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BDM's   1852 

Printed and Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday morning, by Daniel Campbell and by John B. Todd, at the Printing-house Wharf, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

Shipping News
Otago Witness Saturday  January 3 1852  page 

Arrived December 30, the Isaac Howland, 400 tons, West, master, from New Bedford. W.H. Mansford, agent.
January 1, Mary, 47 tons, Wheler, master, from Auckland via Akaroa. In ballast. Passengers - Rev. Mr. Fenton [COE], Mr Campbell.

Sailed. December 27, the Perseverance, 83 tons, Marshall, for Port Victoria and Wellington, having on board part of the original cargo from Hobart Town. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Flyger, 3 children, and servant, Mr Fyfe, Mr Shaw, and Mr Nicholson, in Cabin. One soldier and 1 convict in Steerage.

Imports. Per The Isaac Howland; 4 cases and 4 boxes tobacco, 4 cases cigars, 10 kegs salarettes, 1 cask cheese, 1 cask butter, 5 boxes soap, 2 boxes axes, a cask dried apples, 1 cask Edinburgh ale, 1 cask lemon syrup, 1 bale calico and prints, 1 bale dungaree, 2 bales slops, 100 barrels oil, 6 cwt whalebone.

January 10th 1852

Arrived. Jan. 7, the Twins, 41 tons, from Port Victoria, __ Master, Agent. Passenger; Dr Manning.

January 31 1852

Arrived. Jan. 20, the Despatch, 139 tons, Peacock, from [via Sydney, Wellington, Nelson and Port Cooper] Akaroa. Master , agent.
Sailed. Jan 27, the Scotia, 69 tons, Taylor, for Wellington.
Jan. 28, the Henrietta, 61 tons, Cole, master, for Wellington.

The "Henrietta," which left this port on Wednesday afternoon for Wellington, has got fast on a sand bank at high tide; and, as the tides are receding, there is every probability of her being detained some time. How the accident could have occurred we cannot image, the weather being fine, and the wind moderate and favourable and although the Captain might not be well acquainted with the channel, he had the valuable assistance of the late Principal Surveyor to the New Zealand Company, who is a passenger by this vessel to Wellington and who originally surveyed and buoyed off the channel.

February 14

Nelson. On Thursday morning we had an important arrival from England; the fine new ship "Maori," with fifty-three passengers, a great part of whom are from this place, a quick passage of 105 days, Captain Charles Petherbridge, Master, arrived in time to be greeted with a Christmas welcome. By this opportunity we have returned to us one of our oldest settlers, Mr H. Seymour, whose duties as the principal agent for the absentee proprietors of land in Nelson, took him to England two years ago;.. Nelson Examiner, December 27.

February 21

Arrived. Feb 7th, barque Columbus, 468 tons, Holton, Master, from London, via Wellington and other ports. Passengers- 
James Hunter, Mary Hunter, Catherine Hunter 
John Graham, Catherine Graham
John Buchanan
Robert Robson, wife and 5 children
Alexander Familton, wife and child.
12th, schooner, Titian, 161 tons, Ferguson, master, from California, via Sydney. Passengers - Messrs Love, Laing, Reynolds, and servant; Mr S, Stephen and servant, Miss Stephen, Miss Schultz, Mrs Mackay, Mrs Anderson, and James Abbot.
15th, the Scotia, 69 tons, Taylor, master, from Wellington.

Sailed. 10th, barque, William Tell, 367 tons, Tabor, master, for North Pacific whaling grounds.

February 28

Sailed. February 17th, the Columbus, 468 tons, Holton, for Madras, in ballast.
February 26th, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Davis, for Sydney, via Wellington. Passengers, -cabin Mr and Mrs Bernays, Mr Ross. Steerage - Mr D. Douglas, Messrs. Lakeman, Mr J. Gibson, Mr W. Elliot, Mr E. Smith, Mr W. Campbell, and Mr J. Sherry.

March 6

Arrived. March 1, the ship Maori, 799 tons, C.G. Petherbridge, master, from London, via Nelson and Wellington. Macandrew & Co., agents.
Mr and Mrs Gillon and 4 children
Mr T.J. White
Mr and Mrs Jefferies and 7 children
Mr and Mrs A.S. Braithwaite and 8 children
Mr J. M'Glashan
Mr W. M'Glashan
Mr Todd
Mr Kettle
Miss Gunn
Alexander Williamson
Janet Williamson
John Shaw
Mary Shaw
Murdoch M'Lean
Pamona M'Lean
John, Janet, Hugh and Alexander Macidimie
William, Jane, James, Alexander, Mary, and Margaret Kirkland
David, Mary, John, Mary, David, and Grace Andrew
Robert and Mary Harvey
William Andrews
George, Margaret, Jane, William, Margaret, Alexander, and Mary Shand
P. Macfarlane
Janet Dunnett
Edward Challis
Thomas Shand
Mark Power

March 13

Sailed. March 8, the schooner Titan, 161 tons, Ferguson, master, for Wellington. Passengers - His Honor Mr Justice Stephen, Lady Stephen, Mr William Stephen, Miss Stephen, Miss Schultz, and servants.

March 27

Sailed. March 22, schooner, Henrietta, 61 tons, Cole, master, for Port Victoria. Passengers -Messrs, Mansford, Martin, Thorn, Ames, Curling, McLeod, and Miss Torrence.

April 10 1852

Arrived. April 5th, schooner, Henrietta, 61 tons, Cole, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers - Mr Mansford, Mrs Bannister, and Miss Tompkins. - Master, agent.

April 10

Arrived. April 5th, schooner, Henrietta, 61 tons, Cole, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers - Mr Mansford, Mrs Bannister, and Miss Tompkins. - Master, agent.

May 8 1852

Arrived. May 3, the Black Dog, 142 tons, Garrick, master, from Auckland Islands. F.V. Martin agent.

May 4, the Agra, 715 tons, Maclean, master, from England, via Wellington. J. Macandrew & Co. agents. Passengers:
Mrs M'Glashan and three daughters
Rev. Johnston and three brothers.
Mr J.B. Wilson
and 40 in the steerage.

May 29

Sailed. May 19, the Scotia, 69 tons, Davies, master, for Sydney via Wellington. Passengers; - Mr Archibald and 3 children, Mr Macdonald, wife, and child. F.V. Martin, agent.

May 20. The Agra, 715 tons, Maclean, master, for Sourabaayam in ballast. Passengers; Mr and Mrs Garrick, Master Garrick, and 2 daughters; Mr Charles Smith, Mr Thomas J. White, Mrs Anderson and child, Mr David Millar, Mr J. Thornburn. James Macandrew & Co. agents. [Mr White is a partner of Mr Macandrew] 

June 19

Arrived. June 13, the schooner Twins, 41 tons, Sharpe, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Hollingshead, and 4 servants - Master, agent.
15thm the Government brig Victoria, 200 tons, Captain Deck, from Wellington, with despatches.
17th, the barque Louisa, 306 tons, Plant, master, from Sydney. Passengers - Alex. Sturat, Esq., Stuart & Robison, agents.

Imports. In the Twins; the personal effects, agricultural implements, and dairy utensils of ___ Brock Hollingshead, Esq.

In the Louisa. 2 cases Geneva, 90 bags sugar, 75 bags rice, 8 kegs manufactured tobacco - Foreign. 26 horses, 52 heifers, 1000 ewes, and 20 rams-New South Wales-Order. The "Louisa" with a cargo of stock from Sydney, has brought back one or two more successful diggers from the Australian Gold Fields.

June 26

Notice to Mariners
Port Otago, New Zealand
A Signal-staff is fixed on the Lighthouse on the summit of Tairoa's Head. The Code of Signal is
Flag No.1, Blue Peter - keep to sea, the Bar is not fit to take.
Flag No. 2, Red- take the Bar, there is no danger.
Flag No. 3, Blue, with a white St. Andrew's Cross - Ebb Tide, and the bar not fit to take.
Flag No. 4, White -first quarter flood.
A fixed Light is kept burning from sunset too sunrise.

July 3 

Sailed. July 1, the barque, Louisa, 306 tons, Plant, master, for Sydney, via Wellington. Passengers -Cabin: Mr A. Stuart, Mrs Ellis, Mr and Mrs Macandrew and child, Messsrs. Borton, Filleul, and Fulton. Steerage-Messrs. G.H. Archibald, N. Chalmers, A. Chalmers, D. Cameron, A. Ferguson, H. Calder, J. Robertson, T. Sheriff, J. Stevenson, J. Campbell, G. Gibbs, R. Thompson, P. Peterson, J. Brotherstone, J. Smith, W. Day, J.W. Whittle, J. Rickets, T. Brebner, G. Ireland, wife and child.

July 31

Sailed. July 24, the Otago, 70 tons, Stevens, master, for Sydney. Passengers-J. McHugh, J. Dobbs. W. Matheson, A. Jose, J. Henry, Mr and Mrs M'Niel and child. Miss J. Brown, Mr and Mrs Millar and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Glover and 9 children, D. Ferguson, J. Matthew, T. Glen, J. Kirkland.

August 14 1852

A ship has been seen off ocean Beach, beating to the Northward. All Dunedin has been out with telescopes; rumours are afloat- surmises have been converted into facts, the name of the vessel and the number of emigrants have been repeated, and the joyous shout of "a ship! a ship!" has produced almost as much effect upon the nerves of the Otagonians (as Mr Justice Stephen proposed to call us) as that of "a sail! a sail!" moved the breasts of the tars that 'lay all that day in the Bay of Biscay O." It will be a shocking disappointment if it turn out that the vessel is only a whaler or is destined for another port.. We are short of paper; and have purchased every scarp we can bear of in the town, yet have only enough for the next number; therefore, unless some one can supply us, next number will close our publication for a time.

August 21

We are doomed to be disappointed!- the expected emigrant ship which last week raised our expectations has turned out to be a whaler. The barque "Earl of Hardwicke" comes from the Auckland Islands, and has on board the remnant of the Southern Whale Fishery Company's staff and crews...

August 28

Arrived. August 18th, barque, Earl of Hardwicke, 247 tons, Young, master, from Auckland Islands. Passengers Mr W.A. Mackworth, Mr and Mrs Munce and 7 children, Mr Barton and 2 children, Mr Waite, Furneaux, Bryon, and Collins. F.V. Martin, agent.

September 4 

Sailed. August 24, barque Earl of Hardwicke, 247 tons, Young, master, for Sydney, having on board original cargo and passengers from the Auckland Islands.

October 9 1852

Arrived. October 7, ship Persia, Broadfoot, master, from Port Victoria. -J. Macandrew and Co., agent.
Sailed. October 1, brigantine Comet, 92 tons, Clouston, master, for Port Victoria. - W.H. Mansford, Agent.
Sailed. October 5, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Davies, master, for Akaroa - F.V. Martin, agent.

November 13 

Arrived. 9th, barque Slains Castle, 504 tons, Andrew, master, from London with 120 passengers. J. Macandrew & Co., agents.

Sailed. 2nd, schooner Twins, 41 tons, Sharp, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers -Messrs. Sutton, Sink, and Monson. - F.V. Martin, agent

Nov. 27 1852

Arrived. November 20, brigantine Scotia, 60 tons, Davies, master, from Wellington and Port Cooper.
Nov. 23, barque Stately, 545 tons, Ginder, master, from Port Cooper. Passengers: Intermediate - Miss Howarth, Mr R. Wilson. Steerage. Jihn Brodie, Mr and Mrs Dempster and family of 6, Mr and Mrs brown and child, Ann McGowan, Mary Ann Warder, Ellen Maxwell, John Brown.

We have to notice the arrival of the "Scotia" from Wellington, and the "Stately" with 20 immigrants, chiefly free passengers. The whole of the male adults have found work; there is a good demand for female servants, though at limited wages.

Miscellaneous Shipping News.
The ship True Briton, 1000 tons, with troops, was to leave London for Wellington direct about the end of July.

Wreck of Schooner "Henrietta." It is with regret we have to announce the wreck of this vessel, belonging to Messrs, Hervey, Johnston, & Co., Wellington, on the 27th October, on her return trip from Nelson. She had entered the heads at Wellington with the wind blowing fresh from the N.W., and in working in she missed stays on the east side of the entrance, but the wind still continuing to blow hard, the vessel drove on the rocks. She was loaded with flour and other produce, a portion of which had been saved. The wreck was sold by public auction; the hull as it lay for �5, the anchor and chains for �25, and the rigging and gear for �100.  The loss of the Henrietta will prove a serious misfortune to the two settlements as well as to her spirited owners, as under the contract recently made for carrying the mails a constant and beneficial communication was made between Wellington and Nelson.

December 4 1852

Dec, 1. Sailed. December 1, barque Slains Castle, 504 tons, Andrews, master for Wellington. Passengers:

December 10 1852

Arrived. Dec. 2  Sevilla, 598 tons, Kerr, from Glasgow. Passengers:
Dec, 5.  Oberon, ss., 70 tons, Loudon, from Melbourne. Passengers � Cabin : Messrs. Thomson and Harper, Capt. Sutter, and Miss Edwards. Steerage: Mr. and Mrs Cameron and family (5), Mr and Mrs Wilson and Mr T. Robertson.
Dec. 7 -  Lord Ashley, s.s, from Lyttelton . Passengers - Cabin : Mrs. Broughton, Mrs. Flight and 2 children, Messrs. J. S. Webb, Yams, Fraser, and L. Coaway. 2nd cabin : Messrs. W. Poole and George McKay. Young and McGlashan agents.
Dec. 8. Fly, 8 tons, Donald, from Lyttelton, in ballast. Young and McGlashan agents.
Dec. 9.  Mimmie Dyke, from Auckland, with 70 bags flour, 31 kegs nails, a mainsail, 4- boxes apparel, case of furniture, 2 boxes crockery, 2 bags sugar, 2 boxes hardware, 2 bags salt, box soap, grindstone, stove, 2 qr.-chests tea. Passengers � Mr. and Mrs. Baker, Miss Green, Messrs. Cornish and Cowley.
Dec. 9.  Ann Jane from Waikouaiti with 57 bales wool.

Dec. 9. � Lord Ashley, for Lyttelton. Passenger � Messrs. J. Adams, Adams, Yems, Smith, and Squires.

Nov. 30. The Ann Jane reported from Waikouaite with wool, and sailed next day with 3335 pieces timber. The Geelong returned from Oamaru at 4 p.m.
Dec 1.  The Sevilla anchored outside at 10 a.m., and was towed up to Port Chalmers by the Geelong at dusk. The Star arrived early from Wailcava.
Dec, 2. The Armin anchored outside at 9 a.m., and was towed up to the Port by the Geelong on the 4th. The Dunedin sailed early.
Dec. 3. -The Oberon, s.s., from Melbourne, anchored at  1pm, and went on to Dunedin, towing up the barge.
Dec. 4. The Pioneer, from Taieri, anchored at 5 p.m. The Geelong sailed for New River a t 10.30 a.m.
Dec. 6. The Fly, cutter, from Lyttelton, anchored late. Dec. 7.  The Lord Ashley anchored at 12.30p.m

December 18 1852

Sailed. Dec. 17, barque Stately, 565 tons, T. Ginder, master, for Port Victoria. Passengers Rev. C. Creed, Mrs Creed, Master Creed, Miss Graham, Mr J. Lowrie.

Dec. 25. 1852

Salvage. The Undersigned is authorised by and on behalf of the parties whom it may concern, to offer a Salvage of  8 pounds to any person or persons who will pick up the Anchor and part of Cable belonging to the Barque "Stately," from London, slipped in Port Chalmers Bay, the same to be landed on the Beach at Port Chalmers.

William H. Reynolds,
Lloyd's Agent.

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