 6
The following deaths were recorded: John Waters (East Taieri, 81), Southern Cross. 1856
Mrs Joseph Bowrr (Balclutba, 85) Alpine. 1859
Mrs David Corson (Milton. 80), Ben Lomond, 1863
Mrs Grace Black Graham (Dunedin, 70) Pladda, 1862
Mrs James Aitkin (Invercargill. 81) Guiding Star. 1862
James Anderson Brass (Invercargill. 92, Edward Thornhill. 1864
Robert Evans (Waipori), arrived 1863
Mrs John Sinclair (Oamaru) Pladda 1860
Mrs  John M'Kissock (Stirling, 87). arrived 1861
Robert Byers (Stirling, 72) Grasmere. 1862
George Elder (Knapdale. 81)
G. Sloan (Goodwood, 87). arrived 1866
Robert M'Guffog (Kaka Point 72), arrived Bluff. 1864
Allan Hedley (Oamaru. 76). early sixties
James Harvey (Invercargill, 82), arrived 1862
George Crowhurst (Dunedin, 921, Nourmahal, 1858
Mrs Ann Milne Petrie (Stirling, 79). Alpine, 1859
Thomas Sherlock Graham (Dunedin, 80), early sixties
Janet Fairley (Dunedin. 79). Lady Egidia. 1861
John Hill (Port Chalmers, 80), early sixties
E. E. C. Quick (Melbourne, late Dunedin, 92) arrived 1860
Henry Walden (Dunedin. 87). early sixties.

The following early settlers were enrolled as members: — Henry Wise (Burkes), Aldinga, 1862
Mrs J. Barrett (Mornington), Strathmore. 1856
James Brown (Dunedin), Resolute. 1864
Francis Marshall (Wendonside). Henrietta 1860
Thomas Taylor (Wairuna). Caribou. 1867
Hugh Gourley (Normanby). Pirate 1859
Adam Murdoch M'Donald (Millar's Flat), arrived 1861
P.C. Grant (Miller's Flat), Caribou, 1867.

Otago Daily Times 10 July 1918 Page 3
The following deaths were recorded since the last meeting: —
Peter Anderson, Dunedin, 75 (Jura, 1862)
Mrs Catherine Sutherland. Balclutha, 83 (Strathmore. 1856)
Kenneth Finlayson, Invercargill, 64 (early 60's)
William Cairns, Oamaru (arrived 1861)
Charles M. Gray. Christchurch. 65 (arrived 1862)
Mrs W. Walsh, Palmerston, 92 (Philip Laing, 1848)
Mrs David Dewar, Gore, 74 (Philip Laing, 1848)
Mrs Ann Pringle, Dunedin, 83 (Avondale 1859)
Mrs Matilda Ritchie, Port Chalmers, 87 (Jura, 1853)
Mrs G. H. Gilroy, Stirling. 87 (Hamilla Mitchell, 1864)
Robert Dickie, Mataura, 71 (Arima, 1865)
Thomas Denniston. Balclutha, 73 (Nelson, 1852)
William Nisbet, St. Clair. 55 (Sevilla. 1862)
Cornelius O'Gorman, Dunedin, 83 (Gabriel's Gully. 1861)
David S. Jolly, St. Clair, 69 (John Duncan. 1865)
Mrs Jessie M. Smellie, Elm row, 93 (Pladda. 1860)
William Vincent, Dunedin, late North Otago (arrived 1860)
David Chalmers, Oamaru (late Timaru), 77 (early 60's)
George R. Elder, Chatton (Bosworth, 1857)
William R, Bannatyne, 90 (Titania, 1863)
Alfred F. Blatch, Southland, 83 (John Wickliffe, 1848)
Mrs Henry Barnett, Dunedin (late Waikouaiti). 96 (Strathmore. 1856)
Samuel Young West Taieri, 79 (William Jackson, 1863)
John Low, Balclutha, 73 (Nelson. 1862)
Arthur Hopper, Arthur's Point, 85 (Mary Ray, 1862)
     The following early settlers were enrolled:—John Strachan, Cambrian (Robert Henderson, 1858); Mrs Keith Ramsay, London street; Mrs D. Wright, Ahuriri Flat (Pladda, 1862) ; George C. Begg, Romahapa (Thomas and Henry. 1857).
    The following descendants were enrolled: —Miss Olive Broadfoot, Mornington (Strathallan, 1851); Arthur Smith, Sawyers Bay (Viola. 1863): Mrs R. A. Kempshell, Berwick (Philip Laing, 1848); R. A. Kempshell, Berwick (arrived 1860).

Otago Daily Times 9 October 1918, Page 2 EARLY SETTLERS' ASSOCIATION.
The monthly meeting of committee was held yesterday afternoon. Mr J. Duthie (vice-president) occupied the chair. The following gilts were received for the museum, and votes of thanks passed:— From John King, Mornington, framed portrait late Mrs SH. Andrew, arrived about 1847; from A. M. Muir, Musselburgh, bound copy Psalms of David, Edinburgh. 184-5; from Kaikorai Presbyterian Church, jubilee souvenir booklet, 1868-1918; from Alfred Horwood, two photos workmen Edendale-Wyndham railway, 1880; from H.C. Campbell, official seal Dunedin Exhibition 1865; official record Jubilee Industrial Exhibition, Dunedin, 1898, Otago A. and P. Society's annual report and Winter Show catalogues 1901, New Zealand Horticultural and Fruitgrowers' Conference, 1901; from J. H. Abbott, Dunedin, old sextant used by late Captain James Edie in early days, chart Otago Harbour by J. M. Balfour, C.E., 1864; from J. H. Blatch, Bay of Islands, framed portrait his late father and mother, Mr and Mrs Alfred Blatch, Southland (John Wickliffe, 1848).
The following deaths were recorded since the last meeting:—
Mrs Jane Braithwaite, Dunedin (86),
Mary E. Ray, 1862
Edward Kinnersley Smythies, Timaru, late Riverton, early sixties;
Thomas Nicol Downes, Dunedin (84). Arabia. 1861
James Falconer, Allday Bay, late Oamaru (79), arrived 1863
R.H. Edwards, Wellington (80), Bruce, 1862
Mrs Helen Jane M'Intyre Elliott, Ettrick (80), Star of Tasmania, 1862
W. B. Jackson, Auckland (77), arrived Otago 1859
John Charles Moxhay, Balclutha (85), Silistria, 1860
Mrs Christiana Dorothea Cutten, Anderson's Bay (91), John Wickliffe. 1848
Thomas Ewart, St. Clair, late Hindon (80). Vicksburg, 1867
Mrs Janet Marshall, Woodside (94). Three Bells, 1858
Mrs Margaret M'Lean, Balclutha, late Ahuriri Flat (82), Storm Cloud, 1863
J. H. Shaw. Auckland, late Dunedin (89), early sixties
John Espie, Mataura (76), arrived Dunedin 1860
Mrs Sarah Brown, Cargill street (86), Omeo, 1863
Andrew Park Paterson, Dunedin (63), Alpine, 1859
Mrs Mary Bannatyne, Royal terrace (80), Titania, 1863
Thomas Balclutha (67), late sixties
Harry Levy. Wellington, late Dunedin (81), early sixties
Rev. J. Arnott Nicol, Melbourne, late Dunedin (66), Strathmore, 1856
William James Courtney, Auckland (83), Otago, early sixties.

The following, early settlers were enrolled :—
Joseph Duncan M'Lennan, Wakari, Warrior Queen, 1856
Arthur Coxhead, Maori Hill, Palmyra. 1858
John Roberts, C.M.G., Littlebourne, Alhambra, 1868
James Crow, Tainui, Alma, 1861
Andrew Watt. Invercargill, Arima, 1863
Mrs A. Watt, Invercargill, Omeo, 1861
Mrs Anne Fraser, Timaru, Blundell, 1848
Several descendants were also enrolled, these including Mrs Macassey (nee Kettle), who was the first white girl born in Dunedin.

Otago Daily Times 20 November 1918, Page 7
The following deaths -were recorded since last meeting: —
James King, Anderson's Bay (Robert Henderson, 1858)
Samuel Smart St. Kilda (late Waiwera South, 77 (Blue Jacket, 1868)
Mrs Elizabeth Chisholm, Outram, 77 (Maori, 1857)
Norman Campbell, Outram, 78 (early sixties)
Mrs Elizabeth Collie, Invercargill (late Dunedin), 85 (arrived Otago 1867)
John Haddin Barr, (Dunedin, 89 (Storm Cloud, 1861)
Mrs Caulfield, Southland, 77 (arrived 1866)
James Milne, J.P., Taieri Beach. 78 (Robert Henderson, 1862)
Donald Kennedy, Mosgiel (Storm Cloud, 1861)
Mrs Helen Reid Scott, Milton, 78 (Storm Cloud, 1861)
Robert Meikle, Russell street, 76 (Storm Cloud, 1860)
Mrs Ellen Heath, Dunrobin 60 (arrived 1862)
Alexander Russell Gore (late Kelso), 81 (Vicksburg, 1867)
Mrs Marion Allan, White Rocks, Oamaru, 84 (Mataura, 1863)
William Dawson, Timaru (late Southland), 92 (Phoebe Dunbar, 1850)
Captain Joseph Roderique, Riverton, 63 (Fly, 1863)
Jonathan W. Newson, Warepa 77 (arrived 1868)
Mrs C. Murphy, Alexandra, 75 (arrived 1868)
Mrs Jane Cassells, Broad Bay, 93 (Robert Henderson, 1862)
Mrs Jane Murdoch, Roslyn. 71 (City of Dunedin, 1868)
Robert Grigor, Balclutha, 77 (Three Bells, 1858)
John H. Abbott Dunedin. 79
C. W. Adams, Chief Surveyor, Wellington (early sixties)
James Sheddan, Waiwera South, 70 (Aboukir, 1864)
William Patrick, Dunedin, 79 (Lady Egidia, 1862)
James Logan, Palmerston, 86 (Gabriel Gully, 1861)
Mrs Charlotte Foote Purakanui, 74 (1866)

 Otago Daily Times 12 February 1919, Page 6 EARLY SETTLERS' ASSOCIATION
The monthly meeting of the Otago Early bottlers' Association was held yesterday, Mr J. Duthie (vice-president) in the chair. It was resolved to hold the usual anniversary gathering on March 24. The following gifts were received for the museum:—From A. M. Muir (St Clair), old quill pen-cutter brought to New Zealand in 1861; Mrs Monson (Dunedin), framed portrait of her late father and mother, Mr and Mrs D. Telfer, Gore (Jura, 18581: A. F. Turnbull, Lyttelton, framed portrait of his late father, John Turnbull, Balclutha Cloud, 1860); Dr Fulton, set of Gully s pictures of New Zealand scenery; F. Mom (Dunedin), framed portrait of his late father and mother, Mr and Mrs Joshua Moss (Chili, 1860); Mrs C. W. Adams, Wellington, photo of her late husband, Charles p. Adams, late district surveyor, Otago (arrived 1862), also historical sketch of his life; G. C. Begg (Romahapa) framed portrait of his late, father and mother, Mr and Mrs A. S. Begg, The Glen, Romahapa (Thomas and Henry, 1857); Mrs M. Robertson (Waimate), framed portrait of her late husband and herself, Jas. Robertson (Jura, 1862), Mrs Robertson, nee Murray (Robert Henderson, 1858); Miss Stevenson (Dunedin), framed portrait of her late father and' mother, Mr and Mrs W. B. Stevenson, Wingatui, Mr Stevenson (Phillip Laing, 1848), Mrs Stevenson (Pladda, 1862); Alex. Sligo (Dunedin), framed group early Oamaru identities; A. Bishop (Balclutha), framed portrait late Dr J. Gibson Smith, Baichitha, (Pladda, 1860); J. Samson (Dunedin), framed portrait of his late father and mother, Mr and Mrs Jas. Samson, Christchurch, late Dunedin (Alhamhra, 1863); Jas. Grundy (Dunedin), brass token and weight; Miss Paton (Port Chalmers), framed photo Mr and Mrs Miller and their home, London street (Rajah, 1853); John Wilkinson (Dunedin), two photographs early Dunedin; A L. Durrand, framed portrait of his late grand-parents, Mr and Mrs J. W. Laing, Dunedin (arrived 1854); Miss' M'George, framed photo of her late father and mother, James M'George (Omeo 1863), Mrs M'George (1865); passengers ship Andrew Jackson, 1864, group of surviving passengers taken at jubilee gathering in Early Settlers' Hall, July 13, 1914.

The following deaths were recorded since last meeting-
Thomas Power, Riverton (/8), arrived 1861
Jas. Watt, Invercargill (82), Robert Henderson, 1861
Wm. Brown, Clyde street (82), Winged Arrow, 1861
Edward Dowd, Marlborough (100), Gabriel's Gully, 1861
James R. Elder, St. Clair, late Maheno (80), Regina, 1858
George Smith, Dunedin, late Clutha (79), Henrietta, 1860
Mrs Coll M'Donold, Maori Hill, Jura, 1858
Miss Sarah Ann Strain, Taieri (75), Ajax 1849
Samuel Gill, Portobello (86), Star of Tasmania, 1861
Mrs W. M'Hutcheson, Dunedin (63), arrived 1862
Peter Williamson, Milton (78), Arima, 1862
Mrs Jas. Inglis, Milton (90), Robert Henderson, 1860
Jas. Russell, Wellington (78), Nelson, 1862
John Cameron, Maungatua (78), early sixties
Mrs Mary Chiaroni, nee Morrison, Dunedin (77), Strathfieldsaye, 1858
Charles Smaill, Kaitangata (77), Strathallen, 1858
Mrs Catherine M'Onie M'Lay, Gore (78), Arima, 1863
Donald Munro, Timaru (77), Jura, 1862
Thomas Black, Dunedin (74), Abouar, 1865
Andrew Davidson, St. Leonards (77), Mataura, 1863
Mrs Mary Gormack, Dunedin, late Clinton (63), Victory, 1863
Joseph Parker, Miller's Flat, late Milton (78), Gabriel's Gully, 1861
J. H. Wilson, Frederick street (90), Agra, 1852
J. Fraser, Invercargill (76), Robert Henderson, 1862
J. Sutherland, Te Kuiti (91), Gabriel's Gully, 1861
J. Ormiston White, Dunedin (59), Omeo, 1862
M. H. Noy, Auckland (81), Gabriel's Gully, 1861
Mrs Gore (67), Vicksburg, 1868
Donald Reid, president Otago Early Settlers' Association (85), Mary, 1849
Mrs Wm. Casserly, Milton (80), Pladda, 1862.

The following early settlers were enrolled :—
Robert Fenwick, Auckland (Challenger, 1856)
Alex. Stronach Paterson, High street (William Davie, 1866)
John Ross, Walter street, Mornington (arrived 1862)
John Clarke, Clinton (Hamilla Mitchell, 1864)
Alfred James, St. Clair (arrived 1863)
Thomas Buchanan, Gore (Southern Cross, 1856)
F. G. Naumann, Caversham (Star of Tasmania, 1865)
Mrs Mary Robert, nee Murray, Waimate (Robert Henderson, 1858)
Miss Elizabeth M. Bain, Fortrose (Gloucester, 1858)
John Dick, Dunedin (Alpine, 1859)
Henry Wilkie, Waikaia (William Jackson, 1863)
Mrs Henry Wilkie, Waikaia (Alhambra, 1863)
Wm. Lindsay, Miller's Flat (Royal Albert, 1853)
Mrs C. W. Adams, nee Gillon, Wellington (Maori, 1852)
Mrs Eliza. Black, South rd, Dunedin (Elizabeth Fleming, 1867)
Thos. Gillies, Dunedin (Silistria, 1862)
Mrs T. Gillies, Dunedin (Helenslee to Bluff, 1863)
Mrs Elizabeth Duncan, Frederick street (Arima, 1862)
Mrs Catherine Ferguson, Edendale (Lady Milton, 1864)
Jas. Elliott, Queen's drive (Star of Tasmania, 1862)
Wm. M'Lelland, Miller's Flat (arrived 1858)
Mrs R. Wicks, Caversham (Aldinga, 1863)
Mrs Louisa Pearce, Caversham (Aldinga 1863)
Captain Wm. Davidson, Dunedin (Storm Cloud, 1860).

The following descendants were enrolled: —
Adolph Coleman Court, St. Clair (arrived 1861)
John Falconer, Herbert (Prince of Wales, 1863)
Chas. Stephen Longuet, Invercargill (Ajax, 1849)
Norman Moore- Wright, Napier (City of Dunedin, 1865)
Arthur F. Turnbull, Lyttelton (Storm Cloud, 1860)
Frank V. Raymond, Auckland (arrived 1856)
Edward Tamblyn, Dunedin (Gabriel's Gully, 1861)
Sidney Hall, Wellington (arrived 1862)
Mrs Stenhouse, nee Julia Anderson, St. Clair (Scotia, 1845)
R. A. Ewing, Dunedin (Sevilla, 1859)
Charles Stevenson, Musselburgh (Philip Laing 1848)
Mrs Annie Smith, nee M'Morran, Dunedin (Henrietta, 1860)
Miss. Annie Black, Dunedin (Storm Cloud, 1860)
Mrs J. M. Robertson, nee Johnston, Oxford street (Genii, 1862)
Robert David Nimmo, Mornington (arrived 1863)
J. R, Rutherford, Palmerston (Victus, 1864)
Miss Emma M'Carthy, St. Clair (arrived sixties)
J. W. Permin (Dunedin (Nelson, 1862) Silas
J. Oke Hempthorne, Heriot (arrived 1862)
Mrs Mary Rodger, nee Hamilton, Palmerston (Rajah, 1851)
Mrs H. L. Watt, Roslyn (Larkins, 1849)
J. Laing, Dunedin (arrived 1854)
Miss M'George, Eglinton road (Omeo, 1863).

Otago Daily Times 12 March 1919, Page 6
The following deaths were recorded:—J. H. Menzie, Banks Peninsula, late Southland, 79, early sixties
John M'Gillivray Thornbury, 80. arrived 1859
Mrs Margaret Wilson, Invercargill, 91, arrived Bluff, 1856
Lauchlan Maclean, Dunedin, 72, arrived 1866 from Melbourne
Thomas Webb, St Bathans, 74, arrived 1864
David Tweedie, Milton, 76, Alpine, 1859
William Kirkland East Taieri, 71, Mooltan, 1849
Alfred Watts, Mornington, 78, arrived 1858
Mrs Walter Gray, Invercargill, Henrietta, 1860
Robert M'Kinlay, Stirling, 83, arrived 1861

Otago Daily Times 9 April 1919, Page 10
Otago Daily Times 9 April 1919, Page 10
The following gifts were received for the. Museum:—From Mrs Jessie Hanley, Bathgate street, framed portrait of Mr and Mrs A G. Watson (Philip. Laing, 1848, John Blair, Green Island, copy Outlook January  22 1913, Jubilee Green Island Church 1862- 1912; J. A. D. Adams, Maori Hill, framed portrait of Jus late father and mother Mr and Mrs J. ,T. Adams (Blundell, 1846); also framed portrait of himself and wife (Mr Adams, Blundell, 1848, Mrs Adams, nee Dickie, Warrior Queen, 1868); John McRobert, Dunedin, framed portrait of himself Alma 1861); A. D. Lubecki, Auckland late Dunedin, framed portrait of himself (Gothenburg, 1864); Miss Johnstone (Fifield street), framed portrait of her late father and mother, Mr and Mrs James Johnstone, Puerua (Rajah, 1853); Geo. Mackie (Castle street), framed portrait of his late father Geo. Mackie (North Star, 1865); Jas. McIntosh (Clinton), framed portrait of his late father, Jas. McIntosh, driver of Cobb and Co. coaches from early sixties till 1892 (Maori, 1851); Thos. Turner (Dunedin) framed picture Robert MCNab's Committee, Mataura election, 1899; Mrs M. Rodger (Palmerston), three very old photographs; Alex. Morrison, passenger's contract ticket and other old documents (Henrietta 1860) Rev. E. J. Neale -Waikouaiti), booklet, 60 Years St. John's Church, Waikouaiti 1858- 1918; Mrs W. Pollock (Havelock street) copy Wise's Directory, 1878; E. Moore (Leith street) 16 photographs of Otago scenery.
The following deaths were recorded since last meeting:
James Mouat, Hillgrove (Rangatira, 1862)
Daniel Anderson, Mosgiel (Robert Henderson, 1862)
Miss Kilgour, Roslyn (Clutha, 1854)
W. Hogg, Queen street, 64 (Gloucester, 1858)
Mrs Jessie Steven, Maori Hill (Silistria. 1860)
Edward Morris, Waitati, 84 (Nourmahal, 1858)
Mrs D. Bonthron, Invercargill (Helenslee, 1863)
Frederick Roderick Bust, Auckland, 73 (Gabriel's Gully, 1861)
Mrs Janet Paterson, Cargill street, 62 (Omeo, 1863)
W. Halstead, Pleasant Point, 83 (early sixties)
John Barrett, Christchurch, 83 (arrived 1862)
Mrs Margaret Quertier, Mataura, 80 (Kinnaird, 1860)
Mrs Christina Henderson, Masterton, late Dunedin, 81 (arrived 1861)
Francis Battson, Thames, late Dunedin, 90 (Bosworth, 1857)
James Mair Invercargill (Storm Cloud, 1862)
Mrs Eliza Grant, Balclutha, late Waitepeka, 75 (Storm Cloud, 1860)
Charles Carter, Harbour terrace, 90 (arrived 1862)
Arthur James Denniston, Auckland (Caribou, 1867)

The following early settlers were enrolled -
George Broadbears Neale, Michie street (Chili, 1867)
John Lushman, Walton street (Pladda, 1862)
Mrs J. Lushman, Walton street (Sarah M., 1863)
D. Sheddan, Tapanui (Cheviot), 1852
Mrs D. Sheddan Tapanui (Robert Henderson, 1861)
William Dunlop, Southland (Jane Lookhart, 1864)
John Brown, Waikouaiti (Nourmahal, 1858)
George McCormack Hampden, (Robert Henderson, 1858)
Robert Wilson, Merton (Aldinga, 1864)
Mrs Geo. McBeath, Caversham Rise (Strathallan 1858)
Mrs M. Wolsey (nee Coleman), Port Chalmers (Magnet, 1840)
Thomas Scurr, Queen's drive (Mantura, 1865)
Mrs Jane Finlayson; Bellevue street (Nelson, 1862)
Miss Irvine, George street (Gloucester, 1858)
George H. Moodie, Hastings (Pladda 1862)
Mrs Janet Townseed, Waikouaiti (Viola, 1863)

The following descendants were enrolled:
Mrs Alice C. Farra, (nee Millichamp), Castle street, grandfather (Nourmahal, 1858)
Mrs J. Dunlop, Southland (father, Bernicia, 1848)
John Hogg, Merton (father, arrived 1861)
Rev. W H. Howes, Rangioria (father, Prince Alfred, 1860)
Miss George street (mother, Gil Blas, 1856)
James Hislop, Secretary Internal Affairs, Wellington (father, Palmyra, 1858)
Duncan Robertson, Fox street (father, Alpine. 1859)
John Maclean, Waikouaiti (father Strathallan, 1858)
Mrs Jennie Swanson, nee Crow, Rothesay (father, Aldinga, 1861)
Mrs James Edmond, Duke street (father Lady Milton, 1864)
Miss Edmond, Duke street (father. Three Bells, 1558)
Henry Stephen Raid, Peel street (grandfather, Pudsey Dowson, 1854)
Miss M. Beadle, George street (father, Nourmahad, 1858 )
Mrs J. A. Ronald, (nee Bathgate), Helensborough road (father, Pladda, 1861)
John Wilson, Cumberland street (father, Jura, 1858)
George Mackie, Castle street (father, North Star, 1864)
Mrs Elizabeth Crawford Omimi (father, Pladda, 1861)
J. W. Scurr. York place (father, Mantura, 1865)
Fredk. Freeman, Green Island (father, (Nourmahal 1858)
Edward Moore, Leith street (grandfather, Gabriel Gully. 1861)
Miss Shand, Manor place (grandfather, Mooltan, 1849)
Miss Amy Velontine, Waikouaiti (father Jura, 1858)
Miss Vera Falconer, Victoria street;
Mrs Agnes King, High street (father, Pladda, 1862)
James Ritchie, jun. Bannockburn (father, early sixties).

Otago Daily Times 14 May 1919, Page 8
The following deaths were recorded since last meeting
Mrs Isaac Green (nee Leary), N.E. Valley, 72 (Countess of Kintore, 1867)
James Jolly, Whare Flat, late Outram, 83 (Victory, 1863)
G. H. Gilroy, Stirling, 78 (New Great Britain, to Bluff, 1863)
Mrs Elizabeth Vial Lawrence, 78 (Sevilla, 1862)
W B. Bloomfield, Maerewhenua, 82 (arrived 1862)
G. W. Ward, South, Dunedin, 92 (early sixties)
Mrs Elizabeth Bills, Dunedin (arrived 1865)
Joseph Morris, Wairarapa, late Sawyers' Bay, 62 (Silistria, 1860)
Mrs Catherine M'Gregor Cameron, Winton, 82 (Paria, to Bluff, 1664)
Geo. Gray Russell, Bournemouth, England, late Dunedin, 90 (arrived Dunedin 1864)
James Alexander, Green Island, 80 (arrived Otago 1868)
William Kelly, Kaitangata, 87 (arrived Otago 1860)
Mrs W. Gray, Wellington, late Dunedin, 94 (arrived Dunedin early sixties)
Thomas Lockhead, Balclutha, 79 (Nelson, 1862)
F. M. Coxhead, Dunedin, 72 (Palmyra, 1858)
Mrs James Whitelaw, London, late Dunedin (Young America, 1862)
John Barclay, Oamaru, 83 (arrived Dunedin 1862)
Mrs James Fulton (nee Valpy), West Taieri, 89 (Ajax, 1849)
Mrs P. Lindsay (nee Hill), Auckland, late Dunedin, 78 (Blundell, 1848)
Geo. Weastell, Glentunnel, 75, Otago (early sixties)
Mrs Elizabeth Strachan, George street (arrived 1861)
Wm. Livingston, London street (Strathmore, 1856)

The following early settlers were enrolled:
John King, sen., Alexandra (Robert Henderson, 1860)
Mrs J. King, sen., Alexandra (Strathfieldsaye, 1858)
Mrs Alice Wilson, Hart street (Egmont, 1867)
Thos. Kennett, Glenorchy (Escort, 1862)
Samuel Thompson, Castle street (Sevilla, 1859)
Mrs S. Thompson (nee M'Kenzie), Castle street (Robert Henderson, 1858)
J. S. Polson, Sydenham, Christchurch (Jura, 1858)
James F. Peake, George street (Otago, 1867)
James M. Orr, Rakaia (Henrietta, 1860)
Mrs J. M. Orr, Rakaia (Silistria, 1860)
Geo. McLean, Hanover street. (Strathallan, 1858)
G. H. Milne, Timaru (Phoebe Dunbar, 1863)
Miss Drew Atkin, Dunedin (City of Hobart, 1863)

The following descendants were enrolled:
Paul M. Ronton, Clinton (mother, Silistria, 1869)
Mrs G. A. Smith, Sawyers' Bay (Star of Tasmania, J862)
Peter G. Stewart, Musselburgh (Grasmere, 1862)
John Woods, Wyndham (father, Gabriel's Gully, 1861)
Miss Campbell, Green Mark (grandfather, Rajah, 1853)
Mrs Tingey (nee Campbell), Gore (grandfather, Rajah, 1853)
Mrs T. J. Moerton (nee M'Donald), Roslyn (father, Mooltan, 1849)
Arthur V. Hope, South Invercargill (father, Mount Alexander, 1862)
Miss M. Allan, Hospital, Waiopi (father, Strathallan, 1858)

Otago Daily Times 13 August 1919, Page 2
The following deaths were recorded since the last meeting:— Daniel M'Vicar, Australia, 73 (City of Dunedin. 1865)
William Hutchinson, Dunedin, 71 (early sixties)
Mrs George Clark, Roslyn. 63 (early sixties)
David Auld, Anderson's Bay, 90 (Lady Egidia, 1861)
Mrs Joseph Dewes, Waitahuna, 89 (Gabriel's Gully, 1861)
Andrew Robertson, Mechanic street. 82 (Blundell, 1845)
Thos. M'Laughlin Blacklock, Oamaru (Scoresby, 1862)
James Howorth, Walton Park, 83 (Slains Castle, 1852)
Mrs Wm. J. Hall, Belleknowes (Malay, 1864)
Thomas White, Waikouaiti, 79 (Jura, 1858)
Thomas Thornton, Port Chalmers, 81 (General Jessup, 1852)
Robert Forrest, Queen street, 88 (Jura, 1862)
Philip Nicholls, Woolston, 93 (Gabriel's Gully, early sixties)
Philip Haynes, Milton, 80 (Storm Cloud, 1861)
Mrs David Roy, Maori Hill, 79 (Pladda, 1860)
George Gordon Byron, Kaiapoi (p.s. Lyttelton, 1861)
James Ruston, Caversham (Bluejacket, 1862)
Henry Crossgrove, Milton, 85
Sir John Denniston, Christchurch (Nelson, 1862)
John Charles Wild, Invercargill, 79 (arrived Invercargill, 1862)
Alex. Reid, Glen Outram, 87 (Three Bells, 1858)
Henry Searle, Dundas street, 75 (Lightning, 1861)
Alex. Simpson, St. Clair, late Puerua (Silistria, 1863)
Colonel Stewart Newall, C.B., Waihi (sixties)
Mrs Margaret Doak, Alma, near Oamaru, 77 (Arima, 1863)
Thos. E. Henderson, N.E. Valley (arrived Oamaru, 1867)
Thos. Porterfield, Hooper's Inlet, 87 (Celestial Queen, 1868)
Mrs Mary Simpson, Tokarahi. 82 (arrived 1863)
James Powell, Westport (arrived Dunedin, 1860)
Walter Park, Waikouaiti, 81 (Alpine, 1859)
Wm. Lawrence, 88 (Robert Henderson, 1861)
Mrs Wm. Sutherland, Lawrence, 72 (early sixties)
Mrs E. F. Kropp, N.E. Valley, 86 (Victoria, 1864)
Mrs John Winton, Leith street, 76 (Strathfieldsaye. 1858)
John Thompson, Lawrence, 82 (arrived 1867).

Otago Daily Times 12 November 1919, Page 3 OTAGO EARLY SETTLERS' ASSOCIATION
The monthly mooting of committee was held yesterday afternoon. Mr G. L. Denniston (vice-president was in the chair. The following gifts were received for the museum, and votes of thanks were passed:—from Mrs Miehaelis, Dunedin, framed portrait of her late father, Jas. M'Lennan, Dunedin (Pladda, 1860); from the M'Kenzie family, framed portrait of their late father and mother, Mr and Mrs D. M'Kenzie, Dunedin, Robert Henderson. 1858); from Thos. Fleming, St. Clair, framed portrait of the late Peter M'Gill, Milton (Mooltan, 1849); from the Harbour Board, Dunedin, photograph showing the record tonnage in Otago Harbour on July 12, 1919; from J.A. Roberts, Dunedin, requisition from the citizens of Dunedin asking his father, Mr John. Roberts, C.M.G., to stand for election as Mayor in the year of the New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition, 1883-90, showing the signatures of a number of the business men of that date, many of whom have now passed away; from John Thomson, .North-East Valley, trained portrait of himself and Mrs Thomson (Sarah M., 1862); from Andrew Hepburn, Oamaru, per Richard Norman, Oamaru, desk brought to New Zealand by the late Geo. Hepburn, Halfway Bush, Dunedin, Poictiers, 1850); from Mrs Higgins, Roslyn, framed photograph of the old flour mill, Woodhaugh; from W. H. Ferens, a number of photographs of the Dunedin Post Office staff in the eighties, also a number of postal guides and old newspapers, etc.; from Mrs J. Carrington and Mrs J. D. Low, Dunedin, a framed portrait of themselves (Evening Star, 1860); from Mrs Smith, Wangaroa, framed portrait of her late husband, Joseph Smith (arrived Otago 1867).
    The following deaths were recorded since the last meeting —
John N. Robertson, Alexandra (Storm Cloud, 1860)
Andrew Parlane, Milton, 81 (arrived 1862)
Mrs Helen France, nee Anderson, Wellington, late Oamaru, 81 (Bernicia, 1848)
Mrs A. F. M'Kenzie, Dunrobin, 69 (Aboukir, 1864)
John Porteous, Warrington, 86 (Pladda, 1860)
Alex. Nelson, Dunedin, late Lovell's Flat, 79 (Geelong, 1862)
Geo. Hutchison, Rocklands, Tokarahi, 80 (Young America, 1862)
Robert Bell, Port Chalmers (Rose of Australia to Port Chalmers, 1868)
Thos. Horton, Blenheim (arrived 1860)
Mrs John Campbell, Gladstone road (Brechin Castle, 1864)
Jas. Strain, Union street, 85 (Ajax, 1849)
Jas. Colvin, M.P. for Duller, 75 (arrived Port Chalmers 1862)
Robert Ewing, Island Bay, 84 (Pladda, 1862)
Mrs Eliz. Peattie, Clarksville (arrived 1867)
Mrs Jas. Watt, nee Dallas, Milton, 82 (Storm Cloud, 1861)
James M'Kinlay, Stirling, 75 (Daniel Rankin, 1863)
W. Oram Ball, Melbourne, late Dunedin (sixties)

The following early settlers were enrolled: —
W. Turnbull, Mornington (Vicksburg, 1867)
Mrs Alex. Brown, nee Jane Freeman, Ettrick (Nourmahal, 1858)
Wm. Stevenson, Roslyn (City of Dunedin, 1863)
Mrs Wm. Stevenson, Roslyn (Mataura, 1863)
E. Cameron. York place (from Canterbury, 1866)
Gorman W. M'Intosh, Queen street, Omeo, 1861);
John Garrett. Christchurch (Lady Egidia, 1861)
Geo. J. Illingworth, Invercargill (Robert Henderson, 1861)
Wm. M'Allan, Gore (Pladda, 1860)
Mrs Abram Watson, nee Miller, Invercargill (Rajah, 1853)
James Armstrong, Milton (White Swan, 1858)
Fourteen descendents of early settlers were also enrolled as members.

Otago Daily Times 11 February 1920 Page 5
The following deaths were recorded since last meeting:—
Mr E. J. Johnston. Shiel Hill, 85 (arrived Invercargill 1863)
Andrew Dempster, Waikouaiti, 85 (Gloucester, 1858)
John S. Royds, Fendalton (arrived Invercargill 1863)
A. H. Maude, Oamaru 82 (arrived Otago 1866)
John Hayes, Cromwell, 82 (arrived Otago 1861)
Robert Dow, Cargill street, 73 (Gala, 1864)
Mrs Helen O. M'Kenzie, Wakari. 86 (Agra, 1858)
James Bruce, Waikouaiti, 89 (Ben Lomond, 1863)
John Wright, Brighton, 67 (Strathmore, 1856)
Judah Myers, Wellington, 72 (arrived Otago 1863)
Mrs Joseph Tamblyn, Coal Creek, 79 (arrived 1861)
Mrs G. O. Crowther. Maori Hill, 63 (Omeo, 1863)
Mrs John Wright, Musselburgh, late Warepa, 61 (Gala,1860)
Alex. Burt, Dunedin, 78 (City of Hobart, 1861)
Edward Rowland, Oamaru (arrived Otago 1862)
John Mainland, Oamaru, 85 (Three Bells, 1858)
Mrs Geo. Bruce Oamaru, 87 (Electric, 1863)
Mrs William Adam, nee Thomson, Otokia, 66 (Cheviot, 1862)
Mrs James Duthie, Roslyn (Robert Henderson, 1858)
John Duxbury, Akaroa (arrived Otago Chili, 1862)
Mrs Thomas Redmayne, nee Randle, San Francisco, late Dunedin (Chili, 1862)
Mrs F. T. Hamer, Dunedin, 74 (Lady Egidia, 1864)
Thos. li. Eason, Mornington, 72 (Omeo, 1862)
Robert Aitken Milton, 83 (arrived sixties)
James Thomson, Roslyn, late Owaka, 80 (Cheviot, 1862)
Thos. M'Chesney, Invercargill (arrived Bluff Sevilla, 1864)
Mrs Fitzclarence Roberts, Sydney, late Clinton (early sixties)
Andrew Anderson, Invercargill, late Wyndham, 78 (Bernicia, 1848)
R. B. Williams, Wellington, late Balclutha, 77 (Bernicia, 1848)
Dugald Ferguson, Tapanui, 80 (Laurence Brown, 1863)
James Lennon, Anderson's Bay, 87 (Gabriel's Gully, 1861)
F. Stringer, Wanganui, 80 (arrived sixties)
William J. Hooper. Frederick street, 61 (City of Dunedin, 1863)
Mrs William Basket, Dunedin, 86 (arrived 1855)
T. R. Fisher, St. Clair, 82 (arrived Dunedin 1861).
The following early settlers were enrolled : —Mrs E. E. Pay (nee Hayes), Invercargill (Sarah M, 1863): John Norrie, Lawrence (Nelson, 1863); Peter M'Intosh, Lumsden (Mariner, 1859); Albert Weir Invercargill (Sir Wm. Eyre, Bluff. 1863); Hon. Sir Robert Stout, K.C.M.G., Chief Justice, Wellington (Lady Milton, 1864); Mrs Bertha Atkinson (nee Lloyd), South Dunedin, (Sarah M, 1863); Mrs S. Taylor, Wellington (John Duncan, 1863): James Edgar, Dunedin (Sarah M, 1863); R. M'Corkindale, Waitahuna (Vicksburg. 1867); James M'Kenzie, Pukerau (Sevilla, 1859).

 Otago Daily Times 10 March 1920, Page 8
The following deaths were recorded since last meeting:—John Welsh, Kaitangata, (78), Robert Henderson, 1860
John Doig, Geraldine (87), early sixties
Miss Roberts, Invercargill (81)
Captain Angus McLean, Invercargill (89), early sixties
Daniel M'Kenzie, Wakatipu (83), Geelong, 1861
Miss Eleanor Bell, Dundas street, Gothenburg, 1865
Jas. Patrick, Tomahawk (78), Philip Laing, 1848
Mrs Jas. Broadfoot, Caversham (75)
C. D. Wilkins, Carterton (85), Mistress of the Seas, 1862
Mrs Geo. Calder. N.E.V. (77), William Davie, 1866
David Stewart, Invercargill (85), arrived sixties
Robert Harming, Caversham (83), Abdul Mejdid, 1862.

Otago Daily Times 14 April 1920, Page 4
The following deaths are recorded since last meeting:
Andrew Tweed, Lovell's Flat, 87, arrived 1860
Mrs William Murray, Clinton, 75, early sixties
J. F. Leary, Mosgiel, early sixties
Mrs James Cruickshanks, North-East Valley, 83, sixties
Gilbert Frazer, Waikouaiti, 80, Airedale, 1864
Mrs H. Tilson (nee Fyfe), Port Molyneux, 81, Thomas and Henry, 1856
John Crawford, Strathtleldsaye, 1858
G. C. Begg, Romahapa, Toiro, 83, Robert Henderson, 1858
William Parlane, Milton, 83, early 'sixties
Robert Lindsay, Invercargill, arrived 1861
John Christie, Invercargill, 93 Sir George Pollock, 1862
Mrs Helen M. Elliot, Nevis, 81, Flying Mist, to Bluff, 1862
Mrs James Dickson, Green Island (late Waihola), 84, arrived 1863
Matthew Henderson, Anderson's Bay (late Milburn), 73, Geelong, 1862

The following early settlers were enrolled:
Mrs James Taylor (nee Margaret A. Roy), Ashley Downs, Waiwera South, arrived 1863
A. Roger, Waikouaiti, Vicksburg, 1867
Wm. M'Kay, Park Hill, Heriot, Evening Star, 1860
John Stonhouse, Lawrence, City of Dunedin, 1864
James Parker, Stirling, St. Vincent; 1866
Matthew S. Holmes, 40 Queen street, Otago, 1865
John Moir, North Balclutha, Prince of Wales, 1863
Miss Mosley, Stirling, John Wickliffe, 1848
Mrs W. Griffiths (nee Mosley), Balclutha, John Wickliffe, 1848
Charles Forsyth, Table Hill, Crimea, 1864
Thomas Johnstone, Lorraine, Balclutha, Bella Vista, 1864
John Grant Boyle, Canton, William Davie, 1867
A. McIntosh, Shag Point, Blackbird, 1865
John Wilson. Palmerston, Lady Egidia, 1861
John Law, Caversham, S. P. Bouverie, 1868
David Wilson, Flag Swamp, Capiolane, 1862
James Kennedy, Waikouaiti, Celestial Queen, 1868
Robert Henry Kennedy, Otama, Phoebe, 1864
William Wyllie, Tingfau, New South Wales, Pirate, 1859
Mrs Peter Shiels, 38, Jackson street, St. Kilda, Robert Henderson, 1861
Mrs Agnes Ward, Oamaru, Henrietta, 1860
Donald Matheson, Kurow, Vicksburg, 1867
Mrs. P. Orr (nee Turnbull), Green Island, City of Dunedin, 1863.

The following descendants were enrolled:—
Joseph Mosley, Clydevale, father John Wickliffe, 1848
Mrs S. Roberts (nee Mosley), father John Wickliffe, 1848
Miss M. Griffiths, Balclutha, grandfather John Wickliffe, 1848
Hugh Sutherland, Te Houka, father Strathmore, 1856
Mrs Hugh Sutherland (nee McLeod), father Daniel Rankin, 1863
Arthur Woods, Balclutha. father, Sevilla, 1859
G. C. Anderson, Balclutha, grandfather Twins, 1845
William Jack, Balclutha, father Wave Queen, 1863
Mrs John Millar (nee Clements), North Balclutha, father early sixties
Mrs Mary Blackwood (nee Mac Donald), father Philip Laing, 1848
Percy Heckler, Waikouaiti, father Rajah, 1853
W. J. Craig, Maori Hill, father Maori, 1867
Hugh Paterson, Dowling street, father, Pladda, 1860
Fred S. T. Little, Otago University, mother General Jessup, 1852
Miss Churchill, Martland street, mother Philip Laing, 1848
W. G. Thomson, Middlemarch, Mother Sevilla, 1862
William Laing, Bush, father Three Bells, 1858
John Dalgleish, Hamilton, father, Bosworth, 1857
Mrs Agnes Hogg, South road, father Gabriel's Gully, 1861
Mrs Edward. McAlister (nee Styles), Mosgiel, father Ajax, 1849
Mrs George Brown, Ravensbourne, mother, White Swan, 1864
David Moyes, Milton, mother Storm Cloud, 1860
A. S. Powley, Milton, father Tasmania, 1852
Peter Smellie, Green Island, father Storm Cloud
James B. Orr, Green Island, father, Silistria, 1868.

Evening Star 15 July 1920 Page 2
The following deaths were recorded since last meeting -
James R. Wilson Invercargill (84), Mataura, 1863
William Duthie, Grey River (76), arrived 1863
Arthur T. Finch, Camara (67); Mariner, 1859:
J. J. Ward, Invercargill (58), arrived sixties
David Carruthers, Maungatna (83), Stormcloud, 1861
Thomas York. Christchurch (83), Gabriel’s Gully, 1861
John Cameron. Waimate (78), sixties:
Alexander Riach, Dunedin (87), Lady Egidia, 1861
Captain John M‘Donald, Caversham. late Port Chalmers (77), Peter Denny, 1865
Robert Sprott, Momona, Viola. 1868
John G. Dick, Mornington (79), Robert Henderson, 1860
James Sanderson. Anderson Bay (87), Pirate, 1861
Mrs Catherine Jeffries, nee Lindsay (70), Gila, 1860
Alfred White, Linwood (97), arrived Otago 1862
Mrs James A. Park, Mataura, arrived in Dunedin 1851
Andrew Russell. Albany street (73). Lady Nugent. 1850
Mrs Walter Nicol, Kaihiku (77), early sixties
Mrs Wm. Rankin (nee Bain), Underwood, Invercargill (84), Gloucester. 1858
Edward Towsey, Masterton. late Dunedin (71), arrived; sixties
Miss Mary Wilson; Hart street, South Australia, 1866. '
    The following early settlers were enrolled : —Henry Green. Timaru (Echunga, 1867); James Carruthers, Maungatua (Peter . Denny. 1865); George Crockett Christchurch (Alhambra,: 1863); Mrs E. G. Mowat (nee M'Gregor), Clyde street (Robert Henderson. 1868); William Johnston, Waipahi (Three Bells. 1858): Walter Tame, Dunedin, arrived Otago, 1860.
    The following descendants, weore enrolled Mrs R. H. Cardno (nee Smith). Rayensbourne (father. Vicksburg, 1867); J. W. Aitken, Caversham (mother, Robert Henderson, 1851); Mrs A. M. M'Donald (nee Greenback), Milton (father, 1862); Mrs D. G. Mowat, Dunedin (mother arrived 1862); William Lindsay, Opotoki (father. Gala. 1850); Herbert E. Morgan. (father arrived 1860); Mrs E. A. Cameron (nee Christie, Mornington (father, Nouurmahal, 1858).

Otago Daily Times 15 September 1920, Page 9
The following gifts were received and a vote of thanks passed:—From J. L. Gillke, Timaru, copy of "Defenders of New Zealand," 1877; Dr Fulton, photo of Dunedin; F. G. Duncan, Dunedin, enlarged photos, landing of the First Contingent at Noumea, first port of call on the way to Samoa; John Blair, St. CI air, framed portrait of the late N. M'Lellan, first procentor of Knox Church (Bosworth, 1860); David Mouat, Mataura, photo of coach accident, Horse Range, 1878; Mrs Joseph Crocome, Dunedin, framed portrait of her late husband, Dr Crocome, first doctor settled in Otago, 1836-1874; aLtb N. Maher, Mosgiel, framed portrait of her late father and mother, Mr and Mrs D. McLaren, Puerua, Clutha, (Silistria, 1860); Mrs Cowan, Duke street, framed portrait in oil of her late father and mother, Mr and Mrs G. Paw, Duke street (Jura, 1858); J. Cruickshank, Miller's Flat, framed portrait of his late father and mother, Mr and Mrs James Cruickshank (William Davie, 1868); Mrs Tingey, framed photo golden wedding of her late father and mother, Mr and Mrs J. Campbell, Green Island, July 31, 1913; E. C. Hazlett, Wise's Directory, 1878; from the late Mrs Houston, Maitland street, family Bible; S. Crow, Maheno, per Mrs M George, invoice of goods sold to Alexander Crow, Gabriel's Gully, by P. W. Hutton, Duitodin, April 4, 1832; J. B. Mitchell Ohakune (on deposit) funned portrait' in oil of late Captain Nicol who brought the Gil Bias, a ship of 175 tone, drawing 9ft Bin of water, up to Dunedin, the first ship to come up the harbour, the passage between the islands through which she passed was called Nicol's Passage, March 1, 1856. On March 3 the Provincial Council gave a dinner to Captain Nicol in honour of the event; N. Dunlop, Pine Bush, Invercargill, framed portrait of late Mr and Mrs John Anderson, Wyndham (Bernicia, 1848), also, photo of himself and Mrs Dunlop; Henry Hunter, Mahtno, framed photo group of Saddle Hill pioneers, Mr and Mrs W. Jaffray (Philip Laing, 1818), Mr and Mrs John Hunter (Royal Albert, 1853)., Mr and Mrs Thos. Finney (Gil Bias, 1867); from a friend, a number of books; John Geggie, Balclutha, framed portrait of his late father and mother, Mr and Mrs John Geggie, B'uerua, Clutha (Strathmore 1856); an enlarged portrait of the late Dγ Henry Manning, of Dunedin and Clutha has been placed in the museum. Dr Manning was the first doctor to settle in Dunedin; arrived John Wickliffe, 1848; died 1881; from C. W. Chamberlain, late Collector of Customs, two very old cedar carved panels from East Indiaman.

The following deaths were recorded:
N. A. Wilson, Dunedin, late Portobello (83), Pladda, 1860
John Reid, Auckland, late Dunedin (78), sixties
D. Alabaster, Wellington, late Otago (82), fifties
John Cameron, Anderson's Bay, late Tapanui (83), Hannah, 1862
Shadrach Perry, Port Chalmers (75), Ocean Queen, 1859
L. D. Robertson, Dunedin, Silistria, 1861
Andrew Cowan, West Taieri (80), Scoresby, 1862
Michael Muir, Kaitangata (94), Strathfieldsaye, 1858
Mrs Thos. Harrison, nee Robertson, Tomahawk (86), Philip Laing, 1848
Mrs James Samson, Christchurch, late Dunedin (80), arrived 186-1
S. Cummoch, Alexandra (75), arrived 1864
John Ramage, Balclutha (72), arrived early sixties
Mrs Agnes Young, Balclutha (89), arrived Mataura 1863
James Marshall, Knapdale, late Waitepeka (83), Henrietta, 1860
Mrs J. Oliver Eva, Melbourne, late Dunedin, arrived 1863
G. F. B. Poynter, Southland, late Tapanui (79), early sixties
E. Daddo, Tasmania, late Cromwell (82), early sixties
Mrs Wm. Russell, Ashburn, Invercargill (76), arrived Invercargill, 1862
Peter Campbell, Wyndham (82), arrived 1861
Lieutenant-colonel Crossgrove, V.D., Dunedin (67), Alpine, 1859
John Wither, Anderson's Bay (81), Helenslee, to Bluff, 1863
John M. Wilson, Littlebourne (65), Strathfieldsaye, 1858
George Thompson, Oamaru (84), early sixties
Mrs Susan Stuart, Cromwell (82), arrived 1862.

The following early settlers were enrolled:
W. H. Adams, 636 George street, Thracian, 1860
Mr Ridd, Miller's Flat, Omeo, 1864.

The following descendants were enrolled:
Joseph Cruickshank, Miller's Flat (father, William Davie, 1863)
J. J. G. Hay, East Taieri (father, Ajax, 1849)
Mrs Mary Groves, nee Munro, Arden street, Opoho (father, Palmyra, 1858)
Mrs W. H. Fahey, Ashburton (father, Robert Henderson, to Bluff, 1862)
Georga Murray Campbell, Post Office box 1366, Sydney (mother, Rajah, 1853)
Peter Yuile Wallace, 389 Castle street (father Velox, 1856)
Miss J. Patarson Calder, Calder's avenue, North-East Valley (father Mariner, 1819)
Mrs M. J. Kedzlie, nee Watson, Melville street (father, Nelson, 1562)
Alexander Cullen, Port Office, Auckland (father Scotia, 1845)
John H. E. Wilson, 155 George street (grandfather Magnet 1840).

Otago Daily Times 13 October 1920 Page 3
The following deaths were recorded:—
F. F. Fenwick, Melbourne, late Oamaru, Seleno, 1865
Mrs Elizabeth Sheriff, Roslyn, Three Bells, 1858
Donald Fraser, Waikouaiti (83), Airedale, 1864
Mrs James Petrie, Maungatua (85), Robert Henderson, 1858
Timothy Kelleher, Lawrence (95), Gabriel's Gully, 1861
Mrs Dugald Peterson, King street (72), Lady Nugent, 1850
R. H. Kennedy, Otama (72), Phoebe, 1861
John Wither, Anderson's Bay, late Wakatipu (80), Helenslee, 1863
Mrs W. Thomson, Tomahawk, late Maungatua (64), Gloucester, 1858
J. N. Mills, Dunedin, Alpine, 1859
J. D. Stevenson, Clyde street, City of Dunedin, 1863
Mrs John Fleming, Cromwell (78), arrived sixties
Peter M'Indoe, South Dunedin (89), arrived sixties
Edward. T. Collinson, Melbourne, late Dunedin., 1868
Thomas Stiven, Tapanui (94), arrived sixties
A. Moffat, Waitahuna arrived 1868
Mrs P. Sinclair, Albany street (87), arrived 1865
William M'Allan, Gore, 1861
Mrs Mary Ann Vincent, East Oxford, Canterbury (99), arrived Dunedin 1862
Charles De Vere Teschmaker-Shute, Marlborough (85), Port Chalmers, 1854
Peter Wilson, Walton street (84), arrived Otago 1862
Andrew Anderson, Hart street (82), Jura, 1856
Mrs Agnes Pollock, Arthur street (86), Mooltan, 1849.
     The following early settlers- were enrolled:—William Hay (Owaka), Sevilia, 1862; John Coombs (North-East Valley), arrived Otago 1860; Robert Brown (Oamaru), William Davie, 1868; Thomas Reid (Albert street), .Lady Egidia, 1861; Philip Bremner (Lonsdale street). Palmyra, 1858; J. H. M'Alpine (Hamiltons, Otago Central), Viola, 1866.
    The following descendants of' early settlers wore enrolled:—Mrs M. Maher, nee M'Laren (Mosgiel), father Silistria, 1860; F. M'Kenzie (Beaumont Station), father arrived sixties; Mrs F. M'Kenzie (Beaumont Station), grandfather, James Reid, Royal Albert, 1853; Charles K. Couaton (Rattray street), . fathor Strathallan, 1858: P W Shecklock (Park terrace), father Bombay 1862; A. G. Sheriff (Highgate), father Mariner, 1850; Miss Sheriff (Oban street), father Manner, 1850; Alexander Trotter (Auckland) father Magnet, 1840; Miss M. Sinclair (Albany street), mother arrived 1865; Charles C. Fenwick (Stock Exchange), father arrived sixties; W. D. West (80 Queen's drive, Mueselburgh), father brig Eliza, 1855; Henry Powley (Clinton), father Tasmania, 1852.

Evening Star 10 November 1920 Page 3
DEATHS AND ENROLMENTS. The monthly meeting of the committee ox the Otago Early Settlers’ Association was held yesterday afternoon, Dr Fulton presiding. Gifts of portraits of documents aii r i 01 photographs were acknowledged. The following deaths were recorded :
Mrs William Hamilton, Caversham, 79 (William Davie, 1866);
Mrs James Thornbum Waikouaiti, 61 (arrived 1864);
Mrs J. Geddes (nee Gebbie), Waimate, 79 (arrived I860);
Alexander Barron, North-east Harbor, late Dunrobin, 77 (arrived 1866)
George Talbot Birch, Riverton, 88 (arrived 1862);
John Black, Hanover street, 62 (early sixties);
D. M. MacGoun, Roslyn, 80 (Robert Henderson, 1858);
Adam Rolland, Scotland, late Inch Clutha (Alpine, 1859);
Mrs Elizabeth Grogan (nee Fyfe) Cumberland street, 80 (Gala, 1860);
J.H. Stringer, Christchurch 9arrived Otago early sixties)
John Tippett, Winton, 75 (arrived sixties);
G. E. Cooper, Auckland, 84 (arrived early sixties) ;
Alfred Wilkinson, Harbor terrace, 83 (John Duncan, 1865);
Alexander Gilmore. Palmerston South (Evening Star, 1860) ;
William Walker, Heriot 84 (Nelson, 1862);
Watson Shennan, High street (Thomas and Henry, 1857);
Miss M. A. Park, Dunedin (Tasmanian, 1864);
J. M. Jones. Invercargill 74 (St. Vincent, 1865) ;
A. Quertier, Matura - 80 (Kinnaird, I860);
Mrs J S Williamson, Maitland street, 77 (Pladda 1861)
Kenneth Williamson, Kokonga, 67 (Melbourne, 1861);
William E. M‘Adam, Anderson Bay, 77 (Southern Cross to Riverton, 1862)
George Simpson, Alexandra, 78 (1860).

The following early settlers were en-rolled:-
Mrs Elizabeth Marshall, Milton (Palmyra, 1858);
Mrs Jane H. Porteous, Palmerston South (St. Vincent, 1865);
Michael Little, Enfield, Oamaru (Caribou,  1867).

The following descendants of settlers were enrolled :-
Thomas Castles Ross. Dunedin (father Velore, 1861) ;
Miss Alice Edmond, Duke street (father Three  Bells, 1858);
Miss Agnes Dippie, George street (mother Gil Blas, 1856) ;
Mrs George Campbell (nee Dippie), George street (mother Gil Blas, 1856) ;
Miss A. C. Marshall, Milton (mother Palmyra, 1858) ;
M. Marshall, Milton (mother, Palmyra, 1858)
Mrs D. Jackson (nee Finch), Waikouaiti (grandfather John Wycliffe, 1848)
M. H. Richards Green Island (father early sixties);
Miss Grogan, Cumberland street (mother Gala, 1860) ;
A. G. W. Miller, Wartati (father Melbourne, 1859) ;
A. G. Johnson, Heriot row (father 1861) ;
Mrs A. G. Johnson (nee Park), Heriot row (grandfather Philip Laing, 1848);
D. W. Bradley, Moto, near Gisborne (father arrived 1841);
J. R. Melville, Musselburgh (father Lady Egidia, 1861).

Otago Daily Times 13 April 1921 Page 2
The following deaths were recorded; —
R. M. Roberts; Christchurch (78), Gabriel’s Gully, 1861
Mrs Joan White, Mihiwaka (74), Sevilla, 1862
 Mrs Alice Hartley, Oamaru (90), John Duncan, 1863
Samuel Philp, Port Chalmers (90), Lightning, 1864
Thomas M'Dowall, Moa Flat (95), Gabriel’s Gully, 1861
G. B. Neale, Roslyn (73), Chili, 1867
David Dunn, Oamaru (80), arrived 1863
John Hogg, Evans Flat (84), early ’sixties
Thomas Walker, North-East Valley (62), Ocean Chief, 1861
W. Familton, Oamaru, arrived 1855
Daniel Haynes, Dunedin (87), arrived 1861
Mrs Joseph Braithwaite, Dunedin (65),arrived 1861
Mrs Jane Ford, Dunedin (61), England, 1865
Captain John Bernech, Roslyn (74), arrived ’sixties)
James Kennedy, Waikouaiti (73), Celestial Queen, 1868
Mrs Beckingsale, Arthur street (79), Omeo, 1862
Anders Johansen (Old Andy), arrived Otago, 1863 (aged 87)
William Dick, Pukehiki (83), Robert Henderson. 1860
Robert Leishman, North Taieri, Robert Henderson, 1860.
    The following early settlers were enrolled: Mrs M. A. Dunbar (nee Brunton), Hampden (Mariner, 1859); Mrs B. Porteous (nee Brunton), Warrington (Mariner, 1859); Mrs W. Puddy (nee Hewitt), Waikouaiti (Ben Lomond. 1863); J. R. Clark, Waitati (Three Bells, 1858); Mrs O. Mitchell (nee Paterson), Albany street (City of Dunedin, 1863); Robert Cumberbeach, Waikouaiti (Strathmore, 1856); A. A. Fleming, Green Island (City of Dunedin, 1868); Mrs Charles Lemon, Wellington (Cosmopolite, 1860); John Spratt, Mosgiel (Escort, 1862); Mrs George Hutchison, Oamaru (Three Bells, 1858); Walter Briggs, Castle street (Escort, 1862); Robert M’Donald, Oamaru (Aldinga, 1861); Edward Hewitt, Caversham (Lady Egidia, 1861); Thomas Glendining, Dunedin (Resolute, 1866); Mrs G. Mitchell (nee Rutherford), Dundias street (Helenslee, 1868); James Cooper. Anderson’s Bay road (Bruce, 1860); Miss Wilhelmina Ross, Eden street (Ellen Simpson, 1862); Mrs H. Burrows (nee Hastie), Balclutha (Jura, 1858);  Mrs J. Spratt, Mosgiel (England, 1865; John Mills, Parnell, Auckland (Twins, 1849); Mrs Margaret Cotton (nee Atkinson), Waipori, John Craig, Caroline (Maori, 18a7); Mrs Thomas Hope, St. Andrew- street (Storm-cloud. 1861); Mrs Helen M'Taggart, North-East Valley (Palmyra, 1858); Alexander Jenkins, Invercargill (Omeo, 1860).

Otago Daily Times 15 June 1921 Page 2
The monthly mooting of the committee was held yesterday afternoon, Mr George Calder (president) occupying the chair. The following gifts were received, and votes of thanks passed to the donors: From the late W. Calder, South Dunedin (per Miss Henderson), framed portrait of his late mother, Mrs Calder, Chatton (arrived Port Chalmers, 1868); Mrs T. Cater, Caversham, framed portrait of her late father and mother, Mr and Mrs Alex. Love, Green Island, late Port Molyneux (Storm cloud, 1861); Mrs W. Livingston, Loudon street, framed portrait of the late Alex. Livingston (Strathmore, 1856); bound copy of Evening News, November 20 1862, to January, 1863, also two volumes of Leisure Hour (first copies published 1852); John Potter, North-East Valley, famed photo of North Dunedin Rifles Ladies Challenge Shield team, 1880; John Bandeen, Hampden, three bound copies of Picturesque Atlas of Australasia; Mrs E. Broadfoot, framed portrait of her late father and mother, Mr and Mrs William McLean, Waikouaiti (Strathallan, 1858)
The following deaths were recorded; —
Mrs J. G. Allen, Havelock street (Chili, 1862)
Joseph Slater, Christchurch. (Stormcloud, 1862)
Mrs David Mason, York place, 87 (Dunedin, 1856)
Miss Eliza J. Christie, Saddle Hill, 68 (Stately, 1854)
A. Mam, Reefton (Eli Whitney, 1863)
Donald McLaren, Southland, 71 (Robert Henderson, 1862)
James Thomson, Wilton, 80 (arrived 1862)
James H. Smyth, Wairoa, 89 (Gabriel’s Gully, 1861)
Andrew Pryde, Beaconsfield, 75 (Grasmere, 1862)
William A. Todd, Mosgiel, 82 (Simla, 1851)
Mrs Joseph McCabe, Harrow street, 75 (Pladda, 1862)
Mrs S. D. Biss, Auckland, late Dunedin (early ’6o’s)
Lewis H. I. Marshall, Roslyn, 75 (Cornwall, 1849)
Mrs D. Hislop, Milton, 67 (William Davie, 1867)
Walter Beck, Bridgeman street, 77 (Palmyra, 1858)
William Pullar, Waitati, 81 (Pladda, 1860)
Mrs David Kirk, Wellington (Victory, 1863)
John C. Hodges, Maori Hill, 76 (Geelong, 1862)
John Girdwood, Dunedin, 82 (early ’6o’s)
John Brown, Canterbury (Gabriel’s Gully, 1861)
Arch. N. Hislop, Kaponga, late Inchclutha, 73 (Palmyra, 1858)
Mrs John Corbett, Dunedin, 83 (arrived 1862)
Mrs Thomas Scurr, Musselburgh, 71 (Three Bells, 1858)
R. L. Rule, Oamaru, 71 (Daniel Rankin, 1863)
James Taylor, Roslyn, 84 (E. P. Bouverie, 1868)
Mrs Arthur Scoullar, Wellington, late Dunedin, 83 (arrived ’6o’s)
F. J. Muir, Sydney, late Dunedin, 71 (Omeo, 1860).

The following early settlers were enrolled: —
Thomas Keily, Morrinsville, Auckland (Lizzie Southern, 1865)
Andrew G. Clement, Tuturau (Robert Henderson, 1867)
Thomas Andrew, Roxburgh (Pladda, 1862)
James C. Pennell, Roxburgh (Chili, 1860)
John Pearson, Beaumont (Cashmere to Lyttelton, thence to Waitahuna, 1861)
William Wood, Public Works, Beaumont (Ethereal, 1864)
Mrs Ellen McLeod, nee Brown, Hiphgate, Roalyn (Strathfieldsaye, 1858)
Mrs W. C. Todd, nee Henderson, Mosgiel (arrived) 1861)
James Robertson, Clinton (Southern Cross, 1856)
Miss E. L. Bright, Oamaru (Escort, 1862)
James M‘Corkindale, Gore (Vicksburg, 1864)
Hon. J. Grimniond, M.L.C., Ross, Westland (City of Hobart, 1861)
Frederic Savage, Timaru (Derwentwater, 1861).

Otago Daily Times 11 March 1925 Page 5
The following deaths were recorded:—
Mrs Johan Miller, Palmerston Booth (89), Silistria, 1862
Thomas Edwards, Temuka (81), early sixties
John Nicholson, Waipori (84), early sixties
Thomas Kennedy. Oamaru (78), City of Dunedin, 1863
Miss Holmes, Wellington, late Dunedin, Omeo, 1864
George Leslie, Wellington late Dunedin (83), Robert Henderson, 1861
Mrs Elizabeth Pearce (83), Warrender street, Stormcloud, 1860
James R. Walker, Forth street (73), Stormcloud, 1860
Mrs Thos. Thomson, Invercargill (77), arrived sixties
James Dick, Portobello (77), Robert Henderson, 1862
Jr.o. MacGibbon, Gore (76), Mootlan, 1849
Mrs M. M’Neil. Forest Hill, Southland (92), Henrietta, 1860
Mrs Andrew Mowat, Roslyn (85), Edith and Mary, 1853
William Thomas, Invercargill, late Blue Spur (82), from Australia early sixties.

Otago Daily Times 12 August 1925 Page 5
The following deaths were reported;—
Mrs A, J. Wright, Castle street. Stormcloud, 1860
William Black, Opoho (79), Blundell, 1848
Mrs Peter Bell, Balclutha (92), Jura, 1858
William Reid, Alma street (80), Arima, 1863
Patrick Donoghue, Eoslyn (89), early sixties
Walter Nicol, Balclutha (82), Three Bells, 1858
Alex. Wisely, Milton (84), Grasmere, 1862
Andrew M'Kenzie, Waitahuna (91), early sixties
T. J.  Jack, Spreydon, Christchurch (63), arrived Dunedin sixties
Mrs Agnes H. Poulter, Rankeilor street (94), Arima 1868
D. Sheddan, Tapanni (83), Cheviot, 1862
Andrew Fairbairn, Christchurch, Dunedin early sixties
Mrs Elizabeth B. Gellatley, Momington (84), Viola, 1868
Mrs Jane Gray, Norwood street, North-East Valley (88), Jura, 1862
Mrs Isabella. M. N. Gillespie, Palmerston (69), arrived Otago 1860
James Hogg, New Plymouth, late Balclutha (74), Gloucester, 1858
John Fahey, Dunedin, late Balclutha (74), Seaman’s Bride, 1862
Mrs James Craig, Hawera, late sixties
Ewen Cameron, late Wanaka (87), early sixties
D. A. De Mans, Port Chalmers (77), Carobou, 1867
    The following early settlers were enrolled: —R. Little. Puketeraki (Stormcloud, 1860); Mrs B. Little, nee Hocking, Puketeraki (Chili, 1861).

Otago Daily Times 10 September 1930 Page 15
The following deaths were reported; —
Mrs Charlotte Williamson, Invercargill (88), Robert Henderson, 1864
Mrs E. Baron, Pacific street (85), arrived 1864
John Leishman, Kaikorai (87), Pladda, 1862
Charles Mills, Milton (89), City of Dunedin, 1862
Archibald M'Bride, Oamaru, late Berwick (91), Jura, 1862
William Rouse, Port Chalmers (87), Parisian, 1863
Mrs Robert Robson, Dunedin, late Lovell’s Flat (79), Alpine, 1859
A. A. Finch, Dunedin (74), Mariner, 1859
Mrs R. C. Bryant, nee Lyon, Lake Wakatipu (91), arrived 1861
Mrs Rachel Christie, Roslyn, Cheviot, 1862
George Cozens, Parnell, Auckland, at Gabriel’s Gully, 1861
John Jenkin, Lake Wakatipu (90), early ’sixties;
— Jeffries, West Coast (33), in Otago, 1867
G. L. Sise, Dunedin (91), Pacific, 1863
Mrs G. M'Beath, Caversham Rise (74), Strathallan, 1858
Mrs Margaret Howison, New South Wales, late Dunedin (80), 1863
John A. Anderson, Dunedin, late Port Chalmers (83), ’sixties
Mrs John Ewing, Roslyn, late Roxburgh, early ’sixties
Mrs Jane Matheson, Dunedin, late Stafford street (81), Palmyra, 1858
The following early settlers were enrolled:—Mrs Wilhelniina S. Elliott, nee Bain, 5 Norfolk street, St. Clair, Gloucester, 1858; John M'Natty, 50 Cranley street, Tainui, Sevilla to Bluff, 1864; Mrs W R. Berry, nee C. L. George, 56 Inga avenue, St. Clair, Omeo, 1862; Robert Aitken, Ross Home, Dunedin, Scotia to Bluff, 1864.

The Otago Settlers Museum -31 Queen Street, Dunedin
Archives - Holdings:

Otago Early Settlers Association Past Membership list.
OESM cutting Books 1900 to the present - Contains many death notices and obituaries of Otago people.
OESM Biographical & Genealogical collection (indexed)
Portraits of Settlers pre 1861
Family History Books and Papers
The Tuapeka Times Index for BDMs
Otago Witness and ODT index to BDMs 1848-88
Electoral Rolls
Otago Provincial Government Publications
Index to Central Otago Goldfields Newspapers
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Cyclopedia of New Zealand
Cemetery Records for Dunedin
NZ Fresh Water Drowning
List of freeholders
Passenger lists 1848-1861 then partial coverage to 1881 for some ships
Dutch Settlers Archive
St Kilda/South Dunedin Memory Bank: An Oral History collection
OSAP 1872-88: Indexes & transcripts for Otago and Southland Immigrants on government assisted passages 1872-88. Over 30,000 immigrants with ages, occupations and counties of origin in most cases. And much more.
OASES - Otago & Southland Early Settlers Database - a comprehensive list of all the people in Otago and Southland up until the end of 1860. Has over 85,000 entries as of June 2007 up to 1920. The CD available for checking at the Reed Gallery, Third Floor, City Library in Dunedin. (creator Bob Matthews.) Contains death and marriage notices for the period 1848-1861. introduction

Short history of the Otago Early Settlers' Association 1898-1948 and guide to the Museum / edited on behalf of the O.E.S.A. by William Martin and Eric Skinner; 1949. Library: Takapuna New Zealand Collection

Otago Witness 17 April 1901
Poem - The Last Old Identity by Arch. M. McNicol, Merton.

The Lady Descendants Club of the Otago Early Settlers Association (OESA) was established by "ladies who are descendants of persons who arrived in Otago and Southland up to 31st December 1864. It appears this move was necessary because, according to documentation of 1898, the Association did not admit women under 38 years. The Club admitted women 17 years and over for a subscription of 2/6 who were proposed or balloted as members. The date of establishment is given in a printed constitution as 1908, though the first minutes record 19 March 1909 as the date it was formally established. The Club began with just six members but this grew to up to 70, with activities such as musical and card evenings, lectures and charity work, and in particular, assisting with fund raising for the OESA.

Evening Post, 19 October 1911, Page 8
DUNEDIN, This Day. Mr. Wm. Langlands, of St. Clair, aged 82, is dead. He was the second secretary of the Early Settlers' Association, and arrived in Otago by the ship Victory.

Ayrshire Association
Otago Witness, 12 August 1876, Page 17
The first annual meeting of the Ayrshire Association was held in the Provincial Hotel on Friday evening last. The Vice- President (Mr W. Caklwell) occupied the chair. The following office bearers were elected for the ensuing year :—: — President, Mr W. Caldwell ; Vice-Presidents, Messrs J. Andrews, and James Craig ; Hon. Treasurer, Mr R. Campbell ; Hon. Secretaries, Messrs C. F. Maclean and J. Gibson ; Directors, Messrs J. Scott, H. Armour, A. Craig, R. Ramsay, A. Morrison, A. Inglis, J. Haswell (West Taieri), A. Blair (Port Chalmers), C. Samson (Green Island), James Allan (Greytown), A. Hewittson (Milton), and J. Craig (West Taieri).

Otago Witness, 24 August 1878, Page 8
On the motion of Mr J. McGaw, seconded by Mr H. Armour, the report was adopted. , The meeting then proceeded to elect a directorate for the ensuing year, and the following officers were appointed: — President, Mr John Andrews ; Vice-Presidents, Messrs  J. M'Gaw and H. Armour ; Treasurer, Mr R. Campbell ; Secretary, Mr C. F. M'Lean , Directors, Messrs W. Tinnock, A. Crawford, J. Scott, J. Armour, R. M 'Kinky, W. Richmond, L. Mathieson (Fortrose), J. Haswell, A. . Blair, T. Craig, R. Andrew ; Relief Committee, Messrs H. Armour and W. Richmond. The roll shows a total of 58 members, of whom the majority are resident in the country districts. It is with great regret that your Directors refer to the loss which the Association has sustained by the death of Mr Joseph Allen. Although not taking an active part in the management of the Association, Mr Allen was amongst its warmest supporters. The Directors regret having, through the departure from the Colony of Mr John Murray, lost an exceedingly active and enthusiastic member. The vacancy on the Relief Committee, caused by Mr Murray's resignation, was filled by the election of Mr Hugh Armour.

Otago Witness, 20 August 1881, Page 14
President, Mr Robert Campbell ; vice-presidents, Messrs W. Richmond and H. M'Caw; hon. secretary, Mr CF. Maclean ; hon. treasurer, Mr J. Craig, Town Committee — Messrs M. Smith, J. Taylor, A. Crawford, J. Armour, R. M'Kinlay, and W. Tinnock, Dunedin. Country Committee — Messrs T Miller, Lawrence ; R. Dickie and George Prain, Mosgiel; K. Fergueson, Blueskin ; R, Andrew, Catlin River and J. Thomson, Invercargill. Relief Committee — Messrs R M'Kinlay and Jas. Murray. The roll showed a total of 58 members the greater part of whom were resident in country districts.

Otago Witness, 8 October 1891, Page 16 MONUMENT TO DR BURNS.

LAYING OF THE FOUNDATION STONE. The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of a monument — the gift to the city of Mr Robert Chapman, of Nevada, Roslyn— to the memory of the Rev. Dr Burns, the pioneer minister of Otago, took place in the Octagon on Saturday afternoon in the presence of a large concourse of the public, many old identities who had come into close relationship with Dr Burns. The weather was beautiful, but almost oppressively hot. Prior to the ceremony there was a considerable gathering of old identities at the First Church ; the following being a list of some of them, with the names of the vessels in which they came and the dates of their arrival ; —
Mr William Mills, George Fyfe, 1842
Mr J. R. Monson, John Wickliffe, 1848
Mr James Adam (Bon Accord, Clarksville), Phillip Laing, 1848
Mr William Welsh, Philip Laing, 1848
Mr Robert Hastie, Philip Laing, 1848
Mr William Duff (Waihola), Philip Laing, 1848
Mr Andrew Mercer, Philip Laing, 1848
Mr Andrew G. Watson, Philip Laing, 1848
Mr A. J. Burns (son of Dr Burns), Philip Laing, 1848
Mr William Martin, Philip Laing, 1848
Mr Robert Chapman, Blundell, 1848
Mr C. R. Chapman, Blundell, 1848
Mr Andrew Robertson, Blundell, 1848
Mr James Brown, B______is, 1848
Mr Robert Murray (Clarksville), Cornwall, 1849
Mr William Mathison (Tokomairiro), Cornwall, 1849
Mr William Sanderson, Cornwall, 1849
Mr J. Elder Brown (Milton), Ajax, 1849
Mr Robert Campbell, Ajax, 1849
Mr John Anderson (Riversdale, Outram), Ajax, 1849
Mr Walter Miller, Larkins, 1849
Mr Archibald Barr, Mercia, 1849
Hon. W. H. Reynolds, Titan, 1851
Mr R. B. Nicolson, Titan, 1851
Mr Thomas Reid (Tokomairiro), Slains Castle, 1852
Mr H. F. Hardy, Rajah, 1853
Mr John Logan, Constantine, 1854
Mr John Reid, Pudsey Dawson, 1854
Rev William Will (East Taieri), Stately, 1854
Rev William Bannerman, Stately, 1854
Mr John Lillie Gillies, Gil Blas, 1855
Captain William Thomson, Gil Blas, 1855
Mr James Robertson, Strathmore, 1856
Mr Colin Allan, Strathmore, 1858
Rev Dr Stuart, Challenger, 1856
Mr George Fenwick, Challenger, 1856
Mr Alexander Mollison, Egmont, 1856
Mr Duncan M'Neill, Robert Henderson, 1857
Mr John Butler, George Cameron, 1857
Rev David Borrie, Maori, 1857
Mr James McIndoe, Alpine, 1858
Mr William Couston, Strathallan, 1858
Mr Thomas Moodie, Jura, 1858
Mr William Sinclair, Sevilla, 1859
Mr A. C. Begg, Alpine, 1859
Ven. Archdeacon Edwards, Mariner, 1859
Mr Alexander Stewart, Silistria, 1859
Mr James Cramond, Mary, 1859
Mr Peter Cunnicgham (Tokomairiro),Chili,l860
Mr James Morrison, Stormbird, 1860
Mr David Pinkerton, M.H.R, Lady Egidia, 1861
Mr Amos McKegg (Henley), Empress of the Sea, 1861
Mr Thomas Fraser, Dunedin, 1861
Mr Robert Wilson, Oscar, 1861
Mr N. Y. A. Wales, 1861
Mr Alexander Burt, City of Hobart, 1861
Mr John Gillies, Prince Alfred, 1861
Dr T. M. Hocken, Great Britain, 1862
Mr J. T. Mackerras, Aldinga, 1862
Mr Alexander Cairns, Aldinga, 1862
Mr C. White, Bombay, 1862
Mrs J. R. Monson, Bombay, 1842
Mr A. R, Ure,1862
Mr James Robin, Annie, 1862
Mr Henry J. Walter, Omeo, 1862
Mr J. Wright, B. P. Bouverie, 1863
Mr William M'Leod, David Rankin 1863
Mr A. Sligo, Eli Whitney, 1864
Mr William Hutchison, M.H.R., Empress, 1865

Otago Witness March 29 1905 pg 4
Large article on the settlement in 1848.

"Being in a ship is like being in jail with the chance of being drowned"
Samuel Johnson