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Printed and published by John B. Todd, at the "Otago Witness" Office, Princes Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. The "Witness," for the first Quarter, will be published but One a-Fortnight, deliverable on Saturday morning. The "Witness" first number was issued the 8th February 1851, then a forenightly publication; in a year came out weekly. In those days Princes Street was fern and flax.

Shipping News
Otago Witness Saturday  February 8, 1851  page 1

Arrived. January 13, barque, Santipore, 515 tons, Robinson, Master, from Twofold Bay. - Martin, Agent. 210 head Cattle, 6 horses, and 900 sheep. Passenger arrived - Mr Napier. Sailed 25th for Sydney.
17th, schooner, Titan, 161 tons, Craib, Master, from London - J.R. Johnston, & Co., Agents. Passengers - Messrs. Saunders, Shaw, Rev. Mr. Nicholson, Mr. Ralph Nicholson, Mr Daniel Macandrew, Mr Reynolds, Mrs Reynolds, and servant; Mr W.H. Reynolds, Mr T. Reynolds, Master R. Reynolds, Miss Reynolds, Mr and Mrs Macandrew, child and servant; 4 in steerage.
15th, schooner, Alice, 88 tons, Robertson, Master, from Launceston - Martin, Agent. Passenger - Mr James Marshall.
24th, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Ward, Master, from Wellington - Martin, Agent.
28th, brig, Pioneer, 148 tons, A.J. Ellis, Master/ owner, from Glasgow via Sydney - Stewart, Robison, & Co. (built by Clyde builders) Passengers - Mrs Ellis, Mr Turner, Mr Stuart, Mr Stephen, Mr Thomson and servant, and Alexr. Lyall, stockman.

Sailed. 24th, the Alice, Robertson for Port Cooper and Wellington. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Gibbs, Messrs. Sutcliffe, Allen, Park, Wright, Thomson, and Woodley.
January 25, the Santipore, Robinson for Sydney. 22 bales wool- E M'Glashan. Passengers - Mr., Mrs., and Master Low.
25th, the Titan, Craib, for Wellington. also 6 bales wool, produce of New Zealand - E M'Glashan.  Passengers - Mr Macandrew, cabin; Alexr, Stewart and J. Penton steerage.

February 22 1851

Arrived. Feb 7, the Tenedos, 245 tons, Middleton, Master, from New London, U.S. In ballast. 5 months out, no oil, came in for wood and water. W.H. Mansford agent. 
Feb. 11. cutter Katherine Johnston, 12 tons, Armstrong, Master, from Akaroa. In ballast. 
14, the Triton, of New Bedford, Sand, Master, from the whaling grounds. 14 months out - full. 

March 8 1851

Arrived. Feb, 26, the Titan, 160 tons, Ferguson, Master, from Lyttelton and Port Victoria. Imports part of original cargo from London, and shipped at Wellington under bond - Macandrew. Transhipped, under bond, at Port Victoria from the Castle Eden, from London.

The 'Titan' is an iron built vessel, clipper schooner, elegantly fitted up for passengers direct from London, with the owner, James Macandrew, Esq., and a select party of immigrants, including the Rev. Nicolson, late of London Wall, who proceeds to Hobart Town, his previous destination.

March 22 1851

Arrived. March 11, the 'Salpoian,' 40 tons, Griffiths, Master, from Wellington and Port Victoria. Passengers - Mr Suisted, Master Suisted, and servant; Capt. Craib, Mr Taunton, Mr Laing.

Custom Duties. 
British and Foreign Spirits 5s a gal.
British Goods and Produce 10 cents
Tobacco 1s. a lb.
Plants, live animals, printed books Duty Free.

March 22 1851 

Arrived. March 11, the 'Salopian,' 40 tons, Griffiths, Master, from Wellington and Port Victoria. Passengers - Mr Suisted, Master Suisted, and servant; Capt. Craib, Mr Taunton, Mr Laing.

May 3 1851

Shipping News
Arrived. April 12, schooner, Bride, 60 tons, Dalmagne, Master, for Port Victoria. Original cargo from Sydney. Passenger - James Mcnab.
Apr. 14. schooner, Twins, Davis, Master, from Port Victoria. In ballast. Passenger - Mr David Scott.
14, cutter, Maria Joisephine, 22 tons, Walker, Master, from Wellington. Goods transhipped ex Victory, Mullens, from London.
24, schooner, Wellington, 54 tons, Ferguson, Master, from Wellington and Port Victoria. Transhipped, under bond, at Port Victoria, from the Tavancore, from London 8,000 bricks, 20 co. fire do., 25 cases slates...

Saturday May 17 1851

    Magistrates. Capt. William Cargill, E.J. Wakefield, J. Macandrew, W.H. Valpy JP., Alexander  Todd JP.,     Robert  Williams JP., C.H. Kettle, and A.C. Strode, Esqrs. 
    Mr W.H. Reynolds was appointed Lloyd's Agent at Otago. 
    Captain Cargill, Commissioner of the Crown Lands and Acting Resident Agent of the New Zealand Company
    Mr A. Chetham Strode R.M. - The Resident Magistrate and Sub-Inspector of Police, Sub-Treasurer.
    Mr Charles H. Kettle - late Principal Surveyor of the New Zealand Company and Resident Agent of the New Zealand Company
    A.W. Shand - Deputy-Postmaster

May 24 1851

Arrived. May 6th, barque, Cresswell, 547 tons, T. William, from London, via Auckland and Wellington. Passengers - Messrs. W. Currie, J. Lemon, C. Lemon. J. Eiloart, T. Oliver, A. Oliver.  Steerage, Mr Souness, wife and 4 children; J. Souness, J. Souness, Mr Fowler and Miss Fowler.  -  James Macandrew & Co., Agents.
May 7, Scotia, Ward from Sydney, via Wellington - F.V. Martin, Agent

Sailed. May 8th, the Wellington, Ferguson, for Port Victoria. Passenger - Mr Seaton.
May 9th, the Cresswell, for Singapore. In ballast.

June 7 1851

Arrived. May 26, Titan, Ferguson, from Hobart Town.
June 3, Titan, for California. Passengers - Mr Reynolds, Mr and Mrs Weatherall

June 21 1851

 Arrived. In the Titan, from Hobart Town. Passenger - Mr Reynolds.

January 10th 1852 We are glad to learn that the 'Titan' which left this port in June, arrived all well at California after a passage of 65 days, with her cargo in good condition. We understand that the Otago lime, of which she took a considerable quantity as ballast, has realised about 14s. a bushel.

July 5th 1851

 No arrivals

August 16 1851

Arrived. August 7th, the barque Stately, 566 tons, Thos. Ginder, Master, from London via Wellington. Macandrew, Agent. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Campbell and three children; Mr Hewitt, Dr. Williams. The "Stately", which sailed from Gravesend for New Zealand on February 2, had on board thirty-two females for Auckland, sent out by means of the Female Emigration Fund. This makes a total of 520 to whom the means of emigration have been thus supplied, but is the first instance of New Zealand having been selected as the destination.
. August 11th, the barque Stately, 566 tons, Thos. Ginder, for China.

Wreck of the barque "Maria" 480 tons, Capt. Plank, and the loss of 29 lives out of 31. The 'Maria.' left Port Victoria on Sunday, July 26, and struck on the rocks off Karori stream at 6 o'clock on Wednesday, morning. Four bells had just gone on Wednesday morning. The two survivors clung to the wreck, and succeeded in reaching the shore. Nine bodies have washed ashore among them Captain Plank, who has left a wife and three children in England. ...

August 30 1851

Arrived. August 26, schooner, Scotia, Ward, from Hobart Town, via Wellington.

The Brigantine William Alfred, Capt. Tinely, arrived this morning from Sydney, after a quick passage of nine days. Wellington Independent.

August 30 1851 Canterbury. 
The "Duke of Bronte," Captain Barclay, had arrived on June 6th from England.
The "Steadfast," Captain Spencer, arrived on 9th June, with 130 passengers.
The cutter, "Hawk," has gone to pieces, having met with very rough weather in crossing the Sumner bar, the men barely escaping with their lives. The greater part of her cargo was plundered from the wreck.
    Daniel Morrison, late master of the "William and John" cutter, met his death at Pigeon Bay on May the 19th, by falling from a height of 10 feet on to a bolder stones on the beach.   
    A melancholy accident occurred on the 23rd of June, by which the Settlement has lost two of the first and most esteemed colonists, Mr Ward, and his brother Mr Henry Ward, who were drowned in the harbour of Quail Island, having proceeded thither in a boat to obtain firewood. 

The arrival of the "Fly" from Lyttelton has confirmed those who have perished in the ill-fated "Maria" Mr Deans of Riccarton, and Mr G.P. Wallace of Wellington, two old and valued colonists. Mr Deans came to Wellington in 1840 in the "Aurora," the first emigrant vessel, and after remaining some years in this settlement, removed to Port Cooper, where he was joined by his brother, and established a flourishing sheep and cattle station; Mr Wallace also well known and respected as one of the earliest colonists. N.Z. Spectator.

A serious accident happened on board the "Calliope," 26 guns, fitting at Davenport for the New Zealand station, on 3rd February. The vessel was being towed out of the harbour into the Sound, in tow, by the "Avon" steamer. The ship gained way on the men working at the capstan and the capstan "ran away." The commander Sir Everart Home, Bart., was most seriously hurt in the head and also one of his legs, and several petty officers were injured. It is said that five deer (two bucks and three does) had been captured on Mount Edgecumbe, and shipped on board the "Calliope," for breeding in New Zealand. [We since learn that H.M. ships Calliope, Fantome, and Pandora, have arrived in Sydney.]

September 6th 1851

Imports. In the "Scotia" Part of original cargo from Sydney. Passenger, Mr Fisher.
There has been no arrivals since our last. The "Scotia" sails to-day for Sydney, taking with her a number of passengers from this place for the "diggings.

The "Gazelle" has arrived, bringing splendid lot of horses, and general cargo.

September 13 1851

Sept. 13 - The Scotia, 69 tons, Ward, master, for Sydney. F.V. Martin, agent.
Passengers:- Cabin, Messrs. Jeffries, Love, Saunders, Stuart, Lloyd, Williams, Lemon, and Evans. Steerage - Mr Bond, wife and child; Mr Addie, wife and child; Messrs. Chapman, Webb, Laing, Hewitt, Newton, Ballock, Falkner, Archdeacon, Twelftree, and Smith.

September 20th 1851

Table of Customs page 4 
The Origin of the New Zealanders page 3

October 4 1851

Arrived. September 28th, the Dominion, Barque, 580 tons, Darke, from England, via Port Lyttelton - Macandrew, Agent. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Richardson and three children, Miss Richardson, Mr and Miss Stokes, Mr and Mrs Shiver, Mr Archibald, Mr Meaville, Mr Laughton.

We have much pleasure in announcing the arrival by the "Dominion" of the necessary material for building a Church for the use of the members of the Church of England; also an Organ, Communion Plate, &c. The public have to thank Dr. Richardson, a passenger by the "Dominion," for the arrival of this well-timed gift, that gentleman having obtained the funds by subscriptions in England, and chiefly amongst his friends.

Emigration to Otago. A number of gentlemen, with their servants and families, left Granton on Wednesday by the "Leith" steamship for London, to embark on board the "Simlah" for Otago. 

From Hobart Town journals. The "Simlah" begin only 101 days out. She left London on the 27th April. She put in to refresh. A portion of her crew were mutinous and refractory. She put in to refresh.

Loss of the Pioneer. This brig was chartered by the Government for the benevolent object of searching Port Essington and Torres Straits for the long-missing Dr. Ludwig Leichhardt and party. She sailed from Sydney in company with the barque General Palmer, on the 29th April 1851. The total loss of the brig Pioneer, on Cockburn Reef, Torres Straits, on 22d ultimo. Captain A.J. Ellis, and crew taken off the wreck by the barque Waverly, Captain James Morgan, and brought to Batavia. The Pioneer was insured in Sydney for �1600 sterling. 

October 18 1851

Sailed. October 14th, the barque Dominion, 580 tons, Darke, Master, for China. Passenger - Dr. Robert Stewart.

October 25 1851

Sailed. October 20th, the schooner, Fortitude, 18 tons, Stuart, master, for Port Victoria. 

Arrived. October 22, the schooner Henrietta, 61 tons, Cole, master, from Wellington. Passengers - Messrs. Jeffreys, Nairn, and Pharazon

Five head of deer have been safely landed in Auckland from H.M.'s brig "Fantome." 

The Simlah arrived in Auckland by way of Hobart Town early in last month. According to the Hobart Guardian she has on board 30 Cabin and 1221 Steerage passengers for New Zealand. She my be expected here shortly.

The Times for the 25th April announces the dreadful wreck of the Jenny Lind, East India Trader, a new ship of nearly 500 tons burden, with passengers for London from Singapore, on a reef of coral rocks in the Southern Pacific ocean, 400 miles off the Australian coast, where they endured the utmost suffering and privation for a period of 35 days. The ill fated vessel was ensured in London to the extent, it is reported �8,000.

November 1 1851

Burning of the "Buckingshire" with troops aboard....

Arrived. October 30, the clipper brig. Sisters, 130 tons, Clarke, from Hobart Town. Passengers - Mr Thompson, Mr B. Penrose, Mr E. Meridith, Mr Hobbs, Mr Wm. Murdoch.

Sailed. October 31, the Henrietta, Cole, master, for Port Victoria and Wellington. Passengers - Mr Sutcliffe, Misses E. and H.  Sutcliffe, Mrs Sutcliffe and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Barr, Mr Barr, Mr Fred. Chapman, Mr Curtis, Mr Lawson, Mr Mole, Mr Ferguson.

Hobart Town
Mutineers. Yesterday Capt. Robertson of the "Simlah" prosecuted four of his crew for wilful neglect of duty from the 4th May, under the 4th part of the 78th Section of the Merchant Seamans' Act. The names of the offenders are Thomas Paddon, John Walker, William Hobley and John James Bloom. They were committed to twelve weeks hard labour and to
forfeit one month's wages.

November 8 1851

Henry H. Willis & Co.'s 
New Zealand line of Packets.
Rates of Passage.
Chief Cabin Fare, Lower Deck; For one person, the whole Cabin, measuring not less than 6 feet square, 50 Guineas; 55 Guineas payable in the colony. Two persons in the same Cabin, 35 Guineas each; 40 Guineas payable in the Colony.

Chief Cabin Fare, Lower Deck; For one person, the whole Cabin, measuring not less than 6 feet athwartships, and 4� feet fore-and aft, 40 Guineas ;45 Guineas payable in the Colony. Two persons in the same Cabin, 30 Guineas each; 35 Guineas payable in the Colony. 
Poop and Stern Cabins by special arrangements.
Fore Cabin fare. Enclosed Cabins, 20 Guineas each; 35 payable in the Colony. �20 each.
Steerage: Enclosed Berths, 17 Guineas each; payable in the Colony.  �20 each. 
Steerage: - Open Berths for Single Men, 15 Guineas each; payable in the Colony.  �18 each. 
Provisions Included.
A separate Cabin allowed to each married couple. Children under 7 years to pay one-third, and under 14 years, two-thirds Passage Money.

November 8 1851

Arrived. November 5, the "Wave," 15 tons, Crockett, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers - Messrs - Napier, Robinson, Hanmer, Maunsell, and Wortley. 

November 22 1851

Arrived. Nov. 16, barque Clara, Potter, master, from Nelson and Wellington via Canterbury. Her passage has been a long one. She brings us no mail or files of papers except from Canterbury. The Wellington mail is on board the "Simlah," which was expected to arrive here before the "Clara." The "Sir George Pollock," arrived at Canterbury from England as the "'Clara" was leaving.

Sailed. November 8th, brig, Sisters, 130 tons, Clarke, for Port Victoria and Wellington. Passengers - Messrs. Murdoch, Pearson, Hanmer, Maunsell, Wortley, Rae, Robertson, and Seton.

November 29 1851

Arrived. Nov. 23. the Simlah, 597 tons, C. Robertson, master, from London, via Wellington. Passengers - 
Mr E. Chapman and Mrs., 
Mr Mercer, Miss Mercer
Mr D. Oughton
D.P. Steel
Miss and Master Taylor
Mr Robert Thomson
Mr and Mrs Todd and three children

Mr and Mrs Aitken and 3 children
Mr and Mrs Dow and 2 children
Elizabeth Frazer
Mr McDonald
Mr and Mrs Macdonald and 3 children
Mr and Mrs Shaw
Mr Strachan

Passengers per Clara. Messrs Hargraves, Marshall, Martin, France, Gordon, Alice Gordon, Eliza Ross, Mr and Mrs Ferguson

Sailed. Nov. 24, schooner Twins, 51 tons, Davis, for Port Victoria. Master, agent.

December 13 1851

Arrived. Dec. 8, the Averick Heinken, 470 tons, Geerken, master, from Bremen. In ballast.
Same day, the Scotia, 69 tons, Ward, master, from Sydney. Martin, agent.
Dec. 10, the Henrietta, 61 tons, Cole, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers - Mr MacHardy and son, Mr F. Underhill.

Dec. 3, the Clara, 360 tons, G. Potter, for Wellington, having on board part of original cargo. Passenger - Mr Turner.
Same day, the Otago, 70 tons, Stevens, master, for Stewart's Island.
Same day, the Simlah, 597 tons, Robertson, master, for Valparaiso. In ballast.

December 27 1851

Arrived. December 20th, the Perseverance, 82 tons, Marshall, master, from Hobart Town. W.F. Flyger, agent. Passengers - Mr Flyger, Mrs Flyger and 3 children and servant, Mr Fyfe, one convict and one constable in charge, one soldier.
Same day, Henrietta and Scotia, put back.

Sailed. 16th, the Averick Heineken, 470 tons, Geerken, for the Arctic whaling grounds.
17, the Henrietta, 61 tons, Cole, for Stewart's Island.

17, the Scotia, 69 tons, Taylor, for Waikouaiti

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