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Printed and published by John B. Todd, at the "Otago Witness" Office, Princes Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. The "Witness," was published weekly, deliverable on Saturday morning. Shipping News page 2.

Otago Witness Saturday January 1st 1853

H. H. Willis & Co.'s 
Line of Packets
between London and New Zealand

The following splendid SHIPS are intended to be continued as Regular Traders:-

Maori		 C.G. Petherbridge	 900
Joseph Fletcher (new ship) 		 900
Cashmere	 G. Pearson		 800
Sir Edward Paget A. Barclay		 800
Cresswell	 T. Williams		 800
Simlah		 C. Robertson		 800
Stately		 T. Ginder		 800
Victory		 W.L. Mullens		 800

The Undersigned Agents for the above Line of Packet Ships are authorised to arrange with Settlers here who may be desirous of bringing their friends in Great Britain out to this Colony, and are prepared either to pay the passage money at once to them (which will be returned if the passage be not taken), or to give satisfactory security for its payment, with 20 per cent. advance on arrival of the vessel.
Passage Money (Provisions included) if paid on engagement

Chief Cabin (Lower Deck) 	35 Guineas each
Fore Cabin		 	20   "       "
Steerage (Enclosed berths)	17   "	     " 

Children under 7 years, one-third, or under 14 years, two-thirds of the above prices.
Further particulars on application to 
James Macandrew & Co.

Shipping News
Otago Witness Saturday  February 5, 1853  

Arrived. January 31, schooner Shepherdess, Swan, master, from Wellington. Osgood agent.
Same day, cutter Wave, Smith, master, from Wellington - Martin, Agent.
Feb. 1, schooner, Necromancer, 16 tons, Askew, master, from Port Victoria - Fordham, Agent.
Same day, cutter Kaka, 15 tons, Swanson, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers - Rev. Mr. Fenton and Mrs Fenton.-Master, Agent.

March 5 1853

Arrived. Feb. 26, barque, Tasmania, 502 tons, MacMillan, master, from London and Plymouth.

Steamers for New Zealand. The provisional committee of the New Zealand Local Steam Navigation Company have announced that they expect to despatch their iron screw steamers as follows:- the Victoria, to sail all October; the Constitution, in all January; the Sir John Pakington, in all April. Commercial Daily List.

The "Royal Albert" was to sail a fornight after the "Tasmania," and was, we understand, to make Otago her first port; her speedy arrival may therefore be looked for.

March 12

Arrived. March 4, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Davies, master, from Wellington. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Meridith, Mr Filleul, Mr Suisted, and 2 grooms. - F.V. Martin, agent. [Rev. Mr. Filleul of St. Helier's, Jersey]
6th, ship Royal Albert, 662 tons, Norris, master, from London. Passengers.

March 19

Sailed. March 10, barque Tasmania, 502 tons, MacMillan, master. Passengers from Otago - Mr and Mrs Jeffreys, child and servant. James Macandrew and Co. agents.
Same day, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Davies, master; for Wellington Mrs Sutton, Mr Harris and Mr Webb- F.V. Martin, agent.

Messrs. Money, Wigram & Co., have advertised the first of their line of packets, the Hampshire, to sail on the 9th December for Canterbury and other ports.

March 26 

Sailed. March 24, ship Royal Albert, 662 tons, Norris, master, for Wellington. Passengers

April 16

Arrived. April 13, brigantine Scotia, 61 tons, Davies, master, from Wellington. Passengers - Mr Harris, Mrs Sutton, and the Misses Orbell. - Martin, agent. 
Same day, brigantine Despatch, 139 tons, Rogers, master, from Port Victoria. passengers -Messrs. May, Fulton, and Doran. - J. Macandrew & Co. 

April 30

Cleared out. April 14, brigantine Scotia, Davies, master, for Wellington. Passengers -Mr and Mrs Meredith and servant, Mr Meaville, and Mr Hertslett. - F. V. Martin, agent.
April 21, brigantine Despatch, Rogers, master, for Port Victoria. Passengers - Cabin: Mr May and Mr Love. Steerage: Mr and Mrs Palmer and 3 children, Messrs. James Wallace, Robert Curry, and Elisha Myer. - J. Macandrew & Co., agent

June 25

Sailed. June 20th, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Davies, master, for Sydney. passengers - Mr and Mrs Carnegie, Messrs. Thomson, Jones, Topham, Taylor, and Joseph. Exports. In the Scotia; 700 bushels oats, 600 bushels wheat, 6 tons potatoes, 20 bales (=500 lbs) wool, 11 bullock hides, 1000 feet sawn timber - J. Jones. 

July 30

Cleared out from the Custom House the Endeavour, 16 tons, Te-raki, master, for Port Victoria. Passenger - Mr Fisher.

Saturday, August 27 1853

The arrival of the "Maori" so late in the week (Friday), and her mail not having been forwarded until after we had gone to press, prevented our giving in our last number a full account of the Elections.

Dunedin, Saturday, August 27 1853
Arrived. August 19th, ship Maori, 850 tons, G. Petherbridge, master, from Wellington. Passengers

Bolton	 	Mr 
Every	 	Mr
Kay	 	Mr
Mackellar	Mr
Fulton	 	Mrs Major 
White	 	Mr and Mrs and 3 children

Street	 	Mrs
Street	 	Mr and Mrs and child
Baker	 	Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Headland 	Miss

Williams	Elizabeth
Basker	 	William

September 10

Arrived. Sept. 8th, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Davis, master, from Sydney. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Ashmore and 2 children, Mr E. Jones, Mrs Davies and child.

Sailed. 6th, ship Maori, 850 tons, Petherbridge, master, for China. Passenger - Mr Bolton.

September 17

Cleared Out. Sept. 7th, brigantine Scotia, 69 tons, Davies, master, for Wellington and Sydney. Passengers - Mr. and Mrs Seed, Mr Lloyd, Mr Lemon, Mr Hunter, Mr and Mrs Coates and 3 children.

October 8 1853

Arrived. Oct. 6.- The Rajah, 654 tons, Robb, master, from London. Passengers -Cabin...

December 17

Dec. 10. the Carnatic, 632 tons, Snart, master, from London 
Passengers -1st cabin:

Best		 Mr
Bull		 Mr
Chase		 Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Clapcott	 Mr
Compigne	 Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Gray		 Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Miller		 Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Peel		 Mr and Mrs 
Smith		 Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Tremlow		 Mr H and J
Wright		 Mr and Mrs and 3 children

2nd Cabin: 
Buttfield	 Mr and Mrs 
Carter		 Mr
Colville	 Mr
Hardwick	 Miss
Jackson		 John
King		 Miss
Lothen		 Mary
Oliver		 Mr
Smail		 Amy
Weedon		 Mr
Willocks	 Edward
Willocks	 Eliza, Joseph and Henry 
Worgan		 Mr and Mrs

3rd Cabin:
Berry		 Mr and Mrs and child
Cockman		 Mr
Hutchings	 Mr
Hymes		 Mr
Macdonald	 Mrs and Misses

The "Carnatic," from London, direct, arrived in port on the 10th instant, having made the passage in 99 days from land to land. The voyage presents no particular incident, but is described as pleasant throughout. She is not one of the Messrs. Willis's regular traders, having been put on by Messrs. Green as an experimental ship. By her we have but an imperfect file of papers, and her mail generally is short, most of the letters and papers for Otago having been sent by the "Constantine," which sailed for Wellington about the same time as the "Carnatic."

Sailed. Dec. 11, the Rajah, 651 tons, master for Wellington, J, Macandrew & Co., agents. Passengers:-

December 24 1853

For Freight, Charter, or Sale.
The new schooner "Mary" about 15 tons, built at Half-Moon Bay, Stewart's Island. For particulars apply at the Office of this Paper, or on Board to the Owner, John Williams.

By the "Mary," which arrived from Southward on Wednesday, we learn that Mr Howell's schooner, the "Eliza," was loading with spars for Sydney, which, we are informed, are selling there at �2 10s per 100 feet, being squared previous to shipment. The "Otago" was daily expected with a cargo of sheep.

December 31 1853

Arrived. Dec. 26th, schooner Mary Jane, 40 tons, Morrison, from Wellington. Passengers - Charles Logie, Esq., and Mrs Logie and family.

Sailed. Dec. 26, ship Carnatic, 632 tons, Snart, master, for Port Victoria, with part of the original cargo and passengers from London.

Miscellaneous Shipping.
    The Chrishna sailed from Sydney on the 12th October for Otago, via Twofold Bay. She had no cargo on board when she left Sydney.

    The steamer Ann has been laid on as a regular trader between Sydney, Nelson, Wellington, and Canterbury.
    The Scotia, from Otago and Wellington, arrived at Sydney on the 17th October.

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